July 20, 2022

Episode #44: Pat Miller – The Idea Collective

Pat Miller, the Idea Coach spent 22 years behind the microphone of commercial radio entertaining listeners from all around the Midwest. During his time on-air and in the industry he collaborated with NFL, MLB, and NBA teams long with million-guest festivals and every rock star you can imagine.

Pat left the radio industry to take his skills of audience targeting, product positioning and creativity to help small business owners. His business was originally a one-on-one consulting business for small business owners. During the pandemic, he began hosting online meetings for entrepreneurs that evolved into an online community called the Idea Collective.

Now, the Idea Collective Small Business Incubator unites solopreneurs and scaling small business owners from all around the US and world with members hailing from 14 states and 4 countries. The community goes beyond simple networking to online connection and a sense of belonging and collaboration for its members. Each month it creates over 40-hours of custom content for members to help them increase their average sale, generate new clients, reduce overwhelm and make the process of building their business dream more enjoyable. Learn more at https://www.ideacollectiveincubator.com

The highlight of the virtual community is an annual in-person Retreat in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. This three-day Retreat features workshops, keynotes, collaboration opportunities and plenty of time to build in-person bonds with members. This year’s Retreat features Mike Michalowicz, Precious Williams “the killer pitch master”, Jack Butcher and loads of other keynotes and workshops. Learn more at https://www.smallbizretreat.com


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for the self-made is a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we do on our own we take time to recognize the folks who have helped us to excel today i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from wisconsin with us today my guest had a 22-year professional radio career he’s an 80s music master a craft beer

man i just messed that up he just loves craft beer he is a terrible crossfitter and a golf addict in the summer he enjoys golf in the winter check this out he’s from wisconsin but he’s a beloved chicago bears fan wow he’s going to get beat up on his way home isn’t he he’s most proud of building a business that uses his talents to help a large number of people and making an impact at scale today i is my pleasure to welcome pat to the show hello pat howdy tim how are you thanks for having me i am awesome thank you so much for joining us today well let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born and live and about your family and all that fun stuff sure i’m pat miller the idea coach and i can explain the bears fandom because i was born in illinois i happen to live in wisconsin now and when i explain that to packers fans they say how can you be a bears fan i say to them could you imagine never switching allegiances for your team when they immediately say no i say well i was born in illinois and they always go oh okay that makes sense then so grew up living in central illinois and fell in love with radio broadcasting in college became a radio guy building radio stations coaching air talents and being on the air moved all around the midwest doing that ended up here in milwaukee with a great opportunity did that for i think 12 years and then four years ago i said you know what i want to go build something for myself and i left the radio industry to go take what i had learned to consult small businesses best decision well second best decision i ever made best decision was marrying my lovely wife and my family good recovery thank you very much that’s uh keeping me out of the doghouse there but it’s true the second best decision was leaving the radio industry and starting my own small business consulting firm that’s now turned into a community and uh it’s just the happiest and most fulfilled i’ve ever been wonderful so uh tell us how long have you been married and what’s your beautiful wife’s name yes abby miller she is a photographer owns her own studio here uh we’ve been married now for 21 years going to be 22 years see we married in 2000 so i never have to worry about how many years it’s been so our 22nd wedding anniversary is coming up in august congratulations so pat is there a funny story that your family likes to share about you that you’d be willing to divulge yeah my sister and i were really competitive always competitive and it kind of has bled over into all facets of my life if we’re going to play a game i want to win and going back to when i was a kid which was many many years ago we would turn on the radio and we would play name that tune and if you’ve ever played name that tune you bid back and forth on how many notes you need to name the tune i can name it in ten i can name it nine i could name it an eight well my sister and i got so competitive at one point i just said i can name it in no notes and the family thought that was the funniest thing ever of course i got it wrong it spoke to how much my sister and i were competitive with one another which has fueled a lot of my professional career that’s awesome i remember uh playing monopoly with my sister and it got so bad that my mom had to keep taking the game away from us and giving us a timeout absolutely what do you mean you won’t trade with me come on this is a fair deal what do you mean you won’t trade oh that would be awful so pat um tell us how about how the business came about and more importantly when you had the the confidence that you could run your own business well confidence and business success are two different things right i’m sure you coach people on that um so i had the idea to leave the radio stations i had this awakening one day i guess it was a borderline midlife crisis of saying why am i taking my time and my talent and building somebody else’s dream that’s not a thing that’s not a thing i was really tired of having my ideas redirected in ways i didn’t think they should go and the energy that i was putting out making big programs and selling big deals but not making any money on them so it kind of just wore me down to the point of i can’t keep doing this and if i look up 10 years from now and i’m still a radio guy but have nothing for myself i will regret it so that’s when i left the radio stations to start consulting small businesses and as far as the confidence to do what i’m doing the first 90 days are super scary and it took me about 90 days to go from hey everyone i’m doing my own thing to having my first paying client and between a and b was a lot of networking and self-discovery healing as well right trying to get out of the corporate mindset and get into the entrepreneurial mindset but once i landed that first client and started uh helping her launch her travel business and she started to have success that’s when i started to realize okay i might be able to do this and of course i’ve had massive failures along the way and ups and downs it’s not like it was an instant success but that’s when the confidence started to build when i started to get success for a client based on what i was providing for her i love that because uh you said i didn’t have necessarily have the confidence until after the fact so what gave you the the uh the oak it’s okay to take this step talk us through that yeah i’m very fortunate that abby my wife is in my life i was miserable for the last few years of my radio career as i became more and more creatively frustrated it got to the point where i didn’t want to go to work i wasn’t doing my best work i wasn’t very happy and she had been begging me for years to make a change when it finally got to the point of should i make a change she was the one that said listen my photography business is doing well enough we will get by but you need to go make a change that is going to feed you and fulfill you so having her as my partner she’s the one that kind of pushed me out of the nest to go do this that’s what gave me the initial confidence and then the second part of it was um and i’m sure you’d be the same thing if you weren’t uh with action coach and you weren’t a coach you could go get a job again with sargento or whomever you’ve got the talents and skills to be employable so i knew that at worst johnson controls or some big company would need a marketing guy so i knew at worst i could find a job but i didn’t want a job so with her backing and the confidence that i could always go back to radio or something else that’s when i decided to make the leap i love that my wife i have a similar story with her she he got down to the point where i was like but honey maybe you don’t understand what if we can’t afford the house and she said but tim i make enough to rent an apartment so go chase your dream and isn’t that beautiful yeah isn’t that beautiful because when we have conversations like this it’s really easy not to have that transparent real look into the genesis of what we’re doing because it’s easy to say well i just knew i could go help entrepreneurs and blah blah blah no there was a very vulnerable point where i was scared to death and still scared always scared yeah but when you have good people and good systems around you you know it’s something that’s manageable that’s awesome so pat tell us a little bit more about the company and what you’re doing now it started as one-on-one consulting i was helping entrepreneurs and coaching them and helping them grow their business by defining their customer and finding a way to position themselves in a unique way other than everybody else but when the pandemic hit my business changed and it didn’t change because i needed to change it opportunity arose so the pandemic hit uh the nba cancels its season tom hanks gets covered that all happened within like two days or one day of one another and everyone knew oh my goodness something’s going on in fact it was so long ago we called it coronavirus when that happened it wasn’t coveted everyone freaked out and all of our business support systems melted our coaching programs didn’t know what to do our networking programs all went on ice everything stopped so i started doing a daily zoom call called small business rally point and the whole genesis of the idea the whole theme was we don’t know what’s gonna happen but if we stick together we use an abundance mindset we help one another and we’re positive we will get through this so this daily call went on for 90 days and after 90 days it turned into an online community and now my core business is the idea collective small business incubator that brings people together to help them grow their businesses as a group uh and it’s just been so fulfilling and so much fun and that’s where you said in the intro that i help people at scale that’s how i get the chance to help people at scale that’s awesome so uh a lot of folks during kovic kind of put their head in the sand and said we’re just going to wait this out and you know it’s only going to be a couple weeks and unfortunately it was a couple years so so you didn’t do that you pivoted and took full advantage of it congratulations well i appreciate that and i wish i could say i was smart enough to know this is what it was going to turn into i didn’t i just started doing the show because it’s what came natural to me because of my background doing a daily show was no big deal in fact i don’t have online meetings i don’t have webinars it’s always a show because that puts me in the right mindset to serve the folks that come on and make sure that it’s engaging and entertaining so as i was doing this show someone in the community said hey you’ve created a community here so there was a community of people before i even called it that yeah then when i launched the online community people rushed in and now we are where we are wow so pat um tell us the story where someone pushed you uh that you could do something maybe that you didn’t realize even that you could do and the impact that they had on you that is a great question

i remember my college advisor deb lesser one of my great mentors i was not very confident and i was not really sure how i was going to get to where i wanted to go and she continually pushed me to develop my leadership skills and put myself out there as someone that can lead others i always knew i could do it but i didn’t have a lot of confidence and she continually pushed me through higher and higher levels of leadership through the college radio station to the point where my senior year i was the general manager which was the top spot and she helped not only push me to step into that leadership position she also helped me shape what leadership was all about and how you make it not about you you make it about everyone else and what it takes to be successful so it’s not the most crazy off-the-wall example but deb is still to this day someone that’s incredibly special to me she changed my life wow and uh i’m still grateful for her pushing me the way that she did that’s amazing how probably in her mind she’s just doing her job right just doing what she’s supposed to do and the incredible life-changing impact that that’s had for you and isn’t that what we do as coaches that we say something that comes natural to us because we’re observational and we’re empathetic and we’re thinking about their best interests and sometimes our clients aren’t thinking that way they’re worried about the invoice they have to pay or they’re worried about the product they have to kick out and when you get them to stop and you can provide the gift of perspective sometimes you’ll unlock something that they can’t see for themselves she did that for me and man if i can do that for other people i’d feel very fortunate i like that comparison because we see it the same thing so often that it’s just second nature for us to say hey but did you think of that right but you’re right our clients have only seen it for the first time and don’t don’t understand right they just can’t see what they can’t see yeah that’s why they need us right and not like they need us like oh i’m so smart i don’t mean it that way everyone needs a coach you need a coach if you don’t have a coach you should get a coach because that perspective is so valuable and you’ll go so much further so much faster if you set aside your ego and get someone else’s opinion it’ll unlock a lot yeah i you know in fact i’ve heard many times and i fell into this trap too of well but i can’t afford it and i can say for certain that i wouldn’t my business wouldn’t be here today if i didn’t have a coach um and so i couldn’t i can’t not afford it right absolutely coaching is an investment that has a real roi every time i’ve hired someone every time without fail i’ve made money on that investment and i would challenge anyone that hires a coach if they have a good fit to not see the same result in their business it’s invaluable so pat um what’s been your biggest learning as a business owner

you know we had a very small one can i share it like it’s not the biggest but it’s been the most impactful yeah like i didn’t have some awakening that changed my business but my wife and i did something in our business that might help out another solopreneur or a solopreneur couple like we are so she has her photography business and i have my consulting business and for the first few years we were doing what we’re doing it was how much can you draw this month how much are you going to pay us this month and some months it was a lot and some months it was not and at some point we stumbled across the idea and i wish i could remember who gave it to us because i’d love to attribute it but what we created was an owner’s comp account from the mike michalowicz school of uh profit first but pre-paying that owner’s comp account but then only drawing a paycheck out of it so we went from how much money is in the owner’s comp bring it home and a variable income to funding the owner’s comp account and then taking regular paychecks out of it now i know that sounds like not a big deal but when you start paying yourself a set amount every month or every two weeks you end up understanding that you can pre-fund your paycheck so you’re not going month to month with how much money you get to bring home if you’re doing well you can start rolling up 30 60 90 120 days of your paycheck and it lowers your drama so much it gives us so much peace and i know that’s not some big breakthrough but for my wife and i totally changed the way that we operate what we do yeah and the the awesome thing about that is the business will grow into the expenses that it needs to pay right and so to elaborate on what you’re saying is everybody should be paying themselves on a regular basis as opposed to draws even if it’s just twenty dollars a month right and then next month maybe it’s 21 and then it’s 50 and whatever it is right because the business will will absorb it and and as long as we’re you know doing all the other things that we’re supposed to in our business but it you know it’ll take care of itself i i love that so um how long have you when did you have that aha and how long has that been working for you it was last fall when we really instituted it my wife does portrait photography which is really two things business headshots and senior pictures high school seniors well the high school senior season is july to december 1st essentially and she would have huge seasonality in her revenue she would be killing it in q3 and q4 q1 and early q2 is a little bit you know more lean and we would do great in q3 and q4 and pile up a bunch of money but then we have to live off it like squirrels through the winner right so right so we had this idea wait a minute what if we could pre-pay january february and march in the fall rather than harvesting all this revenue so we kicked it in this year and it’s totally changed everything that we’re doing i can’t recommend it enough not necessarily because we have money in the bank while that’s nice the emotional stakes have gotten so much lower because we don’t have to worry about if we’ll have money in the bank yes it almost sets you up to be more like when we were in the corporate world right well the paycheck’s going to keep coming because look we’ve got a cash reserve to keep paying ourselves absolutely i love it congratulations thank you so pat we know business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of your challenges during the the years and maybe a fellow business owner that came alongside you and helped you through that that is the theme of the idea collective our phrase is don’t grow it alone and going back to the launch of the idea collective i think that’s would be the best example of how people got around me and changed completely transformed my business and every great idea that has come from it has come from the community it’s part of you know community management and leadership is making sure you’re putting things in front of people and letting them guide you with what they want but as i was explaining the small business rally point turned into the community it was a community member who told me hey you should start a paid online community because nothing like that exists around here and you should start bringing people together so it wasn’t even my idea after that happened i got people together on a zoom call and said okay jennifer has shared this idea i would like to make this happen what do you think and they helped me create the initial structure of what the idea collected was going to be what it was not going to be and how it was going to move forward and then the other big innovation was our in-person retreat that we do every year in november that also started with member focus groups what would you want out of the retreat how could we make it great and then follow-up meetings after the retreat what was good what wasn’t good and it’s continual iteration of casting a vision but asking for advice along the way let’s give a shout out to you i think you said her name was jennifer what’s her last name oh yeah jennifer bucholes jb she’s the bomb she is one of those folks that you find in your business we call each other our business bffs uh you just find a person that is um that you vibe with personally and professionally and you just help one another with no expectation in return she has been an absolute godsend with what i’m doing i met her at my very first in-person networking event even before i left the radio stations we bonded instantly so i love jb she’s been a huge influence in my business and i hope that i’ve made that kind of impression on others at some points as well i love it so um pat if i asked you to pick three people who have helped you in your business journey that you’re most grateful for who are those three and um how did they help you i would start with my wife as i explained earlier she’s my daily coach and consultant we do i think a pretty good job of talking through what needs to happen in the business reflecting on what worked and didn’t work and she’s the one that gives meaning to everything that i’m doing none of this matters if it’s not a success for my wife and my family so we get to plan react and celebrate together so i couldn’t go on without her and she’s been the most influential person to me uh so far i’d also say my parents i’m going to count those two people as one but my mother is very pragmatic she has a phrase that she uses called do it or don’t and i think it’s fantastic if you want to be something if you want change in the world then go do it or don’t but you get to make the decision about your activity my father he’s always guided me with one simple phrase of do your best every day from being a you know four-year-old going off to preschool all the way until today he’ll say do your best which sets a personal standard which means i’m not going to judge what you do you judge what you’ve done are you doing your best yeah and it helps guide my performance to make sure i don’t cut corners and to make sure that i’m going as far as i can for each of my clients what are your parents names oh jim and lana jim and lana miller they are fabulous i’m fortunate that they live here in uh wisconsin with me as well and we get a chance to you know just be a part of each other’s lives which is a real gift at this point and i got a third person but it’s kind of cheating the third person is my community for the reasons that we just explained to have a group of people that i’m walking with every day where we can collaborate with one another and we can give each other the gift of belonging and connection and collaboration it’s just it’s wonderful i feel truly blessed to have this series of events happen that have led me to having a group like this around me that’s amazing and i think you said earlier that you guys get together both virtually and in person is that correct the community is virtual only on purpose because we have members all around the country and all around the world the one time of year we get together is at the idea collective retreat in november so it’s an online group exclusively with one big meeting each year okay fantastic so pat as you think about the the next three to five years and maybe some of the biggest challenges that you’re gonna face to reach your goals who are the types of people that you’re gonna need to help you get through those challenges i need to continue to invite people into the community because communities get better as they get bigger not worse you don’t water down a community with more members you empower a community with more members so that’s mission one to bring people into the community to share the vision and help enrich it with energy and connection and then the other thing that i want in the next three to five years is i want my podcast to be a radio show and i want that radio show to be nationwide my heart is still in being a broadcaster and the podcast that i do called the pat miller show is a caller-driven show where we’re coaching people on their business live without a net and it’s fantastic it’s the most fun of all the stuff i get to do and i know i want that to be on the air so i am trying to connect with the people that can help make syndication happen make air time happen and get this show out there one because i love it but two as you know conversations where people get a second opinion and get feedback on what they’re building are really crucial and the small business support system kind of sucks we need this conversation to be on the air we need entrepreneurs who are in nashville and indianapolis and peoria illinois to know they’re not alone that people are out there trying to support them as they build their small business dream that’s why the show needs to exist and that’s what i want to see happen i love it we um i talk a lot about the fact that the school system teaches us how to be employees not how to be you know entrepreneurs right and so i love what you’re doing to get that word out that you know there are resources there are options to to learn and you mentioned earlier the the abundance idea and so for those who who learn how to run great businesses the sky’s really the limit because there are all of us who went into business for ourselves you know most of us just kind of stumbled into it and are figuring out as we go but to your point there are options for folks to learn how to run a better business and it’s just a matter of them having the opportunity to hear about it right absolutely and isn’t it exciting and terrifying at the same time to think that we can do anything the only thing that’s limited limiting us is what’s in our head our mentality and our daily actions can result in becoming the leader of the free world if we want to or staying in our own little box where we are if we don’t unlock it and the abundance mindset of you can go as far as your time and talent take you is so exciting to me it’s so exciting i just want to make sure that i’m doing everything i can to unlock it in myself and unlock it in others i’ve been on a mindset uh journey over the past 18 months doing specific manifesting and mindset coaching in a group setting and wow i would say 18 months ago i was kind of a check the box on the the exercise because it is something that we coach and then i fully got into it and just have realized the power right of what we tell ourselves in our head you know the law of attraction the you know what the energy we put out is the energy we attract and it’s just incredible when to your point of once we start to understand the power of unleashing that it’s just mind-boggling it absolutely is and sometimes you have to say things out loud that make people go really like i want to be on the air nationwide in three to five years really no yeah really and i’m gonna do everything i can to make it happen and i hope everyone has goals like that that they think are unreachable good let’s go reach them because that’s the fun part that’s the fun part if you want to build a business that pays the bills we can do that if you want to make money you can go get hired by a corporation that’s not fun and exciting if you want to build something that’s meaningful something that’s legendary we only get one trip this is the only ride we get to take right so as my mom would say do it or don’t yeah right it’s interesting going back to the employee reference that i talked about earlier so in the corporate world we’re taught to under promise and over deliver right and so then when we become entrepreneurs we’re there’s almost a hard wiring that we can’t think that big right you can’t think you can’t develop a goal that’s beyond what you believe that you can achieve because that would just be crazy and then then that ends up most of us set those achievable goals and guess what we just achieved those achievable goals yeah they’re not exciting but they’re complete as though you’re going to get a review from your boss we joke about that all the time in the community well go ask the boss if you can have the day off go ask the boss if you can take a week off go ask the boss if you can get a raise and then you remember oh yeah that’s me yeah so that’s a that’s a really good point so this will um obviously we’ve talked already a lot about community jim rohn one of my favorite authors says we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you reflect on that and it’s it’s i i would assume it’s a lot of what you’re already doing what does that mean from your perspective it means i got to push myself by bringing people in who are just better than i am smarter than i am further along in the book than i am uh when i finally hired a sales coach aaron marcus changed my business doubled my revenue in less than a year because she unlocked some of the things that i was telling myself oh no one would ever pay that no one would ever want to be in that program no one would ever want to not only did they want to they sold within like a week of putting them out there so no i’m a big believer in finding those people and that comes to something that i looking back on it i did a terrible job when i was in radio i don’t know if it was ego or being defensive or whatever but there were a lot of ways that i could have just learned from what others were doing and been a better employee rather than trying to create a new way of doing things and coming up with my own method i would have gone a lot further had i done that and i don’t regret it but i’m sure i was not an easy employee to manage because they would tell me to go do the thing and i would say well what about this thing no just go do the thing and that frustrated me yeah so looking back on it it was a mistake that i made in corporate but like you say now that we’re out on our own it’s a great thing so maybe i was destined for it didn’t we i i remember back uh in the corporate world the the if an executive coach was often um thought of as that person is getting in trouble right they need outside help right or they’re gonna get let go as opposed to a true gift and and an enabler for people to to excel in their roles absolutely getting coached was a weakness yes like a performance improvement plan or something like you weren’t naturally gifted enough to figure out all of these dynamics on your own well no no i wasn’t and you know getting coached i wish i would have been coached back then because i probably would have been a much better employee and now that i’m thinking about it i wonder if i ever would have left if i was more successful so maybe everything happens for a reason as my wife says so the reason indeed yes and isn’t it weird that in sports right you would never think of any professional athlete not having a coach but for some reason there’s this paradigm that in the corporate world it’s weird yeah that’s a really good point i hadn’t thought about it that way but you’re exactly right and it’s something that maybe should be normalized or injected more often that you’re finding people to improve the people you have because we all know how expensive it is and hard it is to find people uh that you don’t have to go hire someone it’s not cheap and it’s not easy right now no it sure isn’t it is a very weird and upside down crazy world right now and at the same time there’s a ton of entrepreneurs that are just crushing it and so i appreciate you sharing some of your stories pat last question here if there was something catastrophic that happened in the business who’s the first person you call and what would you want from them i think the first thing i would do is bring the community together the position of community leader and community founder is different than audience member or audience leader if you have an audience let’s say your podcast takes off and people love listening to you people love to hear what you have to say but they’re not really invested in your success because they’re there to listen to you and not talk with one another when you’re a community leader you need to cast a vision where we’re going drive the purpose defend the values create a safe space for everyone to meet but you also i feel at least the way i’m trying to do it is to be on the journey with them just because i’m the leader doesn’t mean i’m not one of them so if something really bad happened i would bring them together and i would hope that they would show up for me in the ways that i’ve tried to show up for them which is kindness consideration support and it’s a very special place that we built and i’m confident that they would be there for me so that’s what i would do i would get the group together and say here’s the thing that happened what should we do and trust the wisdom of the crowd that we would figure it out i love your perspective of or we’re all in this together yes you’re you’ve you created it and you’re leading it but um what i just heard you say is that you’re you don’t feel like you’re any different or better than you just happen to be the one who stepped up to to take the lead absolutely and what’s funny is we have members in london we have members in tasmania we have members in victoria british columbia and when we talk to all of those entrepreneurs they’re all going through the same stuff yes they’re all dealing with imposter syndrome they’re all dealing with price constraints in their head not in their business they’re dealing with organization and social media and uh overwhelm and emotional support and not celebrating their wins big one gotta celebrate your wins and it all comes around the idea that a lot of small business owners they don’t fail because they run out of money they fail because they run out of energy yes and they just give up because it’s easier to go back to corporate yes i don’t want that to happen so that’s where the community can really keep people on track yeah there that everyone knows the crazy stat of you know 80 percent of businesses fail but what most people probably don’t know you just mentioned is the number one reason for that is burnout which is you know very very frustrating because it doesn’t have to be that way you know the whole there’s a lot of celebration of the hustle and grind right mentality and and yes in the first year there’s there is going to be some hustle and grind that’s required to get things up and running and right and and figure things out and trial and error but it’s not sustainable right those 60 70 80 hour weeks just can’t happen year over year over year over year unfortunately uh too many people are fall in love with that concept and there’s a great book that what got us what got you here won’t get you there and that’s that plays off of that principle of the how i’ve interpreted anyway is the hustle and grind that got you to you know have a a workable business is not what’s going to allow you to have a scalable sustainable business hustling grind makes me crazy it makes me crazy it makes me see spots it makes me so mad and i think one of the things that it misses sometimes is i forget the name of the principal but the uh work will expand to the time that you give it right that if you’re going to say i’m going to work a 60 or 70 hour week you’re always going to work a 60 or 70 hour week but that doesn’t mean you’re doing 60 or 70 hours of quality work it just means you’re working that long the other thing that i think it misses is why the hell are we doing this honestly i’m not building my business so i can work on my business i’m building my business so i can live my life yes right one of the most valuable if not the most valuable piece of pieces of compensation we get as a solopreneur is time yeah and the ability to control our schedule hey i have no meetings wednesday morning you know what i’m going to do play golf you know why because i can and that’s compensation so you know if people practice hustle and grind and they make more money god bless it’s not the way that i look at doing this and i want people to have a great life and run a business not the other way around amen pat you’ve been blessed with some incredible people it sounds like that have helped you on your journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them oh man i’m nothing without my family i’m nothing without my community when you put yourself out there like you do on this podcast or like i do when i do my show and stuff to know that a group of people has your back and they will give you the feedback that you need when you need it but they’ll do it with care is something magical i am so grateful that they’re all these people um are walking with me and that’s the theme of your show isn’t it don’t do it alone it’s the theme of our community don’t grow it alone so i’m grateful i’m appreciative and i hope that i can give back to them what they give to me i love it pat it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show it’s an honor thank you very much to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread the movement by liking the show and featuring on your social media and to join our movement go to be mad together dot com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care