January 9, 2024

Episode #113: Aaron Prickel – Lushin

Following his own advice, Aaron strives to lead by example and often arrives at the office before anyone else to take advantage of focused, productive time. A Lushin management consultant since 2007, Aaron acts as the glue that binds and strengthens the team’s collective talents. As not only a sales trainer but a great resource, he encourages his clients to stay true to themselves and their missions, and he adapts his training style to best serve each individual. To learn more about them go to https://www.lushin.com

Aaron emphasizes understanding the underlying cause of business performance problems: belief, behavior, or technique. He aims to teach sales training clients the simplicity of effective solutions.

Winner of the 2015 Ball State Achievement Award from the Miller College of Business, Aaron spends his precious free time outdoors or cheering on his three kids in their respective sports competitions.

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you’re listening to the self-made is a myth make a difference together show with your host coach Tim campsa where we talk with successful business owners to hear the stories of their Journeys in building their successful businesses and more importantly we recognize the folks who help them Excel because we know that achieving business success is not something we can do on our [Music] own hello everyone this is coach Tim campel and I’m excited to have a fellow business owner from Indiana with us today my guest has the unique ability to simplify things and compel people to take action in his downtime he loves spending time at their family farm and he is most proud of two things professionally uh building a an organization that is the largest Sandler franchise in the world and on the professional side it’s all about about his kids we’ll learn a little bit more about that here in a minute it’s my pleasure to welcome Aaron to the show today hello Aaron hello Tim thank you for having me today absolutely well hey let’s jump in uh learn a little bit about uh you personally if you could introduce yourself tell us about your uh your personal story like where you live and were born and about your family yeah Aaron prickle uh I was born and raised in the great city of Batesville Indiana um uh leaving Batesville went to college uh at Ball State and Muny uh once wrapped up that great adventure moved here to Indianapolis let’s do some aging here 20 four 23 years ago uh and have been a southsider of Indianapolis uh since the year 2000 fantastic and tell us about your family uh yes my wife and I have been married uh oh this is being recorded 19 years uh 19 years uh we have a son who’s a junior uh in high school a daughter who’s an eighth grader and an awesome daughter who is a sixth grader and that is our prickle family brood wonderful tell us about your farm that’s intriguing uh we could use Farm in loose terms Tim hobby Farm it’s a hobby Farm it’s a we have some property in uh Southern Indiana uh allows us to hunt uh gets our kids off of iPads uh off of electronics um we just recently built a cabin down there um so yeah we can ride around our four-wheelers play in the river enjoy the woods uh a nice little getaway came in very handy especially during Co years wonderful and do you raise any animals or or uh Garden or anything like that no not yet uh what that’s that’s chapter two of of life down the road where into something but for now it’s h just a a big chunk of property where we can play and have fun and get away from the everyday hustle and musle oh I love it that’s fantastic so are there uh four-wheeler trails and all that fun stuff oh man Trails we got a shooting range all the good Indiana stuff Tim you know stuff that helps uh uh get away but yeah it’s uh kids like being outside um we love hosting people down there allow others toh enjoy some nature and get out some fresh air versus being inside all the time that’s fantastic so Aaron um I’m sure there is many but is there one funny story your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today well I don’t know if there’s one Tim my my kids uh as you know in today’s day and age they love taking videos of of mom or dad doing something silly then they put it on Tik Tok or the Graham uh just the other night I was my my daughter got a a new makeup mirror and I was uh doing the um mirror mirror on the wall and try to be silly I realized she was videotaping me so we we like to have fun Tim I mean they’re goingon to be gone someday uh so got appreciate every second of it but we like to have some fun so you’re you’re you’re famous doing your mirror mirror on the wall I don’t know I don’t know if famous is the right word Tim but uh there there’s some um loud singalongs at our house there’s some dance parties uh we we like to have fun do you ever uh veto any of those things being put out into the social world I got enough faith in that they can uh they can filter out what’s okay and what’s not that’s awesome Erin tell us uh how did the business come about and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your own business you know this business was actually started in 1997 um by Paul Lucian uh Lucian being Paul Lucian being the original founder uh I joined in 2007 and have since uh help taking over with some partners and really you know Paul built a great Foundation started going and and and as um his goals uh and aspirations shifted over uh the years um it was really about hey we got some good people we know we do great work for clients let’s keep building uh um some structure behind things and make it repeatable and let’s see where we can get this to end up uh By the time it’s all said and done so it helps to have some great people with some great process and some great structur as you know very well so how did you know that uh that uh being an owner versus just an employee what the right thing for you how’ you have how’ you have that confidence I don’t know if anybody really knows to right I don’t know if anybody really I often don’t think it’s a choice it’s just kind of it just happens um now don’t get me wrong there are plenty of great entrepreneurs out there that proactively make the choice um we have a culture wall tile in our office uh and I can’t remember where the quote comes from but it says you know uh um leaders don’t make the mission the mission makes the leader m um and I think the mission presented itself which created the leader so the leaders don’t make the mission the mission creates the leader that’s fantastic I love that quote so tell us a little bit more about the company um what’s the name well you mentioned that already but repeat that again for folks listening what do you do how do you help people yeah absolutely so company name is Lucian Inc um Lucian dcom is the address website from uh bottom line Sim we help companies and individuals sell more so our sole focus is strictly on these sales leaders ERS ship and sales side from a coaching training development perspective typically the clients we work with are doing pretty good already uh but they are looking for that Competitive Edge or um they’re not getting in front enough new people like they have in the past or they’re getting in front of folks but they feel like that sales Cycle’s taking too long or they’re winning business but ultimately they have to sharpen their pencils to win jobs and it’s driving down their bottom lines and um we’ve grown um every year for the last 11 now um our goals to continue that path um we want to be the lighthouse for folks and look companies are going to make it with or without us um let’s be real Tim you’re in the same boat right we’re in a very similar boat uh you and I both do very similar things where they’re going to get up the mountain with or without us we just help take some weight off their shoulder to take some pressure off it and less effort and energy so they can make it up that mountain quicker yeah fair enough yeah absolutely you’re right it’s it’s more about the the speed of which they get there if right if they they don’t have to figure everything on their own and they’ve got a second set of eyes and and you know somebody critiquing what they’re doing yeah you’re absolutely right it’s no different than than coaching in the Sports World right of all professional athletes have at least one coach if not more because you make a 10% Improvement in five different areas right your your sport becomes you significantly excel in your sport no different in business right it’s it’s interesting that um as you as we you know talk that out loud that you know it’s a whole lot easier to make a five or 10% Improvement in 10 different areas than 100% Improvement in one area that’s a great point so um as you as you think about um the impact that uh that you’ve had on others what’s one of your you know your your proudest success stories or a client success story that you know that makes you most proud really buils down to a couple things and and and selfishly it’s not even so much of how do I want to say this it’s not even so much from a revenue perspective or a growth perspective Tim when we can hear things like um you know what hey our relationship uh with my kids is even stronger now because I understand them uh or you know I got a son-in-law that we’ve been button heads and now that I have a better understanding of people um I mean let’s be real the lot of our conversations we have with clients they already occur on a daily basis in our personal lives and I really believe if leaders led the way they parented 80% of the business problems would go away oh I love that yeah um and a lot of those success stories yes you can attach them to revenue and revenue means they can hire more folks and make a bigger impact but when you have people who are just legitimate happier in their life or for entrepreneurs they actually can take a vacation once in a while um you know they they get some of their personal freedom back or Financial Freedom back or relationship Freedom back uh those are the success stories that win because we’re a mission over Commission Company it’s held true has it bit Us in the butt over the year sure it has uh has it worked more in our favor than not yeah absolutely so a lot of those selfish wins professionally Tim come from hearing people say how it changed their life personally and it sounds corny uh but it’s real yeah I I love what you said about the you know taking vacations I can remember my the first client who told me hey Tim I was able to take a vacation for the first time in 12 years that’s way more meaningful than any numbers isn’t it way more meaningful so for everyone listening hey check out Lucian in the link in the description uh along with this podcast go to Erin’s LinkedIn let him know that you watched his video hey eron share a story where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t know or think that you could and the impact that that person had on you yeah that’s probably the easiest answer uh it’s the guy with the same last name that’s on this building Paul Lucian has been a phenomenal Mentor absolute phenomenal um I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if it wasn’t i’ been around this for 20 one years total now um and as a mid 20s year old seller uh who thought he was pretty good Paul put me in my place really quick and challenged me um not only professionally but like what you said to him personally um and he does a phenomenal job of treating you like a rubber band and knowing that if you stretch too much it’ll snap uh but he does a great job of stretching to the point where it’s not quit quite snapping and over the last as I look at I count 21 this years between being a client or working here uh that may have stretched me more than any other individual’s ever stretched I love your elastic band analogy isn’t that it’s interesting when you find a a great coach how they are able to EB and flow with with our own personality and and and where we’re at and and just they seem to know how much we can handle and take at any given day well ttim but have you ever had your R we’ve all had our rubber band stretch to the point where it snapped yep so it’s it’s how do you find that person that that knows just that fine line of stretching where it’s uncomfortable but by no means does it cause you to break yeah I’ve I’ve I tell everyone that um you know the the general principle I think um there was a a TED Talk where uh Bill Gates said everybody needs a coach you know whether you’re you know a business uh professional or a sports professional everyone needs a coach and then the more important part of that is but not every coach is meant for every person right there you have to have that right personality fit to to find the one who’s going to understand you as an individual and and be able to to give you the type of um elasticity if I use your your elastic band right to be able to EV and flow with what your what the personality is and what your given need is that day absolutely hey what’s your biggest learning as a business owner it takes people tell us expand on that I love where you’re going for a lot of business owners out there right now it can be very lonely um there there’s nothing there’s no surprise in in this conversation that that people are key not only the right people but it’s the you know there’s a line that somebody said and it’s a very famous line I don’t remember where it originally came from Tim uh there’s not much new these days but it’s the if you want to go fast go alone if you want to go far go with others um and I think that biggest Epiphany has come from how to Leverage The Unique abilities from other people um so that all the weight isn’t on our shoulders um because let’s be real we can’t do it all yeah and we’re not experts in everything that’s why there’s a lot of great people out there and once I think we figured out the how to leverage unique abilities and plug the holes in the bucket um that’s when we started to exper experence exponential growth your your comment of it being Lonely at the Top is uh so true when we’re employees it’s we always have a manager that we can go to and lament with and right and bounce ideas off of and and worst case scenario make them make the call for us so that we don’t we don’t have to take the risk you know it’s as an owner we lose all that right so if if we don’t have a you know a a mentor or a network or a coach or leadership team right we don’t have that that group of people that we can uh bounce ideas off of and and think out loud and have as you mentioned earlier have ourselves challenged and and and our thinking critiqued a little bit to help refine us and make us better and um I I like where you’re where you were just explaining too about you H we have to be able to delegate and and get things off of our plate because we’re not the expert at everything and and nor should we be because a lot but Tim take take your delegation piece there look at look at parents and this is a correlation to what you and I were just talking about earlier parents do a great job of delegating chores and you know putting away dishes or mowing the lawn but a lot of those same people who are in leadership positions for some reason don’t delegate and then if you ask them why do you do that at home they’re like well I don’t have time to do all that plus plus I want to develop my children so they become responsible adult I go wait a second wait a second to Tim to your exact comment why are we not helping raise responsible adults you don’t raise children you raise adults why are we not doing the same thing from a leadership perspective Amen to that [Laughter] wow I’ll be the first to delegate some some mowing or whatever it be I have no problem if those lines aren’t perfectly straight yeah it’s okay yeah and and also I can I I see it in myself as well that at home it is more logical right but even for you know I do this for a living you do this I get find myself you know getting caught in not letting go of stuff I should be letting go of and giving it to my team do all do hey we know soon as you find out the answer why we all do that Tim even we all know better then we we’ll be in great shape this will be the most watch podcast ever well it’s I’m sure you have this happen as well I I can be uh coaching my clients on a similar topic all week and then my coach points it out to me and says well hey Tim why are you also doing it I’m like H darn we’re humans hey we perfect we were perfect we wouldn’t be in this conversation right exactly yes the the best thing is the for everybody listening is just acknowledging right that that we’re not perfect and we could be better and if we had somebody else uh you know come alongside of us and point those things out it will help us get there faster to Aaron’s earlier Point well Tim now you bring up a a point um we spend on average between 21 to 24 days a year in our own development paying Outsiders 21 to 24 days um we also have a culture tile of we must uh people come to us to sharpen their sword therefore we must always be sharpening ours yes yes and to that point Tim um you even mentioned professionals have coaches and this isn’t about coaching and this is really about the end of the day is just how do you have the people in your life that you get energy from and the people in your life that help you be the best version of you whoever that is it doesn’t matter yep that’s all boils down to yeah well again yeah I like where you just went in terms of taking it out of the coaching conversation like why did we go to school right to be better versions of oursel and prepare oursel for the future and to be able to you know excel at something right if we’re if we took lessons of any kind music or sports or right why did we do that to be better and accelerate the the ramp up right yeah um I I in and to your earlier point it doesn’t even have to be a coach right it can be a book right or a seminar or a video right just neighbor it doesn’t matter anything how are we investing in becoming better versions of ourselves hey we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us about um one of your biggest challenges over the years and and maybe a fellow business owner who helped you to get through it well there’s gonna be a people Trend um you know one of the biggest challenges is a lot of entrepreneurial companies um can relate with is this bandwidth Challenge and then it becomes this as you start to grow you need to hire hire means you can delegate which frees up time but then you have to on board and spend the time with the folks um those first 90 days of employee life cycle the most important 90 days so that challenge becomes to your point how do you grow the team and then start to grow Future Leaders so you got to spend time with them to get them developed and you’re caught in this quantrol away from the business in the beginning and you know if you take some of the there there’s two big mentors outside of the folks in this office but um from a from that side there’s a gentleman named Dave kurin who created a objective measure Management Group and and Dave cron really stretched us from that sales and Leadership side and that people side uh to really understand that and then there’s from a financial aspect uh a lot of lessons learned I’m not a financial person I’m not a financial Guru um I’m not there’s a gum named Dan Lacy uh Dan Lacy was a God send for us for so many years to help our Financial Health be understood because we always had the Mantra just sell our way out of it which worked don’t get me wrong but when you can match the sales side with a healthy financial side yes those two are a great marriage so if you take those two particular folks uh in the guidance and insight and mentorship they provided on things that we just didn’t know that we didn’t know huge impact yeah it it’s interesting I I like your your what you said you know we can sell our way out of it which is awesome right you’ve got the skills to be able to do it it’s it’s what you guys you know do for a living but the the work smarter not harder idea of hey if we you know fix the financial side and tighten you know improve our margins and now we don’t have to sell our way at of it we’re just financially healthier it’s like oh wow wow makes a difference what what’s your biggest learning as a business owner I I really do I I think I think it’s going to tie into those two buckets one my one of the biggest things I’ve learned throughout the years is nothing surprises me anymore tell us more about that Tim I literally have learned to not be surprised by anything anymore like and I share it with the great folks in this office in our company it’s like it just takes a while when you’ve been through a lot of things and a lot of weird instances have occurred and let’s be real it’s like and people are unpredictable um but when I think when I finally let go of whatever the norm could or should be and just appreciate the fact that sometimes you’re just gonna be surprised so don’t be surprised by being surprised yeah yeah it’s not surprising that happened that’s not surprising that on the one day we absolutely needed all the technology in our very large room that it all took a big poop that not surprising otherwise you just drive yourself bad Tim and you put so much pressure on your on items you can’t control you you mentioned that it’s life which and and it’s people I was at a uh a planning session yesterday for for my plan for my quarterly plan and and they had three little lines on the on the board one was what we think our plan should be and it was a linear line right and then what we assume it probably would be which was just a a wavy line and then the third was what’s the reality and it was this right of just complete unpredictability but to your point it was like yeah but Embrace that because the journey right we we don’t know where people and things are going to take us but embrace it because there’s probably a reason that all of those squiggles happen because there’s something that we have to learn or grow through or experience to to actually be able to deliver our plan well and you take that squiggle line um yes we have learned the hard way especially early on uh predictability is about consistency uh and being very process oriented um but I don’t care how predictable and how process oriented you could be to your point Tim there’s still G to be surprises yeah yeah I doubt anyone listening today sat around in March of 2020 and went all right I think I know what’s gonna happen in right like just not surprising let’s figure this one out now let’s go yeah it’s always something you mentioned that there was two things what was the other one well and and you know that’s that’s from the the people side of things and people’s actions and pieces not being surprising and really that other thing stem from that whole financial aspect and I don’t I don’t believe in my heart of hearts Tim uh um you know depending upon that entrepreneurial or or midsize business depending upon the size of it um I think from that Financial Health perspective we’ve we have learned to really protect our bottom lines and and protect just from Financial aspect and I think a lot of people just kind of live by their checkbook for a lack of better words and it’s hard to grow a business because then if you grow too fast it’s just as bad as growing too slow and then cash flow takes a hit and you got to keep an eye on those metrics so that you’re healthy enough to achieve your goals ultimately and match people with financials those are two big things people got to really figure out it’s great that uh that you’ve had the opportunity to go through that and and you know be able who says ttim who says that was great at this a planning event I was at yesterday it was with fellow you know action coaches and and one of the the top coaches uh you know in the world said similar to what you just shared he’s like yeah we’re we’ve been awesome from a Topline standpoint we just haven’t been making any money and and in the last couple years we fixed that right so be your point 10 years down the road we can all smile and laugh and at the time as you said there at the time it’s grueling um but all those great lessons the amount of pain you feel is in direct proportion to the lesson that’s learn maybe I I lament to my coach about all of my painful lessons and he’s like yeah but Tim it makes you a better Coach and I’m like I’d be just as happy being a theoretical understander of all that no you wouldn’t no you wouldn’t that’s why you’re good Erin if I asked you to pick three people in your business owner Journey that if uh B you’re most grateful for the way that they’ve helped you with your business’s growth who are those three people and how’ they help you well I use one name that was mentioned earlier gentleman named Dave kurlin out of Boston um Dave kurlin has been an absolute mentor to us since day one uh a phenomenal human being good Lord is he a professional uh huge from that aspect uh number two uh there’s a group uh that we’re a part of um that I’m going to attach everybody in that group you know call it a it’s folks that you know they’re in the same business as we are we meet three times a year different locations uh commiserate together best practice together you know everybody’s scattered all across the the US um um but man that that group over the last 10 12 years has been phenomenal in terms of again and I use the word commiserate but at the same time it’s how do we all lift as we climb and how do we take best practices and how do we always recognize that we’re human from that perspective yeah that commerate it’s important because um there’s something magical that happens when you realize you’re not alone right when when you say oh you have that problem and challenge too oh and you’re successful and you’ve worked through oh wow so I’m not a failure or you know or or you know in a horrible place I’m just the same as is the rest of you oh it’s real we’re all people at the end of the day none of us are perfect yeah who’s your third person you know uh I’m not even in the dogghouse uh I want to preempt this comment I’m not even in the dogghouse but anyway um but it it I really do believe my wife and and I’ll one of the things we do here at Lucian we do a culture dinner before hire and culture dinner means we invite the the next potential team member and their spouse if they have one to dinner before we give an offer uh because our belief is that person’s spouse he or she needs to understand what they’re getting into and they need to be a huge cheerleader for them and and know um because if you don’t have that number one fan at home it’s not good yeah um and there’s a reason why we take that culture dinner very seriously and there have been people uh where we have said no to after that culture dinner before final offer there people have said no to us after that culture dinner and it’s great yeah because if that duo right of husband wife is not on board to their professional journey and their commitment that’s going to be required for them to succeed it’s not going to work yeah um and we’ve especially early on as every entrepreneur knows it was uh it was interesting early on and TI my wife uh has afforded me the luxuries to handle things professionally and do some other things and the the amount of support and the ability for me to not have to worry about things has been huge yeah yes yes I remember my first couple years of know what did I get myself into and maybe I made a big mistake and you know and lots of uh lots of times of tears and and and fear and and my wife was a rock and yeah I wouldn’t be here today without her I know that for sure n we just got to make sure they don’t hear this otherwise yeah good thing it’s not recorded or anything yeah you know there are so many people Tim and and anybody listening to this can attest to it there there are so many touches from people throughout the years that you may not have you know remembered them or uh that little bit of impact at that point in time and that little bit of impact over time and all of it just magnifies itself but I I don’t think there’s a person in this world that gets where they are by thems amen yeah hey as you think about the next three to five years Aon what’s the biggest challenge you see that uh you’re going to face to get to your goals and who are the types of people you’ll need to help solve those um so we have a we have several coaches but one of them she is a godsend and she is absolutely awesome one of our biggest challenges that we brought to the table I brought the table is is we can’t build a company based on unicorns yeah um you know we’re 19 people now uh you can build a company on unicorns when it’s four or five or six or eight there’s only so many unicorns out there so it becomes how do you how do you find those those good or great people and make them unic help them be the best version of himself to become a unicorn and really that challenge is as we continue to grow how do we keep culture I mean the number one challenge is how do we keep culture how do we understand and know that not everyone’s going to be unicorn uh we’re no longer this nice little Boutique piece we’re in a tweener stage yeah um and everybody here is here for reason um we got to be really careful protecting culture yet at the same time knowing culture always changes and shifts and that’s going to be our biggest challenge having gone through uh worked for some big family-owned companies in my past having gone through those experience seeing the cult culture in some cases remain very very strong and in some cases weaken as the the company grew I can appreciate what you’re saying so so how what what’s who are the types of people that you’ll need to to help you maintain that to to to continue to to keep the culture front and center well I can pull up the uh sheet and show you the fiveyear hiring plan maybe more generic than that well it’s no different than other business it’s the mix of from the sales side and the support side and we’ve got trigger set that says hey for every x amount of Revenue in we have to start to hire another support and operational person so we can leverage unique talent so that our sales professionals aren’t bogged down with ad minist trivia pieces um and then as that continues to grow then our controller will most likely be in a position where he’ll need to hire underneath him to handle more of the bookkeeping in day-to-day it’s the class next function next level up what’s the next critical function what does that role entail and we got the levers and triggers set so we know once it starts to get to this point start the process so it gets filled in by that point and it’s just a little this grows up that slides over that grows up that slides over and yeah plans are it’s like your example earlier here’s what the plan should be yeah yeah yeah here’s what it most likely will be yeah um and for for everyone listening that what what Aaron just talked through it’s critical that you all do a similar type of exercise of what does your future or chart look like now it doesn’t mean that’s what it’s going to look like you know based on this is a real you know it’s probably the reality but you know if you don’t have a plan then you don’t have those triggering moments that Aon just spoke to right of when this then right and and then you you kind of just scramble your way through your growth as opposed to being intentional so thank you for sharing that Aon I appreciate it well we’ll revisit in five years Tim and see how that all worked out so far so far we’ve been doing pretty good hey last question here Jim ran awesome business Guru one of his quotes is we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that quote what advice do you have for for business owners who are trying to do it on their own I love it I I love the rule if you want to go fast go by yourself if you want to go go with others and there’s a difference between a lifestyle business or a lifestyle and a business if you want a lifestyle there’s nothing wrong with that there’s nothing wrong with that that’s the beautiful part about Commerce in the world we live in you can set it up whatever way you want the other rule I love to live my life by is your business is operating exactly how you have it designed oh yeah life is operating exactly how you have it designed and there’s a lot of people that don’t like that but when you sit back and Ponder and process it it is it’s exactly how you have it designed so if you don’t like how it’s operating change the design yeah life is a mirror right so yeah um you mentioned the lifestyle it’s it’s it’s true right like folks who want just to have right the freedom of commanding their own time there’s nothing wrong with that there’s a significant risk because if something was to happen to them right and they can’t go to work for 3 or six months they no longer have an income in their life hood is ruined but it’s their choice right we all can decide what we want to do right my dad was a mechanic he got hurt on the job had to have surgery and ended up not being able to go back to his trade so you know the fact that he was the doer right was a huge risk because he was no longer able to do but you’re right it’s everybody has the the choice to decide what they want and and uh I I to me Jim Ron’s quote is about okay well once you decide what you want then who are you surrounding yourself with right whether it’s a book or a a group or friends or or or who are you bringing into your your Committee of five to help support and encourage each of us to become the the next version of oursel yeah because what’s the uh correlation of that when there’s a um I don’t want to be the smartest person in that group either yes yes what yeah I think the next the The build on to that is if I am the smartest person in the group in the room I’m in the wrong room yep yep Erin sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people who have uh helped you along the way if they were all here on the show today what would you want to say to them I I don’t think words will test and and those that made the biggest impact uh there have been my wife knows I’m not necessarily A touchy feely emotional person I just like to get things done and Achieve things but I don’t think words can answer Tim that question uh the action should be their greatest compliment um a person’s values are Define by their behavior and my behaviors have demonstrated what I value of what they have shared with me um so I I’ll let my actions I’ve let my actions do the talking of taking their advice and implementing it awesome I love it fantastic and I love how you just you know you sort of just brought in the whole the dis idea right of different personalities will right react to things differently and and that’s important too to have right within our our our family culture right of appreciating each other’s differences and you mentioned how how much your your wife has meant to you along the way so um Aon I appreciate having you on the show today it was an absolute pleasure talking with you Jim thank you so much for having me today we wish you the best of luck as well all right take care thank you Tim thanks for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your host coach Tim campsa please help spread this Movement by liking and subscribing to our show and following us on Facebook and Linkedin or wherever you listen to your favorite podcast to join our movement go to bead together.com okay folks that’s a wrap please pay it forward and be sure to tune in next time to the self-made is a myth podcast