October 26, 2022

Episode #52: Steven Brewer – Steven Brewer & Company

Steven Brewer was born and raised in Salem, Indiana. He has spent the last 40 years working in the public and private aspects of accounting in various positions such as outside auditor, internal auditor, corporate controller, VP of Finance and now the president of his own CPA firm. Currently his client base ranges from $350,000 to $2 million dollar in sales.

His firm is located in the small town of Salem, Indiana. With a good understanding of networking, marketing and the use of the internet, Steven has a client base located over a 20 state range. He can actually say he is “coast to coast” with a client in Boston, Massachusetts and one in Lake Tahoe, California. During the last 26 years, Steven has developed his firm into a business advisory firm which works with small businesses nationwide providing not only the basic services one expects from a CPA firm (transactional processing, payroll, financial statements and tax returns) but also provides strategic management and coaching services to those same small businesses. He has helped many small businesses move from one man start up to multi employee situations.

Steven provides the administrative, accounting and payroll needs for a small business in a subscription-based fee structure. This allows the client to know exactly what they are paying and for what. Additional services such as consulting, planning and coaching are available. To learn more about his firm and services, go to his website, www.stevenbrewercpa.com. If you are interested in seeing how Steven can help you, you may contact him at steve@stevenbrewercpa.com.


hello this is coach Tim Campsalll and I’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear about their story to building a successful business and because we know that business is not something that we can do on our own we’re taking time to recognize the folks who have helped us along the way to excel I’m excited to have a fellow business owner with me from Indiana today my guest check this out got to drive a race car an official race car on the Sebring International Raceway with no speed restrictions and he hit speeds of over 150 miles an hour in his downtime he enjoys fishing and yard work and he’s most proud of his wonderful family who we will have him tell us about here in a minute it is my pleasure to welcome Steve to the show today hello Steve hi Tim thanks for having me it is my pleasure well let’s start with having you um introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born where you live and about your family okay well I was born down here in Southern Indiana a little town called Salem I’m referencing it if you look for Louisville Kentucky on a map and go about no 35 miles north of there that’s where you’ll find us out in a little bitty area there grew up here went to high school here um the only time I actually have been away was a couple years for you know first jobs and things but otherwise my my wife and I moved back here and uh have used this as the base over the years at times having to drive different areas to different areas for jobs but when it came down for me to start my own business I said I’m going to do it in my hometown and do it as part of that and uh it started from there um married to my wonderful wife Christina we’ve been married almost 40 years now congratulations yeah yeah we’ve made it that far we have three wonderful children uh Benjamin Chelsea and Adam all married and I have five wonderful grandchildren four boys and one girl so it’s uh definitely a fun time when we all get together wonderful well hey Steve um if you’re willing I’d love to hear a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you would share with us today oh Lord what would that one be a funny story about myself that they would share ah I guess it’s how you know I can always think of a couple times when we’ve gotten together both just the immediate family and extended family together and you know you put a lot of work into it and next thing you know I’m asleep in my chair all the noise going around us and everything and I fall asleep it’s awesome Steve tell us about how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business well like anybody who you know being in a CPA firm you you always think about in public accounting at some point you’re going to become a part of an ownership group or have your own so it was always in the back of my mind one when I started into this profession at some point I was possibly going to look at that I did play around for a while working in the corporate area in the accounting functions and just did not find that to be very satisfying to myself um so in about 1995 I started playing a little bit more with the idea um basically you know when we got into the mid 90s and stuff we had a lot of there was a lot of Leverage buyouts there’s a lot of turmoil in in the business area so I I had been downsized a few times and I went through a lot of different things so in 96 I said I’ve had enough you know it’s time for me to step out and if I’m going to make this this is the time for me to do it um I really I started what some people would say would be a very bad time of the year but I started like in May of that year after tax season basically I started out with a computer some software and a desk in the basement of my home uh made up some flyers and got some business cards and I just started going around and knocking on business doors just handing them a card telling them what I did you know do you have a question you’d like to ask and you know I’d appreciate your business and within a couple months we had picked up some business clients doing that in fact done so well that by December that year I was actually able to move out of the house into a small little building in here in Salem to start doing tax returns and things which is at that point that’s what most people thought CPAs were sure and I started that started growing that part of the business grew we did very well there a couple years later there was a tax prep business here in town that was tied to a title company and they wanted to get out of the tax prep business so they came and talked to me and I basically I bought them out over a period of time uh but Dad precipitated I went from doing like a 150 returns a year to 1200 returns this was before online filing or anything else so if you wanted to electronically file your return you had to take it to somebody and it was a lot of those small simple little returns which do not exist in our our my world now sure sure so but that also meant I needed a bigger office so again I found another office a couple blocks away from where I was I had to renovate it and moved into it was there for about seven eight years uh there was only one other CPA in town uh sole practitioner and about that time he came to me and said you know I really want to retire I’d like to sell to you so we worked out and I I bought his business and this was about 2005 2006. I purchased his business uh moved into his location here in town uh that had it that about doubled my number of clients at that point and at that point you know we’re still saying you know most people thought a CPA was that was on his own was a tax person and for the most part they were correct but I don’t know for some reason I started seeing that this was not going to be a sustainable model I started seeing okay the IRS is starting to make more inroads to online filing and things and the how tax returns are going to be viewed is going to change and it’s almost going to become for the most part A lot of the tax return is going to be more like a commodity you know very simple they’re going to do most of them online CPA is going to be you know kind of pushed out so I started looking at changing my business model to be more business services oriented and it’s taken several years to develop that model but you know it basically comes down to you know we’re going to provide the accounting the bill payment invoicing after the fact processing payroll services that a lot of businesses would do in-house but don’t want to or find that it takes too much time yes they’re not doing it well they so they’re not doing it right right um you know in in that respect to take those basic services but then also become more than that um what I mean by that is you know everybody can do that I mean anybody who has some background can do those functions but I needed to distinguish myself more from those types so that’s where I realized um knowledge and Consulting and coaching became the big thing um you know I have a full staff I have I have six other staff members here in my office and their full-time functions is nothing but those basic transactional shops my job as the business owner in my in my purpose with my clients is to be there to help them strategically plan to answer questions to help them develop their businesses and grow their business so by having all that data in front of them um in front of me in a timely manner we’re able to address a lot of concerns a lot of thoughts and planning in that respect over the years so you know I look back over my career and I have a very I have a pretty varied uh Industries I’ve been in a lot of my time was in the banking industry I’ve spent a lot of time uh anywhere from small little Community Banks up to multi-billion Dollar Banks and audit functions Loan reviews all sorts of things um been through quite a bit in management when I was dabbling in the corporate side so I I started using that knowledge of that stuff because as much as we have changed the basics that still stayed the same in business yes and a lot of people go into business especially there’s new business owners they go in there because they have a specialty skill or something but they have this issue with the business side of the business and one of the things we try to do is say look we take away those mundane non-profitable Services yeah that you’re not good with and that’s not the reason you went into business right we’re going to give you time back to put you back to where you want to be in business yeah and uh that’s that’s what we have done and so now over the years we’ve grown into what we now call ourselves a business advisory firm okay that does business services so that is the major emphasis of our firm now is to work with those clients over the years and uh help them develop we’ve taken a lot of one-man shops and helped them develop into you know multi-employee situations you know and and our discussions are not always about financing accounting it’s it’s uh maybe deals with marketing or something on their personal side because that’s the one thing we also do is we take a holistic view of not only the business but their personal and realize how tied together these are and so the decision making sometimes is is it’s a more of a balance between needs yes you know there you if you just want to concentrate on one thing like a business need okay but what about that impact upon something else in your life sure and that’s where I feel like I come in is to try and balance those needs out wonderful it’s where we’re it’s what we do so that that’s a the big big emphasis for you know where we’ve come from you know starting with that aspect of okay we did you know x amount of tax returns a year and the profitability we made on that that’s what we live off for the rest of the year yes we’re now to the point where hey we now have a large amount of reoccurring Revenue every month we are profitable every month of the year we’re just extra profitable in the tax season months yes awesome so Steve I appreciate you sharing that with me tell us a story or share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think you could and the impact that that person had on you well I want to think back to when I started I’ve been in the business for for probably 10 12 years here and I was kind of hitting one of those walls it was kind of like okay I’m kind of fed up for where I’m at what we’re doing um I happen to started trying to figure out a little bit more how to develop this advisory business side and I happened to pick up a book uh from a gentleman here a CPA in Indiana uh his name is deer and root and he owned he owns the CPA Firm in Bloomington but he also owns an advisory company called root works and he originally wrote a book he co-wrote a book uh and things with a gentleman and I read that book and when I read the book the light came on and at that point he started laying out the game plan for how this ought to be working you know how is it that I don’t have to be working until midnight on April 15th you know I’m I’m out of here April 15th I’m out of here by five o’clock you know I’m done um I’m wrapping up early I’m doing things like this and it was all laid out in his book The the philosophy behind it and at that point I knew I can do this this is this is a very doable thing it is going to cause some pain sure but change doesn’t come without pain yeah and so Darren was a very influential for several years on me in making that transition and actually developing the business model that I have now fantastic awesome so Steve what’s been your biggest learning um over the years as a business owner I would definitely say that the biggest learning thing that I have come about especially over the last 10 12 years is I can’t do this alone you know I I tried that deal you know I thought a lot in the beginning I knew everything I can do at all I don’t need a lot of help but just as I’m telling my clients now um you do need that outside eye set of eyes yeah you need that person who’s got you know a different mindset or he can look at your business in a little different manner or help lead you down that you know at least help you find the right path to go you know many many companies will have advisory boards uh you might have a mentor but I really wish I had come upon this uh idea earlier on in my career and I probably would have been even more successful but just knowing I have these friends and people uh that I can go to and talk to and get feedback from perhaps ideas off of or just listen to them talk about their business with an open mind has been very transforming for me yeah so I would definitely say that’s probably the biggest thing that I have learned in that in business you know so far yeah that’s fantastic I I I was laughing a little bit because I it just reminds me of I can be working with my clients on a similar topic all week and then um I meet with my coach and she points the same thing out for me and it’s like damn if I could just you know see it in my own business the way I can see it in my clients business you know I’d save a whole lot of money but it you know it’s it’s just as easy for me to get stuck in the weeds of my business as it is for you know every business owner to get stuck in the weed so yeah it’s very helpful to have that outside perspective and second set of eyes and somebody to be poking around in the details and asking asking us questions of things that uh you know we may not even be thinking about through you know in that in that way or that perspective yeah and that’s and that’s that’s what good coaches do for you mentors or whatever you know they just they just bring in that a little bit sometimes makes you squirm a little bit which is good you know and just like you said you know we we don’t always follow the advice we give out

um you know so uh we don’t prioritize appropriately as a business owner and and Coach which the first person we should be answering to in a case like that is ourselves right so yeah yeah I’m I’m totally with you right there Steve we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so um tell us about a one of your biggest challenges over the years and maybe a fellow business owner who came alongside you helped you through that well you know I think um one of the biggest challenges I’ve had with all the we’re trying to re build this company into The Advisory side is to get the actual clients to think of me as being more than just a tax person sure you know that’s what a lot of people that’s what most people grew up thinking of yeah that’s what they still somewhat associate with um so I have to educate them into why do I need somebody as an advisor you know why are you doing something more than just not giving me an annual tax return you know what value do you bring to me uh as a business owner if I do bring you on what are you going to do for me and teach and you know educating him so a lot of my marketing has to go towards just that type of deal sure you know why do you need a CPA why do you need more of a CPA advisor type person in your business and things so that’s been one of the biggest struggles that I’ve had to deal with over especially the last five to ten years sure is that that issue right there yeah and did you have the fortunate uh benefit of having somebody that helped you think through that and and guide and direct you through that well I think again you know as I mentioned Darren root earlier in his his group you know I was already part of it back about five six years ago and to have there we also in that group were able to have group discussions so to be able to log into you know a bulletin board discussion group and be able to to ask these questions or call up a group and or someone you know within that group that you’ve met through you know a conference or something has been you know that’s been probably one of the biggest things that’s helped me out yeah is that right there yeah one gentleman that helped me learn to stand up really and think of myself more than what the than I am as a gentleman by the name of Bob Jennings uh he is a CPA here in Indiana uh he runs a uh a CPE continuing professional education company I’ve known Bob many years he’s actually him and his father both from professors of mine in college okay and um I’ve known him for many years and he he is a very staunch supporter of small businesses and small small firms and just listening to him and how he encourages you to take a stand to not you know allow you know to remind us as professionals that we are professionals yeah and that we have value that’s been very important to me also throughout the years yeah it can be it can be easy to get into that you know that negative mindset of I’m not I’m not providing enough value or right I’m I’m not my clients don’t believe that I’m worth what I’m charging and we can get into that that negative spiral right right you can you can’t and and that’s you know it’s great to hear the clients give you compliments but as I’ve always always I have learned over the years you’ll get 10 times more complaints and you’ll get compliments absolutely yep and you don’t want to listen to all that negativity you know because after a while you begin to believe it yeah and I’ve always heard the reverse that it takes 10 more compliments to offset the one negative so think about that that’s how damaging a negative thought can be to you is you’ve got to work 10 times harder to reverse that yes and if we let that squirrel into our head and keep repeating it back to ourself it it becomes devastating so yeah anytime we we hear or you know find ourselves repeating negative thoughts in our mind we’ve got to cut them off and replace them with a positive affirmation so that I don’t have that ability to get in there and and ruin you know the thing the good things that we’re doing yeah that’s very true so Steve if I asked you to pick three people in your business owner Journey that have been there for you that you’re most grateful for the way that they’ve helped you with your business growth who are those three people and how they help you well first is Darren root by um showing me the way of how to build the business Morrison advisory business Bob Jennings for uh just being the example of you know don’t undersell yourself you have value we are a professional and then third

um a person who was very influential in in a big growth portion of mine was a gentleman by the name of King Compton Ken is a marketer located in the southeast United States and he basically specializes in one industry which I was introduced to him through a mutual client um and by getting in with Ken and his marketing not only does he did marketing but he also did coaching for business owners in this area he knew that he didn’t have anybody on board that he could refer accounting payroll business more business management questions too so we developed a relationships there and within a three-year period I I basically double tripled my advisory business having a relationship with him and that’s where I went from being located in this small little town in Southern Indiana 6 500 people to the point now we have clients in 20 States oh wow and we have clients you know I’m Coast to Coast I have a client in Boston Massachusetts I got a client all the way up Lake Tahoe California you know from Minneapolis Minnesota to Houston Texas we have them scattered all over there so and a lot of it was dealing with the aspect that Ken brought us on at that point to you know help out his clients and things and we’ve moved from there fantastic oh that’s wonderful I partner strategic Partnerships and alliances are so important they are because like you said earlier we we don’t do everything right and so and or we don’t do everything well so finding people who do you know specific things really well and bringing them in to help our business is much more effective than us trying to do everything only okay well you know it’s like in this special industry which was talking about with Mr Compton you know the the actual businesses that it’s you know they would provide one service but there was so many other services that needed to go along with it the business owner couldn’t do them all so as I encourage them you need to make that strategic alliance with another business that does that lets you become the head and set all the appointments and manage all that you just call up the other person and say I got you a disappointment I need you here yeah if it’s time to do this and you build you build a great business love it and you’re not doing everything right yeah you know Steve as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you see um that will be in front of you as you work towards your goals and who are the types of people that you’ll need to help you solve those challenges well the accounting profession tax prep all this advisory has really been turned upside down a lot by technology over the last 10 years uh you know we have went from you know still some data manual input and things to Now with uh with Bots and artificial intelligence and I think those areas are going to be the biggest thing that’s going to be growing a lot over the next year uh next few years it is especially artificial intelligence and things in that respect we’re going to see that type of uh taking over so again it’s going to become okay those base Services uh you know transaction all your transactional activity whether it’s bill payment invoicing how much more is technology going to take over that aspect for us how how little of a human input are we going to have sure that’s going to be a big challenge right there um and what who am I going to be looking for for things like that I’m going to be really you know I have to both look inside and outside you know I’m like every other business person right now we’re struggling with the inside resources of Labor and capital right you know so when when that is restricted and you’re still trying to meet this goal that means you have to look to the outside yeah so so I’m going to be looking for outside vendors that you know are in in line more with with what my business is what I am trying to accomplish and my goals and things in a manner that I am I am you know um comfortable with you know I can pick a technology you can always pick a technology and use it but does it align with you and who you are and how you really want to do business how much do you have to give up or change to use that technology sometimes is is we don’t think about that but you know if if the market changes and I get more inside you know resources then okay I’m good I can I can I can hire good knowledgeable thinking people um and I don’t always hire you know they’re not accounting professionals or CPAs you know for for a lot of the work that we do I just need good solid Common Sense thinking workers yeah you know that’s what I need that’s the people I want I mean I can train them I can build them up I can teach them new skills and things and make them better employees for that fact yeah and that’s that’s what I look for I love it yeah everybody’s struggling with uh right now aren’t they and it’s it’s so it’s been a challenge for a lot of people as they’re they’re looking to grow it to your point we’ve we you know there’s there’s ways to become more efficient and effective with the folks that we have so that you know where we we get better with the resources we have and then um find people that want to join our company because we’re an awesome company to work for they’re you know there are ways to overcome the challenges they’re just it’s not as easy as it used to be no that’s very true that is very true and that can be um but one of those things that will that or could limit the growth of a company yeah you know absolutely because there’s not a finite amount of workers out there right you know we’re only going to be able to grow as much as our resources allow us to do so Steve um Jim Rohn one of my favorite authors says we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with so as you think about that um what advice would you have for business owners who are trying to do it on their own

don’t yeah no literally don’t I mean think about how much time you put into uh non-productive have to do work in your business now you go like well that’s going to cost me several hundred or a thousand dollars a month to replace that okay look if I can give you eight more hours in a month what can you do with that to make money how much money can you make if I give you one more day a month or one more day a week yeah you know okay so if it’s gonna cost you a couple thousand dollars a month to get all your work you know to Outsource it but what if you can take that and make another twenty or thirty thousand dollars yes okay now I think that’s a pretty good return on investment yes you know um and people don’t think about they always think about the outcome yeah okay they need to think about the opportunity that you may be missing and that goes so you have to think about opportunities and we made the comment earlier about strategic Partners you know don’t be afraid to bring an opportunity of a strategic partner in to help expand your business to some extent okay if it is something you need to do in your business to grow then you either do one of two things you either do it in-house or you Outsource it right if you can’t do it in-house Outsource it yep you know but if it’s that important you’re going to find a way to do it yeah yeah so opportunities both internally and externally you know don’t just always concentrate on the immediate in front of you yeah yeah I like what you’re saying about you know what’s the cost benefit so just to give you know numbers for folks listening as a you know a simple example if you know if it’s going to cost fifty dollars to Outsource it but you know you’re worth 250 dollars to your company right every hour you free up right you’re you’re making a significant return on investment by Outsourcing those 50 an hour jobs right right you know in the Professional Services and we have worked away from this but when I first started in this profession we had to keep a timesheet every day and we had to record on there all the time that we worked on a particular client what we did and things because we were billing by the hour right and one of the factors that they looked at to have you know management looked at under us you know those who worked in the office was how much of your time was billable yeah you know how much time are you are are you effectively being to generate income for this business right and things and when you think about it in that respect then it’s like okay you know the more I can have is a billable effective person than the more money I’ll make yeah yeah and to take that another step and you mentioned this earlier is so it can be you know billable hours or working on the business hours right which is more long-term strategic right figuring out what’s the next version of the company and what’s the next big opportunity that you’re chasing after and you know things that are going to have significant impact on the business versus you know head down you know calculating numbers or you know cross-checking a spreadsheet or again things that can be can and should be delegated or outsourced right and and that’s again that was a that’s an opportunity thing because as you grow your business you will find that you the business owner become less and less involved in the day-to-day stuff so you become almost more of an overhead piece and you do a profitability centerpiece right and things and when you do have a profitability then but when you do have those opportunities to generate income it’s at a very high level and a high rate yes so so you have to look at that as the opportunity that you know you’re going to build this business and this you probably tell your clients and I tell mine you know we’re trying to get this you know we talk about what is a business as I tell my clients I want to get you passed a business into an Enterprise that is going to run without you you know I just got back from a 16-day vacation to Alaska I went there I was I was able to go there because I had the right people in place we had everybody trained I was able to walk out this door yeah I mean my cell phone I got dinged every you know maybe once a day or something with a question but I was able to walk out this door and the business range is fun yeah congratulations that’s awesome yeah that’s what that’s what you want as a business owner yeah you know it and and to elaborate on that you touched on it already but you know we say that you’re not you’re not even a business owner until you can walk away for three months and be other than that you’ve just bought yourself a job right you’re self-employed and you’re trading your time for money and right if you don’t show up to work you don’t get paid so the goal is right is to put these best practices in place and and build a business that you know is able to run without you so that you are truly a business owner right not just self-employed and then you know continue to to go from there in terms of you know non-focusing on wealth creation and right and yeah you know I use um I take that to the extra to the end and so I have clients that ask me says what is the perfect picture of when I sell this business say okay here’s how it works I said Your Last Day the last hour you get a box you put all your personal possessions in it you clean your desk out you say your goodbyes you take your name tag off the door you put it in the box and you walk out the back door the next day the new guy comes in with his box of stuff he sits down at the desk that you sit at he puts the name plane on he puts all his personal stuff out but guess what the business continued to run as if it did yesterday yes fantastic that’s that’s a true Enterprise and sale yeah you know that’s the way you want it to be it’s running that well yeah and for everyone listening you will make a whole lot more when you sell it if it runs without you than if you’re the only reason it works and you are correct yes a lot of businesses if it doesn’t run without you you can’t even sell it so I’m gonna sell the phone number you know I mean I have bought a couple of firms and things in our area and um you know there are factors that we look into when we look at trying to set a price and there are some of these Services now that don’t even generate a a dollar for dollar right because we know it’s so tied to the individual that our chances of keeping the base yeah is less than 70 you know we’re not we may keep 75 after two years right we may keep something less than that yeah we’re not even keeping it hardly long enough to pay us back for what we paid for the business yep you know so yeah a lot of folks have that have that rude awakening when they go to sell and they realize it’s not it’s not worth anything right right I mean that’s the reason why I hate saying but you see guys who are in their 70s and 80s that are still working uh because well one of course they love to work or else they just don’t know any better yeah and two there’s they have nothing to to sell yeah you know maybe a pickup truck and a and some tools and those aren’t going to be worth a whole lot right yeah so Steve last question here if there was something catastrophic that happened in the business who’s the first person you’d call in what would you want from them

well that depends on what catastrophe is you know um you know data loss or data breach would definitely be my IT company

um that that right there is probably one of the most uh worst catastrophes we could have um you know when it comes you know to have say if I lost something happened and we lost uh you know um the tornado hit hit the building well luckily let’s say no one was there and then it would be more like okay again first call is going to be to my IT company because we’re set up to work remotely so you know get everybody up and back up and running as soon as possible um if I did lose you know something happened I lost say half of my employees in in a time frame it’s going to be like okay first thing is going to be meeting with the staff just getting them back on board making them feel comfortable but then it would be okay I’m gonna call up um I’m probably gonna call a good friend of mine uh kind of one of my mentors and just just check in with him and let him know what’s going on get his feedback and um his assistance to to start developing the plan to go forward his name’s Vern eswine and he’s he’s been very good with me in that in that area so I would probably give Fern a good a call you know in a catastrophe like that uh you know to to help just nothing else just to calm me down yeah you know yeah we don’t want to admit it but you know sometimes we need that just person that we can call to and and bounce off and then we feel better when we’re done yeah it’s it can be very lonely at the top so again back to what we were saying earlier is don’t do it on your own because you know that the reason I asked this question is for folks listening is you want to have that go-to person right because you know business is a little bit of a roller coaster ride so you need to have that person you can reach out to and and share right whatever’s on your mind and know that the person’s gonna talk you off the ledge right and help you work through it I’m I’m giggling at that because as part of our advisory Services we actually I actually get into that point with a lot of clients you know I I’ve been getting those phone calls I mean getting those emails here the last month or two from clients as the economy and things are changing the housing market is changing uh things like that so we’re we’re getting those phone calls and that’s what I I think if we want to be coaches or advisors or mentors that’s really what we want we want we want the people to feel comfortable enough they’re going to call us to say you know hey I got a problem I need to think and do with somebody you’re my first go-to person yeah okay cool then that tells me I’ve done my job right exactly yeah so Steve it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you along your journey if they were all here on the show today what would you want to say to them guys thanks you know uh you have all been wonderful people who in your own way have touched my life have um helped guide me uh give me support when I’ve needed it uh and I really do appreciate even though I’ve never said it and I never say it enough we never say it enough you are so appreciated for what you have done in the past and I look forward to the future and things and I welcome you both as mentors uh colleagues and Friends fantastic I love that so touching um Steve it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show thanks Tim I appreciate it and uh I’m glad to give a shout out to those people who have helped me so much fantastic to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach Tim cancel be sure to help us spread this Movement by liking the show and posting about it on your social media and to join our movement go to bmadtogether.com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and I’ll see you all next time take care