June 29, 2022

Episode #40: Dr Ben Spears & Matt Vigh

Dr. Ben has always pushed the boundaries of his business endeavors. After starting his Chiropractic practice in the middle of the recession with zero patients, he quickly grew it, even as an all cash practice.

After selling that business, he knew he had to continue to scratch that entrepreneur itch. He got his real estate license, crushed his first couple of years, and quickly discovered his passion for marketing and hasn’t looked back. He quickly grew an immediately profitable marketing business for Realtors, and now is obsessed with helping Brokerages reach their full potential in this digital landscape.

MATT VIGH: (pronounced like high with a V)

Matt Vigh is an author, speaker, podcast host with over 25 years of experience in real estate. Anyone who knows Matt will always speak first of his expertise of the Real Estate industry and his uncanny leadership ability. He was recently a broker of one of the largest brokerages in the Tampa area and saw growth year after year regardless of the market.

Before becoming the Broker/Owner of a Century 21 Franchise system he was an Independent Educational Consultant for the Glynn County School system and taught Personality Profiling for an HR company at Glynco, Georgia.

He began his Real Estate Career in the late 1990’s and was the Top Producing agent in his office after just one year in the business. Shortly there after he purchased that Company just 3 years after being in the industry. As the Top Agent he sold that brokerage to a larger company and became a Regional Manager for that Company where he worked for almost 10 years before moving to Tampa, Florida.

Together they host the #1 ranked Brokerage Growth podcast “The Brokerpreneur Podcast” as well as co-own the rapid growing broker coaching company Prospect Boomerang.

Our company Prospect Boomerang:

They now own Prospect Boomerang, a real estate broker coaching company that focuses specifically on profitability and growth. They help brokers achieve true freedom and scale legacy brokerage that can run with or without them. They focus on the 4 Pillars of all successful businesses. Prospect Boomerang is very specific with their clientele, working exclusively with brokers who have an entrepreneurial mindset. The result is a brokerage that grows quickly and efficiently through proven processes. With brokers from all over the country, Prospect Boomerang just wants to be part of your win.

Go to ProspectBoomerang.com and schedule a free discovery call and learn more about our Brokerpreneur Community.


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for the self made is a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners about their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks that came along to help us to excel today i’m excited to have two fellow business owners from florida with us today my guests are dr ben and matt welcome to the show guys hey how’s it going tim happy to be here i was super grateful for the for the chance to come on and uh share some share some time with you tim thanks a lot awesome well hey let me uh start with having both of you uh introduce yourself and tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born and uh about your family and some of your hobbies yeah sure i’ll i’ll start how about that i’m dr ben i’m dr vince spears and i’m from i’m originally from eastern kentucky in pikeville kentucky i moved to florida with my with my wife and my two kids um because she was offered her dream job here here down in tampa i was a chiropractor up there for about eight years moved down moved down here got my real estate license we’ll get into that a little bit a little bit more and that’s how we kind of you know matt and i kind of met as far as my family have a beautiful wife james i’m so grateful for and then you know two little boys marshall and emmett who are 10 and 8 years old and you know they they are my hobby my second job my hobby anything else anything else that i have outside prospect boomerang that’s what they are but um you know we go to the golf club you know for a hobby we go to the golf course every single day um as a family and and just kind of hanging and hang out and chill wonderful yeah and i’m on that by born in tampa one in tampa florida moved to south georgia uh when i was when i was about 10 years old uh the youngest of six kids uh raised by raised by a single mom and uh and uh you know uh loved business from i don’t even know what age but just thought business was the coolest thing would draw little mazes on paper and sell it and the first thing i remember selling was in like fourth grade so i had a book and i’d draw mazes and i’d sold it you know two or three mazes to people for 10 cents i wish i could have stayed but the uh uh so i’ve always always loved business uh taught karate and school for uh for a long time have always been in kind of those uh those careers that allowed me to kind of work with people and help them kind of go to the next level so of course real estate was a you know the next uh the next best thing to do when it comes to uh when it comes to helping people build you know not just uh not just wealth but you know a real foundation for the family and uh and so you know uh got into uh got into real estate in the late 90s and uh purchased a company really early in my career and then you know got it profitable and turned around and sold that to uh to to somebody else’s work for a large uh brokerage was a regional manager for them for about 10 years and then uh and then you know came back to tampa to be uh to be close to family and uh and worked at another really large brokerage was a regional manager for 10 more years and that’s that’s actually where i met uh when i met dr ben and so there’s a lot more to that story for you know as always but uh but that might maybe that’ll get us started yeah well let’s let’s dig into that a little bit tell us about how the business came about and you know at what point did you guys uh did you know that or have the confidence that uh you could make this work how long did you go first this time a little staggered yeah they were awesome so if anybody uh so we have a we have a podcast as well if anybody listens to a 2r podcast it’s just uh really out of line that we’re taking turns normally what happens is ben starts talking and i talk over the top of him and then he makes jokes about me talking over the top right now and that’s kind of how it all that’s that’s honestly kind of how it all got started so so ben came to to work with the brokerage that uh that i worked at he had a really good first year in in real estate you know just crushed it did about eight million in volume in his first year no sphere of influence anything like that and so of course everybody at the brokerage he was with was like well ben how are you doing that can you help me do it which he kind of started a media company at that at the same point transitioning to help other help other agents at that point you know we knew we knew him he came on uh he came on board with that with with our company and then uh from from that point you know he and i started talking you know real funny story you know going back to the whole podcast thing you know uh so he and and another broker and and another guy that that he worked with pretty closely in his media company you know came in one friday and said hey matt you know you know we should do a podcast and i was like man i’m so busy i don’t have time for a podcast and you’re kidding me podcast is ridiculous nobody listens to podcasts all that stupid stuff right and uh and so you know so he so they all go okay well you know whatever and so as they’re walking out ben says uh i’ll see you next friday i’m like you can come in all the fridays you want i’m not doing a podcast so next friday he comes in and and you know they all come in and he’s like hey do you want to make you want to do a podcast i’m like no man i’m still too busy on what right and uh and then you know the third week he comes in and he goes hey you ready to do the podcast i’m like look i’ll give it a shot absolutely loved it from the from the beginning right i mean the the coolest thing is you know uh you know he likes to help people i like to help people you like to help people right this is a great venue to be able to do that with and uh and and you know the fact that you can have great conversations with good people and and they help other people and there’s so many lessons that can be learned in something and then you can archive and people can go back and dig into it over and over it’s just super is super helpful so we’ve got to i’ve got to give them some some some credit on that he was a uh you know he was the one that kind of got that kind of got that going for so that’s a little bit about how we uh a little bit about how we met and i’ll let you know i’ll quit talking for a second and let ben talk about how yeah so uh you know everyone who knows matt professionally or personally you know knows essentially he’s i’ll say he’s the smartest man in real estate that i’ve ever that i’ve ever met or listened to you know a lot of people out there who we’ve all heard of maybe in the real estate industry um or outside that that will call and ask matt what’s your opinion on this or what you know what are your thoughts on the market and that kind of thing and i was one i was one of those um just not famous and so you know i basically said matt man you know there’s there’s there’s got to be some there’s got to be something we can do with all this information that you’re just you know giving away which we give away so much information you know still and and and just try to provide value to as many people as possible my skill set for lack of better words is i’m just really good at taking you know other people’s ideas and and kind of you know i’ll say weaponizing them you know in a funny way uh and i love mark and i love marketing and so you know whenever i meet whenever i meet you know smart people you know my brain just starts my brain just starts working says you know what can we do what can we do with this right and then as soon as i bring that up you know matt’s like well here are a million different things that that we that we can do for this and you know it was kind of just like you know you know one so here comes the interruption one of the videos

that was like well i’m really on the same page with this person yeah and uh you know we can do something special with that so ben ben and his uh his partner were were putting together a cool it was a there was a really good course that was going to help that was going to help agents with a little bit of what they do through his uh through his media company and uh and he said hey matt do you have any information on you know some open house stuff and i said yeah yeah let me uh and so i grab my computer and i open and i plug an external drive in and and i open up this external drive with classes and courses and things i gathered and things that built and stuff and all and it’s it’s a it’s a terabyte full of just stuff and ben starts looking through it and there’s folders on open houses and how to how to train on this and multiple offer classes and and just everything that would that you can imagine within videos that i compiled and and just stuff that i’ve done that in the when something was going on in the real estate business i was like hey here’s how we can here’s how we can attack that and he was like why is this all sitting on this drive yeah guys imagine imagine like your favorite artist

you know this has written all these songs and they’ve got these notebooks right by the way no one’s ever heard of them no one’s ever heard of them you know on a on a global scale and and you find them you’re reading through this you’re like these songs are amazing that’s exactly what that external draft that hard drive was i was like why why in the world are you not using using this or at least sharing this with everybody it was just so much so much stuff that he had made and built or written over decades of real estate so and and i would i would share it with people and because my main job was business right my main job wasn’t necessarily teaching or coaching that was only a portion of what i did it just didn’t get leveraged into other people’s business the way that the way that it needed to and anytime there’s a problem i want to solve it right i just want to get to that i want to get to the bottom of it and so that’s what that was it was just full of a bunch of solutions and ben was like well you know how about if we take just a little bit of this what what is the biggest need that that you see with real estate brokers or agents and i said well agents have a lot of resources already right there’s a lot of great coaches out there there’s a lot of great information there’s you know there’s 100 1.3 million realtors right but there’s 106 000 brokers right so so the brokers just don’t get the same level of attention and the brokers are kind of expected to know what their job is right automatically they kind of they’re like well if i paid all this money and i stepped up and everybody’s saying that other people have to come to me for answers legally then i should know what i’m doing and so they lean into that persona of thinking that they should know what they’re thinking that they should know what they’re doing and some of them are really really really good they really have it figured out and then a bunch of them have a lot of it figured out but could use some help and then there’s some out there that are just clueless as we as we know that’s the same with any with any business right so tell us more about the business then what do you guys do at prospect boomerang yeah cool so uh so ben you want to dig into this yeah i was just you know you said you know if they’ve got a problem i’ll you know i just want to solve it made me think you know you got vanilla ice oh i said of real estate so we’re going to break it down now i’m going to lay the baseline and you’re going to get a problem you know i’ll solve it

so so prospect boomerang is is is a broker profitability and growth coaching company um you know essentially what we do is we work with you know brokers across the country no matter what phase or stage of the business that they’re in to help them really you know we we call it going from salesperson to ceos there’s you know several of them who got their broker’s license to grow this legacy business that you know can work with or without them that’s what we helped them do then they found themselves well gosh you know i still need to go on listing appointments or i still need to sell or i still need to do showings and open houses and all these things you know to keep the to keep the uh the lights on we’ll say you know at the beginning of their brokerage and then just couldn’t couldn’t you know transition out of that of course we help you know some of the largest brokerages in the country as well uh you know really really helping them basically just um increase their growth and profitability by getting their agents more you know more productive as well as you know helping them set appointments to uh to grow their to grow their their agent base uh with with it within their brokerage but it’s all done from a relationship standpoint not just a number standpoint we don’t you know we’re not a huge proponent of just you know what matt terms smile and dial but but specifically you know we’re for we’re for brokers uh who are entrepreneurial and you know kind of want to go from from broker to just like our podcast is called from broker to brokerpreneur that’s what we call that i love it hey guys what’s your um biggest learning as business owners yeah so uh so it’s it’s really easy to uh know how to deliver i mean i think most people whenever they get into whatever it is that they’re doing from a business standpoint they kind of know how to deliver what it is that they that their their business says it’s gonna deliver right so if you have a coaching business you kind of know how to coach right if you’re an electrician you know how to plug things into an electrical box right everybody’s kind of got that figured out the the big thing uh for us was you know taking everything and systemizing it so from the very beginning of the lead you know generating that first opportunity to make that connection from that lead all the way through fulfillment you know that has to be a very set process and so that was a big part of what we what we you know leaned into in the beginning because we’re both business-minded so we won’t have a heck of a head start but it’s never perfect right and so you know we had to dig into okay is this the best way to deliver this is this the best way to connect with the people that that we know or our target audience is this the best way to have these conversations how do we get them signed up how do we onboard them properly how do we get them introduced to all the things that they have so that they’re leveraging them instead of just letting them sit on the shelf because that was a big thing with us we didn’t want to offer anything that people just said oh i’ve got this let me set it aside and keep doing the same thing i was doing before right we feel like that’s a waste of our time and a waste of their money and we just don’t want them to do that we’d rather not deal with those type of those type of clients we we want people that are gonna that are gonna take the things that we’re talking about and be intentional and grow the business so that means everything had to be really systemized so i think that was probably the biggest thing for us is getting getting everything systemized from from the beginning to uh to you know delivery uh and fulfillment we’ll call it in a way that we could measure it so it wasn’t just a matter of did you did you get a client this week yeah that’s great we got a client this week did you start coaching them yeah we started coaching great are they going to the events and challenges yeah they’re going to the events and challenges wonderful let’s do that all again that sounds really simple and really easy but man there’s so many steps otherwise you know this you have attrition right you you end up people fall between the cracks they fall in the crevices of delivery and then the next thing you know you’ve got a bunch of different people a bunch of different crevices and you’re trying to pull them all back out and get them back on track and if you don’t have a system in place i’m not gonna just say that’s hard i’m gonna say it’s impossible it’s not sustainable and so that was the first thing that we really lean into yeah completely agree so guys we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so i’d like to hear a challenge from each of your perspectives of something that has come up over the years and and a fellow business owner that came alongside you and helped you through that challenge gotcha um gosh i i mean i could easily point at matt every at the answer to every bit of that

but but one thing that

one thing that that really you know kind of challenge you know is the challenge was a challenge to me rather is it’s easy to just want to deliver information right as a business owner it is just like hear all the things that i know and you know let me share all these different steps and all these different solutions you know and and from a marketing standpoint you know everything that you read is all about uh you know determine someone’s this determine you know what someone’s pain is or you know drive them toward pleasure and that kind of thing and and and i would always kind of think of what information do we have you know that that that could that could accomplish you know those results and and i say results because that was that’s essentially the answer you know what when i when i met matt you know he was he was so results-focused which of course every business you know once most you know amazing results and and that’s what we focus on of course internally but i i i found myself too many times sharing information that is well you can get that on google you can get that on youtube you can get you know you can get real information and fake information wherever you want right um but that’s not that’s that’s not necessarily what what what everyone’s looking for you know they want to know gosh you know if if i if i use this business or if i use this service or if i chew this gum you know is it gonna make my breath smell good is this soap gonna make my uh you know not make me stink anymore that kind of thing it’s those it’s those results it’s those results that that really help drive that conversation and and drive that relationship between you know you as a business owner and your customer and and and i’ll tell you this this guy right here i’m pointing at math very much just listening um was probably the the biggest influencer you know for for me in in that area yeah and i’ll give i’ll give kudos to ben to begin with there’s there’s a couple of people that really have made a huge difference but you know giving kudos to ben to start with is you know so so many times you know being a result of focus like that wow so many times i knew what people needed and man you know this from coaching you know so many times what they need you have to get them what they want so that they can feel comfortable doing what they need right yes and and so uh and so you know ben’s really good at that then ben really understands that part of that so that was that was a huge help for for us right it wasn’t just about me being able to listen to somebody for 30 seconds in their business that they’ve been building a real estate business they’ve been building for 10 years ago okay here’s the three things that you need to do and they’re like no you don’t understand and i’m like i do understand but but lynn was really good at saying well matt you know the reason why they’re not hearing what they need is because you they don’t know that you’ve listened to what they want right and uh and so that was uh that was really helpful my wife is just right i’ve always worked with i’ve always worked with my with my wife and and she is about a straight shooter as you can as you can run into right and uh and she is all about she’s just like me she’s all about results and everything we don’t always see hot things eye to eye but absolutely she keeps me grounded in an incredible way that that is that is super helpful how you know early on in in my career you know i taught school and the principal that i taught school with i did it on a contract basis and the principal that i taught school with uh was was just an incredible absolutely incredible person and she was very business-minded but helped me understand that being business-minded didn’t mean that you couldn’t be compassionate because a lot of times you know i grew up in the 80s right and so in the 80s it was kind of like either you were a shrewd business person with no compassion or you were too compassionate person that couldn’t live right that’s just what society taught you and uh and and she was she was both of those right she ran the school extremely efficiently and she was a super uh you know a super empathetic and compassionate person that showed me that you could that you could have the balance between the two between the two of those you know i’ve worked with other broker owners of large organizations that always gave me the chance you know to uh to be able to grow which was which was huge and uh and you know i think that’s something that’s sometimes missed with uh with real estate brokerages if you’re not really connected with the broker you’re not really connected with the owner or if they really don’t have what’s best in mind for you if it really is just about the dollars for them there’s a loss in support that you get and you go out in your business and whether you know it or not you go other places trying to find it i think that’s why a lot of people leave one brokerage and go to another brokerage you know they say that they want a certain commission split they say that they want a certain financial uh benefit right and then they get there and they realize what they gave up to get that and and then they go out and start searching and paying in other places and spending all this time to find that connection with somebody that they could have had had they had a broker relationship that is truly around around business now some people would rather be in that situation where they’re alone and reach out and and talk to and connect with their coach or talk to and connect with a mentor and i love that if that’s their if that’s what they want to do that’s absolutely what they should do but what i don’t like is i don’t like seeing people search for that solution and not realize that that’s really what they’re looking for because if they’re if they’re lost they’re going to spend a lot of time effort energy and resources on trying to find something that was actually there in front of them but they were just looking at it the wrong way and you’re a coach i’d love to hear you i’d love to hear your opinion on that did i fall off the horse on that or is that something that’s that’s bottom up yeah i know absolutely right we everybody has um a need to grow and develop but we all have different ways or preferences of how we get there so to your point i keep in keeping an open mind to you know some people are gonna prefer a video right or one-on-one or in a group setting or you know reading a book and so i i every week with my clients i challenge them that what is your personal growth plan right and do it in a way that fits your learning style right we use the the vak right the visual auditory um right purpose you know so if if you’re a hands-on learner then let’s get you in you know learning in a in a group setting where it’s interactive if you’re a visual learner watch a video if you’re an auditory learner listen to a podcast right make sure that you’re not um not investing in your learning just because you haven’t found the the right medium for you yeah yeah that’s so good yeah i like that yeah it’s so good so um dr ben uh we heard a few other um examples of people in matt’s life who are some folks that has have helped you along the way in terms of your own personal growth and development as well as you know helping the business that you’d like to give a shout out to today gosh let me get my santa’s list out you know of course of course i’ll start with my wife you know i definitely wouldn’t i definitely wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for her um you know she she keeps me very grounded i’m one of those guys that i can i can live at 30 000 feet you know all day long and she’s like well remember we got to eat dinner at the same time

i call her the cfo of our family because you know she just takes care of all those things that man i just i i don’t i don’t have any any desire to take care of and then you know as far as as far as you know mother and mother to to my children she’s absolutely fantastic um you know on top of that you know i gotta i gotta thank both both of my parents and uh you know that they very much stressed education um with me and learning from from a very young age and i think that you know probably my my favorite thing that that that sparked from that was my my my we’ll say my love of reading my love of books and uh and then that has progressed into my my speed of my speed of being able to consume them because that’s just that’s one thing you know matt knows you know i’ve got a backpack and it weighs a million pounds it only has one computer in it a pen and like 17 books that i just i keep with me all the time right um you know i had a a business partner’s name jason who had you know absolutely i learned a lot from him and i’m super grateful for the relationship that i had there um gosh the the first job i’ll say real job i had summer jobs of course that i ever had uh i was i was an associate you know to another chiropractor and i learned a lot of life lessons you know just from you know because they don’t teach you how to be a business person in chiropractic school they say here’s the central nervous system you know go get them tiger and uh and so you know i learned i learned a tremendous amount of just you know how to how to run a business uh from a systems standpoint and uh and you know how to how to how to treat all the people that that you uh that work with you and for you every single day so i’m super grateful for that but uh you know on top of that i’ve met you know so many people through our podcast when i was you know when i was an agent and chris stewart who at the time was um ceo of berkshire hathaway home services and now he’s the president of place which is another real real estate company you know i was able to to ask him hey would you mind just you know i met him at a speaking event he was speaking as i went up to i said would you mind just you know getting on a call with me and kind of being like a mentor to me and you know he was he was always so gracious and and grateful and not grateful but i’m open to giving me you know his time and to to this day um i could send him a text or give him a call and i know he’s going to answer and so you know those types of relationships and i can just go on and on with with different people like that i’m just so grateful for bob berg you know another one of the authors that you have the go-giver i talked to him on linkedin all the time and and he’s you know uh gotten gotten us in touch with so many people like frank again and and then you know and just as me just as much as the people who have helped have helped myself or or matt in business it’s it’s just it’s just as rewarding and just as as just as amazing for those people that you know we’ve been able to pass that information to right there there’s several coaching clients that he has or people that i talk with you know about you know helping them with their business on on a regular basis that yes i’m there and i’m sharing here’s here’s my insight here’s what i would do in that situation that kind of thing but i’ve never had one of those calls where they didn’t teach me something where they didn’t teach me something as well or spark an idea that i was like well i never thought about that you should you should do this so again tim is a great ex tim is a great example of this you know here we are we’re on we’re on a podcast we’re we’re sharing our information um you know to to his to his audience that again we would have you know no access to that audience if tim wasn’t like man i really enjoyed what you guys are doing let’s uh let’s let’s share this let’s show people that gosh you know you you don’t have to do it alone nor can you

you mentioned that the chiropractic school it’s amazing to me that um i talk about this a lot the school system teaches us how to be employees right it doesn’t just have to be business owners and then for those of us who have gone out on our own there’s this humongous learning curve of oh there’s like a thousand hats i have to wear as a business owner that i was completely ill-prepared to take yeah yeah i remember my first day that i opened my chiropractic practice that where i was the owner and i remember sitting there you know and i obviously had signed a lease for a commercial space that kind of thing and i looked around and no one was there and i was like what did i get myself what did they get you know obviously it grew so that was you know that was great but uh yeah it was it’s it’s it’s it’s interesting business is very interesting dynamic ever-changing and i think that’s what you know i know that’s at least what i love i love about every single day is different yeah awesome so matt as we think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges you see that the business is going to face in achieving your goals and who are the type of people you’re going to need to overcome those challenges yeah so uh so there there is a lot of drive towards uh you know ben said earlier in the conversation you know we’re relationship driven with what we do in our in our business right but there’s a lot of noise in the market there’s a lot of distractions in the market that ai and technology is just going to take over and people are going to be right worthless

there’s just going to be a wallet that automatically opens whenever and so you know we don’t we don’t believe that sales is a is a numbers game okay we believe that sales is a relationship game but the first rule is numbers right so and so that big picture that’s how we that’s how we look at that so uh so that doesn’t mean that and and this is important and this is what i think the big thing happening is that there are going to be things that certainly impact technology and ai and all that kind of stuff are certainly going to impact how things grow and how they change and all of that we’re nobody’s arguing that as far as i’m as far as i’m concerned how that fits into day-to-day business is going to be dynamic meaning that we’re going to have to pay really close attention to what’s happening we’re gonna have to keep an eye on what’s coming down the road we’re gonna have to make adjustments along the way we’re gonna have to say this is great it’s gonna help us this way this is not great it sucks it needs to get the hell out of our business all of that we’re gonna have to figure out as we go along along the way and so i think that’s going to be the biggest change i think there’s going to be a very rapid change with all of that and uh and so businesses that are just you know looking down and looking at their sales and ignoring everything else i think those are the ones that are that are at risk the ones that are not being intentional with how this new technology and leverage is going to come into play those are going to be the ones at risk we don’t plan on getting tripped up by that but the reality is there’s a lot of things that happen in business that we didn’t plan on

so being really uh you know being really instead of being macro about this let me be micro about this a little bit uh hopefully this will help the audience so ai is going to be really important in crms okay there’s a ton of data out there and the data cannot be compiled aggregated and filtered through by a person and it’d be accurate because there’s just too much data just like there’s too much content out there right now if you go out there and put sales training in youtube and type that in like that billions right so now all of that information has something valuable in it well the same thing is happening with people’s purchasing habits the same thing is happening with people’s uh you know personal habits on what they’re doing and how they’re changing and what generation you’re with and all that kind of stuff that’s in my opinion that’s where ai is going to really make the difference is being able to gather and aggregate that in a way so that you can be more personal in your relationship with people okay so that’s what i think is going to i think that’s going to be a big thing that that comes down the pike is crms are going to be much more intelligent you know there’s somebody’s going to come along or figure something out that they’re going to take ai and put it really deep into the crm so that the crm is learning and gathering all of this data and doing things with it so that we can we can be more connected with people because right now people already expect us to be smarter about what we know about them right you can’t just you can’t just pick up the phone and go hey i don’t know anything about you i’d like to sell you something they’re like what man i got stuff popping up on amazon that tells me i need a new pair of shoes because i looked at hiking boots three weeks ago and you’re gonna and you’re gonna roll up not knowing anything people don’t want that that’s that’s why i think the first big iteration is going to come with artificial learning it’s not just about hey do you like this color in this house and this room and you want an open floor plan man it’s going to be so much more than that it’s going to be where you’re searching schools and where you’re searching toilet seats and home depot does that mean that you want to move which means you know what are your purchasing habits how long do you normally take before you make a decision do you like purchasing online or do you want to purchase it online and have it delivered to your house you want to purchase online you want to pick it up all those things are going to be aggregated in a way that allows us as people that are the ones providing a service or providing the product are going to have to be more intelligent about that that’s what i think is coming and and we’re trying to be positioned for that as well as we possibly can but but the bottom line is you know we’re just going to have to as that stuff evolves we’re gonna have to keep our head up be intentional and try to move in the right direction sorry i didn’t mean to ramble about that thank you ben what about you what are your thoughts on the challenges over the next few years

i can i can agree with everything that he just said you know i look at everything you know from from a marketing standpoint uh it is so you know you can go into you know what what does the metaverse look like you know i look at that i look at that stuff all the time uh you know what platforms you know so so i’m always thinking like what platforms seem like they’re fizzling out is there any is there a platform that i’ve um i’ve never heard of or i’ve just recently heard of like you know like a sage a sage spot um you know which is kind of a cool platform that that’s starting to come up uh you know are our people are people look at people looking to connect with others uh the same way that that they used to connect right because it used to be you know we would send a letter to someone and then it was um you know let’s let’s let’s call them on the telephone and now it’s um you know now we’re now we’re using face now we’re using facetime or we’re using zoom and uh it used to be okay you know post a picture and you know am i getting am i getting you know lots of likes or whatever and then you know likes have evolved into celebrations and his support and you know all these different emote you know and and people even you know communicating with emojis alone right just using symbols to communicate so uh i i don’t know that it stays in a world of even though we get those you know those those that serotonin release um i don’t know if it stays in a world of i i post content um and everyone just gives me a thumbs up or likes it or makes it a comment and and and that’s that’s that’s what i’m looking for that’s what that because i think i think just as much as people get tired of just uh overwhelming amounts of information that i think they’re going to get tired of oh let me take another picture of this thing and send it and see if somebody likes it and and i just i just want to know before everyone else does you know what what what that’s what that thing looks like and of course there’s uh just like i said you know a lot of things being built now by smarter people than me um and they’re not sure if that’s what’s going to catch on catch on or not i’m not sure either but i just want you know for me the challenge would be keeping keeping your finger on that pulse uh linkedin’s a great example you know so many uh i know when i was younger it was like linkedin was just for you know old people who wanted to who are either looking for a job or looking to hire somebody yeah and and i connect i connect with so many people on linkedin every single day and i can see those i can see those numbers of of how much content is being posted on linkedin from an organic standpoint and and link linkedin is growing linkedin is is as a business as a business owner it’s a really cool place to place to be i don’t think you’re ever gonna see things like uh i don’t think you’re ever going to see things like you know here’s um you know my family on vacation at disney world you know type stuff on linkedin um but i think because it’s so specific uh you’re going to be able to actually network with you’re going to be able actually to network which is what linkedin was for network with people there instead of either just trying to sell them like a bot right um or or post content to try and get a thumbs up or some kind of uh yeah so we’re wheeling it’s the world’s water cooler right i mean so you know the uh uh i think one of the one of the big things i mean to ben’s point is you know really quickly the innovator becomes the incumbent you know it used to take a long time for that to happen those days are over yeah i mean that that happens at the same pace right and part at the same pace that things are launched they’re becoming irrelevant right so um you know you you watch you know you hear people talk about hollywood in the in the old days right and there would be one or two movies that would and then you know in the over the weekend every month would launch and now you’re getting things on digital streaming at the same time that you’re getting them on uh you know at the movie theater and people are making decisions between both of those and that some things aren’t launched that way and and the incumbents that for such a long time where a certain way of doing things that all changes it all shifts and and we don’t know which ones are going to shift quickly and which ones aren’t going to shift quickly right and so that’s a that’s a big thing for us is to try to pay attention and i think any business owner not just us but but to pay attention to that because you know you can’t just go okay that’s the incumbent let’s just kind of stay in line with that line of thinking let’s do our ad spend on facebook let’s make sure that we’re you know going to instagram because that’s where everybody’s at all the millennials are on instagram you know and all those things just aren’t true and they’ll change overnight and then you’re standing there with a plan that that you thought was a great plan you know that took you six months to put together and put in place and the next morning it’s no good right so all of those things are what we have to all of those things and what we have to what we have to pay attention to and that’s kind of what we like about you know our job is you know brokers they have their head down right and and if they’re really good at what they do they have their head down they pick up they look around a little bit and they make some adjustments and then they put their head back down and they pick their head back up and they look around okay what the way that we look at it is we’re standing up the whole time looking around and when they pick their head up we’re saying hey look over this way this is part of what you need to pay attention to don’t make all the adjustments based on that but don’t forget when you pick your head up we don’t want you to miss this over here that’s what we’re really really really good at we want to help them make sure that those things are in place that way so that they’re not just when they when they take that minute to pick their head up because they don’t have a whole lot of time to do it when they pick their head up they’re focused and intentional on the right thing that’s what we that’s what we try to do and so we try to keep up with that but we know that you know that it’s it’s impossible right there’s the right yeah you just have to be a few steps ahead of everyone else so guys just uh last question here if there was something negative that happened in the business who’s the first person you’d call and what would you want from that person let me go first yeah go first i’m thinking about that yeah yeah that’s a great that is a great question uh ghostbusters would be my answers because if who you’re going to call

but no seriously if there’s it depends on what the issue is right uh different issues you know what we’re fortunate enough to have believed in relationships very early on in our business so we’ve done a really good job of networking with a lot of really smart people and so if certain things happen we have the ability of being able to pick our head up from that from that problem not get overwhelmed with it going back to the example we gave just a second ago and reach out to part of our network of people that are like hey this is this is what direction you can you can go on that and i’ll use frank as an example because we both would both love frank right all three of us left frank so um you know if if we have an issue with something we can say and and we don’t know where to go with that we would reach out to frank right and we would say hey frank do you know anybody that helps out with this and frank is going to go oh yeah well maybe i do but maybe you need to talk to that person but there’s other problems right if if we saw other things happening you know like like ben said you know we stay connected with that with chris you know he’s just a super brilliant guy and uh and you know his head has had a very successful career in a lot of things that are about startup and leveraging information and data and so if it was something in that arena absolutely that’s who that’s who we would reach out to so i think probably for me the big picture answer to your question would be build a network before you need it love it and so you’re gonna have to you’re gonna have to be valuable to other people for a very long time so that whenever you need that that when you have that question those people are excited to help yes because you’ve led with that value first i mean that’s that’s the way we look at it i mean we don’t just you know we just don’t we don’t just tell our brokers hey you need to do value first when you’re when you’re doing whatever you’re doing we believe in doing that so so a big portion of every one of our days is to reaching out to people we know and going hey is there anything we can do for you we just thought of you you know we’d love to help is there something we can do so that way later if there is a time that it comes we don’t want to feel like we’re just reaching out asking for a favor out of the group we want to feel like we have a relationship with them that’s supportive both ways and if we need their assistance they want to be there for us awesome and i will of course i’m going to add i’m going to add three things you know one is ditto to everything matt said um another one is i was i was i won’t say warned but uh you said use caution you know whenever you get into business with someone and and or form a partnership right because you know it truly kind of can feel like a marriage sometime right because your business like your baby and and and i look back and i’ve been in business by myself several times i’ve been in business you know with a partner several times and and in the uh every time that i had a partner it was always great um to have someone to bounce ideas off of or you know not feel like me and if something negative did happen in that business that it was all on your shoulders and you didn’t really have any you know anyone to maybe like uh yeah that vet that with yeah and and so you know i i think you know for for people who are in business whatever you know it doesn’t always mean like hey go grab a partner if you don’t have one but man you you want that person that’s so close to kind of what you’re doing uh you know it’s gonna have a great you know large network but you know find that one person it’s like man like we’re gonna meet every single week you know if we’re not partners and we’re going to talk about this right and you know and i’m going to be just as much vested in your business as as as you are mine that’s one of the benefits of having a great coach and then you know the but the last thing that i would add to that if something you know i think about this right if something negative were to happen in our business today i would immediately call tammy matt’s wife and i’d be like i’m gonna need you to tell matt this i’m just going to let you break the news let me know how it goes bye

but i think that that would be a solid plan first of all but secondly you know the other thing is is if something happens there really is a lot of content out there no there’s there’s a you know content is constipated okay we don’t need to get a whole lot into a whole lot into that but there there is so much of it that it doesn’t necessarily flow to the right place okay so that’s the example i’m gonna i’m gonna use now that’s not my verbiage i heard that in a book and i thought it was fantastic but but uh so this is the perfect time to use that so so what you have to be able to do is whenever there’s a problem you have to realize that that you’re not the only one that has ever run into that problem okay reach out so you can start on youtube you can start on social media you can start on a podcast you can there’s a lot of places that you can go that you could dig into that can first of all tell to show you that maybe it’s not as bad as what you thought it was okay sometimes it can’t be okay but maybe it’s not as bad as what you thought it was number one and number two it gives you a direction to look at that’s why we both love reading and and so many times we’ll read a book and we’ll get halfway through that book and there’s a reference to some other books and we’ll go buy that other book so that we’ll finish with this one so that we can start reading that one and so it’s this you know some people look at it like a rabbit hole on alice in wonderland we look at it like a like just a learning pyramid that just keeps is stacked on top of another pyramid on top of another period on top of another member but we’re super excited to to be able to do that well when you have a problem there’s so much information out there if you don’t know what you’re looking for it’s it’s just this horribly big huge pile of information as soon as you know what you’re looking for you can dig into that and whenever you dig into that you can find what it is and it’s going to take you down that rabbit hole to that next piece of information that’s going to help it’s going to actually make sure that you know what the next step is so you know who that person is to reach out almost every time that you do that if you don’t have a coach because i think everyone needs a coach okay so if you if you don’t have a coach it can point you in the direction of someone else that’s going to be able to help you can listen to three podcasts and go okay i hate this person’s solution this was helpful but i hate that person’s solution oh my gosh i really gel with this person and and so you going in and digging into that allows you to now connect with that person see who it is that influences them and all of a sudden your problem doesn’t seem like it’s as big because other people that have experienced it and talk about it the way that you want to learn what you mentioned before the way that you want to learn is is helping you get past that particular issue so you know i would think that would be a great solution for it sorry i’m sorry to ramble on about that too appreciate the insights guys um just wrapping up here it’s it’s been a pleasure having you on the show today and watching from you hearing of uh your wisdom and your insights and so just uh thank you so much for your time today thank you so much we’re so grateful to to to be invited we we love it and uh and we’re looking forward to you coming over to our podcast as well and uh and sharing some of that and sharing some of your insight with our audience fantastic to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking the show and sharing it on your social media and to join us go to be mad together dot com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care thanks guys