May 13, 2022

Episode #37: Taylor Simpson – Halo Lending Company

Taylor is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He has a passion for building technologies that make life easier and bring people closer together. His love for building started at a young age and matured into a bachelor’s degree from the College of Architecture and Planning at Ball State University. Taylor began his career at Nussi Group, the world’s largest modular stadium builder, and left after four years to start his own business.

He is now the co-founder & CEO of Halo App. Halo App’s focus today is to uproot Payday Loans, a traumatizing industry for most Borrowers. In Indianapolis alone, nearly $50 Million returns to the Community if lenders cap their interest rates at 36%. Halo App connects Borrowers to Backers (other people in their Community), instead of payday loan stores, for loans up to $1,000. All of this is possible through Halo App, a mobile app on Google Play and App Store. Taylor lives by this quote: “What you are is the Lord’s gift to you, and what you do with that gift is your gift to the Lord.”

Taylor invites you to schedule a Discovery Meeting with a member of the Halo team to discover how Halo App transforms the way your Community defines being free. Go to to learn more.


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we do on our own we recognize the folks who have helped us to excel today i’m excited to have a fellow business owner with us today my guest is an author which we’re gonna learn a little bit more about and in this downtime he enjoys spending time with his wife and daughter and he’s most proud of his failures and so we’re going to dig into that one too because that is quite intriguing to me it’s my pleasure to welcome taylor to the show today hello taylor how are you thanks for having me awesome well hey man let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born and about your family and some of your hobbies and um and all that fun stuff oh awesome awesome my name is taylor simpson um i was born and raised in ohio uh really dayton ohio cleveland ohio are my roots um i kind of split my life into thirds i always tell people i’m i’m still curious to where home exactly is you know so for me home is where my family is but um you know ohio for a third wisconsin polar opposite uh geography for uh third and um indiana for a third and um i would say you know in indiana’s home i i grew up a ton i went to ball state university i graduated went directly into the space that i i thought that i’d be in my entire life i always wanted to be an architect you know i was the kid that was like drawing on napkins and uh and selling you know my napkin drawings for a dollar to my aunts and uncles and i went to ball state university had never really heard of the school but um just found out that their architecture prowess was you know known across the country and i always thought i was going to be a buckeye so i would be ohio state the ohio state the ohio state and the funny funny story i went to my college tour at uh the ohio state university and then ball state right after and it was raining and ugly and i was like i’m not going here like there’s no way there’s no way and then i walk into this architecture building and people are like they’re you know diving across the tables and you know jumping on yeah uh like beds and you know throwing trace paper across the studio and i said i have to go here um i love ball state you know all the way um left school i went directly to a architecture firm and grew very fast just about a new group they did huge modulars all over the world ended up going some line italy writing a book um in that time period and had an aha moment for a halo app which we’ll talk about i’m the ceo and founder along with my wife and our two other co-founders of halo app and that’s been about the last seven years of my life building that tech company and it is not overnight and um and there’s everything imaginable that happens and it’s it’s harder um than than even if you thought it was gonna be the worst experience in the world yeah as we did this is gonna be impossible but that’s kind of like our our lane the impossible thing um and uh that if if you can find the fun in the impossible then i think you’ll do well but that’s uh that’s our journey and we’re still on it awesome so tell me a little bit about this book oh my goodness i uh i’m you know i’m a romantic i think i love love i just you know i think you’ll see that a lot in everything that we do in our company you know we love to love i love my wife so much you know and uh that journey of love uh you know manifested in my brain one day um mixed in with my religious beliefs i’m a big fan of the garden of eden story and i had a dream one day um you know what if there was a reimagining of love as the garden and um you know what if uh just to dive into it a little bit what if you had uh what if there was this friendship that was perfect like the garden um and then apple was presented as so many stories that we’re very familiar with just presented to you and maybe that apple’s love and if you take it uh and if you take any endeavor in love you’re gonna be stripped naked and so there’s like a you know there’s a dance it’s it’s a modern reimagining so it’s based in my favorite city in the country boston i’m a lakers fan so it’s weird to say boston boston for architecture reasons uh and just a mixture of everything that people love the necklace of parks and the ocean sea mixed in with just a lot of the culture there in the suburbs very cool um yeah that’s the book it’s called eden untouchable uh it’s still it’s still on sale uh we i mean um talk about the journey the book saved the business back in 2016. um we sold 500 copies and for anybody you know like i know you’re not like that that was monumental and it was things like you know my grandfather um i knew the math right there were twenty-five dollars a book i you know i spent a year writing it it was well worth it you know it’s a great read but you know my grandfather my grandfather said give me 10 give me 10. and i’m like you’re unfortunate it’s 250 bucks he said i’ll give it back to you tomorrow and then you come back with 250 you know give me another thing and i mean that paid my rent um and and uh and during the entrepreneur you know entrepreneurship journey so um just a lot of stuff mixing in but love the book great story of my life just like when people ask me about that perseverance part in running a business i’m like i wrote a romance novel and so i i kind of hated every moment i was like i was gonna write a book and i wrote the first chapter and it sounded definite and then it just like i would look at the word coming like how do people ever get to like enough you know and then it just became so natural and i would get up in the morning and just write for three hours and 30 minutes of it would just be straight gold and um and that taught me a lot too so taylor tell us a funny story that your family likes to to share about you that you’d be willing to share with the audience today oh wow um

oh there’s so many i’m really uh uh um so a funny story um is that uh my parents actually say i’m so smart because i used to walk into things like i i literally would get you know i would just get this i don’t know what it was but just i would start thinking about something and i would go off on attention i would start walking into things so like my family always has a story about like us being at the movies and he just like crashing into the you know into the concession carts or like walking to the mall and just running into a wall and my mother said it’s it’s because i dig my head so much that i’m just smart so i don’t know like that’s that’s literally when you talk to anybody my family somebody’s gonna bring up me walking into something you know just start laughing so i love it welcome welcome to the thanksgiving table there we go so taylor tell us how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business uh um immediately i would say um i had the confidence to that i could run the biggest company in the world it literally started there i um i wanted to be an entrepreneur uh just because i felt like that was my space i was working at a job that like i was a superstar there which felt really good but i knew i was only doing like 10 of my capacity i mean i didn’t have to work that much i did calculations very fast you know i brought in like photoshop they didn’t even have a photoshop person and so like you know we started bringing in millions of dollars like i i knew the value there but it just it was never fulfilling um i needed something that was just gonna allow me to push myself grow myself speak to people be creative design all while thinking creatively i mean just like all of these dynamics that make me feel cool and i just could not see that in any space outside of maybe like c-suite or like the perfect job i looked at that trajectory as a as a black man and that looked like 20 years and as a millennial i said i don’t want to waste 20 years to be able to get into a role or a position or you know a spot in my career that like makes me happy so i said i’m going to build a business that started that conversation and literally i mean it was two months i remember coming home with google man what if there was a what if there was a search engine like not a search engine but just like a search bar you know where you can search something and everything will pop up and then my room was like that’s google man like that’s good really good you know we went through that fun phase of just like you know bad ideas good ideas looking at margins as you learn business and you know i graduate with the architecture and planning degree so yeah i’m learning like margins etc on the fly profit and then like bottles of water man look at the margins and bottles of water we have to start a water company we both love water um and then i went to and then i went to milan italy uh with with the company i was at we were doing the world expo in uh milan um we did the brilliance there they did like that from start to finish they were up in six months down in four months coolest thing ever and um i had a i posted some pictures on social media they’re still there you know just so people get like you know the history of it all and the blessings that have come and the clear evidence of you know the lord directing the lord directing my you know ordering my steps um i had a phone call you know again i only had you know the first time overseas but my parents were like hey listen if we’re going to call you we’ll hang up in a minute you know because like the charges are crazy i’m like what do you mean and he called me and said hey congratulations i appreciate you know i i knew you’d you’d be great you know i see you overseas i remember you talking about like how you just always wanted to travel and starts crying and just says man i need help you like i need a few hundred bucks and like i’ll catch up you know i you know i only have a little bit but like let’s talk when we get back like just me a guy he paid me back plus 25 in three days you know and i i i got back to the state so i thought like how cool you know the next aha moment um uber you know i was out for the holiday and we were all at my house listening to music and everybody was like rides here and i’m like who’s who’s you know it’s like no dude uber uh actually when we come back you’re gonna have to use the code so we can get a free ride like what is uber they didn’t have enough spots and i’m just gonna call and i jumped in the trunk man like i was like this is the coolest thing ever what is this and the world was just like changing before me and so i just became obsessed with this marketplace this human connection is these people connecting with people and there was just a clear lane of this people connecting with people that was not happening with money and for me that was the most natural you know application for this because it already exists and that’s what we always tell people um my grandfather owned a gas station as a black family i mean that’s a powerful statement you know that same grandfather picked cotton so just to think about my family lineage like my grandfather picked cotton as a child um somehow his aunt was able to get into business and so he owned a gas station and that was like the family this everybody was there with a family reunion spot everybody in the community came it was a party every time we were there get the tires changed and i saw so many transactions happening i mean just like connections business meetings you know as a kid i was just always intuitive to like what was happening but the biggest thing i saw was that there were also the bank it wasn’t just the gas station because you know black people don’t get banking services i don’t know you know the world knows that but like it’s literally just that like a lot of black people just don’t get banking services just the minimum the checking account is saving you know a credit card which is a loan which we’ll talk about and then you know forget the mortgage stuff and all the other stuff was just like there’s no credit card here right so like when when anything happens minus 200 minus 300 there is nowhere to go except for things like payday loans which who are trump i mean they’re atrocious i mean you’re talking about paying back six hundred dollars for a 400 loan um or you know my grandparents gas station and so that’s that’s what we’ve built literally never been on tech always been in humanity the halo app allows um from all of these things that have happened um people that have uh you know disposable income like business owners like pastors you know like random members of the church like principals that are able to back their community and it’s just a it’s just an incredible thing that happens there and there’s a bunch of business stuff that’s incredible about it but just that union and that familiarity uh that people feel it’s natural it’s weird you hear it it’s like what this would never work and then you do it and you’re like oh my family asked me all the time for yep your family should have a community they should be able to anonymously request you know up to a thousand dollars and someone in that community should back their loan they should not be going to banks or worse uh well banks aren’t super great but i’m not going to play that card today um but yeah that that is the revolution that’s happening um and it’s just been it’s been because of this what you’re talking about on the show uh the idea is still the same but it evolved in so many ways just based on experience i always say that you know the book that i’m currently writing it’s called a thousand lives and i truly believe i’ve i’ve been a thousand of our personas our app personas in this journey like i was the business owner that was that could have used 500 bucks i lost a wedding contract you know doing photoshop because like i had to purchase photoshop again and i you know i couldn’t purchase photoshop um so just so many moments where you know that have developed and evolved this concept um for it to be as familiar uh as it is for people awesome so taylor tell us a little bit more about halo what how does it work how does how do you help people and how can folks um get on board well that’s simple um uh for for borrowers it’s uh it’s as simple as jumping onto an app requesting an amount of money up to one thousand dollars and saying how long you need to repay um we are an app that is is built on repayment the fact that like you know a lot of the risk that people talk about i think is a myth if you give people real help and you actually give them time to be successful or pay their loans and by do risking the platform we open up an opportunity for a second market of backers of people um a lot of people in our app that haven’t invested before now have an opportunity to invest in people um so borrowers go into the app and progress up to a thousand dollars uh they wait for a match sort of like you wait for an uber um as soon as you put the request out everyone in the communities you’re a part of get notified and uh someone can back you on the other end in charge up to a certain amount of percentage some communities cap it the most you can charge on the platform is 35 and we uh we liaison the transaction very cool so um what’s the uh url so um so um we just went through a really cool rebrand so the site is up we’re adding a bunch of stuff now that we have you know communities on boarding so um we’ll have more community teachers popping up and again come as you are sort of literally come as you are um you can set up a discovery call with us it’s 10-15 minutes where we just just discover where you know where your best fit is maybe you’re a backer that wants to diversify i mean if you’re you know a traditional investor maybe your backer that just wants to try something for the first time and see what happens maybe you’re a philanthropist that just wants to you know four billion dollars of payday loans go out there’s 10 billion dollars in fees on that loan in our city within you know in back in indiana 50 million will go back to our residence if we cap interest rates at 36 so like that that’s like math that we can get around and that can all happen on the halo app so if you just want to support our mission um we are partnered we have a non-profit partner kindness to one another um we’ll be releasing uh some information about that partnership but her mission is to pay for people’s bills and she said hey i love your app can we pay can we help your borrowers get back on track if they fall behind i was like uh yeah yeah she said great can we do it with six people to start and i was like yeah absolutely and we’ve just grown our relationship but literally awesome you can come you can get a low interest loan and we can help you succeed because success means backer repayment but success also means complete upward mobility and forward progression and getting back on your feet and you know hundreds of dollars in savings um and that’s the shift that we want to see so if you have questions visit us or please reach out to me or please email me at taylor at the halo app and we’ll get you taken care of wonderful so taylor share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though you maybe thought you couldn’t and the impact that that person had on you yes uh i have 5 000 names i mean for this particular journey um at every step of the way we did an investor report a few years back it was called rip sheets of paper and it was based off of my second month as an entrepreneur you know i went back to ball state someone was speaking to the speaker series benjamin todd jealous he was the director of the naacp also an angel investor just everything i had read i waited in line for an hour while everybody you know signed their books and i noticed that it was his wife in the corner because you know from the research pitched her she said my pitch was awful but i love the energy and she made him talk to me and he said absolutely not but like gave ripped off a sheet of paper and gave me names and i was committed to like doing rip sheets of paper for the rest of my career and so like there’s been so many people you know not just you know investors we had to do things non-traditional so we have 70 investors in our company literally you know tech sex xxx but um uh you know people sweat equity you know people are giving me mentorship my family um you know starting with my parents my my brother my co-founder which who’s my wife she’s with me every day she encourages me um so just like literally um thousands thousands of people along this journey that’s awesome so taylor uh you mentioned one of your things you’re most proud of is your failure so what’s your biggest learning as a business owner failure does not exist um just as a call to action you always fail forward uh if you fail that is the success and that’s why i’m so proud of it i was so terrified to do so many things i’m always nervous and that’s i think why i’m moving forward um and that literally is a call to action to everybody embrace it i used to hear it a bunch and now i want to share it if it’s scary it’s probably the direction you should go i’m so proud that we failed um and we’ve tried and we’ve tried things and as a company we you know we’re not the ones that are just timid we’ll go out there and we’ll take a big miss you know on on the you know the 3-0 count so

um you know some of these rooms that i’m actually in today you know i was puffing my inhaler and my dad teared i don’t belong here i can’t do you know i don’t know any of the language and you know what they said talk like you usually talk what do you mean like talk exactly how you talk you know and um and um it was just those those things that like have have built uh built me with this but all of us so i embrace it i hope everyone does too that’s wonderful they uh something i tell my clients all the time is that um we always have a natural preference for our comfort zone but everything that we want in life is on the other side of our comfort zone right so i love the fact that you’re you’re willing to step out and and take those big you know those those perceived big risks but really like your your father said it’s not a risk right just be yourself and do what you got to do our founder says that he never fails he says that he either succeeds or he learns and that’s similar to i think what you just expressed right right embrace it learn through it figure it out and become the next version of yourself and you know and also you know and assess the risk you know like for some people you know for for us you know hundreds hundreds of thousand dollars in in debt with you know people i have kids i have a family you know you know we’re all the way out on the limb on on this thing too um so some of some of my uh perspective is also um but you know stay put you know be calm um uh some of the learnings that you know i would have shared with myself five years ago was probably you know you’re good you know there’s a lot of panic that happens here too you’re good relax yes yes calm calm down don’t take a bad loan kind of thing same thing we’re preaching to our users like we’re you know some people call us for alone we’re like you don’t need a loan you just need to breathe and that’s kind of you know that’s also from life experience building something like this but yeah yeah i completely agree with you so keller we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us one of your biggest challenges as an owner and who is a fellow business owner that came alongside you to help you through that challenge

um um i would say uh um so my my other founders my socio i met mario baron at home advisor so just to give you uh him and his family own so many businesses i mean just like really sad to be best friends you know that’s not true that i’ve ever met um really and i uh i was completely you know i was at zero we’re starting a family we’re like we have to figure out a way you know way to make some kind of money and i was like well sales you know i’ve been you know i’ve been selling sunglasses at sunglasses but you know i think i’m an expert sales person and he was you know the top sales rep they own restaurants tacos tacos i call it the taco tacos empires because they’re you know they’re they’re smashing and growing and real estate and just all these things and um they were sort of our like zip tie in this to say like hey listen what you have is go to speak that language i think uh for me so many people just you know you have to kind of smile university all this time like there’s just so many knows i know some people say they go like oh for 72. we were like oh for 2400 with investors you know just like from going from like we’re gonna change this the best that we’ve ever heard of all of our friends validating all the barbershops validating just everywhere we went people saying like oh man so like oh for just extraordinary numbers people would slam indoors and um uh one you know they um you know you have to sell everything you know you have to you know burst you know you have to do this this is i mean just to speak that language and then to add a ton of business acumen and then to make the connections like we said when we you know let me talk to one of my friends he owns a restaurant he does that to his employees um learning how to pitch i think sales is something that like i thought was disgusting but like you have to you know he was you know mario was the one that said like hey passer sale you know what i’m saying like you know you you know halo if you even if you have a good product you sell because people some everyone has barriers like just like language that was very real to me um and uh i changed so i you know i would say that moment and obviously where they’re you know their founders in the company but that was a huge moment for us and a turning point for us as a business i i like that principle on uh always be selling so there is a a negative connotation about salespeople right the the used car salesman or the door knockout um one of the things that i’ve learned is that um we’re not we’re not selling as much as we’re professionally helping people make a decision that’s right for them exactly exactly um yeah exactly and in that case there’s no win or lose right it’s just are we it comes back to your your idea of loving on people right if we’re just genuinely helping people to to decide if what we have to offer is right for them if they say no that’s okay because we still did our job

exactly and i sell my daughter every day

and i hope she buys the product so taylor if i ask you to pick three people in your business journey that you’re most grateful for being there for you as part of your your growth who are those three people and how they help you

um well ariana williams number one uh she was the zoom name uh when we popped up first and foremost um my best friend my partner she’s with me every night i mean like we’ve been working probably eight to ten hours a day on this for seven years so having someone that’s just that will be there i i hate the misconception that spouses are supposed to do that and that that you know um she’s uh you know just like there’s so many elements to it i mean there’s there’s days that i did want to quit you know that she’s nope you know turn your head back around look in the mirror remember who you are like just some super supernatural conversations she’s she saved it there’s some days that i completely just said on the couch she said what’s going on if the app doesn’t work she went in she didn’t get winning to get labs some messages i mean um so that would be number one two and three probably my um my uh my my mommy um would probably be number two she educated for a lot of years but backgrounds in marketing um and i think that you know she kind of gave gave me uh you know my creativity and um she also simplifies the you know things this is just microsoft powerpoint and excel no worries there’s all these things um you know builds our data infrastructure you know she was the type oh i did this at school let me see what are you looking at oh this is [ __ ] i can get it this is just this is just the data lake and you know for that room like i’ve been trying to find our data for a year yeah it’s all here um you know our underwriting system just like um you know things that you have to teach you know calming the same thing like helping me before conversations like some of that prep learning how to talk to people learning how to have crucial conversations and what’s your mom’s name maria simpson awesome um and

i you know and my dad james jameson the greatest leader i think i try to mimic him he you know if he were to have the company the company would be a billion dollar company by now um you know first executive you know manager i tapped into taught me everything about business one of the best leaders you know i think um between him and my mother um literally a completely different opposite style so i got a gist of both uh he’s an engineer by trade so his ma as his mind constructs things but he also um it’s it’s outside of business but he gave me the template again as a black man to have a pathway to like do this do this do this to this and you can be successful by 23. enabled me the freedom to even start so you know as a homeowner by 23. don’t rent own you know this is how you do it i’ll help you um so that was you know i was able to launch my business because i had a roommate you know when we were paying a mortgage so i was paying 500 awesome months for a three bedroom house with land you know because i was able to get to a point where this happens so i would take him for the for the template um but again so many so many others uh so many others that have helped uh that you know will be named have been named uh should know how much i adore and appreciate appreciate them so taylor as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you see that you’ll face in achieving your goals and who are the types of people that you’re going to need to help you solve those challenges

well three different you know this year um uh you know growth for you know all around you know for me i like to learn and so now that people are using it just asking the right questions at continuously asking questions never making assumptions um i think as as with anything that’s new uh you know there is sort of this black canvas to paint on so um i would say that i would say staying true to who we are has been the toughest part i mean there’s there’s been so many hands in this um thoughts on this different ways that this can go i mean we’re talking about money and in marketplace money i mean there’s so many opportunities to be who we are consistently has been a proud moment for for us i think as a team learning how to scale you know this is my first time as a ceo so i have a lot of mentorship around me learning how to ask for help just to be completely vulnerable man just like learning how to ask for help is a is a skill that you know that i i’ve had to learn um in learning how to ask for help some ways that you can receive it and execute we’re entering into a market where i expect to have you know millions of people on the platform you know in 12 months like that that is something that you can’t say lightly because i can’t sleep off of the thousand so i am just i’m terrified of just thinking about you know all the lives all the people that don’t have loans yet man this person came so long because you know the light bill was off and it’s been 24 hours you know now i’m calling backers or like now i’m planning an email marketing campaign i mean it’s just constant sort um being fearless again never losing that like that grit that that you know those intangibles that like got us to this point i mean you know we weren’t supposed to be here right just by everything but like it was by grit and by determination and by you know you know trial and error and scientific experiments and you know having uh you know no fear of failure that got us here and i think that same kind of stuff is going to drive us forward we talk about it all the time let’s do it you know let’s do it you’re building it let’s do it um repayment like just to get into actual business things i’m i’m speaking to a community uh i’m speaking to everyone saying that these borrowers that you all did not believe in are not as risky as you think they’ve just been stepped on my family is a part of it i’m a part of it and so this is a new tool where we can prove it out and keep these dollars inside of the community and not need whatever is said no to you so going out on the limb saying that but we’re also seeing it right and so like my hope is that we continue to see it and people continue to believe in this and build their own financial profile on our platform versus what you know versus where they can’t be seen um and uh making sure backers get their money back every dollar that goes out on our platform makes me man everything makes me nervous like

everything i you know i worry about every single thing you know either you know the scc regulations like we stay up to date with all of the regulations but the market shifts like we saw with the last three presidents just like i don’t know how many like in the financial market the dodd-frank just got smacked and then smack i mean just like all these really interesting it might not be a big deal but just like seeing so much stuff happening in the whole market shifting web 3 is shifting what do we not know where are we not being innovative and staying true to your to who you are i mean it’s just it’s just all of it so um next three to five years for me it’s just like hyper growth be fearless execute um build the right team and see and see what happens so jim rohn one of my favorite authors says we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with so as you think about that uh from a business standpoint uh what are your reactions to that quote huge uh i completely agree and um i think it’s very very very true uh i’m a fan of that and i’ve actually sort of tried to create my future that way or build my circle in that way um and also recognize who uh the power in that group like some people move groups because they don’t recognize it um some of my friends family members you know i remember knocking on the door um you know trying to get a meeting with united way indy and just next door united way dayton the person that ran with the sound for my church was the director of the united way and dayton so like recognizing power in your circle not being afraid to sit in your circle and so just like find all the skills i told you my mom is a data engine i mean just literally opened up the whole app 800 data points from each person so like recognize recognize the power in your circle and and i agree i completely agree surround yourself with people that are like making you better moving your mind being emotional you know not people emotional good good and bad the people that are telling you that you’re wrong are bored tells me that all the time and i think thank you so much for that yeah and i think that’s just powerful um so yeah yeah surround yourself with greatness um and also notice the greatness that’s already around you taylor it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you on your journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them thank you i’m going to cry i’m a crier i’m not going to do that i’m not going to do a head thing but yeah thank you for for for real like i am a and everybody knows that generally unselfish person just like i’m a culmination of all of your prayers and um i watch you i watch everything you do is the reason i’ve been able to learn so much as you said as a young man watching the business that we had recognizing the depth of our history you know my father growing up in the civil rights movement my mother going to civil rights movement just like learning from that listening to all of the uh the leadership that i had and you know in my house so i’ve listened to you and i’m trying to uh make you proud even though i know that’s not a not not a thing you know everyone always says like oh you make me proud but like make you proud on coach tim’s show and how i speak make you proud on you know every you know everywhere i go how i interact staying five minutes later on the zoom um and being a truly a good person um and uh being appreciative of everything the lord has has given to us in our family so yeah just thank you um over overwhelmingly overwhelmingly uh just thank you for for the blessings that i’ve received wonderful taylor it’s been an absolute pleasure uh speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show appreciate it thank you coach too this was uh this was fun awesome for everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made as a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking the show and posting about it on your social media and to join our movement go to be mad together dot com alright folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care