April 5, 2022

Episode #21: Jeremy Miller – Rocket Fuel

Jeremy Ross Miller is a 23-year-old marketer, writer, and creator.

Jeremy discovered entrepreneurship as a vehicle for helping others and building community while also searching for an escape from depression. He was sixteen when he opened his first custom longboard business that also focused on creating a safe space for young people to talk about life. Although the business closed with a deficit, he was drawn to entrepreneurship because of how much it impacted his life positively and how much he saw he was able to impact others.

By the age of 18, Jeremy took what he learned from his first business and leveraged mentorship from top digital marketers in the world, to create a digital advertising agency with national clients and national press recognition. By 20, he helped launch a tech startup called SnapShyft and co-founded a 501c3 non-profit called The STARTedUP Foundation that empowers highschool innovators and entrepreneurs. By 23, he was hired as marketing #1 at a software startup called Kennected and remained on to become VP of Marketing helping the company acquire 15,000+ customers in two years. During this, Jeremy grew Joey Chestnut’s social media presence by creating viral videos generating 250k+ YouTube subscribers and 200k+ social media followers.

Now… He’s helping brands and realtors scale their businesses by adding rocket fuel to their content strategy.

You can find him writing about the future of the internet, branding, digital marketing and the creator economy on his blog.



hello this is Coach Tim Campsalll and i’m your host of self-made is a myth making a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks who have helped us excel i’m excited to have a fellow business owner with me today my guest has done work for a famous hot dog eater joey chestnut wow and apparently it’s not all uh all exciting when you’re behind the scenes watching how much joey is able to consume and the things that happen as he’s consuming my guests enjoy spending time with his fiance and he is most proud of being here and having the ability to help others please join me in welcoming jeremy to the show thanks tim i appreciate being here cheers well let’s start with having you um introduce yourself uh tell us a little bit of your personal story you know where you were born where you live bit about your family hobbies all that fun stuff yeah awesome um again you know i really appreciate you having me on your show but so yeah to jump right in i was born and raised in greenwood indiana so just south of indianapolis indiana um you know i was very fortunate um with my parents you know they they believed in me um we weren’t necessarily in the middle class which is you know there’s a lot of blessing and a lot of privilege within that and um you know i was able to get you know good schooling so i was very very blessed um at a young age you know granted with all that that uh again like every single day i count my blessings for um it was very tough growing up too i was uh to just jump right in i was sexually abused at a really young age and and that really um you know like if you or if you know if you you can go personally relate or if you know anyone who’ve experienced that at older ages middle age young age whatever like that just can really affect people in a lot of different ways and so by by middle school i was struggling with identity and like trying to fit in because this thing that had happened to me so many years ago i couldn’t talk about and didn’t know didn’t even understand it and um a lot of these ramifications the consequences started happening when i was in eighth grade i was expelled from a christian private school i was smoking cigarettes i was you know at a point in such an early stage where i was like earnestly searching all of a sudden i was earnestly searching to fit in to like what is happiness um now i’m looking for things like a cigarette to try to make myself feel good or like get that little buzz so i’m not thinking about these other things well as we know you you start to tap into those things that fill the void in your soul the void ends up getting deeper um so you know the people that i would associate with with myself at the time which made me feel like i was important and like i could fit in and all these types of things they would offer me other stuff they’re like hey this would make you feel you know better and like do this like so the monday after a weekend of partying by this point is my freshman freshman year of high school the monday after weekend of partying i was you know feeling even more lost and feeling even more at that point depressed um and all the while like like i’ve i’ve had amazing parents and i can’t blame them for anything but i was just so troubled in my search for like identity and purpose and long story short you know one thing led to the next um by the summer of my freshman year of high school i tried most drugs that would be offered to me um and you know like alcohol um sex just nothing was nothing gave me a sense of purpose or relief or satisfaction anymore everything just made things worse and so long story short i had an attempt in my life and i survived that which i’m very grateful for spent a couple days um in a hospital and i reached out to a friend um probably about two weeks after i kind of physically started recovering from that and this person was always happy and you know long story short they had this this this transcendental connection to purpose like they found purpose outside of the material things of this world um and i was so intrigued by that i was like okay i’ve been trying a lot of these material things what do you have and this person was a follower of jesus christ and from my own studies at the time going to a church camp and all these things i found that this guy jesus christ all he did was serve people and help people and that was his mission and um because of it that was his purpose and that that’s what he tells of people who want to model after his life look serve people and like that’s the there’s greater rewards of serving people than what the material world might you know be able to give you so i was like interesting let me try that um i you know started to volunteer my school i started to you know ask my parents to take me to um homeless shelters i started doing you know work for gleaners food bank at the time went on a mission trip to haiti and my mind was just i mean overwhelmed in joy when i could make when i could see that i made someone else smile or or maybe i saw these haitians uh swimming and you know a body of water that was all the way down from the mountain and since you have the water at the bottom it’s what everyone else has been swimming or like bathing in or whatever and like seeing that perspective and then also just understanding that this joyful sense of serving others it just inspired me like that is what gave me my purpose it’s a long story short i had a mentor at the time named derek christie who’s a very successful entrepreneur in greenwood indiana he owns probably about a dozen companies um i i have a lot of admiration for you know everything that he’s taught me but you know he at the time had a family and well still does and he was successful and happy and a community leader and you know his kids went to my school and like i could you know see that just the family was enriched and prospering and not to say like he you know he was any different or better than my parents per se but i just looked at his life and i was like what is he doing that is around this theme of serving others that seems to be giving him these fruit and rewards and either that afterlife or this current life and it was serving others he was an entrepreneur and so i couldn’t spell the word at the time let alone announcement still to this day have issues spelling that word the e in the ufc yes it throws me off um but i you know i was a skateboarder at the time um i had a lot of tattoos at that time of course i have tattoos now and so i started a little skateboard manufacturing company um and just kind of created little events with skaters we’ll come we’ll talk about life we talk about depression it was literally a safe space for the kids with the cuts on their arms to talk about the cuts on their arms something because there wasn’t other places where you could do that because there’s me standing up with the cuts on my arm at the time saying hey like let’s ride some skateboards and just you know let’s bomb this hill but like you know we’re all we’ve all struggled with suicide let’s just like do it’s just a very different sense of conversation and like i was so drawn to that long story short the company failed and i lost thousands of dollars but i was drawn to this concept of entrepreneurship where you can bring people together help people and have this higher sense of like meaning that is about others and not just about yourself so that was kind of my introduction entrepreneurship that was probably junior year of high school um and then i of course kept going but yeah like that’s kind of up to like finding my purpose of serving others getting into entrepreneurship and kind of really have that inspiration to keep going through life wow what a what an incredible story so jeremy is there um something fun or funny that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share something funny a funny story that maybe your family likes to share about you so there was this one time that i mean to the day we all wish we put it on america’s most funniest home videos but this was also when i was really young and my brother was teaching me how to play football in long story short like i was just so young and i just didn’t get it and whenever he would like way before he would start start the snap like i would just get up all excited and just go tackle him just because i wanted to tackle my older brother and and and it was recorded and the way the video is shown it’s kind of really set up and it’s really funny but they always love showing that video like family things or you know family gardens i was a goofball when i was a kid i’m still in so tell us about how your business came about you know at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business yeah so you know i mentioned the skateboard business it failed but during that time i had been testing the depths of twitter um so i had probably 80 000 followers on twitter um back in 2015 and and by 2016 i had a couple hundred thousand followers on twitter was able to get you know 10 to 15 million impressions every single month organic and that just like opened up my mind to the power of distribution and how you can share a message and share a story on the internet without me ever like i was literally doing stuff in class at school i had a laptop that was like real old at the time and i’d be i literally would lie to the teachers i’m doing homework i’m doing stuff in reality i was like running my twitter accounts um and so while i wasn’t able to necessarily make a lot of money from doing that it still showed me the power of an audience and that that kind of currency and so um after that i started a social media marketing agency just kind of doing like social media implementation and management for different companies um niche down a little bit to facebook ads agency which i actually partnered with elliot drake who is um who you know very well with connected this is probably 2017 maybe at this time um from the facebook ads agency i had a client name uh named thor wood he had a company called snapshift and they were a technology startup for the food and beverage scene um i actually left my agency was pretty burnt out of agency work and became director marketing and partner of that company um had a lot of fun at snapchat really learned uh just kind of the the trenches of launching a startup and the growth hacks and all the different things all the way up to like planning out large scale paid media budgets um from there i did some work for a non-profit helped don wetrick and hunter stone launch the start it up foundation which is an extension of a company called start it up llc where at the time i was helping them sell entrepreneurs from innovation courses and curriculum to high schools but because high schools move so slow and actually a podcast that we had with gary vaynerchuk where he said screw the schools do partner with the governor the government because they can move just a little bit faster so they can give you guys the money to implement what you guys are trying to do outside of the school system and that’s what we did very well we just had don on the show okay beautiful yeah so don is is i mean an incredible visionary leader he just got back from italy to you know meeting with the president of dalaran and creating this bridge of innovation between you know cornfield indiana to you know some of the most incredible machines that are ever made you know in humanity so yeah just work for startup foundation as vp marketing had a lot of fun there and and really like um tim i kind of had a consultancy agency at that time and even though i sometimes have one or two clients at a time i was still very much acting as a consultant um at some point i started working with joey chestnut i’d say that was probably 2019. um i was a consultant for hughes culinary they own st almost steakhouse a lot of different restaurants around the city and they actually part own joey chestnut foods which is a wing sauce line where all the content that we put it on joey’s social media was to drive online sales for his wing sauces because the man can’t be dependent on eating the food at the large volumes that he does with 80 because even though to this day we all are amazed at how he does this he can’t do it forever and then you know yeah so looks like i had that consultancy agency but it really wasn’t until elliot reached out to me and they said hey you know we’ve got this company connected and and we haven’t really had a marketing team yet mostly just sales people we like to have you you know as marketing hire number one and and kind of rise up the ranks and so that was like one of the first times where i was like more of like in a an employee but it really helped me understand um what it looked like to grow a business from the point of when i came in to the point of where they’re at now and i was able to really like i mentioned like like i could never say i’m self-made because every single experience that i’ve mentioned thus far i learned so much from the people who are creating that experience and and and i’d say that’s something else that i’m proud of you know i always say be a student of the world not only a student of the classroom i almost didn’t graduate high school i made a deal with my algebra 2 teacher to pass me to pass me by one percent just so i could graduate and not have to uh get the ged and i didn’t even get my diploma until a couple months after i walked the stage because they didn’t know if all the numbers came in to see if i could actually legitimately pass high school um so like all these people that i just got to work for or work with i learned so much and so now where i’m at today i still have my general consulting company where you know work for you know some unique things but i have a social marketing coaching business just for realtors and so now i have a niche that i’ve chosen and i’ve built an irresistible offer um you know following along with alex ramonzi talks about who’s created 100 million dollar offers um and so now i’m at a place where in my life where i have a client who pays you know all my bills and more and they’re able to cover all you know like that business is still able to operate as like a generalist consulting agency without taking 20 30 40 hours of my time each week pretty low um input and frees me up to be able to actually start this new business um that is really like so i’ve had an agency in the past i’ve had this general consulting company but this is actually the first time i’m actually kind of creating a business um from the ground floor where i’m doing cold calling and really kind of being a student of the game and being a student of okay i’ve been a marketer and i know how to create content to market a product but now i’m actually creating a business from scratch and i’m having a lot of fun um so yeah so that’s where i’m at right now my general consulting company i have two clients there an nft project and then a tech company um a sas company and then um i’m building this the social marketing business with workshops and in an online private community fantastic well tell us more about that uh that last business the the realtor uh social company that you were just what’s the name of it and tell us a little bit more about it yeah so it’s called rocker fuel for realtors and um it’s essentially associated marketing and personal branding training for realtors like my goal is to equip the realtor themself or a social media manager who is you know working for that real estate team or that realtor specific you know they’re at a certain stage in their real estate journey where they’ve actually hired a social manager or a videographer because they want to really get into content but to really equip and empower them to dominate their corner of the internet um it’s not something where they can hire me for you know services and implementation it’s a pretty basic model i come into you know real estate teams or real estate offices all over indiana and i provide a free 20-minute class eventually that’s going to be virtual but i’m very much looking at what paul graham says doing the things that don’t scale in the beginning because if i’m in person i can collect so much more raw feedback from how i can immediately iterate my presentation or my content or program to make it just that much more beneficial and invaluable because like what i’m having to really learn to him is this whole concept of focusing on a niche because how do i really relate to realtors how do i create messaging that makes them see that oh because of this social media class i will make more money in my real estate business and it’s it’s so clear to me it’s clear in my head but i got to get it so clear to them and i’ve also got to build that trust that me this goofy tattooed you know teenager looking kid or whatever and can earn their money um and they might have been in the game for 30 years so how could this 23 year old kid who hasn’t even never bought a house in his life how can he tell me how to grow my real estate business like i have to really kind of learn that messaging and i love it um you know like there’s some some tough elements like i have rejections but also after some of these freebie classes i pitched a after these freebie classes i pitched a two and a half hour workshop where realtors will pay from 150 to 250 to come this workshop and it’s it’s an intense deep dive they leave that class with um knowing what channels that are best make sense to their strengths so if you’re more of a writer i’m going to teach you which platforms out there that exist like twitter linkedin etc that are really geared for writing and then what ways you can make posts and different mediums around writing that isn’t like where you’re having like it’s not a chore to make this content but you’re actually in a flow state to make this content sharing stories about your customers sharing your expertise sharing what your your insights are out about the marketplace whatever but you’re also crushing it you’re actually getting engaged on your post you’re seeing engagement grow and you know why your your engagement is increasing you know how to look back at those posts so like it’s a really dope workshop and at the end of those freebie classes sometimes we have you know six seven realtors getting out of their seats you know walking up to the screen to take a picture of the qr code that i have where they can just buy a ticket right off the screen um and then so after the workshop it goes into a private community um right now which is a facebook group and then a private newsletter and each week i’m sharing three tips on how to make posts better i’m interviewing one person usually a realtor on a couple things that works well for them and i’m just sharing a couple ideas on ways that they can make better facebook stories facebook ads or just kind of general q a about around what they want to do should i make my business page yet or should i just keep my profile um different kind of stuff like that and and spun tim like i really i’m having a lot of fun with it because most of the the the kind of time that i’m putting into it is just creating content which is why i love to do creating that programming creating these presentations and so it can really be you know an internet based company where these classes can be all virtual and then the private community is essentially infinitely scalable you know so so much to the fact that okay if there’s a thousand realtors and they’re paying you know ten dollars a month or fifteen dollars a month okay then you know it might be beneficial for me to hire like my fiance or my mom or you know someone like that hey like i’ll pay you some money to help me kind of manage the people just kind of back and forth you know they’re having issues with paying for the private news that or whatever you just general admin support stuff like that but it can really be like i don’t i don’t want a team i don’t i don’t want a bunch of employees i don’t want to have to be having all these responsibilities like i want to find businesses that i can find carve out these little niches and they can be you know pretty scalable pretty passive um generative but also not to the standpoint that i can just set it and forget it like an investment because i do like to create content i do like to interact with people i do like to see the impact that i can make so uh i don’t know if this thing is going to you know make me a million dollars but i’m with you over the next couple years but i’m trying it out and uh being a student of the game i’m having fun and we’ll see where it goes that’s awesome man so hey tell us the story of somebody who pushed you or inspired you that you could do it and and the impact that that person had on you um okay so this would relate to excuse me anyone who’s starting a business for the first time or you’re a seasoned individual and this is the seventh business you’ve started or seventh project you started or whatever but when i failed that skateboard company i went to my mentor and i was like what the heck i i’m doing this thing to like make myself feel better and to like try to find purpose and and all these things and you know he taught me to not put my identity in the thing but not even place my identity around these things but look at what i can gain from this um for the next thing he just kind of taught me hey you’re 16 years old and you need to humble yourself if you think that this failed skateboard business in high school is going to be any type of scar for the rest of your life you’re just simply wrong and and and what’s kind of beautiful about that is look at me 23 years old and i actually share this story almost every single time on stage or we’re students or on podcasts like at the time i thought this would be oh if i’m closing a deal at the age of 25 that clients can be like oh no jeremy we saw you fail that business in high school we don’t know if we want to work with you but vice versa it’s actually an instrument that i used to inspire so like it’s kind of funny how that worked out but yeah he just kind of really taught me to not fall in love with um you know the game or not fall in love with like you know the product or the business like that’s not really what it’s about but it’s just really about the relationships and that relationship capital um and just that that interaction that you can have with people and how are you being a vessel for for light like whatever you know to any anyone who’s listening wherever you you know you place your like your transcendental connection like whether that’s you know some form of god or that’s the universe or you know whatever that might be like if you can um if what you do if your work is connected to whatever you’re like outside of this world like spiritual connection whatever that might look if it’s connected then it’s you know it can be really inspiring to um you know to to sometimes fail a little bit like because you know that like that product or that business isn’t what it’s all about you you know there’s a higher purpose and a higher plan going on um whether you’re spiritual or religious which mind you i’m not religious almost at all but i do follow god name jesus christ you know um not not to get in that tangent rather but yeah like just kind of really looking at everything as you know bigger picture and i think that can be related to not just business entrepreneurship but in relationships and life and looking at geo politics everything right now um health epidemics whatever um people thinking that we’re living in the worst time of the world right now but if you actually kind of zoom out uh we’re actually living in some of the best times in the in the world and fertility rates and death rates and and an international or third world country is getting access to health and medicine and infrastructure and technology and different type of things like that it’s actually an incredibly inspiring time where we’re at the community right now so i don’t know like at the time when i was 16 my mentor told me to zoom out and i think at any time in life you know it’s always healthy to just kind of zoom out and be like okay you know it’s good to have some perspective yeah i i love that advice our founder um says that he he never fails he either succeeds or he learns and i think that’s a similar perspective of what your your mentor shared right is everything that we experience in life is just preparing us for the next version of ourselves so what’s that what’s that mentor’s name yeah christie so so sebastian christie and another mentor at that time his name is kenton yoe also an entrepreneur who lives in greenland indiana and they both are really instrumental in kind of sharing that uh just wisdom and nuggets of advice for me awesome fantastic hey um what’s your been your biggest learning as a business owner business learning as a business are you biggest learning as a business owner yeah what’s your life lesson so far

this could be personal but also pretty business as well but it’s like stay humble um it’s except especially for me personally in my past i’ve had to have issues with ego or different things like that it’s just so it’s it’s an edge to be humble because whether it’s your customers or your team or you’re dealing with a bank to get a business loan or just whatever people don’t want to deal with people who are just all about themselves and they’re walking over the the other people and they’re just intense and i’ve just kind of really learned you because i was that person i was a person who would always talk over people and i still have to work on that you know i’m always still growing um but i’ve just had to really learn to like kind of be humble and and just you know i don’t know like it’s a it’s very much of a personal development and personal gain when you’re in business for yourself as much as it is you know business game yeah and i think that you mentioned this earlier but having that servant mindset and that servant attitude definitely helps with being humble right because we’re always looking at how can we you know help and improve the other person as opposed to what can the other person do for us exactly so jeremy um we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about um you know one of your biggest challenges during the years as a you know managing the different businesses that you have and and who’s a fellow business owner who came alongside of you and helped you get through that yeah so i can think of one person um in particular remington ramsey and i can’t mention rocket fuel for reorders without mentioning remington rams honestly um remington ramsey about seven eight years ago he created a magazine called real producers and it’s a real estate magazine by this point um real estate magazine which started in indianapolis it is in 150 markets all over the country i’m very successful publishing magazine and you know he’s still on on board you know at the top and everything and in indiana he’s running a a conference for realtors called masterclass and about four years ago he had me to speak at this event to share about social media marketing it wasn’t anything specific to realtors i was kind of sharing the secrets of the facebook algorithm well apparently since that conference which he does for these conferences a year um you know which i’m very grateful for this is i’ve been one of the most requested people to come back and speak at the stage by the realtors so a you know note there so around fall last year remington you know reached back out to me is like hey man you would love to have you speak at the event um we’re doing it again this year i know it’s been a couple years i would love to have you back out my first thing was okay bet you have a speaker budget you know what can you do do you have you know a videographer that can get me video content at least and essentially he’s like you know no no no budget but we will get content but i’ll let you put your services at the end and that was like a really cool for whatever reason at that time i was like okay let me really think about what i want to pitch to these realtors and i came back to rooms and i was like hey what if we did a workshop um for these realtors teaching them about personal branding and social media marketing um and with your help i want to partner with you on this event so you’ll help me pitch this on stage where you’ll kind of team me up at the very end um and i want to give you um revenue share on all the tickets that we sell right uh right on that stage well we outsold that workshop on stage like like from that event and um you know since then remington you know and i we have come together as partners for rockefeller realtors and he really helps me a have the connections and kind of introduces the last seven years of relationships that he has in the real estate game but also b he is helping me learn how to create my programming and strategy and mold it and kind of formulate in a way that realtors get it and it makes sense and and like the what i was mentioning about how to how do i message to a 65 year old realtor or six-year-old realtor in indiana you know like it’s like for example i can’t curse even like just like uh the slightest bit sometimes i get excited something you know whatever you know i’ll mention something well in the midwest with realtors you know sometimes they might be conservative and it doesn’t matter like i will lose them more than during their trust by being myself on you know what if i’m speaking by you know maybe letting a curse go and so he’s really helped me uh learn that another thing um nothing realtor and saying realtor that’s just one of those small things that you don’t necessarily realize when a realtor he hears that they’re like it’s instant turn off you know i was doing a workshop and uh uh sotheby’s um is is that the right way to say it south of his real estate you you know what i’m talking about i’m not sure no okay well that’s a large real estate company and they also have like the the or it’s sotheby’s saw the bees the day they have like the giant art uh industry and they’re also in real estate too and they like people that soft bees in the workshop and after it rims like hey just like you know it’s sotheby’s um you know realtors are gonna hear you saying that they’re there oh this kid doesn’t know anything about the reality yeah right you know it’s like he is is showing me all these things that you know i could i could walk in here and be like oh i’ve grown all these you know social media accounts and millions of followers and you’re an idiot for not listening to me i’m the you know but no i’m like let me really step back and really be a student here and humble myself and reflect on what i need to do to get better so i can you know turn this into a sustainable business yeah so yeah remington i i gotta give so much credit and he’s still of course uh partnering the business and he’s gonna be able to reap from that but he’s really helped me identify this niche and kind of focus on it wonderful so jeremy if you had to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for being there for you and helping in your growth who are those three people and how they help you so i say the first one is my dad um he might have not has taught me a lot like i mean to this day like at this point like he helped me a lot with my business but getting started he might not have helped me a lot with business but my dad is a servant um at its heart he is one of the best examples of someone who puts others first and he really kind of instilled and he just kind of i he was an example to me in that recording that kind of really you know reflects my ability to you know make a difference in the marketplace um number two i’d say derrick christie um you know one of my mentors that i mentioned number three you know i put kentucky there too but i want to mention someone else brynn jones brynn jones is another mentor of mine and he was also a client he’s the vp of marketing for hughes culinary they own st animals restaurant and you know heron is a bunch of restaurants and um hey like you know i’ve had a lot of fun working for him over the last couple years but i’ve learned a lot from him and he’s and he’s uh you know somebody popped her on linkedin and shared a lot of great content on linkedin so if you know someone wants to like learn from bren jones specifically um he’s sharing you know different models around business marketing and paid media and advertising that is really um thought-provoking on linkedin so yeah brynn jones bry in jones is definitely someone else that i put in there fantastic so jeremy as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you’re going to face to reach your business goals and who are the types of folks that you’re going to need to help you get through those challenges yeah so my goal with the real estate uh kind of niche is if i can turn that into you know pretty oiled systematic you know six you know six figure type of entity where it doesn’t require like you know 90 plus percent you know operating margin um doesn’t require a large staff maybe like a va or two to kind of really take care of a lot of just admin stuff fiance mother whatever um but my goal is if i can do that then to create another business teaching other people how to create online businesses and choose their niche and create that irresistible offer um and specifically you know creators and kind of younger people like okay if you have these different skills and you’ve kind of been in let’s say like i know probably hundreds of videographers for example who have years and years of experience in creating incredible content and they’re incredibly creative but they don’t have the business skills or business expertise or the ability to how to get how to enterprise different things like that or i’ve thought about other things where instead of choosing you know kind of like a general niche of just helping people build online businesses because i could choose another niche to go to the real estate game like accountants or financial advisors for example who you know the reason why social marketing content and branding is a great sell to realtors because it’s such a people-to-people business where their face and their reputation matters so much financial advisors are very similar there’s there’s so many financial advisors that hit me up on linkedin that i’m almost i almost have a bad taste if you tell me that you’re a funny advisor um so like building that positive brand is very important however a lot of financial buyers the companies that they’re at whether it’s thriving or northwestern mutual or um merrill lynch there’s so many restriction limitations on what they can post in their accounts however i’m seeing those limitations the regulations open up today and over the next three to five years so that could be an entire market blue ocean as they say that could open up you know where financial advisors who work at maryland to thrive in our you know northwestern future northwestern mutual for sure those guys need to be building their brands because those people are the most annoying people ever no offense to them um but like they i mean more than almost any other financial advisor needs to be able to like create content on linkedin and kind of differentiate differentiate themselves as a human who is passionate about financial services and not just another number at northwestern mutual who has been like the 70th financial buyers of hitting me up trying to sell me software services um so like yeah like you know it might be another niche like that that i’d love to kind of you know partner with someone to kind of really help me understand that market and kind of create a business for them or more general and just kind of teaching um you’re creating a coaching business to help other people create online businesses wonderful so jim rohn um one of my favorite authors he says we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so jeremy as you think about that um is that something that you find exciting something that makes you nervous a little bit of both what’s your perspective there absolutely um i think even maybe john maxwell has a similar quote to that too but but absolutely um you know everyone uh you like it kind of goes back to my quote you’ll be a student of the world even if someone isn’t um in business like i can still learn i can learn empathy from like i can learn how to be more empathetic in my business by learning about empathy from my fiance and how she’s interacting with her co-worker she’s a manager at a starbucks and the different things that she’s learning about how to be empathetic with hours being cut like i’m learning directly from her in my vid even though there’s not many connections from industry point like i’m still learning from her it’s like you know we’re actually just talking the other day you never want to necessarily be the smartest person in the room um because you can like we’re always gathering from other players our body doesn’t shut off collecting from other people like energy their knowledge their you know what motivates them intrinsically et cetera um and so if we have five negative people around in our life if we have five drug addicts in our life you’re gonna probably become a drug addict um but if you have five people that you mostly spend in your life who you know they want good things for you and they’re kind of working on themselves and you know not necessarily saying you need to have five entrepreneurs in your life but if you just have people in your life you’re spending time with who are genuinely trying to progress and trying to get semi better in some way i believe that you will have much better chance of also being sustainable not just starting out that journey of whatever it looks like but actually consistency and the sustainability behind it which is where the results actually happen yeah um that your quote that if you’re the smartest person in the room i’ve read a few different people’s perspectives on that that i love it’s like if you’re the smartest person in the room then you need to find another room right exactly right exactly and and other things that uh folks say is hey tim i i i don’t have the ability to surround myself with the people that i want to and i’m like well you can always read a book right or watch a video it doesn’t have to be a physical the physical five people it can be virtual five people as well so what are you doing to you know to feed yourself with folks that you aspire to be more like oh absolutely timmy like you make a really good point if and then there might be a lot of people that were that you know they might be thinking i’m just not really sure though i don’t have those people in my life but i can surround myself with um that’s one of my favorite things about you know social media and the internet the internet and social media at the end of the day is not bad or good it is a mirror of human behavior just like a lot of things in this world like money um weapons etc um they they simply mirror human intention and human nature and so there’s pros and cons one of the pros of social media and like linkedin is people are sharing what is working for them people are sharing their secrets they’re sharing the failures and so it’s really incredible if someone is listening to this and they feel like they don’t have any source of inspiration or not you know wisdom et cetera um like literally like email me or email tim like ask someone who you see who is inspired and is out there and say hey who are the few people who you follow on social media who you’re learning from are getting inspired from so i can go follow them and there’s people like justin welch on linkedin he is sharing the most incredible insights and knowledge and wisdoms on how to create a solopreneur business or how to create an internet business or how to create an online coaching business different type of stuff like that trey cockrum is a local entrepreneur um and here in indianapolis he’s my age and he has well over a seven figure coaching business he’s extremely successful at his incredibly humble awesome guy he’s got a youtube channel of over 35 000 subscribers where he’s got you know 10 minute videos sometimes 30 minute videos where he’s interviewing his clients on what’s working for them to grow their business free game there’s free game and free inspiration all out there just a matter of looking for it yeah um what i love about the the internet and social media in particular is right you just said it like everyone is giving away value and so you don’t have to if you’re just starting right you don’t have to pay for it you just spend some time spend an hour a day and just you know find the people who you you want to be like and and use the the free information that they’re providing to tweak and optimize the stuff that you’re already doing one hundred percent like the the similar the people you’re showing yourself with can be similarly thought as a thought experience with what we consume specifically on social media and the way these algorithms work is they will give you the content that you’ve already been consuming so if you’re receiving everything about news in ukraine and russia and will smith’s you know orchestrated slap that the grammy or whatever it’s called did that to increase their numbers if that’s all you’re seeing then yes you will be more anxious when you leave social media you’ll be more whatever so after you get off social media now you need that cigarette or whatever um the algorithm is going to give you what you’ve already been liking commenting yes now the beautiful thing about that is is you can actually change that and so if you start to follow other people that are sharing business advice or inspiration or like i like stoicism a lot so i follow like stoic you know type accounts if you start to like that content then slowly the algorithm will see that your tastes are changing and then it will kind of help you see that more positive type of content um so yeah just as a no like the algorithm is either your friend or your enemy but it’s ultimately a reflection of your own interests yeah it makes me think of one of the things we we just tell our clients is the the way that you we all spend the first you know 60 minutes of the day is going to dictate how our day goes so your point if you know if we’re on social media reading all of this you know negative stuff that’s happening in the world then we’ve just filled ourselves with negativity and now we’re going to attract negativity all day you know versus if we if we pray or we meditate and we you know we fill our mind with positive affirmations and you know thoughts of we’re i’m going to crush it today and i’m going to hit my goals right we we pump ourselves up for an awesome day then that’s the energy that we put out and therefore you know the law of attraction comes into play that’s the energy that we’re going to attract so your example is the same idea right is the algorithm is basically responding to our energy right so if we’re clicking on and reading and liking and sharing negative stuff on social media then we’re going to get more of it because right the algorithm is going to say oh tim wants more of this crap right exactly exactly well yeah that’s a really good point so jeremy if uh last question here if something catastrophic was to happen to your business who’s the first person you’d call that’s a great question what well what would something catastrophic look like like i don’t know it could be like the skateboard example right where the you know the business ended up you know not working out and you know who who’s your who’s your go-to person and and you know who who would you reach out to to go oh my goodness right like the sky is falling definitely my dad and then probably after that lawyer or my accountant

yeah and so tell us the the conversation with your dad what would that look like um i i i’m an open book and i’m very transparent so whatever happened if if there’s something that i did or didn’t do that led up to that that’s where i start out with i would provide the context that he needs to know and then just try to be like i need help like i have been the reason why i want to help people so much is because so many people helped me and my situation when i needed help and if i didn’t get that help i don’t know where i’ll be um so yeah like i would just here’s what’s happening here’s the context i need help what do we do um what’s the first step to game plan um and what is the light at the end in the tunnel look like is this a completely adapt pivot situation is this we just need a um etc you know what i’m saying so yeah be my dad and not show the situation like what do we do who should we call you know yeah fantastic so jeremy sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people in your life who have helped you on your journey if if they were all on the program today what would you like to say to them

you know over the last year and a half a lot of things happen to me like losing my father a great grandfather who played much of a father very much of a fatherly role in my early life um and just a lot of things happened and you know there’s a point where i was feeling really down and really like not seeing the connection to my purpose everything that i’m doing it was really kind of falling back in that kind of searching state and you know for a moment i was just thinking reflecting i’m like all the people who believed in me and who have you know helped me um i at least owe it to them to keep pushing forward and to get out of the rut in the hole that i’m in right now because they all believed in me when they had every reason not to because i was you know for that you know for whatever reason you know and so just thank you to all the you know every single person i really you know try not to um take people for granted even though sometimes we do and it’s just you know it’s always it’s it’s always a game of you know working on ourselves but yeah just thank you for you to those people who believe me in the times when you know some other people didn’t that’s awesome i i love that i that idea of living up to the the belief that other people have in us that’s awesome jeremy been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today and i want to thank you so much for being on the show cheers tim i’ve really enjoyed it really enjoyed the conversation awesome to everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this movement by liking the show and sharing it on your social media to join our movement go to be mad together dot com okay folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care