April 12, 2022

Episode #23: Jeff Boller – Vision One Real Estate

Jeff grew up on the East Coast in Maryland and graduated from the University of South Carolina (Go Gamecocks!) with a Business degree in Marketing. After several years in the corporate world and a move to Indiana from Chicago, he decided to make his interest in real estate a new career. Growing up with a Mom who had her own Brokerage in MD and buying his first house in Greenville, SC at age 25 were the catalyst behind this decision. He started with Coldwell Banker and then branched out on his own establishing Vision One in 2016! Since then he has made Personal Investments in Fix-n-Flips, Long Term Rentals and Shorter Term BNB’s.

Jeff and his wife Paula live in Westfield. They have three children, including a daughter that graduated from IUPUI, established a career as a teacher and is now a Mom to our Granddaughter Rose! They also have two boys – Julian who is establishing a career in Trucking and Mitch who is establishing a career in the Tech industry. Jeff is active in the Chamber of Commerce and is a third-generation Lions Club member. He and Paula are also heavily involved in their church, Northview Christian Church. The Gamecocks are a staple in the Boller household too – Jeff is the Founder of the USC Indy Alumni Chapter – and you can find him cheering them on all year and flying the Gamecock flag from his house.

Jeff likes to spend time and effort in the community and surrounding areas. He emcees events, is an Elected Official as a Precinct Committeeman and is an alumnus of the Westfield Police Citizens Academy. Focusing on the greater community and where he lives is very important to Jeff so he is the perfect person to help you buy, build or sell your home in Westfield and throughout Indianapolis. Let Jeff use his experience to help make the Real Estate process safe and simple for you. Contact Jeff directly at: Jeff@VisionOneRealEstate.com or 317.490.3206.


hello this is Coach Tim Campsall and i’m your host for self-made is a myth make a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their story of the journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks that helped us to excel today i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us today my guest was adopted at the age of 15 and his last name changed from no to bowler he loves to fix or accomplish tasks that he can look back on and feel pride and he is most proud of his daughter jasmine and granddaughter rose who is almost seven months old please join me in welcoming jeff to the show thank you i’m happy to be here thank you so much tim awesome jeff well let’s start with uh having you introduce yourself um tell us a little bit of your back story your personal story you know where you were born where you live your family and some of your hobbies sure so i’m from the east coast i was uh born in west virginia what and my uh my father would say west by god virginia and uh and but i i spent most of my childhood in maryland uh that’s where my mom’s family was from uh my mom and dad got divorced at an early age when i was five and so i spent most of my time in maryland and when i graduated i had intended to go to the university of maryland but my parents changed things up on me and moved to south carolina and i went to did a couple of years in florida at a small junior college and then transferred to university of maryland only to then transfer to the university of south carolina after i went and saw them uh during a summer and fell in love with south carolina and uh and then i got stuck in the south for a while and uh but when i was uh in college i did a internship uh with ibm uh and it propelled me into my career in the tech industry for uh over 25 years and uh then when i moved to indiana from chicago i decided to take on a new career in real estate uh primarily because my mom was a broker when i was growing up and i’ve always loved real estate always thought it was a great industry to be in and so i moved to indiana and started from scratch started from nothing i didn’t know anybody when i moved to carmel and so it was kind of harrowing uh but i started out uh you know part-time and then uh grew uh the business until uh i felt comfortable in going out uh on my own in 2016 and that’s when i started vision one and uh the rest is history but uh so i have um i have a wife i’ve been married for over 15 years uh she’s from chicago that’s where we met she has two children of her own i have a child of my own so we’re a blended family but uh my oldest is uh our daughter uh who just had our granddaughter and then i have two sons uh one who is 22 that is uh starting a career in the trucking industry and uh and then i have a son who is 19 who is starting a career in tech and so um yeah and then my hobbies i love to snow ski so i try to go at least once a year i used to live in denver and so i uh love to snow ski i also like to play golf but i’m not very good at it

and then yeah i have i always have a honeydew list and so i’m always tinkering around the house awesome so something unique about you is that you were adopted at 15 tell us a little bit more of that story so so my parents uh my biological parents divorced when i was five and so it i had a interesting childhood it was it was rough uh my mom uh you know had a a few uh partners along the way and then uh her last husband who is my adopted dad came along and my biological dad hadn’t been in the picture for quite some time and i think it’s always it’s very important for you to have a strong mother and father figure i think that that really um helps you make um you know a good a good person and so um my adopted dad came to me after a couple years and asked me if i wanted to be adopted and uh i thought about it for a long time and i even reached out to uh you know my biological dad and asked if that you know would be okay and he said if that’s what you want uh long story short you know he’s still around today and has provided me a lot of influence and helped me to become who i am oh that’s awesome yeah so jeff is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today yeah i mean there’s plenty of funny stories you know this is uh life is life is laughter right so if you can’t laugh at yourself then uh you know it you’re uh it it i think that’s unfortunate you should so um i’d say one of our funniest stories is uh when the kids were younger and i’d say they were uh eight and um and 12. and we were on our way to chicago to go see family and it had we had some bad weather the night before but um and it was like in that april time frame when indiana weather is crazy so we were on our way and evidently we had there were some black ice around and so we were careful we were being careful and we were coming to a stop sign and uh our suv that we were in uh did a 360 two times in the middle of the road right and i’m just like holding on like oh my gosh right and so we get stopped and i look back at the kids and i’m like are you all right and they’re like that was awesome do it again and i’m like no and so my wife and i are just looking at each other we’re like panicked right we’re like that just happened loved it they thought they were on the ride of their life so nice so clearly it didn’t frighten them no and they you know i’ve always uh encouraged them to you know a little bit live on the edge right i i started them skiing when they were uh five and eight and so um they they grew up trying to you know always uh you know be brave and and take chances and you know do things that are outside of um you know maybe what you think you can do right yeah awesome so jeff tell us about um so you gave a little bit of background on how the business started but at you know how’d it come about at what point did you have the confidence that you could go it on your own and run your own business well i think a lot of it is um you know over time you gain that confidence right so time you know gives you confidence i believe uh experience gives you confidence but i started out with coldwell banker in 2005 and like i said i didn’t know anybody here i had one friend that i found out was living here only after the fact that i moved here um and uh you know i just really you know you you talk about the grind i did i ground for a long time i you know or grinded however you want to say it um for a long time and but it was two key people that really helped me out uh in the real estate world one was craig kaiser who was my um he was the broker uh the owner of coldwell banker kaiser still is the owner of coldwell banker kaiser um he helped give me a lot of that framework of the uh you know the the things that the foundation and then kyle dixon who was the owner of the team that i became a part of after a couple of years of being at coldwell banker kaiser um he was the person that really took it to the next level and so certainly i was ready a lot sooner the uh you know the recession in 2008 really hurt a lot of people but i was so young in my career in real estate that i think it really helped me in in a lot of ways and so um you know when i got to 2016 it was time uh my father had passed in 15. he had you know left me some money uh my uh wife had just finished uh her nursing degree in 2015 and so i felt like it was time i felt like i was ready i talked to a lot of people about you know how to go about it my broker at coldwell banker kaiser was very supportive um you know he didn’t get angry that i was leaving he he you know encouraged that he said hey i started uh you know a business you know i encourage everybody to do that so i thought that was you know really nice um a nice way of you know entering into the business that i had all this uh encouragement and i had all this support so there you go fantastic so um let’s spend some time tell us more specifically about your company so uh 2016 i started with myself and an assistant and i got her licensed uh you know uh right away in in that first year uh you know we started you know uh the business and uh became you know licensed and and all that and then we had an office downtown westfield uh started with that and then i brought on my first agent in 2016 and since then i’ve had i’ve had some agents come and i’ve had some agents leave my first agent has stayed with me and she is full-time and she’s done incredible um her name is christy huntwork and um and then i’ve you know brought on other agents we’re up to seven people now and uh you know i had uh three new agents uh join this year and one is a commercial agent focused specifically on on commercial real estate and then i have another a couple other people that are actually part of christie’s team because now christie is starting to build her business and so my desire really to to do this is i didn’t i wasn’t uh i didn’t want to become a you know a keller williams or a coldwell banker or whatever i wanted to start a business that could enable people to build that dream for themselves to you know build a business for themselves something that was low barrier to entry something that where i could help support them where i could help coach them right and uh and give them the tools that they needed in order to build something of their own and so that’s the one thing that i really love about real estate is this is all what you put into it what you make of it it’s it’s it is totally 100 uh what uh you know it can be whatever you wanted to be awesome so you the the name vision one is there a background to that so i have i tried to have a client appreciation party every year ours is coming up in june this year and and the pandemic kind of hurt that so we haven’t had one for a couple of years but um so we’re going to restart it in 2022 well in 2015 i had a client appreciation party and i invited all my clients and i came up with four names and i put them on a paper and i told everybody vote you know the best name and you’ll be put into a drawing and you know you’ll win some fantastic prizes so uh the basically all my clients thought vision one was great so i had four names they all were i did vision one was not the company name that i had come up with servanthood reality and so that was uh the company name that uh you know i i uh believe in jesus christ and i believe that uh you know where should be a servant you know in this world and that we should serve others and so uh that’s where i came uh came up with servanthood realty but everybody else chose vision one and so it just stuck and so that’s uh kind of what i what i uh went with you know awesome so i you you just alluded to it a little bit in terms of servanthood what what differentiates you from from other folks what why do people enjoy working with your company i do believe that uh our goal on this earth should be to love one another i don’t always practice that uh i’m you know just as bad as anybody else i stumble i fall you know i pick myself back up but i try to i’m very community service oriented so i spent a lot of time in my community here in westfield trying to make it better uh i’m involved in politics which uh can be unsavory at times i don’t like politics uh the whole political structure sometimes really does not appeal to me at all but it’s a way to give back to the community i’m involved in a lot of different community efforts with my church and then supporting local uh you know community um initiatives you know whether it’s around the school or student impact or heart and soul clinic or the lions club i’m a member of the westfield lions club so i i try to do as much as i can to make our community better and and that’s really where and i take that to my business so i i i’m trying to my whole goal is to make sure that my clients are taken care of and so i’m very client-centric i will do whatever it takes to make sure that my clients best interests are taken care of i’ve even had

sellers get mad at me before because i’ve represented my buyer correctly and so i find that hey that’s a win you know i i did something right i mean my goal was not to help you sell your house my goal was to uh help my buyers and and their best you know and keep their best interests and make sure that they were protected so yeah you know that’s where i really i drive that home i’m very good at doing a lot of other things like negotiation is one of my key strengths because i was in business for a long time and so i know how to negotiate and uh and make it most of the time uh you know win a win for everybody because that’s the ultimate goal right i don’t like to have it be one-sided uh but certainly uh my goal is my client and whatever i need to do to make sure that they are protected that’s what i’ll do awesome so jeff tell us a a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it and the impact that they had on you yeah i would say when i was uh just coming out of college i i had this uh great internship with ibm and then when i graduated ibm had its first round of layoffs ever in in the history of the company so my goal was i thought oh i was gonna graduate you know and and work for ibm for ever right that’s what people in uh you know uh in prior to me had done they had worked for these companies these big companies for a long time and i thought that was that was the goal for me well i couldn’t i couldn’t buy a job uh with ibm at that time i tried um i actually had a job lined up and uh right before uh i was supposed to go for the final interview that news came out and they uh they they nixed all the jobs and so i had to start work looking around and i looked at an ibm business partner a company named infosystems that was based out of charlotte north carolina and there was a gentleman that worked there and his name was bob cardonian bob said if you want to be successful in this business you have to learn about manufacturing because uh their business was based around helping manufacturing companies be uh more uh well be successful and streamline the process uh and and really be more successful by being more client uh you know satisfaction driven and you know have lower inventories and you know higher turnover and blah blah blah and so i was like well i don’t know anything about manufacturing this guy fed me all the stuff i mean he you know gave me here’s what you need to focus on really sat down and and helped me become this expert and like uh really he he did such a good job of motivating me and helping me understand hey if you can do this you can you can be an expert and uh he really was the catapult for me being successful uh in my industry uh for you know in the tech industry uh for you know 25 plus years and so having that foundation was key isn’t it amazing how um some people are just so willing to give of themselves to help others that’s awesome well and that’s what so i that was something that i took from a very early age and i thought i’m going to do that i’m going to continue to give back and i try to do that as much as i possibly can because i think it’s so important and that’s why i started this business i want to do the same thing for my agents i want the my agents to be as successful as i’ve been

and isn’t it also that when we help others that you know yes we help them but we get a tremendous amount of fulfillment from it as well absolutely yes yes i have folks who’ll be worried about asking somebody right for a coffee meeting or you know a sharing session and they’re like no you don’t understand like people people enjoy the opportunity to pass on their knowledge and their wisdom and i don’t know that they’re helping another you know that business owner right and what comes around goes around right i mean they a lot of times when i meet with somebody i identify things that i have thought about before that either i can add to my business or i can change my processes to accommodate something that you know i hadn’t thought about so i’m always learning that’s my whole thing i do not know it all you know there’s way too much information out there for me to try to figure out you know so awesome so to that point what’s your what is your biggest learning um as a business owner uh i think the the biggest thing that for me is to make it’s to get out of my own way a lot of times i i still get

still get upset when i don’t do something right and i have to remember that i don’t know everything and that it is a learning process and my whole thing is i want to make sure that i learn from my failures that you know obviously i don’t want to continue to repeat the same things that um you know this same failures over and over again yeah and so learning from that is is very key for for me part of my uh thing that i always have to remember is to slow down right because i’m always moving so quickly and i’ve always got so much stuff going on and it’s very important to just slow down and not make rash decisions yes without thinking about how that impacts everything else yeah um and so it’s so hard to do sometimes but if you’re gonna make a major decision and it’s to impact it’s going to impact either you know your life or your pocketbook or whatever you slow down think about that you know and then make a decision after you’ve had some time yeah you know and maybe seek some counsel right it’s always good to uh to seek counsel i know a lot of people like you said don’t want to do that because they’re afraid oh everybody’s busy no you have some key people everybody has key people that will take the time to you know listen to what you have to say i really like your um you thought about you know that everything is a learning experience so our founder you know he he has this phrase that he says i’ve i’ve never failed i either succeed or i learn and i i think that’s just an amazing perspective because i like you shared i can get myself stuck in the right the oh that was a mistake or that was an error that i failed there and then get caught up in in that versus right remembering that this whole journey through life and through business is about you know learning and growing and adapting and becoming better versions of ourselves right that is correct yes and you have to adapt just like right now we are in the biggest you know and i’ve even talked to craig uh at coldwell banker um he’s never seen a market like we’re in today where there’s low inventory and the prices of homes have just skyrocketed and it’s just incredible and you know how do you deal with that nobody’s ever seen it so uh what do you do you know how do you how do you adapt to that it’s so crucial to be able to keep an open mind and not be so closed you know think outside the box right yes and and don’t i love your i your you know the word adapt don’t allow the current circumstances to paralyze us right and and and just you know stick our head in the sand and say there’s nothing i can do you know there’s always something we can do it’s just a matter of figuring out what that what that adaption is right right and sometimes we don’t want to do what is necessary uh because it’s painful yeah right change change most of the time is painful you know you’re you’re taking yourself out of your normal routine and uh something that you’re comfortable with and you’re like you know doing something different yes we we all love our comfort zone but everything that we want out of life and everything that we want in our business is on the other side of our comfort zone right right that’s right that’s exactly right so jeff we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about your biggest business challenge over the years and a fellow business owner who helped you get through that yeah i would say that certainly right now is definitely one of those challenges uh kovid was very good to the real estate community primarily because we were one of those businesses that was considered you know essential and so uh our business pretty much trans uh you know it it continued on uh it did transform itself i mean we had to wear masks and bring you know hand sanitizer but we still had open houses we just could have one party through at a time i mean things changed but not necessarily uh but with this current environment it is there’s a huge change change coming we have a lot of companies right now that are trying to um take advantage of the marketplace and uh you know zillow tried it you know we have companies like open door and uh or um uh open i think it’s open door um there are uh people out there that are offering cash for homes and you don’t have to do anything you don’t need a realtor they say you don’t need a realtor um but so we’re having to adapt to that we’re having to figure out well how do we compete in that environment what what is our value proposition they’re trying to diminish it well how do we prop it prop it up how do we show people you do still need uh a professional to guide you in this decision that is going to be the most large is going to be the largest financial transaction transaction of most people’s life so um today i would say is one of the most challenging i would say the other time uh in in my career that was the most challenging was when the recession happened and everybody you went from everybody wanting a home to nobody wanting a home right and so we had to shift gears and when when we did that i really relied on um kyle dixon who was my who was the team owner um to help me transition uh into that world because i didn’t really know how to do that i was selling to uh people that uh needed a home and now there were all these foreclosures on the market and nobody wanted to buy um and so how did i how did i do that and kyle was really uh fundamental in helping me shift from you know going to you know going from families to investors uh and helping me transition into taking advantage of the foreclosure market unfortunately you know um i hated to do that but um people still had to buy those houses right and so uh really helped me uh elevate my business because there were still people out there that had to move sure for various reasons but um it helping me get into that investor community helped me elevate my business and survive that recession and actually thrive i i would say my business went up dramatically over those uh from 2008 to 2011 uh you know i sold tons of of bank foreclosures and became an expert and so when people you know wanted to to invest i was you know able to guide them and make that process seamless and easy for that’s awesome so it’s again it’s just kind of the nature of what we’re talking about here is you know it’s so important to have those people in your in your court right that you can reach out to and get that guidance and direction from so that we don’t stay paralyzed in the unknown right that’s exactly right so jeff if you if i was to ask you to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for them being there and helping with your growth who who are those three people and how they help you yeah so i would say you know first my mom uh was a broker uh when i when i was growing up and so her input as i was deciding to be you know to change um you know my career was very impactful so i uh i would say you know first and foremost uh she she really helped me you know give me the guidance to you know to tell me what i needed to do and awesome and then i i would say and my mom’s name oh my mom well she passed unfortunately in 2020 um uh but uh her name was sandy from florence florence bowler and uh but everybody knew her as sandy she had uh she had red hair and so uh she was a spitfire for sure um so and then you know the two other people that i would say or really craig craig kaiser uh who was my broker at coldwell banker and then kyle dixon i still talked to him today i still talked to craig anytime i need uh you know help if there’s something that i don’t understand or i need some input uh on i mean he’s a broker just like i am and he’s you know he’s an owner just like i am and so i think it’s very key to have that group that group of people that you can that you can rely on certainly there were some other people in my old career in my tech career uh that were very influential but those are the three people in my real estate career that have guided me the most so awesome so as you think about the next three to five years jeff and and uh some of the the biggest challenges that you’re going to face to reach your goals who are the types of people that you’re going to need to help you solve those challenges yeah i would say um really people that from different uh aspects i mean one of the things that i uh i don’t like to get caught up in just talking to real estate people because there are other people out there uh you know in the real estate than than just in the real estate and so if you become myopic if you just focus on one industry it narrows your view and so um certainly i think it’s important to have focus but one of my things and one so when i’m involved in the community it helps me two-fold one it helps me be involved in my community and help me serve but then two i am uh working on networking with other people from other industries that i can use that information and see if it’ll fit in in my uh industry and i think uh it’s just good to expose yourself to as much information as you possibly can i know sometimes it becomes information overload and certainly get to that point where i have to shut down okay we all need times where we can shut down but i think that exposure it’s very important for you to to have that exposure yeah awesome so speaking of uh exposing ourselves to others jim rohn one of my favorite authors quote of his is we become the average of the five people we spend the most time with so as you think about that is that something you find exciting or something that makes you nervous from a business standpoint yeah i i’m excited about that there i mean certainly uh you know i spent a lot of time with my family um and i think that’s key and i think that you you know should put get you know god family uh you know your your business uh you know that should be the uh the hierarchy and so um i’d spend those are the you know the the three most important people um you know in my life and in my business i think that’s exciting because i’m constantly learning from those people and um i think if you’re not constantly learning from the people that you spend the most time with then you should find more different people you know you should you should find people that stretch you um find people that uh you know you’re not just comfortable with right um do new things you know lord i’ve tried all kinds of things over you know over time you know i’ve been in golf leagues uh you know i you know i did the westfield citizens academy which was awesome you know uh because you can shoot a gun yeah and you can drive you can drive a police car very fast you know through uh through some uh you know obstacle court through an obstacle course so and and and you get to see people tased which you know you don’t get to see that right so i mean there’s a lot of things in our community that we can expose ourselves to and we we just need to keep reaching out there you know i think a lot of us unfortunately we get you know we get comfortable and we like that because you know uh you get wrapped up in that you know you know i i think you should always continue to uh look for opportunities to yeah you know expose yourself to new new opportunities i i share with people often that you know it doesn’t have to be a physical person right it could be a book we read or a video that we watch or a conference that we go to that you know it’s still giving us that learning and that different perspective and it you know if we read if we find an author like a jim rohn that we resonate with and we like what he then read more of his books right that can be one of our people and and we’re not confined to physical people right right you know and if you uh you know if tick tock’s your thing and you like to make tick tock videos go make some tick tock things right they’re entertaining for people so you know use that as a as an opportunity to do something different right yeah so jeff um last question here if there was something catastrophic that happened to your business who’s the first person you call and what would that conversation be yeah i think uh for me it would be my brother-in-law i have been blessed to have my my wife’s sister mary uh uh a man who um blake mcrite is his name and and he started a business um really to as a way to invest in real estate he started to started business and coaching he was doing presentations for uh you know a friend of his and learning in the business of how to buy homes and you know get them rented and sell them to investors and now he buys homes and predominantly just flips them so he’s got a a team of people that he works with and he’s been very very successful in this model that he’s followed anybody could follow right i could follow it you could follow it anybody could follow it but he has taken uh he’s embodied that that model and um it’s really you know just like anything uh when you do something in life it’s easier to do it if you have a process right and then following that process is is the more difficult part putting in the time to say i’m going to cold call you know one hour a day right where i’m going to follow up with 10 of my previous clients each and every day or i’m going to start off you know reading the bible 30 minutes of my day you know i mean all that just takes resilience right it takes uh you have to make a commitment and so for me i would call him immediately to uh to ask him one could he help me because i know he would too i knew i know he would say absolutely and then two i think he has uh that background that he can offer up motivation he can offer up strength he can offer you know whatever i need right that’s awesome yeah so jeff you’ve been blessed with some incredible people in your journey that have helped you along the way if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them i would want to say thank you so much for believing in me and trusting me and you know giving me the ability to work with you because it has truly been a blessing that’s awesome jeff such a pleasure to have you on the show today thank you so much for your time you’re very welcome and continued success in all your business tim thank you so much to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking the show and posting about it on social media to join our movement go to be mad together dot com okay folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care bye