May 13, 2022

Episode #35: Travis Sims – Accelerated Global Connections

Travis Sims is a Coach, Networking Expert, Motivational Speaker, and Thought Leader committed to helping you become a better person, leader, and networker. Travis is a powerful Keynote Speaker engaging audience as large as 3,000 people from all over the world in 49 different countries.

For 14 years Travis was a high-level executive for a global business networking organization breaking records of achievement nationally and internationally. Travis is known worldwide as the Magician of Networking. He has been teaching & coaching the best business leadership minds across the country how to do networking, build networks, and create community.

Travis is the CEO of AGC Accelerated Global Connections the fastest growing business networking organization in the country. He is on a mission to help accelerate local business connections in social settings around the world that foster relationships resulting in global opportunities.

Travis is a two-time Amazon #1 Best Selling Author Featured on ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC with his books “Networking In the New normal” and “The Magic of Networking.”

Eight years ago, Travis set a goal to lose 100 pounds in one year. He not only accomplished this goal, but he has kept the weight off. Travis has completed some of the toughest competitive Mud Obstacle Courses on the planet, running in the following races: Warrior Dash, Rugged Maniac, Spartan, Battle Frog and the Tough Mudder. Travis enjoys Kickboxing and Martial Arts. He holds a blue belt in Kempo Karate and enjoys riding his Harley on a sunny day.

Travis believes his success can be attributed to setting goals reviewing them regularly and a strong desire to accomplish them.

Let’s bring him to stage with a huge round of applause! Welcome Travis Sims AGC Founder & CEO!!!!


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for self-made is a myth show making a difference because we know that becoming successful in our business is not something that we do on our own so we’re talking to successful business owners to hear their journey of building their business and equally important is acknowledging and recognizing the folks who have helped them on their journey to building a business and excelling today i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from minnesota with us today my guest performed professionally as a musician a magician sorry for over 10 years so we’re definitely going to want to ask about that he enjoys riding his harley camping and traveling and he is most proud of the difference that he’s able to make with business professionals to put food on their table pay their mortgage and send their kids to college that is also something we’re going to want to dig into and learn more about it’s my pleasure to welcome travis to the show today hello travis hi tim thanks for having me today absolutely well hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little of your personal story where you were born where you live a little bit about your family sure thank you uh travis sims born just uh in a little small country town in southern indiana bedford indiana it’s really only known for one big thing which was uh it’s the limestone capital of the world so like all the limestone for the monuments the big buildings in washington dc was built out of bedford limestone uh i’m the oldest of eight so a big family um you know really uh it’s a community of people that hardly ever never left the area i mean everybody’s there all my siblings are still there i’m the only one that left that area and i’ve been gone for a long time but i enjoy going back and visiting and spending time with them and you know just been a been a big builder for who i’ve become coming from small town family good work ethic all that good stuff and how long have you uh have you lived in the in minnesota area yeah i’ve lived in the twin cities area for about six years now uh we like it here you i kind of uh i enjoy the the summer the spring the summer the fall the winters are a little rough here but yeah it’s a great place to live for sure uh a magician tell us about that yeah i got a i got a magic set for christmas whenever i was seven years old and and i was just crazy about it just loved doing it loved performing and i set up in the living room and i practiced and i had all my siblings you know would come over and i’d do a magic show for parents and grandparents and all that stuff i used to make my own stuff and then i just never knew i could do that for a living and then i actually i’ve owned several different businesses in my life and i started my first business and i was doing magic at trade shows to draw an audience over for that that particular business and and then i would sell them what i had and so uh people started asking hey would you do magic for this did you do magic for that and before you knew it i was booking a ton of stuff for magic it developed into a very big traveling show fairs festivals casinos theme parks big illusions oh wow cutting in half some beanie escapes you know all the good stuff i was um the magician for holiday world for an entire season i got on the oprah winfrey show i mean i just traveled everywhere it was a huge career i did that for about 10 years and then recession hit and the entertainment business took a big dive and i got out it seems like a whole different lifetime ago that is awesome uh tell us um how how the business the current business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business yeah i you know i’ve have had the ability to start several successful businesses in my life which has been been really great i love being able to be a contributor and i love starting new things too my parents actually owned a business when i was growing up they had a lawn care and landscaping company so i got a real education watching them grow their business you know dad out there working with men half his age in the sun staying up all night you know griezing tractors and and sharpening blades and i saw mom sitting at the table and she was going over the books and routing the crews and sending out the invoices i got a real education on small business at a very early age and you know it just developed me as as a person and so i i jumped into several different businesses over the years fantastic so tell us about the current your current business yeah yeah well so the the the answer to your question i i so the recession hit which caused the entertainment business to take a big nose dive and so i went into networking and i’ve been in the same industry now for 15 plus years in in business networking and that’s what i do and i i literally networked my way out of a recession and and uh back to solid ground and you know i was in a spot where you know when that all that happened i mean i had the mega house the beautiful cars you know all the stuff and it went quick i mean it went really fast so uh everything from you know bankruptcy to to lost the house lost the wife i mean it was a country song it was awful um yeah but then i you know yeah and you know it’s not necessarily that i’m i’m a big fan of of donald trump or anything but he had a he had a quote in a book about that time he said you know if if you if you have your mind and your body you are able to you’re able to start over and do things anything you want and so um you know i immediately pivoted at that point went into networking networked my way out and then you know i really want to just help other people i found just like your podcast here that uh you can’t do this alone and you do need to surround yourself with amazing people and if you can do that then you can do anything so i i i help other people network uh to be able to you know put food on the table pay their mortgage send their kids to college yeah fantastic um do you want to tell us a little bit more about specifically what you do and and how you help people and um maybe how people can learn how to you know if they would like to be part of what you’re doing yeah you know there’s there’s all different types of networking tons of styles when it comes to networking uh closed networks one person per profession there’s open networks like chambers of commerce and you know where there’s lots of people there you might gonna run into several people that are business coaches and so on and then uh there’s service networking where you’re giving back to your community rotaries kiwanis lions clubs those kind of things there’s even associations there’s tons and tons of networking and so three years ago after spending 14 years in a global networking organization whereas i where i was a high level executive and i um i got out of the closed network and saw an opportunity for an open network in a happy hour time frame there wasn’t a lot operating in that time frame and everything i was seeing tended to be more about you know dark bars and um the things that go with that and and i wanted to elevate the experience so um i put them i put networking into really beautiful spaces uh country clubs and golf courses and just um you know high-end places uh got brought it just a tad earlier so it wasn’t so dark and really uh put the focus on business and then i built that around like a ted talk type of experience so you’ve got networking in the front the ted talk type experience in the middle networking afterwards and then put a whole website profiles connections direct messages and all that stuff together the company is accelerated global connections agc so join if you want to go check it out fantastic awesome um sounds like a wonderful opportunity i’m definitely going to check that out myself and we’ll include the link so that folks who are watching this video you can go in and learn more about that as well so travis share a story with us where someone pushed you or inspired you um that you could do it even though maybe you thought you couldn’t and the impact that that person had on you so i i’ve written two books and um i got to tell you i didn’t really want to write a book that’s the absolute truth i’m not a writer i would never consider myself a writer i just don’t enjoy it and uh my business coach he he was like travis you know you’re you’re a leading expert in this industry and you’ve got you know now 16 17 years under your belt here and don’t you want to share this information with others i said well yes that’s exactly what i want to do he said the best way to do that is a book and it’s not only going to help you do it in the present but it will live forever yeah and and so it made sense to me so i wrote this book and it took me it took me um well i actually i started the uh the second book that was released uh the magic of networking it was released about a year ago and i started that um pre the pandemic and i was grinding away at it and then um and then the pandemic hit and i immediately and then it stretched on right so you’re like oh two weeks to flatten the curve and yeah you know it was a big curve so so we um i put that book aside and i started writing um my first book that i released which was called networking in the new normal and and uh and i just pushed it out and i pushed it out hard because i realized there were a ton of people like me that had done a lot of in-person networking and all of a sudden had to isolate had the social distance you know all these things and and was left wondering how to authentically connect with others and so i i wrote networking in the new normal to help people connect on linkedin to help them connect using facebook and twitter and and you know many other other social medias uh and use zoom and technology that’s available so you could stay in front of people because you can’t as a small business owner you can’t isolate you you need to insulate yourself with a strong network and and so so i wrote that book um and and again my my coach pushed me to do that i didn’t want to do it um it was a little painful for me and then he gave me some uh the second book whenever i went back to finishing it uh he gave me some of the best advice um that i’ve ever received when it comes to authoring a book so if you have a book in you and you want to write a book uh for me uh and and the advice i was given just record yourself uh you know once a week or so record and i did like um like i was speaking to an audience and i took a topic and i took the powerpoints and all that stuff and i presented recorded it and then i sent it to the editors and and they they put it all into a book which was awesome and and that worked out really well and so now they’re i forget there’s like 30 chapters or something and so i now have 30 presentations also that are already built ready powerpoints i mean i could talk on any one of those topics so fantastic so glad he pushed me that way uh and it made a big difference for me fantastic um by the way both of those books i’m sorry both those books became amazon number one bestsellers so that that’s um i think it was just because the need you know there was a definite need for it yeah it did for sure and again we’ll make sure to put links to that uh in in along with this video so folks can go and check that out um yeah networking when the world was shut down and and networking events weren’t uh available huge huge topic and a huge benefit to people who uh thank you for for rushing yourself to get that out into the marketplace so people could benefit from it um travis what would you say is the biggest learning that you’ve had as a business owner the biggest learning you know um i’m gonna i’m gonna stay to what i know which is which is networking and and that is that you know people i i grew up hearing uh it’s not what you know it’s who you know my my dad was just full of great advice like that you know he said son if you could be anything alive be on time you know so he’s full of stuff like this and um i grew up listening and absorbing and i listen to that it’s not what you know it’s who you know but i also add it’s how well they know you it makes all the difference right because people don’t refer business to people that they don’t know like and trust and and so you have to develop a relationship and it’s not just developing a surface level relationship it has to be that you see them often enough that you touch in with them enough that you can be a contributor to them before they start contributing back to you and so you know that’s i’m going to say a real key to success is surrounding yourself the right people and showing up being a contributor being authentic genuine to yourself and networking for the right reasons yeah i love that is there a certain um number of people that you recommend that you get to that know like and trust point with you know that’s a great question and i don’t think anyone’s ever asked me that question and so the um uh i think there’s probably a core of people you know i i have 5 000 facebook friends i have seven thousand linked in um connections and so on but i’m not getting referrals from five thousand people i’m not getting uh connections or referrals from all those seven thousand people on linkedin and and probably not all of them bought my books either i’m going to guess right but i’m going to say that you probably want um you know in today’s day and age uh 30 to 50 people that you are that you’re really cultivating relationships with and that may sound like a big number right it might uh however you know they say uh again those those sayings you’re the product of the five people you spend the most time with however i’m going to tell you that today that it’s way bigger than that it’s actually the 50 people that you are following on social media that are in your feed every single day that are entering your mind what are they sharing there and what are they what kind of influence are they having on you and so i want to say that 30 to 50 is going to make the difference as to how you grow exponentially for a business owner yeah and for folks who hear that number and say that i don’t know how to do that i’m assuming that doesn’t mean that you’re best friends with 50 people correct yeah and and i’ll say too you know a lot of people come to my events uh we’ll host i’ve got an event later tonight in minneapolis there will be a hundred people there and and often people will come because there’s a hundred people there right oh my gosh i get to meet a hundred people but it’s really the three people that they they need to be in front of um that that makes the difference right it’s not the 100 it’s the three and it’s coming in with that goals and and coming in with a plan for you know who you’re here to meet how you’re going to meet them what conversation you’re going to say how you’re going to take it to the next meeting and you cultivate a little bit at a time so it’s not you’re not starting out with 30 to 50 people uh when i first started in business i mean that that wasn’t there and now i have a lot of associations and a really tight group of 30 to 50 in a very inner circle of people that i i consider you know my most trusted advisors awesome thank you for sharing that so travis we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation tell us about one of your biggest challenges during the years and a fellow business owner who came alongside you helped you get through that

you know i’ve been fortunate enough to be surrounded by a lot of great people and for me it’s it’s probably been uh nuggets of advice and and pushing just a little bit you know uh nudging i had a friend in uh cincinnati ohio and at the time we were both franchise owners for another network organization and we because i lived in indiana at the time i was in indianapolis and he was in cincinnati so we’re really close and we had similar size franchises and we were really considered pace partners for one another i mean like i was checking in with him hey how you doing where are you at what’s your numbers you know and he’s like oh i just got this today and i did that and i was like oh you know and i gotta go back at it again so i i think it’s important to to have that pace partner in your life that that is um you know it’s challenging you to do better uh you know because it’s very easy to get comfortable and comfortable creates coasting right i’m i’m coasting in life i’m coasting in my business i’m coasting you know when i’m networking i’m just coasting there’s really only one way to coast and that’s downhill yeah you need someone that’s pushing you so that you’re racing instead of coasting yes yes what’s that gentleman’s name uh brynn scanlan uh was his name and actually i you know brennan stanley uh he passed away just about three years ago now pretty much this month and you know i’ll say too that um you know he’s a young guy like me and i got to take a trip with him uh where we did we rode motorcycles around the grand canyon together him and another guy and uh we took a whole week it was unplugged it was awesome and so create the successes in your life where you are able to you know do the things that you really want to do and and had i not created that success had i not had that person in my life in that moment that was pushing me to do better now i could have probably never taken that trip and now you know he’s no longer with me but those memories are there forever that’s an awesome story thank you for sharing it it makes me think of you know the whole idea of setting bucket list items right or or celebrations that you’re going to achieve when all right and then tie that to different milestones in the business and so when i get this then this is how i celebrate you know when this this milestone is achieved this is the bucket list item that i’m going to check off having that motivation and that that drive right will help helps us all to work harder towards achieving those goals because you know there’s a a positive benefit at the end as opposed to just being a financial benefit oh tim that’s that’s fantastic that is gold right there a lot of people will create a bucket list but they have no plan for how they’re going to accomplish those things right so it sits out there and this thing that i want to do someday and then someday never comes but what you just described is like if i if i’m 47 so like if i let’s say i live to be 87 i have 40 years left 40 years left to accomplish the rest of things on my bucket list and that’s if uh at 87 i’m still of good mind i still have a good physical body so now you start looking back it’s like okay i need to do this within the next five years i need to do this one within the next 10 years and i need to hit the financial goals in order to do this because it’s a big one you know and so on so that that’s gold i’m so glad you shared that and even breaking it down to weekly things so my coach whenever i share with her a win that i’ve had the first thing she asked me is how are you going to celebrate that so she’s creating that that ritual of you know when you have a success you celebrate it right away because too many times we save it up to well if i get to this quarter milestone or this yearly milestone well no right life is way too short like what’s the weekly or the daily milestones yeah good stuff yeah and i love two that you shared you have a coach you know and i know that you’re an action coach and i do uh coaching centered specifically around networking and so you the best coaches in the world recognize you need coaches and i have a coach you have a coach that’s awesome if you’re listening go get a coach well yeah to that point uh i i joke with people of well if if i when they ask me really you have a coach why would you have a coach if you you know this material and i’m like well you know i need somebody to keep raising the bar for me and i i wouldn’t be you know very um i wouldn’t be a very good coach if i told you you need a coach but i didn’t have a coach right i i gotta i gotta drink my own kool-aid

so travis if i ask you to pick three people um in your business owner journey that you’re grateful for being there for you to help with your growth who are those three people and how they help you yeah i’m gonna go with uh current times it’s been with me for about the last uh i’ve known them longer but they’ve been a real instrumental person in people in my life over the last three years and so amy tyson she’s a feng shui uh meta physics person and and she um helps you so i look at people that can take me from good to great right people that can give me the next little slight edge uh and and when when you start reaching you know big things in your life you’re like alright where am i going from here and how do i get just a little bit better and so you know i i seeked out uh amy as a way to kind of get me grounded and balanced and how to how to really look um outside of the way that general people are thinking and then um les hill les hills my business coach and i’ve been working with him for about three years now as well and uh you know he’s he’s just one that continues to to nudge me like the books right you know the books uh as soon as i finished he’s like all right you gotta finish the next one and in this last i was like give me a little bit of break here i just you know i’m done writing for a little bit i’ll do another one but just give me a minute you know so that’s good and then i’m also going to say this and this might surprise you to um uh joshua peters uh he’s a hypnosis um hypnotist and uh he works with a lot of professionals that are also looking to just get a little bit better just raise the bar just a little bit more and i’ve been speaking and teaching training coaching for for 17 years and previous to that as a magician on big stages in front of thousands of people and i still used him in the last three years to take my level of communication my level of speaking and my closing rate up uh just a little bit so think outside the box when it comes to these things you know when you’re considering you know who are your trusted advisors and and where are you spending your time time your money and your your investment in yourself and and i those are some places where i thought a little outside the box that’s made a difference for me i love that perspective um making little improvements in a bunch of different areas so if you think of it mathematically if we can make a ten percent improvement in a hundred different areas of ourself in our business the multiplier effect is incredible and so much easier to make a ten percent improvement in you know a whole bunch of areas than a 100 improvement in one area so i love that you’re you know you’re looking in some non-traditional ways and exploring little tweaks and and changes that you can bring to yourself and into your business and so for folks listening right i encourage you to to do that i look outside of the norm um i’ve just recently worked with an emotional healer coach right and dug into my mindset and and self-limiting beliefs and and wow right the power of having some of that that junk you know removed is is just exhilarating and so don’t be limited by what what you think is normal because you know that’s that word isn’t even real right well that’s good i love that yes we’re all start life with those limiting beliefs i mean think about how just as i have four grandkids but you know i’ve got one that’s like you really really young they’re they’re all young but this one you know and you get told no so many times from the time that you’re just starting out as a baby to your walking and and starting to learn and so you get used to getting told no and you start realizing that there’s these walls and limitations on what you can do and where you can do it how you can do it and then and then as an adult it’s like you gotta bust through those things so that that’s good stuff i love it the the child analogy is awesome right of i also often share right how do kids learn how to walk right by making a thousand mistakes right and then but the difference is that when they’re young they’re being cheered on and clapped and celebrated for failing basically right until they learn how to walk and then we become adults and all of a sudden we get chastised for making mistakes oh that’s good good stuff tim so travis says you think about the next three to five years what are the the biggest challenges that you’re going to face to reach your goals and who are the types of people that you’ll need to overcome those oh thank you for asking that you know we so i started agc accelerated global connections uh one year before the pandemic hit i had one year under my belt so talk about babies this is a baby organization right now the the neat thing was i had a ton of experience in the industry i i’ve been doing this a long time but you’re starting out with a brand new brand no one knows who you are how you’re different why why they should care any of that stuff so that that first year struggle in that in that first half of the year then it really started to pick up steam and by the end of that first year we had grown the organization four times the industry standard it was crazy sold out rooms everywhere we were going membership climbing like crazy um the we held our one year anniversary event uh the first part of february of 2020 and then um you know next month within 30 days the entire world lockdown and so i’m in in person networking and my goal coming out of that first year was to start rolling out next states right next territories in in areas and so then this little pandemic thing it was a little bit more difficult a little bit of hiccup uh we managed to open uh five additional states in it during a pandemic okay uh however all of that was online so doing shows just like this with that center piece of a ted talk type of experience we call them agc talks and um so now we got these five states now we’re starting to climb they’re saying a little bit out of pandemic like we’re learning how to live uh with this new thing yeah and um and how to navigate that and so now it’s back to the drawing board on getting uh some of those states in person and because all they’ve known is online oh sure yeah all they’ve had uh and then continue to roll out and so uh and i’ll say to my my approach to that you know minnesota where i’m at uh you know it’s there’s a little bit of uh rebuilding time because in even in the own state where the strongest it’s um we had some like last year in may we came out uh for a little bit we got about from may to december and then uh omicron hit and we had to shut back down for a few months here every state is so different on on you know what you can do what you can’t do and so on so we were shut down again for a length of time and then back up again we just actually had our first in person again event again of the year uh april 1st uh we did manage to get 200 plus people there but it but it was uh it’s been an interest interesting roller coaster but there’s the challenges you know i’m used to things that i can uh find a find a path for it’s like all right i’ll roll up my sleeves and i’ll do this or i’ll grab somebody else and they’ll help me through this but then you face things like a pandemic and it’s out of complete control like even a recession you’ll go out and knock on more doors you share it in a pandemic you can’t knock on doors yeah so it’s been an interesting thing but that’s been the challenge well i i love even though um we can’t control the pandemic you still pivoted right so a lot of folks um when the pandemic happened they ducked their head in the sand and said oh we’ll just wait this out for a couple weeks and then it turned into a couple years well you didn’t right you you went from in person to online because you had to figure out something right yeah well and actually you know there that that forced us to do things that we were not yet doing we didn’t have we didn’t yet have a uh facebook community we have we have a facebook group with over 2000 people in their uh online networking uh just search um accelerated global connections on facebook you can get in there it’s open uh to other professionals you don’t have to be a member and so we didn’t have that community uh we uh it forced us we were already on on youtube with with all of our talks um but we invested in um creating an app for roku tv and amazon fire tv so we’re now uh airing in both of those places we’re getting 80 000 views per episode on there so these are writing a book you know was not in my plan probably wouldn’t have had time to do it uh had it not been for the pandemic so the pandemic yes has created lots of challenges but it’s also in the pivot you found ways uh to recreate or grow from it as a result and you didn’t let it beat you you you pushed through and figured out you know how do i make this vision still work when the environment is different than i had planned right and i can’t change the environment so how do i change the business model to to still achieve my my ultimate vision of the of the business yeah yeah that’s awesome congratulations at a ton of learning um through that even you could probably write a book on that i probably could i don’t know if i want to just yet don’t be talking to my business

so travis as we um wrap up here if there was something catastrophic that happened in your business uh who’s the first person you’d call and what would that conversation be um um you know i mentioned those three people uh earlier i i consider my most trusted advisors so if i if i’m struggling with something or i have an op either even if it’s not a struggle it’s an opportunity that i’m considering something that i’m like all right i think i want to take it here i will not even though i’m uh i’m the ceo i’m the the person that can make these decisions i don’t make those decisions alone so so i love you know your your podcast here the self-made myth that it’s not a not a thing you got you have to surround yourself with other people and so anytime a big decision or a big obstacle comes up i call in those people amy tyson joshua peters and less hill and and there’s a couple others that i’m like really close to uh that i’ll call in and say hey look i’m considering doing this or here’s the obstacle in the way here’s where i think i want to go here’s where i want where i kind of mapping out but i need to get your perspective i need to get your thoughts on this because they may see a something in that path that i haven’t yet seen so it’s i think great leaders recognize that and and pull people in to help yeah that’s fantastic and we talked earlier about um you know i i love your change of so jim rohn’s quote of you know the the five people you spend the most time with you you’ve reframed that for us all the 30 to 50 people and the great thing about um what you shared is it doesn’t have to be in person people right it can be who we’re connected with and reading their social posts or books that were what reading or videos that we’re watching right to benefit from just a broader group of folks i agree with that 100 percent uh not only the the 30 to 50 people that you’re following on on social media you you may not have ever met them right so you mentioned jim rohn and i guess there’s so many great uh business leaders and minds to to listen to that are putting out positive content you know that’s what you’ve got to be taking in we live in a world of negativity that positive content needs to be top of mind flowing through us all the time or you’ll get stuck yeah there’s a saying that the way that we spend the first 59 minutes of our day will dictate our day so if we’re getting up and watching negative news and right and and looking at all the all the craziness that’s going on in the world right then the law of attraction says that whatever we think is what we attract and so if we fill ourselves with that negativity then we’re just going to have a negative day it’s funny you mentioned that law of attraction the uh when the secret came out back years ago that had a big impact on me so um i there’s some things in there that probably not everyone’s going to follow or agree with or test or try but there’s some really good nuggets there like my my vision board is right off to my left right here i see it every day all day long it keeps me very on task for for what i want to create and do in my life i’m on my eighth one of those i think that’s right eight eight of those yeah and uh it’s it’s been huge guiding thing and actually when i got married uh two and a half years ago my wife we’d been together seven years ago whenever um my i had a crazy love on my vision board and i was looking for that person that it may or may not even make sense but you fall crazy head over heels for the next year our picture together went on that vision board because everything centers around us uh all the other things that we want to accomplish and and we we do one together every year some some of those things are business some of those are personal some of those are physical there’s charity up there there’s lots of things that that are on our vision board but we keep us as the focus in the center i love that isn’t it it’s interesting that so when i was first introduced to the the concept of law of attraction and and manifesting i thought it was a little fufuy but i i practiced it because it’s part of the our our coaching program and then i started seeing it working and i was like oh my goodness i need to be doing this more so for the last 12 months i’ve been in a a mindset program it’s called quality minds and we get together with a group of people once a week and and just practice you know sharpening those those tools and and getting better at the manifesting and the positive mindset and and vision boards and we do a a a mindset video right similar idea but i watch a video every morning of my stuff that i want to to manifest it’s it it’s i wouldn’t have fought it had i not given it a chance but wow it’s so incredible i agree i used to it’s been years ago now but i used to watch the secret with chosen people every year like i’d replay it and just invite them over in our home theater and and watch it together so it’s been a while since i’ve done that so and for for folks who prefer to read um think and grow rich is an awesome book on that’s the same topic yeah great book so travis you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you along your your journey if they were all here on the show today what would you want to say to them oh my goodness this see this is where i get sappy right so because uh i i care so deeply and especially about people so no knowing that you can’t do it alone and uh you know i’ll just say that the people that i’ve named and some of those that are unnamed you know who you are that are just influential people people i love and trust and spend time with uh thank you for being in my life you know um you’re the product of the people you spend your time with and i’m thankful that you’re in my room and that i’m in yours and that uh we can be uh helpful and supportive to one another so it makes a big difference thank you awesome travis it’s been a absolute pleasure speaking with you today appreciate you being on our show thank you tim it’s been a been a great pleasure to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help spread this movement by liking the show and posting it on your social media to join our movement go to bed all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care