Having client testimonials is not only something that can boost your SEO, but also adds credibility to your business page that pushes potential customers through the initial hesitations of purchasing from you. Read this article to learn the benefits of testimonials and how to get them.

Before a customer takes the chance to purchase your product or service, they are going to have reservations. They will most likely inspect your website, search your business on Google, and look into your social presence. This is where testimonies come in. Having testimonies on your website or on your Google for Business page adds credibility that will push potential customers through the initial hesitations of purchasing from you.

Seeing other people talk positively about your product or service enhances the perception that others will have about your business. They see you as more credible and reliable. Especially if you can gather a wide portfolio of reviews that can expunge any doubt they may have.

Benefits of Testimonies

Forbes has a great article about seven overlooked benefits of client testimonies. Here’s our take:

  1. Build Client Loyalty – If someone raves about you, that’s a sign that they will probably re-purchase from your business. Additionally, when they leave a review and you respond, you are building an emotional connection with them that will have them come back
  2. Gather natural language that describes your business – Using the words of real people who actually use your product or service, can make your messaging much more effective and resonate with potential customers.
  3. Learn from your mistakes – Use the negative feedback and learn from it. Improve your business to make up for what you may be lacking.
  4. Give your staff props – Ask customers to review your staff. Their review can highlight positive customer service and make HR recruitment much easier.
  5. Shareable material – Share testimonies on your website or social platforms so they get more visibility. This can also start a conversation in which others share their positive experiences after seeing someone else’s.
  6. Boost SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – Testimonies on other websites can boost your search rankings by adding credibility. You can also use these for blog posts and to put them on your own website to build SEO on your site.

How to Gather Testimonies

Just ask! Reach out to past customers via email, postal mail, phone call and ask them to write a testimony. They can either submit it on your Google page or submit it to you to put on your website. TBC ActionCOACH sends an email regularly to clients asking them to leave a review.

You can also use outside services such as Net Promoter to gather testimonials and feedback about your company. We also use this method and have found that it provides very valuable information about client perception of our company. We are proud to say that we earned a score of 88, which is “World class levels of client advocacy”! We beat out companies like Apple Music, USAA, Ritz Calton, and Airbnb.


Additionally, we found that 97% of our clients would refer us to a friend, 93% are satisfied with our business solutions, and 92% say we are worth the investment.

This is great stuff we found, and we are so grateful to our clients for giving us their honest feedback. We will now use this to improve our services and to serve as a resource for those considering our services.

If you’d like to learn more about the best solutions for gathering and leveraging client testimonies, reach out to us today to talk to our business coaches.