March 5, 2024

Episode #127: Adam Grubb – Adam Grubb Media

Adam Grubb is a seasoned professional with over two decades of experience in broadcast, media, and marketing. Starting his career at 15 as a radio personality, he spent seven years playing the hits of the 90s and 2000s as well as promotions director. Adam transitioned into new home sales for a few years before joining Pro Builder and Pro Remodeler, construction trade magazines, eventually becoming the VP of Sales.

In 2015, Adam founded Adam Grubb Media, a video marketing agency. His company focuses on helping businesses identify and tell their unique stories through video, marketing, social, events, and magazines. Under his leadership, Adam Grubb Media has grown to over $2 million in revenue and a team of 15 and has become a trusted partner for brands needing to grow.

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you’re listening to the self-made is a myth make a difference together show with your host coach Tim campsa where we talk with successful business owners to hear the stories of their Journeys in building their successful businesses and more importantly we recognize the folks who help them Excel because we know that achieving business success is not something we can do on our own hello everyone this is coach Tim campel and I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us today my guest checked this out he’s traveled to 46 of the 50 states we’ll have him share uh the ones he’s missing with us in a minute here in his downtime he likes to play Golf and Tennis and he’s most proud of the team that he’s been lucky enough to assemble both in his personal life as well as his work it’s my pleasure to welcome Adam to the show today hello Adam Tim good afternoon good to see you hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself and tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you born and live your family and hobbies sure so uh Adam grub I’m from Goan Indiana is where I was born but I lived in uh kind of Central Indiana part about an hour north of Indianapolis I’ve lived here now a majority of my of my life I’ve got three girls uh getting ready to send one to college here uh pretty soon University of Cincinnati and then I have seventh and sixth grader all girls uh been married 18 almost 18 years now with her for 20 uh business owner entrepreneur uh never really had that dream I just had the dream of working creating and and doing what I wanted to do uh when I wanted to do it and uh I’ve been lucky enough to to be able to do all those things so far so uh I am a a massive Cubs fan I am a an avid golfer and you know I from a from a relaxing and like hey what are your Hobbies uh I do like to work I enjoy working I enjoy uh reading and creating and and thinking and um that’s relaxing to me I know it sounds uh crazy Andor u a little a little trite but it’s true I enjoy I enjoy working it’s fun I like getting up and and doing some things I like going to bed late and and doing things it’s it’s a it’s a fun it’s a fun position to be in when you’re leading a team or you’re leading a company um because it it truly is all on you even though you have a huge team and you have a great team you have great people the end of the day it’s it’s on you so you really have to keep everything button up that’s awesome hey in your introduction I said that you enjoy Golf and Tennis which one is your preference if you had to pick one or the other golf gol my PR my prefence just because I’ve been doing it forever tennis tennis came to me late in life um I’m not a great athlete but I’m I’m one of those athletes that can do most things okay uh tennis uh just happened to be one of those Sports I really enjoyed the workout I really enjoyed the the the effort uh it was something my wife and I could do together uh you know we’re members of of a club and they got a great tennis program there so we were lucky enough to have a great great program and I really fell in love with it it’s one of my big regrets and it’s funny that that topic would would bring up a regret of my life but when I was growing up uh I loved Golf and I wanted to play I started when I was 13 and I always asked my dad to play golf with me and he never wanted to because he wasn’t very good he didn’t he just he’s like ah it’s just it’s a waste it’s I I I’ll hate it just you go make that your thing yeah and then he would come to me and ask me if I wanted to play tennis because he played tennis and I said nah n it’s a waste I’m no good at it make that your thing uh and I come to find out that uh it would have been some great time together now he you know he he and I played I think maybe two or three times we hit the ball around in the tennis court and it was it was great but we’ve never played golf together uh he’s he’s an amazing man amazing amazing person and and uh but there’s one of the regrets that I at at 20 years old or you know 15 to 20 that I wasn’t at least using that outlet to to hang with him and spend time with him um but now I’m playing tennis now and and it’s it’s great that’s awesome Adam what are the four states that you haven’t visited yet Hawaii Alaska Wyoming and uh Montana and of those is one of them on your bucket list uh it’s easy to say Hawaii but I think I think honestly Montana might be one of those I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about that that area and I’ve been to that area of the country um but I just never been to Montana um and I that would probably be one I I think Alaska would be cool because you could say you’ve been to Alaska but um I’m sure we’ll get to Hawaii someday but Alaska I’m not quite sure unless I go on a cruise or something uh I’m not sure the uh the Wyoming I really don’t have a have any interest in we apologize there’s a unless there’s a client there in Wyoming there and I’m gonna enjoy it I can assure you that is there a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share funny story um well there’s a lot of funny stories of uh the the probably the story that gets told a lot is when uh we were my wife and I were at a concert and I got sucker punched um over a misunderstanding of uh someone’s seats uh they thought they were entitled to the uh to the front row of the rail uh and in reality there were our seats and they started jacking around and I got sucker punched and then I turned around and my wife is on the back of this guy and uh and is hitting him in the uh in the face uh so the the girls in the in the household like to tell the story that mom came to Dad’s rescue and it’s it’s always now there’s about a 20 minute preamble to that story and a and a 20- minute postcript to that story um but but the the gist of it is is that I got sucker punched my wife uh stood in for for me and the girls find that hilarious that is awesome and we’ll hear the rest of the story on next week’s podcast yes yes there might be several of those podcasts that we might have to do to tell the entire story but let’s just say I know what uh what a concert venue jail inside and that wasn’t the highlight of my of my existence but and to top it off I was like 40 years old and not drinking so I’m not exactly sure how I found myself in that position because when I was 22 23 going to concerts and I had no problems but I can’t make it I can’t make it in my 40s at a at a show anymore well at least you know that you you’ve got the muscle to send in to take care of you so that’s good I’ve known that I’ve known that for a long time Adam tell us about how the business came about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business uh uh the the podcast answer is oh I don’t know if I have the confidence yet I’m still working it out but the real answer is I’ve always had the confidence I’ve always known that I could I started working at a very young age at 15 years old uh on in a in a corporate you know Adult World on the radio uh and then I was a newspaper writer and I was working I was going to high school I was a a newspaper writer and on the radio all at the same time and running cross country I was always some body that wanted to do a lot of things so I’ve always had it and I’ve always had the confidence um but I just never really had taken that next that next step so in 2015 I started Adam grub media which a full service video marketing agency here in in Central Indiana we cover the entire country of course but uh I had a a full-time job and a day job in in the media and Publishing world I was making videos I was helping them Drive Revenue uh I was seeing that a lot of people were making money on these things and a lot of lot of Manufacturers and businesses were excited about the work we were doing so I said look I maybe I can do this myself so while working full-time I started my own thing I was very transparent with my employer and and they were amazing about me starting up my own thing um and so for five six seven years I did both simultaneously uh I grew my business at a at a slow rate and slow pace to ensure that I didn’t fall under underneath its own weight um I you know had $6,500 in Revenue Year One and just just contined to to move that through until where we are today uh confidence has never been an issue um excitement passion Drive never been an issue Vision never been an issue really my biggest issue was always implementation and having either the skill set to implement what I wanted to do or uh the ability to find the right people and be able to pay them what they they were worth and I had some great people come to me early that that really should have been making way more uh than they were but they believed in the vision they believed in me and and you you cannot you can’t put a price on that to find those people that that early on say hey I see it I get it this is great this’s is let’s just kind of build some stuff and see what happens um I’ve been very lucky and I’ve also been just kind of very specific in the type of person that was going to work here because they need have a very specific in the words of Liam niss they need to have a very specific set of skills um they need to have this this ideology and this uh this vision and this creativeness and this excitement and passion for for just building something all together and we’ve all heard the adage building the plane as you’re flying it um we we [Music] were we were building the plane early on the ground um and and I was very specific about that I’m like I don’t want I don’t want to build while we’re flying now the last couple years we’ve been adding on to the plane that was already was already flying right it went from a little cesna to this uh to this Boeing 747 Max pretty quickly but um you know there’s there’s been a you know and I know that the the position of this show I can’t say enough about my team I can’t say enough about the people that are that are here and the action that they bring every single day now we’ve had people come in and come out of course you have your people where where and I and I’m not a very I’m a pretty empathetic um boss when it and leader when it comes to that I I give people a lot of chances a lot of opportunities and and I’ll hire people with the with the idea that they’re going to be awesome and I don’t really know yet I’m gonna give them a chance to be awesome right and then when they don’t I say hey here’s what awesome looks like here’s what I’m looking for and then I’ll give him another chance another chance until finally I’m like okay this this isn’t working you know it I know it you know yeah but those people that have held on and have been with me for a long time they are the cream of the crop and and they’ve had an ed an education in entrepreneurship and building something small and and watching it grow and all this excitement they’ve been able to to share in that same excitement as as I have um because three or four of the of the first people in are still here um and they are continue to to to rise up in the the ranks of the of the company wonderful hey Adam tell us a little bit more about the company um you’ve mentioned the name but say it again what do you guys do how do you help people so I’ve uh as a video marketing agency and as a creative and as a uh a marketer I creatively and cleverly titled my company Adam grub media I figured why why confuse anybody let’s just tell them exactly who it is and what we do uh so Adam grub media is a full service video marketing agency we help companies identify the stories they need to tell we then tell those stories through uh video marketing social and uh Promotional perel and then we ensure that people see those stories through our marketing efforts of website design uh promotional design SEO uh social media uh PPC you name it there’s a 360 solution within AGM and we started out as just doing video corporate video because I I thought corporate video was boring I thought it was annoying I thought it it didn’t really do much I wanted to bring bring a different flare and different flavor to to corporate video and then as time moved on companies would be like hey do you do this do you do this and I said yeah absolutely we do uh and then I went back and I’m like hey guys we do this now and then we had to figure it out um but that’s what we do and we work with Brands all over the country we work with small local brands that are hbac companies all the way to big big uh product Building Product manufacturers that their household names and household Brands we’ve worked with startups we’ve worked with software Healthcare we there are certain companies that work with us just to do their their testimonial or their training videos all internal uh then we have other companies where we we run the gamut we do their website we do their their strategy their marketing strategy we buy their media we we furnish their shirts and and hats we we tell their story in a complete 360 solution with Adam gr media um AGM for short and it’s been a it’s been a very exciting ride to see the different types of companies that as small or as large as they are most of them have the same problems and most of them have the same issues they have short staffed marketing departments they have uh people that are overwhelmed overworked they’re doing 10 things at one time and so we’re like look we’re gonna do the stuff that you don’t want to do or the stuff that you don’t know you need to do yeah that’s going to be our thing and we’re g to come in we’re g to help you understand evaluate and then we’re GNA make sure that we do it and then we’re gonna make sure that it matters and that people see it because the last thing you want to do is spend $30,000 on a video package and all this content and then no one see it now the video is a waste of time waste of money and no one likes being on video in in these businesses and corporations and so our job is to make it fun exciting make it an event so when our team comes into your facility or your office or your your manufacturing plant your team’s excited because AGM is there it’s going to be fun a couple days we’re going to shoot a bunch of content we’re going to make sure then that it’s utilized properly whether it’s internal external whether it’s for YouTube channel whether it’s for a sales presentation a big trade show or if you just want to have a Christmas message to your team because you you can’t you know fly everybody in there’s a lot of different ways that we help companies tell their stories of expertise and it’s really really cool to learn we’ve been and why how I’ve been to 48 St or um 46 States is we have clients all over the place but number one I’ve been to a lot of these states I’ve never would be at because we do a lot of videos for manufacturers and they have these plants in brokenbow Oklahoma right and I’ve been to brokenbow Oklahoma and I’ve I’ve stayed there and the town shuts down at eight o’clock and the coffee place up at like 10 AM you know it’s it’s crazy but I’ve been able to be in these like remote parts of the country learning and meeting people that have worked at these companies and factories for 30 years yeah and talking to them and hearing their story and hearing them talk about The Pride they have you can’t you cannot put a price on that well actually that’s not true I did uh you can’t you can’t put a price on that experience as a production team uh I I love it so much and I love meeting people hearing their stories and then and then making sure that other people see them that’s awesome so for everyone listening make sure to check out the company in the link in the description and go visit Adam on LinkedIn let him know that you watched his interview yeah I would love it so Adam share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think that you could and the impact that that person had on you uh I think getting hired as a sports writer at 16 you you know um Cameron Crowe the the writer he he was a um so he’s a director uh movie director he directed all Almost Famous okay um as well as Vanilla Sky and some others he was a writer for Rolling Stone and he bands at a very young age and when you’re a young reporter uh that that confidence that you get and that that quick education you get about working with adults I had that so what pushed me was the fact that I got hired by a guy by name of Matt sininsky who is a sports writer at the Maran Chronicle Tribune in in Indiana he uh is now I think he’s working in San Diego but he hired a kid I was in high school I was a kid with no official Sports writing uh credential at all and I am covering the Indiana Pacers in 1996 1997 including uh interviewing the Chicago Bulls when they went on their massive run in 96 or 97 I was in the locker room interviewing Dennis robman interviewing dinky Simpkins um Jordan Pippen name a player I was in that in that space that drove me because I had to be bigger I had to be grown up I had to take that I couldn’t get autographs I couldn’t get photos I wasn’t a kid standing next to Dennis robman I was a reporter and I had to grow up pretty quickly and I had to take that very seriously so that experience that forced experience gave me the confidence to to be able to say look if I can walk into a room into a locker room at 16 years old with sports Riders and and TV personalities that I have known for years and and watched on TV and read their stuff if I can stand in that room with the greatest athletes ever I can I think I can do the next thing and you know that that that pushed me to to understand quickly how to talk to people how to how to interview how to communicate how to uh get a yes you know and that moved me into sales and all that experience and I’m so big on no experience is bad even if even if the know in sales you still got to know you learned why you got that no right um so that’s probably no one’s ever asked that really to me I know it’s such a simple question but it really isn’t it’s a pretty profound thought like who pushed you um I’ve pushed myself probably more than anybody any one person has pushed me but I have pushed myself because of the opportunities I was given by people that probably shouldn’t have given to me given them I wasn’t special I wasn’t some Savant I wasn’t a a prolific writer that had been been writing for you know 10 years I was a kid who just was at the right place at the right time and this guy said hey you know what we need someone to to write stories about Bowlers who Bowl perfect games on Friday nights yeah we need someone to type in stats from you know back in in the 90s the newspaper that was the thing yeah and I just got great opportunities and and it and I the the it was hard to to be humble in days I was on the radio I was a sports writer I was you know I was I was doing some really cool things that my friends weren’t doing yeah yeah but as I look back you know being taken down a peg or two uh and and still having to go get the Noble Romans bread sticks and the cokes for the for the main Riders at 1 am on a on a Saturday uh that’ll that’ll put you back in your spot pretty quick so I was I was pushed to succeed by the opportunities that were given to me and my inability to want to disappoint those that gave me those opportunities yeah well offline we’ll have to uh grab a drink and you can share the unpublishable stories from those locker rooms I and I think most of the interview with Dennis robman was unpublishable and it is now right exactly so Adam what’s your your biggest learning as a business owner biggest learning what I in terms of right if you were if somebody else was to to say what you know what knowledge or wisdom would you pass along what have you you know what’s your key takeaway or learning in your business owner Journey right the the the biggest thing you know that you’ve been like oh yeah that’s that’s pass on aable what the I would say the core values um truly having core values that make sense for you as an individual uh and your brand and your company and your people and then not just having those core values as on the wall on your website and and fodder or or the the the memo line at the end of your of your email signature having core values that are truly that they are core values of how you go to market how you go to the office how you communicate with your clients with your with your co-workers with prospects um and and really how you how you deal with the tribulations of of work and as an entrepreneur and as a business owner and as a leader you have to find values that you can that are not just um that that have a true meaning and and that you can keep coming back to yeah and and our core values for me have given me so many different opportunities to have difficult conversations to have positive conversations to rate people to grade their their entire year or their month um has given me opportunities to open up dialogue that might not be opened U because I can say look per core value three let’s make sure we’re doing X or Y it and as long as you truly believe in them and can keep coming back to them and you and you utilize them as not just a mission statement or value statement you use them as here’s how we go to market and here’s how we work and when you’re in a tough spot I want you to look at that wall and I want you to go oh that’s right okay I I have to be able to adjust on a and our five core values are are to me something that has that will continue to drive us and they might change but today just like we do my core value at 24 was not my core value at 44 right uh and as the company continues to grow and expand and move and more people come in those core values might change but they are they’re they’re generic enough to to be able to to move within the framework that you’re currently in um but they’re specific enough to pinpoint something that that somebody’s gonna gonna be able to take away a a nugget andh that’s probably the biggest thing I would say to any business owner or entrepreneur or leader is find a couple five three whatever values that that you can work with your company to come up with or you can say here’s what we are here’s where and and you find people that can fit within those or find people that that can learn and adapt to those values yeah it’s gonna be it’s a much easier hire it’s a much easier fire yeah if you can say look this is where how we go to market these five things and you’re just not getting these things done or to promote someone it’s not through attrition it’s not through uh nepotism it’s not through uh political power it’s simply you’re demonstrating five of of our five core values day in and day out there’s nobody else that fits their values as well as you have over the years you are ready for the next step and it’s a very easy it’s an easy judgment and it’s not personal it’s simply facts so for folks listening this would be one of those moments that you grab your pen and paper and and write that down there’s you know so many businesses don’t even do the exercise of vision mission culture and then many like Adam just articulated do the exercise and then it it’s a you know picture on a wall or a piece of paper in a binder uh what I like about what you just shared Adam is you guys are living and breathing it dayt day which is what makes it real and and allows you to have the conversations the examples that you just shared right to keep people accountable one of the things we do is every in our Monday huddles we read one out loud and then we hold each other you know we share where where we feel like we’re doing well with it and where we feel like we could improve so that again we’re keeping it to be something that’s living and breathing as opposed to just being in a on a piece of paper I think another one um I asked in our our a Monday all hands this week I said if you could have the power to change one thing today about the company what would it be and I asked 15 people that question all in front of their peers in front of the entire company and and you know you get through a couple joke answers um you get through a couple people going oh no we’re pretty good you know I think everything’s good and then you get to the real the real meat of it I think another thing to do is to is to really make sure that if you ask that question you have you have given an opportunity for someone to be free to answer it without fall back without blowb yes and maybe nothing changes right maybe maybe it’s a pie in the sky there’s no chance that will happen but they got to cathartically articulate it outwardly and that’s sometimes is good enough right I wish we had X yeah hey I love that I that would be amazing if we could have that there’s a lot of steps that we’d have to do to get to that but I’m more than happy to talk about a plan to to maybe make that work now that’s the the the corporate answer I think at the time I’m like ah nice job Chief gonna happen and then everyone laughs like no seriously though I do think that’s a great idea here are the reasons why that would be difficult but maybe we could do some variation of that and happy to talk about that and then you ask someone hey make sure you write that down let’s come back to that in a couple in a couple weeks or or or months um it’s easy to say it’s easy to say have an open door policy it’s easy to say you know be a be an open leader and let people come in and really but as soon as they start talking about your baby your company yeah as soon as they start talking about your inability to do this or the company’s inability to do that or it it gets personal and you you really have to and I’m not great at it I’ll be honest with you Tim I’m not great at it because it’s my name literally and figuratively yeah it’s it’s it’s a company that is is just really feeling it still feeling its way through everything and when someone comes in and says Ah I don’t know if this is great like well why not you know it is hard um but that those are the types of things you got to really kind of push down and deal with it silently or on your own or on the on the course or you know go home and talk to your spouse about it be like yeah but that’s that is a an easier said than done mentality as a leader and and I think it’s okay um well what I like about what you just described is people want to feel like they’re part of something bigger than themselves they want to feel included and valued so just simply having that Forum of people can share their opinions and then you feedback why it might or might not be able to work but let’s you know let’s keep it on as a an agenda item it it allows people in right and feels they’re part of something you know they’re part of the of the inner workings and it makes them want to you know work work better or harder or different and and and you know come with energy every day so yeah that’s awesome hey I’m gonna uh put you on the spot here a little bit Adam uh if I was to ask you to pick three people in your business owner Journey that you’re most grateful for them being there to help with your business’s growth who are those three people and how’ they help you uh the first one would be Tony uh he was my old boss at my old job my day job I mean who who do you go to and say hey I’m gonna start up something on the side here uh and and with the hopes of it growing and building and then I’m gonna I’m gonna leave and and him be okay with it he was because he understood what I was doing on the dayto day and it took a long time I was there for another seven years I mean it it really wasn’t an overnight thing by any means uh but the that that and and watching him lead and grow and and have that can do attitude and watching him say hey let’s try that let’s do that let’s add this let’s add that and and and bringing people he knew how to bring people together and get them excited and passionate uh that without a doubt Tony number one number two would be Jen who’s the VP of Adam gr media and coo she was employee number one actually before even I was of my own company uh she has made us profitable she has brought systems and processes she is the the uh the person that the company typically will go to uh when they don’t want to tell me or when they need some assistance or when they you know if they have an issue um but she has always had AGM front and and foremost in her mind and and her passion for the company and her passion for the people uh I I wouldn’t have anybody on my right hand side inside the walls of AGM uh other than her she’s been an just an incredible asset to uh to the company uh and then the third and not particularly in this order as I say it out loud but is my wife I mean she she’s one of those people that she will give your her opinion pretty quickly um and has told me things that I have dismissed that come to be true later she has also allowed me the the luxury to to make some some choices and and and put myself out there when it might not have been financially solvent to do um and she’s also the one that said hey why don’t you slow down and just let’s keep things kind of here we need this you know this day job here let’s keep this going when I was ready to just go all in uh she reminded me that there’s a bunch of people that were responsible for that live inside our house and uh so those are the three people that that really is a pretty easy question for me ironically um because those what’s your wife’s name Mandy Mandy awesome yeah um she she and Jen are are kind of those those two people that they at any point they’ll say n that’s not what I would do i’ say okay well you know I appreciate that and uh but we’re going to do it that way and they’re go okay you know they will aqu yes they’re not gonna they’re not going to stick stick on the on the die on The Sword too much yeah but then when it if it does go bad they’ll go I believe I said specifically right hey Adam as you think about the next one to three years what’s the the number one point of growth or challenge that you see uh in between where you’re at and reaching your goals like anybody the number one challenge is going to be people finding the right people having enough people uh not having too many people um not not collapsing on your own weight uh but having enough enough support to to build up uh not overreach um and not slow down um you can’t slow down um at least in my business in media and marketing and advertising and and and Tech and all these things you can’t slow down and at any point you feel comfortable uh you’re already behind and um and I think that that’s you know my my youngest daughter plays plays uh volleyball uh my you know I I we’ve all played in those Sports we watch I love sports and you know even a six point or six-run lead for the Cubbies in the seventh ain’t good like things can go bad so as soon as you’re comfortable uh you’re you’re behind uh so that’s a challenge because you want to keep going you want to keep moving you want to keep pressing uh you want to keep acquiring you want to keep keep growing but at what expense and and find finding that balance is probably going to be the toughest thing here we’re already running into that a little bit which everyone saw it’s a good problem to have it is but it also isn’t because you have to have difficult conversations sometimes and and you don’t want to tell people hey we’re doing this because I said you wanna you want people to do it because they’re excited you want people to do it because they believe in it yeah um and then what what I’m looking for in as far as how we grow uh obviously finding great sales reps finding great connection points doing great work getting referrals uh acquiring other other agencies and other companies and other platforms that that are just not quite built for for uh expansion so they’re kind of in this little little niche in this little market um which acquiring companies was never really on my my game plan um but we’ve done a couple different Acquisitions or mergers here in the last 12 months with some some agencies and some some platforms and it’s been very beneficial difficult tricky of course but beneficial to the long longevity and long-term growth of AGM fantastic hey last question here Adam Jim ran an amazing business Guru one of his quotes is we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that what advice would you have for new business owners who are kind of trying to do it on their own uh find your naysayer so find that no person because that no person is going to either light a fire under you to prove them wrong or they’re going to illuminate something that you didn’t see or they’re going to slow you down or caution you they’re going to give you that that second because when you’re an entrepreneur man sky’s the limit let’s rock and roll it’s all good everything’s gonna be fine right and I’m an optimist by nature and and when you’re an optimist and an entrepreneur and and you have no real fear other than than the vision it’s hard to uh to see the see the bad stuff and to see the the uh difficulties that are that are in front of you so find your naysayer and and and utilize that person to to restructure to rethink to to understand specifically what is how how to do what you think you can do um am I supposed to name five people no no no no no just no no no not at all that’s a difficult question no just it’s people around you so I would say find your naysayer and then find the Yang of that and and find the your cheerleader so if you can as a business owner as a leader as an entrepreneur uh and I’m I’m obviously impressed by by this answer myself Tim my God find your naysayer and find your cheerleader that should be a t-shirt um hey I think I know somebody that could make oh yeah I can do it myself yeah buy it I do it buy it myself um if you find both of those and you find your cheerleader and you find your naysayer you’ve got you you then are in the middle of all that so you can hear the nose and you can hear the yip yip and then you can hear the hey you can do whatever you want as long as you don’t go one way or the other you’re gonna be in the middle of that you’re gonna have some pretty damn good advice you’re gonna have a pretty pretty clear path to to some some victory um and some good some good days ahead I I love what you’re talking about here earlier on you had you had mentioned how you know you’re more of a Visionary and and internal Optimist and so we use disk assessments to help you know navigate through what you’re saying and so you know basically what what Adam’s talking about here is hey you’ve got to find your opposite because a a high performance team has both those internal optimists in the Visionary but it also has the people that can land the plane and right dot the eyes and cross the tee so if you have a team that’s lacking one of those areas right you’re going to be off-balanced and and so you need those checks internal checks and balances and so in your recruiting process right you can identify hey we’re lacking right the Ying for my yang and so we probably our next hire probably needs to be my opposite so that we are fully rounded and grounded and um and I think you earlier you had mentioned like you you found that in your first hire with your ceoo right yeah absolutely and and she’s grown and she’s learned and she’s uh you know she did not want to do networking she did not want to get out and tell our story she did not want to do certain things and at a point certain point I’m like you got to it’s just you and me so you got to get out there because I can’t be everywhere and and she got out of her comfort zone and she started to really do that and then she was selling without selling and and my creative director uh and head of production Camila my uh my marketing uh brand marketing person Eric um managing director Jillian name a executive producer Shane name a person inside AGM there’s selling out there without selling because they’re just telling their experiences they’re just talking about what they love and what they what they do um you know and I and I probably I would name all 15 to 20 of our employees if I could because they’re all first of all I don’t remember most of their names but if I could no uh the the 15 to 20 people Everyone is a is a seller and that’s the other thing in your company everybody’s a seller it just depends on what they’re selling and how they’re selling it and every touch every experience every email every interaction every completed project every delivery of that project yeah all of those things are sales points and sales touches that are that you can’t you’re not going to learn in in a sales course and you’re not going to learn by watching a Tik Tok video You’re simply or listening to a podcast even that’s inherent people sell with how they they approach the client and if you can get your team all on that same wavelength and just let them know hey every interaction here is is a potential for a sale either that’s an upsell or selling them on why they shouldn’t work with us ever again you know all of those are are facts and and those are some some really important lessons I’ve learned over the years and and have have seen the team do and and and it gets me excited because I’ll I’ll bring a I’ll bring uh someone with me that isn’t a salesperson to to a dinner to a client dinner right they’re like she’s a creative director yeah listen to her give you some creative ideas and watch your eyes bug out excited about what this could be you’re anticipating it for me it’s my company you’re expecting me to sell you you’re not expecting her to sell you you know the they um well the the team will thank me that our interview was at the end of the day because you’re so fired up right now you’re going to go back with a thousand ideas that you want them to you know to implement and they’ll be like hey we’re we’re we’re already gone for the day I I am always fired up Tim this is uh I I told you at the beginning of this thing I love it I love it I I love talking about it I love experiencing it I love watching other people succeed I like I like Partnerships I like bringing someone in the fold and and having them take a look under the hood at AG uh it’s quite a culture and it’s very exciting it’s very passionate it’s it’s humorous it’s um silly it’s professional it’s all those things wrapped up into one and I I truly as cliche as it sounds I love getting up I get excited to come in um there are days where I’m like I’m gonna leave a little early today because this sucks sure right it’s not all roses baby but uh it’s it’s a lot of fun and I really really I’m proud of what we’ve accomplished I’m proud of the team that’s been assembled and and I’m I’m I hope that this continues for many many years and and the growth continues and and new things will come up and new things will happen and new people come in and out and I hope I can I can impart any type of experience or wisdom on on some of the of the youth specifically coming out of college or not even out of college I don’t care I went I I went to school for nine days and I lived at Ball State not for five years and had the whole college experience but I didn’t go to school I went to a different school I was working full-time I was you know I was in in a a different environment um so I don’t care if they go to school I just want them to be passionate I want them to be creative I want them to have and I’m apologies if this is sponsored by a university but at the end of the day I want the the person to come into the company and for them to get excited and to to be to have the ideas and go hey let’s get it done I’m ready to rock and roll I love the passion hey Adam it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people you’ve talked about a few of them here today if they were all on the show what would you want to say to them it’s the same stuff I say every Monday Tim great job amazing so proud of you you can’t believe that I’m so lucky to have you gracing my presence uh I would say the same thing like hey we’re building something great you guys are a huge part of it the reason it’s great is because of you let’s let’s not let the stress and the the overwork and the the confusion and the concern and the oh my God where are we going overshadow the dayto day you could be somewhere else and I I don’t know if you would be if you would love it I just I I honestly believe in my heart that you would you could leave because of the stress and the pressure and all this stuff and you’re going to go somewhere and it’d be much an easier life but you’re not going to feel as fulfilled as you are building something with with all these great people um so stick it out enjoy it uh embrace the journey which is core value number three embrace the journey look at what we’re doing here it’s pretty damn awesome so let’s let’s keep it going I love it Adam it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show I’ve enjoyed Tim thank you great questions appreciate it thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show please help spread this Movement by liking and subscribing to our show and following us on Facebook and Linkedin to join our movement go to bead okay folks that’s a wrap please pay it forward and be sure to tune in next time to the self-made is a myth podcast