June 8, 2022

Episode #39: Will Hull – Nuparadox

Will’s been playing in the real estate space for over eight years building a rental/seller financing portfolio of 100 doors and averaging 150 transactions yearly making our mix 60% wholesale and 40% buy and holds and rehabs. He’s recently jumped into learning more about the commercial lending arena and is in the process of starting a commercial lending brokerage.

In addition to his real estate business he and his wife run a foundation and family farm. They’ve been married for 17 years and reside in Indiana. Will stay busy with his four children (Lane 13, Katelyn 11, Evan 9 and Abigail 6) with school functions, sports, showing livestock and racing.


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for the self made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks that helped us excel i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us today my guest has a double major in agriculture and business and lives on a small farm he enjoys all forms of racing and also working on the farm as his way to decompress and he’s most proud of an internal journey that him and his wife are going on to to better understand himself and and be a better version of himself it is my pleasure to welcome excuse me to welcome will to the show today hello will hey how are you tim i am awesome thank you so much for asking so hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit of your personal story where you were born where you live now about your family and your hobbies all right awesome yes so born in um in anderson indiana so you know currently live in noblesville so i didn’t journey too far from home uh outside of the school but yeah so from there grew up in anderson um uh went to st mary’s uh in grade school and then uh we kind of had this funny thing where we had an anderson address lapel school district that went to high school in lapel and then um you know went off to uh college in ohio where like you mentioned i got a um a double major one in agriculture business and um so i currently live in noblesville uh you know uh you know currently so um married got a wife uh and four kids so two boys two girls um that keep us pretty and not pretty that keep us really busy and they’re all they’re they’re they range from the oldest being 13 and the yes being six so they’re they’re all pretty active now you know um in different hobbies and sports and stuff so um kind of like you mentioned earlier uh hobbies for us is we live on a farm a small little hobby farm uh where we raise uh show cattle and our kids show cattle and livestock but i was actually starting to do some goats now today so we do a little bit of that um and then we uh we’re big race fans uh you know always been a huge fan in racing and we love all types of racing uh our kids used to race quarter midgets um uh race cars they we’re in dirt bikes now so they dirt bike and i do a lot of dirt biking my daughter’s got a four wheeler she loves riding that and so we go different trails and places to ride those but um sprint cars big time on sprint cars were in indiana indianapolis of course uh and we’re talking on the month of may the um you know the week before uh or the week of the race um so love um you know indy car racing as well so um yeah so that’s uh that’s kind of us in a nutshell i guess um but kind of you know our our family and kind of where we’re where we’re from awesome thank you so much so um will is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us i think the i think the biggest laughing point is apparently i can’t say the word cereal so i say it’s surreal i say it wrong yeah every time i’m like let’s go hurry up eat your cereal let’s go uh everybody just started laughing and and chuckling or or something like that so uh you know i guess i don’t have the best uh best grammar but yeah that the word surreal for whatever reason i can’t i can’t seem to say right or say funny and it doesn’t get old around our house so yeah they laugh the kids just crack up every single time and obviously make fun of me for it so you know you know i’m getting to that you know the kids are getting that age where um you know some some of the kids still think dad’s cool and the other one’s kind of still thinking that’s right

i love it so well tell us about how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business yeah so um you know the business kind of came about we’re in real estate investing and you know um i had a full-time job in medical device sales and uh and you know one to get in real estate uh honestly uh more passively to buy some rentals and just to um you know kind of buy some rentals and some passive income and for you know years down the road for retirement to kind of live off of um so the the whole theory behind the whole thing was hey i’d buy a house or two and rehab them take whatever money i made on that rehab and then you know buy rentals with it and have passive income and so we kind of started doing that and um you know at the time i really really enjoyed my company that i worked for um still good friends with the owner today it was a small medical distributorship you know 15 people in the company and um but the industry was changing you know this was um you know um back in probably you know i would say you know it started happening maybe in 2011 12 13 you know uh era uh the industry was changing health care was changing you know um in a big way and so i i didn’t necessarily love the job anymore i was kind of doing it for the money uh i love the company but the actual job itself um and so as that was kind of happening more and more i was the real estate theme was starting to build and build you know and i was starting to do more deals and i was just doing them on the evenings and weekends and i wasn’t working on my own houses by any means you know we had contractors doing all that um and i just kind of caught the entrepreneur buck and thought man um i think i could make a run at this you know and um so we just i kind of built it up to a certain point where i felt like it was absorbing most of my time and uh you know i called the owner of our company and and just said hey you know like you know i’m doing this real estate thing on the side i’m really you know i think i’m gonna try to make a run at it you know i’m just i love our company i’m not been but i also said like hey um you know i’m you know obviously i was prepared for that moment to be done in two weeks or that day right um right and but i also told him like hey if you want me going tomorrow great no problem i understand um but i’m also one we were a small company i covered uh indiana kentucky and i knew that mean leaving was going to really put him in a vine and you know i just chose to say hey like i’m here i’ll help you hire the next guy train this guy to take six months eight months it doesn’t matter i’m not in a hurry to make this big change right um but i just want to be upfront honest with you that it’s getting busier and i’m starting to see you know and this is what i want to do and you know i think he was obviously as anybody when you lose somebody good or that it’s kind of like but he was very grateful that we were able to do that and so i hired um the next candidate i interviewed the next candy i hired him i trained him i on board him and i actually in some way shape or form i kind of slowly leaned off of that medical device job as i ramped up this other guy and stayed on payroll for a good year and a half for two years and that really looking back was probably saving grace because i was able to ramp one business up and still have my wife was working full-time she was in the pharmaceutical she had a great job good benefits um and so it worked out great for my my you know my boss uh in his company and it worked out great for me that we were able to do this transition very smoothly um and so that’s how it all started and then i just started i was doing everything right like my wife was doing actually a lot behind the scenes in the book work and but i was going out and i was meeting with sellers i was looking at houses doing the rehabs was doing all that and um and then i just you know when i got to one capacity i hired somebody you know to fill that role to help me out just you know internally i had someone help me out administrative stuff and then i just built a team organically one person at a time as i needed uh that help and and you know today we’re you know we we got about eight to ten eight to ten team members we just hired a ceo um you know i said we’ve been in business for eight years i really do mean when i say like i think we’re just getting started like the groundwork is late we have a solid foundation that’s awesome and now we’ve hired a ceo to really i feel like we can put the foot on the gas now and the wheels won’t fall off yeah

you know that they put the foot on the gas and then but they don’t have the infrastructure and the processing systems to um withstand gas you know them so that’s where we’re at now and then so it’s it’s been it’s not been a slow journey but a very steady journey um that we’ve been on and you know i’m excited to see where we go from here so well tell us a little bit more about the company um more specifically what do you guys do how do you help folks and and if people are interested in learning more how can they uh get a hold of you yeah so um yeah so you know basically we we run a real estate investment company where we wholesale rehab and do rental houses so we um we wholesale uh houses so we go out and we spend all this money in marketing and we get the phones to run into us we go out and we meet with homeowners right these are people that maybe have inherited a house there’s four or five siblings one’s in california new york indiana uh mom you know and dad passed away they’d have this house now so we you know we deal with inherited houses we deal with landlords guys that have owned these rental houses for 20 and 30 years and a lot of these guys are um selling now because the market’s so hot so we have a lot of those that they’re just looking to get out retire we deal with people that um you know have equity in their house but their house needs 35 40 000 worth of work in order to put it on their you know under the market they just don’t have the capital to do that or the means to do that um so what i always go in and say is that 95 percent of people that sell their house will do it the traditional way through a real estate agent fix it up go through a real estate agent we help the five percent and so we have a very niche market and so we go out and i would say we don’t buy houses we buy problems right if you don’t have a problem we’re probably not a good solution but if you do we can be a great solution so we go out we do that and then we um we have real estate investors all across the country that look to us uh as their means of buying real estate investment properties so we do all the heavy lifting and we wholesale it and then we we sell to our investors so that’s that’s a part of our business and then we also obviously we rehab we buy houses we rehab them we sell them to homeowners like qri and then the third part which is why we got into this business is we have about a hundred homes uh rental homes right now and the goal is to continue to build and uh expand upon it so um so that’s what we’re doing it really my business model hasn’t changed from when i started it’s take all the active income and invest in passive income and so that’s what we continue to do as a company and as organization today so new paradox is our company um and you can go to newparadox.com that’s nuparadox.com

and um you can get our information there and contact us but yeah we’re we’re very passionate about what we do so we love to help investors get into this you know um our motto is invest right live free is you know new paradox came from we’re changing the new paradox right the paradox and traditional um are investing as you work for a company for 30 years and then you you invest in either in that company or in the stock market or mutual fund or whatever it is 401ks and we’re passionate about real estate we think it’s you’re seeing the market right now as we’re speaking um there’s a you know it’s very vulnerable the market we believe in real estate and it’s the new way of investing and it’s a great place to park money and real estate is pretty consistent um even when the market even when the market goes down your house values your rent still comes in every month and your value stays the same and you know the thing about the stock market over the long run it’s it usually tends to be okay and pretty good but timing’s a big thing that when you’re 60 the people that are 65 and 70 right now it’s hard to cut it’s hard to recover from that now when you’re 35 40 you can ride the ups and downs yeah so we just chose real estate we’re passionate about it we’re passionate about other people at least looking at it to diversify into their portfolio and investing you know in their retirement fantastic so we’ll share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even maybe when you thought you couldn’t and the impact that that person had on you yeah there’s tons of people in different um different stages my uh in different stages of my career i would say one that sticks out that i still talk about to uh today is a is another local real estate investor actually that’s uh uh you know a competitor uh in many ways we don’t look at each other like that um but he took time you know i was a one-man band at the time i think i maybe had one or two people um no i didn’t yeah i had one part-time person working with me and i needed to grow and i was tired tonight you know and he whiteboarded out steve richardson he’s a good friend of mine to death to this day uh and um he whiteboard it out we spent three or four hours and i said i i don’t know if i can afford another person and i’m doing all this and he okay what did your day look like so he maps out you know my whole day and like how much time are you spending in this how much time you spend in that and how much money are you making here how much money how much could you do if you had another person what would the revenue like you just whiteboard like he goes you need to hire an acquisitions person like you know you this is where you need to grow so it’s kind of i knew i needed to hire somebody yeah but i didn’t really know in what capacity in what way and he helped really walk that out and i did i went out and i hired somebody i think and about 45 days later and then once you get through that first new hire and you you’re it’s a big investment i’m giving up profits you know i’m not keeping all the money anymore you start to see uh the leverage that provides and the scalability that starts right then you’re like okay then the second it’s in the third and fourth then it just gets easier yes and easier each time i’m giving up you know when you’re doing this all by yourself you’re keeping 100 of the of the pie and you’re giving a little piece of that up every single time but now it’s like of course right you know yeah 10 percent of a big number is better than 100 a small number right

he was it was huge it was i opening and you know in the fact that a competitor would sit there and a guy that’s in the same space as i would sit there and spend time with it just shows you you know the abundance mentality that this guy has honestly i love it so well what’s your biggest learning over the years as an owner there’s a lot i mean uh i could dive in you know if we we could break this down to subjects and and really do it i think the thing i’ve learned the most is about people i mean i’m now in the people business you know i’m not in the housing business i’m in as you’re building teams and you’re running a company you become to learn about people yeah i probably you know the biggest thing i’ve you know learned was like you know looking at all these behavioral assessments and what people really thrive in what position and what role in the company and um it’s hard to figure out sometimes you know and especially when you’re small you don’t have a lot of data to choose from so i think that’s um i think that’s been uh the biggest learning is about people how everyone’s different you gotta treat them different you gotta manage them different you gotta lead them different but it’s also i’ve also seen when we hire the right person off of core values from a culture standpoint and then also on a behavioral assessment standpoint and then we do cognitive scores too so it’s how quick can somebody learn because we’re not a huge company we gotta have people that can learn quickly that’s not an intelligence level just how quickly can they learn when we can get those things right and we implement those people are so much more successful straight out the gate and they’re happier straight out the gate we’re happier straight out the gate so i’ve learned that okay i’ve learned what these profiles look like and understanding them and really knowing the way people are the way that people tick and yeah um so that’s been the biggest challenge that’s been the biggest learning i’ve had to do and you know um you know and it’s it makes so much more sense as we’ve done this over the years and sometimes in the past i would try to deviate from it you know and make an exception or you know or justify something every time you know i’m saying well you know you know and that is bad on for me but it’s also bad for them right you know you’re right yes i’m looking out for them you know just as much as um i’m looking out for myself yeah i’ve hear a number of stories from from business owners who who did skip steps or or didn’t follow the the process and then significantly regretted it after the fact so you know the phrase of hire slow and fire fast is is very true right good good wisdom to follow and you know make sure you do all your homework up front and that it’s going to be a good cultural fit because you know we can teach skills but we can’t teach cultural fit and we all have experiences where we’ve brought the wrong person onto the bus right that’s right and that’s um that’s that’s part of it you know our motto last year and really has carried on to this year and just in life is choose your heart like i’ve always said it’s hard to be in great shape and it’s hard to be obese it’s hard to be married and it’s hard to be divorced you know you gotta choose your heart and i think sometimes it’s hard to find the right person you’re a small company to find the right person with the right behavioral stuff especially in this day and age with this work environment i mean right yeah was slim and so it’s it’s hard and you got to be patient but it’s also hard to hire the wrong person yes choose your heart yes i love that choose your heart fantastic so well we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of your biggest challenges during the years and a fellow business owner who came alongside you to help you get through it

yeah i mean uh there again there’s multiple people in in in different parts you know i think um you know i think the biggest challenge i i i probably really had was um you know we kind of we came out i had a huge i had a partnership with another gentleman uh in the market um it was really kind of a big jv and um but it was good i mean the business itself was successful we did really well great guys still good friends with them to this day but his you know visions change and his vision uh of of where he wanted to go and what he wanted to do was look at was looking different for me and for mine and the reality was i was probably holding him back he he was this you know um wants to do these really extremely big things you know and in a big way his risk uh his tolerance for risk is a lot higher than you know more you know higher than mine and so we decided um you know hey um you know it makes sense let’s let’s you know kind of do a different direction and you go follow that let’s help each other get there too and i think we any partnership you divide up is tough to do it but we you know relatively speaking on great terms we did it easily and dissolved it with the way it was set up but i think the biggest challenge for me after that point was um man that sense of having a partner is just such a great feeling because you got somebody when times are good to celebrate with and when times are tough you got someone to lean on it and you feel like you’re going through this journey together and so the winds weren’t as good you know you didn’t have that so you know and i really struggled with that more so than i probably anticipated even though looking back and it’s obviously the right direction i see where he’s at now he’s extremely successful doing what he’s doing and we’re obviously extremely successful doing what we’re doing um you know and you know who helped me through that um you know was really my wife you know um she’s also involved in her business and uh so i would say her um and then you know um we had another uh person that kind of hires a consultant that came on for a little bit uh amanda um and she also did um some sales coaching with our team and that also gave me this sense of like having someone else that was there to help support us and so that was probably the biggest challenge and um the two people that really helped you know get me through that you know um you know uh so yeah that was that was the biggest transition and will what’s your wife’s name uh mandy mandy all right yeah so um phil if i ask you to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for them being there as part of your business’s growth who are those three people and how they help you uh yeah so amanda who i just spoke about who’s our sales trainer also did some business consulting with us i would definitely say because she was she was with me through different aspects of our business and the journey and the ups and the downs and um she was a great sounding board so no doubt uh her uh once again um it’s my wife i mean she’s uh she truly she is you know my partner you know my business partner she’s been involved in this business since day one and she left you know i didn’t tell her story but she left corporate america you know as well right so four kids and we’re both in the business full-time um and um i i just couldn’t do it without her it’s like there’s i don’t know how to explain it there’s so many challenges and difficulties that come with having your wife in your business but there’s a lot of comfort knowing that the person that you can trust the most is is right there next to you and so um her for sure um and then really not a person but you know i talked about our team has been through a lot and i think our team has helped us to the journey we’ve got we’ve been in business for eight years i’ve got people who’ve been with us for seven and a half years six years five years four years um it really comes down to our team our core team even when we i brought on a certain amount of team members onto this onto the partnership and then i brought and then they came with me when we left and split the partnership and they really wrote out some times too you know and uh stuck with it positive um and um so you know we’re i i mean every single one of them individually has really helped us through our journey and and we owe it’s all i’m a bit you know culture uh eats um you know i you know systems you know for lunch in my opinion and the culture you’ve got in your business you have the best system the culture is really where it’s at and um they they kept that culture right where it needed to even through our journey that’s awesome so as you think about the next three to five years well what are the biggest challenges you think you’re going to face in achieving your goals and who are the types of people you’re going to need to overcome those challenges yeah so well yeah hopefully we just hired one which was our co long term uh for our next three to five years we know we do know there’s a lot of challenges that comes with growth and going there and uh he was a big you know there comes a point in time when you as a leader realize i can i’ve taken it as far as i can go as in this role position not now i can take the company a lot farther it’s not as far as i can for it but in this the way it’s currently structured in my in my role and i think that’s what we realized is we needed that next level so the coo is a big part of that um you know our future growth um as far as so but yeah the biggest challenge is uh next you know um we’re gonna be starting you know we’ve got our real estate company obviously kind of rolling as uh and as challenges anything this is just we’re talking about like finding people like trying to find good investment properties right now it’s tough the market is really really tight and that’s a challenge for us because we got into this for passive income and so you’re trying to get creative interest rates are going up the home prices are still going up so you know real estate’s a great market whether the market’s up or down and so the biggest challenge for us right now is how do we keep get building that portfolio um in a market that is hot as it is and trying to ride this inflation and what does that look like and you know we’ve been doing this for eight years and we’re stable and we’re ready for it but you know there’s going to be some sort of corruption or pulling off or what does that look like we’ve never been through that market and we’ve never been through a downturn you know and so you know my thing is always you know a very wise man told me you know um that in this type of market as hot as we’re in um you want to be able to pivot quickly and so we’re making our company the next three to five years and right now how do we pivot you know when the market changes we need to be able to pivot quickly right we’re not in big projects and stuff so um so i think that’s going to be a challenge knowing where to pivot how to pivot and where do you keep you can’t ex continue to find these deals and do we need to look at different aspects of real estate as far as land goes or different sectors of real estate besides single family we’re primarily seeing a family um and we’re going to be starting different divisions we’re starting capital business a commercial brokering business where we’re uh brokering capital and that’s really goes into kind of what we do now is we have access to a lot of different lenders that lend money for small sba real estate equipment leasing um and so we have all these different lenders that we’ve um partnered with um and then we um you know we we’re gonna go out and find obviously people that that need capital you know and i think as banks start to tighten up this market you know money’s been everywhere you’re gonna need more of these uh different types of lending partners and so kind of like houses and wholesaling we find a house and then we find an investor looking for a investment property we put those two together that’s the same thing we’re going to do with capital we got the lenders we’re looking for people um small business owners big big projects you know 200 million dollar projects development projects bridge lending we’re finding those people and we’re putting those two people together um and so that’s really where i feel like our next growth is going to come is in the brokering side of the businesses is i’ve got a big passion for that and i really want to you know be that and it diversifies us a little bit you know and it hedges that we can you know with real estate i don’t really worry about the top or the bottom market it’s the way down or the down is what you got to ride out once you get to the bottom you’re fine right because it you know you’re good it’s that right down and and so um having some being diversified being able to pivot all those things i think is what’s really going to help us get there and what helps us you know is is we’ve got a business coach as well as those coaches man is those um those business coaches really help us to get to make sure they see things from a different perspective than what we do and you know our business pitch once said it’s a lot easier to read the label on the outside than the inside we’re all the time as business owners we are reading it from the inside yeah and they didn’t quite see it like the guy on the outside so um yeah so that’s you know um so strategic partners like that i think are gonna help us get to that next uh that next level awesome um jim rohn’s one of my favorite authors he says that we built the average of the five people we spend the most time with so as you think about that quote is that something that you find inspiring uh what are your thoughts on that yeah i mean um i told you i’m on this internal uh journey of uh of of me you know uh as a person and it’s it’s crazy i i couldn’t believe that anymore actually when i first started this business you know i told my parents what i was doing you know and of course you know we’re we’re built at this times 2014 we were literally building a brand new home yeah out in the country a lot of things it’s not like building a home in the neighborhood there’s a lot of uh different factors right you’ve got wells and septics and there’s just a you know uh you know it’s a lot harder to build we were building our own we were literally seeing it on our own and you know we had just had our third kid was a year old and here i am telling my dad i’m gonna start my own business and i’ve got this good corporate jobs no i’d just be careful with that no and he was looking out for me and and um what i started going to was these different sidereals and emory as these different real estate investment meetings and i started getting around like-minded people and and there is a group of us to this day at core of some of the biggest guys that probably do business in indianapolis that we all started within the same year of each other and we’ve all grown to you know be the same size and some bigger than us and maybe some a little bit smaller but um once i started realizing like once they we started we were on this journey together and we’re all competing against each other yeah essentially but we didn’t care because we were collaborative and this is what’s working for me i got around people who believed in real estate who and i started watching them grow and it was like i could do it and then we got into a mastermind that’s when my business went to a whole different level as i joined my first mastermind uh they were it’s a lot of money to join those things i wrote a check i’m like this is what i need i got around you know at the time maybe the first mastermind might have been 75 people in this mastermind that were doing things that were above me doing things that i hadn’t done yet but have been where i’ve been and realizing like they just started opening my eyes to like oh my gosh you can do that you can do this you hire that person you don’t do you know i remember one guy’s like you don’t go see any of your rehabs like you none he’s like no you know i got a i got a you know i got a project manager for that and this you started realizing it was all about scalability it’s all in this mastermind they were teaching how to processes and systems and hiring right and really scaling this thing and so you surround yourself with people like that even today i start i look around like yeah you know you always want to be you won’t be the smartest guy in the room they say you know and it is and so and that’s whether you’re um i’m talking about business obviously but if you’re on a spiritual journey who are you hating around you know that’s helping you with that spiritual journey and and you know right now we’re i’m on that journey a little bit of of that and it’s been awesome it’s like and now i i just find that i’m starting to like i’m talking to these people that are on the same journey as i am i’m like wow that’s crazy you know i didn’t think anybody else was you know was doing that and so um because what i realized is in business is you know we talk about taking up a certain level like i got to be um i got to be better internally for my business to grow and that’s where the self-discovery came you know as is you know i told um you know one of my uh mindset because you know i think our business is just hit a ceiling you know like [ __ ] it’s his ceiling you know where we can blah blah and he’s like oh that’s really interesting you know one of those where coaches are looking at you okay here it comes you know but he goes there is no ceiling right right that’s that’s your subconscious playing this message in your head like this and this is and i think what happened was i got our business to as high as i ever imagined it would be right and i was i never imagined it to be any bigger so i kind of got it there and i’m just kind of stuck until i open up and realize you know it can be so much bigger but but why i got to make sure that why you know why it’s not just to be bigger to be bigger right there has to be that internal piece of that internal joy that you get from growing your business because at some point you make enough money you’ve got enough things you’ve grown your business and then you guys say okay what is this all for what am i why am i really doing this and that’s the journey that i’m on right now and that’s a different podcast but it affects my business it affects the people in my business and so me working on me is really me working on my business that’s awesome i love it um a couple things you said that that ring true for me is that idea of if we don’t have the the next step planned out or the next goal or the next vision right of where we’re going to take the business it is very easy to plateau right because if we achieved what beyond what we thought was possible then we’ve already arrived that’s right so i love that you’re you’re working through that to figure out okay what’s the next version and the next version and the next version all right and then another uh quote from jim rohn says that you know we should always be working on ourselves more than we do on our business so i love that you’re taking the time to dig in and and recreate yourself and and um you know change your identity and and who who you believe that you can be and what you believe that the business is capable of because the only thing stopping us from you know continuing to expand and grow is our self-limiting beliefs that’s it so outstanding good work i appreciate you sharing that and for those listening to inspire other people to go on a similar journey i’ve been in a a mindset coaching program for the last 18 months and it’s a lot of what you were just sharing and right it’s just it’s critical you’ve you we gotta get out of our own way right in order to to take our our business to the next level yeah you gotta um you know i’m learning a lot about detaching right you attach uh everything to like you know okay once we hit our goal is to do you know three million dollars a year right you know whatever it is i’m just making up numbers here but if your goal is that and you’re attached to that and you hit it and it doesn’t bring you that joy or happiness right then that’s where you lose the motivation then it’s like well why why shoot for five three didn’t make me so like or you start or you know you or you got to three and you’re like i’m still not satisfied i’m gonna go for five like you’re never gonna be satisfied you’re never ever gonna be satisfied and so you gotta have you gotta step back and i think that’s but you’re right your subconscious is telling you how successful you can or can’t be and that would be my one thing you know it’s been because this you know being a business or stressful and and it’s and it’s um it can it can ruin your marriage it can ruin your relationship with your kids it can do as much damage right and became good you know and so you’ve got to make sure that you’re you’re doing the right thing and i think a lot of businesses get in that point where it’s all about the business and then they realize that didn’t that that did not work and or no i only always it didn’t work well it’s like what you said earlier is is what’s the why right why why do we need why does the business need more money right it’s got to be for some other reason right some bigger purpose otherwise right to your point if if it’s just about making more money then there’s never enough money and you’re never satisfied but if if there’s some other you know bigger joy or bigger thing that the money is being used to make a difference right then all of a sudden you get that satisfaction of oh well you know if i so for us our ours is to you know help 10 000 underserved people over the next 10 years so the more money we have right the faster we can do that it’s like oh well we’re able to feed one more you know homeless person or right shelter one more homeless right it’s like now there’s a thing right that you can get excited about and it’s tangible versus oh there’s just more money in the bank account and your team wants that you know and it takes it takes time as a business owner you gotta you know at first you just need to get money in the bank establish like you’re not you know so yeah there’s different levels of that and your team your team will get behind you like i do believe that like people stay i mean people want a good culture and people will sacrifice they want it’s a different world now um than what it was and and you’ve got to cater those people because they’re good and they want a little bit more flexibility and they want to work you know from if the job permits where they want to work from home a day or two a week or you know or you just got to be like okay what’s most important you know and and and uh in culture like we talked about cultures big on that and people seeing you get back gets behind that that’s what’s creating culture it’s not about nobody cares how you know buying you a bigger house or a nicer car is not going to get behind you yeah right exactly so well sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you on your journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them

um man uh thank you you know i think uh there i look you know i i really do look back as i look back on my journey and i can all the way back from when i was in high school i was god has always put me around um good men um as far as being a husband being a father being a hard worker you know i grew up um working on farms uh you know i mentioned that and um you know they were uh all christian based farmers you know and and and you know i at the time i you know i wasn’t like you know i didn’t i just a job right just word of god but the lessons they were teaching me weren’t about farming or hard work or dead you know it was about life and um you know whether and they knew that i think you know and they were you know you know i can just remember you know doing a job well done making sure like when no one’s around what kind of job are you doing you know and and you know there’s a lot of things you can get away with that nobody will ever know you know so just like these different life lessons and then i look at the business owner that i worked for for you know 13 years in the medical device like he i was learning from him how to like my company is very much ran my kids and i do think god put me there because he knew you know like i just believed that i was there to help him to help his business uh to do all those things for him but it was also i was also learning from him and not even realizing yet that i was gonna own my own business i was watching the way he was doing things and i remember now i always go back to like what did i like when i was employed you know and yeah and and i try to incorporate that into our business now and then um yeah and then uh yeah it’s and then obviously you know all the group of guys that uh you know um i look up to the most are the guys that run simple businesses and profitable businesses you know there’s a lot of guys that run big pay so i would like you know so thank you there’s a lot of people that i um probably don’t even know i watched them and learned a lot from them and they probably didn’t even realize it i hope i’m having that effect on other people and not even knowing it so i’m very grateful um you know that uh to be in this opportunity to be able to do this want to make sure i pass that along well it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show yeah thanks for having me tim been great awesome to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking this show and posting about it on social media and to join our movement go to be mad together dot com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care