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Adam Jurs
Jurs Insurance & Financial Services, Inc.
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Coach Tim does an excellent job working alongside all types of CEOs and helping one to become stronger in the areas you wish to grow in. With years of background experience, he provides a great balance of leaning in and holding one accountable yet bringing things to light for self-discovery with a gentle touch. The “ahha” moments come to light to become a better version of oneself. Coach gave me solutions that I wasn’t thinking of that instantly made the investment in my business a good one and a positive ROI. If you’re looking for a great accountability partner and to become a better entrepreneur, I suggest going to a free seminar and taking advantage of a consult.

Teri Capron
Fresh Design
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Using Tim and the ActionCOACH methods has helped me put processes in place to help me see where my business is and where it is going. It is much easier to predict and plan. These methods have allowed me as a business owner to look at my mindset and shake my thinking patterns so I’m no longer “stuck” or plateaued. Working “on” my business not just “in,” I now have better clients that value what my business does for them and an increase in my income. Thanks to Tim for teaching me how to rethink, evaluate and monitor my business practices.

Erika Steele
Just Love Coffee
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As a new business owner, there was so many things to learn and so many things to do. I needed a plan and ActionCOACH and Coach Tim have helped me take a systematic approach to creating processes and building the systems needed to successfully run and scale my business. ActionCOACH isn’t just something to add to your “To-Do” list, it a community of business owners learning together and growing their businesses.

Kevin Kinder
Indy Craft Painting
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Owning a small business has several challenges. You fix that for which you have time. Which means there are many things you will not get around to fixing! The longer they go “unfixed,” the harder they become to correct. My agreement with Tim was to coach me as a CEO of a larger corporation and not the owner of a small business. In other words, change the way I look at business. Not just my business, but business in general. What are larger Companies doing that I am not? The changes in my views and attitude are unmeasurable. It is simple, most everything you have learned in life was taught to you by a teacher or “coach.” Why would building a business be an exception? I repeatedly hear the answer when asked a business goal, “to increase my sales by X%.” I immediately wonder if there is a plan in place to achieve and measure that. Sure, increasing sales by 10%, 20% or even 50% sounds great, right? But how do you get there? Simple solution here folks, ask Tim. So many of us business owners strive to rise above our competition. “If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when will you have time to do it again” mentality. The same goes for building your business! Working with Tim has completely changed my views as a business owner. My only regret is having not met him 30 years ago. It’s never too late to hire a coach, BUT it also is never too soon.

Alaina Butiste
Miller’s Health Systems
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Tim is fantastic! He has made such a difference in my life, personally and professionally. Not only has he helped me grow, but I am now helping my team grow by using a lot of what I have learned from Tim! I wish I had started working with him years ago!

Tony Scelzo
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I have been a coach for 15 business years. I always tell people, “If you sell the process, you need to be in process.” Tim Campsall is our business coach. He has the opposite skill set compared to me personally. I don’t need more of myself in my business; I needed a different perspective—a process-oriented leader versus a visionary “bright and shiny object” guy. Tim is the complete package, one part coach, one part psychologist, one part strategist.