March 2, 2023

Episode #69: Jonas Olson – Turf Badger

Born and raised in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Started a mowing company in 2010 and grew it to 3 million and sales. Sold that business in 2021 and started over in fertilization weed control company/pest control company and in the last 18 months grew the new company from 0 to 3.5 million. Opening branch #4 and # 5 March 1st with projections to double revenues in 2023.

I’ve trained 100’s of sales reps in the service industry inside and outside of my company. Have a passion to help others scale their companies or increase their income as a sales rep.


hello this is coach Tim campsall and I’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their story of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we can do on our own we’re taking some time out to recognize the folks who have helped us along the way today I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Michigan with us and my guest check this out he loves shoes and reading and he wants a big collection of of both shoes and books when he’s old in his spare time he loves spending time with his daughters and he’s most proud of his daughters as well as his team it’s my pleasure to welcome Jonas to the show today hello Jonas hello Tim thanks for having me absolutely well hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born where you live and about your family and hobbies sure so my name is Jonas Olson I was born and raised in escabe Michigan in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan sort of Way North everyone says that were close to Canada which is true it’s cold here still I’m 39 years old I have three daughters and a stepson I’ve raised my stepson since he was seven so technically my son still and I have three daughters they are 12 7 and 3. so we’re busy uh I started my journey in entrepreneurship like 12 years ago and just kind of getting cranking away ever since Hobbies like I said I’d love to read in my spare time I’m not reading um I’m usually looking at shoes on my phone yeah tell us about that tell us about your shoes what’s that I don’t know I just I’ve always liked shoes since I was young I don’t know why just one of those hobbies that I have I just like to buy shoes and have a collection of shoes already and I just want to have a big collection of molder and that’s what I just look for look for look for lots of shoes online and how many pairs of shoes do you have not that many like 40 some I’d say and they’re all in glass cases ones that I care about probably 10 to 15 everyday shoes that I just change in and out but sure I like shoes and then yeah books I have a lot of books whether it’s audible or if it’s um my bookshelf of course and if I really like a book like I’ll read it and then I’ll listen to it and then I was like if I really like it and I’m listening to it I’ll go buy it just so I have it on my bookshelf for some day like in the future I’m 78 years old

I love it so Jonas tell us a funny story that your family likes to to uh share about you that you’d be willing to let us in on the secret all right in on the funny let’s see a funny story I was thinking about this one I don’t have a whole lot of really funny stories um I’m trying to think I would say that

um when I was this is not a really funny story but people laugh at me because I did it but I was playing in my barn and our Hay Loft in our barn and I was throwing a bottle out the hay left and I looked outside to go see where I went and you know friends were just playing around my brothers and sisters are all there and I fell out of the hay loft and broke my hand not too funny but it’s a funny story that I they’re and then back in the day we had like the turn dial phones and for whatever reason I broke my right arm and I was trying to dial the phone with my right arm it didn’t work and so I didn’t use my left hand I just actually got up and walked my knee pursue so yeah I don’t know [Music] that’s a good sorry thanks for sharing so Jonas tell us how did the business come about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business

well it probably took a while for for me to gain the confidence but I was I was doing mowing lawns part-time and then I was working full-time so I’d work from Monday through Thursday at my full-time job out of town and then I travel home and I work from Thursday to Sunday mowing lawns at the same time one of my friends was getting out of the business and he said hey you should get into it I’m like I’ve been trying and I failed one time when I was 18 didn’t really know what I was doing and then I just got that he gave me a client and the one client turned into three clients and then and there then I get you know then I just I think after like two years of doing that both jobs full-time um I and again the enough confidence I guess then I had a baby at the same time and I didn’t want to be traveling but I decided that I was going to stay home so I just uh I think I had probably like 50 clients 56 clients at that point not very many

no maybe maybe enough for one person to stay busy and then uh and then I got stuck in that rut for like two or three years tell us a little bit more about the company what what do you guys do how do you help people so started off as a maintenance company so we did you know mowing and then into shrub pruning and of course to applying in the winter did that all for 10 years and did some Landscaping in there did that for 10 years and I decided that it wasn’t the business that I wanted anymore and I built it up to be a pretty successful business and I sold that off about two years ago fantastic that’s awesome and uh so it sounds like you you tweaked it and and morphed it along the way and and you know looked continued to look for ways to to grow it so you said you started out with about you know 50 uh customers how many did you have when you sold it

um for mowing customers close to 400 and some wow okay foreign customers and we had landscaping jobs and then we had in a portal of this weed control we had we had Pest Control in there uh we had a bunch of big contracts for snow plowing yeah so it’s pretty good business at that point and and I just decided that that wasn’t the business that I wanted anymore that I wanted to scale a little faster so I had to pick the services that were the most profitable and then run with those yeah so what are you doing now so yeah now we just do pest control and fertilization weed control okay so I kept that part of the business but basically started over from scratch you know I had some customers but I started over and then kobit kind of hit and in Michigan we got shut down for four months I’ve always wanted to own us I’ve always wanted to have a like since I was 12 years old I always want to own a lawn care company in Green Bay Wisconsin yeah well Wisconsin didn’t get shut down they’re still essential so I started driving every single morning four o’clock in the morning to Green Bay and I just started knocking doors wow how far is the it’s about two and a half hours okay so I just drive down there I’d be down there by about six seven o’clock we go knock doors and just start servicing and that’s just kind of how it all started and now I think we have a total of 16 17 guys in that Branch just operators congratulations yeah Jonah share us a story of where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think that you could and the impact that person had on you um I think my mentor did uh he had he coached a lot of people and he just said that I was different than a lot of them that when he taught me something I would actually implement it right away and then once I implement it uh I would just gain traction so I just all I wanted was more information I didn’t want to stop learning I was one of those guys who just beating down the door to talk to you more to try to learn and then I just implemented very well and that’s probably when I gained the confidence when he told me hey you’re probably like there’s a lot of people who say they’re going to do 100 million in Revenue you’re one of those few probably will and I was like someone who’s been there and done that before is it saying that you’re one of those guys was pretty pretty awesome yeah that’s yeah that’s amazing so who this person what’s his name Jonathan patoshnick okay awesome hey Jonas what’s your biggest learning as a business owner uh higher faster tell us more about that yeah people solve problems there’s we’re not the smartest people in the world not the smartest person in the room and if you are you’re probably in the wrong room and every time that it gets scared hire those expensive people but they’re so talented and they’re so smart it’s a cheat code just like hiring a coach and the faster you can bring those on I know it’s scary because they they it seems like a lot of money but they pay for themselves you know two or three times over so that’s probably one of the biggest takeaways and over the last few years that I’ve really learned that those people like that really really solve a lot of problems and really move the needle what would you say if you mentioned I already alluded to it but for folks who think that they can’t afford those folks what what advice would you have for them you can’t afford not to hire them to be honest because again we’re pretty smart we figure things out but they’ve been there they’ve done it they’ve ran bigger companies they’ve seen what bigger companies look like on the inside you take that knowledge and you put and you put it inside to your system so what you’re doing and it’s like a rocket ship you know with a small company yeah so yeah you can’t afford not to hire those people yeah one of the things that uh you can do as well right if you don’t feel like you’ve got the cash flow to hire those the folks that are listening here is is just build it into your plan right you know you know at what cash flow or what Revenue level would you need to be to hire that person and then you know work towards developing that um you know gaining that cash flow or gaining that Revenue so that now you’ve got a very specific goal to be working towards and you’ve got a reward at the end of that goal which is hiring um that new person um other uh things that you can explore is getting a loan there are if your if your business is doing well banks will be willing to to give you a short or long-term loan that you can lean into hiring that person and as long as you feel confident about your business plan and the trajectory of your business uh to Jonas’s Point you’re you’re not putting yourself at a risk you’re just accelerating the the growth of your organization by being able to bring that person in earlier yeah and like I said if you can’t hire someone that’s full-time you know get a get yourself a coach might be a little bit cheaper you know again that those coaches will

will save you so much time yeah um I’ve also uh heard people that um and I did this when I first started my business hire you can hire part-time right so you don’t have to go all the way to hiring a full-time employee if you know you find somebody who’s willing to give you part of their time and uh Consultants or coaches are is a great opportunity to do that as well where you can bring them on uh on a on a temporary basis or on a short-term basis or or just buying uh you know hours from them as opposed to need to bring them on from a full-time standpoint yeah that’s a good point I actually had a fractional CFO for three years and it was too small of a business at the time to hire a full-time CFO but then as we scaled he got excited about what we had going on in using his career for about 20 20 years on a construction company and he actually came award Us full time so yeah it’s a great way to afford those people like you said as you’re smaller and then good way to recruit people as you start getting bigger yeah fantastic well congratulations on being able to bring them on full time that’s awesome yeah thanks Jonas we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of your biggest challenges uh as a business owner and and maybe a fellow business owner that came alongside you and helped you through that oh that’s a good one I have a lot of I made a really really good network of people so when I got into we called it the academy there’s a group that we all got into I think there was close to 100 business owners they’re all in that that group so it’s like our tribe right like you can just bounce ideas off what’s working in other people’s markets and those people again if you can’t talk to your coach all the time those people that have been there done it going through it at the same time uh could be a really good resource for you so there’s probably 30 40 names that I could probably rip off the top of my head that have all been here yeah that’s awesome can you think of one situation or one challenge that you went through that um that that Network helped you with yeah I could think of a lot but like one is the example of uh like the mid director of operations that I hired like I didn’t know how to didn’t know how to um pay her exactly you know I didn’t know what the structure would look like I had no clue like what I should bonus them off of so I just went to the group they helped me with the group group gave me some examples I talked to my coach he gave me some more examples and I went to my lawyer and he written up it like he wrote out the actual agreement that we had so yeah it just happened a couple months ago yeah fantastic Jonah if I asked you to pick three people in your business owner Journey that you’re most grateful for them being there uh as part of your business growth who are those three people and how they help you uh that’s another good question and I have a lot of those so one I have to say Jonathan Potosi uh use my first mentor he just severely really really good guy who taught me everything that I know now because I Mentor for six years and then he sold his business last year and started taking the year off I think I was doing like 250 000 in Revenue at the time I was stuck I didn’t know how to get out of it and I was just doing all the work by myself I mean one other person I didn’t know how to scale so I think after like a less than a year we went to like from 250 like 800 000. and so it’s like just that mindset shift you know I still remember the first thing that he ever told me the other day that he met me was think bigger it’s from the small town like I didn’t know anyone yeah I never been out of this town and then he started taking me out of this town and I really got to see what the world was like and so yeah he would be the first one and then my parents of course my dad passed away last year right that’s like a tragic accident but he’s the one who was always there for me like he always wanted to start a business but never had the courage to do it but he always had the mindset to go do it as soon as I told him that I wanted to do it he’s like you know go chase your dreams kid you only get one shot yeah that would be a good one and then um you know my team my team’s really been uh a big help you know big portion of My Success I couldn’t do without them so I’m really you know those those three people or three things right there will probably be the biggest things that made the most impact on me yeah I I your first story I really like that that for folks that are listening what I see happen a ton is that successful business owners they’ll get their business to a certain level and then it’ll seem to plateau and the challenge is that all they really know is what got them there and what they’re not really understanding is that they’ve become the bottleneck right so we can only work to our capacity there’s 24 hours in a day and we’ve got to sleep during some of that and so usually what happens is the business will take off right and then it’ll flatten out but really what happens is that it’ll grow to slightly above the owner’s capacity and then shrink a little below the owner’s capacity and then slightly above but basically you know it’s it’s kind of you know flattened out or plateaued and um and so what I love about what you said is that you you reached out to somebody with a different set of eyes and perspective and really challenge you to think bigger and um and you mentioned earlier bringing employees on is you know the way that we scale our business is to get out of the way right and bring other people into our organization to allow the business to have more capacity than what we can provide ourselves so congratulations on on such a an awesome growth story and again how big was the company when you sold it and they were like I think we’re doing like 2.8 2.9 Million yeah wow from nothing to to many years at 250 000 to selling it for over eight million that’s just an awesome story yeah we um uh you just mentioned something that brought up a good book and it’s a John Maxwell book the 21 laws of leadership the very first one is the law of the lid basically explain what you just did like you know like you can only you whoever you’re if you’re a seven and you’re coaching someone your business will never never get past the six so if you can increase your your lid you can increase your company’s I agree with you there yeah I love that one a great analogy um Jonas as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you see that you’re gonna face in in reaching the goals you have for the business and who are the types of people that you’re gonna need uh to help you overcome those challenges well I wish I could find a bunch more of myself that’d be fun but um like I said I I have really big goals I want to have over 100 branches is my ultimate goal we’re opening up three more uh next two weeks so actually March 1st but we got a bunch of snow so it’s good pushed back a little bit um so I just need to like so the biggest challenge at this point will be finding those key people to open up new branches yeah whether they’re you know we go find them or if we happen to actually recruit them um and then from there it could be I’m not positive but it could be uh

I think I think that’s the biggest one is finding the key people to open up their enough branches to keep up with pace and then Acquisitions um you know we’re gonna go through Acquisitions as well we bought some we bought a company this year and that’s a pretty good strategy uh it’s way easier to buy a business than it is to start one yeah you’ve learned so just it but does come with a lot of challenges too you know as far as financing and then once you get past the financing it’s uh the culture thing like getting the like two companies culture demand and they’re not not everyone’s gonna stay and we know that so there’s a lot there’s a lot of work you know so it’s not um it’s not easy either but I found it’s easier to buy one than it is to start one from scratch so we have a lot of things going on so it could be you know in the near future it could be Capital I’m not sure we haven’t I don’t know that I’m just kind of guessing as we’re scaling so fast like it could be a capital thing so I have to go get you know financing from someone or Equity partner or something like that you talked about uh you jokingly said it but I want to dig into a little bit more for folks that are listening is if I could just find a bunch of me’s right and um I know that was a little tongue-in-cheek but uh it does bring up something that I hear a lot with um business owners who you know that they are challenged with the hey I can’t find and keep great employees or no one the other thing I hear is no one can do the job as well as me and I know that’s not what you’re saying but I think it’s important for others hear this message is typically what happens when when folks are wrestling with that I can’t find anybody that can do the work as well as me is that we haven’t invested the time into training other people right because we as business owners can have multiple years of expertise right yeah so I’ve actually found three of me already yeah good for you they’re absolute rock stars and they’re my you know they’re the ones that are open to new branches they’re just different than the rest yeah but just finding more like us that are really driven they have big dreams they want to you know grow together yeah so just finding more of us yeah so what how what’s been your uh Your solution how have you been able to find those folks one it took me seven months to recruit him uh I was a wrestling coach I knew however work he was I knew how intelligent he was he was in college with a Collegiate athlete so I know he was super driven with that too and it took me seven months to recruit him I was texting him I was texting him non-stop I was texting his mom texting his dad and then when covet hit he was actually bartending at the time and the business shut down and they finally gave me the opportunity to sit down with them yeah so that was one the other one found me again I I think it’s Peter luck he heard about us about an hour away and he liked what we were doing he asked if he could come in and just give it a shot and then from day one he just like a different mentality and uh so he found us so I got lucky there and then third one kind of the same thing he got brought in by someone else and um yeah just mold them right here the way we needed to and train them and you know I feel like my leadership is pretty good I’m always trying to improve as well uh and getting these kids caught up to speed and giving them the shortcut that I wish that I had at that age I love that the uh the seven months that you mentioned so uh there’s a principle that makes a ton of senses that the higher slow Fire fast idea right is make sure you know take the time to to evaluate people and make sure they’re a good cultural fit and that they’re they do really have the the hard coding or the hard wiring or you know the personality and the the values and beliefs that that you need in your organization because we’ve all had situation where we’ve hired the wrong person or we’ve been part of a team where the wrong person’s on the team and it’s just miserable so um I get it right when you need staff and it there’s that pressure of wanting to fill a role and use Jonah as an example there of you know take your time and and make sure that you’re investing the time to find the right person as opposed to just finding a body that you find out is not the right fit for your company yeah and we’ve made that mistake many times in the past you know especially when the hiring battles are crazy we couldn’t get anyone we just bring people on the team because we needed bodies yeah but they can really really ruin the culture and I feel like I’ve been told about culture for the last 12 years and I kind of missed the boat the first six to be honest and then it’s like okay there’s something to this it’s like you can feel the energy in the room yeah that’s what I feel like the culture is like you walk into a space you can feel it by the things you look at what people are talking about just that energy that you walk into that’s what I think culture is and you can tell when it’s off and you can pretty much pin it down to who it is or what’s going on uh pretty quickly yeah and if you just get those people off the bus is probably the best idea for you yeah um yeah another thing I hear a lot you just mentioned it that you know I people will tell me when I talk about culture hey Tim that just feels like that touchy feely stuff or or that it’s non-tangible and a lot of people will kind of avoid it or ignore it or just half-ass it um and I I like what you just shared of hey I kind of was doing that for the first few years until I got it and now now now that you know it and you get it you can feel that culture so it’s it’s a for real thing that makes a significant difference to the bottom line when when everybody is you know aligned and the culture is strong and and so congratulations on building a a strong culture in your business that’s awesome yeah it’s way easier to move the needle if everyone’s rolling in the right direction right yeah and that’s just how I feel so like we we hire off core values we fire off core values just how we do like the first thing that people learn when they come into our company like even in the first interview just is how we do it yeah so for everyone listening pay attention to that he’s he’s not hiring based on roles or responsibilities he’s making sure that people align with the values and beliefs of the organization right and sharing that information and talking about it in the interview process because people will tell you hey you know this isn’t that’s not really a fit for me and that’s the best gift they could give you right absolutely I don’t fit your culture I’m not going to enjoy it here awesome because you know it’s so critical that we’ve got people that do fit our culture that we don’t want to make that mistake of bringing in a great resume and then finding out that they they don’t share our values and our beliefs okay and I think that uh over the time of doing this we’ve got a really good Persona of who we’re going after so we when we bring them in the interview we know exactly what we’re looking for so by the time they walk into the building it’s down we know if it’s going to work or not and the other thing I heard you say is you’re now attracting people who want to be part of your culture because they’re hearing it from others that’s pretty cool yeah it’s really cool and that’s just kind of where we’re at and we were we had just talked about this yesterday with me and a couple of my guys is we’re actually creating Jubilee verse family like we’ve always said we’re gonna do it and now we’re actually doing it yeah so tell us a little bit more about how do you how do you screen people in your interview process how do you know that they’re a good cultural fit what are some of the the tactics that you that you use

um it depends on what role that we’re looking for most of the people that we’re looking for like on our sales side are are aren’t currently looking for jobs or we’re going to they’re actively seeking them or we’re trying to get them before they’ve ever had a job before it’s like in a career fair uh we’re looking for the kid girl female that you know works hard in school she got a good Gradebook they have a good grade point average they’re probably in sports in the past because we’re looking for someone who’s competitive um so that’s like a persona for sales technician you know that they’re not a job hopping around they’ve been to the same company for a while yeah I know four or five years what they like to do for fun there’s a lot about them too we’ll just ask them questions like that and um yeah go from there yeah I guess it depends like what role we’re hiring for you know if it’s uh if it’s leadership role it’s way different you know it’s more formal or we’re doing three four interviews with um if they’re married we’re having interviews with themselves with their husband and wife yeah um making sure that it’s good culture fit for both sides we wanted to be a win-win it just depends on the role fantastic awesome uh another thing and I’m sure you do this uh is writing that language into your job ad right so when you read it they’re like oh yeah that sounds like some a place I’d want to work or that sounds like me people are very easily deselect right if they read an ad and it’s you’re explaining your values and your beliefs or the type of person you’re looking for and people aren’t that and that’s not what they’re looking for they won’t apply because they know what you know where they fit and where they don’t so that’s a great way to to screen people out without even having to talk to them yeah I couldn’t agree more and we actually hire someone that writes their ads for us and so they’ll interview us like what we’re looking for and like what our company is about and they’ll create the ad for us so I agree with 100 yeah that’s awesome yeah copy and paste we just don’t do that yeah yeah that yeah and um and it can be if you don’t if you don’t aren’t intentional about that exercise so that’s awesome that you have somebody that writes it for you if you’re not intentional about the language that you put into your ad you can end up writing uh stuff that appeals to yourself and then you end up just attracting people that are just like you and there may be roles in your company that you need somebody that’s not like you 100 like you know you mentioned sales right so you’ve got to write in language that is about sales versus technician right the language of a technician is going to be very different than the language of a sales person right yeah so every time we bring someone on we do a Colby assessment or a disc whatever you want to whatever you guys use so we know where they’ll fit inside the company now what their traits are but like you know where the where their best fit and what the what they’ll like if they’re detail-oriented or if they’re process oriented or I’m not that I’m total opposite I’m straight Visionary yeah you know so I need to hire people opposite of me as far as in the office because we need detail and process but as far as sales guys are typically going to be more quick starts like myself yeah um those tools they’re for everyone listening great uh suggestion because people can uh interview differently than how they’re hard-coded or hardwired right so it’s important to to understand now somebody in an interview can say that they like detail and they’re detail oriented but then you have them do one of these assessments and you find out that they’re not it’s it’s not a good a pass or fail but what it helps us to understand is hey this person’s gonna they’re not going to enjoy you know detail-oriented work day in and day out if they’re not if they’re hard coding is not detail orientation it doesn’t mean they can’t be detailed just means that it’s not life-given it’s going to be draining and so you know to join us this point why put that person into a detail-oriented role if they’re a great cultural fit we can find them a different position within the organization where they’re going to thrive yep gonna agree more so Jonas Jim Rohn um I enjoy his uh his writings one of his quotes is we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about this um and business owners who are you know maybe trying to do it on their own or don’t feel like it’s okay to ask for help Jonas what advice would you have for for people who who are like that who who don’t um don’t reach out for help or don’t ask for help who think they have to do it on their own definitely find a coach or find your tribe uh there are so many groups you can get into that are full of business owners in your sector or go find someone that’s in your sector that you emulate you want to be like and reach out to them they can help you along the way if not they’ll send you to someone that can help them and I couldn’t agree more and I say I talk about this a lot I look and I look back at high school or college right and you think of the friends who are really cool back in the day that we thought were gonna go somewhere but they hung out with the wrong people and they went down the wrong path and they had so much going for them so I I bring that I say that because like it is so important to surround yourself with whatever you want to be if you want to be successful you want to be intelligent surround yourself with people who are that so like all my friends at this point in my life aren’t the kids I went to high school with their college with or the kid they’re all business owners that are you know I always say you should have three mentors you should have one that’s about the same size as you to push you one that’s way farther ahead of you to help you through what you’re going through and one that’s younger and going through it that can teach you all the new things oh I love that yeah you mentioned tribe uh for folks who may not understand what that means can you give us a little bit more explanation yeah so like I’ve been in a bunch of Mastermind groups now but the first film that I was in again there’s probably 100 people and I have 10 to 15 20 people maybe more that I talk to on a consistent basis like on a daily bi-weekly or monthly basis at least that we all just talk and it’s really hard to talk to someone about your problems if they’ve ever been through the same problems or if they’re not going through the same problems they can’t help you solve them so you can’t really talk to them about that because they don’t know what you’re talking about their problems are way different than our problems are if I had their problems my life would be pretty good but we’re growing and we’re growing we’re growing fast and so we haven’t been through a lot of these challenges so to find someone who’s going through it for you or has been there and done that to help you walk you through it it’s so much easier like again it’s just saving you Time Yeah you mentioned uh you know just being bold and and reaching out to people so for the folks who are listening who are afraid that folks don’t have time for them or are going to tell them they’re too busy what would you what advice would you have for them if you’re looking to get stuff done go to a busy person most of those people who are really busy who look really busy are probably the ones that are actually going to help you out because they’ll take the time real quick to say hey I can help you with this or connect you with someone it’s the people who they they think that they’re not going to reach out because they’re probably too busy that they won’t help them well you’ll never know if you don’t try yeah so if you want to get something done hire someone who’s busy or look for someone who’s busy they’re usually to help you the most yeah I love that yeah um to build on that too I’ve you know I’ve my own personal experience is maybe one out of you know 10 people don’t have time for me right now but they you know I’ve never had somebody absolutely say no right and hey maybe uh this month I’m tied up can you you know can you follow back up with me in a month um and everyone that I’ve been nervous about asking you know for a coffee meeting or something like that they’ve then shared a story of somebody who gifted them their time right and they’re they’re now paying it forward by you know gifting their time to me so yeah I mean if you talk to any of our my mentors or any of your mentors they’ve all had mentors and they’re mentors had mentors it’s just how it works yeah in fact you if you if you’re reaching out to somebody and they don’t have a mentor you should be more worried about the advice

Jonas it it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people um in your journey that have helped you along the way if they were all here on the show today what would you want to say to them yeah I don’t know that’s definitely thank you uh thanks sir believing in me you know um probably just thank you I appreciate other help and people have sacrificed a lot for my dreams you know they really have they put in a lot of hard work a lot of hours a lot of time away from their own families uh traveling and learning uh so I’d just like to let them know that I appreciate them and I try to show that you know consistently now something small you can do like on a Sunday afternoon is just write them a thank you letter mail it to their house address it to the family not to them so when they open it up if you know say it’s a your CSR and their husband opens it up like they’re gonna be so happy and same thing if you if you’re if it’s a manager it’s a mailing the wife opens it like you just go he’s going to work every day he’s leaving his family uh and just knowing that he’s there working hard and that he’s appreciative will go a long way yeah what a great idea that’s awesome I love that I’m gonna make a note to myself to do that thank you for sharing of course it’s just simple things like that you know ever there’s a book called giftology you’re looking to read a good book for business it’s just uh it’s the simple things you can do for people to make them feel like they’re appreciated not everyone’s motivated by money you know yeah you know we call that um critical non-essentials so it’s non-essential meaning right it’s not part of the the requirement to send somebody a letter but it’s critical because of the impact like the examples you just shared when the family reads that and sees how valued that their their spouse or their you know significant other is just has a a lasting impact um builds builds Pride builds loyalty just a wonderful uh gesture and and and and really a very easy thing to do if you just give yourself the permission to do it right yep sure is I just put it in my calendar it’s every Sunday just doesn’t take time and it’s not every week they have to do it but sure yeah there awesome Jonas it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show I appreciate it appreciate me having me here and uh I’d like to come back someday fantastic awesome well hey to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach Tim cancel be sure to help us spread the movement by liking the show and posting about it on social media and to join our movement go to all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and I’ll see you all next time take care see you