Imagine this: You’re the proud owner of a thriving business. Your team is up and running and your business is getting by, but is it ultimately thriving? The kicker is, that running a successful business isn’t just about working hard; it’s about working smart. And that’s where systematization comes in. 


This week’s blog is inspired by our podcast with Ali Cudby, CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies. She named alignMINT (M-I-N-T) because once a mint plant is established, it grows like crazy – much like the results for clients at Alignmint. Ali discusses the challenges of using technology, especially artificial intelligence (AI), to meet personal and professional goals. She shares insights on balancing personal efforts, teamwork, and technology. Read below for helpful guidance on overcoming these challenges.

Did you know that a staggering 80% of business consists of routine work that consumes a significant portion of your employees’ time and energy? By automating or systematizing these tasks, you not only enhance productivity and efficiency but also liberate your time as a business owner to concentrate on other critical CEO tasks, allowing you to focus on client success rates. 


So, what does it mean to systematize your business? Systematizing your business entails embedding processes and workflows that function in harmony, fostering a business with self-improvement and efficiency at its core. Documenting workflows facilitates easy tracking and analysis, forming the backbone of systematic operations. 


By systematizing your business, you’re creating a guide to how things are accomplished. This allows you to allocate less time to mundane tasks and devote more energy to strategic higher-level responsibilities. It’s about elevating your focus from the minutiae to the grander vision of your business. 


Here’s the magic in systematization: it’s not merely about simplifying your life as the boss. It’s also about enhancing the experience for both your clients and your employees. By streamlining processes and removing unnecessary bottlenecks, you can deliver superior service, elevate morale, and ultimately propel growth. 


Document Your Process 

When upgrading systems, documenting processes is paramount. What’s working and what’s not? Business systematization is indispensable regardless of your business’s age, size, or industry. Without documented processes, vital procedures and obligations reside solely in the minds of individuals, creating vulnerability. 


Creating outlines for each process and soliciting input from everyone involved ensures accuracy and relevance. Complex diagrams are unnecessary—a simple list suffices. Engaging those executing the processes maintains accuracy and ensures alignment.


Whether utilizing specialized software or spreadsheets, enabling individuals to confirm completion of required activities fosters accountability and keeps documentation current. By putting in place clearly defined systems, businesses can attain enhanced control, efficiency, scalability, and triumph. 


Training Your Team 

New employees start out motivated, and it’s up to your onboarding program to keep them that way. In fact, when your new hires enjoy their onboarding experience, they’re more likely to stay with your company and perform better. New hires want to be effective quickly – and you want the same. After all, that’s how you can get the most out of your investment in new staff. 


Not only is it important to have training for new employees, but also implement training throughout the year for current employees to remain up to date with standards and procedures.   


You’ll want to create a systematized onboarding process and recurring training process to make this happen. You want to make sure your training has measures in place. This ensures any resource invested achieves maximum results in delivering a happy, motivated, and effective team member. 


Utilizing New Technologies  

While the business technology landscape evolves rapidly, it offers an array of tools to streamline operations. Technology has the power to simplify and optimize a wide array of business operations, ultimately saving valuable time, energy, and financial resources. From digital scheduling platforms to AI-powered assistants, these solutions enhance workflow efficiency and productivity. 


For instance, scheduling remains a significant productivity baseline for employees. AI tools intelligently interpret internal communications, prompting users to integrate key details into their schedules and automate relevant notifications. These tools identify operational inefficiencies, enabling data-driven optimizations for enhanced performance. 


Small businesses that leverage digital advancements witness significant benefits. This includes doubling their revenue per employee, experiencing accelerated rates of revenue growth, and achieving above-average employment expansion. 


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