February 29, 2024

Episode #126: Luke Humphrey – Train for the Crane

Luke Humphrey was born in Terre Haute Indiana and moved around a lot as a younger adult. Eventually settling back into the west suburbs of Indianapolis. Luke is married to his beautiful wife Bridgette and they have two beautiful children Kyra and Korbin. Luke started in the construction industry at the very bottom, servicing and running equipment as well as bouncing through life not knowing exactly what his purpose was. While working full time Luke eventually completed his BS degree in Occupational Safety & Health and started to notice a lot of regulatory changes headed for the Crane and Heavy Equipment Industries.

Luke set his course to become one of the highest certified individuals in the crane industry and once successful it started opening a lot of doors. Train for the Crane LLC was officially started in 2018 and has seen tremendous growth since then. Train for the Crane is represented in 35 states and have continued to grow the team and reach every year. Train for the Crane has been recognized as one of the leaders in the niche industry of Crane Certification Training and Testing and prides itself on training safety oriented equipment operators.

This approach has landed Train for the Crane, national contracts with several Fortune 500 companies, and allowed the growth of a strong company foundation with the team of individuals that are with us today. Train for the Crane and Crane Industry Experts are your way into the Crane Industry so if you or someone you know is looking to advance your career please reach out to us, we would love to help you.

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you’re listening to the self-made is a myth make a difference together show with your host coach Tim campsa where we talk with successful business owners to hear the stories of their Journeys in building their successful businesses and more importantly we recognize the folks who help them Excel because we know that achieving business success is not something we can do on our [Music] own hello this is coach Tim Campell and I’m excited to have a fellow business owner with us today my guest is an avid golfer and enjoys the competitive events that he participates in in his downtime he likes to spend time with his children traveling and uh experiencing new adventures and he’s most proud of what he’s been able to build along with his team at his company we’ll learn a little bit more about that here shortly it’s my pleasure to welcome Luke to the show today hello Luke hi thanks for having me Tim I I really appreciate it um happy to be here fantastic well hey let’s start with having you introduce yourself tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you’re born and live about your family and your hobbies yeah great uh you know um everybody’s got a little bit of a start right so uh my start uh is from terot Indiana that’s where I I grew up um you know um moved around a little bit um you know as a young adult uh and then settled back into the Indianapolis area um so I live in the greater Indianapolis area now and you know I have two beautiful kids uh my wife Bridget is a saint um to put up with uh everything that goes on in business uh yeah and then two uh young kids uh five and six years old right now Kyra and Corbin um and that’s you know that’s kind of the normal life there you know um I enjoy playing some golf and you know we try and have some team events and stuff but yeah other than that that’s kind of my my start fantastic you said you you enjoy adventures with your kids what’s the what’s their favorite thing to do with Dad yeah so really just going out and you know outside you know we’ve gone to some cool places and you know parks and playing outside and going to the park or climbing on a rock wall or whatever they’re into I try to be into so yeah that’s whatever they’re into I’m in to that’s awesome they keep you young yes yeah very much right hey what’s a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today yeah um so I I kind of got one here that I think will be um fun with uh my brother’s in my b in the business as well so um you know I grew up in a very active household I have two brothers two younger brothers uh and you know sometimes those younger brothers can be pretty um tormenting and so um there was one time we recall and my mom likes to tell this story of um you know that he had been tormenting me and this day I decided hey I’m gonna I’m gonna wait for him I’m gonna wait for him down the hall and I’m gonna I’m gonna get him when he comes around the corner and so uh The Story Goes that I waited for him to come around the corner and I had a full you know full run of of speed there and right as I’m about to get to him to kind of push into the couch right um I realized that he’s got a full bowl of cereal that he’s walking so uh I wipe him out just go ahead and take him right out you know spear him into the into the couch and the milk in the cereal goes everywhere and it was about at that time that my mom was less than impressed with with our rowdiness at that time but yeah it’s a great story and and one that kind of comes up often um you know any anytime somebody spills some milk basically thanks for sharing that’s awesome so Luke tell us how’d the business come about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business yeah it’s a great question um you know what the business is uh it’s called train for the crane um and we help uh individuals get through um Crane certification process and you know how it really came about was you know I I started um you know very young working uh in construction and around equipment and started learning some of that and then um I ended up uh graduate graduating with occupational safety and health degree um so I had went back to school and started doing that and um was working in safety and the company that I worked for had a lot of cranes they were you know big construction company and it was kind of put on um my shoulders and and the individuals in safety to figure out some of these new crane standards so um a few years back um some of the OSHA Federal Regulations uh around cranes started changing and so um you know I had some some good opportunities uh with the job that I had at the time and kind of the roles um but yeah that those Federal Regulations started changing and I think just at a fairly young age I started figuring out like well if that’s all changing now then what’s that going to do down the road and so I started really really just trying to learn as much as I could about that industry and I mean I I’ve done pretty much all of all of the roles in the crane industry that exist I think at at some point in time so I just really started diving into diving into that and learning about that um and then um I started figuring out that you know hey I’ve got some certifications that are not like real widely available and not a lot of people have them and so I um started kind of putting myself out there a little bit more and a little bit more and and you know got to a spot where you know I was um thinking about what I could do for my business way more than what I could what I was should have been thinking about for my job I I should have been spending more time with that um now to find the confidence to leave and and and do that um you know that was a real challenge uh for me at the time but I I finally got to a spot uh where I thought okay I’ve I’ve protected myself enough you know I put some things in place to you know take this leap of faith um I will say that um when I did so may not have been the exact best time uh because I uh I had just bought a house I had a brand new baby and a baby on the way and I said hey I’m going to quit my very secure job and I’m going to go do this fulltime so that you know those are some things that that you really um you really got to talk yourself up confidence wise to be able to pull off you know and um I’ve had a lot of support from friends and and other you know friends that are entrepreneurs as well um that maybe help me along those ways um but just being strong minded really was was the confidence there like I I I see how some of these other people are doing it and I think I can do it different or better or you know so let’s go for it so Luke tell us more about the company you mentioned the name say that again tell us what do you guys do how do you help people yeah great so um uh the company our company is called train for the crane um so just as it says it’s a play on words that uh we are are training people for their crane certifications so um that’s our main you know gist there that we uh help individuals we work with large companies you know we could train you how to do it Tim fantastic let let me know yeah so uh but yeah we help a lot of individuals we work with a lot of companies um so if if someone is uh going to run a a crane you know big construction crane or any type crane really then they um OSHA says that that person needs to be certified and so we help Shepherd people through that that um you know process we teach them you know a lot about cranes how to run them how to run them safely um all of the safety aspects involved with being a new crane operator right and so we’ve built out a nice uh training you know modules for for that and then we also helped um well we just performed the actual uh certification exam so we’ve got all through that that licensing process through our team and so we train people and then we kind of you know flip positions and someone else will then administer those certification exams and so someone can come through uh with us and you know leave as a certified crane operator um and that allows them to you know better their career or go in a different path uh with their career and then the last aspect of of what we do um is just really um helping individuals find jobs and um you know bidding those type of jobs so that people can come through our our school and and learn these skills and then we’re going to try and hire them and and put them uh into the field now you know we that takes time of course but yeah um those things are are uh what we do for the most part and we try and help out everybody but not everybody uh you know gets a job right out of the get go it takes time fair enough yeah awesome for everyone listening make sure to check out the company in the link in the description and go visit Luke on LinkedIn and let him know that you watched his interview appreciate it yeah so Luke share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think that you could and the impact that person had on you yeah that’s a good question Tim um you know I think that um when I started you know started to do this on my own and um you know I I was really inspired by the fact that like I wasn’t I thought that some of these guys that were out there doing what what I was doing in this Niche industry I you know going into it as a maybe a younger person or someone that’s getting into you know into business I kind of had this you know real pedestal that some of these individuals I had put them on like hey they had been doing it longer than me they they were in theory supposed to know more than I did you know and so once I really started putting myself out there and learning how some of this other some of these other individuals were doing things and you know started getting exposed to asking the right questions sometimes I I started realizing well you know these are all great people you know but it’s like that guy doesn’t necessarily know that much more than I do about that or he may not necessarily be all that much better than me at that so I was inspired by really just getting out there and putting myself out there and then the return was that it wasn’t quite as difficult as maybe I had originally thought to get to certain levels so yeah well the interesting thing and one of the reasons that we’re doing this podcast is if we look on social media everybody only puts their best foot forward so it’s easy to assume that everyone else has it all figured out and we’re the only one that doesn’t right yeah yeah yeah that’s a good point for sure so so to that point what’s been the the biggest learning that you’ve had as a business owner yeah it’s I mean I think you know maybe piggybacking off a little bit of what you said there because I I’ve when I got started and and one of the biggest learning lessons that I learned was like you know hey not everybody’s got all figured out you know not this whole business idea is not all figured out it’s a work in progress and and you know just it’s very easy to see those successes and um you know as you’re running your own business there’s you know people that have perceptions of how things are going or you know good bad or ugly really in that in that light but um it’s very easy to see that success and one of the things that I learned uh I feel like I learned it maybe earlier than some was I don’t worry about all that noise over there all the time you know just kind of keep my head down and keep trying to do my thing and worry about what I’m doing and not really worry as much about whatever else is doing so that was probably one of my biggest learns early on I love that because if we you know if we build our own plan and we keep working our plan and be persistent and consistent we’ll eventually deliver it but if we get distracted Ed by what everyone else is doing and and you know start changing our plan to because oh that was is a better idea or that’s a better idea then we just kind of run around in circles it’s okay to be different you know what I mean it’s okay to do it different you know this you know you can see that in all all walks of life you know what I mean that it’s okay to be different and do things different it might work it might not but it’s it’s okay and we’ll learn from it right and absolutely yeah so luk we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of your uh challenges during the years and maybe a fellow business owner or colleague who came alongside you and helped you through it yeah I you know definitely have a few um other business owners that are friends of mine that that have helped me along the way and you know those friendships and relationships are you know amazing but I I I mean one of the biggest challenges I think that that we encountered in our business was um you know a very vital team member early on um you know had had gotten very sick and and we had to you know we had a plan right we had this beautiful plan laid out for this year we’re going to do this and you need to be here and you know we’ve got this whole schedule laid out um which was going to allow you know more moves for myself and other you know so there was this whole schedule laid out and then hey I’m sick and I need to do this for you know a very long period of time yeah okay well that whole plans out the window that whole schedule’s out the window and but but I think overall it made us a much stronger team because the roles that that that individual played and and was you know hey they were they were crushing those roles well no those roles had to be dispersed and you know as much as you know sometimes it might feel like it all lands on the business owner it doesn’t it’s the whole team and getting through that challenge was I think very important for us as a business is I think we could have just said well hey we we can’t grow we without this we’re just going to have to maintain this and we’re gonna have to do it like this and we could have elected to do that that would have been the safe way to do it but yes as as you know so sometimes you just keep keep your pedal down and keep going and it all works out in the long run I’ve been in a mindset uh program for the last three years and one of the things the the coach says is that to remember that life happens for us not to us that’s right that’s that’s a good one so what the examp the story you just shared is a good great example of that right if we F if we think it’s happening to us we would have been like yep well that person’s out for a number of months there’s nothing we can do about it so I guess we just ditch all the plans right yeah like yeah we just throw all that out no just keep solving the problem every day let’s solve the problem what is it that we can solve today so yeah awesome I’m going to put you on the spot here a little bit uh I ask you to pick three people in your business owner Journey who are you most most grateful for them being there for you and and helping with the business’s growth who are those three people and how’ they help you yeah I uh I I’m gonna say you got to give me four 10 give me four because you might not be the first person that’s asked that okay fair enough that’s that’s great good then not didn’t catch you off guard so yeah and I say four because there’s really you know there’s really been four of us in in our core our core team uh that really got us all started so I mean the first one I got to mention is my right-hand man Davis he’s he’s my business partner um he is really what allowed us to start really getting some momentum going before him it was just me uh and some help you know Here There and Everywhere uh but you know when bringing him on uh at the start of it allowed excuse me allowed us to you know hey essentially be in two places at once is how I felt like yeah I I I I saw his eagerness to learn and and he still has it which is awesome right I saw his eagerness to learn and I said well I if I want to continue on and I want to get bigger I got to try and teach him everything I know and just let that guard down he was was able to take that and and you know run with it and continue to build upon it and you know he’s you know now my business partner and and my right-hand man so um a you know after him um we have Megan on our team um and I I can’t say or find the words uh to say how amazing Megan has been on our team um you know to speak about it when we got started um you know she wasn’t really sure what she was getting herself into and and we weren’t really sure what we you know Davis and I weren’t really sure what we were getting into um but a quick short little digress about Megan is that um the very first week that that she was going to help us out Davis and I were working in in New York City and our truck broke down because we didn’t have real nice trucks or anything you know back then so our truck breaks down and I I have to go to the airport and you know I hadn’t given her any training at this time and I call up Megan and say hey Megan I I I need you to help me here I need you to try and help get Davis you know to a hotel or or or anything I mean we have no vehicle and we’re in Brooklyn you know um so she does she figures it out nice and I I I remember telling Davis later on I said hey that’s that’s something right there to just be put on the spot with with no training or anything and just be able to solve that um but you know the thing about Megan is that you know she was very quick to realize you know that that we had you know a very big growth process that we could build upon and you know really she’s the glue that holds us all together and and everybody on our team knows that you know she’s going to get it done and she’s going to put us in the right position nice so I can’t say enough about her um Austin was my next um you know he’s my brother uh so he’s my younger brother you know sometimes they say is he the serial guy he’s the serial guy yeah yeah yeah you ever talk to him you you’ll have to ask him about that but uh so yeah he um he’s the one that uh he keeps us really grounded you know he he’s my brother and that’s sometimes a challenge because they say well maybe it’s not always the best idea to to go into business with family but we’re a success story of it because we’ve we’ve been able to make it through all the ups and downs that that you could think of I think nice and um he’s the one that helps keeps us really grounded with all of our moves um you know with hey we want to maybe explore this idea or or think about doing this and you know he’s always that sounding board to put keep us in check sometimes which you need that you know what I mean um so yeah he’s been very uh pivotal in our growth and and you know I can’t than him enough for taking the leap with me because that that was one of the things that that you know he had a he had a stable job and and all his whole life going on you know and I I said hey um I want you to quit all that and come over here and start doing this with me because I need help and and you’re the guy that I know can do all this and and that took some time to convince him Tim it really did because you know there’s the the well does it make sense business wise but then you really got to have a good long hard talk with yourself about the family side of it you know that and so we worked through that and decided to uh I think we both agreed to making it a a one-year trial we’ll see where we’re at I think that’s what we said to begin with and that was like five years ago so we’re still doing Good Wonderful um and then the LA the last of my four that I me you know four that I mentioned here and my core team is is really is actually really one of my first uh his name is Connor and he’s our cousin um and so um he was really the first because when I started this you know out of my basement um I started having our asking him to come over and hey why don’t you come over in the summertime and help out and you know be a to help you out excuse me help you out with a few things and and you know he kind of started getting into it and well he came back the next he wanted to do it again the next summer and then the next summer and the next summer and I I don’t think he went to college for a while so maybe another summer or two in there but uh we got to the end you know I knew he was gonna graduate and he had worked that last summer with us and I said hey you know cuz I I uh you know plenty about this industry I mean you’ve been with it now as long as pretty much everyone else are you sure you want to be an engineer and he said no I’m not I’m not sure I want to be an engineer and then that whole discussion really started and of you know hey look this is what I think it looks like and you know so on and so forth there um and him coming in um with already having a lot of knowledge of how we did things you know how things what expectations were and you know how we ran our operation if you will really allowed him to just hit the ground running and get him through all his certifications very quick and you know I think we figured it up that he covered or he worked in 38 States last year so you know there’s a huge growth potential for him as we continue to grow and and move into different roles you know at a younger age so I’m excited for him yeah but that’s our that’s our you know Core Group team there um and I I I just know that we wouldn’t be anywhere without every one of them you know every one of them have played just the most pivotal role um and I would you know I’d put our team up against the dream team that’s how I feel about it so there we go so Luke as we think about the the next one to three years what’s the the main point of growth or challenge that you see that you’re going to face in in order to achieve your goals yeah that it’s um I I I’ve described my industry as as a toddler it it’s just very very young it it it hasn’t been around for hundreds of years or anything like that um and there is a lot of changes that have that have already occurred and and will continue to occur and um a lot of that challenge for us is going to be some of the technology or Tech aspects of that we’re very proficient right but but you know we started in the field most of us right so we have learned and gained those skills over time and and and years but as as fast as Tech is moving uh and my industry is you know a very young industry that I think that we’re going to have you know challenges or hurdles or just you know a lot to learn in that space that we haven’t had to early on in our business which is very opposite for for a lot of companies you know Tech so we’re going to have a lot to learn in the tech world I think fantastic last question here we um Jim Rome um awesome business Guru one of the his quotes is that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that quote what advice would you have for business owners who are trying to do it on their own oh that’s a good one too Tim um I mean it might be a little cliche but you know don’t be afraid to fail I mean really it it some of the best lessons that I learned you know were because hey I think I got all this figured out and then you don’t I fig out and then you just have to continue to um try to make the best decision possible and and I think that you know when I say that it’s there’s a lot of you know hesitation sometimes where you know you don’t want to make the wrong decision you don’t want to make someone upset or say the wrong thing or you know potentially be looked upon negatively um because you’ve chose one thing over the other right um and I think I’ve just found that hey it’s okay it’s okay to make those mistakes it’s okay to you know have to sit someone down or talk to a a company and say hey look here’s the decision that we made we made it in in best interest and thought that we were making the best one right Hinds out turns hindsight turns out maybe it wasn’t but I feel like if we you know can just stand on the fact that we are doing things that we think are the best um then kind of everything else seems to understand from that point forward so you don’t have to be afraid to fail because you said it earlier there’s always a lesson to be learned and you know if you can make good decisions then it’s never really a failure it’s you know halfway good and halfway learned something and the reality is how do we all learn how to walk yeah exactly hey you fell down a bunch of times everyone did so yes in fact the the worst thing that we can do as a business owner is be afraid of making mistakes because you know then we’ll get stuck in that that analysis paralysis mode and we won’t do and it’s impossible to I I tell folks that every we want in life and everything that we want in business is the on the other side of our comfort zone so if we’re not willing to step out and try some things and make some mistakes and learn from our mistakes then we’ll stay stuck wherever we’re currently at yep and that and I think that speaks a lot to building a team because you gota you gota you know everybody’s got strengths and weaknesses and then you know I feel like from my perspective it’s one of those things to to find those strengths and then keep trying to build upon them of hey what what more can we do in this area that you’re really really good at and you know keep trying to find those strengths for everyone and push you know not push in a negative way but push them to you know want to do more and want to be more and and want to learn more um and that’s that’s part of H the success that we’ve found in building our team for sure fantastic Luke it sounds like you’ve had some pretty incredible people in your journey that have helped you uh build your business if they were all here on the show what would you want to say to them thank you you know yeah yeah I mean I don’t mean to uh you know I know that building a business and um going that direction um with family and people that you become close to is not always the easiest thing you know I mean there there’s days that are hard um so I think it’s probably just thank you for you know believing in me and and and yourself as if they were here I’d say that to them so yeah I think that’s probably the easiest one um is thank you for for the belief in me and and the belief in yourself to keep going and we’ll just keep building this thing fantastic well hey Luke it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show yeah I really appreciate the opportunity Tim you you have a a great thing going here and and I wish you all the most success thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show please help spread this Movement by liking and subscribing to our show and following us on Facebook and Linkedin to join our movement go to bead together.com okay folks that’s a wrap please pay it forward and be sure to tune in next time to the self-made is a myth podcast