June 13, 2023

Episode #85: Jason Lippert – Lippert Components

Jason Lippert is the third-generation leader of LCI Industries, a publicly traded company that predominately serves the marine, RV, and other recreational markets. Jason has helped grow the company from $150 million in 2003 to $5.1 billion in 2021 with over 12,000 team members world-wide.

He has served in many capacities throughout his 29 years with the company where he started as an intern welding manufactured housing chassis. Since 2003, Jason has been the company’s CEO and President and has had an intense focus on building strong teams, bettering our communities, and growing the company with new product innovations.

The Boys & Girls Club of Elkhart County is Jason’s philanthropic passion where he serves as a board of trustee and chairman of their annual Bids 4 Kids auction which has help raise millions of dollars for their club’s on-going effort to improve the lives of the children in the community.

Jason has been passionate about finding creative ways to move the needle around leadership, culture, and community service within LCI. In the last 9 years, Lippert has initiated a cultural transformation within the company known as Everyone Matters. To stress a truly human culture in the business, Jason implemented a Culture and Leadership team who strives to grow the company’s team members through coaching and working on personal and professional development. He and his team believe the quality and effectiveness of front-line leadership is the key to building a successful business. LCI team members have completed over 550,000 hours of serving in communities across the world, and Jason is continuously pouring support into other companies wanting to make an impact in their community and truly join the movement to create a stronger force for good in the world.

Future information about Jason Lippert and LCI Industries can be found on their website at www.LCI1.com.


hello this is coach Tim Campsall and I’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we are talking with successful business owners to hear the Journey of them building their business and because we know that achieving success in business is not something that we can do on our own we are taking time to recognize the folks that helped us to excel today I’m excited to have a well actually he’s Beyond a business owner I will learn more about that uh in our interview today uh someone from Indiana who is our guest he has been involved with the boys and girls club for over 20 years and has helped them to raise over 10 million dollars for clubs in Elkhart County in his downtime he enjoys spending time with his wife and his four kids and he is most proud of the opportunity that he’s been given and entrusted to spread the message of how business can be a force for good I can’t wait to hear more about that today it’s my pleasure to welcome Jason to the show hello Jason hey Tim thanks for having me excited to be here well hey I I’m excited to have you as well I know there’s lots that we’re gonna dig into but let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born and lived and your family and all that fun stuff yeah I um I grew up in a small town in central Michigan Alma Michigan um went to a public high school there I had a good uh good upbringing my grandparents all lived in town just you know down the down the street both of them so um had a lot of family um swam played golf Growing Up played with my brothers a lot um Went to went to school at Miami of Ohio um tried out for the swim team for a year and then got doing other things and had a really good college experience Miami was a great place um met a lot of great people and then uh then just started my work career right after I graduated from Miami in 94. fantastic and tell us a little bit about your family yeah so I uh I I got married um almost 20 years ago I have a I have a 19 year old I have a 15 year old boy I have 10 11 year old boys um they’re all really busy as most families with with four kids are so I’ve got great kids I’m blessed they’re healthy uh you know they’re uh they’re fun to be around we I thankfully for for me I don’t have to travel a ton I travel a lot in my younger days and travel a little bit now but I’m home enough to be able to spend time with my kids watch them grow up be part of all their activities and sports and they keep me they keep me a little bit younger too so wonderful well hey Jason is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today oh man there’s a there’s probably a lot my uh I’m probably the class clown in my family they might make fun of me the most but uh you know I um I I welded a bunch and when I got out of when I got out of college they you know they thought I’d go start doing something else but I jumped in the factories and you know I was uh you know welding shop you can get really dirty so I mean I went from the college classroom to you know um putting wet cloths over my eyes every night because you know I well Flash and just the environment and all that all that good stuff so they poke fun at me for that every once in a while but um I could think of a whole host of other things if you give me enough time tell us how the business came about and at what time point in time did you have the confidence that you could run your own business

um you know it’s my grandpa started the business in 56 he he you know didn’t come from much um you know was working on a roofing line after the war I came back from World War II worked on the roofing line at Redmond homes and you know he got this idea in his head he could start building roofs that a metal roof wasn’t that hard to make he learned how to make it made it um visited the factories found some money to start up a little roofing business and that’s how he got started in business and then eventually tried a lot of other things uh down the road he wasn’t didn’t go to college he just kind of tried to figure it out on his own but he’s you know he’s from that greatest Generation where they just uh make it make it through life with in success with sheer willpower and um built up a little bit of a business and my dad took it over in 79 and um my dad really put the business on solid footing and um um kind of pared it down from what it what it was my Grandpa bought a bunch of different businesses and paired it down just kind of like a metal fabrication business where we were back to roofs and building metal parts for manufactured housing chassis and I came to the business in 94. like I said I I worked on the ground floor for a couple years and welded and got to understand kind of how how manufacturing business looks on the front lines of the business um you know got a opportunity to run a facility out in Pennsylvania where I stumbled onto you know into RVs um we were building manufactured housing product out there but there were some customers out potential customers out there that were building RVs and uh just popped in their door one day and asked them if we could start building some products for them and they they were gracious enough to to let us do that and and before I knew it I was transferred back to Indiana to run another manufactured housing plan and when I got transferred back here uh I found out this was like the RV capital of the world so um it was an easy transition to really build up the business um because you know our backyard was where you know all the RV Builders are you know 80 85 percent of the RV builders in the country are right here so long and short just you know we were acquired by a public business my dad sold the company 97 uh we were acquired by a public company so we became public after that um the board and the leadership team at the public company was nice enough to you know give me a shot at a pretty young age to to run our business after my dad retired in 2003 and you know we’ve been buying companies and growing organically and diversifying into different markets and doing a lot of cool stuff uh over the last 20 years so wonderful Jason tell us a little bit more about the business um what’s the name what do you guys do how do you help people yeah so we’re our businesses LCI Industries we’re lcii the New York Stock Exchange we’re about five billion dollars about 15 000 people 5 billion in revenues fifteen thousand people we’ve got you know about 140 locations worldwide um most of our businesses are in North America and a good chunk of them are uh in Northern Indiana um 50 of our businesses RV and the rest is you know split up between Marine uh we’ve got some businesses in Europe we do some business for uh buses and I don’t know if Highway Vehicles we do the manufactured housing business is still a little bit of a business for us um and uh anything Marine so those are kind of our our market segments um you know it’s um um I tell people all the time it’s you know anything that goes down the road that’s not a car we generally you know are are building parts for or maybe looking at building parts for us so wonderful now in the the introduction I had mentioned the fact that one of the things you’re proud of is being able to spread the the messages about how businesses can be a force for good so tell us a little bit more about that sure well you know I when I got into business it was all about just you know coming to work every day trying to grow and gain market share and when it all costs and um you know grow our business that way we got a lot of accolades for that our our revenues grew significantly our stock price grew significantly our profits grew significantly uh the overall size of our company grew significantly but it wasn’t until you know 2011 or 2012 um kind of figured out that there was you know different way to win in business and that was through you know an intense Focus an intentional focus on on culture uh leader development and then ultimately for us it was you know how do you incorporate philanthropy and community service um as as part of what you do as a business um so really the message to other businesses you know inside and outside our community has just been to you know be a you know lead by example and show people show other businesses that you know uh business can look different than um just winning at all costs and winning Top Line and winning the bottom line um it’s how you do it it’s how you get there and showing other businesses that how we treat people and how we take care of other people and how you really live an intentional culture um where team members will tell people around the business or around the community that hey this this company really lives out their core values they do what they say they’re going to do they take care of the community um and they care about their people that’s what the I think the the business Community needs more than anything is to figure out how to care about people because if we care about people we send them home in a a pretty good orientation for their family and if we if we don’t care about people at work that’s a long time for somebody to be you know upset or down or miserable or anxious or stressed out because the business is treating them poorly and that just plays out horribly you know once they leave work and and go home

um so you know we’re just trying to send that message that business can be a force for Good by the by just having great business culture and living out our values not just putting up on the wall but you know intentionally living on our values and being consistent to that figuring out how to do a community impact events and serving inside the organization um just showing businesses that that’s possible so it sounds pretty you know obvious when you say it out loud but it’s not it is kind of counter counter how a lot of businesses think especially you know public owned companies who are you know have to answer the shareholders so what was the impetus what what caused you to have this you know this thinking and and to implement this way of thinking and and now be able to share it with other businesses yeah I mean it was my faith in Jesus Christ and and then ultimately a lot of prayer um after doing business the way I was for 15 or so years I I started to kind of ask God what my you know what my purpose was because just getting more revenues and you know higher stock price and you know growing a business was well while it was somewhat fulfilling it didn’t feel like purpose um so you know the answer came through an ultimate meeting I had you know after a lot of prayer with um with Bob Chapman and Bob you know told me his story which was very similar he had a very similar experience in how we you know the light bulb clicked on um and then he just said he figured out that hey look if we you know if we care about our team members um in a really extraordinary ways and we live out our our core values that we say matter but how do you live that out day in and day out so that team members will look back and say no I’ve worked at a lot of places and they’ve had core values on the walls but nobody’s ever lived you know up to their core values and held people accountable around the organization like this company does um so you know so you know and if you listen to Bob or watch Bob’s truly human leadership Ted Talk it’s a 20-minute Ted Talk that really you know encapsulates you know that everybody matters culture that he writes about in his book um you know those are those are the things that really kind of flip the switch for me is you know seeing another manufacturing business that was you know at the time they were two billion eleven thousand people and that was about the same size we were so I was like if these guys can actually do it and he gets the results he says he gets and um you know I we can do the same and really what the business part that clicked for me was we were struggling with turnover at the time and um you know what do you explain to me really simply is like hey dummy if you if you really really care for your people and and live out your core values people will stay because that’s uncommon they you know people leave because companies talk about core values and don’t do it so they’re like I’m not going to stay with somebody who who does the opposite of what they say they’re going to do I mean that’s a you know you drive out a lot of good people in the organization that way so what we found out is our you know after we started doing that our our turnover reduced from 125 down to 30 percent wow um and it keeps getting a little bit better every year um and when you have that kind of momentum with retention you know just the business gets this you know really great momentum and quality and safety and efficiency and Innovation they all you know get a lot better in the business when people tend to stick around so uh but too many Business Leaders and I was one of them you know you’re always trying to sit at the end of the cycle to figure out how to tweak dials and oh we got to do this and change this and you know and when when all along it’s just like hey just make sure you’ve got the right people in the right spots and you’re you’re living out your core values and you’ve got a culture that you know people would look to you and say yeah you guys do what you say you’re gonna do you write these values on the wall yeah I see that lived out you know pretty consistently throughout the organization or you talk about your mission and man we we talk about that on a regular basis or this is what you say you want out of your leaders and we see those qualities in leaders all day long so I love it I mean a lot of good things that you just described but one of the things that kind of jumped out at me that is I think also little counter cultural is you are able to talk about your faith in Jesus and you’re a public owned company and wow that’s pretty incredible that you’ve got the support of the board to be able to do that tell share a little bit more about that that it’s just awesome yeah well I think today I mean with the inclusive environment that we live in there’s probably you know not not ever been a better time for you know company leaders or or people uh that that have faith to to be able to express how they feel so um it doesn’t mean that we do one thing or the other in our business or we say hey you can’t do this or you can’t do this we have special groups in our our business for a lot of different things but um yeah I mean the board’s been supportive of our culture you know since we launched it um really because like you said it makes sense it’s like you know it it makes really good sense when you listen to it it just takes a lot of time to execute and the thing I’m thankful for my board about is that they were really patient and letting us you know you know do the execution because it does take a lot of time um it you know we I would say we ran over our team members to win at all costs for a lot of years so it you know they weren’t so ready just uh you know when we said hey look we’re gonna do this yeah and we mean it and you know I’m gonna do it and I want you to follow follow me as long as I do what I I say I’m gonna do I want you to follow me don’t throw stones it was hard for people to to do that in the beginning because they saw the opposite uh Behavior at a lot of leadership in our business for for a lot of years so uh but now we don’t have that problem because we’ve been we’ve been consistent with leadership and um look our leader qualities and leaders that we have an expectation for in our core value core values in the company that we expect out of all of our team members you know are really good things to for for people to have you know or or for a company to build and to help build into people and support with people so you know it’s it’s kind of hard for good people to not want to do that kind of stuff or be involved with an organization so for me I think it’s our competitive advantage today and I I tell any company you know the greatest thing about you know executing an effective culture is that you you create this competitive advantage that’s better than any competitive Advantage you have because everybody competes on quality and price and you know service and all the things that everybody always talks about when they talk about a sales pitch but when you talk about your ability to retain people over the long term that you know and I would argue a step better is that you retain people and they’re coming to the business with passion and energy every day um not just well it’s a job it’s a paycheck I don’t mind it here so I you know it’s as good as it it’s as good as I have so I might as well stay here I I don’t know if I’d want that person’s passion and energy versus somebody that really believes in the company’s values and Mission and and what we’re what we’re trying to do I think we get a little bit extra you know boost and lift out of our team members that are that you know feel that way versus uh hey it’s just okay yes yes absolutely we uh we talk in our coaching program about that idea and we call it the 16 cylinders so you can have them show up with just their their body right in their mind or and you can also or enroll them with their spirit and their heart and when you get the heart and spirit you get the 16 zillagers if they just come with their their mind and their body they’re only bringing about six cylinders I’m gonna use that I love it that’s great that’s a great way to describe it so Jason um share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think that you could and the impact that that person had on you yeah you know my dad’s been a big my dad’s been a big inspiration in my career um you know he’s pushed me to do a lot of things that I I didn’t think I could do but I you know the the one that’s one is Bob specifically um Bob Chapman when you know he talked about you know and he gave me a picture of what a great culture looks like after working on it for 15 years the mountain just seemed you know too tall to climb but uh he said hey look you gotta you know you gotta bite it off in chunks and do a little bit at a time and um you just have to be consistent and do what you say You’re Gonna you have to you know live the mission with integrity and you know it started with picking really solid core values which we let our whole team do I didn’t come up with that stuff you had 20 people come up with that and and vote on it and say look so we can all go out and say you know we we put a stake in the ground and said these are the important things so it’s not just me saying that they’re important to me um so you know it was it was a lot of that and a lot of you know coming back to Bob and saying hey look man we’re stuck you know now what yeah uh what did you do so you know he was really helpful and inspirational also in helping us get through our our cultural or or get well far enough into our cultural Journey where we you know we could you know kind of pick up the pace on our own and just rely on our own momentum after a certain period of time so you’ve mentioned it a couple times that I love the idea of it’s not just the thing that’s printed in the the employee handbook or yeah on the wall but you’re actually living it and you’re holding each other accountable to it that’s truly the difference right yeah and you know this study’s done as you know I mean you probably quote most of them but you know 88 of the people that you know work for a company in America feel like they work for a company and doesn’t care about them I mean what’s that tell you about how good and consistent and um effective work culture is today is just you know it’s not very common most people are just like you said they’re putting it in the handbook and they’re putting on the wall and that’s as far as values seem to live in most companies so yeah one of the things we uh we ask folks that we meet with about their culture is hey can just take a minute and recite your company culture right and almost nobody can right what’s what’s your vision or what’s your mission or what’s your purpose right um I know where to find it or I know which wall it’s painted on but I could actually tell you what it is yeah and I would tell you most of our team members can you know they can recite the core values our leaders know the leader qualities I mean because we talk about it every day you know it’s in we start our five minute meetings in the morning with a you know a culture win or a leadership moment or a core values moment where they have to you know hey we’re going to call on somebody in their group and say hey tell us just give us a a core values moment from yesterday or the weekend or something just kick us off start the meeting off positive and um you know and again that goes right to our Frontline team members it’s not just for you know executive and professional leaders around the business so and I think that’s you know Manufacturing Company 97 of our team members are on the front lines of our business they’re in our plans making products so if we don’t get the message there and our Frontline leaders don’t understand the message then it’s really hard to say hey we’ve got an effective culture that runs throughout the the whole company um Jason what’s been your biggest learning um as the uh you know the leader president now CEO of the organization yeah I think that you know I mean there’s a there’s a ton of learnings but it’s you know it’s getting it’s getting that mess that the core values to the front line team member the you know uh the men and women that are literally on the line assembling a window for us or a chassis welder um you know I underestimated the importance of me getting to the front lines on a regular basis so I go every week and I do listening sessions with our Frontline leaders all over the organization you know a lot of them are in person uh but the plants I can’t get to that are outside of this area I I’ll do those virtually um and um just helping the light bulb click for you know those Frontline team members at work isn’t just you know punching the clock and doing the work and go home I mean it can be a lot more than that we can help people find their purpose and meaning at work and I think that’s the the big learning for me through this whole 11-year Journey that we’ve been on is that we can help turn those light bulbs on for every human being in this company and when we do turn those light bulbs on their life gets better their team’s life gets better the business gets better their family life gets better their kids lives get better their spouse’s Life’s good but I don’t I can’t tell you how many times people have come home and said you know because you guys really mean what you say uh what you talk about all the time when it comes to core values and Leadership and how you want us to you know for for leaders you want us to lead better and you give us the roadmap to do that if we’re not leaders you know you just want us to lead ourselves better and we can still use those leadership qualities uh that we talk about all the time they come back all the time and say yeah I’m a better dad I’m a better Mom I’m I’m uh you know a better spouse you know and those kinds of things are like you know it doesn’t get better than that that’s the best thing we can do as a business is help improve people’s lives because when their lives improve like I said they’re likely to come back and and give more to the business because most people are thankful for that and most people haven’t had that experience at another business where you know they’ve got that to compare it to and most of them they were beat down you know a lot of them are yelled at I mean when I ask every listening session hey who’s who’s ever worked for a bad boss or worked in a company that’s had a horrible culture 75 of the hands in the room goes up yeah um so but when they compare that to their experience here you know they tend to say you know I’m not leaving a company like this I’ve seen I’ve been a six or seven or eight other ones and left because it was horrible I’m not leaving this company and I think that again that just gives us that competitive Advantage but I know we’re improving lives in the process and that’s better than you know hitting record sales numbers or record stock prices or anything like that I’m not going to remember those things right when I when I I’m on my deathbed I’m going to remember you know this box of letters I’ve got next to me where people just you know tell me how much they appreciate what we’ve done in their lives because it’s helped them change their lives in a more positive direction what an incredible ripple effect that uh that you you guys are able to have for because of all the people that you’re touching that’s awesome and I love what you said too about you know the what you’re going to remember and and oh by the way there’s also a huge uh Roi on it because you’re you you quoted your your turnover decreasing from 125 to or somewhere around 30. yeah so there’s a true there’s a two Roi as well so the shareholders are happy yeah yeah it’s not easy to put the exact dollar amount on but even a conservative guess on that dollar amount would tell you hey you ought to be spending a lot of resources working on that yeah Jason we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of the biggest challenges you faced during the years and maybe a fellow a fellow uh business owner or leader who came alongside you helped you through that yeah I mean I I’ve uh I learned later in my career I wish I mean people ask all the time what what do you wish you would have done you know earlier in your career and what I wish I would have done kind of piggybacking on your question is I wish I this would have brought other people into my circle uh that had been where I wanted to go I would have you know not learned as many painful lessons and I’ve had a lot of people inside and outside the industry that had been you know after you know maybe I turned 35 when I really started listening to people you know I um I brought several people that were 10 15 years older than me that had been there and just you know did a lot of listening and question asking and that’s you know it helped me you know avoid a lot of pitfalls it helped me you know sharpen kind of my perspective and and really you know hone in on what really mattered I had a lot of you know a lot of things I could spend time in in my position but um you know the the more I found I narrowed that down to certain things and you know moved other great people around this business to to do some of the other things and you know put people in the right spots it made all the difference in the world and our you know our business grew you know our business grew you know has grown a few billion in the last you know four years so um and you know took a 60 you know 55 years just to become hit our first billion so

but I’ve had a lot of people I’ve had a lot of mentors that I’ve intentionally sought out and asked a lot of questions too because it just it just helps you skip the learning curve in a lot of cases well I’m gonna put you on the spot here a little bit if I ask you to pick three of those folks who have been most helpful in and and you’re most grateful for your the business success that you’ve gotten from their help who are those three people and how they help you yeah so um again my my dad for one um what’s your dad huh what’s his name your dad’s name oh Doug Lippert okay awesome yeah yeah um you know he was really patient with me in my 20s when you know he we were both in the business and I was kind of going off on a a tangent trying to create some some new opportunities for the company and man it’s a you know I was 24 and you know I’m just trying to picture my my 20 my kid that’s gonna you know be 24 at some point in time would I let him do some of the things my dad let me do you know probably not a chance so you know I really appreciate the fact that my dad took you know he took a lot of heat into the organization because there was a lot of people around him that said what are you doing like you know those kids trying to spend all the money that we’ve worked hard to to put in the put in the bank and you know we don’t understand the business or the the business strategy so um so him him for one um you know certainly Bob Chapman I always throw him in that category uh you know he he’s been a great mentor on the culture side specifically and just helping us figure out the journey um you know and you know where it took him maybe a decade to get to a certain spot he probably helped us really skip that learning curve because he had a lot of learnings yeah yeah um so you know he was uh he was super important um and he just has been super gracious with his time so you know those people that have met Bob uh through different channels I mean he’s just so gracious with his time and uh he didn’t have to give me the time he’s given me over the last decade but he’s been you know super awesome and and help help us you know growing our our culture Journey a lot faster the third one man you know it’s a it’s a really tough one for me to pick I’ve got you know um guys in the industry you know Ron fennick uh Doug getter Bob Martin Don Clark you know guys that run businesses that are just a little bit older than me but they’ve all helped me a ton um you know and I’ve got you know my my mom would certainly fit in there I mean she she you know instilled values and a great upbringing in me and spent most of when my dad was away you know building the business my mom was building the character that I have so um she’s responsible for that I could give you a list of 10 more names that are super influential but those are those are some of them fantastic thank you I know that’s always tough to to narrow it down to a few so Jason as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you see that you’re going to face in getting to your goals and who are the types of people you’re going to need to overcome those challenges yeah there’s a I mean there’s a lot of challenges for us I mean um I mean I just turned 50 uh here not too long ago so um I asked one that’s when my dad retired I remember the day like it was yesterday um you know so you know moving into a you know these continued phases of you know organizational structure and you know not only what our organizational structure looks like as we continue to grow but also um you know who’s sitting in the those organizational seats as we continue to you know grow and develop people so um and that’s where I spent a lot of my time as you know there’s the organizational development and the structure and um you know but we’ve got certain markets we live in you know um we’re not as I’ve told our investors we’re not interested in going off and creating all these different legs of the stool we’ve got some really good markets with really great customers and a lot of opportunities in those those markets today so we’re going to continue to you know and the longer we’ve been around the more momentum we have as a business we just get better for our customers so um you know we continue to grow organically and find good acquisition opportunities we’ve done 75 since since I’ve been with the business for the last 29 years so um but you know Innovation I think is really really key uh to any business and that’s just not just product Innovation but it’s process Innovation it’s innovating it’s innovating culture like we have it’s it’s Reinventing you know every part of the business you can because if you don’t it just gets stale and you look like every other business out there um you know people development is really huge um you know our focus on culture is really huge we want to spend a part of our time and a piece of our time you know we’ve got a Leadership Academy today that we use to specifically help you know other businesses figure out what Bob helped us figure out with culture so we want to be that part of the Ripple that keeps extending things to other businesses we want to help them do culture better we want to help them do leadership development better we want to help them do philanthropy and Community impact better and we can help them skip steps and and get there faster because we’ve we’ve done it um and then uh you know the world’s getting trickier right there’s just a lot of you know I think about the issues you know back before you know 2000 I mean they pale in comparison to the you know just the economic and the social issues we have today so it’s just it’s just trickier running a business it was always hard to run a business as you know but it’s it’s so much harder today yeah and um you know it comes down to finding the right people to bring the organizations that can get their arms around all this so again I think that’s what the leaders really need to spend time doing is finding finding people that have you know you know the right passion the right energy and then once you get them here it’s making sure they get in the right spot because you can get great people put them in the wrong spot and then you’re you know you’re you know you might still be treading water yes we’re not making as much progress as which is what you think so um you know those are some of the issues I I look at growth and say hey look if we get the right people we have the right business strategy uh you know we we do we take care of our our quality and our customer experience and our our Innovation and culture and Leadership the pillars of our business you know will continue to grow I don’t worry about you know trying to you know work too hard at that if we do the right things and we keep doing what got us here and execute our business strategy we’ll continue to to grow our company um love it so last question Jason um Jim Rohn awesome business Guru says that we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with so as you reflect on that quote what advice do you have for folks who are trying to do it on their own who who think that they don’t they don’t need to surround themselves with good people or they shouldn’t ask for help yeah I mean you’re you’re gonna it’s just gonna you may get there you may have a good business strategy and a a good plan um good products and even some good people but if you don’t surround yourself with the the right people and the right mentors um you know because you only learn by asking questions and if you’re the one that has all the answers all the time you’re gonna you’re gonna get there a lot slower and I’m living proof of that we could have you know we could have gotten a lot further a lot faster had had I started doing some of those things way back when and then it just becomes a culture any part of the culture in your organization is you know everybody’s got to be a learner if 15 000 people are learning or 15 000 people one of the things that’s that’s big for us is just you know it was an epiphany we had a couple years ago but hey look we do all this executive leadership planning and coaching with all of our executive people uh we do it with our Frontline leadership but how about if everybody has you know a personal and professional growth plan all 15 000 people right you know I think that that company version would be way better than the one that we’re not even working on it or were just you know a part of the executives or top level leadership team have personal and professional growth plans so if everybody’s growing and developing we get further faster and that that kind of speaks to what you just said it’s like you got to get people around you um you got to be a coach um you got to be a coach and coaches are you know notoriously good listeners um so if you want to learn and and grow and develop your business you got to be willing to grow and develop yourself and you can’t do that by talking all the time and barking orders and and then you know you got to get the right people so you can be surrounded by people that are good but you know you want to look for people to surround yourself with that you think are or are are as good or better or where you want to be and that that changes the game I tell my kids all the time you know it’s we we almost every night before bed we have the Eagles and turkeys conversation so it’s like you know if you guys want to be great someday you got to be hanging with eagles and you know you can’t be hanging around with the turkeys because they’ll just they’ll drag you down yeah same thing he said with being surrounded by you’re the average of the five you know you want those five to be Eagles you want those five to be you know uh maybe have some qualities and things that you don’t have that you aspire to have that’s what you ought to be looking for because that statement’s totally true you’ve said it already but I’ll repeat it is we don’t want to be the smartest person in the room because then we’re not learning from anyone so that’s right we have to change the people that we’re hanging out with so that yeah you know we have smarter people in the room to learn from yeah and news flash if you think you’re the smartest person in the room that’s going to be limiting to your your growth and success that’s just uh yeah you can’t think like that Jason it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you along your journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them oh man I mean I I couldn’t I wouldn’t be I wouldn’t be here without them because not only do they do most of the heavy lifting um they’re an incredible encouragers um you know business is tough and you need people to lift you up because it’s impossible to be you know at the Peaks all the time and it’s impossible to be you know um you know everything going great all the time everything being positive all the time so you know I would just thank him for being incredible supporters uh incredible doers incredible encouragers uh and ultimately they’re the ones that you know they’re the ones that are closer to you know being boots on the ground and they’re the ones that are moving this great business is a Force for good Mission along uh you need lots of people to do that uh not just one person so it really helps to have the top person to support that message but man the execution happens on the front lines of the business and uh um we are all in my whole team we’re in the plants on a regular basis making sure that you know the people understand what that message means um you can’t just tell them once you know how communication works you can’t just go and tell them once or put in an email or even talk about it twice or three times you have to beat the drum you have to be consistent you have to challenge people you have to ask them questions and listen so that you know that they’re getting it um and so they’re asking you questions back and they’re learning um you know that that none of that would happen without a an amazing team and I’m you know I’ve been blessed with a great staff of people that you know they bring passion energy to work every day and it makes a difference Jason I love your story thank you so much for sharing it’s been an absolute pleasure having you on the show today hey Tim my my goal is you know to do some of these here and there and tell the story so you know maybe Inspire some people um but most importantly get some message out that there is a different way to to do culture and business and that it can have a profound impact on you know not only the business but people’s lives and ultimately the lives of their families and kids and I just don’t think we’re wired and we’re taught in the educational system to to think like that so we got to get that message out there so people know that there there can be a new normal and it can be world changing it can be Community changing we just need to we need to execute on that yeah so Amen to that and for everyone listening that are wondering about the ROI remember what Jason said earlier a few billion uh increase in sales over the last few years as a result of all these changes so if anyone wants to question the ROI I think that it’s uh pretty black and white yeah hey and Tim people say all the time well how do you know what’s that well what I can say is that if we had 120 turnover I can I can tell you we couldn’t have grown you know 800 million to a billion dollars a year for you know over the course of three or four or five years and we just you just can’t do that you can’t bring that many people into the organization right prior recruit train you know only to watch them walk out the door again you just wouldn’t be able to build product effectively enough and with it with good enough quality to be able to sustain that kind of growth right so yeah and you what you shared earlier too is hey you did it the old way right and you saw what the results of that were and now you’re doing it the new way and the results are significantly better so right so so awesome job Jason I thank you so much for sharing your story with the audience it just it’s just so inspiring so and thanks for the all the extra that you do to give back and and Pay It Forward I love it yeah and if there’s any listeners out there that want to reach out to me I’m easy to get a hold of on LinkedIn and I’m willing to share a story and and help any way I can because the more businesses that get this the the better the world gets so thanks for having me on thank you to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a missed show with your host coach Tim cancel be help be sure to help spread the movement by liking the show and mention it on your social media and to join our movement go to bmadtogether.com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and I’ll see you all next time take care thanks