Company culture is often the key difference between businesses that simply maintain and those that continue to grow into bigger success. Growth is integral to being in business. Businesses that don’t grow tend to stagnate or plateau and then decrease in their effectiveness as time progresses.


However, hope is not lost. It’s possible to learn how to maintain a close-knit, highly functional business culture in an organization and still keep positive morale during that growth. While change is inevitable as your business expands and reaches newer and greater heights, you can keep the spirit of the close-knit family atmosphere that you had at the beginning, that got you to where you are in the first place.


Our podcast conversation dives deep into the challenges and lessons of business ownership, emphasizing the importance of personal and professional development. Our guest Aaron Prickel, the owner of Lushin Inc., discusses the necessity of continuous improvement, seeking outside perspectives, and investing in oneself to achieve success. He reflects on his own experiences, sharing insights on topics ranging from building a strong team and fostering company culture to navigating financial management and strategic planning. Aaron discusses topics of overcoming obstacles, maintaining company culture during growth phases, or balancing work and personal life. Keep reading for a step-by-step guide on how to tackle the common challenge in business ownership. 


Interest: Close-knit groups naturally work well together and tend to have more organization than closed-off groups. A business by nature needs to grow and expand to be successful. This means all employees need to be focused on making the workplace an enjoyable, yet respectful area where workers can thrive. Naturally, the workplace culture will shift as the needs of the company change over time. There are ways to maintain the essence of a close-knit culture for your business:


Live your Vision & Mission Statement


Your vision and mission statement aren’t just some vague platitudes that you put up on the wall and forget about. They’re intended to be the driving force behind what your business does every single day. When employees align themselves with the company vision, they in turn align themselves with the company goals. But this doesn’t happen in a vacuum. They need to see that the leadership doesn’t see these as empty platitudes either. They need to see that it is something that you actively take seriously and make a tangible part of the way that you conduct yourself regularly.


  1. Regularly Review Your Core Values or Culture Statements


Regularly reviewing and upholding core values and culture statements within an organization is important for creating alignment, guiding behavior, and maintaining a positive work environment. By consistently revisiting these principles with the team and employees, leaders reinforce the shared beliefs and expectations that shape the organization’s identity. This process not only serves as a reminder of the behaviors and attitudes valued within the company but also acts as a compass for decision-making, ensuring that choices align with the organization’s mission and principles. By holding each other accountable to these standards, teams cultivate a culture of mutual respect and responsibility. This continuous reinforcement of core values also contributes to employee engagement and satisfaction, as individuals feel a stronger connection to the organization and its purpose. Ultimately, by prioritizing the review and upholding of core values, organizations can attract and retain top talent while nurturing a cohesive, productive, and fulfilling work environment.


  1. Use The First 2 Steps in Your Hiring Process


Finally, you need to take these two steps and apply them to your hiring process. At the end of the day, your business is made up of you and your employees. No matter how large the operation grows, you’ll be able to maintain that atmosphere of a close-knit operation if you make sure that you only hire people who align with your company culture, mission, and values. If you get people with the correct attitude from the get-go, you can integrate them seamlessly into the already established order and have people in your team who are ready and willing to watch you and everyone around them truly succeed and thrive.


Are you looking to grow your business by maintaining your company’s culture and values? Your company culture is the secret to your success. Employees who feel like family will be invested in doing a good job and ensuring excellent performance and results within your business.


Get unstuck & thrive by creating a culture for long-term success.


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