May 3, 2022

Episode #31: Joe Finkam – iAIRE LLC

Joe Finkam was born in Dayton, Oh. He has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University and currently reside in Carmel, In. with his wife. Joe has a son who is finishing his sophomore year at Indiana University. Joe spent his early working years working for large manufacturers like, General Motors, Frito-Lay and Keebler holding roles in engineering, maintenance and manufacturing. Once Joe received his professional engineering license, he worked for several years as a design and consulting engineering. Joe then worked for about 15 years with facility maintenance firms and HVAC manufacturing prior to starting iAIRE.

iAIRE was incorporated in 2014 and is an HVAC manufacturing company. iAIRE’s main products holds several patents. These patents are to products that provide cleaner indoor air quality and to Solar HVAC equipment that is 2-3 times more efficient than current HVAC technology. iAIRE’s goal is to expand Solar HVAC to all forms of HVAC equipment to help reduce the need for power to HVAC equipment.


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for the self-made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of building their business and because we know that success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks who have helped us to excel today i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us today my guest views managing in the business world similar to coaching and likes to use coaching analogies which i’m sure we will hear later today um one thing he enjoys doing in his downtime is playing and coaching soccer and he is most proud of his family it’s my pleasure to welcome joe to the show today hey joe how are you wonderful tim thank you for having me on today awesome well hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story where you were born and and live and about your family and some of your hobbies um i was born in a suburb of dayton ohio i grew up there with my mom and dad and sister um school teacher choir director family as we grew up and i went to purdue for college played soccer there was in a fraternity mechanical engineering degree from purdue i currently reside on the north side of indianapolis with my wife have a son that is going to iu which he forever continues to tell me how much better iu this than purdue

and i’ll say i’m currently running a business called i hear awesome and uh what’s your wife’s name sue wonderful and uh joe is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today not so sure about my family but a lot of my friends especially as we said i’ve played and coached a lot of soccer um but it was funny it comes in even to talking about communication a little bit so i was playing in college um i had a hard time i played on defense in the back and there was another joe that was right beside me all the time so you think about talking and people are yelling names all the time right we’re in the same part of the field and they’re yelling we go down to play western kentucky university and i got introduced the guy did some kind of funky announcing all the time on people’s names and i got introduced as yuri wolfgang tinkman during that game so from that point on in my sophomore year the rest of the way through college and even to some of those people i still see from now time to time i’m still yuri to all of those people as opposed to anybody else and the amazing thing is it actually solves some communication problems on the field because he was joe and i was yuri and it stopped any of that potential communication problem happening even though it was somewhat funny and it’s still kind of a joke with everybody around when that happens uh that i was still yuri it was funny that just that little bit of difference made an awful lot of difference communicating because now we knew specifically who everybody was talking about when it was out there on the field that’s awesome so joe tell us how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business when you say have the confidence to run your own business i think every day you wonder whether you have the confidence

and that goes back and forth so this isn’t the first business i’ve started and i would still say that’s a struggle every day you go through right as things change as the i’ll say the culture out there changes right i mean today is dramatically different between coped and kind of part shortages in the world than it was two years ago right as a business owner you’re constantly challenged by different stuff and i think you always wonder are you good enough to handle whatever is coming at you because it’s never the same um and i think that’s kind of the biggest thing that you have to figure out and determine is right um are you ready to handle that because that’s probably the hardest part is there is a lot to be said that you are sitting there at the top somewhat on your own at the end of the day you’re going to make decisions right most the time with input from lots of other people but you’re going to make a decision that is either better or worse and you have to live with that and there’s not going to be a lot of people that feel sorry for you right because they all think you have the greatest job in the world and can do what you want when you want and but the answer is yes there’s a lot of times you question yourself all the time and it doesn’t matter how small or big your business is that is a constant scenario so when you say ask me gosh do i feel like what is it i go every day i question do i have all the right things right it’s part of why having a business coach like yourself right i have one too right to try and help make you better and make you more prepared for what’s coming at you um i’m not sure i feel any day like i’m completely prepared for everything that’s there um you just hope that you can work on it well enough find the right people to get input from to make the best decisions you can to keep yourself moving forward yeah i love that perspective you you mentioned that the idea that it’s lonely at the top i hear that a lot that we don’t feel like we have uh people that we can turn to and and talk to and um and that people are always judging us and and a lot of folks tell me we don’t want to take it home because we don’t want to burden our family so that can be uh incredibly overwhelming uh to to to feel that way and and so uh having others in our life to be able to to reach out to and talk things out loud is is so critically important and um you mentioned the coach i have a coach as well and i have a couple coaches um because right there’s so much to going on and stuff that gets stuck in our head that right we just can’t you know it’s not healthy to hold that all inside and not have somebody to work through it with right yep i think one of the most important things you wind up needing is to understand what you don’t know and how to go find people that can help you understand what you don’t know right most business people right or people running their business get there because they were good at doing something right that’s usually how it starts right you were good at doing something and all of a sudden you’re now running a business and you’re making decisions about things that you probably never even thought of in your life right and so you have to somehow again learn right whether that’s to find the right people who can take care of those things for you right or learn how to do them yourself but you get thrust right back in immediately into trying to figure out where that is and back to your comment about you don’t do it alone right you can’t possibly learn how to do all the things you have to do well or or your business has to do well as a business owner and i think that’s one of the hardest things for people to understand right that guy my goodness i was great at doing this and all of a sudden running a business probably necessarily isn’t about what you were great at doing before how do you learn those things how do you rationalize in your own mind right either letting people decide or making those decisions and educating yourself about how to do it is to me one of the hardest things to do which is why i say every day is almost a learning process because the environment you’re executing in is different and you have to be able to to an extent adapt and figure out the best ways to move through those and who are your mentors who are your coaches where do you go to for those things that you need are probably some of the most critical things you do every day there’s a great book out there what got you here won’t get you there um by uh uh marshall uh i can’t remember his last name off top my head but um it’s that same premise right of the the hustle and grind that we all had to start with in in building our companies and and doing the do and and making things work we’ll only get us so far and then we have to turn more to how do i scale the company right how do i how do i empower others and delegate and let go and allow the company to to grow beyond my own capacity which is usually getting your own self out of the way to let that happen indeed yes for sure so tell us more about the company joe um what’s it mean and and what do you guys do how do you help others and and uh for folks listening how can they uh learn more about you uh my business name is iair um i-a-i-r-e um so we got started um actually on a patent i had about commercial buildings you’re required to bring outside air in keep sick building syndrome from happening and outside air tends to be the most expensive thing in the hvac world you do when it’s really cold you gotta heat it up to building temperature

when it’s hot you gotta cool it down you have to dehumidify it and so if you can bring in less air you actually can have utility savings but the less air you bring in has the potential to make the air not as clean and so came up with some patented technology that helped allow you to actively clean the air allowing you to bring less air in and having both cleaner air in the space and so the company got started kind of around the equipment that does that and we have grown into making a lot of other hvdc equipment primarily around indoor air quality and utility savings we now currently have one of the i’ll say most efficient hvac equipment in the world we make a solar hvac unit that’s kind of two to three times more efficient than what’s out there in the world almost in any other format and so we are trying to get this technology put on to pretty much every different kind of hvac equipment that’s out there um trying to just help make it a whole lot more efficient to run hvac um kind of with what’s going on with the solar energy um out of what’s out there and just cut a lot of the energy consumption out of hvac is what our business is doing fantastic and if uh folks listening to this would like to learn more um how can they get in touch with you or where can they go to to to your website or something like that our website is so mya

and you can you’ll get numbers or contact us if you see anything you’d like to see there on the page you can get access to us through our website awesome so we’ll make sure to include that along with this video joe share us a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that that you could do it even though you may not have thought you could and what the impact that that person had on on you and your business journey um it’s really interesting i i met a gentleman by the name of david bosman um actually coaching his daughter in soccer um and he was a small businessman himself he had a company and he distributed primarily fasteners kind of all around the state of indiana screws bolts rivets all that kind of stuff to industrial and commercial clients all around the state and we got talking he wound up kind of as i coached both his daughters talking about his business even talked briefly about um potentially going into business with him and doing some stuff um and um i was i’ll say reasonably young at that point time right and uh i always at that point in time felt like i just wasn’t old enough to run and or manage i’m gonna say whatever that was right i always felt like oh my gosh who’s gonna listen to a 27 30 year old when you sit down and start talking about stuff and uh dave and i wound up starting another little business together and just in general was one of the most positive people i’ve ever been going age doesn’t matter right what you know who you’re able to convince right and another thing he taught me was that i always thought at that point in time selling was this bad thing you were convincing people to do things they didn’t want to do yeah and that kind of the combination of one both it doesn’t matter your age right you whatever it is right people will be drawn if you have an understanding of what needs to happen regardless of your age or who you are or what sex you are any of the above right if you have good ideas and whatever you need to get them out there and two that selling wasn’t really bad that every almost everything you do right talking to your wife and convincing her you want to go to this restaurant as opposed to that one is in essence selling what’s happening right convincing people you want to design it different is in essence a form of selling and selling done right isn’t this bad thing it’s actually this really noble thing of exchanging ideas and getting people to a common ground and just kind of constantly over you know i’ll say all the way until he passed away a couple years ago to me it was a a mentor talking about business and more than anything else just being phenomenally positive about right you know enough go out there and and go do it and obviously yes there are ramifications to your decisions but yes you probably know and can do the things you want and just a phenomenally great person in my life helping me move myself forward and whatever those things were i love that perspective of selling because we all we’ve all had bad experiences with uh sales people and we a lot of folks i talked to have that that impression internal impression of well i don’t want to be like that so right that perspective is awesome another way of of coining it is you know professionally helping people to make a decision that’s right for them right yes and so when when you come at it from that perspective it’s like hey if the answer is no right that’s great because you know we’ve helped people to decide you know if if our solution is right for them or not and if it’s not no harm no foul right we move on to the next person yep so joe what’s your biggest learning as a business owner over the years um the biggest thing i’ve learned that usually the problem is in the mirror i can normally look in the mirror and realize that i’m normally the problem to almost whatever’s going on i’m normally the problem right my lack of knowledge my lack of allowing other people to do it right um a decision my mate i’ve made right not putting enough energy usually right the the problem is i can look at it in the mirror and realize it’s a shortcoming that i had myself or i allowed things to not go right or whatever that normally the problem isn’t somewhere else normally i should be able to look in the mirror ultimately and realize the problem is me it’s not right because today is a great example right there’s a part shortage there’s a labor shortage right inflation is going up there’s always some external force and to be honest you can’t control most of that yeah right and you know nobody in any business is able to control all of those right but that’s what you’re supposed to be doing running your business is controlling the things that you can control and doing the things that you can do to make it better for your customers your employees right in your business and normally that means you’ve got to look at what you can do and make the decisions around you can and most of the time i’ll say it’s been not making decisions that i probably should have made that’s been the biggest issue right you know at some point that’s really what you’ve got to do and i’ll say that’s the biggest thing i realized is it’s not somebody else causing me problems normally it’s i’m not doing something that i probably should be to make it better is normally the answer to what’s going on with if it’s not going right the the awesome thing about that is so insightful is if we give away our power by saying it’s always somebody else then we have have absolutely nothing that we can do about it right we we’ve actually stuck ourselves in i can’t do anything so your perspective is awesome in that hey if it’s if it is all on me if it’s something that i’ve done or haven’t done then i have the ability to to make a difference and and make a different decision or take a different action and therefore i’ve just gained back my control over the whatever this problem or challenge or or uh ultimate outcome that i want in the business is now i have the ability to control it versus the folks who just you know duck their head in the sand and say ah there’s a labor shortage nothing i can do about it or oh supply chain problems nothing i can do about so that’s a that’s awesome perspective joe i appreciate you sharing that that doesn’t make it any necessarily easier right it just like you said you realize that you’re not complete you don’t it’s not that you have no control over the situation there’s always things you can do that doesn’t always make them better right but it doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything that you can do to combat what’s going on and once you start to realize just like you said that there’s always a few things in your control that you can do it to me starts to make you move forward right there’s always actions you can take right and then you just have to be smart enough to when you do the actions understand did it make it better or worse and then itself start to correct around whatever it is you’re doing because usually once you start moving and as long as you’re willing to look at yourself and determine hey that was maybe a bad decision right we may be going the wrong way let’s at least change it but you tend to then start moving forward and hopefully in the positive direction for your company and your customers and all that as you move yourself forward yeah it’s awesome so joe we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about a a challenge you’ve had over the years and a fellow business owner that came alongside you and helped you through it um i’ll say really starting iair up was one of them um i have a partner today in the business that kind of put a little money and help start in and you know he was you know probably 15 20 years older than i am so um had owned multiple businesses prior to it and so there is a perspective i’ll say from him and watching him that especially when i started this to me did a much better job at i will say getting out of everybody else’s way than what i did when i’ll say i started at iair um that was like you know okay if you can get the right people who know what they’re doing with some direction right let them go do the work and you don’t have to be quite so overbearing in what’s there and uh that doesn’t absolve you of making sure the end results are right and doing some follow-up but it also means you don’t have to do the work and ride hurt on them um probably as much as i did when i first started in some of that format and so just watching um that scenario and you know as i would say too he did a much better job than i did of bringing other people in to help right hey i might not know this at all let’s go bring other people in to help look analyze what’s going on was was very very helpful on watching things happen um i’ll say another person way way younger right as i kind of got done with school and everything right um actually one of the good friends of my my parents that was an architect and i kind of was getting done at purdue and i took the kind of first stage of the pe test and i had co-op for gm and was working for frito-lay and was telling him i you know i don’t see any reason why i need to get a professional engineering license i don’t you know i won’t use i’m not using it at work at all why do i need to do it and he’s like you know i think you ought to reconsider it he’s like i bet you won’t use it for 15 years he’s like but there’ll be a time in your life and he’s like when you start looking out past the next two or three years right if you look at things in a longer term he’s like you start to put a different priority on some of the things that are happening when you start to widen your horizon out and he’s like you’re right you’re probably right you may not need to use that thing for the next 50 years but if you like if you wait 15 years you probably won’t remember enough or do enough work to get the rest of the way through and he said i would tell you one go get it and always look out at a longer horizon than you think you will he’s like it will change your view of what’s there and i always kind of remember what don porter said with that and it wasn’t right at the time it didn’t seem like a whole lot it wasn’t even you know i wasn’t even thinking about somebody was imparting some really important information that was there that to me again has been very powerful because right most of the days you’re fighting just to struggle and get through the day and right the more you run the business the farther out you can look what to me is interesting the it seems like the more successful you wind up being the farther you are is the owner that you can look out and it is hard it’s the hardest thing you do right is to get yourself out of the day-to-day or even the week to week to look farther and farther ahead but what happens to your business the farther out that you can look and the farther out you can plan around uh is just amazing what happens when you start to look at those things um it reminds me of stephen covey’s principle of begin with the end in mind right so if we can look at what does our business you know envision what our business looks like when it’s done and what year it’s done and what’s the revenue and the profit and how many employees it gives us that that goal right of what we’re working towards and and then we can step backwards and say okay well then now what does that mean in you know in two years from now or one year from now and this quarter and this month and we can evaluate those shorter term decisions based on do i feel like this is in line with my long-term vision for the for the company and is this decision going to be right for that ultimate goal and to your point you know we don’t we’re not going to know everything in terms of is it is it exactly in line with it but it gives us an ability to say yeah that decision there is is short term and that’s not going to be in the best interest for the for the business overall well you also tend to find right when you’re in the middle of fighting a fire it seems like there’s only one means to walk that path yeah when it becomes a longer process you start to see there’s probably more paths that get you to the end game than just one there’s probably not just one path that gets you there and it’s hard to do that when you’re in the middle of like i said the day-to-day struggles it’s just hard to see you are where you are and it’s just it seems like there’s only one way to go move and do that and you know when you do get a chance as i always say to pick up your head and start looking a little farther forward it does help you sometimes realize yes there’s not just one path to that end goal and you know might not even be the one you thought it was that gets you there but you’re still progressing towards your real end game not just the short-term thing that you think is so important yes uh you see yeah i like what you just said it might not even be the thing that you thought was the right decision so i’ve had i’m sure everybody can relate to this right i’ve had situations where you know a client has decided to to to leave and you know it feels devastating and and then you know my coach will say yeah but tim what if that’s freeing you up for the next you know better client or the a bigger client or you know or your own self growth and development like yeah okay so long term right to your point joe if some of those short term pains are not necessarily bad things in terms of the the long-term perspective and and growth and development of us as individuals or the company yep so oh sorry go ahead go ahead um so joe if if i ask you to pick three people in your business journey that you’re most grateful for being there as part of your success who are those three people and um and how did they help you um i’ll say the first one and again i didn’t give him a lot of credit at the time was my girlfriend’s father in high school so why i was still a high school student he was executive for a division of general motors um and i didn’t really understand at the time but he was the general manufacturing manager so the plant manager at like 12 plants around the world reported to him um but when i was still a high school student he actually got me in and i was working in the engineering labs for general motors um so even prior to starting school and again then when i started to co-op well heck i’d already done jobs co-ops did when i was interviewing for co-ops and coming out of purdue again i had brief two and a half years on the job at gm i didn’t talk to a single person interviewing about what classes i took or anything else i talked about job experiences and even knew there were things i did and didn’t want to do and i go had he not gone out of his way to get me a job right and yeah it started at minimum wage in an engineering lab but it progressed its way through and i had i’ll say an advantage over pretty much my peers at the same age all the time because i had in every instance more real world experience than they did when i was talking to people about what was going on that was phenomenally helpful uh it just set me ahead of everybody else for doing something you know i’ll say probably nice for his daughter’s boyfriend but it was phenomenally helpful to me right in that format awesome his name was jerry meyer awesome um and then i talked a little bit about david bosman too right he was one of the other ones that i go you know every day was to me positive right about everything he did and was helpful and about going through it again another person i give an awful lot of credit to for what i’m doing and i’ll say again kind of as i talked to about my my partner even today right i you know this business wouldn’t exist without him right the the time and the money he’s put in we wouldn’t be here doing this um without him being around and so those are probably the three people that i would talk the most about um what they were doing and and how they’ve helped me you know do things and get to where i’m at with what’s going on today awesome and what’s your partner’s name gary cole awesome fantastic so joe as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges you see uh in achieving your goals and who are the types of people you’re going to need in in your life and in your business to help you solve those um well i i’ll say in talking about in particular i said a little bit our business has solar hvac um i actually believe it is probably one of the biggest things that can help as people talk about global warming or anything else and how do you shed utility costs there hasn’t been anything in the hvac industry kind of since carrier first created you know heating and air conditioning you know in that format that has the ability to save the amount of money and energy that this does right i mean the the industry has constantly pushed to get more efficient and everything over time and you’re we’re typically taking 10 15 20 increments as that goes um talking about being able to get two to three times as efficient as we are today or something that nobody’s been able to talk about plus when you not only do that but you add the peace end that makes this solar and you have the ability to use other types of means to shed some of that load

and the way that it’s done adding to it hvac equipment doesn’t travel well from country to country predominantly because everybody has a different voltage different phasing so you can’t use equipment in the u.s necessarily in the rest of the world or china over here this allows you to potentially go anywhere so it’s the first time i’ve literally thought about having something that potentially has international appeal and flare um and so you now start talking about my gosh scaling not just inside of the u.s but how do you potentially go outside and you know talk about raising money to extent i would have never dreamed of and and the size and scope and i go yeah i can see this being you know hundreds of millions or billions of dollars and i go i look at the size i am today and think of those numbers and go my gosh i they almost seem almost funny and unreal when you start talking about doing that and so i go you know kind of back to myself when i look at my gosh am i ready to manage something that is that much larger in scope or even do i understand the pieces of people i need because raising money or getting funding to do things on that size and scale and talk about plants the size and scale i go am i ready for do i know the people i need to bring in um and am i just ready myself is one of the biggest things i ask you know am i capable of growing and and attracting the right talent to help this go do those things and the answer is like normal i don’t know um you know you start figuring out the things you know and finding the people that you can that can help you do the things that you don’t and attract the people you do and so i go yes there’s lots of things in particular i’ve never even thought about all of the financial side not so much about profit and loss but you can’t grow without an infusion of cash that continues to go as you do it and those just aren’t things i’ve ever thought about so i’ll say those are the things i wonder about is you know can i get the right people can you track the people that you need to develop a business that’s of that size and scope i’ll say those are all the things that i wonder are we capable of of doing and executing yeah what an exciting uh next few years joe that’s awesome congratulations thank you very much so jim rohn is uh one of my favorite authors and a quote from him is we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that is that something that is exciting something that makes you nervous from a business standpoint um i i think in some ways i’m blessed with some of the people that are around me just by default that i don’t think about um you know um you know my wife is actually a city council person and does marketing and owns her own business and i go through just the people i meet you know as i would say on just a daily basis that i’m around i am just always amazed at some of what people do right that you talk to and you don’t even think about when you’re talking to them the things that they go do that i’m blessed to be around on that front um fact i said i played in coach soccer for a long time well you start looking in that pool of people that i’ve been out on the field that you know as you get older even when you play against them you wind up being the same group of people that i’ve got to meet and i really again i feel very lucky because they’re from all around the world right it doesn’t matter but you start looking at the jobs some of those people do in big businesses where the businesses they own themselves and the experience you begin to realize that oh my gosh there’s this great amount of people that i don’t think you most people think about all the time that they’re probably friends with and do something because their kids go to school or they’re on a sports team or you know you’re out at private lessons on piano and you’re doing stuff with people that there’s this great wealth of people that have some just phenomenal experiences if you have the ability to tap into it uh that you potentially have to talk through and look through and so i guess you know whether that is you know dumb luck as i say it lots of times it just happened or you’ve done work over the time um you know yeah i’ll still say when you say who am i with the most just because of what we’re doing right that’s still the most is a lot of my own staff or people that i’m working with that work right i would still go when you ask who am i there the most just with what’s happening right it’s that or probably my wife right those are the people that i’m around the most and i go when you ask and go no in some regards i feel pretty lucky to be around some of them right um are they all the people that are the right people if i develop this thing into as big as what i am i’m not sure that we’ll all learn just like i go with myself am i the right person to be part of that business too as i ask every day i’m not sure whether that’s it but we’ll find out as we go but i go no i’m i i hear that all the time kind of about the people you’re with and the books you read and i there is some absolute truth to that right that just by default right the things that they make you think about or the because just discussions you get into and the people they know that they may be able to oh my gosh just call talk to them they maybe will help just helps broaden your horizons um just incredibly well so there is an awful lot of truth to both of those things right that both the people you know and and the books that you read and have access to tend to change your perspective typically or widen your perspective on on what’s going on awesome i i love how um how you’ve talked about people through people and that that right it’s it doesn’t have to necessarily be the the person that we know but it could be the people that the people that we know right and and so that all just goes down to just networking in general right making sure that we’re open to what the opportunities that come before us and and be take that initiative of engaging in those conversations and the the law of attraction is another uh favorite um

perspective uh that i i appreciate is we’re going to attract if we if we have an open mind we’re going to attract the people and the situations and the circumstances that we need to grow into the better version of ourself and and have the the successes that we want into in our business but we have to be open to what’s being brought to us and say oh yeah that is an opportunity or that is somebody that i need to have a conversation with right and and you mentioned earlier right sometimes that’s hard cause we’ve got a problem in our business right and we’re head down and we’re in the weeds and it’s like oh but this this thing just came to me that is is maybe a conversation i need to have to solve this problem but oh my goodness i’m so busy in this in this challenge absolutely you know it’s as i would say it’s the hardest thing you have every day is right you know how do you pick your head up enough to make yourself look forward how right and it’s really the bigger issue right how do you make it so your head doesn’t have to be the one that’s down all the time right that’s really the question right that you have the opportunity to have your head up enough that you can see the opportunity of the people you should be talking to and i i actually believe that’s the hardest part of transitioning your business right is the the ability to get your head up you know the more you can as you would say keep your head up looking forward as opposed to having to do it which means you’ve got to have a team and processes in place because you still have to do all that stuff right somebody in your organization has to be taking care of the customers and the issues and whatever those things are you do that can’t stop right just for you to pick your head up but how do you get the business where you can pick your head up that that’s going is to me i’ll say every business owner’s hardest thing to make themselves move forward to make that happen yeah um and i agree that’s the thing i hear the most often as well and and part of that’s because it is every business generally started out with just the business owner right or just a couple people and and they did to do right and they became experts at doing the do right working hard and working long and and figuring things out and perfecting it and then now that it’s all figured out it’s like hey the business is now growing um and but what generally happens is that the business will grow and then it’ll plateau and the reason that it plateaus is that the it’s not able to grow beyond the owner’s capacity and so to your point the biggest challenge for all successful business owners is is transitioning from doer right to business owner and finding the the processes and the people and and the disciplines and the structures and and all of these things that’ll enable them to go from doer to business owner and have a business that ultimately can can run without them to your point so they can pull out of the weeds and look at the big picture and the strategic direction of the organization and who are the right people that we’re going to need on the team in five years from now and what what are the different opportunities that’s being presented to us yeah so i i hear that you know multiple times a day is is that struggle of how do i you know how do i let go right i’ve tried it before i can’t find you know the right people or no one can do the job as well as me well you alluded to it a few times it’s a process right you just don’t sw flip a switch and say oh now i i have a business that can run without me no it’s it’s a it’s it can be a long process of getting all those best practices put in place and and the owner too right has to have that that um mental transition of trusting in the team and knowing that the team’s gonna make mistakes and knowing that things aren’t gonna work out perfectly the first time but but it’s all part of that journey of being able to scale yeah you have to be willing to let it go and that’s probably the hardest part because it’s typically your baby right and and just like with your kids it’s hard to just like you said let them go do their own things and and become their own people too in the process and so yes it’s one of the hardest parts of as you scale up especially if you were the doer and the scenario with what was there yeah you’ll i’m sure you’ll appreciate this one of the things i hear a lot is well it’s just easier for me to do it myself it’ll take longer for me to teach them to do it than it will for me to just do it

it’s true and there are times that absolutely in the short term that’s true right it’s not the long run but in the short run absolutely you can always justify that it can take you less time to go do it and again back i love you just said it again the long term versus short term so yes long term though right if they can do it for us then we don’t have to do it ourselves 20 times a month or you know 15 times a day or whatever that happens to be so the long long-term benefit is if we get other people to take it off of our plate another way that i i have people think about this is you know based on your salary what’s your hourly wage right and then look at all the jobs that you’re doing that are significantly below your hourly wage and you know so if you’re doing a whole bunch of 25 an hour jobs and and you know and your hourly wage is 100 then you need to be delegating those things right or outsourcing them or you know it could be because your your the opportunity cost is huge in terms of what you could be doing and making versus doing those tasks i hope most of your clients are when they do the hourly rate by what many hours they’re working or making 25 and 100 bucks an hour because i know there was a lot of times early in my business it felt like i was making five and ten because of just the number of hours that were being put in so i hope they’re all around those numbers um that are listening to this because they’re in pretty good boat if they’re starting to get into those moving their way forward yeah and and to your point that can be aspirational as well right of what should your bill rate be versus right where the business is at and obviously newer companies are right we all have to the the hustling grind is true right when we’re in us when we’re in the first couple years of our business we all have to be doing the do and figuring things out but the goal is to transition and and move up what we call the entrepreneurial ladder right where you’re you’re getting other people to do the do for you so joe last question here is if something was catastrophic was to happen to the business who’s the first person you’d call and what would that conversation be i think it really depends probably on where i’m physically at at the time that it happens but it’d probably either be my partner or my wife just probably depending on where i’m at and who’s closer and easier to get a hold of depending on what was happening but it would be one of those two people awesome and i i know it would depend on the situation but um what type of uh conversation would that be what would your what would you be looking for needing in in that conversation you know it’s funny as i’ve gotten older i’ve realized it’s not so much the answer you get and it’s not even so much when people and it’s more so coming to me right most of the time when people are asking a question of you they’re verbalizing what’s going on in the problem they have and the fact that they can verbalize it and put it in you know a majority of the time is allowing them typically to figure it out on their own because that’s been part of the problem yes and i realize i do that way more than i think right that i do right that i’m talking through it and it’s allowing you to talk through it and just making a coherent sentence right and being able to explain it even in your own mind helps do it so i’m not so sure most the time i think what you’re really doing is hope you’re getting a sympathetic ear to listen to it maybe there is some advice that comes with it but more than that somebody that can listen to it and allow you to put whatever rambling words and sentences together and allow you to grasp your head around it i think is probably the first and foremost important thing you’re hoping to get out of that when that happens yeah awesome so joe sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people uh who have helped you along your journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them thank you thank you glad they were around and glad they’re part of my life awesome now joe thank you so much for being on the show today it’s been a pleasure speaking with you and uh hearing all of your insights all right thank you very much for having me tim have a good day you too to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking the show and posting it on your social media channels and to join our movement go to be mad all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care