February 22, 2024

Episode #125: Vinicio Sanchez – S&P Staffing

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you’re listening to the self-made is a myth make a difference together show with your host coach Tim campsa where we
talk with successful business owners to hear the stories of their Journeys in building their successful businesses and
more importantly we recognize the folks who help them Excel because we know that
achieving business success is not something we can do on our
own hello everyone this is coach Tim Cel and I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us
today my guest is very into non-religious spirituality in his
downtime he enjoys spending time with his wife and he’s most proud of the
relationship that he has both with his wife as well as his kids it is my
pleasure to welcome venicio to the show today hello hi thank you for having me
today absolutely well hey let’s start with um having you introduce yourself
tell us uh uh your full name and a bit of your personal story like where you were born and live and about your family
and hobbies yeah so my name is venicio Sanchez um I was born in Mexico U but
I’ve lived here in Indianapolis for about uh since 2003 so it’s going to be over 20 years now uh I also live in
Orlando for about three years really enjoyed it actually um but most of our
family live here live here in Indianapolis we came back decided to come back um I do have three kids right
now uh we have a a 12 a n and three-year-old um at the moment I really
don’t have any hobbies or anything unfortunately I’m I’m a busy person I have two businesses to run so having a
hobby is really really tough right now but that’s the story right now it’s just
uh living here in Indianapolis and trying to survive this weather for sure well I can uh I can
appreciate you know being busy and and having uh kids that ends up being a
hobby for a number of years yeah that’s correct yeah venicio um what’s a funny
story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share today so I have a couple of ones but the
only thing that came to mind was the one time we were in a hotel and the TV control was not working and so I called
the operator and the I think the batteries were not working and so I I
was telling the the operat I said I told her said just bring some batteries so that we can replace them I’ll replace
them myself but she could not because of my accent she didn’t understand what I was saying and so um I said it like five
or 10 times and then I I just gave up and I was like I told my wife was like just talk to her tell her it’s the
batteries and so my wife was like yeah the batteries are not working just bring batter and the lady was like oh is that
what he was saying and so my wife you know when she heard that she
was like just laughing and then she she didn’t stop laughing at me that
night and so sometimes she tells that story to people because I I have that issue same thing with with when I ask
for a lemonade uh sometimes waiters don’t don’t understand that and can I have a lemonade and they’re like what
lemonade and my accent um it’s hard to get rid of
it I tried uh it’s just some words that I just can’t pronounce correctly unfortunately yeah I can understand I’m
from Canada so there’s some words that I pronounce that people here think sound funny as well yeah yeah and it’s just
that’s just it is it is a reality but yeah that’s that’s the only funny story for me I think I have more but I think
that’s those are the two that I can think of thanks for sharing I love it well hey tell us a little bit about um
how the business came about and you know at what point in time did you have the confidence that you could run your own
business so uh I actually opened my first business in 2017 when I was in
Orlando uh I tried to open a it was more like like a Consulting business where I
was um helping businesses get loans um I don’t know if you heard of MCA loans um
they’re very expensive yeah and so uh I I I tried that it didn’t work um for a
year actually and I decided to just do something else shut down everything
started working I went back to the workforce again actually um in a a few
years later in 200 19 um a friend of mine approached me and said hey like why
why not open a stuffing agency since you already have a lot of experience and he also had experience in in the stuffing
industry and the hotel industry he’s actually a a general manager for a hotel here in Indianapolis so I told them I was like
you know what uh if you come you know if we do it together let’s do it why not um
and at that time I also had some money saved so I felt more comfortable because I think one of the issues too with me not opening a stuffing agency before was
because you need money for for for your payroll I mean you just need to support
uh at least at least 45 to 60 days in payroll um because you don’t know how
soon you’re going to get the checks from the from the hotels and so um I felt
more comfortable at that point I think it was just uh timing uh I was also kind of tired of working for other companies
and they making decisions that affect me that had nothing to do with my performance I had nothing to do with my
work it was just simply that they decided to sell the company or they decided to sell the property that I was
working at or or they were just downsizing or something else I mean it was always something that was out of my
control yeah um and so for me you know I was like I was just getting tired of it
um and and as you know a lot of a lot of companies too you have to deal with politics unfortunately you know a lot of
it is has nothing to do with how good you are how much money you’re making uh how good with people you are it has to
do with politics unfortunately if you don’t know how to play politics especially when you get to the upper management it gets more complicated sure
that’s where uh things go south a lot of times if you don’t know how to play the game and so I got tired of it I was like
I I need something else so I decided to open the staffing agency um and then uh
a few uh a couple of years later I decided to open the painting company since I already also have experience
working for apartments and dealing with vendors and dealing with painters and cleaners um so for me was I said you
know let’s let’s do two businesses so I decided to have the Staffing and the painting business fantastic so tell us
tell us a little bit more about the company what’s the name uh what do you guys do how do you help folks yeah so
the Staffing is the S&P Staffing uh we provide um housekeepers
housemen uh cooks dishwashers uh servers for hotels here
in Indianapolis uh we have about uh 10 clients at the moment uh we’ve been in business for
it’s going to be now since 2019 so it’s going to be over four years going to be four years now and um and so that’s what
we do with the stuffing uh for the for the painting business the company is
called Suns Global LLC uh we provide painting services for uh for apartments
we we come in when the the the resident moves out we come in we do the painting work we actually in some properties also
do the cleaning so we do the the the move out cleaning so that the unit is ready for for people to move in um so
those are the two things we do we also do glazing countertops glazing tubs uh paint cabinets uh drywood repairs and
things like that wonderful so for everyone listening uh go ahead and check out the company in the link in the
description uh attached to this video and uh go visit venicio LinkedIn and and
and tell him that you watched his video watched his interview yeah that’d be awesome so venicio share a story where
someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it and maybe even though you didn’t think that you could and the
impact that that person had on you uh I think I have a couple of
stories I mean I think uh for me the main one is my wife she she’s been
always pushing me actually from a long time she was the one always uh telling
me hey you know it’s time for you to open your own business especially when I lost my job you know for for for reasons
that were out of my control she would be always telling me he you know maybe maybe it’s time for you to do something
for on your own um and so she she always had that you know she was always on that
I also had a friend of mine that I work with uh that would also tell me the same thing be like man you’re ready to have
your own business why don’t you do it you know yeah it’s not that hard and and so I had a couple of people that always
kind of ask me that question and push me in so for me was David Williams and and
my wife and then my other friend Raphael too he was also always asking about that so I think for me those people were the
main ones that uh helped me kind of convince myself that I was ready because that’s the other thing too sometimes you
feel like you’re not ready you know like you don’t know there’s a lot of things that you don’t know like as an as a as
an employee you deal with the operations you deal with um
customer service you deal with a lot of things but you don’t deal with you know payroll taxes with uh with uh your
income taxes you don’t deal with uh unemployment letters you don’t deal with
you know a lot of that stuff uh that owners usually deal with especially when you have a lot of employees it gets
complicated with the ACA rules it gets complicated with uh labor laws rules you
got to be aware of it you know it’s just it gets more and more as a manager of course you’re aware of it and you get trained and but it’s it just as owner
you it’s more and then and then you have to deal with cash flow as well yeah then understand how how to manage that and so
you don’t run out of money or you know all of those things so yeah I mean I think for me was that um people were
pushing me to say you know do it do it you’re ready you’re ready and it it was just convincing myself that I was ready
to do it I think I love that yeah the convincing oursel having the mindset being ready to jump in because the real
it is is that we’re never going to have all of the information that’s needed to
be a business owner because as you you just listed off a few things is there’s a ton of stuff that’s required to be a
business owner and you know the school system teaches us how to be an employee and and when we’re employed with someone
else we learn how to be a manager but we don’t know learn how to be a business owner so there’s always going to be a a
significant learning curve in in taking on taking that step and becoming a business owner and so yeah I like what
you’re saying you got to kind of got to go in with your eyes open that hey this is going to be you know a big learning
curve and I’m ready to do it yeah yeah yeah that’s that’s the main thing for
for for every and it’s a fear you know it’s a fear because you don’t know what you don’t know yeah yep absolutely we
actually define fear as false expectations appearing real so the the
fear can be can feel so correct right but usually what happens is we assume
the worst case scenario and then we convince oursel that what’s going to happen and then we are paralyzed of
moving forward but but more important you know if that’s the worst case we got to think about what’s the best case and
then what’s the most probable and then move forward understanding that hey I need to put some some things in place to
mitigate against the worst case and realize that that most likely it’s going to be the you know the most probable
case that’s going to happen and and that’s less overwhelming so let’s let’s move forward and learn our way through
it yeah yeah you’re right somewhere in the middle you know so what’s been your
biggest learning as a business owner uh for me was two things uh the
main one taxes and cash flow I think those two were big for me at least uh
you know the tax put is very complicated with the agencies they make
it harder for business owners to pay taxes the websites are terrible you know
it’s not easy to register to get it done to pay the taxes to I mean it’s just way
too complicated uh the second thing for me is cash flow of course uh cash flow
is not easy to manage especially if you have a 50,000 $100,000 payroll and then you know you gota you
got to support that and so that that’s when it gets very complicated I think for me at least yeah and and then play
with it too because you know you have to be smart about it too so that you don’t pay as much you know you don’t pay
too much in taxes as well so those are the things that I think for me were the biggest learning yeah on on the tax side
I yeah I agree that the tax codee’s complicated the systems are complicated I recommend to all all business owners
that as soon as you’re able to to hire an outside resource you know get get an
accountant or payroll company or bookkeeper to to take care of that for you because you know it’s just there’s
so much involved in it that it it’s just better to pay an expert who knows how to do it efficiently ly and effectively and
and remove one more burden off of the business owner’s plate to be able to focus on running the business instead of
the you know the nuances of of taxes and and payroll and things like that yeah
yeah they reporting the reporting like I uh there was the you know to pay the unemployment because you have to still
pay pay for it and and uh once you get to a certain amount of employees uh you can once you like if
you have 10 employees you can do it yourself but once you get to more than 10 and 20 and 30 it’s it’s it’s just y
you you have to hire somebody else and and so you can’t do it yourself it’s just impossible um so yeah I mean it’s
just they make it so difficult unnecessarily difficult right
yeah and that’s why you know that’s why there’s a you know there are different um agencies and and companies out there
that help to make that that stuff easy right help take it off of our plate you know payroll companies or or uh
accountants and and things like that because as a business owner there’s just too many things that we have to be able
to to have our pulse on that it in a lot of cases it doesn’t make sense to to be
an expert in all of those different areas it it makes more sense to Outsource it or hire somebody to do it
for us so that we free up our time to be able to to focus on the big strategic things and and you mentioned cash flow I
it’s important as well that you know we’re not we’re not going to be able to Outsource all those things in the
beginning because we’re you know we’re just getting started and we’re building our business but having a plan in place
of you what are the things that make most sense to Outsource as soon as possible and and figuring out when can
we make that happen from a a cash flow standpoint and and uh yes cash flow is a
a stressor that all business owners have of the fear of you know are we going to be able to to make payroll this week or
this month yeah yeah yeah it gets complicated though we know that business
success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about one of your biggest challenges uh as a business owner and
and maybe a a fellow business owner or a colleague that helped you through that so I think uh for for us especially
the first year was the biggest challenge was actually not having enough money to support the growth yeah um we actually
one time we had to tell one hotel hey unfortunately we can’t not this month we
can help you next month or the following month because this month we’re we’re we’re at Cap City um and and and and and
that was a bad thing of course for us that was a very bad decision for us it was like oh my God we we’re going to lose this client because we’re gonna say
no right now and they need the help now and so that that was for me that was biggest challenge was not having enough
money to support the growth um and unfortunately you know I I really didn’t
have anyone that I could go to at that point because it was the first few months it was not the first not even the first year for us I think we were six
months into the into the business right after Co open uh everything ended with
Co and so we didn’t have we were not
able to get a line of credit because it’s only six months there’s no way you’re GNA get anything um and and so
and and and we didn’t have a lot of cash uh personally to really we already work
short because we were we already had um had invested in the company all of our
cash so that for me was very difficult I think the first year makes it hard and
then the second year also a little bit once you go over the second year was easier because now you can get a line of
credit you were able to actually get a line of credit for $70,000 and then I was able to find a um
a lender that does um yeah they call it uh Factor facturing facturing and so we
were able to actually get a a contract with them too and so that of course on
the third year was easier because now we have two lens we have a line of credit here and then now we have a line of
credit with the factoring invoicing and so that elevated a lot and so that can
now we can support more growth um but yeah the first I think for me the biggest challenge was the first year was
just absolutely hard you so for folks listening fact factoring it’s a a lending option where you’re borrowing
against a future payment so if you invoice a client and they don’t uh they’re not going to pay you for 30 days
or 60 days then the lender will give you that money now and they just take a
percentage of it uh and then that when it gets paid it the payment goes to them instead of uh coming to you so that’s
called factoring and and there are uh some good companies out there that can help you um basically you’re just
borrowing against the gap of when you have to make a payment versus when you’re going to get paid back yeah yeah
and it’s very helpful very very yeah a lot of people aren’t familiar with that so that I’m glad you brought that up
because it’s something that listeners are going to uh want to look into now the the thing that typically happens
with uh new businesses you mentioned in terms of have you know being cash strapped in the first year though the
the biggest mistake we can all make and I made this mistake as well is that I bootstrapped the company and
bootstrapping the company means you’re just using your own finances to get started and you know there’s going to be
situations um like was just shared where hey we ran out of money or we can’t we can’t invest in the growth and here’s
the thing and venicio he just mentioned this that when you need the money in
your first year the banks aren’t going to give it to you because they’re they’re looking at your books however if
you got a an SBA loan before you started your company and you shared your you
know your business plan and your projections you’re more likely to get the funding you know beforehand than in
the first year when you need it so for those who are considering starting a company you know explore that Avenue see
what uh financing you can get upfront to be able to support the growth in the first uh year or two once you’ve got
some numbers and and and you know books in place like venicio said you can then
go back and to the bank and they’ll they’ll give you a loan in in year two and and Beyond but that first year
you’re going to be a little uh hard to get money when you need it so you want to look at getting it before you launch
your business yeah yeah so um I’m going to put you on the spot here and ask you
to pick three people in your business owner Journey that you’re most grateful for them being there to help with the
business’s growth so who are those three people and how they help you well the first one is my wife again
I think I mentioned her before um she’s the one being supportive and she’s always been the one pushing me to do
this and so I would say she’s the first one the second one will be my partner Rafael um you know he’s the one also
being part of this journey so he’s been there since the beginning and um
somebody that I know I can trust uh he I know he trusts me as well so we have a lot of mutual trust uh we think we think
alike in a lot of things and so that kind of helps that we we we we we have a lot of agreements but you know he’s he’s
own person so a lot of his point of you in perspective that does help with certain situations so um I think it’s a
very mutual beneficial relationship that I have with my partner uh so I think those two for me at least they’re the
biggest uh when it comes to that you fantastic awesome let’s think let’s talk
about the future as you think about the next one to three years what’s your uh
number one area for growth or what’s the number one challenge that you see uh in
achieving your goals so for for us uh with the Staffing
um our goal is to continue to add more clients of course uh we want to get to
200 employees uh within the next uh hopefully like you said three to five
years um that’s that’s the main goal um and uh add an
other other um services not just Staffing we want to also try to see if
we can focus on adding other services such as as uh cleaning commercial
cleaning or even home cleaning um there’s a lot of opportunity in those in that space and we we want to see if we
can take advantage of the fact that we already have experience in the cleaning industry I mean we’re cleaning rooms we
have uh you know a lot a big team of people cleaning rooms on a daily basis
and so we already have that experience and I think we can transfer that into uh cleaning uh you know something like the
conference center or offices or or like I said single family homes you can
transfer a lot of that into into those spaces so for us is is is is continue to
grow the company um when it comes to the the agency when it comes to the painting
business that one for me is uh continue to grow as well with the apartments um
create a bigger you know market share um
and and expand not just with Apartments but also eventually start doing uh
single family homes as well um there’s a lot of opportunity in that in that area
as well and so I think those two uh can can can help us grow and and continue to
grow in the future the other thing too with construction is try trying to to get into contrast with the city um I
have not done that yet because this is my first year actually uh in September
back in September it was our first year as a painting business so uh for the city to apply for contracts you have to
be in business for at least two years okay and so we’ll I’m going to have to wait until September of this year to
apply and try to see if I can get into getting contract with city as well so those are the biggest the biggest goals
right now challenges I think for me is in the Staffing industry is the biggest
challenge for us is the market demand um a lot of depends on the tourism a lot of
a lot of depends on the conference events that happen here in Indianapolis um things look very promising this year
according to to a lot of a lot of events that are already scheduled we have T Taylor Swift coming up right which is
going to be a big deal here in Indianapolis apparently everything is going to be full sold out there’s there
uh actually everything is already sold out so when it comes to rooms and uh so
so it’s it’s there’s a lot of good events coming up uh and of course we have the 500 in the 500 we got the
eclipse so those things of course are going to bring a lot of Revenue uh and hopefully a lot of opportunity for us but there’s
always that concern if we might need more than that that might not be enough sure um you know we have we also have to
be concerned about the unemployment rate if unemployment rate goes up that means there’s a lot of people looking for work
there’s less jobs so there’s less demand for us as as an stuffing agency so we we need the unemployment rate to stay low
for us to continue our growth um so those are things that we really have no control over as a company sure um and
and and so we we we depend on others and and and the market as well so it’s just
something we know you know and the painting business side it’s a little bit different painting sure the the good
thing is that you know it’s more like a need uh you know that that’s why I also decided to open the painting business because when I was in Co I actually was
working as a property manager during the co shutdown and our operations because I
was managing a property we were we we were still open we were still doing things it was it was considered
essential yeah and and so my vendors my painters were still working we still had to do unit turns we still had to paint
units we still had to units that didn’t stop and so that’s one of the reasons I
decided to also open the painting businesses it’s just an opportunity to to stay safe and not depend so much on
the market as you know as the stuffing agency that depends a lot on the market and it makes uh you mentioned earlier
about expanding your services as well so that makes sense on the Staffing side to to look at how how else might you use
the the the employees that you have and and diversify yourself a little bit beyond just the the uh you know the
hotel industry and and tourism and and so I I I like where you’re thinking in
terms of hey how might we diversify our our business model so that we’re not dependent all only dependent on others
yeah yeah that’s the that’s the idea last question here Jim ran a great uh
business Guru said that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about
that quote what advice would you have for business owners who are trying to do it on their
own well I would say do not do it on your own you know I I mean I think that’s the
first thing I think uh but if you do get make sure you get a good Mentor you know got somebody who already kind of knows
what what they’re doing uh so that you can learn as much as you can um read as much as you can about
taxes cash flow business loans credit payroll uh people management it’s just
you know I think for me those are the things that you gotta really put together and and and and work through
and learn um it’s not that easy I mean at least for me I mean a lot of people I’ve seen a lot of people opening
businesses and they they they try to do it without knowing you know anything
about credit anything anything about payroll anything about people management and then they struggle um and and that’s
that’s one of the mistakes I think a lot of business owners make yeah well you you mis mentioned
it’s not easy and the reality is that running a business is not easy right there there is a lot to learn and
understand and to manage and it can it certainly can become easy right once the
the best practices and the and the tools are put in place but the learning curve in the first you know a couple years can
be a little overwhelming because there’s just a lot that that we have to figure out and and navigate through so I like
your your advice on you know read books watch videos ingest as much information
as you can to to help uh to become a better version of ourselves and um you
know I I’ve throughout my journey I’ve had up to three different coaches at a time that we’re focusing on different
aspects of the business that I I knew I needed to grow in and become better at and and I’ve I’ve had a business coach
from since the beginning because you know there’s always stuff that I don’t see for myself and I need an outside
perspective and set of eyes to to point those things out for me and and help me to to understand what I’m missing and
and also to you know hold me accountable and and you know help me to set bigger goals and and push myself so yeah lot
and there’s easy ways to do that right we can if we some people don’t like reading so you can listen to an audio
book right some you can or you can watch a video or you can go to a a seminar or a conference there’s lots of you know
very affordable options out there to to help us all to grow and learn and develop and and or you know talk with
other business owners people are willing to you know to have have a coffee and talk about their journey and answer any
questions that you have so so never feel like you you’re on an island by yourself
there’s lots of resources out there for everyone who’s listening to to tap into and and help you to to become a a better
version of yourself but sometimes it it can feel like you’re on your own even though you know yes yeah talk a little
bit more about that I mean it’s just you know like I I do have uh you know we
joined the Chamber of Commerce for example just to network grow business and also you know you have the
opportunity to learn and and and and have opportunities to network with people that have already a lot of
experience but sometimes it feels like on your own because a lot of times like for example chamber perance and and I’m not talking trash about the chamber
perance but a lot of the meetings we go or at least I went to um people are in
the same boat as I am you know they they’re going through the same things they don’t know what to do they’re also
lost and so the people that can actually help you they’re not there you know yeah you’re
like man you know and then and then there’s also the other organizations that do help out you know like I have
this I forgot the name right now but there’s this organization here in Indianapolis they do help uh and coach
and and advise business owners um and uh the the one that I was talking to the
adviser he’s he’s a he’s a professor in IU I think and he’s very smart he’s he’s
a professor of course in business but he’s not a business owner sure so you know he he does of course has a lot of
good advice but since he’s not a business owner there’s a a few things that he just can’t answer for you you
know because he he doesn’t own a business himself um um everything is by the book and it’s not necessar yeah yes
right not necessarily the same um and so it’s just uh it’s just one of some you
know some of the things so feel sometimes that you’re on your own and you’re like I just got to figure it out you know because not everybody’s gonna
give you all their their secrets especially exactly yeah so yeah that’s
that’s the thing it can feel like we’re all alone it’s it can feel very lonely at the top and so the the advice I I
will share with everyone here on on this interview is that is you know find your group right if we go back to Jim Ron’s
quote you know who are the five people it could be you know fellow business owners because sometimes it’s it’s
important to hear that other people are going through similar struggles so that we don’t feel like we’re the only one
right that’s having this problem or this issue um but also look at who are people that can help you know train and educate
you so whether that’s you know hiring ing somebody right or getting involved in a peer group so with our clients we
we bring everyone together once a quarter and uh we do a a a quarterly
planning session but it’s also an opportunity to network with like-minded business owners who are in the program
and and wanting to grow their business and they can share best practices and stories and and you know their Journey
with one another to to encourage and support and and motivate one another and and it eliminates that feeling of I’m in
this all alone it’s like well no there’s a there’s a room full of people that are are doing this as well and and you know
working to get better and improve and improve themselves and improve their business so so yeah for everyone
listening just you know find your group find who you need um it again it could
be different levels it could be fellow business owners in a chamber event it could be that you you hire a company to
to coach you and guide and direct you on those best practices is it could be a a peer group of you know CEO Round Table
groups there’s things like that out there as well but but critical I think it’s it’s absolutely mandatory that
every business owner who wants to be awesome right who wants to build a great business you need to you need to have
somebody who’s mentoring you or coaching you to to get there yeah yeah I agree so
um sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people in your journey that have helped you along the way if they were all here on the show what what
you want to say to them just thank you for being there you know really just thank you for the
support thank you for being there thank you for uh having faith in me and um not
giving up and I think that’s that’s that’s all I can think of is just thank you awesome venicio it’s been a pleasure
speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show no thank you for having me I appreciate it I appreciate your time thank you very much
it was fun thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show please help
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