April 5, 2022

Episode #22: Isabel Hundt

Isabel Hundt is a visionary and catalyst for global change through her work as a Sociologist, Multi-award Winning Film Producer of the film “The Power of Connection”, Speaker, Author of her book “The Power of Faith-Driven Success”, Healer (using a combination of intuitive healing, theta healing, emotion’s clearing) and Thought Leader.

For more than a decade, Isabel has studied various facets of human connection and explored the emotions and conflicting messages that come with labels, unconscious bias, social programming, and false identities. Due to her unique gift of synesthesia, which allows her to see everything in color, Isabel sees the world as a beautiful dance that evokes compassion and sincere love for humanity. Her focus is on shattering cultural barriers and engaging in cultural transformation globally through aspects of emotional and self-awareness and through supporting the individual in healing trauma, releasing old beliefs and programming.


hello this is Coach Tim Campsall and i’m your host for the self made is a myth making a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to learn their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success doesn’t happen in isolation and it’s not something that we can do on our own we’re recognizing the folks who have helped us along our journey i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us today my guest has a condition called and i’m gonna make sure i don’t mess this up and i might ask for help synesthesia yes awesome where she sees everything in color and is clairvoyant she enjoys hanging out with her family meditating and reading and is most proud of the fact that she created a life for herself coming to the u.s with only 200 dollars in her pocket and two suitcases wow please join me in welcoming isabel to the show today thank you so much for having me i’m excited fantastic well let’s jump in um by having you first of all introduce yourself um tell us a little bit of your personal story you know where you were born where you live your family hobbies all that fun stuff all the fun stuff all right well i’m originally from germany i was born and raised in germany and i moved to the us 13 years ago um i i actually came to the us for the first time when i was 18 as an au pair as a nanny and i don’t know what got me to it because i never wanted to come to the us honestly there was a lot of judgment because i grew up in east germany and you guys could

save us so um yeah so there was a lot of judgment but i kept having those dreams that i was speaking the language and even my english really was was horrible in school like i was not good at it at all and um i just didn’t want to do it but somehow there was this force inside of me that just said just do it just do it and when i’m meant to do something it usually works out really really quick wow there’s usually no delay and you just jump and so i came to the us and when i came here for the first time i felt like i was coming home like i’ve been here before i don’t know what it is or why but i kept hearing those voices that said you have to come back to complete what you started and i’m like i don’t know what what that even means or what that is supposed to be um probably from some past lifetimes whatever there was um but yeah i went back home i got my degree in sociology and psychology and social science and then when i was 25 26 i came back and worked for i’ve worked as an annie again for a year a year and a half before i was trying to get into iupui for my master’s in counseling just to be able to be licensed here which in the end didn’t work out because it was close to 100 000 for international students and i surely didn’t have that i did get in but i didn’t have the money to do that and then i met my husband in 2009

the end of 2009 and we got married in 2010 which was also quite the journey i was a long and crazy journey almost got deported

canada yes but it was the u.s side who didn’t want to let me get in but there was just this this amazing angel you know there was this um officer the first one he was like yeah you’re not coming back in this is not gonna work out you’re doing illegal stuff oh my god but i don’t want to like i can’t because i’m supposed to do something that involves me being in public and i can’t do anything illegal um and so another person came up and he’s like let me take a look at that um this is really interesting case i just feel really drawn to it i’m like okay so he took three hours four hours to go through and find some loopholes and he did and he looked at me and he said i trust you i trust that you will not do anything illegal and i trust that you’re here for a reason and that’s why i know i need to let you back in and those words stuck with me forever i was able to come back we got married we’ve been married now for almost 12 years so it’s been quite some time and and then i got into because university was so expensive i got my degree in or my certification in ontological coaching and then also in various energy healing modalities over the years that really has um brought out and intensified my gift of seeing everything in color as well as the clairvoyance and so now when i often work with people especially around trauma healing it’s almost like i see them and i see the trauma woven through their soul it’s it’s almost like i see the different color threats going through when i just look at the person and it’s very easy for me to see the connections through you know generational trauma lifetime past lifetimes um everything that’s part of the genetics it’s just been incredible on the journey to get to where i am um and then in 2019 i felt a huge um almost like a push almost like um ah almost like everything i wanted to shed everything i was like i need i want to do something different the the general business model just no longer resonates i know there is a shift coming something is happening and i need to change something and that’s when the film came to be and i just started working on the film and i had no clue what i was doing it just came to me in a in a dream and then in meditation i had the script within a day and then i just you know posted something and that goes along with your podcast i posted something on facebook and within two weeks i had an entire team together who voluntarily offered their services and those were award-winning um videographers editors um scriptwriters that just said you know i love the project i love the passion behind it and i want to work on this getting doing something different than the actual like the day-to-day routine work that i have to do and it was just beautiful and then yeah now that we have launched that last year which i also would have never been able to do an hour but we can get that into a little bit later um so yeah so where i’m at now and getting back into more of the trauma healing now awesome fantastic so tell us um uh you mentioned your husband what’s his name ape and um i believe do you have children yes we have one son he is aide jonah and we’re currently in the process of adoption as well so we’ll see how that that plays out um it’s been a five-year long journey of a few failed matches and adoptions and it’s it’s always a bit heartbreaking but we have hope that it will still work out fantastic so um is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today oh well a funny story i don’t know if there’s a funny story but my husband always makes fun of me because i’m very organized um i’m not maybe i’m borderline ocd but not really it’s just my mind like if i am the way i experience the world is it can get really overwhelming so if my personal space is out of control and it’s not organized it’s driving me crazy like it’s just adding to everything that i’m already experiencing from the outside and so he every time something is is lost or something that he misplaced somewhere he’s like did you take that to goodwill again because i love everything that’s not nailed down i’ve either thought ending out very good well if i haven’t used it in a year if i haven’t done anything with it or worn it like it’s going to be going in my husband is the opposite he likes to keep stuff just in case and so sometimes i just need to go and so every time no matter what it is i’m like did you throw that away or do you want to fold my pajamas again

they are back and forth it’s like yeah and my son is starting to get there too like mom did you throw that away misplaced it doesn’t mean i throw everything away right so isabelle tell us about um a little bit more about how the business came to be and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business

that’s a good question i i had never done anything else honestly um i i um never really had a actual job well i can’t say that i had for one year so that we could pay for our wedding because we have been an actual in 2010 we got married at the courthouse and then in 2011 we had the actual wedding so um during that time period i worked downtown in the um as a administrative assistant and i only lasted a year i just um not that i didn’t like it but just you know um well the corporate world is a different world and i just couldn’t handle a lot of the people it was just too um you do what i tell you to otherwise you know that kind of pressure and i don’t like that and i don’t work with that very well i i love to work in a team but i also like to lead um so i’m really good at that i’m really good at creating community i’m really good at creating teams and working with the teams i mean the experience with the film was amazing so i had that and and i just knew honestly you know it’s one of those things where you just jump in and you never realize when that switch was that that shifting point in your life i’ve never done anything else and i think it’s because my my um dad um was is an entrepreneur he has his own business as well he does similar work i do in terms of trauma healing it’s called wing wave coaching and um you know i i don’t know i never even thought of having a job like never came to me like i cannot remember sure there was a time where i thought okay maybe i’m becoming a counselor or a therapist because if i would have stayed in germany i probably would have done that because i had everything i needed to be able to do that here in the us i would have needed additional licensing but um yeah and then as soon as i moved to the us i just knew there’s no way entrepreneurship in the u.s is much easier to start than anywhere else i have to say so it just came naturally and just you just do it and then i had my son and i wanted to do wanted to well i already started way before that but it just reinforced that that i can stay home with him i can give him the attention that he needs with the work that i do wonderful so um tell us a little bit more about the your company and and what you do and how you help people well company sounds so huge i don’t know if i’m a company so it’s just me um but what i do now hold on wait a minute you have a movie and i think you have a book i think so yeah it’s it’s more than it’s a company

at least i have the llc behind it there you go um what i do is i really focus um on trauma healing in particular i kind of left the coaching world a little bit behind it’s still part of it because obviously you need to ask questions if you want to dig deep to the root of things to the genetics of things that really hold people um from moving forward in life and just you know experience overwhelm constantly anxiety um the clarity is missing or i don’t even know why i’m here like those things are usually trauma based there is some kind of suppression that has happened so of course the coaching comes in very handy dandy um in that work to ask the right questions to dig deeper to really get to the root cause of why people are holding on to certain experiences in life and how it’s really benefiting them even if they think it’s not benefiting them but it always does in one way or another and so with that i have really um focused on in particular mindfulness emotional awareness i’ve done that for many many years now um almost a decade uh to really help people understand what what language each emotion has and how it’s communicating with us and that kind of falls all in with the theta healing that i’m focusing it’s an energy modality as well as um emotions code releasing um trapped energy within the body i do all of my work um through zoom and it has worked really well over the last 10 years um and it gives you know it gives me the opportunity to work with people from all over the world literally from japan france mexico south africa australia um those have all been clients of mine it’s just been beautiful to see the different cultures and yet what all um the the root cause of so much trauma is the fear of separation and the not feeling safe most people don’t even know what it feels like within their body to be safe to to be one with yourself to experience oneness um and therefore connection with other people and that’s that’s what i have been focusing on the last couple years and it’s just been really rewarding i just love the work and so what does a session look like or feel like or talk talk to us a little bit more about that for folks who you know are listening and are intrigued but also don’t really understand what it looks like is some meditation for two hours pretty much um usually people come to me when they know in particular that they’re dealing with some kind of trauma from childhood in relation to parents sometimes they come to me because they have some some illness because every illness is connected to a trauma response within your body it’s an energetic imbalance that allows the frequency of certain illnesses to enter your body and so you know sometimes people come because they feel depressed the whole time or anxiety or panic attacks or just feeling tired and overwhelmed not knowing why i’m taking care of myself but i still don’t feel quite there and you know physically the doctors can’t find anything um or i feel like something is pulling me back or holding me back and i just can’t figure out what exactly that is and so when when we when we work on one thing usually in one session because otherwise your body just goes in overwhelm mode but what happens then is i usually ask questions like when first do you remember having experienced this and how does that relate to your parents like i usually ask a couple questions to understand the family dynamic to see how it’s all connected and then we go into meditative state and usually within my meditative it’s a theta state where your brain is in theta um brainwave state so it’s it’s it’s this really cool meditative state where it’s almost like you can um how would i describe that it’s like you’re becoming one with everything and you just see through everything in my film i talk about what um what would the world look like if all physical matter would be removed and we only see the outlines the energetic outlines of each of us and that’s how i experienced the world in the theta state and from there i just literally asked creators so it’s a very spiritual work i asked creator what what is it allow me to scan someone’s body to see where things are going on um you know sometimes there’s spiritually something going on because there’s so much i mean i don’t think any of us really understands the dynamics of all of the dimensions and interactions and you know i mean more and more is being revealed to us but i think humanly it’s still out of our reach right so sometimes i’m being shown um places where things happen like i had one client something had happened and i said i see this field it’s really beautiful you’re like four or five years old beautiful dress i could see how she had her hair and and the surrounding and she’s like that sounds familiar but i don’t know where exactly that is and then you know um two days later she sends me a picture i’m like i found a picture of exactly that with me in the picture what you described so sometimes it’s really just you’re being shown things like yeah or um deceased um you know ancestors are coming forward and where when i mention them suddenly the client just starts to cry i’m like i felt this connection i felt like they were there but i didn’t know why or how and there’s often a lot of forgiveness work that can release that or we’re doing some court cutting in in relation to the mother and the father because we all know at the age of six months in the room if not earlier even we’re integrating the emotional state of the mother and the father into our dna and with that with the knowing that we will be doing greater things than jesus he said that right with the understanding that we have the same power to heal each one of us so what i pretty much do is tell clients you know what we’re doing here together i support you but you’re doing the actual healing like you can potentially do that yourself if you’re fully aware of it and with that um we can shift the dna we can shift molecular structures within our body um what usually happens at the end of each session once we duck really deep and like i’m seeing those crazy things in my mind and sometimes it’s a little like should i share that with them or should i be out there but as soon as i say it something just resonates with them on such a deep soul level and it’s often the biggest skeptics that just at some point crash and i’m like oh my gosh okay okay i get it i get it you’re right like yeah but what do you say over time that your body adjusts to the energetic shifts and they feel more peaceful especially at the end of a session there’s a lot of peace a lot of harmony present usually they get tired don’t get taken up your body is working hard and over time you notice the shifts that are happening in their life they’re no longer as reactive to certain situations which creates a different outcome which creates different relationships one of my friends she has worked with me through some issues that she had with her mother growing up and she hadn’t seen her mother in a long time and just recently got to see her again um a couple months ago she she met with her she stayed with her for a week and it didn’t go so well they were triggering each other and was just always like this fight going on last time she stayed with her she calls me and she says it was such a good time with her ever since we’ve done that there was such a good time with her like she didn’t you know belittle me she didn’t like what she usually would trigger it was it was just great because the the triggers were gone we removed and released the connection that always kept triggering the same reactions and that’s just really powerful because it improves connection it improves relationships um and therefore it improves your overall life experience and when that shifts and you’re in a higher vibration you start to bring into your life things that are of higher vibration that you actually want in your life wow that is so incredible and powerful and so it just must be a a blessing to be able to help people let go of all that junk it’s an honor because it it really shows that even though i don’t know most of the people that want to work with me at first they trust me in that and it’s an honor like you have something incredibly valuable um in your hands now obviously as someone who does this work there’s a high level of moral and ethical values behind that like i can’t just go into someone’s energetic field and just manipulate stuff like i cannot do that it always has to be in the highest and best good for everyone involved and that takes trust you know just trusting a stranger where you kind of understand what they’re doing and you see what other people saying about it and just allowing them into the depth of your being sometimes clients don’t even know where this is gonna go and then suddenly you know some embarrassing things come up or turns out they were abused as a child and they didn’t really know about that or they they had a guest but weren’t sure and you know for some that can get really um embarrassing but um for me it’s it’s like like a raw egg you have to really nurture you have to to hold hold those people in a space where they can feel comfortable and continue to trust you that you too can do the work together and continue to do the work and that’s an honor like that’s a that’s a privilege when people allow you to to be part of their life in such a deep way wow so isabel tell us a story of where someone pushed you or inspired you that that you could do it and what the impact that that person had on you i think the biggest impact has been or is my husband and he um growing up my my mom was home with us i have four younger siblings and my dad um took mostly care of the financial part of things and had his own business and you know he worked hard and but once um like a decade ago over a decade ago they got divorced and one of the reasons was that my mom didn’t financially contribute um which i know was just an excuse for everything else and i don’t know the whole story and i probably don’t even want to know the whole story so i’m giving them you know the benefit of a doubt whatever happened is your thing it’s your journey it’s not mine um but that was my experience in that moment and i got stuck with me and so when i married um i always had this in mind i need to do i need to be able to be independent i need to be able to provide for myself i can’t depend on my husband because it just really got stuck in my head that you can’t rely on other people other people will always disappoint you and i started to really beat myself up um when things didn’t go as well you know i i mean there were so many nights and days actually where i just broke down like i can’t do this i’m not the born entrepreneur i’m not really good at it so i just have to go with the flow and trust the process otherwise i’m out and my husband was the one the whole time can you just trust me that i’m here to support you with whatever you need that you don’t have that financial pressure to make it work and that you are like there were so many times where i’m like i’m just going to give up he’s like well that’s great if you want to do that i mean being a mom is a lot of work so if you just want to focus on that i totally have your back but he also always had my back with every crazy idea i had because the book if it was the film he actually is the one who you know what about this idea what about that or he is is really the one who has my back and with that trust that he has in me i can i don’t have to put as much pressure on myself and we know if we create under pressure usually things crumble at some point so he allows me to that space to um create to you know try out different things even if they may not work out right away without like oh where’s the next bill coming from like how do we pay this or how do we do that he has been giving me that that freedom to explore to just really do what i know i’m good at um and that has the most impact within the collective and what we’re doing so yeah it’s definitely been my husband yeah that’s amazing so um shifting gears a little bit here what’s your biggest learning as a business owner

oh um my biggest lesson was

that most likely the typical business structure will not work for everyone especially people who are very creative if it’s artists if it’s you know even coaches or healers like there’s just a different way we do things um and the the typical analytical business structure i tried so hard like to you have to show up every day you have to create content every day you have to do create a funnel and you have to do this and you need to have a great website like all those things got me in in such an overwhelmed state that at some point i had to let that all go and just see how it goes and as soon as i let that go things started to to work out like most of my clients come through um word of mouth referrals people that just simply seem to somehow find me through an interview or through a summit that i’ve done or through the film you know and then do some digging on what i do but it’s been working out really well and has been so much easier without having to worry about the rest and i can still sustain myself and do more and the biggest lesson for me is and will always be trust the trust in in the flow of life in the ups and downs of life in my own abilities the trust that the right people will find me at the right time every time um and yeah just staying in the flow of life without beating myself up over days that may not go as well or that are not that is my biggest lesson still awesome so we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about a challenge that you’ve had over the years and someone who’s come alongside you to help you get through that challenge well just the recent challenge was the film like i knew if i wanted to create a film i needed at least a hundred thousand dollars i didn’t have that um it was it was like for me i’m like okay why am i even doing that i have no understanding of film production i don’t know what i’m doing but the more i meditated on it the more i started to have a list in what i need to focus on what i need to do legally what i have to have in place and i didn’t know that it was almost like it just came downloaded or was downloaded onto my consciousness because you know informations are available if everything is truly energy then just like my son he went to school he was four and he went to school and he said why am i going to school i’m like what do you mean don’t you want to learn anything i already know that i just have to ask creator to download it onto me and i know that and that’s how he learns like he doesn’t practice much and he is eight he should be second grade but he just started fifth grade wow he just he just told me that at four and i’m like darn it you’re right like we do like everything is meant for us we have access to and so it just came to me and i i still have the list you know what i have to focus on and what i need to do and just came together and then um of course i just i just heard post it and the right people will come and i’m like that’s that’s embarrassing that’s a little awkward because obviously people will come with the judgment but you know the filmmaker so how dare you even do that i’m like well i have this idea and it needs to come out and so i posted it and then the right people came along and then of course we worked on the film and it was just so beautiful i loved the work i loved directing it i loved i’m navigating it i love being in front of the camera i was just overall such an incredible opportunity and i would love to do another project um at some point i already have some ideas but really where it came down to was once we launched the film i was like okay how am i gonna launch this what am i you know we needed the money to to complete the film to launch it and um that is the the unconventional way so what happened in that very moment i just literally said in in meditation i’m like okay god creator universe whatever i need a way to launch this if you gave me this information to do this film and it worked out so seamlessly the for two years for over a year that we worked on this it won’t crash now so i need ideas then um a few days later my friend called me and i said and she said hey i just um connected with a couple people have you ever heard of gifting communities i’m like no what is that that sounds like not something that is legal and so um she explained it to me and i’m like actually sounds good um because it’s it’s the ubuntu mindset we support each other within a structure that is maintained and that um keeps the ego the great a little bit out of the game and everyone has the same chances of gifting someone who has incredible projects to receiving and um over the last two years i have been part of gifting different gifting communities and once we launched the film i had enough money being gifted to me um to to launch it without a problem to participating in a lot of film festivals as well because the the admission fees are usually pretty high and um you know it was just a beautiful um process and then when it came to the day that i needed people to help me promote the film it was that community it was that community who all um came into the to the um premiere of it who donated even more money by buying a ticket to watch it who posted it online it was barely anyone else i was actually a little surprised because most of my friends did not post about it did not even mention it it was that community that understood the that has the deep understanding of what ubuntu means if we are one we are all connected if we support each other beyond that we can create a sacred economy that is by the people for the people and we can support each other and they were the ones who helped pushing it out and that um you know created success with the i think were over 20 awards i stopped counting honestly i stopped hitting it because it got too full and so i’m like okay we’re just going to leave an interesting multi-award winning but we have over 20 awards and that’s only because of those communities and so yeah so over the over the last couple um well the last year we um a whole international team also came together to say okay how how can we make this more accessible to everyone so that everyone can benefit from from a community like this and so we have that um been working on over the last months um and it’s just been really beautiful so there’s hundreds of thousands of people that have helped the success of the film that is probably the most um profound story in in terms of how we can succeed how how we can truly step into our purpose and our calling because without them i work with quite a few children as well and i um i teach mindfulness and emotional awareness at my son’s school as well i don’t get paid for that but i know i can do that because of that community um and just have in so many different ways being provided for that i can truly step into what i know i’m supposed to do and i i realize the impact it has on me and the people that i get to work with for me personally it’s not about who are my high paying clients i know for a lot of businesses that’s important if you want to sustain it for me it’s more because it’s a different you know approach it’s a different anchoring into the business that i do for me it’s who can i help next who’s willing to be helped even if they don’t have 125 dollars an hour available and um obviously i can’t do that with everyone but you know if if i just really feel a yes i have the freedom to do that and still thrive and have a business that that can evolve and that can you know create more of that shift in the world that we desperately need right now what’s the name of the film the power of connection fantastic change change the world by changing your perception which is based on my story when i first came to the us and i encountered and especially the race issue was with something that i i don’t know i don’t want to say i wasn’t aware of it but when you grew up in europe it’s a different relationship you have to that you i mean i grew up 30 minutes from czech republic um you have the russians as your neighbors you have four hours to italy spain france uh netherlands like you don’t really think about it in the way americans do yeah it’s kind of weird but we were watching american films in in europe right so you have the indoctrination of what um black people are supposed to do in the community and how they show up and gang so i had all those prejudice you know all this this indoctrination is programming and um it it actually had a huge impact on the relationships that i had with people and the friendship that i was able to create i was pushing certain kinds of people away when i didn’t know why and so i really had to examine that over the years what got in the way of creating the connection with people that i internally judged for something that wasn’t even any anywhere related to them but it was related to the programming from over the years and wow so that’s where the film is grounded on the foundation of that story how did i manage from you know becoming aware of my judgments and my opinions and that the programming that is so ingrained in me that almost has me be my identity so my identity that i perceived as my identity became my ideology and so nobody was allowed to to you know tap on that ideology i needed to hold that up i needed to save myself to keep my identity to keep my purpose and through through the process i’m leading people through the process of what is actually what what influences our programming if it’s you know politics if it’s um religion if it’s school um and just becoming aware of it and oh okay here i’m judging can i let that go and the more we become aware the more we can choose in the moment it’s not always gone you still go out and you see the construction workers whistling at a at a woman and you just like what idiots but it’s so typical construction you know right which might be true in the moment but it’s still a judgment and you can catch yourself and not react to it and so that’s where the film is it shows particular exercises as well to create more awareness um to just you know have people where i’m like oh i didn’t even notice how even religion has used emotions to manipulate the people i mean that was from very very beginning um when descartes was um trying to understand the emotions connected to our spiritual being and the pope was like nope you’re not allowed to do that and he got banned and and you know wasn’t allowed to work on that and get prohibited and you know was threatened um i think he ended up dying through a poison or something the cause obviously was mentioned as something else but that was where the church was involved and how you know people can be controlled and that’s what we see in in politics there’s so much mind control and most people are not aware of it because they just watched they just are in the moment and yeah for me it’s like sitting from the outside and up so i’m like do you not realize like can you use your own thoughts

but for them it is because it’s their reality because it’s just the programming so with the film we’re really tapping on to that and like hey i could go so much deeper in this film i could have had this film three four hours but we kept it to an hour but it helps people already like oh okay so this is where i create division this is where i create separation within myself and therefore with other people and that’s really what the film is about and just showing that the path from where it started and what triggered that um to to the healing process and what we all need to focus on that we’re all one that we all connected in one way or another and have a sense of responsibility together awesome well we will make sure to put a link um along with this interview so that people can go and check out your film it sounds amazing so isabel if you had to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re the most grateful for the way that they’ve helped with your your successes who are they and and how they help you

um the first person that has come to mind or that comes to mind is my very first coach um who who was also my mentor through the coaching uh training you have a mentor coach and then i continued working with him um he was just um yeah his name is avnish superwall and he is just uh awesome he he really was patient sometimes i look back and i’m like how were you able to keep it together like as much as i repeated myself within the same programming right like i don’t know how you managed it to just keep it straight with me um but he also was very direct and i will always be grateful for him and the second person yeah definitely would be my husband again because he just keeps pushing me it just really is incredibly supportive um i don’t think i would be able to do it without him because there’s so many nights where i work with clients especially when they’re overseas you know japan and they are 12 hours 13 hours and so we have to kind of work around that the west coast um but yeah my husband and um

let’s see i don’t know if there’s it’s a particular person that i would mention as a third person because um i want to actually mention the the third person as the whole of all the people that have ever crossed my path if it’s close friends distant friends acquaintances people that i just had a conversation with they all contributed to where i’m at today who i am and how i’m able to show up today uh it’s every person who has ever crossed my path has crossed my path for a reason and there was always either a lesson or a word of encouragement or you know an opportunity for growth um and so i’m gonna use all of them as the third i love it so sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you along the journey if they were all here on the show today what would you want to say to them if they were on the show um i would say thank you uh thank you thank you thank you it always makes me very emotional to know and to think about how many people have my back how many people are supporting my vision because i’m a bit of an extreme visionaries like sometimes i see things that people in the here now can’t quite fathom it’s like why don’t you see it but they’re still in support so um yeah it’s i think there’s there’s not even anything else left then to say say thank you thank you and i have so much gratitude and um i just yeah i just feel honored to have those people in my life and to to be able to say i can trust them i can rely on them um and

yeah i can be who i am yes without you know having to to twist myself

that’s awesome so isabel it’s been a absolute pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show thank you so much for having me it was a great experience so for everyone who have tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a missed show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread the movement by liking us and sharing us on social media to join our movement go to be mad together.com okay folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care