March 12, 2024

Episode #130: Andrea Brummett – The Pabulum Group/ reddeHR

Andrea Brummett was born and raised in Indy. She graduated from Carmel High School and went on to study at The University of Cincinnati and Indiana University. Andrea started her first company, The Pabulum Group when she was 24. The Pabulum Group is now in it’s 20th year of operation and has played an exciting part of leading the HR evolution for small businesses with their stand-out HR consulting team serving the full spectrum of fractional HR needs from HR on Demand-type services, to Talent Acquisition, to embedded and onsite HR resources. Andrea launched reddeHR in 2016 to create ease and transparency in an otherwise rather undesirable payroll service industry. reddeHR elevates and simplifies the foundational practices of HR, specifically related to outsourced payroll, benefit and HR administration.

Andrea, her wife Pam and their 5 year old son call the northside of Indy home. Most of her time is spent soaking up all of the beauty of family, friends, travel and adventure.

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you’re listening to the self-made is a myth make a difference together show with your host coach Tim campsa where we talk with successful business owners to hear the stories of their Journeys in building their successful businesses and more importantly we recognize the folks who help them Excel because we know that achieving business success is not something we can do on our [Music] own hello everyone this is coach Tim camp and I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us today my guest has the ability to openly challenge Norms without it coming across like she is Boing against everything which is awesome so we’ll have her explain that a little bit more in her downtime she loves to spend time with her son and the thing she’s most proud of is her family and the way that they love on each other and the way that they show up for each other it’s my pleasure to welcome Andrea to the show today hello hello Andrea hey Tim it’s awesome to be here thanks for the invite thanks for having me I’m excited for the conversation well hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us your full name and a little bit of your personal story like where you were born and live and your family and hobbies yeah my name is Andrea brummit um I am actually born and raised uh in in Indie I graduated from Carmel High School um in 1997 uh you know it keeps feeling like we’re really close to that shockingly far away I was 96 so I hear you okay well we can just let’s just live in the delusion if that’s okay with you it’s better there although my 96 was college so I’m a little bit further ahead okay good see I love to be in the company of people who are who are older um it’s only a matter of time till I’m there so went to uh uh Cincinnati University of Cincinnati for school and a dream to become an architect um I quickly learned that that was going to require way more discipline than I had uh available to my 18-year-old um Spirit at that time um so my path began to Swerve a little bit more at that time towards um interior design and business and bars uh and the like um I spent a little bit of time in um IU Bloomington then back to Cincinnati for a stint and then um here in back to Indie and I’ve been here ever since so um pm and I live on the north side of India in the Meridian Hills neighborhood with Myrick our 5-year-old um and then you know like I’m very excited that we have family so close almost everybody’s within about 15 minutes oh wonderful like that’s my that is my my grounding rooted Cornerstone is um family so it’s awesome that we get to be that close and spend that much uh much time together we’ve got a couple family members in Cincinnati too which lets us go back and forth um there um let’s see hobby wise um we’ve got a new one we took up a new hobby during um covid we’ve always really loved traveling um and and Adventure whether that’s with family or just with us um but I got really really antsy about a month into Co about not being able to um travel so I went and um and acquired a very large travel trailer on a whim one day didn’t really know whether our car would tow it um but but you know there it’s the impulse thing Tim um so impulsively brought one of those home and um we’ve been camping ever since we love it oh that’s been been kind of one of those surprise uh surprise hobbies that I don’t know that I ever dreamed about but we’ve gotten so much value out of just enjoying kind of the the beauty of like what’s right underneath our nose here that you don’t know about until you go to some of those parks and then we’ve rekindled some really awesome friendships with oh that’s fantastic other families that have done that so that’s been really cool yeah in um offline you shared that you like to Tinker in the garden is that a vegetable garden or a flower garden it’s both ah I have absolutely no expertise like it inss that I know that marigolds are a really good companion to tomato plants um and we don’t yeah it’s a it’s kind of a disaster there’s lots of things I do wrong but I absolutely love it I love having my hands in the dirt yeah anytime I can get them in the dirt fantastic well hey um is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about that you’d be willing to share with us today there are lots of funny stories that family likes to share about me I think the the key there is one that I’d be willing to share that’s appropriate for the medium here um I think there’s a really good story that they tell of of little Andrea was um that that kind of sets the tone for um knowing me and knowing how authentic kind of I am um that that started early when I was 4 four uh and like just four I had just turned four um very very quick background my parents both worked so I spent the majority of my time at my grandparents house at my grandmother and grandfather’s house which was about three or four miles down the road down 67 so down a really busy highway um and I was upset with my parents for having asked me to do something very simple something appropriate I’m sure for a four-year-old to do pick something up or whatever and I um Mark very quietly marched myself into my bedroom packed my little four-year-old suitcase put my blankie over my shoulder got my teddy bear in my arms and just left and I was going to Grandma and Grandpa’s they were on vacation for two weeks I knew I could do it on my own I had the house to myself I didn’t need anybody U I knew we had some food they had an aloe vera plant right in my little four-year-old mind everything was going to be fine um so yeah I mean that story it gets bigger and bigger every year how many miles I had walked before right they were kind of you know traveling behind uh assessing what was going on there was finally a neighbor that was like little girl is everything okay and then my kind of jumped out but yeah know that kind of sets the tone for AES yes yes and haven’t looked back since right no no Andia tell us how did the business come about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business yeah um I love that question it it makes me think about like the beginnings which can seem really far away sometimes but they’re always right there with us a key part of my story Tim is really like the history of entrepreneurs in my family they were always everywhere um on both sides of my family so um it was like it was all I knew growing up my dad was an entrepreneur um my mom was a really important part of supporting that ecosystem uh for my dad my Grandparents were entrepreneurs you know I’ve got uncles that were business owners my sister is a business owner it’s really kind of um everywhere so I you know I don’t think um there was nothing really that I needed in terms of giving me permission to become an entrepreneur like all of that scary stuff was kind of already baked into the regular part of my life it was already in my bones I knew what it was like to experience tremendous success followed uh shortly thereafter by you know famine and then feast and then the kind of continuing um so I think the stresses and joys that are associated with being an entrepreneur and business owner are really um you know to my benefit all I’ve really ever known none of that really seems um foreign I think um you know the what when or how I was going to become an entrepreneur was really always a matter of when the opportunity was going to provide it or or show itself provide itself and that was just show me a problem that I feel like I can solve and the first one that I saw was um a part of I was in executive recruiting early on in my uh career worked for one of my dad’s firms we were really closely associated with both the executive team and the HR team um and it blew my mind how disconnected they were um it blew my mind the way that HR was kind of um consistently showing up in organizations and what it felt like they were missing um so it was the first problem I observed that I felt like I had a really good um connection to wanting to build a different experience and at 24 years of age I was I say I was young enough dumb enough naive enough and had a a big enough ego to go do that and and still be around 20 years later fantastic well tell us a little bit more about the company what’s the name what do you guys do how do you help people yeah so we’ve got two companies um that that I’m actively operating today um the pabulum group and and ready HR are both HR firms based out of here out of Indianapolis we work nationally but um take a lot of pride in calling Indie our home um the pabulum group has played a really exciting part of kind of leading the HR Evolution for small businesses over the last 20 years so we’ve got just an absolutely outstanding one-of-a-kind HR Consulting team um serving the full spectrum of fractional HR needs so everything from like a few hours a month on the HR on demand side um and then kind of everything in between all the way to uh operating as the Director of HR for businesses on a fractional um basis ready HR kind of spun out of that model because it required a different employment model I had to build the team differently um but It ultimately was a service that we were con consistently offering in the foundational practices around HR the stuff that you have to do if you’re an employer you have to run payroll you typically have to have some sort of a benefit program you have to be compliant um and it’s uh extraordinarily beneficial these days if you do that on a sound human resource information technology um so we’ve got uh three technology options that we layer on that fractional team that we just we literally just take care of all of that foundational uh piece of HR fantastic and um is there a certain size of business that are your ideal clients or who who who do you who do you work with who can reach out to you yeah sure I mean I think for both businesses we really love being in that small business space that is for sure um where we thrive it’s where we have the best the most impact um and the most the the most stories to tell you know the most um uh we’ve seen the most there we can really have an impact there so that’s really it’s anything from 2 to 250 but where we spend most of our time is that 25 to 125 space give or take a few um yeah and and and we’ve got you know the folks that fall in the the8 to 10 category that are you can tell quickly um growing into the 25 and above space are a lot of fun to to engage with too there’s a lot of good work to be done there fantastic for everyone listening make sure to check out the companies in the link in the description and uh go visit Andrea’s LinkedIn and let her know that you watched her interview today yeah please I would love to connect that’d be awesome Andrea share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you weren’t sure that you could and the impact that person had on you yeah um so much credit goes to my mom for believing in me in those um early years she was everything from you know a mentor to a a guide a bookkeeper my executive assistant a coach my cheerleader she was the one that really said um to me if anybody can do this you can do this and that was just rocket fuel for me that that wasn’t I was not a a kid that had a lot of direction or discipline um and so the story I had in my head was that I didn’t have a lot of direction or displine and so for somebody to say you know there’s a there’s power in the things that you that are unique to you and you you can actually do these and this is probably the right direction to you um it was tremendously empowering um for me it also gave me a really critical sense of safety at that time um I mean like you know super import I was an extraordinarily young entrepreneur so really really important to have um at that point in time and I would say my entire family played a role a really important role but um she was really critical for me um that’s my mom Katrina hopefully she watches and I love you mom um but really really critical for me in those launching years fantastic yeah having that support is huge right because there’s so much we go through that right that we didn’t anticipate or seems to come out of left field and we can get stuck in that those doubts and fears so having having that that security of someone being our cheerleader is is just so impact F glad you had that that glad you had your mom there to to play that role for you yeah and I think you know you you talk about that support system and like the people to cheer you on the other the other piece that I would be remiss not to mention that was so critical at that time in my career was the people willing to take a risk on me um the people that were willing to engage early and I like to I like to bring that up just because I I think you know um our our life cycles in entrepreneurship um are important too and we get to the point where we do need to realize that um it’s now our turn to take some of those calculated as well um so you know that’s that’s another really critical piece for me that that I I wouldn’t want to miss Andrea what’s been the biggest learning that you’ve had as a business owner oh man I mean whatever it is today it’ll be different the next time you ask um they come in in drows um I would say probably um if I had to if I had to pick one that feels important right now nothing is guaranteed and almost everything is actually out of your control I think it’s interesting because as business owners we like to we like to create like this sense of control um and I would maybe take that so far as to say like we think we are in control and obviously it’s important to to to create a sense of control right like we you’re a coach I’m a coach we say you know system TI as much as you can that at least gives you some sense of control you know where you’re going you know what to expect we know how to create accountability so I’m in no way discounting that but there is a a certain delusion to those of us that think that we really are um in in control and um you know Mother Nature will have her way the storms will Brew um if you’ve taken shortcuts on the important kind of you know the mundane U foundational stuff you’ll suffer right like um the analogy I would use is if it’s if you prioritize the car in the garage and not the structure of the garage itself um hold on hold on right things things are gonna get a little crazy yeah yes I love that analogy and and the the whole principle of we can’t be in control like one of the things that that we teach on is ownership accountability and responsibility because those things we can start to wrap our head around right and get our arms run but I agree right we can’t we can’t control anybody or anything other than ourselves and and at times we’ll even fight with ourselves absolutely yeah and it’s like it’s a it’s the hard choice right because it’s not the sexy part it’s not why we got into into being in business it literally it asks us it it it demands of us that we bring ourselves down out of those pieces and work on the really boring really gritty foundational pieces to make sure that we can be kind of let loose to go have the fun um and and feel like it’s worthwhile yes right for um for Visionary entrepreneurs for in particular this is a tough thing because right that those folks and and maybe that’s you too want to stay in the ideation and what’s the next new thing and what’s the big idea and and the idea of you know Landing the plane and connecting the dots and building the processes and procedures is like oh my goodness just stick a a needle in my eye yes yeah literally and we have conversations about this all the time um internally because it is I’m constantly like hey this is how we’re going to do this and I have just recently brought on a managing director whose job is to essentially protect my team from me Y and be the filter for all of those ideas so that I’m not keeping people you know kind of running after um all of those things and to have the um the awareness that I have after a year of her saying well you know just hang tight on that for a minute um it’s been interesting to learn how often I’ve probably been pulling people off of their Center so yeah I I’ve often said to leadership teams when when I’ve evaluated their their CEO or the the founder is like hey you’re the that that person probably comes in to a meeting like a whirlwind and and is all excited and and energetic and throws out about a hundred ideas and then is is super pumped up and leaves and says okay go ahead and do that and right and you’re like and you the team are sitting there okay I don’t have a hundred you know openings in my calendar to work on all this stuff and and and I’m only 50% through the last idea that you came in here yeah yeah and usually what happens too is the the the person who left they walked it with that was a fantastic meeting they know the one thing that I want them to work on this is awesome it’s going to get done and it’s like one thing you just shared a hundred things so yeah that self- awareness is so important so critical in the journey and it’s awesome that you have that person to be able to do the translation and you feel comfortable with them pushing back and right and monitoring engaging right how much of that stuff actually gets to the team that’s huge congratulations on that awareness yeah thank you so Andrew we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of the biggest challenges you had um in building your business and maybe a fellow business owner or a colleague that came alongside you and helped you through that Tim I am fresh out of that challenge we’ve just emerged that challenge yeah the timing couldn’t get better um we’ve really faced two um really important challenges in the last year year and a half um one uh around kind of some Talent challenges and that’s been coupled with um some lessons in the discipline of defining and sticking to an ideal customer profile um so it’s always been I think really important to me to be very Discerning about the type of customer uh that we work with I think I’ve learned over and over again if you’re not um you essentially uh run the risk of handing your the rein of your business over to your customers they can start to kind of um you know Define the direction of your business and tell it where to go um so I’ve I’ve personally had to take some responsibility for misfiring on um on some customers that had some pretty serious impact on our team um and you know when we boil that down I chose Revenue um overseeing the clear signs that they were probably not going to be a good fit for our unique value proposition so that’s been work that I have been really grateful to get clear on um and I’m super excited to kind of move forward with uh with what we know and and the work that came um came out of that I I think I now have enough experience under my belt to know that every single solitary time you misalign with a customer it is going to come back to bite you in the butt yeah 100% of the time and yet so hard to say no isn’t it when you that little dollar sign floating right in front of you and it’s just a matter of well well you know they’re always your biggest customers too right like an amount that you’re like we can’t say no to this y of course yes say no to it and then to your point earlier right then then we get in a position where the dog is or the Tails wagon the dog and like uh oh well I’m glad that you were able to navigate through that that’s awesome how if you wouldn’t mind sharing how what was the process how did you how did you get yourself to that understanding and and be able to to get back to a better place yeah I love that you asked that I mean I think we really we we one you have to notice that something doesn’t feel right that your team is off-kilter um and that takes asking um because they need permission to be able to tell you that and feel like that safe um two listening truly listening um and three being really clear with what you’re willing to do about it in our case we were willing to make whatever move we had to make um up to and including parting ways with those um those customers just recognizing the misalignment um being able to uh graciously uncouple with those uh those clients in a way that was fair um uh whether it was kind of leading them to that decision or making that decision um for them and then we went into the work of okay let’s define all of our great clients what do they look like um we’ve done avatars so personal personality profiles and avatars that kind of Define the client that are stories that we can then tell back to people so that we’re not trying to convince someone necessarily that we’re the right fit but they’re identifying with I am that I am that person that’s me that’s my story that makes sense to me um and you know there there there’s probably four or five of them they’re really consistent and I think we’ve we’ve seen that that’s that’s fairly normal for most um business owners in this in this work so that’s been really really cool work to do that’s fantastic you know the first time we have to fire a customer it feels a little overwhelming but almost immediately there’s there tends to be this sense of relief that we made the right decision did you guys go through that we did and it was you know this is not it’s not to be taken lightly because there were there were people’s jobs then on the other line on the other end of that so our team had scaled um to support that business and um making the decision that we were going to pull back from it for uh for the greater good of the future of the company um that’s a tough decision and of itself and underlying that was that we were going to have to reduce the size of the team yeah um and and um I don’t I know this is not true for everybody but for me those are all um human beings that I am authentically in relationship with that I care about deeply um so I would never take any any of those decisions um lightly we navigated it with with being as transparent about all of that information as we um possibly could and even then it was still really uh really difficult so I think um you know somewhere between the misalignment with customers and then having to realign um the team we we’ve we’ve learned a ton yeah and and and then I think you know the other thing there with embedded within that we’re ALS Al team issues right so part of how we got there is that we had also made some negotiations about the way that we were building the team that um also had impact on customers so there was there was it’s not like uh the negotiation on what was right or wrong just happen to live in one little yes business I was doing that um with some some consistency um again credit to Anna uh as the managing director for uh for really kind of grounding that down into its principles of what we had what we had determined and communicated uh was the right person um for us for a team member and from a customer perspective these things are never fun and and easy and and at the same time they’re filled with Incredible Gifts of learning and because the the the business owner path is never linear right we’re going to make mistakes all the time and it’s really just a matter of learning from those mistakes and becoming better versions of ourselves and it sounds like that’s what you guys have gone through is that fair AB yeah absolutely um and and learning that there’s another lesson that we’re actively in right now too that we just don’t have the the awareness of right yeah we don’t know we don’t know but we will one of these moments yeah yeah Andre I’m gonna put you on the spot here a little bit and ask you to pick three people in your in your business owner Journey that you’re most grateful for them being there as part of your business’s growth who are the three people and how’ they help you this is where I’m going to break the rules because to me it’s two really important groups of people um and and it would be really difficult for me to pull a single person out of that sure um group I had a CEO for him uh peer group early in my career um that some of my best friends came out of we are I’m still connected with probably 80% of the people in that group we are still referring people um we’re referring business back and forth because of the trust that was formed um in that in that business not just relationships not out of obligation but because we really know who we are as individuals um so I mean like I just people that I absolutely adore but the the thing that was happening in that group is that um it was the first time that I was exposed to other CEOs or or leaders presidents owners that um there was a vulnerable place for uh sharing what happens to what your business does to your life right um as a CEO it’s very difficult to have those conversations in um in your personal life in a way that people can really go there with you um and then you know how life impacts business too um and we we like to skirt that a lot we like to do flyovers on what’s going on in everybody’s um life but especially for for people respons responsible for leadership um and and being steady in organizations um it is really important that we have a place that we can feel safe that we can have those conversations again those were people that showed me what discipline looked like I got to see what happened when um here I’ll use a name when Mark ther for instance took his uh single shingle coaching business from coach um to franchised organization with a national and probably at this point in time all I know for all I know International um footprint and was able to sell it and we watched what that took we we watched Mark say I’m going to um document my processes and we were like okay and then a year later we were like holy crap look what happens process you know and then yeah and then just people being able to challenge uh you know it is important to put yourself in a in a place where people can tell you about yourself where you’re not just you know be bopping about the the world um thinking that you’re God’s gift to everyone around you it’s really important to be able to open yourself up to the vulnerabilities of like hey this is the impact you’re having when you do this uh when you make a commitment and you don’t you don’t deliver on it when so I and I needed all of those things I really needed that um accountability group so that was um that was kind of the one um critical piece and then um again breaking the rules a little bit but I have also had the unbelievable gift of being in a Consulting coaching advising role which means I’ve always gotten to associate with people that are way smarter than me way ahead of me in terms of what they’re doing from an organizational management um standpoint um they’re already moving Leaps and Bounds um Beyond and and then I get to watch their mistakes I get to watch what works um I get to I get to watch how they play with things what structures have worked um so it’s just like that’s that’s also been you know like a gift that it’s worth its weight and gold right um and and there are some very specific leaders that um you know I think have have been some of the most impressive people that I’ve ever been around in my entire life um that I’ve gotten to work with and that’s just it’s really cool so my my three people is a whole lot of people Tim well I I’ll let you off on that this time thank you Andre as you think about the next one to three years what what’s the the number one priority or challenge that you see in achieving your goals I am excited to say that I think we we just have an opportunity to work our plan and it feels good um that that’s kind of what the opportunity is we put a lot of hard work in over the last um couple of years just getting you know real about and clear about what we want the next one three and five years um to look like um I’ve been challenged to look out further than that what does 10 years look like um um I which is very difficult for a Visionary I’m like what do you mean 10 year like know 10 years that’s nuts why would I even tell you that it’s not going to actually happen but you know learning the value of of why we set those targets so that we can work back uh kind of reverse engineer our organizations into at least uh what we can dream there yes um so we’re in an industry I think that technology develops really quickly um there’s a lot of bright shiny objects um um you know I think we’ve we just have to be really careful in our growth not to get distracted by all the um you know the we hear a lot about as everybody is a lot about the way AI will impact uh the business there’s lots and lots of different um uh psychological tools that are being implemented into what we do some of which are really valuable some of which are a distraction some are serving Trends some are you know long tested and we have to we have to be able to discern those things to be able to survive the next evolution of what our what we do in our work um and and keep it and still keep it simple so that people can really you know we talk about going back to the basics all the time um I’ve already said it once in the conversation but um there’s a lot of of really fun sexy bright shiny things that you can focus on but not until you get the basics right for sure amen getting the fundamental solid before we try to scale otherwise the the the chaos that comes is just you know unsustainable yes yeah I really like thank you for sharing about the the long-term goals versus medium-term and a lot of us wrestle with that idea of hey I I don’t know you know so we teach you know what does the business look like when it’s done so even Beyond 10 years and same ideas I can’t think that far but here’s the thing right is it doesn’t have to be exactly perfect but it helps us today say hey is this decision I about to make line to my my long-term goal for the business or am I going off in left field and it’s completely a tangent and and I don’t see a path to so it can help us be a little bit more Discerning in the short term of the decisions that we’re going to make but for sure the reality is the future is is going to be different than we’ve assumed but at least we’ve got that Northstar that’s helping to guide our decisions today you I would have been one of the people that you would have had to con have convinced and over and over and over again but it sounds like yeah you’re you’re refocusing and and you’re you’re uh on the right path so that’s awesome it sounds like in the last couple years you guys have done some amazing internal work and and not just processes but headspace work as well so that’s that’s fantastic great job thank you last question Andrea Jim rone amazing business Guru says that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that what advice would you have for business owners who are trying to do it on their own um you know I’ve yet to see it work not not what well I was getting ready to say not once I think I I know a guy that mins Bitcoin he’s doing okay on his own so if that’s your world you know um I don’t know maybe it works maybe it doesn’t uh I I don’t know what the balances are but um I can still remember the first thing I let go of um it was bookkeeping and Fin finances and I was horrible at them I think as you and I um got to know one another I shared with you like those first three or four years in business um I laugh because I thought I was making six figures right so I’m like man I’m doing gra but I wasn’t paying my taxes right I mean so and and the IRS and I have worked all of that out a time ago all is well but you know I was I was operating from like a really naive irresponsible responsible place and um so like bringing that full circle we all have things that we’re not good at and don’t give us energy um I wasn’t doing it because I was afraid to show up to it because I didn’t know what I was doing and it sucked the life out of me and I didn’t really know that I had permission to let somebody else do that um additionally I feared paying someone letting money leave the business yeah so that somebody else could lend their expertise in in my limited mind at the time I couldn’t see how that would work I was again convinced by people smarter than me to try it um and I you know like I said still can viscerally feel what that felt like how awesome let it go and then from that point on it was like what else can I let go yeah how marketing here here’s some money do my marketing yes and so it’s kind of we actually have baked into our annual planning um we do that every single solitary year every everybody on our team does it um and I think it’s really important to do that Beyond just the business owner um because the engagement when people feel like you care about the energy that they get out of their job sometimes you’re revealing to someone that they may be in a position that they shouldn’t be in um because they look at the job description and go like I hate everything on here oh well okay we’ve got a little something we need to we’ve got to fix um but more often than not you know there’s other places in the organization there’s somebody who loves everything yep um there is no part of work that is done that somebody doesn’t love there are bookkeepers there are executive assistants there are people who love to be in email there are lead generators still blows my mind people who want um you know so I think um we’ve really gotten comfortable with identifying the thing and I’m not suggesting it’s all like we’ve it’s easy to just always Outsource there have there have been there’s been resourcing challenges to that and and continue to be um that you have to work with so every once in a while you’ve got to decide I’m going to do something I don’t really like but I know the opportunity cost at all time at all times yes and I know that I have to work to get that thing off my plate so that I can go back in to a revenue generating productive um activity within the business something that’s going to benefit the business um so I think you know that that surrounding yourself with people who do get energy by the things that you don’t um getting those off of your uh your your plate and then then the other one that I would say is just um and and you you said it in in Jim Rome’s quote you’ve got to lean on people to make make that make you better build a community of people that are aspirational to you um people who um who make you want to be the best best version of yourself and also expect you to show up yes um that way that they’ll hold you to it they’ll say like hey what’s going on here or you know um I’ve I’ve noticed the following um or or you’re getting in your own way um the way that they live their life is um you know is just something that you want to keep up with it’s pull it’s it’s it’s magnetic um and it pulls everyone and and having that kind of group professionally personally with my family um you know when you really get there um there’s no greater sense of like aliveness yeah and wellness and that you’ve got a team with you through anything that you can go through in life that’s awesome you you mentioned it a couple times today is that um you’ve been blessed with having you know incredibly smart people that helped you become a better version of yourself so there’s another quote of if you’re the smartest person in the room you’re in the wrong room right yeah find another room yep well Andre it sounds like you’ve uh you’ve had some incredible people that have helped you along uh in your business Journey so if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them oh man we go have a amazing meal in fact we’d go we’d go somewhere for the weekend we’d go to a cabin we’d uh we we would celebrate over uh uh lots of glasses of wine and and share an amazing meal and um you know I I just owe it’s not a it’s not a um it’s not an o in a in a monetary way but I just I feel so much gratitude um for the gifts that have been given to me and um you know feel that sense of joy in giving back um and joy in finding opportunity to be able to lift um people up and Empower them you already have what you need um go find the people who believe in you who will Who will um continue to kind of lift you up into what already is um that you just you know you need to realize and I so I think um thank you to all the people that did that uh for me really kind of um a little uh um emotional in with the question because it means so much that’s awesome thank you so much for for sharing Andrea it’s been a pleasure having you on the show today likewise thanks so much for having me Tim thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show please help spread this Movement by liking and subscribing to our show and following us on Facebook and Linkedin to join our movement go to bead okay folks that’s a wrap please pay it forward and be sure to tune in next time to the self-made is a myth podcast