November 29, 2023

Episode #106: Jarett Hagy – Lodge Design

Jarrett Hagy was born in Winchester IN and grew up near Modoc in Randolph County. He graduated from Ball State University in 1993 with a Fine Arts degree. After a few years of being a freelance designer and illustrator, in 1999 along with business partner Jason Roemer, he founded Lodge Design.

Since 1999, Lodge has continued to evolve with the changing needs of their client partners. Today, their team of designers and developers work on everything from brand strategy and traditional advertising to responsive web design and digital marketing. Lodge doesn’t believe in cookie-cutter solutions to clients’ challenges, and enjoy the process of digging in and getting to know who they are and how they can develop messaging strategies that will resonate with their core audiences.

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you’re listening to the self-made is a myth make a difference together show with your host coach Tim campsa where we

talk with successful business owners to hear the stories of their Journeys in building their successful businesses and

more importantly we recognize the folks who help them Excel because we know that

achieving business success is not something we can do on our

own Let’s uh let’s let’s rock and roll

here all right hello everyone this is coach Tim camel and I’m excited to have a fellow

business owner from Indiana with us today my guest is an extreme baseball fan and we’ll have him share a little

bit more about that here in a minute in his downtime he uh he buys manages and

renovates real estate properties and he’s most proud of being in business for

25 years which which is a uh quite an accomplishment as along with the work

that they’ve created and the how that work has contributed to Central Indiana it’s my pleasure to welcome Jared to the

show today hello Jared how you doing I’m awesome thanks for asking so hey let’s

start with having you uh introduce yourself uh tell us a little bit of your personal story like where you were born

and live and and about your family and and tell us about that uh baseball passion gotcha okay well

uh my name is Jared hegy and uh I’m the uh owner of Lodge design here in

Irvington which is uh just east of downtown uh downtown Indianapolis for

those that don’t know the area and we’ve been here for 25 years so uh that that

is Quite a feat time time does fly it doesn’t seem like that um I’m originally

from the uh modok area which is Eastern

Indiana about 10 minutes um west of the Indiana Ohio line so uh quintessential

rural Indiana so is that in the other time zone um no it’s it’s it’s still it’s

still Eastern but it seems like it could be you know you seem like your world’s

away from everything there um grew up there went

to Ball State and uh got a degree in uh fine

artart uh so uh after after college I I started uh

working as a graphic designer and um kind of was unsure whether I was going

to be wanted to be an illustrator or or a graphic designer um you know two

different paths similar but different and so I did a little bit of both I I Illustrated a lot um and then uh I

started uh freelancing for a lot of the agencies here in Indianapolis and I did

that for a few years um thinking that I would freelance and uh I would go to

work for whoever you know a either offered me a job or B I I found that I

really liked and um you know thankfully I I think most of them you know offered

me a job at some point in time but uh I just enjoyed you know being on my own I

enjoyed the freedom um there were always little things you know I thought well I would do this different or you know I

don’t really care for for those policies so um eventually I I uh I I just kept

working on my own freelancing and then um you know due to some some uh good circumstances uh I started to get busier

and busier and took on um a couple of business partners and uh we started Lodge yeah fantastic awesome so uh tell

us about your family and and uh a little bit more about that baseball passion you have yeah so I’ve got I’ve got two kids

um one granddaughter uh she’s two and a half so that’s a lot of fun um my my

parents still live out out in Eastern Indiana in Hager toown and um yeah so

family is important and and takes up takes up a lot of a lot of your life as it as it should um doing a lot of

babysitting and uh it’s not really babysitting now it’s it’s more like playing um she comes over to play versus

me babysitting now so so that is that is fun um I’ve uh got an English bulldog

I’ve had English bulldogs for um about 15 years now so um so I I I love those

then baseball yeah baseball’s always been a huge part of my life um I grew up

playing um and uh collecting uh baseball you know memorabilia cards you know like

most most kids do uh I just didn’t stop um I stopped for a while uh you know you

always you always have that period of your life you know college and uh uh get married have kids and then and then

eventually I I I can’t remember when it was but I I at some point in time I

bought more stuff and I thought oh wow where did where was this at so

Jared is there a a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us

today um honestly I I don’t know what that would be um pretty pretty pretty uh

boring I think in in that in that regard um nothing uh nothing crazy I don’t

think ever really happened um uh yeah I I I I tried on that one and I just I

just no worry so um tell us uh you you

explained a little bit about how the business came about but um give us some more details H you know at what point

did you have the confidence that you could run your own business and and make that jump you know I’d been freelancing

for uh as I said about four years and so you know that basically just means you

work for yourself and so you know I had to do my own billing I you know I had to do estimates um you know I I was I was

comfortable doing all of that and so I was really able to work into it you know

uh it’s not like I started a company and had to hire a hundred employees all of a sudden you know um you know at the time

I started to get work from the finish line which was headquartered here in Indianapolis and had stores you know all

over the country um I think when when we started working with them they were I

want to say around 250 to 300 stores and I think when we finished they were you

know up around 7 or 800 but um you know

that just provided a a just a wealth of of opportunity and work at the time so

um a couple couple friends of mine and and and guys that I had worked with before um uh they were working for

another agency that I had done some freelance work for and um I I kind of

uh coers them into coming over and and uh and working with me and from that we

we were able you know when you’ve got a when you’ve got a pile of work sitting there then there was kind of there was

no no choices to be made it was just hey uh uh let’s do this and so we uh you

know after after many all nighters and weekends and things like that we we uh

just took the plunge and and started and um really that was like I said that was that was it was a fairly easy way to

start a business because you know I’d already been doing it it was no different it was just you know maybe

times 10 you know just more work um and and yeah a lot of that with business I think you just you figure it out as you

go you uh uh I knew early on you know to to get I needed an accountant and I

needed an attorney and you know get those important professionals and so we’ve always we’ve always had that um

you know I’ve always uh farmed out payroll and things like that because I’m not really all that

interested in the day-to-day business stuff although I I will say over the years I’ve become to like it more um I

think I enjoy it more now now 25 years ago all I wanted to do was you know create design you know draw um so uh I’m

I’m much more uh Adept that at it now than than I was but back then it was

like how can I get other people to to do the book keeping and things like that and you know fortunately there’s there’s

there’s other people to do that and they’re they’re that’s what they do and they love it and they’re great at it so

um you know my advice is let those people do that right you do what you’re good at so tell us a little bit more

about the company uh tell the name again what you guys do how you help people

yeah so a lodge design Lodge and um we started in uh the

Irvington old Masonic Lodge building and that was that factored in but it wasn’t

the the sole meaning of the name uh we like the idea that Lodge um was an

action it meant uh you know we could Lodge ideas into people’s heads you know this business is really

about selling things you’re always selling something you’re always selling yourself a product a company an

organization an activity um and so that’s what we did you know tennis shoes

whatever it was we were selling it to somebody so you know we liked Lodge um

uh I just you know when we started we said we have to have a name I I was very big on a name I I do not want you know

our name I didn’t want to sound like a law firm um not that there’s anything wrong with that but we didn’t want to

put our names on the door and so uh it was there there was going to be a name

we had to have one so Lodge Lodge was it fantastic and and more specifically how

do you help people what what is it that you do to make a difference for others so we’re a marketing company um which

you know I I would say really we’re more of a a design firm um you know we design

logos and posters and billboards and uh websites um really any any part of the

creative process is what we do um now with that comes advertising I said

marketing um social media there’s there’s a lot of different angles uh

really the only thing we don’t do is PR um you know we’re not a we don’t do public relations at all um but we work

with with other people that that do do that when when it’s needed for our clients but um you know mostly we’re

we’re writing things we’re designing things you know we’re coming up with what you see you know on TV here on the

radio see on the billboard um things like that fantastic so for everyone

listening make sure to check out Lodge design in the link in the description H

and uh comment on their LinkedIn profile let uh let Jared know that you watched his interview absolutely hey Jared share

a story of where someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even

though maybe you didn’t think that you could and the impact that person had on you so I think you know for me uh it was

it was my father um you know he he was a factory worker and uh I always knew that

that that that that wasn’t what he uh you know set out in life to be um but

it’s it’s you know where he ended up and and and what he did and and uh he just

always told me you know um hey you don’t want to work in a factory trust me um

you you you want to go do what you want to do and I think you know by that he definitely didn’t mean that there was

anything wrong with with working in a factory but that he knew that that wasn’t his passion and he knew that that

that if I didn’t do my passion I wouldn’t be happy either and so um you

know he he just always said do whatever you want to do you know do do what makes

you happy do do what you have a passion for and so you know like I said early on

you know drawing and painting was that passion for me art and and so U I really

never uh you know people always say well you know when did you know what you wanted to do it’s like I I just always

assumed this is what I do because that’s always what I did so um yeah I just just

kept going down that path and and I knew that uh if I really loved it and enjoyed it then you know if that’s what you do

as your as your profession as your job well you must you must be doing something right so that was always my

path so um that’s I think that’s all all I needed I mean you know the the

business stuff like I said just it comes and you get help where you need it and figure out the rest um you know there’s

there’s always little things even now there’s there’s things I mean I I don’t fully understand everything that goes

with taxes and all that but as long as you have someone you can call and ask

then uh it all works out I really like your dad’s advice because you know

especially in owning a business like you just alluded to there’s lots of stuff that can be complicated or or confusing

and we we do need to rely on the experts but if we have a passion for what we’re

doing then that’s going to carry us through the you know the challenges and the ups and downs of the business so

that’s awesome that your uh dad planted that seed in your mind uh early on yeah

I think it’s it’s just it’s important um and not everybody gets to do it and I and I fully understand that and uh you

know I know I know I’m I’m blessed um to be able to and so uh you know I’ve

always been grateful for that and and always grateful for that advice and to uh you know that that I could uh I knew

early on I could do I could do whatever I you know set out to do and wanted to do gared what’s the biggest learning

that you’ve had as a business owner you know I think um having employees you know it’s uh um it’s a

it’s it’s probably one of the best parts of owning a business I mean you really you really do feel responsible for

people and and um I I enjoy that but at the same time it can be it can be a

difficult part managing you know personalities and and you know just just

different people that come together you know and we have a like goal um you know

we’re always um one of the nice things about this business is we’re always

working on something different so it’s it’s never the same you’re you’re working on different campaigns for different clients you know different

organizations makes it a ton of fun but you know with that um you know you are

dealing with with people that have different ideas and I me that’s our business to have ideas but you know

you’ve gota you got to Wrangle those ideas and bring them together and that can be that can be challenging

sometimes yeah we we’re very fortunate we’ve got a great group um I mean and everybody that’s that’s here uh uh has

been here for for quite a few years and so we’ve got an established group that

is really you know like an All-Star team so very good I can imagine um you know

that to be good at what you do you have to fully believe in your ideas so then if you’ve got different people on the

team with different ideas that they believe in it it can be a process to to get to the what’s the one or two that

we’re going to pitch to The Client oh yeah yeah because you know really

there’s there’s never just one idea you know there’s never one right answer um and I always say you know but you just

need one you know we don’t we don’t need we don’t need 30 you know we just need

one um and so yeah getting to that is is is the challenge sometimes but it’s also

the fun part um but uh it is it is fun

that the variety is really what makes makes this business interesting that’s awesome so Jared we know that business

success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us uh one of your biggest challenges during the years and maybe a

fellow business owner who helped you to navigate through that well I think

there’s a couple people I mean one uh my business partner Jason rmer um you know

uh we we’ve been together now for 25 years and so uh you know that’s uh when

people say you know Partners it’s like a marriage I mean it’s it’s just like that you know you’re you’re with that person

a lot and you you really got to be on the same page and in the same direction

and uh I think uh that that’s really made this uh doable by having someone

that’s that’s like-minded and and uh you know has the same goals as you and and

um but also has a different skill set me he’s a writer I’m a designer so you know we we bring different things to the

table and and uh that really makes ites makes it work well um you know early on

like I said I worked for a lot of different people in in Indianapolis and there’s too many names to mention um but

you know there’s there was just so many great companies um you know young andore Miller Brooks Dean Johnson um you know

Scott Johnson was a big influence um just just seeing these people who were

doing exactly what I wanted to do and kind of getting a road mapap for for how

to do that um was you know really valuable um to to be around those people

and and to to get a chance to see that and you know I I picked up things from from a lot of people and it really

helped you know in those early years uh especially yeah is there a challenge

that comes to mind that you had to face um where one of those people helped you

to to think through that or or or work through that anything that comes to mind that that uh

that listeners would appreciate hearing that hey you know we have that challenge too you know I I mean I I can’t think of

anything specific but I know um sometimes when when I did have when

there were um uh maybe employee or Staffing uh issues yeah um you know I

would call uh Scott Johnson um because you know he had he had run a a design

firm for you know 15 years you know before me and and uh he had had lots

more employees and um he he was always a really great sounding board because I could say hey uh you know here’s my

issue and he would come up with oh yeah I’ve had that you know uh you know many

times over and so it always helped to just hear it’s like anything in life you you’d like to know that there’s other

people that have have had that problem solved it what they did and there’s

never there’s never just one answer but it’s always good to get get get someone else’s uh Viewpoint and and so I think

that’s that’s good in in probably business or life um you know everybody needs that uh sounding board from

someone absolutely I’ve heard uh in the past that people might be reluctant to

reach out to others in their industry and and do exactly what you just shared so um have you ever what what advice

would you have PE for people who are like hey I don’t know I don’t want to bother somebody else they’re busy too

you know I mention this but when when when I when I didn’t know when I was trying to decide whether to be an

illustrator or a designer um I didn’t really know any better so I just started

reaching out to illustrators that were I mean some of them were were really well

known um and um I remember I remember driving to Cincinnati to meet with with

an illustrator um Chris Payne and uh he was just like yeah come come down we’ll

we’ll sit in the studio and you know because I didn’t really know you know uh

College it school teaches you a lot but boy it it it leaves out about 90% what

you need in life and so um uh I didn’t know what it took to be an illustrator I

didn’t know what the process was I you know I I there was so many things and so there were a lot of people that that sat

down with me on multiple occasions um Rob day here in Indianapolis really

well-known illustrator um we met met you know uh lots of times and got to be you

know pretty good friends and uh and you know I found out that if you just ask

people they’re more than willing to to answer questions and and to talk with you and um you know it’s a great way to

otherwise you’re really just stumbling through the dark and finding your way which is okay but uh it’s great to to

you know talk to people who have done it lived it um you know uh get get to see

get to see that uh you know experience firsthand so yeah I would say you know

and I’ve had lots of people and that’s why I try when people reach out and you know it’s tough with with schedules and

and and you know just the Daily Grind of of work and and business but you know

it’s it’s great to talk with you know younger designers or people that that really and I think the big thing is just

you know be prepared with with what is you’re trying to find out I mean if you’re going to if you’re going to bother someone um then have a have a

direct line of questioning and have a real purpose for what you’re you’re trying to get and uh um yeah I think

most people are more than happy to share um those things you know I mean it’s

really why we’re here is is to try to to to share and give some of that experience you know onto somebody else

uh that’s trying to do the same thing similar things well it’s like what you just you just shared of somebody did it

for you so it’s almost like you know we we we have an obligation to pay it forward because somebody paid it forward

to us right y y absolutely absolutely Jared you mentioned a number of people

I’m gonna uh put you on the spot here if I ask you to pick three folks who uh who

were most impactful in helping you in your business owner Journey that that

that you’re most grateful for them being there who are those three people and how’ they help you well I think you know

as I said my father first first of all um you know and I didn’t mention but he did own his own business for a while

small engine repair um you know I got to see that at a young age um uh he did it

on the side so you know it was it was an evenings weekend thing um you know I

really I mean I that’s where I get my work ethic I mean you know that i’ I’ve never known a person that worked harder

in his life so so so I had that um and then um you know Scott Johnson was a was

a business owner and a designer um really laid a lot of groundwork for me I

I really got to see you know what uh um what that was was like you know by

somebody that was doing it and had done it at a really high level um so that was good and then Jason my business partner

you know just just being there every day and and being in this you know I think has has been a huge help you know

because I never you never have to feel like you’re you’re you’re on your own you know you you’ve always got got some

backup and there’s times when when uh you know things aren’t going so well that you really need you really need

backup so so that’s good to have as you think about the next three to five years

what’s the biggest challenge that you see that you’re going to face in reaching your goals and who are the

types of people that you’re going to need to help solve those well those are those are great

questions um you know this business uh it’s it’s changed a lot over 25 years I

think it it will you know will continue to change so I think you know staying up with with that uh the way social media

and the digital side of it has has changed AI of course coming in I mean

there’s things we don’t we really can’t foresee you know what the next two three

five years are going to be like in regards to that so I think that’s interesting um and and really because we

can’t foresee that at least I can’t I don’t I don’t know who who we’re going to need help from for that so that’s

that’s that’s sort of a big question mark um you know I think for us it’s really just it’s finding work finding

the work type of work that we want that we that we are good at um you know

matching matching those things up uh you know with with companies and organizations that need our services

that that you know we’re we know that we’re a good fit for you know finding those um things I think is is the is the

tough part I mean we’ve got the business down I mean there’s there’s you know uh the creative part is is what we do and

and there’s really no there’s no problems with with that um now say if we

got busier or a lot busier than maybe Staffing you know would would be would

be an issue it’s it’s not easy to hire people um especially in in our industry

because it’s a you’re always hiring for a a a specific skill set or set of

skills and so you know Finding finding the best person for that is is sometimes

can be tough um so you know I think that uh finding work and and finding good uh

good employees I think are two two of the challenges moving forward so you you mentioned um finding

more work so what does that look like in your industry how how do you you know find new opportunities well we’re we’ve

always been a word of mouth company so uh we don’t have there’s no salespeople

um there’s there’s there’s nobody knocking on doors you know for us and so it’s it’s relationships and people we’ve

worked with before and um uh you know passing our name along and and uh you

know the emails come phone rings um you know you you go to a meeting and find

about find out about a new a new potential you know project or or uh you

know company starting up and um that’s that’s how we that’s how we’ve always

gotten our work and and um you know that uh can can be great or or it can be can

be a bit daunting sometimes when when the the funnels not filed

right but uh uh you know it’s it’s it it probably goes back to we enjoy the

creative part so you know the uh going out and the the hunting and and knocking

on doors isn’t really isn’t really what we like to do so uh probably why we

don’t do it right fair enough and and you mentioned you know

continuing to find the right people so um one of the things you you mentioned

earlier that you’ve had folks who’ve stayed with you for a long time so that I would supect that means that you’ve

created a certain type of culture that that everybody feels a part of um just

wonder if you if you have any thoughts on on sharing about that well it you

know that’s one of the things I I I picked up early um you know working at a

lot of of of other agencies is just that company culture that environment you

know um you know being a designer or a writer or or in the creative field it’s

a 24hour a day thing I mean you don’t really turn it off at five o’clock and

so you know that that that uh that company culture I think becomes really

important because it’s it’s it’s not an assembly line you don’t just clock in clock out you’re you’re always doing it

so you know giving people the the environment and the tools to be creative

you know be comfortable um you know there’s there can be a lot of stress in

in trying to develop ideas and and and and campaigns and things for people and

companies and deadlines and so you want to try to create the most comfortable I

think environment and setting you can um you know so that so that that doesn’t provide any stress and and you know

that’s one thing we’ve been able to do I think yeah I’ve I worked on the other side so I was in consumer product goods

for a number of years so I I can appreciate because you know we as the client would say all right we need the

next big idea by Friday please yes okay no

problem can you guys just do your magic and come up with a good idea and be

ready to present it on Friday yeah and it’s the crazy thing because sometimes ideas you know that might take 10

minutes or it might take you know two weeks and you really don’t know um you

just you just dig in and start and um you know along the way you kind of

figure out where you’re at but uh it it is it is a process and and um you know

things come quickly and sometimes sometimes they don’t that’s I said

that’s the fun of it right last question here Jared uh Jim ran H awesome business

Guru says that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about that

quote what advice would you have for business owners who are trying to do it on their

own I think just not being afraid to ask for help um you know seeking out those

um those those people and and partners for information that that you that you

really need um I think most people have a sense of what they’re good at and and

you know leaning on those strengths but but finding help in the areas that you’re not you know um yeah it’s we can

all we can try to do it all but at the end of the day that’s that’s extremely

hard and not always with the best results so um I think just just just seeking help and and and getting help in

in areas where you need it fantastic um just wrapping up here it

sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people on your business owner Journey if they were all on the

show here today what would you want to say to them oh just just that I appreciate you

know their their involvement um you know gotten to work with a lot of great people you know uh through Lodge um but

you know you like you said you were on the client side I mean our clients become really close I mean they’re

they’re people we work with every day too um and so you you they become like

like U you know fellow staff members as well uh and I think that’s one of the things we always try to to um I guess impress

upon new clients or or people we’re talking to is that we we become like an extension of your company um you know I

mean our goals you know become your goals you know what what you want to achieve you know we’re we’re going to

work towards that towards those Solutions and um you know those relationships are are awesome too I mean

you know um I think I mentioned you know we’re always trying to find new work but but you do want you do want to work with

people that that are also like-minded and and you have you have you know

similar goals and they understand what we’re doing and we understand what they’re doing and that becomes really

important because you know the people you work with just they make they make your life what it is I

mean you’re you’re we spend so much time doing this that you know why do it if

it’s a struggle you know right Amen to that is no no fun going to

work and hanging out with people you don’t like right nope NOP no spend your time around people you

enjoy yeah Jared it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today thank you so much for being on the show thank you I

really appreciate the time and uh appreciate you you doing this I think uh people get get a lot from things like

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