Getting The Mindset…

“There is a characteristic that all professional salespeople have in common: they train. They train continuously. And they keep training. This Masterclass is a series of educational sessions to help you hon your selling skills, help you focus and keep you up-to-date on the best practices every great sales professional must master. After 12 weeks of training, we know your tool kit will be replenished, refreshed and reenergized to help your meet all your big audacious goals!.” – Brad Sugars

What You’ll Gain From Our Sales Masterclass

We will inspire you, inform you and motivate you to be the best sales professional you can be. We will address your mindset,and strengthen beliefs to makeyou more successful.

We will break down the sales process into manageable parts. We are going to give you tools, scripts and tactics to effectively address and overcome objections.

We will provide you insight on how to improve customer service and ultimately turn your prospects into clients and your clients into raving fans that will turn into a ready-made salesforce for you. Sales isn’t a task, it is a process. We will help you develop systems to help make it easier for customers to buy from you.


What You’ll Learn In Our 12 Sessions When You Attend Our Masterclass

Session 1: Definition / Mindset & Professionalism of Sales
Session 2: Beliefs
Session 3: Communication & Engagement
Session 4: Prospecting / Qualifying & Targeting
Session 5: Lead Qualification
Session 6: Technique & Sales
Session 7: Sales Negotiation & Objection Handling
Session 8: Understanding Your Competition
Session 9: Database & Tools
Session 10: Customer Service & Support
Session 11: The Close
Session 12: Scripts, Action & Deliver


Investment: $1,200 per person for the 12 weeks