January 24, 2023

Episode #61: Andy Yaryan – Yaryan Eye Care Center

Dr. Andy Yaryan was born and raised in Connersville, IN. He attended Indiana University, obtaining his bachelors degree in Biology in 2004, and his doctorate in optometry in 2008. Upon completion of his degree, he returned back to Connersville and joined a small optometric practice. He then purchased the practice and has since taken the business 5 times the original size in less than 10 years.

Dr. Yaryan has lectured on business topics and practice management throughout parts of Indiana and Ohio, and has a special interest in mentoring and coaching optometry students, as well as team members and doctors. He is married to Amanda, and has two daughters, Ruby and Maggie. He is currently pursuing his private pilot certificate and is restoring a 1974 Corvette.


hello this is coach Tim Campsall and I’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we can do on our own we are taking some time to recognize the folks who have helped us Excel I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us today my guest is in the process of obtaining his pilot’s license his private pilot’s license and check this out we’re storing a 1974 Corvette that sounds pretty cool yeah he enjoys creating memories with his family and things like going to the zoo the museum aquarium and a trip to Disney and that all makes sense here when I ask him to tell us about his family and he’s proud of growing his business five times its original size in the in less than 10 years that is incredible it’s my pleasure to welcome Andy to the show today hello Andy hello all right hey let’s start with having you um introduce yourself uh tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you’re born where you live and about your family absolutely yeah from so I’m from East Central Indiana I was born in Connersville and uh you know still here today that’s where my where I started my business at and then we’ve expanded to a couple of locations and so you know we can talk about that further but yeah I uh I was actually so dedicated to my business and my schooling and you know and so on and so forth that I actually didn’t get married until I was 35 years old so I was almost a professional Bachelor so I got married found the found the love of my life and now I have two kids um you know I’m 40 years old now but I have a four-year-old and an almost a two-year-old and so yeah the Disney trip that you mentioned there in February uh my wife will be turning oh geez put me on the spot she’ll be turning 37 uh while we’re down there then a week later my daughter turns two and so uh yeah we figured we’d make a make a trip out of it and go down and kind of celebrate and you know have good time so fantastic and what’s your wife’s name my her name is Amanda fantastic awesome um tell us a little bit more about uh getting that pilot’s license that sounds exciting yeah absolutely so I’ve always had I should say always but you know for the last 10 years I’ve always wanted to go out and get uh get my pilot’s license and I see it as almost like the ultimate sign of Freedom right you’re really buying a lot of time I actually had a friend that came down last Tuesday and he picked me up and of course you’re familiar with Indiana so we flew from the east side of Indiana all the way over to Terre Haute and we got there in 30 minutes we ate dinner kind of checked out some of his Planes and did some things that we got back all in about three and a half hours and so it was pretty pretty cool but yeah so I’m about 30 hours in and um you know taking my time you know really trying to get the the studying down you don’t want to make any mistakes when you’re flying so you uh uh I’m really looking forward to it get my get my Pilots license and really just kind of you know traveling around the state in local areas and then you know once you get enough hours logged you can you know start to take longer trips and things but you got to be super careful with it but yeah I see it as a great way to buy some time very cool and you’re uh restoring a Corvette yep yeah so the story on that was uh in 1987 I was five years old my dad bought a car and uh drove it you know and had some fun in it and then uh he actually had it painted stripped it all the way down to the fiberglass had it painted and I was 10 years old at that time and then the car kind of got bounced around from garage to garage and he started restoring it about 15 16 years ago and then got kind of pricey for him I think and then he lost interest and so uh you know a few years back I said hey you know the Corvette’s still in great a great shape and he gave it to me and uh so I’ve been I’ve been doing that ever since and like most projects they take longer than what they should cost more than what they should but uh it’s uh it’s been great working with my dad uh we get together on on weekends when we have time and uh it’s getting close I mean we got it running we got to run it up and down the driveway and everything so it’s kind of in the the home stretch there so oh that’s a lot of fun what a great way to spend time with your dad yep so Andy is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today you know I was I was kind of brain on that I think um you know if anything my wife loves to tell the story about how we met and of course there’s always two versions of it no you know quickly at back geez it’s really kind of an interesting story because uh um back in 2010 the beginning of 2010 basketball was pretty big high school basketball is pretty big in my community so I went with a friend and I we went to the basketball game we got amazing for a high school gym it’s it’s an amazing uh gymnasium and so anyway it’s really huge big and I’m sitting there on the bleachers I happen to look over to my right and I see this really pretty girl and I’m thinking man I’ve never seen this girl before it’s a pretty small town I wonder who she is well you know a few minutes go by I looked back over and she was looking at my direction there weren’t a whole lot of people in between us and so I’m thinking oh my gosh you know she’s looking at me okay well you know maybe she’s not maybe she’s not a few minutes go by and look back over and she’s looking at my direction again and smiling I’m like okay well you know I tell my buddy like hey this girl’s looking at me and smiling I’ve got to go over and talk to her now and he says yeah man okay let’s go and so I start making my way over there after the game’s over and you know I I think I said something along the lines of like hey you know I haven’t seen before I you know you must be from out of town so you know we were playing Richmond and I said you know looks like your team won and she goes what and right then and there I knew she was not looking at me and I’m like oh my gosh this girl is not okay and then in the way that was her bleachers the bleachers you know she was standing up a couple of rows so she was looking down on me and just mentally I’m like oh my gosh you know and so and then I look over and think of it my buddy is still sitting over there he didn’t walk over with me and I totally panicked and kind of mumbled through some things that she’s like okay I gotta go and then she left I’m like oh my gosh it’s so embarrassing and then uh and then so somehow I I she wanted to find out who I was and then who she was I mean all this and we figured that out but then it was almost to a point where it was almost too embarrassing and so I just kind of Let It Go and I actually started dating another girl for about three or four years and and then you know that didn’t that didn’t work out and then a few months later um we kind of we got back together and you know here we are so it was It was kind of wow but yeah she loves to tell that story about how we met and I was you know I I like to I like to tell my version of it she’s got hers and so probably a little bit more truth in her story right yeah so which version did you share today hers are yours uh more hers okay

so Andy tell us how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business absolutely so you know uh with optometry school some an eye doctor and then I had a golden opportunity to come back home and my my dad um you know I’m I’m the first generation to graduate from college and definitely from obviously from uh professional school or optometry school and so my dad was actually um driving a school bus he worked in a factory for years and then you know drove a school bus so I really didn’t have a lot of you know financial help or anything so I wasn’t just kind of take over the family business thing there was none of that but there was a there was a doctor that was in my on our business or excuse me in our community that been in business for about 35 years and he was looking to retire and I went in and just said hey hey you know what are your goals what are you looking to do and he said yeah I’d love to sell the place and you know and and so I graduated in May of 08 and worked with him and then January of 09 you know just seven months later after I graduated he said hey what do you think I said yeah it’s a great place like what do you want to buy it I’m like well I really don’t know anything about running a business and he said that’s okay I’m gonna stick around for a couple years and I’ll show you you know what I know what I’ve learned I said okay that’s great so he kind of mentored me and coached me which was excellent and then you know he retired in January of 11 so two years later well the building that we were in was maybe 800 square feet we had uh at the time three part-time staff and I knew that just was not going to take me very far into the future and so I think I read one time where CVS Pharmacy has this philosophy or mindset that they won’t build another building outside of eyesight of their current building and that’s true in our community because it was it was funny they built a new building just down the street and so I thought that’s a great philosophy especially since I’m new to town looked across the street and there was a uh as an empty lot and so I bought the lot and I was talking to my accountant and I said you know I got this lot built I’m saving up money and I was actually still living with my dad trying to save up all the money that I could and my accountant said well you know how soon are you looking to put a building up I said well as soon as you know time allows and this is back in 2011 after the housing crisis and also interest rates were incredibly low and all that but he had introduced me to this venture capitalist and it was a guy in the community a very successful business owner himself he had an engineering company and you know he brought me in and he said okay tell me what you won so I laid out what I wanted for the building and he said will general contract it and we’ll fund it and you know you just pay me back and there’s no money down he really took great care of me really helped me out and uh build a uh you know 3 100 square foot building with a full basement underneath so you can call it 62 if you want but um you know took off from there and then you know I just grinded it out man Monday through Saturday was working hard and hired some extra staff and then uh I realized that I was like oh my gosh I’m getting really really successful and you know during that time right at that same time I opened my business when I got really busy I I didn’t know a lot about business actually itself you know P L’s balance sheet cash flow statements all those things what are the p’s and q’s and and you know my account helped me some but then I actually ran across the business coach and he was predominantly in dentistry and Optometry and Chiropractic and in those things and so uh I started working with them and became really involved and I thought oh my gosh they taught me a lot sure about the business you know the actual uh you know the numbers and things but it was a lot about leadership and it was a lot of self-awareness and a lot of you know you’re the the bottleneck in your business and you’ve got to understand the business doesn’t revolve around you I mean it should roll around your patient base or your patients but then you you can’t do it all right you have to go beyond just yourself and so then I thought oh wow you know I need to hire another doctor and so you know they said okay yeah hire a doctor this is how you do it and I went went through and I hired a doctor who actually helped me one of my classmates but he was working in Kentucky came back and um you know he started seeing patients with me and we started getting bigger and bigger and I felt like we were at capacity in our current location so I opened up another location and started building that up hired another doctor I think in 2018 that went well so I had another doctor 2019 and started our third location and so uh you know and here we are today we’re just continuing to grow those practices and uh and uh move on so yeah congratulations so um tell us Andy more specifically what do you guys do how do you help the community absolutely so yeah as I mentioned I’m an optometrist and so uh obviously we take care of patients in the form of you know glasses contact lenses ocular disease your glaucoma macular degeneration we co-managed diabetic patients you know do other things but I think that’s what’s expected of us is to do those things to go above and beyond and actually be an asset in the community I think is what is really needed and so we do that and so we take and we we donate our time you know and we we really like to donate financially and so there’s some endowments we contribute to we try to sponsor you know whatever’s whatever is asked upon us and even we look out in the community and see we feel there’s a need um and try to try to give some money we feel that money is the greatest resource with what you have to do good right I mean I know there’s a lot of negative stigma around money and whatnot but you know my experience with it is man you know if they’re building a new park in our community and we were able to donate you know a large sum of money to try to try to help with that and it’s kind of an impoverished area and we think it’s going to be it’s going to be great you know it should be done this year um but you know because of our size and our growth mentality we’re able to actually contribute a larger piece of money to that larger piece of the pie that they’re asking for so I was really thankful for that really thankful that we’re able to do that I love that perspective so you said earlier there’s negative connotations about money so I love how you’ve shifted that to well no the more money that our company makes the more we’re able to give back and help the community which is just an incredible perspective right so now money’s not bad it’s actually good that’s right yeah and actually uh you know my team God love them you know I didn’t know anything about money until I got some coaching right because like I said I didn’t come from money I didn’t know any anything about it so you know in a couple of weeks I’m actually bringing in a trainer from our coaching company and we’re going to shut down the office and we’re actually I’m going to teach my team Financial stewardship right and so talking about you know net worth statement personal cash flow or personal financial statements you know how do you manage money how do you what do you do if you have a lot of credit card debt I think it’s incredibly important that my team understands that right because you know as a business owner what can really have happen if you’re not careful especially in this time with this what I would call my term of hyperinflation maybe not hyper but High inflation and I I think what can happen especially since we just turned the year is people want are expecting raises which rightfully so I understand you have to pay your team and they have a life to live and that’s great but you can kind of fall if you’re not careful as a business owner you can fall prey to the idea that you as a business owner are financially responsible for your team members or your employees personal debt obligations right so you know if you have a team member that comes and says oh my gosh I need a raise because I have this amount of debt or I only have so much money in my bank account so you’re gonna have to give me a raise that’s not how this really works one of our core values is opportunities based upon Merit and not entitlement and so um the more value you could bring to the practice the bigger your raise you’re gonna get and they all got great raises and they’re performance-based raises you know and they’re great but if if you’re not really careful as a business owner even or an employer wherever you’re at your expenses will always rise to meet your income you know you could you can make fifty thousand dollars a year you’ll find a way to spend it and you can make a hundred thousand you’ll find a way to spend it you know I know of people that are making roughly five hundred thousand dollars a year than a living paycheck to paycheck right cause they don’t have any kind of self-discipline or habits that are created around money and so you got to be super careful so anyway I’m bringing my you know some people in to coach my team and really teach some things so I’m looking forward yeah fantastic I appreciate the fact that you’re you know you continually investing in your team and helping them to become better versions of themselves which is you know very different than the the typical corporate world of right employees are numbers so yeah yeah it’s awesome Andy share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you you didn’t think you could and the impact that that person had on you yeah I’ve got a I’ve got a great friend he’s actually uh a couple graduated a couple years ahead of me from school but uh kept in touch with him and actually his sister graduated with me she’s also an eye doctor and so they’re a family and up in north um yeah Northwest Indiana they’ve got a pretty large family practice and they started you know their dad had been working for 30 plus years and then they joined him and they took it from and they they’ve actually almost technically they’ve about 9xed their practice in the last 15 years and so you know they went from Three locations and I think they have 11 or 12 and they had three doctors and now they’ve got like 12 or 13 and so they’re taking these big huge steps and I’m I was literally texting them and you know last night and asking questions and you know they’re just years ahead of me and so he’s he he has the same mentality that I do right and he’s like you know if you’re gonna grow man you got to take these big make a make one big decision every year and execute it you’ve got to go through with it and you know there have been times I’m like I don’t know man that’s a lot of money that’s this and you know and he would say okay well then just don’t do it don’t do it and stay exactly where you’re at and you know then don’t get the success that you feel that you deserve don’t live up to your god-given talent right and I thought okay yeah he’s right I need to stop you know throwing myself a pity party myself so you know I figured it out you know I the most intentional person will always win and I I thought you know being intentional I I’ve got to have these goals and execute them and follow through and yeah it’s scary when you’re you know investing hundreds of thousands of dollars into your business and you’re like oh my gosh I hope this really works out yeah you have to operate off you know Faith or fear and I’ll pick faith and uh it’s worked out you know not every decision that I’ve made has panned out you know and it’s a total myth that somebody believes that oh every every business decision I’ve made and everything I’ve invested in has given a a positive Roi you know it certainly is not I’ve had more wins than losses but I’ve learned so much more from the losses than I did the wins sure right yes yeah our founder says that he’s he’s never failed he’s either been successful or he’s learned and I I love that perspective yeah yep so Andy what’s your biggest learning as a business owner yeah I think that it’s it’s to not be afraid to take risk right I think that’s the one thing that separates a lot of business owners in my profession I I talk to you know doctors and they’re really intelligent I’ll go to these seminars and conventions and I’ll talk with them and I’ll think man that’s a brilliant idea oh wow that’s just great you know and I start to talk with them a little bit more you know I kind of get to the point so wow it’s a great idea you know uh how’s that idea working for you is are you you know and they say oh well you know I’m kind of you kind of allude to well you know I’m in my mid late 50s I’m really not looking to do that I’m just kind of looking on cruise control and I thought okay okay and then I I talked to a lot of young optometrists that are either you know at the end of their their education in optometry school or they’re starting their education you know they’re starting their excuse me the profession uh and and you gotta you gotta prioritize what you really want and you can you can do both I mean you can have a family you can do all these things but if you come right out of school and you think you got to own a Mercedes and a three hundred thousand dollar house and you’re gonna you’re gonna struggle to get your business off the ground I’m not saying you can’t do it but it’s going to be tough but but the one thing he can’t be it’s you can’t be risk aversed if you’re going to really take on an entrepreneurial spirit and really be a a super successful business owner to meet your goals you’ve got to be able to take that risk and it needs to be educated risk and that’s why you reach out to coaches you reach out to mentors you have these other people that you know can really help you and just because you have those people doesn’t mean you’re not going to make mistakes sure you know but it it does mean that you’re getting you know uh some clarity in what you’re doing and they’ve probably been down that road before and it’s like Hey listen this is what I did don’t do this right I made this mistake don’t don’t go just like oh my gosh because that’s happened before I’m like thanks so much for telling me because I was just getting ready to do what you told me you know and it saved me so much time and money and heartache and I was really really thankful for some of those things so yeah very cool thank you for sharing that so if I was if you think about maybe the biggest um uh challenge that you’ve had in your business so we know that success doesn’t happen in isolation so um give us an example of one of your biggest challenges during the years and maybe a fellow business owner who helps you to get through that yeah I think some of the biggest challenges I get is trying to get you know I love my team team is great what you what you have to understand is uh your your your employees are probably never going to be quite as passionate or quite as dedicated to your business as what you are and it’s because you own it it’s your your you know your your I want to say your baby but you know your mindset and I have several team leaders right and that’s why they’re leaders because they’re very very dedicated they’re great and I’m very thankful my whole team is great I I literally was telling them you know this week in an all-team meeting this is the best team I’ve had in 15 years right and and uh I think the biggest challenge that I have is getting everybody pulling the same way and what I mean is you know I use this analogy in my team meeting uh you know a lot this week uh sorry it’s last week uh and and I’m not comparing people to this but I’m just saying the concept you’ve been to you know you’ve seen on maybe a movie or you know maybe you’ve seen in New York and you have a dog walker and they’ve got like 10 dogs and the dogs are just going everywhere right and the guy’s just like fighting with all these leashes and the leashers are getting crossed and they’re fighting and everything right yeah you know that’s what you don’t want what you want is you want a team of horses where you’ve got this carriage and this stable and all the horses are going the same direction okay now I use those those uh rephrasings or reframings very Loosely I’m not the guy on the back that’s cracking the whip that’s not that’s not what I’m saying okay I’m saying as a team we’ve got to move in the same direction we can’t have all 10 people going the other way and so I think that’s where you know having a mission statement having excellent communication having core values and talking about those core values and having a leader that really utilizes and lives because your team will be a reflection of you right you know if you’re there and you’re dedicated and you believe the best in them and you want the best for them and you expect the best from them they’re they’ll perform well but I found that there are two things two main things that team members really really want more than anything and it’s not money one is to be appreciated and number two is to be wanted if you can do those things if you can really show them that you care about them you care about their success and you know they’ll they’ll they’ll really respect you and appreciate it it doesn’t mean they won’t leave or they won’t go somewhere else but it does mean that they’re going to give you their best they’re going to try as hard as they can so you mentioned the the vision and purpose and and culture and so the the big thing is people want to be part of something you know bigger than themselves right and so the mistake that a lot of businesses make is that they hire based on you know a job description or you know does the person have the right skills and experience and instead of what you’re saying is hey you know do people align to our our vision and our culture and right are they going to fit into our DNA and you know the way that we operate and when you find those people those are the folks who are going to you know step up and right and want to help make in make the vision come true and and what are going to put in the extra effort because they feel like they’re part of you know the community or part of the you know the DNA of the organization as opposed to someone just showing up for a paycheck yeah absolutely you know and we we our interview process or hiring process is maybe a little little bit different than your average business to where we don’t actually accept applications at least not initially right we haven’t fill up the forms and all the stuff that were required but what we do is we we post an ad and we post a uh a phone number right and then they have to call the phone number and then the phone number explains the position and then it says you know we used to have them send us an email and in the email we would ask for their work history and you know this but then we would say right it’s just a short essay stating we should hire you over everybody else and so what we’re doing now is we’re going to ask for a 60 second video and they just send it to us that way we can kind of just see how they talk and see how they you know how they act and how you know if they really have the um confidence to be able to do the actual video right and so what that’s done is you know we hire just for one position sometimes we would get up to like almost 70 applications for that one position well now it’s trimmed it all the way down to like five or six and so um you know and that’s that’s part of the culture that’s part of what we’re looking for you know if you’re able to do those things as opposed to just fill out you know a quick submit or apply on indeed which indeed’s great but uh you know we use it as a little bit different tool and so I think that helps us screen some of those people that are actually willing to you know follow directions and and you know I think that really helps yeah absolutely we we coach our clients something similar we call it the deselection process so the idea is right I love your point right if if you get 50 applications um a lot of those people have just hit the button because they need to right to get their benefits or whatever and so yeah by asking them to take an additional step you’ve put that hurdle in place to have you know basically you’re asking them to prove to you that they really are interested in the job so that you don’t have to waste internal resources screening resumes right until you know that oh well really instead of 80 there was only five people that truly were interested in the position and now we can focus all of our time and energy on those five people right yep that’s awesome uh so Andy if I um if I was to ask you to pick three people in your business owner Journey that your most grateful for being there for your business’s growth who are those three people be and how they help you yeah so the first one uh I think would be uh you know Rob Moses he’s the guy that I was talking about where his family’s really really grown Rob’s been great to me great friend great mentories really give me a lot of insight he’s always been there for me when I text him call him man it’s not you can tell it’s not a burden on him and you know he’s he’s been just so so kind to me and so Grace I’m very thankful for that I think uh you know the psychic guy uh would be a guy named Jay Guyer he’s been my coach as far as through the scheduling Institute out of Atlanta um you know I’ve been with him for roughly 10 years and has really really really helped me with that you know putting things into perspective and and just developed me into a better leader I think or into a leader and uh you know he’s it’s been great really thankful there and so I think the third person would uh you know probably my dad Kevin you know he uh he’s great dad is a worker you know the disciplined the mentality that he has you know he’s got a small business himself but uh he’s giving me a lot of good ideas any idea to think about this and then you know of course is your dad you’re thinking ah dad that’s not going to work you know I’d be all right then you start to think about it and think man he’s really sharp that’s a great idea you know yeah but he’s been my you know he and of course my wife uh have been my greatest supporters you know they’ve been great I’m very very thankful for him and you know I think the fourth person would be my wife Amanda you know um you know I I women I’m sure you’ve probably figured this out by now but women are actually smarter than men working with you know dozens of women and I’ve got you know 17 women I work with now and it’s great and they have you know I could pitch an idea to them and and you know especially my wife and she’d be like that’s that’s probably not going to work you can try it but then I think like yeah she’s right I probably shouldn’t do that it’s uh and it’s great if I’m having a tough day or I got questions about like hey this is what’s going on what do you think so what I think this this and this I’m like oh my gosh that’s right you’re you’re correct you know so it’s been great yeah she’s she’s great Yeah you mentioned um having the support as well so you know owning a business is not always uh positive and Rosy right there’s definitely a roller coaster ride so having having uh you know at least from my perspective my wife’s knowing that she supports me that she’s 100 in and that you know I can tell her anything and right it’s not gonna it’s not gonna matter right she’s gonna help me to think through it and and focus back on what matters and and when I’m you know down he’s like yeah you know what that’s okay you’re gonna get it back or you’ll you know you’ll get back to a better place it’s fine so um it’s just been an incredible blessing to have that support so I’m happy to hear that that you have that as well yep absolutely though if you as we think about the the next three to five years Andy what’s the biggest challenge that you see that you’re gonna face in reaching your goals that you have for the business and who are the types of people that you’re going to need to work through those challenges yeah and so from a business standpoint I’ve been taught that there’s really just a couple of areas to put your money in order to grow your practice right you know there’s marketing there’s human capital there’s clinical duplication there’s space and equipment and then you can kind of wrap all four of those things in like a financial aspect because they all have to do with money right and so whenever I think about okay where are my real roadblocks the next three to five years where where are going to be some areas that I’m going to struggle with well you know we have capacity in our our in two of our locations our main location as far as the amount of patients we can see you know we’re kind of at capacity we could probably see some more but then you would kind of jeopardize uh the experience that patients would have and you don’t want to you know have the mentality of them and stack them and so I think you know after we go through all those buckets of of things we can invest I think the biggest thing for me is going to be what we call clinical duplication so that means hiring other doctors right and you know in East Central Indiana it’s it’s a good little Community but there are you know you don’t have the tremendous amount of restaurants the amenities you’re going to have outside of Indianapolis or in Indianapolis or Cincinnati or things and so it’s small town life we got a beautiful if you love the outdoors this is this is one of the best places in the state to be because we have a lake uh we’ve got several state parks I mean it’s it’s amazing you know it’s really really cool um but I think yeah looking forward it’s it’s going to be more finding those doctors and get them to come to this area and really get them ingrained in our community and really do those things and they’re out there you just have to keep constantly looking for them and educating or or marketing for them and going and networking and talking with them and you just you got to get out of your office you gotta you gotta you can’t just post an ad on a random job boasting website and and hope that they come we call that as you heard that’s probably you know post and pray somebody replies you know yeah so I think that’ll be my greatest thing and then the second is again human capital finding the right people to really embrace our vision and our core values and really help Drive the practice in that direction and you know uh and to not just have team members that just are here for a paycheck money’s important I get it you know but it’s it’s uh there’s got to be a greater meaning so yeah you mentioned um uh marketing the position which is key for folks listening is you know there’s a difference between just posting an ad or or in some cases some people only post the job description which is not the right thing because you know you want us you want to Market your your company in the position and have people be excited about it right and so making sure that you’re thinking through well how do I how do I Market this job as opposed to just post the job ad right so yeah I think that’s a distinction important and one and one thing one tip that I would say that’s really helped us that actually was able to help help us hire our most recent doctor was we had a professional videographer come in and you know come in and just make a video on the culture and what we really do and they actually kind of get a feeling of the practice just by watching this short you know I think it’s maybe one and a half or two minutes and you know every job posting We would post the ad but then we’d say Hey you know please click on this link and you know this is going to tell you more than what this description can tell you and you’ll click on the link and you know it was it was great we’re getting ready to recount of revamp that video we did it uh right during uh 2020 so we’re gonna have another videographer come in and people think oh boy that’s going to be incredibly expensive yeah it’s an investment it’s an investment it’s not cheap but it’s not expensive right um and you gotta look at your Roi you know might cost you a couple thousand bucks to do it and to put it in place and take the time but it it will return such great things for your practice you got to think outside the box a little because all those job postings when you post right yeah all look the same they all look the same and you got to stand out a little bit Yeah well and to to that point we’ve all had experiences where we’ve brought the wrong person on to the end of the company or we’ve been in a company and a wrong person was hired and that’s way more painful and costly than taking spending a little bit more time in the recruiting process and investing in the video as you suggested to get the right fit right then get the wrong fit and have to go through the the firing process and rehiring process so that that the incremental cost up front is going to be well worth it in the long term absolutely yeah so last question here Andy is uh Jim Rohn uh said that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you reflect on that what advice would you have for business owners who feel like they do need to do it on their own right that they have to become self-made that they they shouldn’t be reaching out to other people for help yeah I think being self-made is a total myth and you can really get you know away from that because you’re in your own little world and if you don’t go out and network and connect with people and and reach out to people that are doing really really well you’re going to start to believe that you that you are really self-made and that can lead to self-sabotage right you can really do a lot of damage to your business by having that mentality and so you you really need to look you know into your into your network of people and if you don’t have anybody that you think well you know I really can’t go to anybody you’re gonna have to make an effort to go out there and do that and the one thing that I found you know I’ve I’ve come across some great business owners and Business Leaders that are you know outside of my industry that I thought man I can really learn a lot from this person I wonder if I could reach out to them and I’ll reach out to them and just say hey you know would you care to have just a 15 counters 15 minute conversation about this you know and it’s not about me asking them for money it’s not about me and then I’d never do that but I found that 15-minute conversation turned into an hour conversation because they are so willing to give you advice on their success they I mean it’s like I I’ve been like oh geez we’re hitting 15 minutes oh you know well you know Mr Smith thank you so much for your time and then they just keep talking like oh well Andy what else you got going well you know I got this you know it just turns into that and I try not to bother those people you know too much because they’re very busy but you know I I just I just said hey do you know so and so yeah I do great would you create introduce me to him yeah I’ll introduce you to him hey you don’t miss and you just start that relationship that way but you’ve got to take that initiative and you can’t have this mentality of just me right like I can do it all myself because you can if you want sure but you’re not going to be near as successful and I don’t think you’re going to be near as happy right I think you’re gonna you know you gotta get out there and network and talk with people and you know I and what I mean Network I mean actually physically showing up and actually physically going to things even if it’s your local Chamber of Commerce right um you know everybody knows who the successful business people are in your community you know uh try to reach out to them and just explain your situation and see if they’d be willing to to help out and uh I I believe that they would but you know online things LinkedIn Facebook are good you know but the that that’s social media virtual networking which is good but you really got to get physically in front of people I think that helps fantastic well thank you so much for um that advice to people for those who are listening um you definitely want to make sure that you you build your own personal Network and and have people that you can rely on and and I love what what you’ve shared Andy that you know 90 99 of business owners are going to be more than willing to you know to share some stories and give advice because they remember what it was like in the beginning as well and they all remember the folks who gave them time and I believe everybody or most people have that mentality of wanting to pay it forward yeah absolutely you’ve you’ve been incredibly blessed it sounds like with some uh some awesome people in your life though uh that have helped you on your journey if they were all here on the show today what would you want to say to them thank you you know thank you for uh having confidence in me thank you for you know the Gratitude you give me thank you for your time thank you for all those things that you you’ve really given me because I’ve I’ve tried to utilize that I didn’t take it for granted you know like you know the the advice that you gave me I try to act upon it and thank you for the support you know they’re they’re on a whole lot of you know I’m just a small town kid from from Connersville Indiana and you know I really statistically was not supposed to be where I am today and I’m not having myself on the back but I just had a lot of great people along the way helping me and uh I truly believe that self-made is a is a myth you know you’ve you’ve got to want it for yourself nobody’s going to do it for you but I mean there are a lot of people out there that are pulling for you that you really don’t know about so it’s it’s great so thank you awesome Andy it has been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show absolutely thank you for having me I appreciate them to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made as a myth show with your host coach Tim cancel be sure to help spread this Movement by liking the show and posting about it on your social media and to join our movement go to bmadtogether.com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and I’ll see you all next time take care