May 26, 2022

Episode #38: Eli Skinner – Simplify @ Fathom Realty | The Eli Skinner Team

Eli Skinner was born and raised in the country on a small apple orchard in Plainfield, IN. After college, he spent 15 years working in local churches on the southside of Indianapolis as a musician/creative, staff culture developer, and event designer.

During his time in church-world, he began some small time real estate investing. After personally winning in real estate for about 8 years, 4 years ago he transitioned to helping others win in real estate as well. He now runs one of central Indiana’s largest real estate teams, Simplify @ Fathom Realty | Eli Skinner Team. Dozens of investors all over the country rely on him, his 5 team agents, and their transaction coordinator to invest Central Indiana real estate, not to mention the hundreds of more typical retail buyers and sellers that are really the bulk of his business. He personally is heavily invested in long and short term rentals, flip houses, hard money lending and more. He’s always on the go, full of creative craziness, and strives to be the problem-solver, solution-finder, and deal-maker that almost everyone needs at some point.


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for the self made is a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks that helped us to excel i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us today my guest is a bourbon collector and love spicy food and when i say spicy food i mean tremendously spicy he’s apparently been training himself on that so we’re gonna ask him about that here in a bit um in his down time he loves to golf and hang out at campfires and just chill he is most proud of the gift that he was given in the form of his lovely wife that is awesome it is my pleasure to welcome eli to the show today hello eli hey thanks for having me awesome man well hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little of your personal story like where you were born where you live about your family and and things like that yeah absolutely i grew up in plainfield west of indianapolis on a farm it was an apple orchard for a lot of my growing up and i worked my way up the job uh the jobs that you had to do as a as a kid there and then graduated from plainfield high school went on to bible college at uh ozark christian college in missouri came back and worked in churches here in the greenwood area south of indianapolis for 15 18 years or so uh i think at 15 and then um about four years ago after winning in real estate for myself for maybe uh 10 years or so started helping other people win in real estate so that’s what we do started a real estate company that then got i like to say moved out of the way by a national company we were taking up a little bit too much market space and that was great for us it was good timing their values lined up and then so now i just run one of the larger central indiana real estate teams uh here so love it fantastic tell us about your uh your beautiful wife and and uh the rest of your extended family yeah absolutely my uh my my wife of just 20 years coming on here in march so we got married as kids in my opinion we grew up together 20 years old she was 19 almost 20. i just turned 20. so we just hit turn in 40 and uh 20 years of marriage and then uh with that co her name’s beth by the way beth skinner she’s uh she’s pretty amazing she keeps me grounded and then then my kids they’re they’re interesting for sure uh 14 12 and 10 boy boy girl hunter gage and lily they’re they’re they’re wonderful and of course our our dog kai so he’s a nobleman

i love it and so tell us about this uh spicy food um exploration you’ve been on yeah that’s a uh that’s a train wreck waiting to happen it’s uh boy a couple years ago it was a funny story that started it so back my whole life a cream of wheat was spicy to me i mean it is everything was hot and the reality is my brother and i were sitting down in french lick after playing golf down there one of our kind of once a year sort of trips and we go to the wing place that’s nearby and he eats they’re like you know what sauce do you want ben that’s my brother’s name and he says well i’ll take this one he points at the hottest one on the menu and the lady looks at him kind of laughingly but still concerned it’s like are you are you kidding right now and he’s like i don’t know should i be you know he has no idea we’ve never been there she brings it out and he dips his finger in he says like yeah yeah i’m good bring it on out i’ll take six wings eight wings whatever it was well i scooped my finger in this wing sauce and put it on my tongue this is two and a half years ago maybe three years ago now and i was the whole table was rolling because i i’m not i’m not known for being chill i’m very demonstrative very like loud generally and so i am dying and it was that moment when i realized you know the brotherly sibling rivalry that i am not doing this anymore so i went into training worked my way into jalapenos and habaneros and even eating the hottest rated peppers in the world uh carolina reapers and then other the it means nothing to most of you but but some of you will know i mean nine million scoville sucker which is about five times hotter than the hottest pepper in the world so kind of worked my way to craziness interesting so we we i do have a vegetable garden and a couple years back we grew ghost peppers and uh yes we nobody you couldn’t we couldn’t find a way to eat them they were so hot so i can’t even imagine the stuff that you’ve been you’ve been eating it’s not it’s interesting it’s still i mean it’s horrible but you have to be in training though if i had not if i had a carolina reaper right now i would go to the hospital because i haven’t been cranking on it but yeah ghost peppers they’re they’re close naga vipers they’re close it’s it’s fun though it’s an interesting hobby more more for show than anything else but yeah i don’t think i’ve ever heard anybody tell me that they’re in training to eat hot peppers that’s uh a new one i love it there’s no other way around it you gotta go into training so eli tell us um how’d the business come about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business gosh that’s a really good question so the the the i guess the point where it all started to occur into the business of helping others win in real estate that’s called you’ll see it in symbols on this side simplify and now we work under the umbrella of fathom realty but at that time it was simplify real estate but it wasn’t there yet it i had no idea this was coming um and i feel like god had prepared me for 15 years in church world in the area for high connectivity with people i trust um and and some other things that came from that that then kind of put me in the red zone if you will for real estate so it wasn’t like oh eli knows what he’s doing no he like you know i’ve been prepared and some really cool people and things that occurred over the course of 15 years but i ended up in my chair in my front room at my house praying reading thinking talking to people that i knew were smarter than me and saying gosh how have i specifically been wired for this next for life but even specifically for and how will that then breathe into this next phase of my life and the what had come to me was and i wrote it down and it still memorizes to to to walk with a specific person in a specific season for a specific reason that was literally what showed up in the chair oh wow and then kind of like okay well what does that then matriculate to and maybe this is the chance uh maybe this is real estate maybe this is where this has all been leading now after doing some real estate investing on my own and then now i’m going okay so that was it i didn’t know that i could do it at the time i didn’t know that it would work right you know real estate always works it’s a matter of if you work or not you know those sorts of things come to mind for sure but uh i didn’t know if it would work or not and unfortunately it has i feel like we’ve grouped some significant life blessings financial blessings business blessings people blessings along the way that have i feel like kind of confirmed that that suspicion or that concept that this short term high impact relationship building that has been pre-wired into me is is what wins in that that world at least for us that’s awesome so tell us a little bit more about the company how do what what are you doing now and how do you help people and how can folks get a hold of you if they want to learn more sure yeah so i’ll start with how you get a hold of us we’re all over the internet it’s pretty easy to find eli skinner i would say when you type it anywhere within an indianapolis area central indiana and it’s our website would be and i know a lot of you business owners will understand this that is not for looks that thing looks terrible a lead capture website so don’t go there seeing how creative eli is on his web design i had a really good one but to turn into lead capture was going to be really difficult so um the if you want to see more about personnel and who we are it’s going to be in social media you know at eli skinner realtor on instagram and facebook and tick tock and these things but

the we hope primarily we help people buy and sell their primary residence their homes single family homes

every day everybody that’s what we do 125 a year on our team we’ve got five other agents a transaction coordinator that works pretty much full-time for us uh i say we focus i focus on people work she focuses on paperwork it works beautifully you do not want it the other way around she’s probably great people i’m just not gonna be good at long-term paperwork i’m good at the short stuff the creative contracts things but not uh not like scheduling title company so uh yeah but we work with uh investors across the country as well um from a lot from the coasts primarily that’s where a ton of the money comes into indianapolis right now and has for a long time uh our they make a bunch of money out there and then invest it in the cheap housing here and so we work with them build built a lot of great relationships and that’s you know big apartment complexes um some land a lot of single family and then small multifamily as well um that but that’s our real estate brokerage and then fortunately that uh that world of my own real estate investing is expanded too and we’ve got a company called you know we got simplify at fathom realty which is the brokerage and we got simplify property group which is my kind of hold my my my rental and flipping company that you might see around occasionally if you’re looking at houses you may see that pop up in the tax records and that’s um that’s grown a lot we spend a lot of time working on short term so airbnb vrbo homes these are not vacation rentals they’re they’re very much you’re visiting family in town you’re on a business trip to indy they’re all over the indianapolis area and then some long-term rentals some flipping some hard money lending we’re kind of dabbling about everything part of my problem actually awesome well hey tell us a story or share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you thought that you couldn’t and the impact that that person had on you gosh um you know i i if it’s okay i’ll get a little bit heavy i’ll tell you a little bit real life stuff i know i know business owners and people watching this or many of them are going to understand at least they’ve seen somebody else go through this i hit a really really dark mental illness time about three years ago not long after getting into the business and um there’s a lot of new pressure points you know working at church nine to five you know a day off during the weeks we worked sundays and and you know guaranteed income and all this and then i moved into this and it was just it’s totally different building a brand building a business building all the systems trying to network with people trying to leverage the contacts you have without making it feel like you’re leveraging them for you know your income like all of those things are brand new to me yeah and and then you got all this then it blew up which is like good and bad right and so man all these new pressure points it got really busy but then half of those are getting hairy on you anyway the deals are and just brand new information from my brain and i realized for a second which is was really good for me that i’m not invincible that was a really good moment right like it’s just like high capacity people like yourself and like a lot of other business owners you you can almost hit these spots in life where you feel like you can just go go go go go go forever and until you hit that breaking point you don’t know it’s there and i hit that anyway so i had people rally my best friend eric was a really good one my wife was a really good one and in those and there’s a couple other ones i know a friend named gary asked me some really tough questions my other family but in that moment it was they were dispelling a lot of the lies that my my mentally ill at the time brain was telling me right and gosh it was it was it was the thing that kept me a alive literally alive and b it was a thing that that uh outside of some medication and some really cool things that our our world can offer in that sense with our doctors but along with that was man these people really stepped in in a time when they were looking at me going what eli skinner depressed anxiety what is going on like this is so outside of what they would have ever expected me too right man they were able to really come along and go hey what are you scared of and i would tell them i mean through tears sometimes and they would dispel those lies and eventually over the course of a year or so it took to kind of come out of it and gosh i am i came out of it i think better stronger able to help other people and able to continue in the business when i didn’t think i thought it was over i was making plans to go work at a fast food restaurant i had no idea that this was going to be able to continue so interesting praise god for that isn’t it amazing that so one of the reasons that i do this podcast is there’s a lot of comments on social media and people that make it sound like you know it’s easy make it sound like it’s an overnight success make it sound like that you know that they did it all on their own and and nobody takes the time to explain the the first two or three years of starting a new business and right all of the things you just talked about of right that and the the weight that that puts on business owner shoulders and so i’m just so happy to hear that you had that network to be able to come around you and and help you through that yeah absolutely it was it was huge didn’t know i didn’t know it was there i didn’t know what it was like to feel that type of love and that type of impact that way just because i maybe hadn’t experienced it didn’t make time to experience it maybe i’m not even maybe i found out a little bit i’m not good at giving that and so i’ve learned a lot through that for sure and those people i mean i was yeah that story could be told for hours because it’s it’s pretty pretty uncanny what i experienced and what i received and then all how that all worked out yeah that’s awesome so eli what’s your biggest learning as a business owner oh man i one of the things i talk about to people a lot um was we all want to you know control our time be our own boss and then you wake up and you realize i’m a terrible boss and my clients control my time and so you know every other dream is that you know again be your own boss control your time and then you wake up after you’ve made this huge life change to start a business run a business whatever and realize you’re a terrible boss like you don’t want to be your own boss anymore like you’re horrible at this and your clients control your time somebody’s always vying for it um so at least in small business world which is all i know um maybe there’s a day where that shifts a little bit but um so so i don’t have a whole bunch of practical steps on how i’ve helped with that because i still struggle with that i mean we’re four years in to a pretty big real estate thing respectively at least and i’m still trying to figure that out but i but at least i know the problem i’m a terrible boss and i let other people still control my time i love it yeah i i’ve i’ve spoken to you know hundreds if not thousands of business owners and and that is a very common story so the way i play it back to folks is we all went into business for ourselves for for our own definition of freedom flexibility and wealth and then we you know we jump in and then quickly realize wait a minute i’m working longer than i did when i worked for someone else i’m making less per hour than i did for when i worked for someone else and right and and that’s just part of the journey because you know we we first just become self-employed right we’ve just simply bought ourselves a job and then if the if the business becomes successful right we end up having to work harder and longer to figure that out but the good news i mean the good thing is that there is another side of that right and so you’re you’re in that journey which is which is awesome there there is you know processes and and procedures and and other folks who have gone through that journey that can provide guidance and direction that um you know what what we help business owners with is is to navigate through that and create a business that can run without them so so it’s awesome you know the awareness is the first step that is fantastic and for everyone listening right you’re not alone look at it all smith all small business owners go through that journey right for the first two or three years you know it’s it’s easier to put in the long hard hours because we’re still excited about the thing but eventually right we all will hit our own capacity and hit that that burnout phase if we if we don’t you know shift from working harder and longer to you know to to learning how to work smarter so again just appreciate you sharing that because i’m i’m sure many people listening are having that same experience and and it’s nice to know that we’re not alone hundreds of business owners tell me that they assume that it’s just them and that just really not the case right that’s right that’s right it’s uh it’s it’s pretty wild i mean there’s a lot to learn um and then a lot of people to learn from and you know i consistently it’s these small steps these huge chunks i can’t always handle i’m not because i’m already busy i can’t do a huge thing today i can’t do another huge thing tomorrow but taking a little bit here a little bit there adding a little bit more to an assistant’s plate that because she’s really killing it she’s really good and i’m almost holding her back by not adding that to her plate is and and i can bless her and her family with more money or more time like it’s a it’s a big win which kind of leads me to one of the other things is is just i don’t i don’t know who said it first i feel like a nationally known radio head said but you take care of enough people the money takes care of itself yes and i i can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt that goes back to the chair at the very beginning of my journey is i can walk with specific people in a specific season for a specific reason and if i just stay there yeah and keep that the focus i’ve never had to worry about like the money side of it you have to be wise and not be a complete imbecile sure generally speaking it’s going okay when i’ve got people in the in the in the front yeah that is awesome so we know that um business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of your your biggest challenges and a fellow business owner who came alongside you helped you get through that so the the best example that i’ve got of that in general is a very very long relationship of mine um and that would be my dad um there very well could be people watching this that no j skinner um he’s been in the indy area for his whole life except for a small stanley spent in kansas for whatever reason i have no idea why we were there for like three months but we were so but he’s he’s been a part of some pretty good-sized businesses as a like international sales and things like that so he’s just got a wealth of knowledge and some stuff that you can’t come up with on your own unless you’ve been in something for a long time and so i would say the short answer is my dad i find myself quoting him constantly there’s things i would say in this interview probably that it came from him and these these are things i tell my team these are things i tell my kids these are things just like he did right these are things that i tell myself that i tell clients you know things like not everything makes uh you know i don’t know if he got this or he made this up but he always said sometimes things don’t make dollars and cents sense but they make peace of mind sense and i mean the application to that is so vast and those are the things that that you know cons little things just a little saying here and there that then applies and then just some strategic stuff or some pressure you know he’s texting me today hey eli cause i bought a couple websites that i think could do something and he’s like hey let’s do this let’s run with it how can i help you know he’s just pushing and going and let me take that and i’ll call this guy and we’ll you know just it’s been it’s been him and business for sure has been a a big help fantastic i love it um so in that same vein if i asked you to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for being there for your business’s success who are those three people and how they help you okay boy um so i would say um a guy named raymond majlin um is a i’m going to try and keep it real estate oriented uh just because that’s where i’m at right now um but raymond majlin he’s uh he owns a real estate school here in town he’s kind of an icon if you will like i can’t believe there’s not a cartoon character yet he’s he’s something else he’s half grizzly bear half teddy red the guy’s awesome if he ends up watching this i’d be thrilled like he he’s a good friend now he helped me start my business under his umbrella at the modeling group um and

just was a friend and a in a comrade and and taught and trained and opened himself up and so that was really big and then he allowed us to branch into some really creative business structure you know that that i won’t talk about necessarily because i don’t want to give anything away that he didn’t want me to give away but just his trust and all that it was just really good so he’s won as i was getting started in real estate completely fresh and he actually gave me the first guy that i my first goal he didn’t know but there was a guy that was on his in his team that was their top producer and i walked it i mean i’m so competitive like i walk in that room the first company meeting that i’m able to go to and they’re doing some awards thing and they’re like that guy sold you know 40 units last year or something like that which is incredible i’m like i’m mad i’m like i’m going to number one i gotta go get this guy so he gave me my first kind of goal if you will and yeah so that was fun and matt would know who he is and he’s he’s the guy i was chasing at the time which is pretty neat um so he that’s one um i would say currently one of my um

this isn’t this is a help start person this wasn’t a business leader per se but her name is april april grabby she was my first transaction coordinator and she was incredible she still is incredible she doesn’t work for us anymore but it was not negative at all it was all positive and i’m telling you what when i needed i needed her personality at that time when i was trying to hire that first transaction coordinator and she she stepped in grabbed the bull by the horns i mean our first meeting okay great second meeting okay you’re hired here’s the logins here’s some things you’re going to be looking at just kind of start dabbling right see what you got make sure you can get in i turn around and she’s got like 40 questions hey i did this and did this what do you think about this can i do you know just it’s exactly what i needed i needed something just go don’t you know just go you’re not gonna tear anything up just go she did amazing so that’s a pretty pretty easy one boy the third one um

i’m gonna say a really good relationship that’s come along in the last year and a half with our short-term um short-term rental business that’s bled over and affected very strongly our brokerage business has been a gentleman named dan lewis his wife grace they run if not the largest which i would bet dollars to donuts that they run the largest uh airbnb co-hosting service in maybe the state i mean it’s it’s huge um and we kind of helped them get started by handing them some of these to begin with and the way that that team has grown and gone fast and like kind of helped me to think differently to supplement my income differently to not rely solely on commission-based sales and some more passive income and being so good at their job that it is truly passive like it’s been humongous and they’re they’re really really good they’ve been a huge impact and they’re you know at this point they’re friends and which is always good when you can like the people you work with indeed so eli as you think about the next three to five years um what are some of the challenges that you see that you’re going to face to get to your goals and who are the types of people that you’re going to need in your business to to overcome those challenges yeah i uh i think continuing to grow on the on the real estate retail brokerage side we’ve got to um continue to add really really qualified smart um servant oriented real estate agents that don’t think you know the three three values that ran our company before we traded over to some new values but they lined up uh were that that you know clients are not a means to an end we see people not paychecks uh you know agents because i ran the company so i had to have this one but agents are not pawns to be used uh you’re not my retirement plan and third was real estate’s not a get rich quick scheme you might get rich quick but it’s because you’ve been blessed and you’ve worked your butt off not because you scratched the ticket and so the that perspective of real estate broker you know is is exactly what we need because there’s a lot of them especially if on that third category and they don’t want to they don’t want to work and they’re they just can’t get past the the whole time and bad boss stuff that you initially think of so we need some really good servant-minded real estate brokers who know their craft or at least even make it a craft like it’s got to become a craft you know so that’s going to be big obviously we’ve got all the standard other building blocks for any real estate transaction but i’m going to continue to need hopefully more more you know transaction coordination all the things that i’ve got it just becomes more right it’s very very interesting i feel like i’ve got components in place but you just i just need to continue to release things you know website design and who makes this and who develops that it’s just hard for me to let go so make the next three to five years i’m gonna have to continue to piecemeal let things go into other capable capable hands yes yes as i was talking about earlier right the goal for all of us should be to climb up the entrepreneurial ladder and right we were we started as self-employed we moved to become a manager of other people then well in our definition of a true business owners where you have a business that can run without you right and you become an investor and then ultimately an entrepreneur and so i like what you’re talking about in terms of hey yeah i need to get more off my plate i need to i need to move truly into that business owner role so that the business can run without me and then that gives us a lot more freedom of growing up my my dad was a mechanic and he got hurt at work and wasn’t able to work right and so you know there’s a huge risk with a lot of small business owners that if if something like that happened to us and we couldn’t work then our livelihood is is significantly at risk so i love what you’re talking about in terms of continuing to offload that stuff and and have great people to to take over for you yeah we’ve one of the one of the you know even finding some of the small things have been really like this website we talked about it’s it’s related to my real estate stuff because it’s about getting reviews in a simpler more economic way from a time perspective for you know we’ve all been on the internet you got to log into facebook and put a review and then you gotta log in here and put it over you log into here and put a view and then start an account here and put a review if you’re trying to really be a part of a global conversation regarding what companies to use and so anyway just going like on it’s the simple thing sometimes for me that i just you like just do like i think i hear people talk about an upwork thing like just let the guy for 50 bucks build the little baby web website right like bless him bless his family harness his skill that god’s given him yes go sell another house like why are you building a website yes yes we talk a lot about that with um so i have people do a time study and then you know they group their their activities in different buckets and i’m like okay so how much would it cost to pay somebody to do that and just making it up let’s say the 50 right it’s 50 an hour great if you are doing what you do best how much is that worth oh it’s worth you know 250 an hour like great why are you doing those 50 network jobs right yep that’s right i i get caught up in it sometimes the thoughts of well you know by the time i explain it to them yeah then i’m gonna be but you know guess what the guy is now i did take a little bit of time to set up but now if i need to do it again i don’t have to worry about it now it’s it’s a 10 minute hey will you do this here’s the words i want you to use and go and he’s done yes because i took a few minutes up front and anyway i’m not great at it but i’m trying to continue to release those things and that’s just an example that i would encourage all you all need a new logo for a new endeavor in your business why are you sitting around with a designer that’s 500 an hour like get on fiverr you know whatever maybe you need to maybe you designers that are 500 are watching and like this is great but how do you apply that i don’t know but my point is man such good tools out there that i just gotta you know put to work jim rohn one of my favorite authors says we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with so as you think about this from a business standpoint what are your thoughts um i am pretty happy with um i don’t hang out with a lot of business owners i think most of the business owners that i interact with are going to be they’re business owners but they’re competitive ones and we definitely operate a little differently um so i i would say one i need to probably focus on and this is just a really good question that you had brought up to me previous and i was like man i probably should hang out with more of the high producing top level real estate brokers in the area that are doing what i’m doing you know and our work going living life the way i’m living life or maybe they had and now they’ve fixed it a little bit or um so there’s a little bit of an encouragement there that i need to probably step my game up in hanging out with some competitors other business owners that do the same thing i do so that’s that’s something i definitely need to step up because i don’t spend a lot of time with with that group outside of real estate i’ve got some really high caliber people that i do spend a lot of time with um and i’m so i’m really happy with that they they also push me outside of real estate you know but they push me in in people management they push me in life management they push me in um just creative thinking they pushed me in a lot of other ways so i’m happy with half of it yeah i could definitely improve in in in this other side that i’ve talked about previously awesome i i sometimes hear from folks but tim i i you know time is a challenge i i can’t necessarily invest the time well there’s other ways to to find those five people it could be books we read or videos we watch or podcasts that we listen to right and so um just helping everybody who’s listening to to eliminate that excuses it doesn’t always have to be physical time that we’re spending with people right yeah i’ve got a group of guys that i meet with on tuesday mornings and i try to keep it to an hour just because i don’t want to regret it yeah um maybe even 45 minutes because i don’t want to regret it and we’re not really even talking business at all occasionally something comes up we got you know a guy that runs a lawn care business got a guy that runs a large department in another company you know we got a few different things going on there but more than anything i think we’re all realizing we just need just some i don’t know we use the world in my introduction chill like we just need some chill time with other high caliber humans yeah and if you’re not talking business so i’ve made that a priority that for months now that 45 minutes to an hour with those people talking about whatever happens to be talked about yeah but man it’s just uh it’s um it’s emotional it’s spiritual it’s it’s physical it’s mental kind of just a moment when i’m not gonna answer my phone and i’m not really gonna really work hard on the business but i’m gonna just let people pour in and let kind of that i don’t know what do you call that but it just kind of diffuses into me a little bit yeah that that community aspect i think is it’s important and um it’s even biblical right so we do need to surround ourselves with other people that to go through this journey because you know let’s face it sometimes being a business owner is really hard and uh and and can be stressful and and it can be very lonely at the top so having folks in our life that we can reach out to and say hey i just i just need to talk this out loud it can be hugely beneficial yep so last question here if there was something catastrophic that happened in the business who’s the first person you’d call and what would that what would you want from them um i called my dad you know catastrophic might be a little overkill but i’m good with overkill i tend to overstate everything um i’m pretty excitable in that way but i called my dad i had a pretty pretty big one coming and it was time crunch and it was financial and there was a there was a lot of those things hit which is when it that’s why it felt catastrophic at least there was a lot of life areas whacking and it was straight up down the middle business crm i mean it was a big deal and so this is not hype with that question this is a real question so i and it wasn’t long ago and i called my dad i said what do i do like not what do i do like i have no ideas well like i needed to just i felt like i was going to explode i was i mean everything and i don’t get mad often i get i kind of get a little like i’m a little turkey you know i’m like mean sometimes i’m gonna get yeah you know i’m mad i’m just gonna argue with you and try to outsmart you and you’re gonna feel like i’m a jerk but so i i called my dad though and i’m like man like just going through the whole thing and he was able to kind of chill me out a little bit not tell me it wasn’t a big deal because it really was a big deal but first thing first like preserve you know don’t lose more ground don’t let this go cut deeper so here you know here’s what i would do you know he gave me a go do this and it was kind of cost me money it was definitely a thought i had had i just wasn’t willing to pull that trigger without myself with just myself yeah so it’s really really helpful to have him because i knew he wasn’t gonna freak out but he was gonna empathize and then that that’s literally what happened a big catastrophe called my dad i’ve got my best friend eric i would potentially call him depending on the situation he’d be the right guy to call in almost every situation as well and then um but one of those two is going to get the first call and the other one’s really close behind most likely awesome so eli sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people in your um in your life who have helped you on your journey so if they were on the show here today what would you want to say to them oh man i tell them thank you um i didn’t know i needed you until i did and that was a major life lesson for me so i tell them thank you um and i may be hard-headed and not highly connected my my heart in my head sometimes emotions in my brain i’m all head no not much heart so i need help sometimes helping you too so um please make sure you’re helping me grow in that area so i can be a long-term blessing to you as much as i’ve been as much as you’ve been to me thank you so much eli it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today and uh appreciate you being on the show thank you i appreciate it man this has been a great time awesome for folks who have tuned in thanks for listening to the self made as a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking the show and posting about it on social media and to join our movement go to be mad together dot com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care see you