Healthcare is a dynamic industry, constantly evolving with new technologies, medicines, and regulations. This rapid pace of change can be challenging even for large hospitals with extensive legal and research teams, let alone smaller providers. This week’s article is inspired by Ken Johnson and a challenge he identified in his Self Made Is A Myth Podcast interview of navigating the shifting landscape of healthcare regulations.

According to a survey by the Medical Group Management Association, 89% of respondents reported an increased regulatory burden over the past year. Furthermore, 97% stated that reducing this burden would enable them to allocate more resources to patient care. With rules and regulations constantly evolving, it poses a significant challenge for business leaders to plan and adapt effectively. However, adapting to these changes is not just necessary, it’s vital. Healthcare businesses that fail to evolve risk falling behind.


In healthcare, safety regulation has been slow to develop, especially in measuring the quality of care. Before the late 20th century, discussions about variations in care quality were limited, often known among professionals but not widely shared. Information on good or bad practices was considered insider knowledge, rarely objective, and kept within professional circles.


In this ever-changing landscape, it can be incredibly rewarding for those who own their own practice in the healthcare field. However, it can also lead to overwhelming stress and burnout for yourself as well as employees, causing high turnover when the pressure becomes too much. Despite these challenges, there are steps that healthcare professionals can take to overcome these obstacles and allow their practice to positively adapt to future innovations.


A three-step plan can help anyone navigate these challenges with a bit of effort and determination.


  1. Destination Mastery: ‘Mastery’ is the cornerstone of any successful business, providing stability and strength. In particular, Destination Mastery is essential as it lays a solid foundation for your business to thrive and progress. It is crucial for any healthcare professional, to have clear long-term goals for their practice. These goals can vary from continuing education opportunities for yourself and employees, expanding your clientele base, or even training the next generation of healthcare professionals. The key is to set goals that enhance your business, your competencies, or both.
  2. Embrace Learning and Innovation: While many people resist change, with one in three stating they would avoid it if possible, it’s crucial to embrace innovation. As a driving force for progress in all fields, including healthcare, innovation offers the opportunity to improve patient outcomes, enhance efficiency, and increase accessibility through the adoption of novel ideas and technologies. This process often involves continuing education. The age-old maxim – “you need to learn to earn” – holds true. Those who fail to continually learn and embrace innovative new methods risk being left behind.
  3. Keep a Positive Outlook: Do you see your glass as half-empty or half-full? Your response to this timeless question could reveal your perspective on life, your self-perception, and whether you lean towards optimism or pessimism. It signifies tackling adversities with a more positive and constructive mindset. The journey towards positive thinking frequently begins with self-talk, the ceaseless flow of silent thoughts that traverse your mind. To maintain a positive outlook, you must fully embrace innovation and be open to innovative approaches and technologies. Learning these new approaches before they become mainstream will give you a competitive advantage over other professionals in your field.


While it can be tempting to jump on the bandwagon once something becomes popular, it can diminish the advantages of being an early adopter. Not every innovation will be successful, but those who are consistently on the leading edge will stand out from the crowd.


Are you and your practice struggling with the shifting landscape of healthcare regulations?  Regardless of your field within the healthcare industry, whether it’s home health, physical therapy, or anything else, we can help strengthen your mindset for business growth and adaptation. If you’d like help working through these obstacles, book a free consultation with one of our business coaches.


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