No One Is Really Self Made

No one ever gets to where they end up alone. Instead, we are a culmination of all of the people we’ve crossed paths with.

Acknowledging your path is more than a stunt to make you seem humble or just an exercise in gratitude. While humility and gratitude are powerful, taking note of the assistance and support you’ve had on your entrepreneurial journey is a strategic move. When you create a gratitude habit for your past relationships, you begin attracting positive future relationships.

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The Biggest Risk You Can Take Is To Do Nothing

Episode #149: Brian Adams – Goodby Hearth & Home

Brian Adams was born and has lived in Indiana his entire life. He has been married to his best friend Anne for 39 years and has three children Emily, Sarah and Kevin. Brian’s passion for small business started at a young age as his Dad owned a Culligan Softwater Franchise in his home of Plymouth, Indiana. The business remains in the family with a third generation at the helm.

Episode #148: Lora Moore – ALO Property Group

Lora Moore was born and raised in Lafayette, Indiana, and has lived in Carmel for 8 years now with her daughter, Kinley. The rest of Lora’s family is spread across the country between California, Indiana, and North Carolina.

Episode #147: Gerald Stanley – Imavex

Gerald Stanley was born and raised on a farm in north easter Indiana where he attended Eastbrook High School and Taylor University where he played football and received a degree in Computer Science. Gerald married his grade school sweetheart, Gretchen, whom he started “dating” in 7th grade. Gerald has 4 children, Grant (21), Grady (19), Gillian (16), and Gia (15)… the ‘g’ Family.

Episode #146: Scott Jarred – Invest

Scott Jarred’s journey from poverty and welfare to becoming a beacon of financial freedom is truly inspiring. Born into a low-income family, he faced challenges of fear and scarcity but overcame adversity to achieve remarkable success.

Episode #145: Michelle Colbert – Dental Assist LLC

Michelle Colbert is the sole proprietor of Dental Assist LLC, a dental staffing agency that she started from scratch in 2019. She lives in Carmel, Indiana with her husband of 20 years as of June 26, 2024. Michelle was born in Pennsylvania, raised for 15 years in West Virginia, and then spent 20 years in North Carolina before moving to Wisconsin for a year and eventually Indiana.

Episode #144: Brandon Faust – Wayfinders

Brandon Faust is a passionate advocate for community empowerment and positive change. As the co-founder and Executive Director of Wayfinders, a non-profit dedicated to self-discovery, training, and incubating new nonprofits and ministries.

Episode #143: Lorraine Ball – Digital Strategist

After spending too many years in Corporate America, Lorraine said goodbye to the bureaucracy, glass ceilings and bad coffee to follow her passion to help small business owners succeed

Today, this successful entrepreneur, author, and professional speaker, enjoys sharing what she knows about marketing in presentations to groups around the county, in college classrooms and in her weekly podcast More than a Few Words. She brings creative ideas, practical tips, and decades of real-world experience to every conversation.

In her spare time, she loves to travel, and take photos.

Episode #142: Sam Elsts – My Guy Services

Sam Elsts, a native of Brownsburg, Indiana, pursued his higher education at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), where he earned a degree from the Kelley School of Business with a major in Marketing and minors in Anthropology and International Studies.

Episode #141: Jack Shepler – Ayokay

Jack Shepler is the founder of Ayokay, a marketing and web design agency located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Since its inception in 2011, Jack has led Ayokay with a commitment to not just building brands and boosting e-commerce sales but also supporting the vital work of public health and nonprofit organizations. His expertise in the digital arena is not only applied in his leadership but also shared with a broader audience through insightful posts on the Ayokay blog, aiming to demystify the complexities of digital marketing for businesses and organizations.