May 30, 2023

Episode #82: Alejandra Malo – Pink Team Cleaning Services

Pink Team Cleaning Services LLC was founded by Alejandra Malo. She was born and raised in Mexico to a family of businessmen. Bachelor degree in Accounting and Finances, fluent in 4 languages, athlete and musician. Apart from running multiple businesses, Alejandra created a foundation to help improve the lives of orphans in Mexico.

Through her university and work experience traveled the world finding Lafayette Indiana her adopted home where her 2 children were born and raised.

All 70 Pink Team employees take pride in their professional cleaners who, through their quality work, allow businesses to run efficiently with clean facilities.

Pink Team is proudly professionalizing the cleaning industry in the State of Indiana. In 2022 it expanded to Mexico and in 2023 to the states of Texas and Georgia.

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hello this is coach Tim Campsall and I’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we are talking with successful business owners about their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success in business is not something that we can do on our own we’re taking time to recognize the folks who have helped us to excel I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us today my guess is a very enthusiastic person and you will get to see that while we’re talking to her in her downtime she loves to travel she loves languages music and sports she is most proud of her beautiful kids who are great humans and also her being able to help others especially through the foundation that she’s created to help kids in need it is my pleasure to welcome Alejandra today to the show hello Ali how are you I’m doing great thank you so much Tim for inviting me I’m so excited to be here with you awesome well hey let’s start with having you um introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born where you live about your family and your hobbies sure so I am um I was born and raised in Aguascalientes I am the youngest of seven kids I have five brothers and one sister and I’m very lucky to be part of a family of entrepreneurs my dad is entrepreneur my five brothers are entrepreneurs so I I just grew up lucky to have the best mentors as you know advisors all the time and as like examples they are successful and um well I work several years for Price one house groupers in Philadelphia and they got in Mexico I study accounting and finances so I was in the outdoors Department and then after that I um was working for a German automotive company and um they had me for six years so I worked for them starting from Mexico and then I moved to South Carolina here in the United States and then I moved to Germany and Hungary with them which was very interesting I did really enjoy that job and then after that I uh moved to Lafayette Indiana which I you know I now call it my adopted home I’ve been here yeah I’ve been here now for 13 years okay so in 2009 I moved here and then one year later I opened my first business which is steam team cleaning services and um after I opened that business uh trying to think the how it goes so I opened in 2011. and then try and remember what what did I do um um in 2013 I um had my daughter Isabella and then in 2016 my son Alexander which definitely became my most important roles in life and um I love being a mother of them and I think that it just made me a much better person in everything and then more um willing to do everything for them so um then after that in 2017 I opened uh being um team in Indianapolis well not often I actually expanded over there and it’s just an hour away you know so it was a pretty easy jump to do and at that same year I opened pink rentals which is my second business and um then after that was in 2017 and 2022 I expanded again or expanded I think uh pink team expanded again to um to um Mexico which is my my hometown and then after that um um 2022 Mexico at that same year I opened a foundation which is to help our orphan kids in in Mexico and then this year 2023 is a very interesting year at the beginning of this year I expanded a gambling team to um Texas at Georgia so that’s where I am right now wow yeah that is awesome so um what is your favorite uh you listed four things that you love to do of the four what’s your favorite your favorite hobby my favorite hobby will be well I have you know like I play piano and sax okay and I run and I love traveling I really think that I do pretty much every the three they’re running and the playing instruments and everyday thing I’m traveling it’s like it’s just something that once you do it once you never stop it right yeah so what’s a funny story that your family likes to to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today well I um this is a story that I that I think that I love and I is not as funny maybe is cute and funny so uh it’s uh when I was like 10 years old I I partnered with my sister Anna to bake cookies and we were both um very young and that was our first um Adventure as entrepreneurs and um I remember you know we were working day and night crazy hours and we really needed the money for Christmas presents so we worked really really hard and I remember she was super picky you know like I was all about production production production and she was all about quality so she stopped the production uh like putting the cookies away to give it to my brothers because they were they didn’t meet the quality that she had so I was like you know we need to sell them no no we need to give it to my brothers they don’t meet the quality standards and that was like crazy but then after that’s something very beautiful that happened is that my dad told me you know what I phoned clients for you like all my clients like to want to buy your cookies they said they are really good so I was super excited about that you know so I was we were really hard to to meet his requirements because now 25 more baskets we’re working like crazy and then uh you know it was it was just so beautiful and um that happened I continued to do those cookies every year every Christmas for several years probably until I finished high school and my dad continued to comment down you know what more clients want your cookies they are buying your cookies and Etc so until now he has never tell me that I believe that nobody ever bought my cookies but he pushed that it was beautiful and then the other thing is right now my sisters actually uh biochemical engineering in in food industry and she’s in quality and she is like she’s a super taster so now I can see why she was like that right yes yeah that’s awesome yeah tell us about how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business well it only started you know like in 2011 I I thought I wouldn’t open a business and I said well just in case um it is it is a non-successful business or anything I just want to be able to help and um and so the first thing I did I volunteered my time to to clean um houses for women with cancer for free and uh and the first um worker that I hired was a disabled worker that was deaf and um and that and I was thinking well if nothing happens from these I did help people with cancer and I helped someone with disabilities and and then it just you know it just started to grow and and then I started to be profitable after that um I think that the moment that I became more confident is because there was that sorority house that director that called me and hires uh or me and my two workers that I had Magnet or something like that and I was really thinking about Blossom back then and then she she was very confident like you know I really want your work so I really want you here and once that happened then the next already become and the next we will refer everywhere and the next thing I knew another fraternity another sorority another and then a factory so then we never I I just never thought about closing you know anymore and the the more beautiful thing of this is that now 12 years later Patty is her name she she continued to be director in different sororities and she continued to grow those everywhere and still now now she’s in Bloomington and we still clean her sorority now oh wow so that’s nice yes oh yeah yeah so tell us a little bit more about the company What’s um say the name again and what do you guys do more specifically and how do you help people yes well um I have three different well two different companies one is being rentals Bing rentals has around 35 rooms and in between queretaro Mexico uh Indianapolis

and the other businesses the painting planning services that um is the one that has is a janitorial cleaning now we don’t do houses anymore we continue to clean for free or the houses of women with cancer but we don’t do Residential anymore that is just because want to continue with that no and um it is it is pretty much it and now I also open this year the foundation so it is not a business but it is it is actually really like a business because the idea is to donate and to be able to help the the orphanous kids in my in my hometown yes tell us a story where um someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you weren’t sure if you could and the impact that person had on you well that would be my mom you know like um um important moment of the business where I really thought I’m closing I mean I it was the advice from everybody that I was I I was pregnant with my second child Alex and I thought that that was it I don’t know why I’m getting sentimental but that’s all um so um I remember I was pregnant and I was like well this is too much work I already had one child and the business wasn’t I wasn’t like that I feel like now I have more knowledge and so much support but back then I was kind of doing it all and uh so I asked my brothers and everybody which they are extremely good at advising and they told me well maybe it’s not too close you know maybe and because they saw me how much I was that with the how much and how important it was my role as a mother that’s what they saw and um so I did my last comb I called my mom just took you know to tell her well what do you think because I knew she was going to tell me I think it’s time for you to close and when I called her that was the last call and she is like you keep going you’re strong you can do it all no I’m like really and everything’s here I I stopped thinking that I couldn’t do it so yeah I think that’s very powerful that is so awesome yeah yeah and and you thought she was going to be the one that was gonna support your decision and yes because she she you know she was a mother of seven yeah and she dedicated her entire life to us so I never asked she’s a very serious you know and a woman and and she really doesn’t give you advice if you don’t ask her so I normally I always ask my dad for advice it’s always my dad for the business for the business everything yeah and and usually for the heart is my mom and this time I went for a business to my mom because it was a combination of both it was hard with business and I’m very am I still very surprised you know and I actually asked her now and she’s like I don’t even remember [Laughter] yes yes

we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about your biggest challenge during the years and maybe a fellow business owner who helped you to get through that challenge

um um

most of the times my dad you know they what that that I always call for advice um it could be the worst situation of My Life The Waters and he will always come with something very optimistic oh it’s good that happened right now because now you can do this this and that even if it’s the worst thing ever yeah so it has been always my Dad I’m trying to think if I if I remember something of that but um I like what you just said about him him always having the bright side of it so always he will never say something wrong wrong I remember something now um when I was um pregnant with my daughter Isabella I remember thinking for the first time that I was going to close so the second time was when it was Alexander but the first time I thought maybe I should pause when it was I was pregnant with Isabella so I got a call from our first factor in town and and I called my dad like and I was like already with my little belly and everything yeah I called him like okay we got this call and I remember how wonderful you know and I went and he was like oh perfect you know go on everything and then you can do it and everything so I went there we gave him the quote and then they they told us okay we got you and I have the first call I mean I jump in the phone Dad we got the factory it was like so I think that you know these little moments where I thought maybe I should close and then I got the fact that I said I didn’t have to ask anybody she was like close or not I was like I’m not glossing this is perfect we’re grown

I love it the the having the the the positive or you know that’s great because now you can do this this and this though that um what I like about that is you know asking ourselves the question of what good can come from this and it turns something from a negative to what’s the good in this right what’s the positive in this eye so I love what your dad said to you in that situation in terms of turning right turning everything around to the what’s the positive yes that definitely yes having that people around you um or at least it has been to me a blessing to have them you know all of them you know my my father my mom my brothers my sister are a huge support for me they are always um giving me good advices and there is always someone that will have a point of view that or something that I didn’t see that they see as an opportunity or something sure so I think I’m very loved to have them well I’m going to put you on the spot here a little bit um I’m going to ask you to pick three people in your business owner Journey that you’re most grateful for them being there as part of contributing to your business’s growth so who are those three people and how they help you um well I already said my dad no it’s always my dad they’re the first one because he just he’s just there for anything and um second person was with my sister Anna my sister Anna had been there for me is my best friend is my is my everything my cheerleader my anything she supports me anyway I I she can so you will be here definitely and then um I have a sister-in-law that um she didn’t help me in the finances Department since probably three years ago she used to be my boss when I was working in Mexico in India and I introduced her to my brother Ivan and then they got married she’s my sister-in-law but she used to be my boss so she continues to help me now and I will say that she has um helped me lately in the finances Department tremendously in my in my own finances to see things that I didn’t see before to to have more Vision towards the future to plan I mean and with you know like all these ideas of my best interests so those probably will be the three people I know that my Seven Brothers my five brothers and that I don’t I’m not mentioning the between the three will not be happy well there now they just got mentioned so there we covered it all exactly yes exactly yes as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you see that you’re gonna face in getting to the goals that you have for the business and who are the types of people that you’re going to need to help solve those challenges well in order to grow more

I think that the difficulty will be to be able to grow organically and so to have a better not to try to grow too fast or exponentially and um I mean I love and I’m ambitious and I love the growth but I think that the best will be or the challenge here is to continue to grow organically and um in order to do that I think that um I I need the people that is you know positive and good attitude and that that’s willing to continue to change and the challenge and the growth and without filling out of too much well everybody falls out of their comfort zone with the changes but uh but people that feels like they can continue to to challenge to to go through those changes without feeling uncomfortable let’s say yeah yeah so I think that would be wonderful um last question here so um Jim Rohn great uh business Guru one of the things he one of his quotes is that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that quote what advice would you have for business owners who are trying to do it on their own who feel like they shouldn’t ask for help or can’t ask for help and they’re just gonna do it by themselves what what advice would you have for them yes well um according to my experience there is there is a big help out there for example in the in the Chamber of Commerce or in the in the different groups that um sometimes we don’t reach out because we are embarrassed or at least I was and I think that it is very important to reach out and and find help find mentors find um people that is positive and already went through that same path um coaches um but I really think that um sometimes our embarrassment make us or at least me it made me a stop from reaching out for help and and it is very important to you know if you have a dream just to continue and be there for that dream and stop those battles every time uh you think of maybe I won’t be able to do it no no no no yes you will be able to do it there are challenges otherwise everybody will be doing it yes it is that is the idea not to continue to dream and and keep going and surround yourself with that good group of people and another thing that I found now is that um they they giving I believe that um if I would have not volunteered my time at the beginning to do the the cleaning for the for free for women with cancer and and I didn’t really know where I was really heading you know like that this the company was going to grow so much and um um and if I would have not done that maybe thinking wouldn’t exist right now so I think that being kind to others um giving it will always come back to us again I I really like what you said about um we can we can be embarrassed to to ask questions or we we can almost get into our minds of well I’m the only one struggling with this so I’m not going to ask because everyone else has it figured out right that imposter syndrome of of you know we can get paralyzed by well what will people think of me and my goodness I’m the only one that’s struggling with this the reality is that we’re all struggling with the same things and we’re all trying to figure it out right and businesses as you said owning a business is not easy so right it the more that we can be honest with ourselves about our struggles and ask other people for their experiences and and you know the the what they’ve done to overcome some of those struggles can be a tremendous benefit for for us personally um as well as for our business so um so thank you for sharing that because I think a lot of people are just afraid of of being thought badly of or judged because they have a question exactly and when someone else shares their experience sometimes they say maybe a year maybe they say those two years just by telling us I wouldn’t do that or I already did that it was a big mistake I put two years into that I needed them work oh wow you just saved me two years right so it really is worth it to to ask the question to just you know be embarrassed and ask it be helped us yeah what are you gonna lose you lose more when when you don’t ask anything yeah and you mentioned um giving so I’ve not met any um business owner who wasn’t willing to answer a question from a a new you know a new and upcoming business owner because we’ve all been there right we know what it’s like to be starting out and we’re more than happy to to give some advice to other people because we’ve been there you

you mentioned resources in the community so you know the chamber is in a great example I don’t people don’t realize all the resources that are there do they and actually for example once you start growing more and there are so many different associations for example the business networking International or right now I’m part of the entrepreneurs organization that’s another Association that is really nice it’s a lot of business owners or entrepreneurs that are that get together and and we share different experiences and and help each other um with contacts with and and I also think networking helps I am not that good at networking but I I actually think that if I would have been better at networking maybe I could have gone a little faster in this in this round right yeah yes there’s tons of tons of people out there that are willing to lend a hand if we’re just brave enough to ask yes it’s truth Alejandra it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people um who have helped you in your journey if they were all here on the show today what would you want to say to them oh no definitely I wouldn’t be able to be where I am if it wasn’t for all the help that I have about him it it definitely um change from being I don’t think no one can really get to where we are alone we need the help we definitely need the help and if it’s positive people around it is even you know it just it is it is what we need wonderful well thank you so much for being on the show it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you today no thank you thank you for inviting me team to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach Tim cancel be sure to help spread this Movement by liking the show and posting about it on your social media and to join our movement go to all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care