Business coaching is growing in importance today more than ever, as hundreds of businesses are closing their doors every day. So how can business owners find a coach that meets their needs?

  • What Makes a Great Business Coach
  • What to Expect with Business Coaching
  • How to Find a Business Coach Near You


Not many think of business ownership as a game but we’ve had enough sports references in our content that if you are an avid reader of our content you know that there are some similarities.

Mainly in the sense that to build great teams and leaders there has to be structure and training to get the results we want.

With that in mind, more and more businesses are looking into executive and leadership coaching to improve their businesses so they, too, can see the results they want.

As a result, business coaching has grown in popularity all over the world with the world’s most successful business leaders attributing their success to a business coach.

You may be wondering, “what even is business coaching?”

Well, if you want the breakdown of what business coaching is and the difference between a coach and a consultant, watch this video.

What to Expect with Business Coaching

To know what to expect, we must first look at thedefinition of a business coach.

“A business coach is a professional mentor who supports, educates, and motivates business owners.”

They do this by providing recommendations on strategies that businesses can use to reach their goals, enhance their vision, and experience overall growth.

To do this, they must have a very intimate knowledge of the inner workings of your business.

One of the first things they’ll ask you is to map out the vision you have for your life.

While business coaching differs greatly from life coaching, an experienced business coach acknowledges the connection between the business and your personal life. Most business owners create their businesses out of a desire to improve their livelihood. So understanding the direction your business must go they must understand the goals and vision you have for your personal life.

Don’t be surprised if one of the next things they ask of you is to submit some financial reporting so they can get a grasp of how your company has grown or decreased over the years.

They’ll also take a very detailed look into some of your processes and systems to look into how efficient they are.

A business coach then makes recommendations and provides resources based on all of these things.

What Makes a Great Business Coach

A great business coach values accountability and doesn’t let you skate by on your commitments.

If you say that you want to do something to improve your business and if you both have created a plan to achieve it, they will hold you to it. No excuses accepted.

At the end of the day, your coach works for you and your business. Even when you don’t feel like showing up for your business and find yourself struggling to stay motivated, your coach dusts you off, shakes you a bit, and reminds you of the unique vision you have for your life.

Not every coach is one size fits all, so your business coach should be a good fit for you in regards to coaching style, personality, and vision.

A great business coach understands all of these parts of you and meets you where you’re at.

How to Find a Business Coach Near You

Luckily, there are a few ways you can find your ideal business coach.

  1. Web search – A quick Google search will show the business coaches in your area
  2. Referrals – Ask the business owners in your network what coaches they use. You’ll actually be surprised by how many of your peers work with a coach
  3. Talk to a business coach – Talk to us. While TBC ActionCOACH is a business coaching firm in Indiana, ActionCOACH has an expansive network of business coaches that reaches all over the world. Let us know if you want an introduction. If you’re in Indiana, jumpstart your journey with a complimentarycomplimentary coaching session.