April 12, 2022

Episode #24: Lisa Turner – ServiceMaster Advantage

Lisa Turner was born in Elkhorn Wisconsin, raised all over the Midwest, graduated high school from Cut Bank MT., proceeded to move back to the Midwest, Big Rapids, MI and attend college at Ferris State University. She spent 16 years growing up through the management ranks of McDonalds and even getting the opportunity to open & run a brand-new branch in Baldwin, MI. After that she went to work for her parents in their family business, ServiceMaster in Big Rapids, MI. From 1998-2002 she was the office & claims manager.

This prepared her for the opening of her existing business of ServiceMaster Advantage in April of 2002 with her husband. From a team of 2, Jeff & Lisa Turner, to two offices in Lafayette, IN & Stanwood, MI & approximately 40 employees. We focus on our Core Values of “ Doing What’s Right”, “Helping People”, “Getting the Details Right”, “Communicating” “Giving Back” & “Developing Leaders”. Our business consists of Disaster Restoration – Water, Fire, Mold, Trauma, Storm, Covid Services, Residential & Commercial; Carpet/Uphlostery/Duct Cleaning, Residential & Commercial; and Repair services.

We would like to be your resource for any cleaning or disaster needs – let us put your life back to normal. Go to www.svmadv.com to check us out or call 888.364.1188


hello this is Coach Tim Campsall and i’m your host for the self made as a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that success and achievement in our business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks who helped us to excel i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us today my guest enjoys painting and reading others say that she’s a multi-tasker extraordinaire and she is most proud of raising her wonderful children while also starting a business and building it please join me in welcoming lisa to the show today thank you awesome lisa it’s so great to have you um with us today sharing your stories let’s start with tell us a little bit of your uh your background your personal story where you were born where you live about your family and maybe some of your hobbies all right well i was born in elkhorn wisconsin um and my family we moved all over the place i was raised in the midwest and then when i was a junior in high school we moved to montana that was a bit a big change for me i bet beautiful place loved it but as a junior in high school that was a bit difficult for me but then we transitioned back to michigan and we were there um so i went to college there and um was there for a long time till about i was 32 or so and then i met my husband now online and we decided to begin our business and that’s where this crazy ride took us some of my hobbies i love volleyball i coached volleyball for many many years while my children were growing up and working i loved reading and just got back into painting and love that in my down time takes all the stress away and uh really enjoy that so that’s what i’ve been doing wonderful and how many children do you have well between my husband and i we have eight he had five and i have three so yes it’s wonderful that is awesome yes yes fantastic and what’s your husband’s name my husband’s name is jeff turner wonderful all right well is there a with a family that large i’m sure the answer is yes but is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us yes i was thinking about but this one popped in my head right away because they love this um one time i uh cooked ginger meatballs and it was just something that we wanted to try so um i made this recipe and put it on the table and everyone was very leery of trying this recipe and jeff took a bite and he was like oh goodness and the kids were all leery and the dogs wouldn’t even eat them oh no meatballs so um yes it is a story that will live on forever dogs wouldn’t even and dogs eat everything right they wouldn’t eat the ginger meatballs so pizza it was so there you go i love it well thank you for sharing that with us so lisa tell us about how the business came about it and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business it’s a wonderful story because my um father was in the service master business and i was running um a mcdonald’s um i had just transitioned through all the training and um working through mcdonald’s for 16 years and kind of was getting a little overwhelmed with that stress of the restaurant management and working evenings and that type of thing and he’s like why don’t you come work for me so my dad had a position and i was able to come and run his office um and work for him for a couple years and jeff and i were getting together and planning on getting married and i was transitioning to indiana and we’re like okay let’s let’s start our own business and um he had been running his own business um with marketing and sales and that type of thing and i had always wanted to run my own business so we talked about this type of business there wasn’t one in the area where we lived which is lafayette west lafayette indiana um so we kind of checked it out with service master i had a lot of connections from where i was working in michigan did a lot of talking with the people at service master and just kind of took the leap and uh it was great i couldn’t imagine if i wasn’t involved in service master to be able to do that type of business and to be able to take it on jeff was huge in the accounting side and the business side i was more in the insurance background and knowing how to run this business so i being a team like that it was very helpful um to begin this business um and i he worked in his business while i ran restarted it so i was out carpet cleaning and helping him doing water damage and doing all that type of thing to get the the business rolling so it was a big team i mean we were really working together to get it rolling that’s awesome so you mentioned um your background being running uh mcdonald’s restaurant so i spent about 10 years running kentucky fried chicken restaurants so i can definitely appreciate that you know the evenings and weekends and somebody calls in sick and where you’re you’re pulling a double shift right and the buck stops with you right you’re the one that has to clean up all the whatever gets left behind right if somebody can’t come in or yeah so yeah it’s a very stressful way to live but a lot of great training and a lot of great life experiences yeah definitely prepared you to be able to run your own business absolutely so so let’s spend some time tell us a little bit more about your company and and uh specifically what you guys do how you help people well that’s one of the things that we love about our business is that we help people um we are a disaster restoration company um so if someone has a water damage or a fire or storm mold that type of thing we come in and from start to finish we can help anyone we don’t wish a disaster on anyone but we want them to know that we are here to help them to guide them to be a resource um to do anything to help them um we’ve been through it i had a house fire um and um i’ve had a slick damage and it is very stressful and we know that but we want to be there to be a resource for anybody um and we also do carpet cleaning we are kind of a jack of all trades we do carpet cleaning we do duct cleaning we do mold mitigation like i said we just do all kinds of things and our biggest thing is we want to be a resource we want to be there so if anybody has any questions give us a call we want to be there to help and that’s we love helping people and and that’s our biggest core value is to help people um and it’s help people develop with our employees also that’s one of our biggest core values so that’s what we love fantastic so if somebody um has a need what’s the best way for them to reach you is to call us we have an 800 number it’s 888 364-1188 and that’s a great way to we’re on social media also service master advantage um it’s just that i just can’t express how we just want to be a resource awesome so lisa share a story with us where someone pushed you or inspired you that that you could do it maybe even when you didn’t think that you could and and the impact that they had on you well you know my husband has been the biggest resource and that’s i think why you kind of we connected is on linkedin you saw that i was you know congratulating him um this weekend is our 20th anniversary in business congratulations yes thank you um and you know without him and it’s amazing to me we’ve been married 20 years we’ve had this business we’re together 24 7. and yes we’ve had our moments but you know without him we i couldn’t do this um he’s he’s just been there he’s a rock he’s just lifts me up um knows when i need to be pushed knows when um you know he needs to step away and you know just he just knows and it’s wonderful um to have him by my side to be able to push me through this couldn’t do it without him yeah so i often find with um with my clients who are uh also married that the the the phrase of opposites attract generally tends to be true and that can both drive us crazy as well as you know make a very strong business relationship would that be true with you guys as well absolutely absolutely he’s a very detailed person which is like the accounting side and that type of thing which is wonderful but very frustrating um i’m the big picture the social type and also frustrates him and also he appreciates very much so we do compliment each other very much um and it helps each other um tremendously so yes yes i agree i often i often joke with people when i i do their disc profile and they see that they’re opposite i’m like well actually by coming together you’re just one complete person right because you you help the other person see what they can’t see for themselves yeah and we use that disc profile a lot we use that a lot we love it so yeah yeah so lisa what’s your biggest learning as a business owner over the years oh my goodness there are so many and i guess i think with the covid situation um you know uh how do you get through that how do you where do you talk to what are the resources we’re very fortunate with service master because we are a franchise um to be able to have the resources to reach out to our corporate and um to have those abilities to get information um to get resources um and that’s amazing when we get huge floods or different things like that who do you turn to um where do you get answers um and we’re very fortunate to have that ability um when we first started kokomo flooded and we were like oh my goodness we only have four people we can’t take care of this we called service master and they had 19 different companies from all over coming in and helping us which was humongous so you know we were getting like 200 calls so we had this huge resource what an amazing you know thing to be able to have that you know not many companies do so we had that resource and it was very helpful so i feel very fortunate to have that resource isn’t it nice to be so action coach is a franchise as well so isn’t it nice to be able to reach out to people who have been there right been there done that have the learning and can pass that along to us right and talk us through right that now there is another there is another side of this right you will get through it yeah and my husband is also in bni business networking incorporated um and there’s a lot of resources we’ve got a lot of great friends and business partners that we you know talk to had some great friends that we’ve met throughout that many years in that networking comp you know company and always asking them and learning from them so um just different resources that where do you turn to and that’s been a wonderful resource too yeah that’s awesome i’m in bni as well so we’ll have to set up a one-to-one

so lisa we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about um what one of your biggest challenges during the years and how a fellow business owner came alongside you to help you through it um you know we’ve there’s just many many challenges in the i think the biggest one has been and then lately it’s employees what do you do where you know where are you going to get them we just keep asking around and jeff has done a lot in bni what are others doing we’ve also used social media what are other service masters doing that has been so helpful again um bni what are the um other businesses that what are they doing how are they incorporating um social media or help wanted ads or you know incentives what are they doing so that has been big for us lately so using all those different resources to figure out how we’re gonna find employees yeah we’re also very fortunate that um we have many children that have helped us yes if it wasn’t for our lovely children they’ve helped us out we still have a few in the business and another great thing is the business that i started in with my dad in michigan um he has since retired and jeff and i purchased along with my brother the business in michigan oh congrats oh it’s come full cycle and we my brother is running it in michigan but we are alongside him um and he’s doing a great job and it’s just it’s wonderful i just it’s such a family tradition so and you see a lot of that in service master um and it that’s just wonderful so yeah congratulations on the expansion that’s exciting yeah so yeah you talked about um finding employees it’s a really tough market right now and oh my gosh with everything that’s been going on and um the the good thing about what i’m hearing about some of the values and and your philosophies is and one of the things we coach our clients on is you know make sure that you’ve got a really you know strong culture right and your vision is is solid because if you find people that can align to your your culture and your values and your beliefs we can always teach skills right but we can’t we can’t unteach a bad cultural fit right absolutely people do want to work they just they want to work for something that they can you know a place that they can believe in and they feel connected to right as opposed to you know just just a paycheck yes totally agree yes and that’s wonderful so lisa if if um you had to if i asked you to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for being there for you as part of you know contributing to your business growth who are those three people and and how they help you well i guess i should start out with my dad um he has always been an entrepreneur and i have grown up watching him um and have appreciated his hard work and just seeing his ups and downs and how he’s learned um through his growth as a business owner um just i’ve as an i guess as a firstborn i’ve always had that drive um and he was a firstborn also and so i guess seeing him develop has helped me um and pushed me to want i’ve always wanted to be a business owner so um that has guided me and he’s been a huge had had a huge impact on my development in that type of thing um and what’s your dad’s name my dad’s name is jim nostrand um and he started um the service master and it’s just you know just being in that development and in that environment just really helped me to start this and encourage jeff to get involved and the other one would be jeff um he you know he’s just really supported me and pushed me to know that i can do this and when i don’t believe in myself that i can do it and he’s also been supportive because um we have some grandchildren and i’ve gotten to have some time off to spend some time with them so i’ll work from home and get to have some time off with the grandchildren that’s been wonderful really appreciate that and that’s i think such a wonderful benefit to being a business owner to get that time away and to be able to do that kind of stuff and to also work at night or different things that’s the the good and the bad i appreciate that very much um the third you know our kids all of them have been wonderful and supportive loving they may have had to give up a few things but you know they have just been great all of them um throughout our journey and i so appreciate that and all of what they’ve done for us so i want to give them that big shout out so yeah fantastic so as we um think about the future lisa um and over the next three to five years what do you see as the biggest challenges that you’re going to face in getting to your goals and who are the types of people that you’re going to need to help you solve those challenges um you know the biggest one and that the hugest impact we’ve had has been the employees and you know who’s gonna help us out there um in the uh get let’s get the job done you know we are out there marketing we’re out there um telling people what we can do how can we get that work done and i’m really looking to

the people around us to help us get more employees the employees we have maybe they can help us do they have friends do they have relatives in the beginning we had a lot of employees that had family members working here and we always thought you know that was one you know that’s wonderful um that’s a testament to our business and you know with the evan flow of business we we’ve lost a lot of people so that happens but um we really appreciate the people um our employees bringing in other employees so yeah um but i really think that’s gonna be the the biggest impact on our business is the employee side yeah to everything and then we’re also transitioning to retirement so um well that’s giving in the you know getting in the thought process what are we going to do are we going to sell or we you know what what do we want to do so yeah that’s in the back of our minds but we really like what we’re doing but we’re getting there uh-huh yes yes well the good news is that you’re you know you’re starting to think about it right there so that you can put some plans in place and um right the the you know the ideal thing right that we tell our clients is if you can build a business that that can run without you now you’ve got you know more more flexibility in terms of what’s next right do we do we sell it do we pass it on to the next generation or if it’s running without us right we can just continue to you know to sit on the board and and reap the benefits of this business yeah it’s wonderful to have those choices yes absolutely so jim rohn’s one of my favorite authors and i just love his quote that we become the average of the the five people we spend the most time with so as you think about that is that something that’s exciting something that’s that makes you nervous or what’s your reflection on that from a business standpoint um it’s very exciting um we have through bni again um plugs to them wonderful group we’ve met some really good friends and been doing some traveling and vacations with a few getting you know spending some time strategizing talking about business wonderful ideas pros and cons talking about things um but also doing some ladies nights and um that’s been really helpful to see another um wonderful woman’s um take on business their her and her husband are in the same situation as jeff and i they’re married they started their business and it’s been very exciting to see another woman’s point of view and it’s exciting to see where this road’s gonna take us and uh what we have out there so yeah it’s been wonderful so cool i i i just love the power of of bni and and or any networking group where right where you can meet other business owners and share stories and encourage and motivate one another and um it’s just a very powerful network it is it is it’s wonderful and you get make new friends lifelong friends yeah so lisa just uh last question here if if something catastrophic was to happen in your business today who’s the first person you’d call and what would that conversation look like of course um my first call is going to be to jeff um it that would be scary i that when i saw that question that was like oh my goodness um but yes i would call him or my brother um i knew i have two resources that i can count on and that’s a wonderful wonderful relaxing thing to have i knew that i know that i have someone that i can call and that’s going to be there to help me through anything um to deal with any catastrophe or any situation so i feel very comfortable in that situation um to be able to have two guys that i have on my side to help me get through anything so still yes very good oh awesome yes yes because not everybody has that i hear a lot of uh yeah that i i meet with that you know that they say it’s very lonely at the top right they don’t really have that somebody that they can talk to and and that’s just not a fun place to be so congratulations on being able to you know have two people absolutely i feel very fortunate very fortunate so lisa you’ve clearly been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you on your journey if they were all here on the show with us today what would you want to say to them i would really just like to say thank you and i appreciate all of their support and guidance and i couldn’t do it without them awesome so lisa has been such a pleasure speaking with you today and and learning about you and your business and the amazing people that you have around you to that have helped you in being successful so thanks again for being on the show today well thank you very much this is wonderful for everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self made as a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread the movement by liking the show and sharing it on your social media and to join us go to be mad together dot com alright folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care