October 12, 2022

Episode #50: Alex Clark – Maverick Secured

Alex Clark was born and raised in Kokomo, Indiana where he continues to live, work and raise a family. He started in the security integration industry in 2010 and set off to build Maverick Security Solutions, a company that focused on putting the client’s needs above everything.

After 10 years, he successfully transitioned the company from integration to consulting, and he now owns and operates Maverick Secured, which focuses on small to medium sized businesses and their physical security and safety ecosystems and training programs for employees to work in a safe environment. He is also the managing partner of Equinox Site Security, which uses a proprietary automated platform to provide intrusion, fire, and water detection to major property developers and general contractors during construction of large projects.

The client list for Maverick Secured is limited, but he is always available by email to discuss projects. Contact him today if your small to medium sized business needs a physical security and safety audit. He can be reached by emailing alex@mavericksecured.com


hello this is coach Tim Campsall and I’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners about their journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success in business is not something that we can do on our own we’re taking time to recognize the folks that helped us to excel today I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us today my guest cares more about how well folks understand what he is communicating to them as opposed to how they might react to that communication which is very interesting we’ll get into that maybe here in a little bit in his downtime he enjoys spending time with his girls and researching a whole bunch of different things to just learn more about how the world exists or how the world that we exist in operates in different aspects of it and he is a very proud father and he shared with me that it’s scariest thing he’s ever done but it’s also the proudest thing he’s done as he watches his his children grow up it is my pleasure to welcome Alex to the show today Hello Alex hey Tim how are you sir I am awesome thank you so much for asking well hey let’s start with um you uh introducing yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like uh where you were born where you live and about your family and hobbies all right yeah I was born and raised right here in Kokomo Indiana where uh my wife Ali and my two daughters uh Hannah and Haley we still live here still operate business out of here um beautiful little small Big Town uh perfect for raising a family low cost of living low taxes so it’s really hard to beat there’s some some people might complain there’s not enough to do but once you get to our age and have a couple of kids that’s not so much that goes down in importance

um I mean 10 years ago if you would have said you know hey you’re going to be a husband and a father to two girls I would have probably looked at you like you had two heads I never would have imagined I would be married with with two kids let alone two daughters uh but it’s uh the most stressful and rewarding thing simultaneously that I’ve done so I’m very happy with that fantastic so um besides I know you mentioned earlier that your youngest just turned three so there’s probably not a whole lot of time for hobbies but what do you enjoy doing uh when you do have some free time

um not as much as I used to I I do try to keep busy with a number of non-profits uh there’s a a couple of them that I’m involved in that I do a lot of work with I’m very proud of for the work that they do um after having kids you know they’re uh the amount of time and money the energy you have for hobbies dwindle yeah but uh so I decided you know I’m going to take up working with some non-profits and you know working doing some other things so you know making sure that uh uh my kids understand that the time that I am away working that you know Daddy is at least doing something uh somewhat important and a little bit world changing not not much but a little bit yeah that’s awesome thank you for sharing so Alex is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today uh I’m sure probably everybody has the uh my mother story

um so to this day almost 40 years later my mother still tells people uh that I missed my calling and I should have been an attorney um for two reasons she says you could your your slogan could be have mouth will travel uh and she says the other reason is um eventually you are always right and so I said yeah okay but uh when I now that I’ve worked with a number of attorneys over the years um I’m very happy I did not choose that profession as much as much as she may disagree I’m I’m happy I didn’t but that’s yes that’s the one that 40 years later if you missed your call and you should have been an attorney so one could take those two things as both compliments and and not so it’s uh it’s interesting isn’t it that’s how Mother’s work right yeah right so Alex tell us um how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business

um so growing up living in a roughly small City with about 60 000 people uh we’re four hours any direction from you know Indianapolis Chicago Detroit Louisville uh Columbus um you know I kind of felt there was a need for uh small and medium-sized businesses to have a little bit more affordable option when it came to physical security um you know for their cameras and alarms and access control things like that um and so I started calling around to the big dogs to do some pricing and you know just hey this is what I’ve got and you know for this this and this and found that the price difference between the small companies and the big companies was you know drastic even the regional size companies uh like one that starts with a K here based in Indiana the the prices difference between the the medium and large size companies and small size companies was pretty big so I decided that I was going to on the weekends go out to Radio Shack if that dates enough and buy equipment Hardware cables and start putting in cameras for friends and family yeah realizing that you know my house is more forgiving for drilling the wrong hole than other people’s um and so it was kind of just really back and forth doing friends and family houses and eventually I thought you know this has got to get to the point to where it’s an actual business and not a side hobby so it’s kind of pacing back and forth in my kitchen and I had a Siberian Husky long time dog I’d had for a long time and he started talking as huskies are known to do that he wanted to go outside and so I was thinking of a name for the company I was like I already got Security Solutions but I needed something catchy you know and he was you know kept talking and I looked at him and I said Maverick be quiet I’m trying to think and that was my Eureka moment I got an average security solution there it is um even our Shield logo at the time I had designed with a a faux silhouette of him yeah um that’s awesome so it was probably about four years later the um about 2013 I was working at a car dealership at the time and um the owner had had called me into the office and he said you need to pick one and at first I didn’t understand what he was talking about because you know I did I didn’t think it was really interfering with my day job but apparently I had both my feet in my regular job my brain was completely invested uh in in this new budding business sure uh so he said pick one and I said okay well I I guess I’m gonna pick you know running my business uh he was kind enough to um eliminate my position so I was able to collect about six months of unemployment benefits oh great um which really helped I mean is like 314 dollars a week you know it wasn’t much but you know it was better than a swift kick in the rear end out the door and okay you made your choice bye um so by him doing that I wouldn’t say that was confident I spent a lot of night staring at the ceiling wondering how I’m gonna fail just how bad this is going to fail and how long before I’m knocking on his door hey can I have my job back um but I knew that I had um I I I didn’t realize just how many people at first but I do I I knew that I had people that I could rely on and lean on to kind of guide me and give me a little bit of help here and there and so uh that boss at the time was the first one where it was kind of like okay here it is make a choice and I did and again I don’t know if I was confident at the time but uh I did it so this guy yeah we’re gonna do this there you go yes and for everyone listening when he said that the dog talk he didn’t mean in English right he meant his dog language huskies are very well known for their vocal abilities but uh yeah you do pick up on some things you start to figure out what they mean what they by how they’re whining and talking at you but yeah yeah so Alex tell us a little bit more about the company I know it’s evolved um a little bit over the years so um what do you do now and how do you help folks so I for I spent the first you know a few years just like everybody else you know wearing every single hat service sales project manager information bookkeeping secretary everything um you know we had I want to say our gross sales had topped 100 000 for the first time I’ll lose 2014. um and I knew at that point I needed help like I couldn’t do all of this by myself so um started looking around started hiring some technicians uh poaching them from other companies uh at first because I needed guys with experience I didn’t have time to hold hands yeah and so by 2016 I think I was turned down I’d say roughly six Banks um for loans you know lines of credit to expand and have that Capital to really expand um and then a brother of a commercial client of mine who I’d done cameras in an alarm system for his uh restaurant his brother was a loan officer at a local bank and I was talking with this client and said you know man I just really wish I had this Capital to expand this is you know and he said well you know I might know a guy uh so he called his brother his brother called me and uh I won’t say what bank but he said I shouldn’t be doing this and I could get fired for this but I’m gonna I’m gonna go out on a limb and I’m gonna give you a you know fifteen thousand on a small business loan and you know see what you can do with that we’ll we’ll start at 15 000 which at the time you know fifteen thousand might as well have been 15 million um an absolute game changing amount of money I was able to buy a couple of used work vans for the technicians to work out of so we didn’t have to keep trading and sharing um hire another full-time technician sales secretary um by 2018 we had four full-time two part-time technicians two full-time sales people uh dedicated project manager uh and an administrative assistant um Everybody putting in the hours for us to have the ability to pretty much handle any job that came our way right so we were offering the same equipment and the same installation times as the medium and big size companies but for about 30 percent less and the same quality as well yeah and so a lot of times our quality was better sure um because we didn’t have the constant rat race of okay moving on to the next job you know we took we were able to take our time a little bit more in the bigger guys um later in 2019 um when the tariffs and trade Wars started heating up and security equipment got on the Block and they were talking about 30 percent tariffs I thought you know that’s that’s the death Mill for us because our 30 margin under the competition is going to get eaten up by equipment costs sure um and so I decided you know what um well there’s also to the DIY Market 2019 you have you know ring and nest and simply safe and you know people are buying stuff online and building their own system and ship right to their door um so I decided you know what let’s let’s shift gears from integration and installation and service to Consulting um so I worked with and the contacts I made in the industry we got all of our technicians employed um by every one of them was making more money and getting better benefits because they went to bigger companies and has a big benefit for them uh project manager was the same way sales people um admin assistant they were all able to get resettled making more money better benefits so very that was my big key thing um and then we basically just transitioned from you know Maverick Security Solutions uh systems integrator to Maverick secured physical security consultant and luckily enough by 2020 with covid coming around in 2020 we had already made the transition so while other companies were struggling um I was doing okay I was doing okay and I’m very happy that I made the transition when I did and there was absolutely no foresight it was 100 luck gone blind completely stupid that I did that at that time this year yeah so what do you how do you help people now what does uh what does the Consulting side mean in terms of the service you provide so we come into small and medium-sized businesses we take a look at the full ecosystem of physical Safety and Security so that doesn’t just include the equipment that’s installed it’s also the people in the process and the procedures um so we’ll come in and do a full audit make sure that they’re all of their equipment is you know usable new or new enough we follow the Bill Clinton rule uh if any of the any of their equipment was installed during any time Bill Clinton was in office it’s it’s old and it needs to be replaced because it’ll probably cost more to keep it working than it would be just to replace it sure um and then we look at the employees and make sure that you know uh the the people in the building you know do they know how to respond to different emergencies um and we find a lot of times they don’t they don’t have a plan or they do have a plan but it’s never been practiced um so we work with the client we build a full audit of their ecosystem from safety security planning process procedures people you know top to bottom um and then in 2017 I partnered with a local secure or a solar integrator excuse me solar integrated green Alternatives um and so we launched a partnership called Equinox site security uh where we have a proprietary automated platform that we lease to large property development firms and large General Contracting companies uh to protect their projects under construction from intrusion fire and water damage during the phases of construction um and so that’s been and on the managing partner but I have a minority stake that’s been very rewarding to kind of see uh you know a lot of the same style of building and size of buildings that we had been I’ve been working in my company been working in doing installations that have been built for 50 years right seeing what those look like from the ground up being built on the inside yeah and it kind of opened my eyes it’s like this is when we should have been we should have been looking for this type of thing getting in during the construction phase not 50 years later yeah so that’s what we’re doing now and it’s it’s very rewarding um very stressful a lot of the time as anything else but it’s rewarding good yeah story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think you could and the impact that they had on you um definitely Brian Adams not the singer Brian Adams was the uh the dealership the car dealership owner that I worked for um if he would never have told me to to pick one you know hit working for him or or going out on my own sure um I probably never would have pursued this full time I probably would have stayed working for him and just doing stuff for friends and family and then eventually giving up on it um and so if it wasn’t for him it would have been and eliminating my position letting me collect unemployment I probably would have never decided to do this um and then not coincidentally his car dealership became my first um at the time what I considered large commercial clients yeah awesome probably I’d say probably two months after I left he called me and said hey so I got these 16 uh cameras and this old alarm system uh do you know anybody who could come in and replace all this stuff and so I said yes I think I know a guy I think I know a guy um so very thankful for that that both of the opportunities that he gave me so yeah Brian Adams if you ever do see this I can’t I will I know I’ve told you a million times but thank you again that’s awesome um Alex what’s been the biggest learning that you’ve had as a business owner thank you I used to have in my office a uh my office office I’m in my home office right now um a a framed printed out uh list that I called Mavericks laws uh you know like Murphy’s or Moore’s laws yeah uh there’s about 20 things that I learned over the years um out of those 20 uh half of them um campaign language I probably shouldn’t share uh the one you can send those to me later offline yeah that’s it yeah PDF yeah um I would say probably the one that is the most impactful and it it it resonates across about any industry is the day you’ve realized you’ve seen it all in this business is the day you learn something new oh I don’t know how many times even to this day I will have uh you know security integrator owners you know they’re still in the industry they’ll call or text their email and say hey I ran into this problem here’s the situation my clients face and here’s the problem we’re having the equipment have you ever seen anything like this and I know by the time they’ve gotten to me yeah they’ve exhausted everything else and you know I’m at the very bottom of the list and so I learned something even to this day not being an integrator I I still learn new stuff um everything almost every day and it is again it’s that that mindset we get into we think oh we’ve done this for so long we’ve seen everything and then we learned something new and it takes us by surprise a lot of times and sometimes a surprise it takes us by is not a good one right yeah I definitely learned that every day when I said okay now I’ve seen it all yep I learned something new yeah yep it makes me think so I I have a coach and you know I I can be coaching my clients and having repeat things coming up with multiple people all week and then uh when I meet with my coach she points it out for me me and I’m like damn it yep yep yep absolutely so Alex we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of your biggest biggest challenges during the years and maybe a fellow business owner who came alongside of you and helped you get through that uh Far and Away the biggest challenge I dealt with um we had an employee who uh was not only stealing but was undermining the company and the company brand simultaneously

um I discovered he had taken an invoice and used I presume Post-it notes or some sort of adhesive paper to cover up the line items um and then put that in a scanner and made copies of it so he had basically blank invoices that he was then going um and filling in by hand and having people having clients pay him personally wow uh yeah yeah and then was using our company accounts to purchase all the equipment to go install on the weekends oh uh and then the Alarm Monitoring he was adding their monitored alarm system to our Central Station account um and so I think even he had tried to set up a merchant account to accept cards to be deposited directly into his account but it was a personal account and not a business so they wouldn’t let him wow that came out during the discovery process and the the uh the the small the small claim suit I had to file against him um but you know so that was a big challenge because I never really dealt with anything like that um and so I was talking to a another security integrator uh owner um and he helped me immensely really mainly by keeping me focused on cleaning up the mess you know reaching out to those clients uh that had been bamboozled um and making sure that we took care of them you know because they had an invoice with our company logo yeah they had a contract that they had signed with you know our company logo and our terms of service for their monitoring right so I didn’t want to leave them out in the cold I didn’t want to have you know bad name attached so he helped me by keeping me focused on like hey stay focused clean this mess up take care of the clients um but also by reminding me to not be consumed by my emotions about what had happened yes um that was a big big that’s was the hardest part by far keeping my cool yes those emotions can get the best of us can’t they oh man I I had a lot of words that my attorney very wisely advised me to just keep to yourself yeah yeah we we’ve had a we’ve had a similar experience and and had the same type of advice so I I guess I guess those uh those people who have lots to say and are always right in the long term are or maybe we should just listen to them right every once in a while you know hey even a broken clock is right twice a day right it flings around eventually yeah um if you wouldn’t mind sharing what’s the name of that person who helped you

um I’m not gonna share his name at the time right now um he’s he’s got some uh some some some personal things and some business things that he’s going through so no problem all right I appreciate that yeah I’d keep his name out as a public eye as much as possible for now yeah but I could share it to you later all right so Alex if I ask you to pick three people uh in your business owner Journey that you’re most grateful for being there as part of contributing to your business growth who are those three people and how they help you

um the I mean first and foremost has got to be my wife as cliche as that sounds it’s true um when we got married in 2015 the business was going there going a big uh it was growing through growth spurt um which was very stressful very stressful needless to say um but you know as with any spouse or significant other you know she’s always been supportive in everything I’ve done um but she has never once been afraid to question me when I need to rethink a decision right um or I need to look at something in a different light she’s uh I may not always like the way that she says it yeah uh but she she does she says it and it you know it resonates and then it’s very helpful to have someone who you know lifts you up but keeps you grounded at the same time yeah uh and I know in her part it’s not easy uh because I I know I’m a handful and so I can’t imagine someone from from the sidelines legally obligated to deal with my handful so definitely my wife ali um my my second one um my current business partner Chris rojali with Equinox site security um you know that whole thing started over the crazy idea that we started over a cup of coffee one day uh him being a solar integrator me being a security integrator yeah um it was just like hey this is you know we’re we’re made for this meeting and for this idea um and he extended an enormous amount of just compassion and understanding when I decided to transition the business from integration to Consulting um and and and by being him being the majority owner uh helps me financially by offering me uh early profit draws you know to make sure that you know I still had you know money coming in um not so much that it was you know we weren’t missing mortgage payments we weren’t behind on anything um but he’s been in tough spots before sure and so he when he offered it’s like you know I’m not going to turn it down you know let’s do this my accountant may be very unhappy our accountant may be very unhappy about the extra paperwork and you know the the doing that figuring that out the end of the year but uh that was incredibly helpful from him uh and we’ve become friends in that time you know we’re not just Partners we’re friends yeah um you know we share a lot in our personal lives as well um the third um have to be my closest friend confidante um Compadre is uh and it is also a small business owner is Andre Vaughn um he’s a word Smith and is just we speak daily almost daily um at least an hour at least an hour life work relationships current events past present future you know politics you name it it’s everything we discuss it all but his uh in his professional capacity is a Wordsmith um he he taught me a lot about um messaging and communicating with clients and and how you know the you know saying this and getting this idea across um you know it could be a little better you know you can improve by saying this instead of that you know this is the idea you’re trying to get but this is what I’m hearing yeah um over the years uh with all of the the free um work that he’s given just in our daily conversations on the phone um no matter the dollar amount at the bottom if he invoiced me wouldn’t be enough well I I couldn’t put a price on it it’s just the the Improvement in my communication with with with clients and with you know almost pretty much generally anybody uh the improvement from from him and speaking with him has just been outstanding um also he’s able to see things that I don’t because I’m too close and he reminded me of that all the time and says hey you’re too close to this I’m not but you are you need to be careful this is what you need to watch out for right yeah and so that’s also very helpful because yes I stand way too close to things that I don’t see problems down the road and he’s like hey pumpkin breaks put your hazard lights on this is what you need to see because you don’t um so I would say those are the three that have had the biggest influence on me for sure by far appreciate you sharing as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you’re gonna face in reaching your goals and who are the types of people you’re going to need to help you to overcome those challenges that’s the three to five year question that’s the million dollar question right that’s that’s the most important one um I mean it’s a little difficult a little different now that I’ve transitioned into Consulting it’s a wholly different environment than what I’m used to operating in yeah um I don’t see so many uh the biggest probably the biggest challenge I would have to say um is is keeping the business growth uh sustainable and manageable sure you know making sure that you know because I’m I’m the only one now it’s just me um so making sure that I can handle the work that I have but also to make sure the phones are ringing yeah uh the business is coming in yeah um so that’s probably the biggest challenge um to the actual physical security integration industry where I mean undoubtedly where I’ve been most experience that I say the biggest challenge is going to be like any other industry um finding uh qualified employees yeah um you know everybody’s have that issue now we have had that issue um for since before coping um and not only that it’s been a compounded problem with our industry because it’s not just finding qualified uh we are not a young group uh in the state of Indiana uh Department of Workforce Development figures put 38 of people employed in the state of Indiana listing uh security technician security alarm technician you know something along those lines 38 out of the total number of people within the industry are aged uh 35 to 44. so it’s not a young group that’s not getting any younger um you know by 44 your knees and your back are feeling every year you’ve put in the industry yeah so finding qualified and younger people to get involved in the industry um I’m currently working with Ivy Tech to get a certificate program started oh great um to train this younger generation and get them interested get them involved um the biggest challenge in that though is in and this also goes to you know your question about the people that are going to be necessary um to solve the problems is uh you know we need to have a standard uh measure of what the certificate of basic and advanced certificates are going to entail sure um so in order to have that I need to work with other security integrator owners and say you know listen if you’re hiring a guy who’s got a piece of paper that says he knows how to terminate you know CAT5 and Cat6 he knows how to terminate you know rg59 on RG6 and you know he says he knows how to program an alarm panel what where what are you looking for specifically so um I’ve got you know a lot of contacts and a lot of emails out to those contacts now to kind of build that standardization out um again there’s a regional company headquartered in Indy starts with a K that they have their own Training Center um which is great if your company is big enough that you can afford that sure a lot of companies in the small and mid-range they can’t yeah and so working with them to develop a a not just a certificate program but a useful certificate program that’s awesome um and to get younger people involved that’s also um you know the main primary goal our industry isn’t like HVAC and mechanics and plumbers it’s like well this is what my dad did we don’t we don’t have that in our industry very much so it’s interesting earlier you you spoke about the the getting the work and then being able to to deliver the work so it’s something that we talk about we call it the 50 50 rule so you know 50 of our time should be focused on Business Development and 50 taking care of our of our existing customers and usually what happens is you know we start getting busy and then we stop doing the marketing right we focus all on taking care of and then you know three or six months later is like whoops we we don’t have any you know we don’t have any more business coming in and we’ve already completed those projects uh oh yeah so being always on on both and really thinking about that that that that balance that 50 50 balance of if I’m spending more than 50 percent of my time taking care of existing clients it probably means that I need to Outsource or hire because I can’t turn the marketing off as there’ll be a negative impact in three to six months from now absolutely I I always would use the anecdote with with our with with sales people and and uh and and technicians um you know I don’t care what work we do I know that we do security integration I said but you know I I you guys think it looked at from my point of view on my job and what I’m supposed to be doing is um is a lot like working a pipeline you know my job is to make sure that you know we always have stuff flowing through the pipeline from A to B um but also to make sure that if we need to branch that pipeline off to get it somewhere else okay then we can do that without it affecting the flow Downstream without it blocking off everything so we can get that done uh and then I would also tell them and then I’m also the the the psycho running around with duct tape line all the way up and down right um and so I yeah so the 50 50 rule yes I would I would joke with my guys that for me it’s like a a 50 50 15. that 15 115 of my time so 15 of my time is patching all these holes yeah along the way and all the leaks that pop up yeah um but yeah that’s absolutely the case in in just about any industry so Jim Rohn said that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that advice or think about that quote what advice do you have for business owners who are trying to do it on their own okay

so many good ideas so I’m a little time um first and foremost from personal all of these will come from lots of personal experience in the form of uh stress high blood pressure heartbreak anger frustration sadness um I would definitely say the first very first thing you should do is as soon as you can afford it hire a qualified accountant in a qualified attorney very first um you know I it’s gut-wrenching seeing new businesses um fall and fail because they didn’t hire a professional to do the job and you know I would always tell you know budding business owners it’s like listen you’re doing doing your pitch with a potential client part of that pitch you know should if it isn’t it should be why they’re hiring you yeah you’re a professional you know what you’re doing you have the experience um you as a business owner need to do the same yeah you know don’t hire the cheapest accountant or the cheapest attorney you know get what you pay for type deal unless it’s family then that may be a little different um and then the big the reasons behind those specific professions accounting and attorney um is you know a single mistake with the IRS or uh one lawsuit can kill any small business any startup business right uh very very quickly and you know not being prepared for that you know it it breaks my heart when I see businesses new businesses go down even existing businesses because they didn’t have qualified professionals sure um number two um man don’t let your pride get in the way um don’t be embarrassed or scared I’d ask for help you know even if you’ve got the most earth-shattering idea service or product um you know there are a lot of people that can guide you to success right at every step of the way in business even if they don’t fully understand what you do or the product that you offer the service or whatever the Cape is um you know people that are you know Masters and and marketing and messaging Engineers business coaches um you know these are our professionals who again may not underfully understand what it is you do to the concept yeah but they can help you and they’re out there they’re waiting for you to reach out and ask them for help and it’s not always you know they’re not always raising a red flag saying hey here I am I can help you with this um you gotta speak them out lot of times and you know yeah you’re probably going to have to pay for their services but the the amount of money that you pay them you know your wordsmiths and business coaches and marketing people and experts and Engineers you know sure uh the amount of money that you pay them is uh is is not going to pale in comparison to the amount of value that you’re going to get from watching your business succeed and the work that they can help you put in to get your business to work for you instead of you working for your business which right is the goal yeah um unless you want to sell then you know then sell but you gotta have a successful business um of value my goodness uh number three there is a massive massive difference between value and cost learn the difference between the two please please learn the difference um you know value is what you’re offering potential clients this is just a number that’s it um and it’s important to know the difference between those two things you know you’re selling value and that cost is just the number on a piece of paper that’s not that’s all it is it has no effect on anything it all comes down to Value versus cost yeah um but it’s also too important to know that that lesson uh and again something I’ve learned the hard way many times uh that lesson’s a two-way street every vendor distributor contractor um professional expert everybody you engage with it’s the same thing don’t just look at the cost as a business owner and what these people are charging you look at the value that they’re bringing to the table Yeah and and if you’re only focused on the cost you’re going to you know always be selling yourself short um and you know high value it costs top dollar right and you have to be to a point to where you know you can afford to pay it but by the time you can afford to pay it uh odds are you’re either right on time to buying their services and paying for them or you might be a little too late um but it’s important to know the difference between value and cost sure um the last thing I would tell is um so that’s this would be four um if you are no matter what you’re doing um in your business with your new business if you’re overbooked over scheduled um you’re not charging enough for what you’re doing you know um if you’re overbooked and over scheduled compared to your competition and you actually have you know competition that typically means you’re way underpriced from the competition and you’re leaving a lot of money out on the table um there there are some business owners who subscribe to the profit first methodology um there are folks like me who focus on the client first mentality um I won’t say either of them is right it all comes down to preference sure um but that being said you know you’re leaving a lot of money on the table if you’re overbooked and over scheduled because you’re not charging enough right and I understand very again from a lot of first-hand experience you want to be the nice guy you want to you want to be a helpful business owner uh that you know oh hey you know listen it only took me 10 minutes to fix your problem I’m not going to send you an invoice don’t worry about it it’s fine yes your value as the business owner should be the most expensive when it comes to an invoice yeah if a client demands they work with you when you have qualified people underneath you that could do the job just as well as you could but they demand to work with you that is the top hourly rate yep you know clients have got to pay the top rate to get that um you know you’re probably a little familiar with that right yeah absolutely Yeah well yeah that’s yeah I’ve got plenty of people to help but you’re demanding that it’s me okay that’s going to be the top dollar even the clients that I work with to build on what you’re saying right we have them do time studies to to share back to me where they’re spending their time and and it’s very common that a significant portion of their time is spent on 25 an hour jobs when you know their bill rate is 100 200 400 whatever it is right and so like wow we gotta we gotta delegate that or Outsource that or hire for that right away because you’re you’re just losing opportunities with the business because you’re doing those low value you know jobs yeah absolutely your value as the business owner you know has the highest value attached to it and always be cognizant of that and remember um I would say probably that’s that’s the best advice that I could give off top my head with our limited time yeah that would probably be those those four main things awesome thank you Alex so last question here if if something uh catastrophic was to happen to the business who’s the first person you’d call and what would you want from them foreign

depending on the problem I would say the likely first call would be to my attorney or corporate attorney um he has all of the necessary information contact information knowledge paperwork access to everything um to to make sure that things can continue to operate smoothly he knows you know obviously he’s in communication with our account he can make a call to the accountant to make sure payroll would get paid and it makes your bills are getting paid and things like that um so again goes back to making sure you have a qualified attorney and accountant in your corner um but I would say that even when your business grows to the point um that you have a a a trusted number two you know you’ve got your go-to person in your own business um your attorney should have all of the authority uh to act on your behalf um and be ready at that moment’s notice to protect your interest um you know because especially once you get to that point where you’ve got employees um you know you’ve got people Downstream from you that are relying on you for to pay their mortgage by their groceries you know Duke Energy doesn’t care that something happened to your boss yeah uh you know hey you you got to pay us keep the lights on yeah so I would say my first call would be to an attorney uh to my our corporate attorney um but again we have that set up to where you know he as all the power of attorney for the necessary things to keep things running smoothly um and then he knows to reach out within the company okay um you know we have a plan I have a plan with my attorney because this you know contingency planning for businesses that’s what I do uh so you know he knows that there’s a list of people to call that can make contacts with my clients and let them know you know hey something has happened you know without giving away a whole lot of details yeah work is still moving forward unless I drop dead work is still moving forward things are things are still getting done um so yeah that would be depending on most problems be the attorney if it was catastrophic uh financially would definitely be the accountant yeah for for obvious reasons Alex it sounds like you’ve been blessed with so many incredible people who have helped you on your journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them

um I mean first of all thank you I mean absolutely to to any and every single one of them um there have been so many people in the journey uh Bankers um other small business owners um you know folks that really just you know they took a chance on you know at the time a young guy uh who had a little bit more hair when he started um I don’t know you probably hopefully you can’t see it in the video but less less gray as well in my beard um took a chance on a young guy and uh trusted their homes and their business security um the things that mattered most to them they took a chance and you know wrote a check or swiped a card um the other business owners that I probably made their ears bleed and and made them roll their eyes the caller ID or the text scroll across that it was me I know Alex again all right let’s block out 40 minutes I’m gonna be on this call for a long time um you know so many of those on the way and you know people that weren’t even in the industry yeah but you know just other business owners that you know um that I could call on and say you know hey here’s this really weird question I have how would you handle this um and just listening to them and and you know have them tell me you know oh yeah I’ve had something similar this is what I would do yeah um but I would say to them that you know without them um you know there wouldn’t be a Maverick anything um there wouldn’t be you know I wouldn’t be on this podcast today I wouldn’t be on you know the other podcast I’ve done I wouldn’t have the Insight that I’ve got today I would be uh and not say there’s anything wrong with this lifestyle but I would be another nine to five drone putting in my hours clocking out at five getting paid every Friday direct deposit you know on the nose um you know never worrying about a budget or anything like that um I know my wife would be a lot less stressed about some things uh if that were the case but um you know there’s um you know getting to getting to the the ability and to the point to where I could do those things yeah yeah um and transition the company uh none of those things would have been able to be possible without so many different business owners um so thank you would be the first and foremost and probably the only thing I would ever say to any of them or to a group of them um and all of those checks that I wrote you guys that I told you to keep in your desk and told you to hold on to that until I call or text and say okay it’s okay to deposit continue to hold on we’re not quite ready yet but I promise you that we’re getting close we’re getting closer every day I love it Alex it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thanks so much for being on the show thank you for having me Tim I always appreciate the opportunity as the as my mother said have mouth will travel to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made as a myth show with your host coach Tim Camp so be sure to help us spread this Movement by liking the show and posting about it on your social media and to join our movement go to bemadtogether.com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and I’ll see you all next time take care