October 20, 2023

Episode #99: Aaron Chandler – PreciseTake Multimedia

Aaron Chandler is a seasoned Producer and Creative Director with a storied 15-year career in video production and digital marketing. He also boasts a 23-year background in enhancing operational efficiency for Fortune 500 companies. As the driving force behind PreciseTake Multimedia, Aaron combines creative vision with business acumen, enabling organizations to amplify their impact through powerful storytelling and strategic audience engagement. A recent recipient of Central Indiana’s Black Rising Star Award, Aaron’s dedication to his craft is exemplary. He is not only a fervent advocate for global change but also a committed father and mentor, aiming to foster the next generation for sustainable, lasting change.


Website: www.precisetake.com

Email: info@precisetake.com

Social Media: @precisetakewww.linkedin.com/in/aaronchandlermedia

PreciseTake Multimedia® is a digital marketing and video production agency headquartered in Indiana, committed to creating captivating and impactful content that fosters positive change across communities and industries worldwide. Established in 2012, the company specializes in crafting impactful narratives through its unique Vision-to-CINEMA Storytelling Method™. Serving a diverse client base, including both for-profit and non-profit companies and organizations, PreciseTake boasts a proven track record of delivering high ROI and elevating customer engagement. As a 100% black-owned, MBE-certified agency in the State of Indiana and the City of Indianapolis, PreciseTake offers a unique and valuable partnership across various sectors.


hello this is coach tim camsell and i’m

your host for the self made as a myth

make a difference together show where

we’re talking with successful business

owners to hear their stories of the

journey to building their business and

because we know that achieving success

in business is not something we can do

on our own we recognize the folks that

have helped us to excel

today i’m excited to have a fellow

business owner from indiana with us


check this out my guest is ambidextr in

his writing he enjoys photography music

and spending time with his family and

he’s most proud of persevering uh

through the odds that were against him

my it is my pleasure to welcome aaron to

the show today hello aaron

hello tim thank you so much for having

me i’m

so glad to be here

Personal Story

well hey aaron let’s start with having

you introduce yourself tell us a little

bit of your personal story like um where

you were born where you live and about

your family

certainly so i’m a proud father of two

girls i’m from indy indianapolis indiana

uh my daughters are 18 well they’re

about to be 19 and 21. um my youngest i

just moved her to

college two years two weeks ago

and my oldest is a licensed cosmetology

uh working at a full service salon and

part time at a helping out at another

salon um


i play i taught myself i’m self-taught

uh pianist so i actually play for church

as well

every week

and um

and i

i love

nature photography wildlife photography

landscapes and candidate portraits or

street photography

awesome and um you are you you’re born

Family Story

in india i think you said to me uh

offline yeah yes yes born in

indianapolis indiana yes fantastic

so um what’s a funny story that your

family likes to tell about you that

you’d be willing to share with us today

yeah so um is one where my youngest

brother uh

back when i was uh just a young lad a

young little kid and i didn’t want a

bike from the store i wanted i i love

building things i love working with my

ass and so i went i built my own bike

and uh i went to i went to test my bike

out on a bike track uh over in broad

ripple they had a dirt bike track and my

brother and a friend of mine were out

there and we’re watching these guys

they’re doing all these

bmx tricks and

uh and i was oh i can do that

and my brother he’s

telling me that aaron no you don’t try

it don’t try it so i go down i go back i

go to hit this ramp i’m speeding and as

soon as i hit that ramp i second gas i

hit my brake and my bike comes apart in

the air

my front tire went one way my handlebar

came off

i landed painfully i i landed and i was

just i thought i broke my arm i was in a

lot of pain of course

of course

you know boys being boys they didn’t

help me they laughed at me all the way

home so but yeah

so that’s he just told that story to

someone else last week so yeah they’re

still talking about that

Writing with Both Hands

so it that just makes me think about

that my introduction so you’re able to

write with both both hands tell me a

little bit about that story yeah so um i

actually taught myself to write with my

left hand oh well i write naturally

right in my left hand i taught myself

right with my right hand

um my mother we were in a softball

league um and

i probably was only around 10 i believe

and uh one of the the pitcher went to

launch the ball at her to

and like he was in the major leagues and

she missed time she mistimed the catch

put her hand down before the ball

and yeah so

i watched my mother uh have to write

with her opposite hand because she had a

broken finger and a split so she um

was writing with her opposition and she

worked third shift so when we come home

we saw notes everywhere and it was in

chicken scratch it was it was horrible

trying to read the instructions

and we was like okay well we can’t read

it so i guess we don’t have to do chores

um so


but that you know i i looked at acts

like i know there’s nowhere in the world

i’m going to put myself in that position

so i taught myself i start every time i

had a chance i wrote with my right hand

and now it’s legible

that’s awesome

Starting a Business

so aaron tell us about how the business

came about and at what point did you

have the confidence that you could run

your own business certainly so i broke i

i was pretty much born and raised with

the cameraman every at the family unions

family gatherings everyone will give me

the camera and say hey get let aaron

take the picture let her take the

picture so needless to say i’m not in

too in a lot of our group uh family

pictures because i’m the one behind the

camera yeah uh


but i mean you know here here they are

giving me the camera because they they

saw aaron has that eye yeah he has that

natural eye

and uh

i continue to build upon that i

although i grew up in indy i spent my

summers on the east coast uh in

washington dc and maryland and every

time i went to maryland for the summer

my aunt debbie she would have a

disposable camera ready for me um so i

every time so i would just

that’s back when you used to walk up you

could walk up to the white house lawn

yeah and um so i have pictures of

pulling pictures of

those monuments and it i just love

capturing those pictures i’m getting the

dead batteries now but um yeah i just

love capturing those pictures and

that as i got older um i started getting

requests for to come shoot at a wedding

or to come take pictures of a

a small event and i started getting a

little small change and but then i

decided you know what now that i’m

actually making money from this i want

to do it the right way so i started a

business i didn’t know anything about

running a business but i started the

business because i wanted to do it the

right way and

uh but it wasn’t until 2018 when uh so

that launched precisely multimedia in


it wasn’t until 2018 when i really truly

felt like i was in business uh and that

came from a lot of trial and error

meeting meeting people meeting uh

experts taking advice from people uh

getting out there in uh networking

events and and just absorbing all that

knowledge of studying uh business

uh so

now that turned into precise taking

multimedia congratulations that’s an

awesome story so

PreciseTake Multimedia

tell us a little bit more about the

company aaron um what’s the name what do

you guys do how do you help others

certainly so precise take multimedia

we’re full scale b2b video production uh

so in short we’re the video production

side of mark

when it comes to our large corporations


non-profits and uh larger organizations

who have a marketing team or they have a

marketing plan

um they’re just bringing us into their

marketing strategy and we’ll produce uh

the uh videos that align to that that


but we have a lot of small business

owners uh new small business owners like

myself in 2012


uh who don’t really know anything about


barely know anything about business and

we go the extra mile of helping them not

only just produce content for their

brand but also

help them with the marketing and the

strategy behind it

fantastic so share us the story

Aarons Story

um where someone pushed you or inspired

you that you could do it even though

maybe you didn’t think that you could

and the impact that that person had on


uh so that was two people my uncle uh

tony and my aunt debbie uh my late uncle

tony in mine debbie from uh washington

d.c like i said i went and spent my

summers with them

my uncle uh he was with dc homicide for

25 years

he was with the fbi for he went from dc

homicide to the fbi for five years and

where he was diagnosed with cancer uh

had to retire early and um and then once



started to once it got better he went to

ncis and that’s where unfortunately he

passed away um and my aunt who’s uh


attorney for the irs

after 35 years

of service

they taught me this little black kid

from a


uh high crime area uh i’m the second

oldest of five children with my mother

and father in a in the house that’s

seven people in a three bedroom one

bathroom home 900 square 900 square feet

so that kind of lets you know my

upbringing it was we had one tv it was

it was tough no central air


um but going and spending my summers out

there with my uh perfect with my family

in government and seeing success and

black success it helped me see

i i

learned at a young age that there’s more

to my story there’s more to this i can

be better than my circumstances and


Biggest Learning

oh what what a what an amazing


opportunity to to see that and right to

understand that there’s there’s a

different life potential and and to have

your uncle introduce you to that and

yeah and and show you that opportunity


thank you for sharing that

so aaron what’s your biggest learning as

a business owner

um so i’m a perfectionist and i had to

learn to turn that off


going from

spending for three to four weeks on

video editing uh when the client i met

the client’s expectations and the first

week uh i i had to learn aaron listen do

what give them what they asked

and get it get them get it to them uh so

that i had to learn it took me some

years to learn

but i

fortunately i learned it and uh i’m able

to turn cl

projects around a lot quicker um and

just think even outside of video editing

just being more efficient with the


it just

as you know

perfectionism is okay to a certain

extent but when it’s impacting your


yeah you got to let it go yes

yeah i i a term i use a lot with my

clients is progress not perfection

there you go because it’s so easy to get

bogged down in that well just one little

more tweak one little more adjustment

and i like what you shared earlier so

for everyone listening um this is a key

nugget that that aaron shared is you

know meet your customers or your clients

expectations you know don’t worry about

meeting your own internal expectations

so if you can deliver if you can wow

them in a week right there’s no reason

to be spending three weeks working on

the project right exactly exactly so

having some check-ins right maybe get

them to do a draft and you hear

how excited they are oh wow we’re pretty

much done

oh yeah oh yeah we have our initial cut

and within five days we were trying to

deliver that initial that first cut

which is a rough draft

so awesome well thank you for sharing

that because i know no problem everyone

who’s listening you guys could all

benefit from that advice right don’t

don’t uh overwork yourself if you don’t

have to

yeah so aaron we know that business

Biggest Challenge

success doesn’t happen in isolation so

tell us about one of your biggest

challenges uh as a business owner and

and maybe another business owner who

came alongside you to help you get

through that challenge

certainly um i mean so you know there

were growing pains with uh

launching precisely multimedia uh but

i’ve had three individuals who are new

to this platform i mean i have other

people some you’re familiar with some

not and and but there’s three that are i

want to kind of pay it forward and

introduce them to your platform uh

where theresa renee she has been played

a pivotal role in the growth and success

of precise take multimedia i met darice

probably seven years ago

she was a keynote speaker at an event i

was filming and uh after that event she

approached me and uh introduce herself

and we kind of

stayed in contact since then and she’s

sent work to me and

and she’s just loved the the quality and

the and the service out of the level of

service i was able to provide so she

continues to go out there even if she’s

not using me she’s continued to send

people to me

and so i’m forever grateful uh for


in fact she’s

specializes in

sales marketing and communications uh so

we were we have a mutual client and we

were meeting in the board room uh i

think it was probably a month and a half

or two months ago

and we’re in this board room and uh

we’re waiting for the client to come in

and i i told the reese i

whispered across there and said therese

she said yeah i said i need you

so she’s like

yeah she said eric you know she said

you do a great job i like what you’re

doing i i i’m on board with what you’re

trying to do over there at precise take

so yeah let’s talk and see how we can

bring that together i would love to help

you out and uh so we were able to meet

and work work out a deal and she’s now

my operations manager so



yeah yeah so the second person is um

april event

in april event of april international um

she’s been with me longer than the reese


april is from she was on shark tank

and april she’s a

specializes in sales and marketing um a

motivational speaker she’s wrote written

a few books and i’ve done a lot of work

for april but april she’s she was


uh she’s probably my my largest client

april continues to send me

work um telling other people about

precise taking about me saying hey

listen if you need video for your brand

go to aaron go to aaron chandler so

i’m forever

grateful for

um april

and then lastly is lakeisha jackson a

city councilwoman city county

councilwoman lakeisha jackson um she

is a force

in the community

i’ve been shooting in fact darice is the

one that connected me to the city


and uh so

uh she’s

a lakeisha

um she’s actually

i i went to work for her

my first shoot for her

was training youth for success

uh that was four and a half years ago

where they’re working with um

youth 14 to 22


uh job readiness training college

readiness um

getting them

out of the streets and into

the workforce and just

turning their lives around and i i

have been a part of a lot of the things

that she’s been doing in the community

especially even just most recently last



we went to capture her peace walk out

there where she partnered with the mayor

and the congressman under carson and a

few others uh in the far east side

community on

uh to take a stand against gun violence

and and and some of the women that i


were women who had lost their children

due to gun violence and uh how do you

uh uh

how do you

stand just a few feet away from somebody

as they’re telling you that

they just lost their 15 their their 16

year old son and their 14 year old


and how do you how do you and they’re

saying it and they’re speaking from

strength right and here i am

uh trying to blame it up my watery eyes

on the sun

right but

but i you know it’s like but you know

lakeisha jackson is that that’s what um

that’s what she’s doing every day

out there in communi in the community uh

fighting for those families uh fighting

for her community and i’m there to

capture it all uh so i i

i love lakeisha and everything that

she’s doing i love all three of these uh

ladies they’ve been they played a major

role in the success and growth of um

precise take multimedia and in fact uh

we’re actually getting into um campaign

videos due to uh lakeisha

jackson so that’s fantastic wonderful


so aaron as you think about the next


three to five years what what are the

biggest challenges you’re gonna face in

terms of reaching your goals and who are

the types of people you’re gonna need to

help you with those challenges

so um i need an assistant

uh within the like yesterday okay you

know as i’m continuing to grow that is

the next piece i was i’ve been fortunate

in the last um this year this summer

i’ve been able to grow my team uh to

a team of uh well six including me

uh but yeah congratulations

yeah thank you thank you uh and that is

the next piece is getting an executive

assistant in who

can come in and not only just wait not

only take what i’m giving her him or her

uh but also


take a look

at my company and and identify the gaps

and and bring that present those to me

and and

and also helped me bridge those gaps or

close those gaps um

secondly is i do want to open a brick

and mortar within the next 12 months


yeah yeah so i definitely need

production space because uh what

my clients are coming to me more now for

every i’m going to need room to shoot

things that they need me to do um

and it’s just outside of just your

typical live action you know you get

into a green room and

you can

shoot a whole action trailer at that

point right right

but uh

yeah so i do want a brick mortar so i

can uh provide a

higher level of service to my clients

and then lastly when it kind of goes

hand in hand with the second one there

i’ve been fortunate enough to


run precise take multimedia uh on my own

as far as self-funded all right uh no

outside uh uh uh



contributions or yeah capital right

capital so


but i’m getting to a point where now i

know that if i need to make it to that

next level and truly scale truly grow

that business i’m going to need access

to capital so that’s what i’m doing

right now is just getting myself into

position for uh to start exploring

capital uh outside funding uh within the

next three to six months

awesome well i i love the plan and that


you’ve got you’ve already got some uh

ideas of how to get there so great great

job in terms of you know longer term

plans for the business

yeah jim rohn one of my favorite authors

says we become the average of the five

people that we spend the most time with


erin as you think about that what advice

do you have for business owners who are

trying to build their business on their


you know

don’t make the same mistake that i did

uh get out there i wear a shirt ssb

scene grow your brand um that’s my

current marketing campaign right now be

seen grow to bring i’m always telling my

customers be seen um

and i sell that to

that’s what i would say to the new

startups the new entrepreneurs get out

there get out there in these circles and

network because you never it’s not about

going out there and

um trying to land a customer or a client

whatever you want to call whatever you

call them refer to them as for your

business but um also get out there and

build partnerships build those

relationships um seek knowledge

ask questions um step into a room even

if you’re an introvert step into a room

start hello my name is and this is what

i do i start there

and people know that you’re just

starting out i found that

networking it can be intimidating right

you go into a room you it’s

intimidating but i’ve found that

if they know that you’re just starting

out and they know that you’re

they can see that you’re genuine you’re


you will be amazed you’ll be surprised

at how many people will reach out and

say hey i would like to

do this for you i would like to uh offer

there if you have any questions call me

i i’ll be more than happy to help you

there so yeah just get out that’s my

advice uh don’t sit in your little hole

come out of the hole and

get out there and be seen yeah isn’t it

amazing you you said ask questions isn’t

it amazing that

um how many people are willing to to

give you some advice or give you a tip

if you just ask them

oh yeah and i just asked just ask

and i mean in

youtube yeah

youtube google but uh yeah but yeah ask

um and and you’ll be able to marry say

how much help you can you can get and

then i will say in the second part of


don’t forget to give back don’t always

go into the room expecting to take uh

step into the room and say okay

what can i give

this person what can i what value do i


every day when we wake up what can we do

to change the world for someone else

uh it’s not always about what can we

receive but what can we


yeah i i love that because i think the

the biggest mistake that uh people who

are networking make is they go into a

room they say their name and then they

ask for something

yeah right we haven’t even built that no

like and trust and right

and that there’s an interesting thing

that happens psychologically if we if we

go into a networking event and we give

and we help other people

there’s a a

a human an internal

need and desire to pay that back right

we it’s almost oh yeah guilty right that

we can’t no yeah then somebody helped us

out we feel guilty and we are constantly

now trying to figure out how do i how do

i pay that back right i don’t want to

want to owe that debt so yeah certainly

i love what you’re saying is like go out

to those net networking events and just

see how many people you can help and

bless and and it’s all gonna it’s all

gonna come back and and you’re gonna get

the dividends of of all of those uh

folks that you’re able to benefit while

you’re there certainly

so aaron last question here if there was

First call

something that catastrophic that

happened to the business who’s the first

person you’d call and what would you

want from them

i’ll call darice

she she’s my operations manager i’m

calling her um

she’s uh darice is uh

when i tell you she’s a shark in a good

way she’s a shark and uh she’s been a

few times and she’ll get on me too it’s

like aaron you’re supposed to be working

on this why are you working

but she hope she she’ll hold me

accountable you know and i’m like uh

there is she worked for me but anyway

but you know i i will call therese um


there’s other people but yeah that’s my

number one because she is a part of

precise take and she would need to

be able to lend her expertise to help

with strategically get out of whatever

um is where we’re facing


so it sounds like aaron you’ve been

blessed with some incredible people in

your in your business owner journey if

they were all here on the show with us

today what would you want to say to them

i could not have done this without you

um thank you thank you so much um i mean

the words don’t even express uh

how grateful i am to have uh

met you all and and i i

truly truly thank you for not only um

putting your trust in me and my brand

precise steak also putting your uh

your your faith in

and my craft and also telling and

telling others yes about me that’s

that’s been key yeah all three of these

individuals they continuously they

continuously spread the word and

continuously tell people about precise

sake and send people to me uh and it’s

that’s what it’s about just uh being

able to help others

and the customers you’re going to have

returning they’re going to return you do

a good job

they’ll return and and

i’ve i’ve been thankful that 99 of my

business thus far has haven’t really

come from marketing has been word of


and people like darice uh april and

lakeisha that’s fantastic yeah

so um aaron thank you so much for being

on the show it’s been a pleasure

speaking with you today

thank you so much i’m about to head down

here out here in north carolina about to

head downstairs and

film another event start production on

another event so

that’s awesome well go go make a



to everyone who tuned in thanks for

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