March 28, 2022

Episode #19: Katrina Simmons – Gifted Minds

Katrina Simmons was born and raised in Elmwood, TN and moved to Indianapolis, IN after completing her Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice in 2006. She spent 16 years in the legal world successfully serving as head paralegal for multiple law firms and managing other legal staff in areas of law ranging from NFL Concussion litigation. personal injury, medical malpractice, business, criminal, bankruptcy, family, and drug litigation. In addition to obtaining her Masters in Legal Administration, Katrina has extensive legal expertise in preparing, reviewing, and analyzing various laws and legal documents from around the country. She is an analytical and conceptual thinker who effectively coaches and consults a business owner on how to identify opportunities, make strategic and profitable decisions and drive successful implementations to increase their client base. Her ability to assess complex situations and identify appropriate solutions underscores her ability to gain meaningful insight and follow-up with thorough analysis. Katrina’s main goal is to provide new entrepreneurs and established business owners with one-on-one, personal guidance that is consistent with your purpose, passion and brand while legally protecting their legacies.

Katrina is currently the owner of Gifted Minds, LLC and S’N’S Private Investigation and Security Company, LLC. Through Gifted Minds, Katrina has developed a successful way to help business owners seeking to embody their passion and purpose and turn them into a legally protected and profitable legacy. Her goal is to prepare new business owners with the proper legal knowledge foundation needed in order to begin and maintain their businesses. Since embarking full-time into Gifted Minds in January 2020, she has helped over one-hundred entrepreneur’s to legally start their businesses during the pandemic creating new streams of revenue or expanding their current business structures. By using both coaching and consulting techniques, Katrina has been able to provide business owners with the fundamentals necessary to become successful companies for generations to come.

Katrina offers a complimentary business assessment to discover the legal liabilities within a business and how to best protect and prepare for future expansion. For additional information contact Gifted Minds at | p: (317) 647-0341 or on social media

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hello this is Coach Tim Campsall and i’m your host for self-made is a myth making a difference together show where we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and because we know that achieving success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks who have helped us excel along the way i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from the indianapolis area with us today my guest has the gift of not only seeing the greatness within people but also helping to bring it out of them even if they don’t see it or feel it for themselves she loves exploring new places and seeing new things in the world and is most proud of being able to help hundreds of people live their business dreams please join me in welcoming katrina to the show today hi thank you so much to my so i’m so excited to do this with you and to be able to reach so many people too so thank you so much for the opportunity you are most welcome well hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit of your personal story where you were born where you live a little bit about your family and some of your hobbies yes most definitely so my name is katrina simmons and my company is called gifted minds i’m a legal growth strategist and a legal business consultant i always say all things legal in a business i am born and raised a tennessee girl from the back hollows of carthage tennessee which is actually a very very small town that most people don’t even know exists only because um vice president al gore was from there i lived down the street from it so that’s one of those little hidden things but born and raised uh in the south i went to college in the south at cumberland university graduated from there um and moved to indy when i got married with my ex-husband and had our children and entered into the legal world um always had dreams and ambitions of being an attorney i wanted to actually be the next johnny cochran he was my idol and then my biggest dream was to go on and become the first black female supreme court justice which that’s about to happen now so it’s nice to see that since my dreams pivoted a bit but um i do love being able to still see that uh happening today because that was once my dream um but now i get the pleasure of actually helping people to live in their dreams and do it in a lucrative way to actually take care of their families and their legacies and leave something great behind um something special behind um i love to travel as damn knows i have been all sorts of places um i absolutely love the ocean that is my place of peace so anything that has me beachside i am happy with um where were you just recently i just came back a couple weeks ago i did a girls trip to miami for the second time this year and then i was in cabo las cabos um back in february which was again beautiful absolutely beautiful my second time there um have an upcoming trip this year to aruba so far um jamaica with my entire family which i’m very excited about being able to take my entire family my mom my brother my sister and my children everybody to jamaica so i’m really excited about that as well and then a couple of things later in the year so yeah i love to network i love making new friends meeting new people but one of my greatest passions is definitely being able to see the light within people and to bring that out um because oftentimes we can’t see it in ourselves that greatness so it’s nice to be able to have a gift like that wonderful well hey katrina would is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us

um probably the funniest story would be that when i was little i set the couch on fire at my grandparents house yes my grandmother and my brother will tell you that i was and the greatest thing about is i have a vivid memory of this i was three and halloween i was wearing a barbie costume and you know in the 80s it was plastic so luckily i didn’t burn myself but um i’ve always been too curious clearly and found some matches that my aunt had left and decided i was going to strike one see what it did first one didn’t work but the second one did and instead of blowing it out i thought i heard somebody coming so i decided to toss it

not realizing fire burns things and so i go and i set the whole couch in place thankfully nobody was harmed they were able to get it out but that is definitely the highlight of my time as a child being able to accept capital i think that um that might be the best story so far so congratulations i know i don’t have any pyro technique details i don’t even use matches to this day i can understand why not yes so tell us how the business came about at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business oh wow i was talking about this the other day because um i didn’t grow up in an entrepreneurial family when i grew up i knew maybe two people that actually had businesses so having a business wasn’t something that was celebrated and my family unfortunately it was something that we were always told you don’t want to do that it’s too much trouble um we were talking to go to college we were talking to get a degree get a good job work for somebody retire and die i mean that’s what’s your job that’s what you thought um but you know i always say god had different plans for me and when i’m climbing in my career um getting all the degrees and accolades and all the greatness um there came a time that i had a lot of struggle in my personal life and i remember there was a lot going on and there was time i was sitting there at my kitchen table and a dear friend of mine had called me and we were chatting and he was branching off into his own um he’s a therapist so he was branching off into his own uh business and i remember being so happy for him because i’ve been telling him for so long you need to do this it’s time for you to do this for yourself you’re really good you need to start your own thing and he had finally decided to do that and i was sitting at the table at my kitchen table and i was like it was like god rang a bell and he said i want you to help people to do this and i didn’t really pay much attention to it at that moment i heard it but i didn’t really pay much attention it was probably a couple of weeks later and i do i was doing taxes at that time in a facility and i had to drive to mooresville like snowy cold january morning and i’m driving now don’t know it’s like 6 30 in the morning i’m driving on the highway and all i heard was gifted minds speak life into the world bring people’s gifts building encouraging speaking life into the world and i remember i had to take my phone and tell i put it in the recording so i didn’t forget that and that’s literally where it came from and i started off in the nonprofit ground because i was very involved in my church and i had moved from being my pastor’s assistant to secretary to um doing management and to marketing and development so my role had thoroughly expanded in the non-profit religious base realm and i was like i can take this and do this for other people too so when i started a gifted minds i started in that sector i was really geared at helping people to get their 501c3 making sure they had the proper foundation laid for their nonprofits or religious-based organizations and then also helping them with fundraising and donorship and things of that nature so that’s kind of the way i grew with gifted minds and then around about probably about 2018 i started getting more uh people in the for-profit world coming to me and they wanted assistance in how to build their business and i kept thinking i don’t know anything about business i knew nothing i went to go get law background criminal justice legal administration i knew how to manage firms like i don’t know anything about how to start a business didn’t even know where to start so i took the time to self-teach for the most part for quite a few years to finally be able to get my grasp on exactly what it took to own a business develop a business and a company and so the more i was doing it the more i was getting noticed from people to get help they were like hey i see you’re doing this you started this can you help me can you help me and so i decided to pivot 2018-ish and decided to put more of my legal expertise into gifted minds and take out more of the nonprofit and start contracting that to other consultants that i could partner with and that’s where the current enterprise of gifted minds just came to fruition so fantastic that is an awesome story so tell us um along that journey about somebody who pushed you or or inspired you that you could do it and the impact that they had on you yes so that would definitely be my uh business partner um i met him in 2018 i guess it was i guess it was 2018 when i met him and he actually was an entrepreneur at that time and we actually met to date but when we were talking about business and whatnot and he owned his own company and had been for many years and i was very intrigued by that and i was like you know i have wanted to do this forever i would really love to be where you are and he said i’m going to help you get there and within a year he did now was it easy absolutely not he will tell you to this day i gave him every gray hair known to man and that i argued and posted fight with him about everything which i i know i did i know i was hard of hearing but that struggle that push was so needed i would not be this person today and i can say that with full strength if i didn’t have him as my accountability as my partner as a best friend during those times because he definitely was that ear i needed that support i needed he pushed my business all the time still does way ahead of his own i mean whenever we’re in a room it’s always him putting me first and it’s still that way today and that’s a great thing to have that type of support not only did he bring me into his circle but he brought me into his community and his extensions and his other partnerships to where i could expand my business as well so having somebody like that is invaluable to to know that they got their what they needed to do they surrounded you with other people that were already in the place you were trying to get to that is what people need to get started because you cannot do this by yourself if i had tried to do the transitioning and the complete expansion of my business or going full um self-employment from her from retiring from my career that paycheck going full into self-employment i could not have done that on my own or even with the people that i had at that time around me because no one was doing that right and there wasn’t any experience or encouragement to do that so i needed somebody in that realm that could and god placed me with the right person who is still one of my closest friends and still a great business partner to this day that’s awesome what’s his name his name is devin richardson awesome fantastic uh katrina what’s the biggest learning that you’ve had um as a business owner uh definitely don’t feel bad when you get a bad review from somebody not everybody’s going to like not everybody is going to be happy with you so don’t feel bad for standing up for yourself and holding your own and i read something once that said um i can’t remember who it was from like elon musk or somebody that has made billions they mentioned that you haven’t made it until you have bad reviews you haven’t made it until you have haters so and i don’t get a lot but just to have the first one you’re like oh my god what i do this is hurtful business is about not it’s not always about being loved it’s about getting what you need to get done not everybody’s going to be happy especially when they do get that push and out of their comfort zone yes because some people just want to stay there sometimes so you have to know that it’s not you you’re not taking it personally so that is one of my biggest lessons that i have learned off top is to take pride in what i do posture of as devon tells me to make sure i’m postured and understand what i bring to the table and have confidence in yourself and to know that what you do is good and people will pay you for it yes yeah my um it just makes me think of my business coach she tells me hey tim i just ignore those messages in fact she says just delete them don’t even read them because it’s going to take you to a place that you don’t need to be and get somebody else to read them for you and tell you what you what you if there’s something that you need to improve in your business but don’t allow the the negativity to take you to a dark place that you know is going to be unhealthy for your business that is so true she hit the nail on the head it’s funny because i was cleaning out my emails and stumbled upon an email from last year from someone that was a negative email that i would have never even seen literally it was one year from that day they had sent it and i was just like oh i didn’t even know they sent this it was just like but i read it and i was like it’s funny to me now but i’m just like i didn’t even you know it’s one of those things it got lost in the sauce for a reason right like you didn’t even need to see that anyway yeah and things like that yeah well we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about your biggest challenge during the years and a fellow business owner who came alongside you and helped you through yes definitely so the biggest thing i had to worry well my biggest concern is worry i’m a people person so transitioning from a career to self-employment can be isolating because a lot of people don’t understand where you are i mean when your family doesn’t get it they don’t understand what it means but mine are still waiting on me to get a job sometimes they don’t understand how i get money where the money comes from you know things like that and then my friends they’re in their careers or they just have a job they’re just happy with that they don’t understand this waking up or not being able to sleep at night because i have so many things going on in my brain so it can become very isolating so it took me a while to adjust and adapt to understand that’s okay because it’s just a washing of the slate for you to connect and find new people that can be there support you and build your tribe and as you’ve seen i it took me a couple of years to find and build a tribe of my wonderful crasher ladies that i’m now posting all the time many people wouldn’t believe it i just met those ladies minus one in august oh wow i know right literally we were we’ve been friends on social media for a while apparently we didn’t even know that i literally met them in person in august and the way we have to restructured one another’s lives we are all business women booming business women multiple companies under our belts we travel together we are looking to become influencers um so we are doing a lot of things just showing up supporting each other and it’s getting noticed yeah but it takes time because that stuff a lot of times we see that in the public and it’s not authentic and we say we talk about that we’re like you know you have the highest the lowest good the bad that’s what family is but if you just see all the roses and rainbows you’re not seeing family so that’s why we we take our time i took my time to actually build a tribe that was authentic it’s not if you’re looking for perfection if you’re looking for a yes person you’re looking for the wrong type of tribe you have to build a tribe that is going to push you when you don’t want to be pushed a tribe that is going to support you when you feel like you can’t do it no more one that’s going to call you up and be like hey i ain’t seeing you where are you at i’m going over there yeah you know somebody that is going to be like let me roll up my sleeves get in here and help you that’s how you build a try yes and people that have the same vision and goals and mindsets they will be right alongside with you you will attract naturally you won’t have to search you won’t have to do a lot of seeking out to find they will find you and it will work so what are their names so it is my fusion fit warrior who is alicia tevis she is the uh personal trainer of our group then there’s the cheesecake lady cassandra smith so she is my boo she is the cheesecake lady of andy buy her cheesecake she’s bomb um and then there’s uh crystal johnson and she is lavish posh she does luxury um consignment which her items are amazing ladies get you some of that and then my candle boo is nakia white and she has white stone candle company and her candles are amazing also so as you see we all have businesses that’s just one of their many businesses but those are some of their main business yes very cool so katrina if you had to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for being there when you needed them and helped you to achieve your your growth who are those three people and how they help you oh definitely so of course it would be devin richardson number one um because he was my accountability coach and my partner and all that good stuff in the beginning stages of me growing the second would definitely be my newest partner uh aaron chandler and he’s with precise take multimedia and he is my biggest supporter and my backbone because he also assists me with my with my private investigation and security company and whatever i need my right hand that is that person um and then the third person is really that group of collective ladies on this other side so i can’t have just one person on that number three because that team my squad of crashers those are my biggest supporters ever if i need anything from anybody i can contact any of those three people and they’ve got me awesome that is amazing so as you think about the next three to five years what are the biggest challenges that you feel that you’re going to face in order to reach your goals and what are the types of people that you’re going to need in your life and in your business to help you solve those challenges definitely what i’m working on right now and that’s to expand into an actual enterprise so i can have a stronger and greater reach for the people i want to serve so like for instance like right now i’m looking for a graphic designer um i’m looking for a bookkeeper and an account you know there are so many other positions that i know i need to fill within my own enterprise but also for my own company and the people closest to me that need these same things as well so it’s a challenge sometimes when you are in one a small indianapolis is a city but it’s still a smaller city yeah so i mean we network a lot within our groups and whatnot but oftentimes you notice you’re going to the same place to sing the same people over and over and over and over yeah so it’s breaking out of the mold and that’s something i’ve been trying to do more of and that is to break out of the mold be more intentional with my networking and go places that i won’t see the same faces so that is a huge part of it and then to also start trying to host things to bring that type of an atmosphere to indianapolis because we do have unfortunately we can have a closed-mindedness so i’m trying to expand that break that out because i’m a transplant so i want to bring other transplants you know to bring those gifts those talents and things like that so i know those are some of the challenges right now filling the gaps filling the holes yeah wonderful jim rohn is one of my favorite offer authors and he a quote that i like is his is we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that is that something that you find exciting something that makes you nervous or somewhere in the middle what’s your viewpoint on that oh it definitely makes me exciting because that’s my whole squad i just mentioned and i see the fruits of that already i already see the fruits of that i see the rooms that i’m getting into i see the connections that i’m making i see the places we’re going so i am so seeing that um it was so funny yes yesterday the day before one on instagram i was scrolling through my feed and there’s a uh celebrity that i follow um she’s one of those uh social media type of celebrities but she’s also on love and hip hop one of those shows but i saw where she her and her husband went for her birthday and i was looking at it on the video that she had taken one of her tick tock reels and i was like that place looks really familiar they were at the same resort i was at in cabo oh wow i just left from so this resort was brand spanking new like nobody had ever stepped a foot in that room before i went with my girlfriends and my friend monica and i had bid on it at an auction at a charity event and one and ended up going to this place so celebrities are going to the place that we went to and uh it was i was just like okay lord so you’re telling me that yes you are climbing in the right way you’re getting elevated in the right way you’re seeing the places i’m supposed to be seeing so that made me feel so good i was like okay i am good enough i am worthy i can do this too awesome

well last question here if there was something catastrophic that happened um to your business um who’s the first person that you’d call and what would that conversation be well it would either be devon or aaron number one or both that’s exactly what it’s gonna be because it’s gonna be i know that they are my action people and if i’m panicked they’ll fix it no and i’ve seen this happen i’ve seen this happen i was out of town and i had an issue with my security company and i’m across the country and i can’t do anything to fix it i called up aaron he fixed it and that’s that type of thing i need i have to be surrounded by people i can trust with my babies my businesses are my babies yes and to know that that is invaluable so and i feel like i’m the same for them if they need something i’m right there so i know those are my calls because everything could crash today and i know i would be able to rebuild it tomorrow that’s awesome love it so katrina it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have helped you along the journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them i would want to tell them thank you thank you thank you and if i don’t show you enough love all the time let me know because i can show you some more and i cannot wait to see what we look like in 10 years 15 years 20 years to grow together because this is a non-stop train that we are about to be incredibly successful and i’m so happy to be connected to you oh that is so sweet fantastic well katrina it’s been an absolute pleasure speaking with you today and thank you so much for being on the show thank you so much tim i appreciate it this is great you are most welcome so for everyone who tuned in thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach tim cancel be sure to help us spread the movement by liking us and sharing us on social media to join our movement go to be mad together dot com okay folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and we’ll see you all next time take care bye