July 14, 2022

Episode #42: Sonal Sheth Zawahri – Tru You

Are you ready to have a transformational experience and step outside of your comfort zone? Tru You specializes in helping you do just that. Sonal Sheth Zawahri is an author, Keynote Speaker, Trainer, and Coach, and she founded Tru You to embrace her passion of helping people stretch to become their best, Tru selves. She runs on the motto “How can I help you?” and strives to positively impact everyone she meets. Her knowledge, skills and experience around Emotional Intelligence (EI or EQ), Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging and communication will elevate you to your next level of self.

Contact Sonal at Tru You today via sonal@haveyoustretchedtoday.com or find her at haveyoustretchedtoday.com


hello this is coach Tim campsall and I’m your host for the self-made is a myth make a difference together show and we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks that have helped us to excel today I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us today now check this out my guest immigrated to the U.S with her family with only seven dollars and grew up on the streets of Brooklyn with the Indian Mafia and didn’t even realize it Italian oh I’m sorry Italian yes yes and in her downtime she is a connector of people and enjoys building relationships and she’s most proud of having her miracle baby at the age of 43. it is my pleasure to welcome sonal to the show today hello Sono how are you hi I’m wonderful Tim even better now that I’m here with you so oh thank you so much well hey let’s have um let’s start by having you introduce yourself um so I don’t butcher your name and tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born where you live now a little bit about your family and some of your hobbies wow that’s a big question so I will do my best um usually people need to have a timer for me because I can say a lot of things well I’m going to narrow it down to decades how about that so that way it makes it easier in my brain um hi I’m sonal Chef zawari I do want to emphasize the awesomeness of my name because um it’s the fusion right it’s a it’s sonal Chef is from India I was born in India so Chef is my father’s name and then zawari I had the privilege at 40 years old to marry the love of my life and he he’s uh uh half American and half Jordanian so zawari is from Jordan so um yeah I get to have this really fused name then that’s why it’s my brand so just putting that out there uh like I mentioned I was born in India um Once Upon a Time long time ago and my family and I am the youngest of four we immigrated to the states and landed at JFK and that’s a whole different story in itself but seven US dollars I think a lot of immigrants can relate to that story of Landing their feet here and saying what’s next and the purpose of being here and my parents wow they’re still my role models they’re they’re here with us today in uh in the world and we lived on the streets of Brooklyn for about um I’m saying 11 or 12 years ran little mo little newspaper stands did whatever it took and we lived on the streets and that whole thing about the Italian mafia it wasn’t until I was an adult and I went back to visit I was like oh my gosh that’s the bar mom that used to have a sit at when it was after school and she’s and I’m like oh that’s a mafia bar like she didn’t know we didn’t know and so it was really great it was really an aha but everyone took care of everyone which was really brilliant and then my parents moved us to the Midwest you know that was a real big culture shock in the 80s it was like you know what uh we need to find opportunity for our four children and uh so they moved to Oxford Ohio and the whole purpose was let’s find a place where we can put our kids through college because that’s the reason we came to the U.S to have access and um great things for our children and so Miami University was right there we owned a motel and my siblings and I and my parents 24 7 for about 18 years we ran this business um and that’s what we did and then we went to school full time so graduated from Miami of Ohio avoided a little bit of getting an arranged marriage because academics is everything in our culture so I instead of getting married I decided I’m gonna instead of going to med school I went to go to graduate school in Ohio State I’m sorry the Ohio State because it changed

um and taught high school for a decade I taught high school biology um and did that and that was my first career so this I’m in the 4-3 invention today in my 50s and so my first career was in my 20s where I taught high school and then I moved to Arizona and taught Community College then I moved to Indy in 2003 and when I came here I was like oh I know I don’t want to be in the classroom but I really want to make an impact and change and shift lives and I’m just going to throw this little curveball in there I did end up having a divorce and that’s not something that was common in the Indian Community nor was it very much embraced so I love that I feel like at all these points in my life being a teacher instead of a doctor you know um getting divorced when most people stay together when things didn’t work out really being that person and family who supported me through those changes so very grateful for that and then um in my when I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I grew up I I just marched out you know I just put a post on LinkedIn about changing the word hustle to a line and the reason I did is because I’ve always been a hustler it’s like so what’s next what do I do oh I’ll create something so I went out into charter schools and said hey what if I train your science teachers it was an idea and all of them we’re like no thank you no thank you once it’s short I went really and I ran home and they said tomorrow bring us this hole and I went okay and I did that and I did it with a lot of other people not by myself phone calls people how do you do that how do you create a contract and that was the birth of true you and that was in the 2000s and it transitioned a lot so I was an educational consultant then a life coach then I had a I was a stylist you know I have a business where I walk into people’s homes and change their wardrobes for them it was what it needed to be I truly believe that and I always felt connected at the time Tim but there was always something that was a little missing and I didn’t know what it was and then I meet the love of my life at one of the charter schools and we get married at 40. and he’s like we need benefits right who doesn’t need benefits so I take a full-time job with a publishing company and stayed there and I sold books to Educators I fused my first time ever fusing corporate with education I was like oh you could do that so I’m sharing that because these are things I didn’t know what the Masters in Education I thought what do I do if I’m not a teacher there’s lots of things and creative ways to approach that and I didn’t know until I knew and so I did that for um a little bit more than seven to eight years and then all of a sudden in our 40s I had my daughter at 43 she’s our miracle baby we were told we couldn’t have kids I almost died many times but the Journey’s there she’s almost nine so I’m very blessed and I lost my job when right when we bought our home and my husband’s like oh my gosh what are we gonna do and he’s an amazing educator as well and I said give me one hour to grieve yeah he goes I don’t know what that means I said just go away I need no toxins around me for just an hour to focus and I told my friend who will be the highlight of a lot of this interview today what I was dreaming about the night before which is stretching out of my comfort zone and I was I just woke up and said have I stretched today and I went no I already did yoga no no I mean this way and I was telling her the story and she received it she put it together for me and she sent it to a project management conference and they asked me to speak on leadership and stretching and I went what okay I always knew I wanted to be a speaker and trainer I just like how do you make money doing that and that was the birth that was in 2016 and from that audience some folks came up to me and said can you do that for us and I said do what and they were like I go where are you from they said Eli Lilly and I went what what that’s wow okay and so I built and created for them and it’s six years later and just uh not on my own in the sense of all the humans that have helped me but I’ve serviced 58 companies now and the areas of emotional intelligence and Leadership and diversity and really the big theme of have you stretched today what are you doing to step out of your comfort zone to experience what comes with that all the goods and bads and to grow and Blossom and now when I look back to him at the fourth reinvention I’m here to stay because really that that it factor I was talking about is now here and I think it really when I look back and I’m like oh that’s what I’ve been doing in my journey yeah so I love that because we know that everything that we want out of life and in our business is on the other side of our comfort zone right absolutely absolutely so I tried I know that was long I’m sorry I was trying oh that’s perfect no for appreciate it so tell us a a funny story that your family likes to to share about you so um any of my friends or family watching this know that I’m lyrically challenged I didn’t even know that was a concept since I could remember I hear songs and I think it’s saying something different and so I have a multitude of examples there but the one that my husband will never forget is our wedding song and we are slow dancing we got married in in La Jolla in San Diego small little intimate wedding and I’m slow dancing with him to this song and I’m not going to tell everybody what it is because it’s too embarrassing to tell you how I butchered it and one of the parts of the song I’m doing this and he goes what do you he’s whispering right because it’s our it’s our song and he’s like what are you doing honey and I went it’s telling you to flip your hair back no it’s not it’s telling you that we it was telling us something different like when we met in the past and I heard flip your hair back so from then on it’s like always the joke everywhere I go between that and I don’t know if you know the song uh don’t go chasing waterfalls yeah so what I thought and thank God I was hitting on this guy named Jason in my 20s and I went oh my God there’s a song after you don’t go Jason to the waterfalls so it just seems to be a trend and all my friends love that I am just they’re like so we’ll stop you’re a lyrically challenged we don’t even know oh that’s awesome so Sona tell us a little bit more about true you true you is exactly what it sounds like it’s t-r-u-y-o-u two separate words I started that name back in the late 90s and the reason is is I think not I think I know now as I look back I’ve always been searching for who are we truly are we showing up that way and I think part of that comes Tim from my being Indian and then Living in America and then having all these many many plethora of experiences where people are like Oh Be American be this be that and I’m like whoa and I think it always resonated in my heart to say who is my true me so the true you and I started realizing in all the businesses that I built and all the jobs that I created for myself and manifested everything landed in the theme of encouraging others around me to truly be them like when it came to clothes don’t wear what’s trendy wear what’s you wear what matches your spirit because then it’ll never go out of style and people are like what and that was in the 90s when it wasn’t known really then um and then with my business is today but true you my goal with emotional intelligence and teaching people to stretch and step out of their comfort zone and learning about what diversity Equity inclusion and belonging are really about it’s really about each of us stepping into our power being who we are and showing up that way inside out see we are so afraid to do that because we’re afraid of what naturally is coming to us right judgment yeah criticism you know stereotyping the unconscious bias you know the the microaggressions all the things that exist and live out there and I get it I do but what I also do is listen to so many others in true you to learn okay share with me your journey your true you um and allow me the privilege to help you to see that see I want to be a mirror for them because a lot of people including myself I’m not going to pretend that I’m there so all the people in my life and my clients I hope they understand because I’m expressive about it is look I’m not quite there yet yeah but when you’re in the journey together truly and you you are authentic together that’s where the growth and the magic happens because then there’s no illusions of pretend success and I’m not trying to go out there and saying I’ve got everything figured out instead I’m out there saying today is what this is what I know and I love what I know but I’d love to learn more about what I don’t know and then I’d love to share what I don’t know with everybody else yeah I love it that is fantastic and and um I can relate to the idea of we don’t have it all together right and we we can get into the the shame and the fear of what if somebody finds out that I’m an imposter or I’m faking it or or or or and then the more that we talk with other people we realize that we’re all pretty much in the same boat right we all have the same fears and doubts and and worries and and it’s a liberating to to be around other like-minded people who yes allow us to just be ourselves and and learn through our uncomfortableness and that’s why I love

I mean I believe we manifest and attract people in our lives customers clients humans you know people at the grocery store we’re going to attract into our space what we’re putting out I truly believe that and here you come telling me hey sonal I’m passionate about teaching people about how they can have their business but they’re not doing it solo and I’m like were you in my head in heart yesterday conference telling someone the same thing and the answer to that is yes you were because manifestation to me is brilliant if we continue to march in and show up with our true selves we will continue to attract vibrationally all those around us that are seeking and needing that same support Amen to that so so share a story where um someone pushed you or inspired you that that you could do it even though you may not have thought you could and the impact that they had on you so I warned my my friend my strategic partner that a lot of this is going to be about her she’s an introvert and she’s like what right so I love it I love it because it steps her out of her comfort zone but do you want me to give her name or her business or how do you yeah call her out yes for sure right I’m calling you out I’m calling you out Aisha here’s this fabulous phenomenal human who meets me seven years ago and when I was doing my jewelry business my stylist business because she was taking photos for me and a couple weeks later when I lost the job and went through this whole thing she’s my project manager brain my introvert my very analytical I mean her brain just astonishes me and I’m your oh this is so great and I love people and I want to be expressive and I know that’s overwhelming for her and I come to her and I say shoot I could get a job again and not love what I do or she’s like what do you really want I’m like I want to do a TED Talk I want to speak and train people I want to be on a stage and impact life she goes to do it and I went uh-huh I have no clue how and she’s like what are you talking about I don’t understand your question your dilemma song and it was so clear to her yeah and it was so unclear to me and so what was beautiful about it is I had the privilege for her to believe in me enough just met me to craft that talk send it to the conference and I’m not you know I’m very authentic so people who who are watching this she’s like project management I said what I’ve never taken a business class in my life I don’t even know how to speak that language what do project managers do and I was very vulnerable and authentic and that was uncomfortable right because I’m an academic so I my biggest weakness was I don’t want to feel dumb no one wants to feel incompetent right or unprepared that’s an icky feeling for me and so she looks at me she goes what you don’t understand sonal is even though we’re all using different vocabulary we’re all speaking the same language so you tell me what you’re trying to say and I’ll translate the vocabulary for you into business language I was like Wow and so we spent oh Tim the first two years we spent probably five to ten hours a week together in the evenings building and designing and I’m just sharing and recording all my voice memos these are my ideas and she’s listening and we’re crafting and molding and creating dating and next thing you know popcorn style would you do a talk for us yeah sure sure hey Aisha they want us to do this want me to do this this is what my thoughts are she’s like this is what it sounds like in the business language yeah and it was brilliant and I’m again six years in and I have 13 Workshop series um I couldn’t do this without her I mean she is the core for me professionally on what gave me the inspiration the confidence um she even I I couldn’t say the work is a bad word but there was a book called you are bad yeah even for my birthday a month ago took that read it because you know she has a full-time job a business and just got married I mean so she has all the time in the world right um she highlighted it and she put notes on the side and annotated and she said anytime you feel like you’re not do you know you’re feeling down or you’re not capable or anything this is what I want you to read because I’m right there for you that’s awesome that to me is that person that’s amazing so um Sono what’s your biggest learning as a business owner that I don’t have to know everything um that I don’t have to do it alone I mean I still try trust me and I fail um I still feel like I need to have all the answers

um again I I I only could speak for myself I don’t know how cultures when I say culture I don’t just mean Indian culture I mean home culture and how you were raised in my community you know we’re supposed to know everything you know we’re supposed to study and you have resources and just learn it just do this academic is so huge so whether that was done to me or I chose to receive knowledge that way I approach life with oh my God I have to know I have to always be on I have to always be cheery if I’m a coach don’t I have to be happy all the time um if I’m training and teaching X Y and Z don’t I have to be the expert and know everything and I really learned over the last six years that yes to an extent the foundation has to be there absolutely but skill and willingness and here’s my favorite an open learning growth mindset so I I think that’s the biggest takeaway for me is growth mindset or what’s the opposite of growth mindset fixed mindset and if you have a fixed mindset in my opinion you can’t have a business you can’t start a business you just can because it’s not gonna be just this way if it is you’re going to be highly disappointed yes and so by being a growth mindset that’s been my biggest takeaway in learning I don’t know it exhale Sono call someone look it up share with someone and I can promise you if you authentically tell other entrepreneurs that hey you know what it’s kind of lonely to be an entrepreneur at times and it’s kind of scary and when I said that out loud and everyone was like yes no I’m not alone you mean I can just share the experience that those are my biggest takeaways there the the growing uh mindset we oftentimes we tell folks that you’re either growing or you’re dying right or your business is either growing or it’s dying there’s no status quo so right right exactly you pull off the gas pedal right and and go into that I like that word that fixed mindset then we’ve set ourselves up to start declining right as opposed to not staying ahead of the curve and and I I agree with you there’s the hundreds of folks I’ve talked to everyone feels like it’s only them right and and everyone else has their business all together and and they they’ve got their every all their ducks in a row and then I say do you know what that everyone I talk to says the same things you do about your the insecurities and the unknown and they’re really yeah yeah and I would say Tim I wanted to add to that just to help as a tip if it’s not obvious already when you’re in a journey of building your business uh volunteer and be a part of things do not stay in your bubble and that is how you get exposed to the other people that you can feel are relatable you’re not going to know if you’re relating to others if you don’t get out of your comfort zone and join um organizations how many organizations have you joined when I first started my business I was part of like five I went oh I’m going to be a part of nabo and women I Tech and the Chamber and over the years I’m like oh do I need that do I need it and then you could take that time to be Discerning and to check it off and say what served me okay no I don’t need that that’s great but by being a part of these organizations that are not just business owners don’t just stay with other entrepreneurs venture out and meet people who work at companies meet people who work in spaces that you’re serving yeah so if your clientele and whatever your clientele is have you gone out and shopped at those places or been to those places listen and pay attention because to me I know they call it I learned this for Asia Market Research it was just um my excuse every time I travel to say honey I have to go in every Boutique because I got to see what they have right so I gotta know what I’m up against and he was like oh okay that’s that’s where why you’re going but Julia genuinely yes so as a business owner whatever your business is expose yourself to new ideas go out there and interact with people so that Tim like I discovered years ago I’m not alone in this journey right and I forget that I’m not alone when I stay home and I’m on my computer for a week and then I have to go whoa Shake It Off go back out you’ll get reminded that you’re not alone because it can get that crazy indeed so we know business success doesn’t happen in isolation right so um Sono tell us about a one of the biggest challenges that you had during the years of being a business owner and and maybe another business owner who came alongside you and helped you get through that oh can I put the most obvious one out there of course um I’m gonna say and this is just where I’m at at the moment I’ve had lots so I I couldn’t narrow it down but right at this moment which is relevant to me is cash flow right okay so what came first the chicken or the egg right okay so I want to create this product I wrote a book by the way during coven and I have a product that I created awesome but I want to put it and make it digital but that takes money yeah that I don’t have but I don’t want to get a loan because I can’t tell where the business is going what if I can’t pay it back so how do I oh how do I do that how do I do what I want to do and financially support that and then be able to craft what I need to then actually go out and get paid for what I’m delivering does that make sense indeed yes and so someone the other day said that’s called Cash Flow and I went C six years in and I never use that phrase so it cash flow how is it who’s supporting me in these spaces well I’m not allowing anyone to give me money in the sense of friends and family no so that’s not helping with the cash flow but the people that are supporting me are supporting me with ideas and solutions and the how to’s yeah so I I can’t pick just one person I’m that human Tim that I have built what I call my true you crew yeah and they are on my website it’s to me my whole life is about celebrating others right because I I don’t do anything by myself um and so each one of these people have supported me by saying hey Sono um if you want cash flow to do this why don’t we find someone to help you do this part of that project or we can and then you can do this part of it oh how do I do that okay this is how we could do that and so it was designing Strat it was strategically designing Solutions around the how to’s which meant at times Tim that I could lean on uh grants or I could lean on um people volunteering right to say oh I I want to learn and learn how to do that do you mind if I support you and just help you and I’m like okay that’s where manifestation comes in because when I put it out there it’s amazing that I start meeting people that are like oh I could help you with that I’m like I think that’s awesome I would have to pay you that this is my personality because I believe in the give and take model but I don’t have that at the moment so maybe I have to they’re like no no no no no no so no if you do it like this we’ll do this for you and then this is what you’re doing for us and I’m like oh well then I’m okay with that model so I share that because that has been and it’s still I’m not there yet like I just went to this amazing breakfast yesterday with all these successful humans and I’m listening and I’m learning and I’m real and there are a lot of entrepreneurs here and I’m learning going oh my gosh how do they know how to do all this how do I do this and so when it was done I went up to the panel and I didn’t hesitate to ask each of the panel members okay here’s the space I’m in what what could next look like for me you have to be ready to ask those questions so I’m that person that I’m okay with tapping into others awesome being resourceful and don’t get me wrong it doesn’t mean there’s a little voice back here that says oh you know how to do it by yourself you know yeah yes but I have to tell that voice go away because that’s not serving me yeah

so if I had to if I asked you to pick three people and I know you said you have more than three so we’ll just we’ll work through this together uh um you know people in your business owner Journey that you’re most grateful for being there to help your business growth who are those people so the people I’m gonna choose the people I’m gonna mention is not just helping me build and create the the stuff but is has also been there for me personally so that I can be who I need to be yeah because when I derail I needed someone to say you got this on them right so obviously I mentioned Aisha so Aisha you already got my shout out so I need space for three other people let’s see so I have faith McKinney Faith McKinney I can pick up the phone any day and she’s like girl you got this and you know they don’t have to know about the content of what I’m doing they just have to have faith in me so Faith McKinney Sonia Coles you know she is not even in my industry but she’s like look let me explain to you and share with you what you’re made of and what’s possible and I love that um I said I don’t have just three so I’m gonna quickly just throw out some names because may I please pretty please do that of course please yes Lisa Whitman Lisa Whitman is oh God so powerful and amazing and she’s my health and wellness coach and she’s a brilliant uh videographer so whenever I’m like how do I record this on the four um which I can’t stand social media I didn’t mean it that way sorry everyone uh I don’t love creating social media um she will teach me how to do that which leads me to the next person Amber Amber Peckham is brilliant she’s my social media gal she’s my writer she’s my editor and I tell her everything I’m feeling and thinking and she’s learned how I think and feel and so she helps me Craft um Tiffany green every time I need to put something together she’s like you know what you’re wasting your time doing that PowerPoint throw it in there I’ll help you um craft it just give me all the ideas and I’ll make it look pretty great but Bethany burghoffer one of my editors as well Nate Grady who helped me make my um logo personal and Haley Lawrence I I pick up the phone I’m like Haley I just designed these decks of cards but I’m making them all at home so I have 50 50 columns and I’m trying to make these and I have an eight-year-old she’s like send them to me I’ll take care of it you know and these are humans that have their own lives and stuff but they’re there and I’m sure there’s a plethora of others but those are the main core if you go to my true you crew you’ll see a lot of them on there and Tim that was a hard question because you and I think similarly in that I don’t do it alone and the obvious is my husband right I mean he said honey go Live Your Dream and passion and I will support the family on my education salary because I know this is what you want yeah if he said no I would have respected that and I wouldn’t be able to do what I’m doing today and he take he he steps in to help with my daughter when I can’t be there so it’s I just it takes a village it’s not alone I’m not alone in this and of course my family everyone in my family isn’t it you mentioned it takes a village isn’t it interesting that um there’s almost this perception or or Unwritten rule that you do do it on your own and then we get out there and we realize that those who have been most successful didn’t do it on their own right they do have a village around them and and people that they’re relying on for all these different areas of expertise and and nobody really talks about it or shares it right oh that’s that’s the opposite of me so first of all Village in the sense of my community but for personal and for business and I say this to everywhere I do training develop and design your own personal board of directors and I have chosen these humans that I mentioned those are business related that I just mentioned because they will call me out they will tell me so no no really crud I just did all this work on it yeah no right and that’s what I need I don’t need someone being my yaysayer for everything oh yeah that’s great let’s do it no because I need your filter I need your expertise I need your perspective because that’s who I’m serving in the world and if I don’t listen to yours who am I to be saying that I’m listening to others then then this business truly is just about me and I don’t want it to be about me yeah makes me reminds me of Jim rohn’s quote of we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with and sounds like you’ve got a very good network of folks you can spend your most time with and and that you preach that as well what any any additional thoughts on that um on that quote

yeah I I do you know it’s I’m gonna say this to anyone watching that has kids that’s what came to my mind my daughter’s gonna be nine I know it’s young but I pay attention to that now who’s she hanging out with and as parents who and that you because you start Young if you learn when you’re younger who do you have in your life if you’re having everyone that is comfortable humans that don’t like to step out of their comfort zone or be people who like to strive for expertise or strive for excellence and they’re happy with the status quo guess what you’re going to become that way too yeah and I realize and know that for me and that’s why I with that quote which I love I say start when you’re younger start with your children make sure they understand that the people they choose around them and be that model like my daughter said to me yesterday okay mommy who’s coming over now anyone who follows me knows that I’m a people collector connector everyone I collect and then when they come into the space because of my uh deep ability to read energy I can sense that this intuitively what people come to the table with and everyone gets a smile and a welcome and then the people that I know are connecting in a certain way get go it goes beyond that but I don’t feel like I have to do that for everyone so when my daughter watches that or she experiences that now and she’s going out to play she’s like there was this new kid and this kid told me I have to do it this way and this kid said I had to do it that way I am challenging her and saying what do you want and Nadia who’s in your life and she’s and she like I said she’s eight go on nine so I say start young because then you’re helping them and have that mindset yeah that is fantastic so last question here as you think about the next three to five years what’s the biggest challenge that you see in getting to your goals and who are the types of people that you’re gonna need to help you resolve or overcome those challenges all the people that I have I need them still please stay with me um people like you Tim people I continue to collect along the way the next um five to seven years is that what you said I think three to five three to five I’m like Oh my God in high school then that’s a scary feeling um you know beyond my friends and family I think on a professional level what I really see me doing is I want to scale right that’s my vision but I realized yesterday that what does scaling mean to me I I am actually looking at being a consultant and having Consultants work with me and at first I felt guilty about that like shouldn’t I want to hire people and do all that but with my focus being in my 50s on a child I was trying to figure out a way to do what I love to do that I’m doing now to speak and train um that’s I’m gonna put out there that’s I’m I think I’m the talent and I need an agent to handle so when I’m learning how to do right now which I’m doing you know great at because of the people around me but I need to continue to collect people to say Sono you need to get this certification sonal here’s how you do the CEO part of the business sonal here’s how you set up the financial this is what I continue to collect and and these are the things I’m seeking yeah yeah right and not from places that they’re like and it’s gonna cost you five thousand dollars because I’m like and that’s that cash flow conversation yeah yeah right and so another shout out to a human that just met me that is so brilliant and amazing Ava Taylor she just took me in right away and she was like oh my gosh I believe in you and here’s what you need to do next and she runs um you know one of the the organizations in town where they help minority businesses and I was like I had no idea this existed as a resource right yeah and so I said to her what other resources are there because I had no idea that these things are in place for people like me who are seeking stability in the how to’s yeah so what do I need for the next three to five years I forecast that I’m gonna serve a multitude of companies and organizations in emotional intelligence in diversity not just diversity alone but through the lens of emotional intelligence so people can continue to be inspired to show up every day in their true authentic ourselves and be received I want to do that with a support group to help me manage my life so that I can also have quality time with my family I’m taking care of my parents who are in their 80s I want both I do I want it all yeah and so that’s the way I can manage that is if I set it up that way yeah I love you’ve mentioned it a few times through but just the power of manifesting right the Law of Attraction the energy that we put out is what we bring together and and for those listening if you don’t believe it spend some time researching it right Think and Grow Rich is a great book The Secret’s a great movie like learn more about this manifesting thing I’ve been on this journey for about 18 months and it’s just incredible the power of of manifesting so thank you Sono for talking so much welcome today um it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people in your life so if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them you’re gonna make me cry um I I couldn’t do it without you each one of you I have Goose I have God bumps right now in my arms each one of you brings so much to me you fill my cup in so many ways each one differently and uniquely and that’s what makes it so perfect so every single one of them I am hopefully there for them in the way they are here for me and um I want to thank you for having faith in me and believing in me and um this is what I tell everyone and I did want to say Aaron Sanford thank you for having faith in me as well but I did want to say here’s the one thing I tell everyone who is in my journey when I get there because I will get there I will rent a yacht forget that I will own the yacht there we go yeah and I’m gonna have a big party and all of them need to be there with me I can’t celebrate alone and so every time someone supports me and they’re in my life and I’m like you better be ready to go on a yacht trip if you have motion sickness go take something for it you’re like what are you talking about and I’m like if you are all filling it for me so that’s what I would say to each and every one of them and I and in my brain I hear all these other names coming to my head I’m like sonal if if I didn’t mention their name they’re all incremental I mean every single one of them and that’s what I would tell them keep and most importantly keep being you don’t change who you are to be what others want from you be you that is what matters because bottom line Tim when we tell people who they are and that’s why I designed those decks of cards right to teach people how to pass them out and let people know how you value them when people feel valued they show up on purpose

amen awesome so thank you very much Sono for being on the show today it was an absolute pleasure speaking with you welcome it was it was my honor to be around you Tim so I appreciate that and to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made as a myth show with your host coach Tim cancel be sure to help us spread this Movement by liking the show and posting on your social media and to join our movement go to bmadtogether.com all right folks that’s a wrap let’s make sure to pay it forward and I’ll see you all next time take care hi