It is common for companies to say something to the effect of “We’re not just a business, we’re a family.” And, for the most successful companies, this is true! For experienced professionals looking to continue to make an impact, nothing is more important than the company culture that they’re signing up for. It truly makes the difference between “just a job” and making a legacy. Ultimately, what most people seek out of their careers isn’t a paycheck anyway. It’s to make a lasting mark on the world around them. Today we’ll be discussing how you can make your business an attractive place for seasoned, skilled, and reliable professionals. Including those who may be enticed to come out of retirement to make your business part of their living legacy.


This article is inspired by our podcast with August Zehner, Managing Partner of Mytra Consulting. In our discussion with August, he talks about how his challenges in his business revolved around finding skilled and reliable individuals, particularly in the context of retirement or semi-retirement, to contribute to the business. He highlights the value of experienced professionals who may be looking for new opportunities but still want to make a meaningful impact. In searching for the best candidates for your business, you also must look within your business and think “Why would this candidate want to choose us over other opportunities?” Keep reading for more insights on building the best business for your employees.

Attracting the best people to your business starts with fostering an amazing company culture, and making sure that they know about it! Communicating with potential candidates about the culture of your company should be a core component of your recruitment process.

As stated above, especially when a prospective highly seasoned candidate is coming out of retirement, your pay scale may not be the most attractive thing about your business. While pay certainly does matter, no one wants to work for free after all, the most attractive part of your business will most likely be your business’s culture. Culture is what they’ll be a part of, and the difference that they’ll make in the world around them. You can spread the word far and wide in a few keyways.


Culture & Work Environment Featured in Job Advertisements


Many job advertisements are a dime a dozen. They list the requirements and a description of the position. This is because most employers assume that employees are more interested in collecting a paycheck than they are in leaving a mark on the world around them. By highlighting the culture and work environment in your advertisements, you signal to prospective candidates that you care about the people you have under you, and about working together as a team towards goals and achievements that will be shared.


Communicate Your Culture in the Recruiting Process


Let’s face it, when candidates are interviewing for a position, they’re doing so with multiple prospective employers at a time – just like you. They may even receive competing offers of employment. A professional coming out of retirement is going to be even choosier than someone at the zenith of their career. Communicating your company culture, and highlighting what makes you different, during the recruitment process can help to be what seals the deal when a candidate has competing offers. It helps you stand out.


Employee Referral Bonus to Find Great Candidates


Ultimately, the people already working for you are some of the best networking opportunities that you have. People with professional experience are likely to know others with the same or even more. So why not incentivize them to spread the word?


Existing employees can also be a wonderful resource! The happier they are with your company, the more likely they are to tell others about it and encourage qualified candidates within their professional networks to come and work for you as well.


Are you looking to define your business culture and create an appealing workplace? Your company’s culture can be the difference between whether a qualified candidate chooses you or a competitor. When all other factors are equal, candidates will gravitate to the company that is known for treating their employees well!


If you’re ready to get unstuck & thrive by making your business a place candidates and employees feel proud to work for.


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