June 16, 2023

Episode #87: Kurtis Arbuckle – KD Global Solutions

Kurt is a husband, father, and serial entrepreneur from Indianapolis Indiana. Kurt and Jenna’s son Grant is 3, with one more boy on the way in July.

After attending Indiana University Kurt helped found a Global Audio/Video Integration company that became the foundation for his many other entrepreneurial endeavors. KD Global Solutions is a world class AV Integrator handling national and global accounts in 30+ countries.

Kurt’s current focus is to build off his national and global capacities to help bring industry-changing technologies to market. Kurt’s current focus is in the world of Weapons Detection and Autonomous Robotics.

CK2 Technologies is changing the way fans experience safety at venues across the country, from Radio City Music Hall to the Sphere in Las Vegas.

Arbuckle Robotics is bringing real ROI and changing customer experiences with autonomous cleaning and delivery in hospitals to restaurants across the country.


hello this is coach Tim Campsall and I’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we are chatting with successful business owners to hear their story of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business doesn’t come alone we are recognizing the folks who have helped us on our journey and today I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us my guest has flown to London more than 150 times in his life that is crazy uh in his downtime other than golf he enjoys time with his wife and his three-year-old son who’s his best buddy and he’s most proud uh from a personal standpoint of how close his family has remained he has three younger sisters and seven nephews and nieces and extended family and they get together on a regular basis today it’s my pleasure to welcome Curtis to the show hello Curtis hello Tim thank you and good morning hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself uh tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born and live and your family and your hobbies sure yeah uh I am from Zionsville Indiana originally I grew up there right up until High School and growing up as a die-hard Hoosier right before high school my family moved up to West Lafayette so I went to high school up in West Lafayette after after high school went down to Indiana University and I’ve either been downtown Indy or up here in Westfield Indiana ever since I spoke about my family as you mentioned I had three younger sisters we’re all very close um two of them are here in the area as well in the last four years we’ve well I have another stun coming in about four weeks and that would be the ninth kid thank you ninth grandchild in less than four years oh wow that’s the phase of life that we’re all in right now um but uh right as I was uh leaving Indiana University when I had an opportunity to become an entrepreneur what’s the plan that’s how my life got me to where we are here but as you said I’m passionate for golf uh passionate for a non-profit organization called young life here in the state of Indiana I’m heavily involved in um big Sports Colts fan and uh just kind of in that time of life though grinding and having kids so yeah I know you can feel exactly where I’m at so you’ve mentioned uh big Hoosier fan I love the sign in the background that’s awesome if you could see the whole thing it’s uh it was during covid when uh when people weren’t allowed at the games you could pay to get this poster and it’s actually a picture of my son when he was very young I think he was maybe one or less than one and uh so they put that billboard or that poster in the stadium in the seats my son technically had season tickets uh during coven when no one else did so oh that’s funny wonderful so is um Curtis is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today you know I that’s a question that I didn’t know the answer to and and I asked and the response I got was not what I expected it’s kind of a weird one but I’ll just share it anyway um and it’ll kind of lead into um we’ll talk about my travel at some point I’m sure um but there was a point when I was traveling um extremely heavily internationally at least two or three weeks a month um for about four years wow um and I I remember coming home off of a 21 day 21 flight trip all throughout Europe in the UK and I remember coming home and my family was all together at a restaurant and I didn’t tell them I was coming home a day or really surprised everyone there it was real fun I had one Coors Light and my family has a video of me I just I was slurring my words it’s so embarrassing I didn’t know that they thought it was so funny well I knew they did but I didn’t know that’d be top of mind my father has the 22nd clip of me answering your question I just remember I was so tired and travel warm and so Tim that was not the story I expected them to say yeah but they love to make fun of me for that I guess I I I love it that’s a great story and now the Whole World’s Gonna know about it so 150 times to London that is just uh unbelievable so yeah even I I didn’t realize that you remember the app Four Square it was an app where you would check in kind of you do that now right but it was more of that’s all you would do and so I would do that during my travel so that I knew if I had returned somewhere I could have stats where have I been um and yeah I remember landing at Heathrow and it told me it was 150th time I think it was 27 and that happened yeah hard to believe for me too it’s a different line but that’s what jump started my uh baptism by fire into the world of Entrepreneurship so let’s talk a little bit more about that what um at what point um will actually tell us how the business came about and then at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business yeah it’s a really really good question um so my origin story and kind of everything I do um kind of comes from something I say all the time and that is once you can establish credibility people don’t care how much you know they want to know how much you care and when I was growing up my father was a vice president of Bose speaker company you oversaw the America Americas in their commercial and pro Division and during that time Abercrombie and Fitch was his account and back in the day as we remember they were the giant um not only in sales but in quantity of stores and then in the experience of the in-store um and from an audio video perspective uh they were second to none and so uh my dad had left um Bose when I was in high school and I went off to IU and as I was leaving IU my father was able to broker a deal as Abercrombie and Fitch was going International uh their first few stories were going to be in London um they were having an issue because Bose the speaker not only from a quality standpoint but from an aesthetic standpoint was crucial to their uh their brand and to the customer experience and so they were having a hard time because Bose operates differently in every country different entity and they wanted a One-Stop shop like they used to have with my dad and so they called my dad and asked if he could help and what he ended up doing is brokering a deal where we would become an audio video integration company um we would become a Bose dealer just like that which is not how that works and in return we would uh design procure and install bows and all Abercrombie stores during their International growth and in turn both or Abercrombie would keep the Bose brand and so um right out of college uh AV company not an AV guy uh growing up with a father that works for Bose boiled by Audio Video growing up so I still have that in me but not a technical guy in that sense um but it was really about management and uh learning how to deal with people and so for the first two years of that business all we did was Abercrombie and Fitch’s International growth wow I believe we got up to about 32 34 countries worth um a couple hundred stores in the first year or two and all of a sudden we were an AV company um and so in that context in those first two years you asked when did I know um oddly enough I knew

it was kind of an opportunity that over two years turned into a real business and we could see the future of that business not only internationally but domestically um but as a 22 23 year old kid um working for the most demanding um intense culture retailer in the country maybe in the world they’d have to go into uh I think about this moment in an office the CEO of this German audio video company this gentleman is 85 years old has been doing this for 55 years and I have to tell him how his technicians need to wear jeans and Abercrombie shirt and flip flop and I was like you say I was not taken seriously and I remember in that moment um stepping outside and I knew I had a moment to uh an opportunity to turn this around and when I did um and that relationship stands to this day that was a moment where I realized that this was really about relationships with people and I needed to learn that and when you are building a business in 30 countries outside of your own the culture the language the everything was an unbelievable learning experience for me where I really relied on relational capacity to get through that and so that terrible moment intense moment for me I was ticked as you can imagine but I knew I had a ground to stand on him that was a moment where I I realized what this game kind of was and then I was ready for it that’s awesome so Curtis tell us more about the company today what’s the name what do you guys do how do you help people yeah that company is still Katie Global Solutions and so I believe after Abercrombie and Fitch I believe our first our next customer was Hooters nationally and so still for the day we handle uh Hooters audio video work um and we’ve just grown on that so we handle mostly National Retail restaurant Commercial accounts um LA Fitness largest Fitness gym in the country um thousands of Taco Bells thousands of franchised stored we we often will take a a company that’s growing in their franchise capacity and they hit 20 30 stores and all of a sudden even if they only have five speakers and one TV it’s a lot to manage um so we are that one stop job um we’re a small team of only seven people um but we handle some of the largest national accounts in the world going through an RFP right now where I know their worldwide brand name could be ours companies like fossil as well Disney Stores um we we have a really good knit uh uh being a One-Stop shop and really our our biggest asset is our service department got about 3 000 Contracting Guys across the country so that means we’re anywhere everywhere means we’re quicker and we’re cheaper uh we’re reliable and relational because a technician that installs is the technician that repairs and that’s a big deal and so we kind of took the Bose model and made it our own um and so we are still that to this day um we you know we have a a few other companies but of the other entities that we have and the one that I’m focusing on right now actually spur from that machine so that KD Global Solutions became our project management and maintenance installation machine not just for audio and video and so that’s kind of the prerequisite to the other companies we built once we realized we had a machine for that and so KD Global solution still exists to this day and we we have a parent company since then one Global DS which handles uh the content side to that okay so for design install maintenance systems are one Global DS company is the content guide whether that’s digital signage digital signage management or audio audio content audio management or maybe the most unique thing we do which is commercial extent then it is a huge uh 50 60 billion dollar industry and um not very many people think or know about it and so it’s a very unique one and we’re all about the customer experience and that they very powerful tool that we have because there’s only a few companies in the world um that have access to this opportunity that we do and it’s through relationships and um it was actually through when we were handling uh most of the bat Pro work back in the day um so those two companies are kind of the core of what we do fantastic so interesting you mentioned sent um uh I used to work at SC Johnson so Glade um and uh so have a good appreciation of the the power of fragrance yeah I mean every Holiday Inn smells the same because there’s a set machine in there it’s not because they use the same product you know so yeah customer experience brand recognition whether they’re boring you want to be clean um we have a powerful opportunity that uh or a scent that eats milk so uh the cigar bar that won best cigar lounge in the world in 2017 uh owned by my father their secret sauce uh Everyone likes to say is that that we pump into the HVAC system and so that you can you you’re gonna have a cigar smell on yet a little bit but as far as your clothes and overall when that stands on it’s a pretty special thing to be in a smoking cigar bar not smell like uh milk too that’s a unique fun thing that we do yeah that’s incredible very cool so um tell us a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think you could and that the impact that that person had on you yeah that’s an easy one I’m I’m going to use an example of actually pretty recently um you know the kind of the minutia behind what you’re doing is you know this isn’t a walk in the park when we choose this life and um and wherever we think things are going they probably aren’t um but you know I’m in a phase where I’m very blessed we have a lot of things going on and fortunately and unfortunately we have a lot of we’re past startup but we’re very early in something and so as I do that my father and I do a lot of our businesses together not everything but we have a lot together and we have never taken on debt or um never um done and raise never needed to it’s always been self-funded so the combination of that and how spread then uh I am a little bit right now and then with kid number two coming you know I I I mean most friends would know or would not believe me when I say this but over the last year you know kind of the first time of struggling with stress and trying to manage that and so to answer your question it was actually my dad um as I can get overwhelmed or nervous I remember him talking to me about his journey which clearly I knew I was this done but hadn’t really thought of it from his perspective as we can’t do as children but he had four kids and he was doing what I was doing in a different time with less opportunity less bigger things so that conversation was crucial for me and where I have been at in my journey and it was just uh you know a lot of people in our in our world when you choose this life successful people um imposter syndrome I have found that with successful people all over the world in all different verticals or businesses famous people that have been lucky enough to befriend and you just realize like oh okay uh if they did that if they feel this way then that’s okay and it’s part of the journey yeah that’s something pretty simple but you know realizing uh it’s not that bad um yeah in a vague term it’s kind of something I needed recently and I’m sure I have many many examples of people pushing and helping me but that’s a that’s a good one for me recently yeah it makes a a huge difference to know that we’re not alone right that the feelings that we’re having in the fears and doubts that we have are just a normal part of the journey and like you said if if other successful people have the same thoughts then it’s kind of like oh well then there’s hope right I’ll get through this too we’re on the same roller coaster just gotta go through it yeah that’s right yeah I I to your point of the the Imposter syndrome it’s I think the stat is something around you know 90 or the success is dependent ninety percent on the thoughts that we have in our head yeah and so the more that we can focus on our mindset and and controlling those plots or flipping those thoughts from a negative to a positive and you know and and therefore manifest or or attract um I’ve been in this mindset Journey for the last two and a half years and you know Think and Grow Rich is a very popular book that talks about this but you know whatever we think is what we attract and so when we can spend more energy on uh having positive thoughts and affirming thoughts then the more successful we’ll become but that doesn’t mean that the negative thoughts don’t still exist right that’s so true and I’m so happy you said that because you know for a long time I would hear somebody say what you just said and there’s a little bit of that feel when When someone tells you like to be a vegetarian or you should do yoga for some reason we have this reaction like okay all right I get yep yep but I think we know it’s probably healthy for us actually yoga is right but when people talk about mindset and certainly the word manifest like before that would put me off and like okay you’re successful you can say those kind of things yeah yeah yeah but that’s not true at all you know manifest isn’t um you want that Lamborghini and it shows up it’s the mindset what are you focusing on you know biblically as well right like in my world by faith you want to you know we want God to put on your heart when he wants to and and that puts on your brain and then that’s how you act so man the the reality of what it means to manifest but from a mindset Journey you know I’m only about a year and a half into that um uh a gentleman named David Meltzer really really flipped my mindset world upside down you know my father has been an incredible Mentor for me and and they’re things that I’ve always had in the back of my brain from how to treat people or how to try to get through life one of those things that you know life is 90 what happens 90 10 what happens to you 90 how you’re active and that’s like the elementary version of the reality of the mindset that I’m trying to build and get into now so Dave Meltzer kind of opened up the grad school version of those kind of things to me and it’s uh it’s a little cringy at first you know okay but it’s so true and especially talking about our journey in the ups and downs that’s where those things guide you and keep you focused and um yeah it’s uh it’s so important even if it sounds a little off to some people but you know one of the biggest struggles is having the right people around you and if you don’t have people around you that understand that then um I love what you do that you just shared about it um you know kind of being what are you talking about I remember when I was first introduced to it I’m like yeah that sounds really foofooy right exactly right that’s that’s not for me that doesn’t really work and then because we we teach it right well I better do it for real because I have to practice what I preach and then all of a sudden all this stuff started happening and I’ve gone back and I’ve mapped my Revenue to my mindset and there’s a hundred percent correlation between the times that my revenue is going up and and that my you know I was doing the work on my mindset versus you know when my mindset was was not as positive I can see my Revenue coming down it’s like wow that that was it for me that was the key of okay this stuff works now I need to get better at it I had um I Heard a quote from Will Smith right as I started into this mindset Journey as I was learning from David Meltzer and he talked about this fine line of um craziness and manifestation and how it really is a mindset thing and I really need to memorize that that quote because I remember that when that hit me it was a really big moment of okay I’m tired of hearing successful people say these things just try it and see what happened right and you know so much my things changed so much and it was so blatant um that you know my word of the year last word last year um I like to have a a word of the year and try to be and this year my word is intentional about being intentional about everything but last year was Unapologetic about talking about these kind of things whether that’s uh from a faith standpoint or just remember mindset standpoint saying those Fufu things that some of your friends are like okay dude all right yeah it’s uh it’s important and it’s um I mean it’s a lifelong journey and a bad day can set you back and so it’s the never-ending battle but um it’s the older I get the more important I realize how it is fantastic so um we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation um tell us about one of the biggest uh challenges you’ve had as a business owner and and maybe another you know fellow business owner who came alongside you and helped you get through that yeah um certainly one of the biggest challenges with um you know because of our our av company and our our machine I like to call it um we’ve we’ve we have some special partnership where we are taking some new technology to Market and in doing that there’s the entrepreneurial early startup we got to figure this out because these Technologies are very new um past bleeding edge Cutting Edge but uh or maybe on that edge of bleeding and cutting if that makes sense um and so finding the right people I say they’re getting the right people on the bus that’s been one of my biggest challenges um the nature of what what we’re doing and how we’re trying to do it um it’s not an easy it’s not a black and white here’s what you do and this is what happens so it’s been a challenge for us um to get the right people on board and you know like I mentioned earlier we do you know we do things a little bit different with how we build and grow because we fund and sustain everything ourselves and so like with our autonomous robotics company for example there’s there’s kind of two ways to do it and I’ve chosen the way of a bit more organic um getting the right people and building up as opposed to another company or person might put a couple million dollars into doing something that’s way and then growing from there and that’s not really how we do that and so the people we have involved are much it’s much more difficult to find that right fit and uh so that’s been a challenge but uh understanding how important that is and once you figure those things out right when those pieces fall into place that’s that’s a big deal um you know as far as somebody that’s helped me man I it is you know there are no shortage of people all you know I’ll mention Dave melter again uh because one thing he he had asked me some foundations in my life and my faith was one and he blew that up in a pretty fun way um but another one was the people I’ve always been surrounded with um mostly because of my friends uh my father and his friends and the people that I’ve been connected to throughout my life and you know Dave said to me that’s great what are you learning hmm as well I’m not I guess are any of them your mentors no it’s like why okay great point and so since then I’ve been intentional uh about you know asking today this morning I’ll be meeting with the gentleman that I was lucky enough to meet and I said Greg can I have 30 minutes of your time a month I want to stay relevant to you but I want to learn from you I said 30 minutes a month and man do relationships build from that um I’ve done that so often uh in the past year and a half first time I did it I was sitting on a plane heading to San Francisco and just happened to sit next to a gentleman named Rick Alves he was the CEO of the wheeler Mission downtown Indianapolis oh he had 33 years I think um just stepped down finally but uh back then we were we sat on the plane I was fresh off that conversation with Dave and I just said hey Rick can I have 30 minutes and now to this day after we see each other at the hog and say I love you I can’t wait to see you and so it’s there are a lot of people that I can think of my my first boss Dean and how detail-oriented he is and that does not me he’s the behind the computer guy I’m more in the front I want to be with people guy um he brought me there to closer to how he does some certain things and it’s so long ago but that’s crucial um Sean Dill uh is also here in Indianapolis he runs the Black Diamond Club with his wife Lacey um he’s in the past two years of my life has done been a voice that I’ve needed as well um but I mean I could go on to my the people that I have around me I’m intentional about that and it’s because I you know I know I can learn from them and they help and they’re honest and um and once I turned intentional about that I I actually had to be more intentional about my time um keeping those relationships and so it’s a it’s a unique Beast uh that grows once you start that so there’s a lot of people I put my father up there and I put my wife up there too she you know she gives me a lot of freedom um to do what I need to do to to get things right so there’s a lot of people there fantastic what’s your uh wife’s name Jenna Jenna wonderful and your dad my dad’s name is Kim I can’t forget that and uh my son’s name is Grant like you mentioned uh soon to be son’s name is Miles awesome uh yeah um Curtis what’s been your biggest learning as a business owner well I learned biggest learning um

you know to be honest Tim I know we’ve talked about it a lot already but just kind of the nature of the life I’m in um you know from a business perspective

it’s about relationships but you know my gut answer to you is what I’ve never I’ve not been in the corporate world right so that’s um there are things that I didn’t go through structures I didn’t go through and so when you’re on your own and you’re responsible for everything it really brings it back on yourself and so really through business and through everything we’ve done it’s really been a constant battle to improve myself um and then focus on relationships within the family whether that’s becoming a father or a husband or just internally um I hope I can say this uh yesterday I was speaking with um a gentleman named Neil who’s an incredible person and coach and he he said something along the lines of when you’re alone and what you’re thinking about and how you think about yourself is the most important uh maybe Milestone of where you’re at in life and and so we can be super busy all day we’re going to be doing good stuff bad stuff business whatever but if you can’t turn that off and if you can’t just uh enjoy anything or I was in a place for a long time where I needed to hook on tape or podcast in my ear I need to keep busy and So eventually there you just like you said there’s the correlation between your business and yourself is huge and you went back and tracked that Revenue I guarantee you I could do that and it would be the same and so that’s been an Unexpected Journey is how much I actually am working on myself yeah through the business but that makes sense especially the last two years I love it it absolutely makes sense in fact we have a a formula for Success we say it’s it’s B times do equals have so we all want to have certain things out of life and the mistake a lot of us make is doing right we’re going to work harder we’re going to work longer we’re going to sacrifice evenings and weekends but there’s only 24 hours in a day so the the magic comes in when we focus on becoming you know a better version of ourselves right becoming the person that’s able to do the things that are required in an efficient and effective way right and you mentioned someone right finding the right team members and getting the right people on the bus and and being able to delegate and and Inspire and motivate those folks to do more than we could do on our own right when we become the person that can do those things right in the business then the business can provide for what we are we want to have out of life but if we’re not focusing on becoming right then we get stuck in that oh my goodness there’s only 24 hours in a day right how can I squeeze out another hour and you know take time from my family or take time from weekend and not go on vacation and so I I’m just I’m excited for you that you’ve you’ve understood that switch and that you’re focusing on yourself so congratulations yeah I needed it and it took people to to show me that uh you know there’s no doubt about that um I’m very thankful for that you know I keep going back to Dave Meltzer but he kind of came in to my life at that time him and Sean bill that really pushed this stuff on me um we had mentioned earlier about some networking groups and things and um when you find a group of like-minded people uh extremely powerful especially if you know they’re going to make you better yeah and then you want to be someone that makes other people better right yeah hey as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you see you’re gonna face in reaching your goals and who are the types of folks that you’re going to need to help you solve those challenges it’s scaling there’s no doubt about it um we have um you know our autonomous Robotics and our weapons detection business is um is growing and we’ve spent about a year and a half two years of Foundations and and growth but really prepping for um 2024 especially um to be big and so it’s scaling for sure is the biggest challenges we’re going to face soon and with scaling comes a lot of challenge right having the right people on the bus is a much bigger bus with much bigger challenges so um I think that is going to be our biggest challenge now that’s a good challenge right um but um the Challenger that come with scaling as you grow those challenges are going to come in and be the challenges as well so it really comes back to scaling which is exciting good um but that needs to be done right uh the culture’s got to be right and um we want to do things right way and some of the ways that we’re doing things I want to be very forward-facing especially in our state um weapons detection in our state is something that I’m very convicted on I feel that it’s meant to be part of my journey I’m very excited for it but it’s very serious thing um and so we’ll have a lot of people seeing what we’re doing and um and that’s another thing actually once you get involved in groups and you build relationships and you have um whether it’s networking groups or coaches or friends the proximity you know then you start to feel like well they’re all watching too and and so you start getting in your head but it’s a it’s a scaling issue um it’s a bit of a merging a bit better all the things that we’re doing as opposed to all completely separate um merging things in a way to be a bit more cohesive um and you know the seamless family and all the people that uh we’re doing Partnerships and working with it’s making sure all those are done in the right way um so long-winded answer to say scaling I think and I hope is going to be our our biggest challenge because everything we’ve done so far we’ve really done in a small business way even though we we can do um very very large things we’re competing on a national or Global level constantly these are going to be a bit of a different monster and so it’s uh it’s doing something that we haven’t done yet yeah awesome last question Jim Rohn um awesome business Guru says we become the average of the five people we spend the most time as you think about that um what advice would you have for folks who are business owners who who are trying to do it on their own who feel like they you know they have to they can’t ask for help they can’t you know reach out to others that they just have to to get through it on their own what would you say to them absolutely I I have a great relationship with um Professor Romero day up at uh Purdue University and he allows me to come speak to the kids once a year or twice a year once a semester and that is one of my biggest Focus points every time is ask for help ask for guidance it is it’s such a simple concept and it seems so difficult when you can break through that that’s a big deal um gosh I’m going to mention his name for the 15th time but David Meltzer instilled that with me because when I met him he’s an extremely wealthy extremely popular extremely busy man um you know he was the CEO for fourth one marketing uh if um yeah I won’t go down there but he when I first met him he was this celebrity this was he was a guy I had no relationship with and in my mind I’m just thinking like he was giving us all an opportunity to ask him a question and so when it came to my turn like my question was would you ask you if you were me what is that and his answer was so simple it was asked me for help what do you need uh okay so you’re building a an ice cream store okay go find people that have done that tell them you’re doing that and just ask to sit down not to have dinner ask how you can learn and maybe you can be a value of that for them too so it’s always a two-way street but literally just ask yeah it sounds silly but it doesn’t matter what you want to do what you’re trying to do what you’re failing at or you want to do better somebody’s doing that yeah reach out to that and if it’s somebody that doesn’t want to talk doesn’t want to help that’s not someone you want to be a part of anyway right but you’ll find those people that will latch on I mean this afternoon I have uh um a conversation with a kid I met up through Purdue and you know it’s a big thing I say at the end if I can do anything for you please I give everybody my information Dave melter does that Dave I bet you get 2 000 text messages a day but he genuinely gives people his information let me know how I can help yeah because people want to help yeah you know and so yes uh the answer is how do you do it on your own like you don’t and you can’t and there’s no need to and once you can learn that power of asking for help and asking how can I provide value to you as well in a genuine way not in a transactional way um that’s a big deal there’s no doubt about that yeah I like what you said because a lot of people are afraid to ask for help because they don’t want to bother people oh that person’s probably too busy they’re not going to have time for me but what you just said is everybody wants to help others and to take that to another level is you know the most important person to each of us is ourselves so if somebody asks us to share our journey or our story right or how we did something you know how were you successful we’re going to love sharing that story right because we we like to talk about our journey and the things that have happened and and if it’s going to help someone else that’s just a you know icing on the cake hungry 100 agreed yeah because it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you on your journey if they were all all on the show here today what would you want to say to them

what a great question uh I mean uh I certainly couldn’t have done it alone there’s no doubt about that I would just say thank you for your trust in me and your patience in me I think those are the two things that I’ve needed the most and um you know especially when I was young as we were building things uh working with your father building things with your father um it’s not until now as a father that you can look at things from the other perspective and you realize um when people have given you trust or patience um trust and that you’re doing the right thing or honest but trust in like trust and believe in you that you can do this and so that’s what I’ve been surrounded with my whole life and that’s probably part of the reason my family’s so close so thanks for your trust and your patience that’s a beauty question Ted thank you wonderful um Curtis it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show thank you Tim it was good I hope there’s more thank you to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made as a myth show with your host coach Tim campsel be sure to help us spread this Movement by liking the show and posting about it on your social media and to join us go to bemadtogether.com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care