April 22, 2022

Episode #29: Joseph Stepke – Joe The Finance Guy

JOSEPH STEPKE, professionally known as “Joe the Finance Guy,” is an inspirational, award-winning sales leader, trainer, coach, and connector whose expertise encompasses creative financing and alternative funding programs for business-to-customer (B2C) retail clients.

He is known for his positive energy and giving nature, and prides himself on being accessible, transparent, and responsive. His own guiding principles echo the mission of Acima Credit, the company for whom he serves as an area sales manager: “To enrich the lives of our customers, merchants, and employees.”

Throughout his career, which has spanned multiple industries and market sectors, Joe has sought to add customer value. After serving as a military police officer in the U.S. Army, he moved into the business world, initially in staffing, and then into managerial roles of increasing responsibility with a focus on sales. He rocked the B2C retail vertical as a store/multi-unit operations manager and earned a sterling reputation as a team leader who could tailor solutions to enhance the customer experience, drive customer loyalty, and increase profitability for merchants.

UNIQUE AREAS OF VALUE By virtue of his rock-solid work ethic, previous leadership roles in the retail industry, and his immersive work with sales teams, Joe becomes an indispensable asset to the retail business owner. Whereas he is well versed on financial matters, he can offer a fresh lens and collaborative mindset to all areas of a business. His empathy, ability to build trust quickly, high emotional intelligence (EQ), and passion for mentoring others are what differentiate him as a servant leader.


Joe is community-minded and nourishes his LinkedIn network daily. He brings a can-do attitude, and a go-the-extra-mile approach that puts a personal stamp on his professional relationships. His customers became his friends, In the words of one merchant, who praised the no credit option as instrumental in the growth of the business, “I don’t know where I would be without Joe Stepke.”

Joe has opened up “Joe The Finance Guy” to a new level with his website, trademarked logo and name, along with his upcoming sales video series, and logo merchandise.

To contact Joe, please go to joethefinanceguy.com


hello this is coach tim campsall and i’m your host for self made is a myth make a difference together show where we’re interviewing successful business owners on their journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success does not happen in isolation we are recognizing the people who people who have helped us along the journey to building our business and excelling i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us today my guest collects action figures and movie memorabilia he spends likes to spend time with his family and is a gamer and he’s most proud of his family which we’re going to have them tell us about here in a little while it is my pleasure to welcome joe the finance guy to the show today hey joe hey tim thank you so much for having me on too i appreciate that yeah awesome well hey let’s start with having you um you introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born where you live wow it’s your family man going back 50 some odd years that’s all right well it was in a dark uh shed somewhere no i’m a kid um i was born uh in october 1970 i’m 51 years old um man trying to tell a little bit about like my past i’ll give you the highlights grew up you know i was born in evanston grew up in round lake illinois graduated high school fort myers florida and they my mother moved me my senior year oh no if i had to do it all over again i would have just stayed because all my friends were in round lake but i met some fantastic people in fort myers uh from there i came back home to illinois lived with my father in chicago for a little bit and i joined the military once i was in the military i went in to becoming a military policeman went from mp to mp um military police traffic accident investigations and unfortunately i got out i’m a disabled vet so i got out after three years uh i have a pin in my hip one leg shorter than the other and got out loved the military though i loved every bit of me um being in there once i got out i moved back to florida and there i i mean i had such a great time i i moved in uh moved down by where my mother was at the time my grandparents house where or was and i met some great people worked at boca raton community hospital i did stand-up comedy as well when i was down there a little bit i dabbled in awesome and yeah that was that was quite interesting even uh took a class uh on how to be funnier actually how to write it uh better and there i believe my teacher back then was david glickman a funny funny individual as well and just i got to meet some people in the comedy industry and i even met andrew dice clay at one point time and i mean that was a highlight for me yeah but i met him at the boca raton um mall that was down there and he was there shopping um with his significant other at the time and we actually had lunch at great wraps it was a wrap place or whatever that one of my friends owned at that time but anyways did stand up moved to south carolina after florida met my wife in south carolina in 1998 and we’ve been together ever since i’m married to new york italian migrated my way up to indiana uh via tennessee as well because we moved to tennessee after south carolina and then and and uh and then indiana and i’ve been here ever since for the past 20 something years my home is in you know in illinois and most of my family is still in chicago and wisconsin sprinkled out um sprinkled out around there but i’m close enough to home where if there’s an emergency i can get home really quick but i’m far enough away no surprise visits which is yes being this far but that’s a little bit about me i have four four children um uh 29 year old 19. the age difference is because we wanted the babysitter first i’m 16 and 15 year old and i have two uh granddaughters two and three awesome they are just the loves of my life they are they are really great and and all my kids are all my kids are awesome it’s funny most of my children though the the 19 the 16 and the 15 year old their birthdays are all in november so my birthday is october 30th then it goes november 9th is well my mother’s is november 8th my son november 9th my other daughter’s november 13th my other daughter is november 17th and then my wife is november 25th oh so would you get it all over with yeah we get it all over with but the good thing is my wife and i don’t celebrate uh valentine’s day anymore if you do the math you’ll understand why but we don’t celebrate just a nice high five well we usually stay away from each other during that time but anyway yeah that’s a little bit about about me awesome so uh tell us what’s a funny story that your family likes to share about you that you’d be willing to share with us today well that my family likes to share about me yeah because i probably if my kids watch this they’re going to be embarrassed that here he goes again with the february 14th thing they hate when i do that one um yeah everybody knows about february 14th stop talking about anyways um funny story well i will tell you so my wife as i mentioned is a new york italian and i believe in good communication so does she so obviously if we get mad at each other we talk it out you know i’m a photographer she’s a new york boy or a new york girl and

just talking it out yeah yeah i understand or a little bit louder maybe however the funny thing is i used to do something that’s called the monkey dance so whenever she would get mad at me i would just take off my shirt and run around the house doing like the monkey dance type thing but it was more of i i don’t know if you you remember like godzilla versus king kong and i’m not talking about the one that just was on i’m talking about like back in the days in the 70s where i i just remember this godzilla like did his breath on king kong burnt them here and king kong was running away so that’s what i would do i would run around the house doing this making the noises and and even her family you know when we get together they remember that because i’ve done it in front of them before too everybody talks about joe doing the monkey dance and and just running away and i didn’t even think it was a monkey dance i would call it a monkey run right right around the island or whatever and my wife would go how can you stay mad at that you just have to start laughing i was gonna say did it work yes most of the time now i haven’t tried it in a couple years however i wear this more and more than a couple years i it would take me a while to get it right i mean it’s not like when i’m wearing a t-shirt and i can just rip it off it’s a little bit like if my wife started seeing me in the in the kitchen yeah the conversation she’d be done telling you whatever she needed to tell you right exactly it would be over but yes that’s that’s like one of the probably the funniest parts on my on my wife’s side my family and but my brothers always thought i looked like bill murray so they’re funny stories i mean they would they’d be watching a bill murray movie and they used to like take my face and put it up there and go see it’s like he looks just like and especially groundhog day was the big one for them but i’ve added a few pounds on so i don’t know if i even still even look like that but that’s all right so joe tell us how uh joe the finance guy came about and at what point did do you have the confidence that you could go out on your own that’s funny you should say that so joethefinanceguy.com came out while i was working for a company and i still work for a company called the sema and by the way all the opinions and ideas expressed on this show are by me joe the finance guy not by a sema or renison

but i was working for sema at the time and this was some years ago this was about five or six years ago and i was at one of my retailers and they were called a luxury mattress and furniture in there up in the maryville indiana area um scott mckinney he wouldn’t mind the plug anyway so great guy great person and i remember talking to him and we were in there and he goes and i’ve what i believe in is great customer service if you give great customer service they’re always going to remember you if you make somebody belly laugh they’re always going to remember you and want to be around you yeah so scott was basically one of my friends i’ve helped him out many times with within the business but you know i consider him and his wife uh a friend and i was in there and he goes joe if i wanted to refer somebody to you you know how could i do it and me and this was and this was the beginning of a week it was like on a monday or a tuesday but you know whatever day was i think it was monday and i looked at him and i i and i’m sarcastic like almost like a deadpool type play i wouldn’t surprise you i’m using like comic book references on there but almost like a deadpool type thing but i think i had a sarcastic retort to that like um i don’t know give him my phone number and he goes like this no no no no you need you need something different you need something else you know like financing by joe you always help you give us ideas on on how to build our business you you always do there’s so much more than i’m just giving them a payment option or at least own option to use in their retail um space i give a lot more like how to get those customers how to bring them in what to look for using social media there were so many things i did back then on there so i said well what do you mean he goes i just want something that i know it’s going to go to you i got it financing by joe.com and i swear to you he ran over and he i’m he’s on go daddy yeah you could just go to godaddy.com and you could just buy something like that and i thought he bought it at that time now i wasn’t i i don’t know i know but he did tell me that’s where you would go said okay no problem and i mean we left you know like everything else you know i’ll think about it the same week now at the end of the week and i know it was a friday because it was the last day of the week because i was coming home that that or not coming home yet but i stopped at a store in shelbyville and it it used to be called the mattress chick but it’s now the relaxory sleep shop and that was grant sparks another friend and he was referred to me by somebody else so i knew like there was like i knew everybody like within this you know like i don’t want to call it click but this gang like everybody knew each other and so he goes i’m in there we’re just talking and i’m giving him ideas on how to grow his business what to do you know just something like and he said hey hey joe uh if i wanted to refer somebody to you how could i do that so instead of the sarcastic retort that really would have normally would have came out you know the antennas went up a little bit went what do you mean and he said you know that’s when he said well if i had somebody i want to make sure you get it because i know i get the value from you i want to make sure that other people do as well and they’re not going through the company i want them you know to talk to you and i go so then i said are you talking about like a website like financing by joe and he said wow i don’t like that and in my mind neither do i you know i don’t like my music by joe.com either but he goes yeah something along those lines so we left i said now now i’m on a more than a serious mission that scott and grant both at two different times in the week and whether it’s divine intervention whatever fate karma luck whatever somebody wanted it to happen so i get in my car and i’m driving i’m calling my wife on the batmobile and i you know that’s what i call my car it’s not true i wish it was it’s a chrysler 300 got some simple ambition though anyway and i call her up and i’m telling her about what what what it was i go but i don’t like financing by joe i wonder what to call it now remember she’s from new york yeah and you know and i i usually if i know somebody that needs something you know listen i know a guy know a guy i could help you i know a guy and so i i don’t know what she she’s the one that said well what about joe the finance guy

i go wow nice that’s pretty good and i i felt my foot going on the gas a little bit more because i wanted to hurry up and get home so i could get to my office so i could go on go daddy to make sure nobody has it yeah and so i i hurry up and got home ran right i don’t even think i stopped to talk to her i just the back cave and i got on the computer and i got it and there you know i got that i bought it and that’s how it started and i did the website myself at first i mean it was just something

it wasn’t anything huge it wasn’t anything big it was like the regular one that godaddy gives you but it was just something just simple yeah i thought it was great you know i’m like yeah i think at the time i’m 40 something you know 48 or whatever i’m thinking man this is awesome

i’m not even computer literate that much i was able to do this and and then come to find out one of my other um another friend of mine that i i used to be his regional back at aaron’s um years prior he actually was doing something with his wife on website building and a company called click funnels he changed up my website so it went through stages it went from and i wish i had pictures of the old one i don’t anymore but it went from terrible

all right and then then came ira ira bowman at bowman bowman digital media then he did it and he turned joethefinanceguy.com into that website is awesome i started doing videos i got more on linkedin you know there were so many things i started doing more and more trying to broaden you know you know my my brand and it didn’t matter that i was working for a company because i was an entrepreneur i was building my own brand i was i was building it up and people were recognizing it there were other people in our company like at the same level i was that they were going into stores and go hey do you know that joe the finance guy guy guy i follow him he’s great and it just became out there yeah and i got permission from the ceo of the company at the time and the chief legal officer and they all knew i was doing it and it was all mine yeah so years later i’m going to fast forward a little bit because i believe you also asked how it started and when did i feel confident enough january january of 2022 this year is when i felt confident enough that this was mine so if anything ever happened then the reason being is joe the finance guy is trademarked now it’s trademarked both in logo my wife did that um she wanted to incorporate that i wear fedoras and and stuff we went through a couple logos but this is the best one by far that she’s done yeah but we trademarked the logo and then we trademarked joe the finance guy and that’s that’s all me so now i felt more empowered that now i could do different things that i would want to do that nobody else is part of you know a sema rent a center they they don’t own it i’ve been now there were other lto options that wanted to buy joe the finance guy which shocked me but i still thought that would weird be weird like how could i work for this company and my logos over there hi i didn’t want that but still it was one of those things now if i build my brand up and i keep giving value to people if i um do videos um blogs whatever and i keep building my brand where could it be yeah and and that’s that’s basically if something ever happened to me now i i know what i would do i would keep building it up because you can’t depend on as when you own a business you’re in charge of your own life i’m not saying i’m not in charge of my own life right now because you build up your own book of business because you get paid on if people use you or not right yeah if if you don’t build up that book of business guess what happens or you don’t have a relationship with somebody they’ll just cut ties sorry you know i got a better relationship with somebody over here so i wanted to be able to if i leave now what kind of legacy can i give to people or value that i could give to others that they would go you know what i want to use joe the finance guy because i’m always i’ll always answer my phone i always help people and i really believe the more people you serve the more money you’ll make yes whether it be directly or indirectly and i know that’s servant leadership but it is very true it it doesn’t matter because even if you help somebody over here that that money that they’re getting whether they get something on them or not it might not impact you yeah but guess what they’re going to remember that person helped me i i need you know i could return the favor whenever somebody comes along yeah so tell us a little bit more about what does joe the finance guy do and how do you help folks well joe the finance guy i i offer a a lease to own option for retail stores whether it be brick and mortar e-commerce but it’s more of like furniture appliances mattresses electronics jewelry gaming system wheels and tires you know as i said before there i just closed and it was four years in the making i’d actually say two years two years hard in the making the first two years i was already with a portion of the one company but a fortune 500 company which had over 700 plus locations and it was great it’s it it helped out the stockholders at a sema and the shareholders are shareholders at a and rent a center but it helped out build their business and we closed more doors with it too so i thought that was it was great but i worked on that closed that one and it just helps bring people getting the items that they need they want now and but they can’t afford it or they can’t they don’t have the money to get it now because and i’ll give you an example

we can’t things break down all the time and i’m going to use cars because cars are really simple nobody goes out and i i get we do preventive maintenance on on on our cars i get the oil changes i get we do all the pre-med preventive maintenance stuff nobody ever goes around and goes you know what

i’m going to get four new tires this month we don’t do that right i i at least i don’t maybe there are some car guys out there or car people that are out there that do i never have do you know what when i go bring my car in wherever it is think like this oh listen i was looking at your wheels and uh you’re down to a one great so i only got one more left until we hit the bar and that little metal thing comes up all right we’re good let me know when that comes up i’ll be back in a month nobody plans on that i’m making a joke well

nobody plans on it and then what happens the tire pops it goes flat whatever and it’s that’s more of an emergency situation that somebody may need wait a minute i i need to get tires and and some people try to skip along though you know what i’ll just get a used tire there’s nothing wrong with that but what if i told you that for an initial payment of fifty dollars you can give four brand new ones get approved up to four thousand dollars or something and that’s what i offer the retailers that they could do in their locations and so the customer can actually go out and and be safe and feel safe while they’re driving yeah so i think that’s i think that’s huge and that’s how i see it you could do the same logic with appliances you know when a refrigerator breaks down you know we’ve things happen in ordinary life that we’re not always prepared for and believe it or not 69 of americans don’t even have a thousand dollars in their bank account wow for an emergency situation yes so things like that happen and that’s where we come in and i love helping the retailers and i’ve had some great retailers um that just started out in life they’re great people and they start off out and they joe how would you grow your business and we’d come up with a game plan just like a six-month game plan on even where to target people yeah like how to target them where to go when to do it how to plant the seeds for people different social media marketing tools there’s so many ways and if they want more i know a person yeah i could help them yeah no i love it that that’s what that’s basically what i do and i hope that explains it um but if anybody wanted more information they could go to joethefinanceguy.com awesome so joe tell us what’s been the biggest learning throughout your uh your your business career wow the biggest learning i would have to say the change the you you have to

great example and i i want to give examples because it makes it a little bit easier but before the pandemic and i know we’re all going to do that pre-pandemic post panda that’s actually how everything is explained nowadays but pre-pandemic i used to have us a way of how somebody could go out and build their business you know where to go to who to market what to do getting with different even shops restaurants nearby how to collaborate with people and and partner with other businesses even though that business might not be in the same wheelhouse well aren’t we all in the same wheelhouse we’re trying to build our customer base but either way even though they’re not the same they can partner together now post pandemic it’s a little bit different and you have to be able to you know to pivot and go a certain route and that’s where that’s where you have to think through all right what can we do and the example i’ll give you is when this all came out when lockdowns and everything was going on i got a call from one of the mattress people i know and they’re in muldoon malden south carolina and great person call me up he goes joe i know you always have something you always give intelligent things on facebook or whatever what do you suggest us to do or people to do if they’re going to lock us down and i thought about it for a minute i go well the only thing that we’re you’re gonna be able to do if you could still sell and this is before that they were talking about you know like um essential businesses and all that i was going you’re gonna have to take social media because i’ll tell you what people are gonna do they’re gonna and i think i was locked down at that time for about two weeks at the time i think we we you’re in indiana too right yeah yeah so i think we were i don’t know i can’t honestly but either way i was saying people sit down and there’s only so many things you can do because that’s when we weren’t doing anything right i don’t even think we were even working or there was nothing we were doing except binge watching and by the way that’s how i started on walking dead and never watched it before and thank you pandemic i i binge watched walking dead but anyways um there’s only so long that you could sit on your couch there’s only so long before you start looking at things around your house you’re going you know we need a new couch you know if i’m gonna be we need a new bed yeah you know we need to do this we need to do that whatever it is and you’ll start getting in the fixing mindset of we need things and guess what ends up happening now you’re you’ve got all the time in the world now so now you’re online looking at all right well maybe i can buy this maybe we can get that now that’s where i said go to social media if you’re allowed to do like they could come up and they you could load it up for them and they could take it home then do it yeah and that’s what he did he started you just got to be able to pivot with the business and whatever is happening you got to do with the economy wherever it is and be able to think three or four chess moves ahead yeah i think the unfortunate thing that happened with a lot of folks during that time is you know people thought oh this is just going to blow over in a couple weeks so they duck their head in the sand and right just i’ll just wait it out and unfortunately two weeks turned into two years so right i love what you’re saying about pivot right he’s like you got to figure out what do i what do i need to do to survive during this time how can i change my business model what’s it going to take to to be successful and the folks who did that came out of the pandemic in such a stronger place than the way they were before right right and that’s and that that’s something and i i think it says it i don’t know i can’t remember if i changed my um my thing on linkedin or not at the beginning but i helped um grow do 30 million dollars in the year of the pandemic and how did i do i i did better during the pandemic because i was out there giving value i was working and talking to all types of retailers from new york to california it didn’t matter where i was talking to them going this is how you can do this this even though you’re locked in it’s all right guess what and then then we were talking about essential businesses well how could i be essential well we know appliances that’s an essential business and but i i think i said to one person that we were talking about mattresses and i go have you ever sold mattresses to anybody like on a government level like fire fire houses or anything like that if you have and you still have that you’re considered essential yeah and then they went like really i go yeah so it does work out in some ways and you can still stay open or worst case scenario buy some appliances and sell them now now you just don’t do furniture mattress now you’re doing appliances too there you go yeah and it was it was just a way to help them and when you give value to somebody when they you actually take the time to help them yeah that’s when they go i i want that person i got to talk to that person yes no yes absolutely so joe if you had if i asked you to pick three people who have um helped you along your business journey that you’re grateful for their help to achieving your goals who are those three people and how they help you who um i i have to tell you my wife first and foremost would be my wife behind every great person there’s a greater one helping them i know that goes out behind every great man there’s a greater woman and my wife is mine she would not you know i’ve seen people that you know they

they don’t go to work or i i don’t want to say not my wife wouldn’t take that i couldn’t just stay home and go like listen i just don’t feel like working today you know and i’m not saying in a depression mood or anything like that because i come from a household where my father was a manic depressant i’m actually talking about where yeah i just i don’t want to work sorry you know the government’s paying me i my wife would not allow that to happen and she has pushed me to become a better person so i give my wife a lot of credit she is the ceo of the stepke household because she’s the one that took care of the four kids i wasn’t there my my 19 year old makes jokes all the time my daddy wasn’t there and what’s your wife’s name jill my wife’s name is jen she’s my catwoman but yes jen and she she just was she she was very she was my drive i knew that and the reason why not just strive to do the business and do the things i want to but she was the driver i didn’t have to worry about home you know i was basically the cfo of the of the stepkey household you know um here’s the money yeah so and that was it and that’s good for me um but she she was uh i would i have to also say michael bennett michael bennett is it’s weird when you’re 50 some odd years old and you go that’s my best friend um but he is he’s my best friend he’s the godfather to my uh son and he he’s a the ceo of buddy rents and he he was very instrumental on getting me on a journey a financial journey to make myself better and helping me to become better because i always believe and i’m there’s nothing wrong with it either is you can’t take your money with you you can’t take anything with you so when you’re with your family you know do the best you know that you can with them and i still do you know i believe in great vacations you know if we’re going to go somewhere you know i it just i want it to be memorable that it’s a core memory for my kids that they’re going to remember it and he just taught me another way you know saving more money you know and and doing that and he actually helped me along with the sema and i’ll tell you that story in a minute but he actually helped me you know think that way so then finally i got out of debt i have no more debt except my house you know come here it’s the house um but everything’s our cars are paid off everything and i try to live debt free because i want to retire sooner than later yeah and what i mean by that um in four more years i’m i want to be done nice so that’s my plan um but michael is one of them just a great person and he’s an actual i was talking about him today with um with one of my one of the msrs at the place i was dabbing devin actually knew i was doing this so we were talking about it a little bit but i was telling him about uh michael and michael is an actual leader that goes and he’ll go out if you’re there talking to him you’re the only person that he’s concentrating on you know he makes you be you’re right here with him and he is just very knowledgeable and i compared him a little bit to um mitch fidell is the ceo of renaissance and when i was talking to devin i compared him to him as well because mitch you know i i closed his big account i got a call from him and that was a big deal to me that you know a ceo taking the time to call me yeah you know it just means a lot and that’s where i see you know michael was very instrumental and he has that ability when he talks to somebody you’re the only person and if you really want value now buckle in you know if you ask him a question you want advice it’s going to be a long conversation he’s going to give you every point but if you listen to him and you hang on what he talked about in the beginning where you might be going where the heck is he going with this by the time you end you go my god that was brilliant nice and you understand it so and that’s where i think i got my gift to gab a little bit from him yes he’s he’s a great guy and that that’s that’s my number two and number three i it would have to be it’s going to be a tie and i’m going to say it’s it’s my dad’s when i say my dad’s my father-in-law and my my real father both of which my real father passed away in 2014 and my father-in-law just passed away this past valentine’s day both great men my father was very compassionate and he always did everything for for us kids you know no matter what he he was the person that took the time back to listen he never liked he never took the limelight where it was just perfect for me because i always wanted the limelight so it was just brilliant i didn’t hear me out in the back that’s great um but he had such a way about him that he he just he really did he wanted to help others and that’s what i always wanted to do i always wanted to help other people my father-in-law he used to be a manager for john hancock like one of the big insurance companies back in the day and i’m sure they still are but back in the day metlife um that sort of thing and he he would always give us examples and i remember clearly we lived in tennessee at the time and michael would come over for dinner when he was he was down visiting the area and my father-in-law was there and he would tell michael and i business stories all the time like there was something to to correlate to and i’ve been listening to um and his name anthony ferraro i’ve been listening to my father-in-law and as long i mean from when i first met him to you know till he passed away i mean you’re talking about 20 some odd years and he always had a business story that he could relate to it and you learn a lot from people just because they’re older doesn’t mean that they’re there you can’t learn from he taught me a lot and i owe it to both those two people because and i like it my dad’s and i and i actually i don’t even refer to him as my father-in-law he was my father my dad that’s awesome that’s why i refer to him very cool so joey you’ve been blessed with some incredible people i’ve been part of your your business journey if they were all on the show here today what do you want what would you like to say to them well i would i would well one i would say thank you to them because i wouldn’t be where i’m at right now and there’s so many people out there to thank but there would be i i i would i would just say thank you for everything that they did everything they helped me get through it um and and they were my rocks and i do that constantly now even with joe the finance guy and everybody that helps me with um the joe the finance guy i am in my business with that to even the people at a sema that i work with i you it’s it’s no surprise to see me send like a mass email to everybody like thank you for all that you’ve done because i wouldn’t be where i’m at now if it wasn’t for everybody that’s helped me every person that i’ve talked to everybody that would even listen to me or or or vice versa that i would even take advice from i wouldn’t be where i’m at right now including you tim well thank you for that yeah it’s it’s so true right that um we can get caught up in this uh belief that people are self-made and when we look at the the posts on social media and we see you know everybody’s talking about themselves it can give this aura of well everybody’s just pulled themselves up by their bootstraps and got there on their own but the reality is everyone i’ve had on the show so far and and you just said it as well is we’re all surrounded by many people right who had a some contribution into our success right and i i like if i can’t add to that there’s when i was talking to devin today i go week you can learn it doesn’t matter if you’re the ceo of a company or you’re the janitor at the company you could always learn from anybody there it does not matter who and i think that’s key because i i learn from everybody any every day i mean there’s things i learned from my son now he’s smart and he’s like sheldon from big bang sometimes i feel dumb when i’m talking to him but you learn something from someone every single day and if you you close yourself off and you’re you’re not at the ability to learn you’re never gonna grow and i believe you have to learn something all the time just to stimulate the mind so i love that perspective joe of if if we’re open to it so my takeaway there is we’ve got to be we’ve got to keep an open mind that every conversation we have there’s an ability to learn and grow through that is that is that a fair take away what you just said no that that is very fair because i’ve met i’ve met business owners ceos that it’s my way or the highway and i don’t care what you say well those are the unsuccessful ones right because they’re they’re not normally the unsuccessful ones because they’re not going to take the advice of others they think that they are the best and our and and there there’s another individual i’ve known for the past seven years that hired me on and you know i use and i respect his opinion probably above all and if i ever had an issue i would go to him i’d go to him and his name’s aaron allred great person and i remember if i had a problem just anything just it and they weren’t small ones if i was going to him right i’ve exhausted every mean i would go with an issue but i’d also have a solution and guess what 9 out of 10 times you know what you’re right let’s do it this way that is great leadership however i always said you know and i have been told no before not everything i ever want is given to me but you know and there were times that it didn’t make sense or it wasn’t right yeah and i you know you know like listen at least he treated it like king arthur’s court there was a reason why king arthur had a round table because everybody had their own opinion however the one that had the final say was king arthur yeah but he listened to it because we were they were all equals yeah and i love that analogy and i think i got that analogy from uh from michael bennett as a matter of fact long time ago so fantastic well joe it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today i appreciate you giving us your time and sharing your insights on the show no it was my pleasure and thank you very much for having me tim awesome so for everyone who who’s turned in thanks for listening to self-made as a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking us and sharing us on your social media and to join our movement go to be mad together dot com alright folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care