April 27, 2022

Episode #30: Michelle Yagelski – MyBit AI & VS3

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hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for the self-made is a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success is not something that we achieve on our own we are taking time to recognize the folks that have helped us along the way i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from colorado with us today my guest likes to try new adventures and and do things that are off the beaten path like snowboarding and and recently she was playing around on a bobcat um in her down time she likes to do fun things uh to to de-stress like like kids would do just play and and have fun and she’s most proud of the fact that she’s figured out the impact that she wants to have in the world and she’s growing into becoming that person it’s my pleasure to welcome michelle to the show today hello michelle hey how are you i’m awesome well hey let’s start with having you um introduce yourself and tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born where you live a little bit about your family and some of those uh crazy hobbies that yeah that you were telling me about oh um so uh i guess the family and you know upbringing of being a big family a family of six kids in the middle and a twin so that um that pressure of you know trying to be who you’re there you’re supposed to be and all that fun stuff kind of really was starting to kind of pull at my like my soul and i needed to get out and so that’s how i’m endeavor is that i i needed to figure out who i was and without the limitations and the expectations of the family and what they thought i was and just be able to explore who that is and genuinely come up with this you know unapologetic you know authentic person that i i think i can be and excited to kind of explore what what that is and how it will always be kind of evolving and what impact it can make awesome so michelle where were you born uh northwest indiana up by gary uh

yeah and then went to indianapolis uh for school at iu and stuck around there for way too long and when i came out to denver i just you know just had that calling that urge to just get out move and kind of kind of explore and see see what is out there who am i what can it be of and just packed an suv and whatever came with me is what happened and uh it’s beautiful out here it’s amazing i wish i had came out here years before i just still eight years later i’m driving and just seeing the mountains is it’s just so calming too like road rage doesn’t really happen well to me uh because i was like oh this is beautiful just look at this and it’s my fault i’m late but

so tell us of some of those hobbies that you were that you you said earlier offline that you like to just unwind and be like a kid so what are the some of the things that you enjoy doing oh yeah um i actually just listened to a podcast too about how the different types of energy and like tension that’s built up in you

there’s different ways of you know how you need to release it you can go to yoga and something kind of calming and you know the sympathetic a parasympathetic calming you know tasks of breathing or you need to go in in my terms just demolition and anything crazy um just energy like just get it out punching bags and uh you know breaking up dirt yeah the all the big machines anything fun that’s different and it just releases and just feels like you just get it out i love it snowboarding all of that just trying to like go hard and do it whatever you can do before you’re too old wonderful so michelle is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share um i guess i could probably joke about how i used to be the spiller in the family since i just told you i spilled water all over myself and tried to change it before the podcast um i did have um our family is like what my twin likes to reference says entrepreneurs are either um what is it she said they are either forced you’re the forces uh forced by heart or by blood an entrepreneur and i think it was kind of all three of those for me that it merged and one of the you know jokes might so my mom comes from a long line of business owners you know italians and indianapolis actually and all of those eras of i sure what they did but um bananas maybe um well my dad oh man he’s uh he is a salesman at heart if you met him you’re yup this guy sells he tells you what you need and that’s it and when we both worked at tyco together or together we worked at taiko at the same time he was up in south side chicago and i was in indianapolis we were selling the uh security systems and business and building management to businesses he would call up at nine a.m a monday and ask me what i sold for the week like trying to like you know be competitive and like see who’s who’s winning and eventually one of my co-workers next to me like continually heard these conversations and how crazy they are and we just like he um one time i mentioned like is that my dad’s name ray he goes is that big play ray on the phone and so ever since then it’s been the struggle of him trying to tell the story of him you know working with me and helping me you know come up in the ranks and me making the joke of how now he is forever going to be big play right or a big play it’s been 12 years it’s stuck it’s still in my phone as big player awesome so michelle tell us how did the business come about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business um so

it’s like i said there it’s it’s in my blood i think as well as i think my soul my heart is like i’ve got that rebel in my heart i don’t i don’t accept me mediocracy everything that we were doing i was always asking like why are we doing it this way is there a better way to do it and always trying to find better ways of doing things and so that kind of just pushed me along the path of trying to you know forge my own my path and and also that freedom of autonomy and no one telling you how to work window work all of that i can’t especially on denver if it snows i want to be in the mountains

right i can get those powder days uh but that um that was that was just brewing i mean i i’ve owned several businesses through like high school um and then college my twin and i owned a marketing and promotional company uh we were actually the coors light twins for a minute in indianapolis oh cool nothing fun but we we did not play the part all too well uh we were just too humble and you know we were there for school not to like drink and have fun and get wasted

but we saw an opportunity to you know start a business and went to the cfo but you know the distributing liquor companies and and gave our case you know you’re wasting money on this let us you know put that money towards more promotions and that was exhausting 22 years old owning a statewide company and trying to like wrangle hot 22 year old girls was not fun uh so that started the path of entrepreneurship and kind of understanding the stresses and what it takes to to run a business and so currently my brother came to me wanting to start a business and needing my help and long story short didn’t work out but uh we um we were working on a couple different ideas and i i took one of them and kind of ran with that it was too good of an idea and the need was too much with such a great um possibility of solving it so i kind of ran with that and

that’s how it kind of started and then going into the whole you know how to get the confidence to run it was i don’t know if it i think it was emerging of all of that like you know like i can do this whatever um as well as like listening to like literally all the books all the tony robbins joda spenza and jordan peterson i’ve listened to all of them they helped so much though it was so amazing that like the transformation of that mindset can bring to you and i just adopted that like i remember having like a post-it note that was on my like laptop and so that was the one thing i would see was but what if i could what if i could make this happen what if i could have an impact on the world or you know help people out what if i could and kind of really try to hone in on the energetic hopefulness and excitement and like what if i could this like what could happen like all those great things and just focus all the energy on to you know what needed to happen how to make it happen and not be concerned if it doesn’t because it’ll work out whatever um still young don’t have kids don’t have family i had a dog at the time but uh why not take the risk or just live life um it’s it’s been a gruelling six years uh not just owning a business but also like for me i i took that like when you start learning all that mindset and you just see how powerful it is and how amazing it can be like to become that person who has a bit more peace inside and and work from that energy and and be able to kind of guide that path you just kind of keep wanting to learn along those lines as well as building your business now you’re trying to build yourself and it was it’s exhausting but like it it was so so beneficial to like get to that point i’m still never ending but trying to kind of hone in on that instead of just learning more just like working with what i have learned and so that’s where i kind of got the confidence of just you know getting the mindset right and just you know focusing on the right stuff and like and being excited for like instead of like the anxiousness of like what could happen but what could happen like that’s exciting like it’s amazing i could have a flying yacht

yeah that our mind is is so critical in in success and people don’t realize a lot of people don’t understand how powerful it is to you know to set the mind positive every day and do that the manifesting and the law of attraction and right all of that stuff of whatever we tell ourselves in our head is what’s going to happen yeah i mean it’s it’s amazing like how much it changes you as a person and it’s i mean

yeah i can’t even like express like i am so glad i came along my path and if like found a lot of what i have come upon and the changes that it’s made it’s so it’s so important it’s crucial so michelle tell us a little bit more about the the company um you i think you have two companies right so you’re a busy person oh yeah thank you coveted um i so the business i started uh right after my brother was a it was an automation that i created for property insurance claims adjusters and it was an automation for their scheduling uh normally it’s a three-day process it’s i did multiple test runs for adjusters to understand the process deeper and that’s not fun it’s not fun and so uh i was able to create an automation like a true automation and not just like a lot of the companies were like digitizing things and calling them automating you know like to put the practice of what they were doing digitally and that was you’re still going through the steps and everything we really did come up with a way to automate and take a lot of those tasks out and it went from three days down to 10 minutes and it provided them with like the most efficient routes and schedule so that they could maximize their output it’s a feast and famine type of industry when those uh storms hit those adjusters want to get as much done as possible so the more they can get done the more they get and so i felt like i was helping with them as well as helping the homeowners get uh their their houses you know cleaned up and fixed as fast as possible rather than having that like whole three to five data layer or whatever it was that um currently is being rebranded and restructured and updating the software when cobit hit the whole it’s trying to virtual everything was um was fun but um i i do believe though that there is stuff that should be automated and then there’s things that should never be automated and the personal touch the relationships and the connections that people bring to to life through those um times aren’t or should never be automated and taken away they homeowners want you to hold their hand while they’re going through this traumatic experience like their house just got completely wiped out um and it’s just it’s i’ve known so many people like what made you go with those people well they were it was always the personality of the person or they made me feel comfortable and it was never the price it was never oh the you know the quote looked beautiful it was the person so and i know it’s going to come back around and so i’m kind of trying to beef up and work with that software and figure out how we can like add use cases to it as well why we’re revamping it but so i it’s kind of on the back burner and so currently while we’re pretending that virtual um adjusting was a thing um

i’m kind of partnered with some tech guys and resources and have come together in what i call a boutique consulting group and we’ve uh provided uh business strategies and solutions to automate processes and innovate uh customers business operations or provide them with like some new you know lines of revenue with new technology or in an innovative way awesome fantastic so michelle tell us uh tell us a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you thought you couldn’t and what the impact that that had on you um and so this is uh this is a bit of a different approach if that’s okay sure it’s been a long journey and i think people don’t realize that as much help as you can get from people outside uh and connect with people like there is that intrinsic motivation that you need to work on and and build and harness and so when things do get rough and are hard because it’s hard all the time all the time it’s so rough um and so you need to find that like within yourself to to make sure that you’re you’re focusing on the right things and so and you know where your limits are and and to cultivate that that motivation to get out of bed and do great things even if it is so mundane and you know the day haven’t felt like anything since it takes so long for things to trigger and actually you know fall into the good spots um and so i really it’s it’s that like giving yourself that acknowledgement and being happy and proud of what you’ve done and if you don’t do that it’s it’s going to be a hard battle up yeah yeah i talked to a lot of business owners who it’s it’s very lonely at the top right we don’t have unlike being an employee where we can always talk to our boss right when we’re on our own we are the boss right and so i like what you said earlier about you’ve read all the books right the the all the gurus about uh you know getting your mindset right and and getting your focus right and getting your energy and drawing from within because you know all of all of those other experiences that other people have had are now the thing that you’re talking about right of we have to find that within right and and get ourselves motivated each day and even even on the days where maybe we had a bunch of losses or we got the you know the punch in the stomach and knocked the wind out of us we got to get back up and keep going right yeah yeah and if you don’t have that like ready to go in your bag of tricks like you you’ll learn it the hard way you’ll get there i was trying to tell one of my business partners that like yes you learn it now before you have to have to learn it later when you’ve lost everything it’s it’s important you know not getting so tunnel vision not focusing on the problems and and having that clear mind of knowing how to move forward through the challenges and the adversities yeah so michelle what would you say is the biggest learning that you’ve had as a business owner

um i think the building upon that of the mindset but also the faith that you have to really like lean on so hard and it was such an obscure like learning that whole like surrender and i was always like surrender what what do you mean i finally i think i just kind of like you as you get to the point of going oh my god okay i think it’s you know i’ve got the mindset ready um and it’s the merging of like you know making sure that you have that positive optimistic perspective and where you can only see opportunities everywhere everything is an opportunity in every situation regardless of the situation of how it can get bad and having that fortitude and grit to get through the hard times to know that know what you need to do and know that you have the ability and the strength to do it but really that like surrender of control of the outcome and control it and knowing that like my faith and knowing that god is there working with me and so everything is going to work out everything’s gonna be okay and without that i don’t think i could have the mindset you get too far but like that like really made it like it just lifts so much stress off of you and you’re like oh if it works it works it doesn’t it doesn’t like yeah then something else will happen like i don’t know like if it doesn’t work out that means there’s a better way that means that there’s something better and that really helps so much not being so stressed not being so uh like just pulled in and trying to control everything and being and you’re able to actually enjoy the ride like it’s just knowing that like all right i just need to focus on the now be present and and also enjoy this journey because that’s isn’t that what it’s about like that destination it’s like a moment like i’m waiting for that moment and then i’ll be happy and then and then what like so you just do start to realize with all of this that like it is the journey have fun with it like learn from it obviously and you know i mean i say like have fun with it like this is hard but yeah um yeah like try to like it makes it so much easier when you don’t have that stress of going oh my god i have to have everything figured out no you don’t you just have to figure out what you need to do now yes and no and now and just allow that to like kind of work it it was it was one of the biggest changes and like just having that i mean i’ve always said that faith grew up catholic but like just really honing in on that like strength from god was huge it just is an anxiety reliever knowing that it’ll all work out yeah i love that i’m i’m in a mindset program coaching program it’s called quality mindset the the essence is very similar to what you’re saying is that everything that happens in our life is to enable us to get to the better version of ourself and to realize all the dreams that we have and so if there are challenges that come up and it might maybe similar types of challenges it’s just simply right that little tap on the shoulder that says hey this is something that you still have to work on right and you have and you have to work through and you have to grow to become the better version of yourself and that thing’s not going to go away right we might push it away or distract ourselves from it but it’s going to keep coming back until we face it and and grow through it so that we can get to the next version of ourselves so that we can have the next success in our business right so we can realize all that god has for us um but you know there’s there’s no promise that it’s a it’s an easy path right it’s just a matter of if we’re listening to the the signs and the and the taps that we get on our shoulder we deal with them um and so to use your words right if we just enjoy that journey right and appreciate that all of these things that happen are are for our better good right and so then we can let go of all that anxiety and fear and just say well this is here for my betterment so let’s just dig in and and learn through it yeah i can’t control it so why would i try and yeah it’s uh it’s definitely that that when something bad does happen rather than like all the ways your mind could go going okay what am i supposed to be learning here and then it’s the whole like what uh like when you have to go through that multiple times too and stuff instead of feeling like oh god like okay i seriously have not learned this already like i’ve learned this so many times right but i feel like it’s that like you’re spiraling like and so you’re learning it from a different level and a higher level and so you’re continually clearing out each like um section of that and so yeah okay this is definitely a continual thing that i know that i know i’ll be continually working on so but yeah when adversities and challenges come up like my first thought is like what was i supposed to learn from this or how do i need to approach this instead of going i love it that is awesome so michelle we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation and you’ve already talked about right a bunch of books that you’ve read and so what’s one of the biggest challenges you’ve had over the years and and who’s somebody that came alongside you and helped you through that um

i’m gonna go and it’s all hard it’s all challenges you tell the biggest one i don’t know at the moment um but like speaking frankly uh like the group like i instead like a person i want to say like this type of group of people and you know excuse my friends those shitty people that come in your life and they just remind you of how you don’t want to be that like you don’t oh that’s a reminder that’s not how i wanted to be and reminding me that why i’m you know living through these intentions of working in integrity and love and and that’s not the way to go and they’re never going to win and it’s it’s sad sorry i mean like uh people just they suck and they they they’re not happy and then it’s not how you want to be and it really does remind you that of you know these challenges could be hard but they could be worse if you’re that person they’re clearly not handling it well and so there’s those rim like i i just see things different so there’s i always try to kind of find the good of every piece of it and and that has helped me a lot with you know either trying to prove them wrong or make sure that you prove myself that i’m not that person and improve that the way i am on this path of you know integrity and compassionate and doing the right thing is the way to do it and i need to prove that it is the right way and not you know falling to the creed and selfishness in the easy way yeah i i love that you mentioned um just your faith and and god earlier and i those people those types of people right generally they have something unresolved in them right they’ve got a hurt or a pain or a or or their own challenges and so i love what you’re saying is that if we can you know to use that cliche right turn the other cheek if we can love back onto people right and show them that there is a better way to to do business and a better way to interact then you know we’re spreading that that positivity around and giving examples of for other people to follow that is the better way than those examples that you just shared love and light loving light

care bear snare whatever is that what it was right yes three two one so um michelle if i ask you to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for being there um that helps you to become who you are and and have the successes that you have uh who would those three people be um i’m i’m still grateful for everyone in my life and then there’s so many and so different levels that um if i’m like i’m gonna go on this broad thing this whole time and just kind of group them together so that way i’m not like missing everyone and that like but there’s those people who those business owners and and mentors that remind you that there is um people out there like you who are doing things correctly and and they’re being successful at it by doing the right things as well as uh like tony selzo and some other kevin lombardo my business uh mentor like be able to keep you in check and make make it um i guess easier for you to like keep walking that path of like because instead of you know tony uh approached me with one of the networking groups that i’m in with him now um we literally have a very very similar we have the same business model we do the same thing but instead of seeing it as a competition you know we’re competitors we we both have that mindset and the business approach of like we can do so much more and extend our reach create more value and expand what we can do if we partner together and work together and that that type of that cavity and people and trying to hone those type of people in your life and know that like this is how it needs to work this is how and i really do think that like after covenant after all this craziness that happens we are going to come into a better life of where people realize that like all the anger and that hate and is going to fall apart and it’s it’s going to be amazing one of these days it’s going to be amazing and i really want i’m trying to be like part of that like you know showing that this is how it needs to be amazing like we’re all going to work from our strengths and and what we love to do and our uniquenesses we don’t need to be the same we don’t need to have equity uh we need to work from what god gave us and we all have a uniqueness and that’s where it um where we need to live from and work from and that’s it’s going to work out if we can like understand that and work together not against each other and then there’s also like my family of course my mom she’s such a great like my dad owned the businesses but my mom was really the brains behind all of it you probably won’t listen to this so he won’t get offended but uh she’s she’s such a rock and now that i say that that i guess that’s where i get like i just feel like i’m a rock for everyone usually i’m like always there for somebody and i guess that’s where i get it from she’s just she’s always there helping any anything i need i can go to her and and she just has a logic she’s just so knowledgeable like i didn’t even realize sometimes she’ll just say something like where was this at like where were you but uh she’s just so logic minded and calm and never you know coming from an emotional state where it’s it’s in it’s a good place to get um you know advice from and kind of bounce ideas off of and and then there’s like um like uh an example my little brother my little brother who’s six seven

um he like he can’t help me in any way business wise but like just having that support in him like continually trying to find ways how he can support me in any way that he can those little moments made such a difference of knowing that i have people supporting me and that people do you believe in me and do care that like that that support group is so much bigger than people think of just knowing it’s going to be okay because you know people do believe in you it’s not you against everything and everyone it’s you’ve got your your little tribe even if they can’t be there they can’t help or they’re not doing anything it’s i mean the little things of advice or you know random gifts it it it made a big difference like i didn’t realize it but i was like crying one time i’m like oh my god this is all amazing thank you so much and it was nothing it was just a stupid little advice they like he i just randomly called and asked about something and like just didn’t being there for me and you know and at the end like you know i believe you got this you know those those little pep talks those are helpful so much than people think they are that that emotional support is key we talked about it a couple times already but it’s really hard to to build a business from scratch and it’s very lonely at the top and there’s a whole lot of hurdles and challenges and things to overcome that when people say that they believe in us or reinforce that we’re doing a great job or that they’ve got our back or that they that know not to give up because they they again they believe in us it’s like that motivation and that you want to prove them right right and so yeah yeah keep going like really caring and really you know knowing that they are there and it’s not just like oh you can do it like thanks like it was you know the heart felt that it’s it’s amazing yeah and earlier you mentioned um you know tony’s perspective of you know there’s more than enough business to go around so he he probably has the biggest abundance mindset of of um you know of anyone that i’ve met where he’s like hey i we’re not competitors so our founder brad sugars has you know art has that same perspective so our vision is world abundance through business re-education and the idea there is there’s no no competitors we’re all we we co-you know we cooperate right so yes we’re competitors but if we cooperate together right there’s more than enough opportunities to go around and we help each other and lift each other up we can we can solve the world’s problems and and everybody can make more money and and raise their standard of living so i i think that’s just an amazing perspective versus that you know that the the idea of there’s if there’s not enough now we’re fighting over the limited resources that scarcity mindset is just it’s so damaging that’s where you have the people that you were mentioning earlier right who who are negative and and want to want to talk you down or beat you down because they’re afraid that you’re going to take the limited resources from them yeah i i don’t know if it’s a i’ve always had this and just have like acknowledged it but like yeah it’s like that limited mindset you’re just so narrow vision and like i always approach things of like how can we all win from this or like what can i do best about this and what works like what do you bring into this and can we do it together or what what are the different ways of approaching this situation rather than like this is what i need to do kill everyone and

it’s um yeah the limited mindset it kills me with that whole like you know the food and the land like no god is abundant like there is abundance there’s more than more no more than we need and if people could just understand that and accept it and then you know work with it like it it’s fascinating how that changes people yeah absolutely so michelle as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you see that you’ll face in reaching your goals and who are the types of people that you’re going to need to help you overcome those challenges oh three to five years um yeah when is this chaos and mess gonna end is that within three or five years or is it ten that’s part of the problem uh but like it’s seeing and knowing i that’s i think part of what has been driving me nuts these last two years is like knowing that there is going to be so much change because there needs to be so much change i i didn’t notice any of this until you know copenhagen now you have that extra time to like just start going oh my god like how did we walk into this mess like i don’t know i loud way too much and i am a fighter i don’t walk into just anything and i was like oh my god i allowed so much to happen and this is nothing so i definitely am like you know awake to a lot of the uh the problems they have like just slowly crept to this enormous problem of every system out there it just needs to be reimagined and fixed and helped and it’ll be exciting and amazing when we start living in a world where people are you know we’re raising children from their strengths not from like the average indiacracy and and they’re working and building on stuff that they love to do and that’s fun for them rather than the whole uh you know calculus and all that fun stuff

but just i guess the challenge of figuring out which direction and which opportunities i feel like i’ll have the most impact on and choosing those and then finding those people who who are aligned in that aspiration and are excited to create massive change and who specialize in those areas so it is easier to make it happen rather than you know still keep doing it on my own um that’s i think the challenge of you know figuring out how it’s going to change which direction it’s going to change and how we can be um part of that change and how we can kind of guide that change to the right way awesome so last question here michelle if there was something that catastrophic that happened in the business uh who’s the first person that you would call and what would that conversation be um so i guess the going back to this normal theme of uh you know calling on god and like it’s been such a the way i respond to things that you start to like in those mindset programs i’m sure you guys teach that where like instead of reacting you need to respond so you kind of take a step back and with me like praying to god it’s it gives you not such a narrow small-minded like window of like what are the solutions what is going wrong why what can i do about it it’s that like 10 000 foot view of light and limitless of like what are the solutions like no no boundaries on that like walk in and as well as like why did this happen what did i need to learn from it where were the mistakes made what are the solutions where are the opportunities and start like you know kind of meditating through that process of calming and coming from a more centered and strategic approach to it before and making my own kind of thoughts and decisions on it before i move like in any direction and then and then i call my mom

dude that way if i mean i have my business mentors that i’ll call on a lot of stuff but usually it’s her first because she is she either if i’m not calm down she’ll calm me down and then um i’m passionate i’m excited i’m not crazy and out of control but like it is passion and it’s in i i try to harness it as much as i can but i know that sometimes that’s that’s not fun and um yeah she comes from a logic you know standpoint and can kind of see from a knowledge and experience mindset and and then allows me to like you know open my mind to you know other possibilities and other people’s um thoughts on the situation and then kind of make a informed um strategic move in in that sense so michelle you’ve been blessed with some some great people in your life if that have helped you along your journey that you’ve shared about today if they were all on the show here what would you want to say to them um i feel like i make sure i like i get so sappy sometimes and i always make sure that people are aware that how grateful i am of them and and why i’m grateful that like it’s the support or or the way that they approach it individually and everyone has has their impact on you and as well as the sorry that was a hard one i was like trying to like kind of go all of these people and how and when

it’s so hard alone and so even the littlest things people don’t realize it helps so much and so i mean i’ve done so much alone and i don’t know if that was like my calling since i was a twin and you know from a big family that like i needed to learn that path of you know who i was and you know how i do things on my wall my way and so that why is why i have like you know way too much alone time with that like just those i mean even if people like are able to talk or you know go grab a drink or have fun and you know tear stuff up uh listen to my ideas those moments are so important to me that the human connection because since i haven’t had a lot of it enough of it through those six years because you’re so busy of building the business and then off hours you’re building yourself and then that continually like just happens for years before you even realize it and so any human connection is so important to me those moments and as long as we’re present and we’re enjoying the moment it’s it makes a world of difference because it just kind of like re-energizes you and gets you past those next humps awesome well michelle it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show thank you to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to self-made is a myth with your host coach tim camsell please be sure to help us spread this movement by liking the show and posting about it on social media to join our movement go to be mad together dot com all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care