November 6, 2023

Episode #103: Adrian Jagow – Talevation

Adrian Jagow, the Managing Partner at Talevation, is a visionary leader who intertwines the principles of faith and business strategies. Known for a unique approach that involves prayer and reflection, Adrian embraces a philosophy that integrates spirituality into the realm of business.

Embracing the core values of Talevation – Happy, Helpful, and Harmonious – Adrian leads by example, fostering a company culture centered around joy, support, and unity. Through his commitment to these values, he creates an environment that encourages positivity, assistance, and a cooperative spirit among team members and clients.

Adrian’s practice of seeking divine guidance for business strategies highlights a deep belief in the power of intuition and spiritual alignment. By combining these principles with his business acumen, he brings forth innovative solutions that are not only effective but also resonate with the ethos of happiness, helpfulness, and harmony.

His unique approach reflects a belief that success is not only measured by financial gain but also by the well-being and satisfaction of those involved, fostering an environment where employees, clients, and stakeholders thrive in a culture rooted in positivity and mutual support. Adrian Jagow stands as an example of a leader who harmonizes spiritual values with the dynamic world of business, fostering both success and a fulfilling work environment.

Talevation LLC is a cutting-edge, innovative company specializing in talent assessment and human resource solutions. Founded on the principles of leveraging technology to optimize workforce potential, Talevation provides a comprehensive suite of assessment tools and HR software designed to assist organizations in making smarter, data-driven decisions about their people.

Through a combination of advanced psychometrics, behavioral science, and technology, Talevation offers a range of assessment products that empower businesses to identify, evaluate, and develop talent across various stages of the employee lifecycle. From pre-employment assessments that aid in the selection of the right candidates to ongoing development tools that nurture existing talent, Talevation’s solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of diverse industries and organizational structures.

The company’s commitment to innovation is reflected in its user-friendly platforms and customizable solutions, which enable seamless integration with existing HR processes. Talevation’s mission is to help companies enhance their human capital strategies by providing actionable insights that drive informed decision-making, fostering a more efficient and productive workforce.

With a focus on accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, Talevation stands as a trusted partner for businesses seeking to streamline their talent management processes, reduce turnover, and ultimately, maximize the potential of their most valuable asset—their people.

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hello this is coach tim campsell and i’m your host for the self made as a myth make a difference together show where

we’re talking with successful business owners to hear their stories of the journey to building their business and

because we know that achieving success in business is not something that we can do on our own we recognize the folks who

helped us to excel today i’m excited to have a fellow business owner from indiana with us my guest

can can come across as an extrovert but is actually more of an introvert in his

downtime he loves working in the yard and he’s most proud of the influence that he has had on his growing family

it’s my pleasure to welcome adrian to the show today hello adrian hello tim

well hey let’s have you start with uh introducing yourself and tell us a little bit of your personal story

where you were born where you live about your family and some of your hobbies great well um thank you

so i was born in wisconsin and um and my parents uh when i was younger

were in outdoor dramas which is really a unique scenario so we moved around a little bit

um and and so um so we moved from wisconsin to arkansas tennessee

uh then i came to indiana and then i went to illinois to chicago for a few

years and then met my wife while i was in chicago and she’s from indiana and so we’ve we’ve

resided in indiana so i have a lovely wife um nikki and three wonderful children

and we are actually looking to possibly adopt so because our kids are older and you

know the house and we’re still young and and have uh have energy we

we’ve um it’s a big part of our family our extended family our parents my parents adopted her parents adopted and

so we’re looking at it if if um if everything works out i think we we

were looking to to adopt so it is a growing family so thank you you said that that earlier

so we live now in kokomo indiana and we’ve recently

we’ve been here about a year and we’ve recently moved the business

um television nlg industries um to kokomo as well and so we’re

we love it here because we’ve been called and there’s a purpose for us being here but we didn’t know anything

about kokomo we didn’t know any people in kokomo but but we’re starting to get to get settled and and to be a part of

the the community here so very very exciting so um that’s a little bit about about me

hopefully that helps yeah thank you so much so um what’s a funny story that your family likes to share about you

that you’d be willing to to tell us today oh well it goes a little bit to the

extrovert introvert and so um you know i love to meet people so that’s

it looks like i’m really an extrovert and i do i will talk to anybody um

at any time and so i love to to to meet people and to figure out what makes them tick and their story and i love to to

get into all that aspect of it but sometimes it gets me in trouble so um

so i used to look for things that you know my family would would always be like you know

focus focus dad focus because we’d be out out you know at the store or at a restaurant or whatever and i’d be you

know scoping the crowd for for something uncommon for me to start a conversation

so um so i was actually at a at a a conference and um

and uh and and um i saw someone in the morning and they

had shorts on because we were at a conference in in florida and um and so i

had a chance to talk to him briefly well in the afternoon they came back to the conference and they had they had pants

on and so me and my you know thinking i’m jovical but you

know wanting to start a conversation with anyone i i you know yelled across the room and said hey great to see you

with pants on as soon as i said that i was like can i

reel that back quickly so so my family loves to to tell that story

and and uh i was extremely embarrassed but i laugh i laugh at myself

and so you know if it makes someone else laugh i’m good with it but yeah

that’s fantastic so tell us how the business came about and at what point did you have the

confidence that you could run your own business yeah so that’s a great question so i’ve actually

failed at more businesses that i’ve been successful at so tried uh try to start businesses in the

past i’ve always been in the technology arena and um and and so

so i love technology i love between operations and building um and starting

companies i i really love it um but as i’ve aged in life um and i’ve as i’ve gotten closer to my

heavenly father which i’ll talk about later you know it’s really been um you know through through those

those pieces and really into confidence and and actually um

you know that the the television came about really from uh from from me working with with ibm

and currently before we started television i was recruiting companies for ibm so i would talk to to to other

technology firms that weren’t using ibm software hardware or whatever and you know i try to talk them into saying hey

the world would be would be better place if if you worked with ibm and just embedded ibm into your current

service offering or into your current product or whatever that that is well um a friend of mine as ibm you know is

always buying and selling companies he uh ibm bought an hr suite

called connexa and um and he was put in charge of the channel well the ibm always has a channel

presence in whatever products well this company didn’t have a channel

so i i said well hey i’ll you know i’m recruiting i’ll recruit some companies and help build your channel right so i

went and found some some companies so make a long story short they all said no and so we looked at each other and said

why don’t we start a business and it was kind of a joke at first but then but then actually through a few

few more conversations we we started television and and it just you know to took off from there so

um it was really you know some some things are in the right place at the right time but others are you

know reducing that risk of uh you know of just saying hey we’re we’re going to do this so

so yeah so that’s what kind of started um television and so wonderful so adrian

tell us more about television what do you guys do and and how do you help folks yeah it’s a great great question we love

to be an active part of the communities and so what we do is we is

we sell so television is the combination of talent and elevation so televation so

we help you know elevate talent so that’s really our mission and so we work with companies who are

looking to hire or we look with companies that have employees and it’s really that wide open

so in the six years that we’ve been in operations and television we have

about 3 500 clients ranging from gm financial and and

in large aldi’s in large retail firms to state and local governments to higher

education to mom and pops and everybody in between so

we we do work all over the u.s that’s where we started and we had our

first contract with ibm was was u.s presence but we do you know business in

in all the states well now we’ve partnered with a company called shl out of london and now our reach is

beyond the us as well so we do a little bit of global it’s it’s small but we’re

starting to breach outside of that but we really work with with people we have assessments

that really help identify putting the right people in the right

seat so making sure that part of the process is very cumbersome

um and really you know you know most companies uh need to hire and and they struggle at

it in in many regards so um you know so some are

are not real good at um at getting the right people to do the interview process um and having a cohesive team um and and

others you know just are like hey this is the these are the key words that we’re looking for but really diving

under that so for instance we have a a microsoft excel so if you ask most people do you know

anything about excel everybody would say yes i’ve used it you know but but how have they used it you

know what do they know within excel do they need to know pivot tables do they you need to know you know some of the

the formulas and how to do that or or do they need just need to know the basics of it so we have a basic assessment we

have an intermediate and a and in advance oh that’s great so but the other part of it is is you know most companies

are also looking to to um to invest in their and current employees

how do we you know how do we make them better if they’re better people um

they’re also better employees generally and so we also like to work with companies and

and and these assessments and say hey let’s find out where they are and then after

that um find out how you can invest in them so that’s really you know what we do

all day long and and so we have a small team of eight is a small team but we’re able to

support we use technology a lot um to i like to say

technology does technology things and people do people things

yeah i don’t like to use technology to replace people but i also don’t like people to you know to be redundant of

of you know adding information and doing things that technology could do to make them more efficient so

it’s a good blend wonderful so agent um

in this environment uh with you know having such a challenge finding people i’ve got to imagine that excuse me

sorry i have to imagine that you’re you’re getting a lot of people reaching out to

to have you help them in this in this uh little bit of an uh upside down marketplace

yeah yeah it’s been very interesting you know covet has impacted all of us in one

way or another um and and so yes our sales were down through covid

but um but now it’s starting to come back but regardless of you know the the that

conversation i think everyone’s i’m sick of talking about that um it’s it’s

definitely a different environment and i think we all can can understand that as well and so we’ve we’ve been able to to

adapt and and you know hold conversations of and really help people through this you know changing

environment we also have tools that you know virtual tools so we can do assessments where you can watch

someone take the assessment um and so you know so that really helps

to make sure it’s the right person but also it helps to to bring you closer together even if you can’t be in the

same room or you know so so we have those virtual tools and and that’s been really great

for us to to um tell people leverage and really build and adapt and you know

still and and the other piece of it is is um you know it’s one thing to test

somebody on do you know microsoft excel do you know accounting do you know

how to drive a forklift i mean we have a lot of different assessments and that’s the skill side but now

there’s also the behavioral side of uh and that it’s not just your personality it’s your propensity to to you know are

you a quick learner are you a team member are you are you loyal are you those things that are all work-related

behavioral traits that and that’s a big part of of what we’re doing now as well as is

trying to to find you know help companies find the right people that they can invest in yes you

know is this person a risk is this is a person really you know they don’t have all the skills but again if you know

where they are and they’re 60 of the way there but you know how to get them to 80 90 of the way there then

you know it’s not as big of a risk and it’s you know but it’s also you know is that person

gonna be around you know if you invest in them yes are they a quick learner so do you know do you have to spend a lot

of time with them or can you kind of point them in the direction and and you know they they you know are good at

finding out some other things so so that kind of stuff is is really um

is really helping clients as well during during this current uh

um business venture that we’re on so yeah i love those tools because we talk

with our clients a lot about the fact that you can teach skills but you can’t teach cultural fit right and so if we if

we end up hiring somebody that we learn after the fact that they’re not you know they don’t share the same values and

beliefs that we do as a company or as a business owner and they’re not a fit to

the way that we do things it doesn’t matter if they’re perfect at the the skills that are needed because

ultimately it’s not going to be a long-term fit in the organization so i like that your your assessments allow

folks to understand both right is there a cultural fit as well as uh do they

have the the skills um and to your point if they don’t have all the skills you know are they able to learn those skills

and and gives that guidance to the the business in terms of where to invest in their training and development

yeah yeah we’ve used it internally within television too we had we had a for instance we had a guy who

um who is a long-term salesperson and we don’t do a lot of face to face to face

you know knocking on doors and things like that we sell a sas tool you know software is a service tool so we do a

lot of demos we do a lot of conversations over the phone we do a lot of support and in training um you know

through webinars and things like that but um so he had a lot of the backgrounds of what we of what we

thought would be successful well um he didn’t know technology so we’re a heavily driven technology

company and so he really struggled great on the phone great talking to people great personal skills but he didn’t you

know know how to use the technology that we use every day and and it’s a big part

of of our business and so um so we ended up having to let him go and it was you know that’s not what any

company wants to do he was a great guy it you know it was you know it was very very hard as

a as a business owner it’s hard to do that um maybe some people are better at it than others but me personally i don’t

like to to do that so it’s like okay you need to really look at you know some of the additional skills

outside of like you said just the you know just the um you know do you know how to talk to people do you know

how you know do you know anything about sales do you know there’s so many other aspects of

you know will you be a good employee will you be a a positive part of the culture um you know will you be a good teammate

or will you be good at on your own some people need a team around them and they need other people

to talk to they need those water cooler conversations and all those things that that we not you know as a society we may

not be in a position to offer that anymore and so we need to know um

you know what what those those intricacies look like so absolutely so adrian share a story where

someone pushed you or inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you thought you couldn’t and what was the

impact that that person had yeah oh great great question so

um so it’s going to be an odd story but bear with me bear with me through this so so when we started television and

because i had been unsuccessful at a couple other business ventures my wife actually said if

television is not successful i’m going to leave you so you’re like wow right and and so i’m not paying i love

my wife she’s an awesome person she just don’t settle for for my second best

right and so she was so at first i was like holy cow you know are you know are you with me or not

right i mean this is not a good start but then afterwards i got to thinking about it and it was really her saying

look you got to come you got to come at this not just like you did in the past

not just about the successful not successful part what she was really saying is you’ve got to focus adrian you

know this this can be successful you you just need to focus and and not do it just flippantly like you did some you

know some things in the past and so it really turned out and so you’re like wow that’s your story but it really turned

out to be a very positive part in my life after i uh um really

thought about it and it was like you know that was probably one of the and it really drove me on like you know

being a guy i’m like i want to show you really it really drove me to focus it

really drove me to and it really caused me to to go to the heavenly father and say what the heck is this this is the

you know this is the help mate you gave me it was really him showing me a different

view of the situation right so it really you know so i love telling the

story because my wife is awesome and and it really helped me you know push me to

to really focus and get television started that’s fantastic i i love the

the help mate analogy and um oftentimes you know so the the the saying that

opposites attract i’ve seen to be very true um with all of the the

couples that i interact with and and it can be both a blessing and a frustration

of right we usually rub you know like this with our heart but we truly need our opposite

to see you know the other perspective and the other point of view and and together we

make each other whole yeah well said well said and that’s she’s awesome she really is

is um my soulmate she really is someone that you know that was put in my life

for a positive but we are completely opposite so we figured out how to how to blend

those and and how to to capitalize off of our you know our differences and not let it divide it divide us like it did

early in our marriage so fantastic so adrian what’s your biggest learning as a business owner

you know it’s um this is not going to be rocket science you’ve probably heard this many times but it’s it’s really the

failures um and the people around me so um you know those are probably two huge

huge pieces um and it’s not just the people on our team it’s also you know so some other uh p

people so um i’ll tell you a quick story and i’ve got stories for everything but um

but there is i don’t know if you’ve ever heard of a guy by the name of ben tankard so ben tankard um is actually a

jazz musician that um that god gave him the ability to play

piano overnight as a child and he plays it at a very high level and so now

not only does he do concerts in that but you know he tells stories in the middle of his songs and that as well and so he

was telling a story about him sitting next to to someone at a um

he lives in memphis playing the blues and jazz and that um and and so he was at a memphis grizzlies

game and um he was sitting next to someone and after that they got up you know they were sitting in the uh

um you know coach’s box or breast you know not press box but you

know and so after they got up someone next to him on the other side said do you know

who that was and he said no i i have no clue who who it was

and he said that guy owns a hundred companies

and when he said that within me there was a voice that said

said you can’t even get one company started right and so it’s like this guy has and so

really it really you know um you know through again not someone who is a part of the team ben tanker didn’t even he

doesn’t even know to this day maybe he’ll hear this podcast but he doesn’t even know that that impacted me and you

know set me on a trajectory so it’s not just the people in the day-to-day which i love the people around me and

my family and my friends and and and other people you know like you that are in the business just trying to help

people be successful in business um but it’s you know the people that that are sent

into your life that that you don’t know so really the moral of his story was was you’ve got to be ready because

generally people come into your life not by coincidence not by you know i

don’t believe in in just luck um you know i believe that there’s you know divine connections of of people that are

put in in your life and you’ve got to be ready to have a conversation with them you’ve got to be ready to to say i’m not

just looking at the outside of someone you know um you know you never know

the the greatness of that are in people around you every day and so it’s really neat as i get older

too that’s why i love talking to people because not so i can get something from them but

if there’s something for me to learn from from about everybody that that i talk to

something they have to give everyone has value yeah absolutely wonderful so um

adrian we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so tell us um of one of your biggest challenges

during the years and a fellow business owner who came alongside you to help you get through that

yeah great great question as well um so early on

um at television um you know selling ibm software generally ibm sold you know

million dollar deals so they didn’t do a lot of credit card transactions well at television we do a

lot of of credit card transactions so you know we’ll do 10 000 transactions a

year for technology that’s you know not rare these days but for ibm it was rare

so so not only do we have to start from from scratch um but we also had to add

that and you know being new um you don’t just go to a bank and say hey i need you know this credit line or

you know don’t go to a merchant services company you know for their credit card transactions and

and say um you know hey sign us up we’re good to go you know there’s a real process and

people are looking at you so there was a lot of no’s of people saying no you’re too you’re too you know i don’t i don’t like your

business and and you’re too new not enough history for us to you know too much of a risk

so we had we found a company out of chicago and um and so we did our first 60 transactions

with them and everything was smooth and then all of a sudden out of the blue they um and it’s a long story for

another time but they basically said just start cutting us off and and and

basically said hey we’re not comfortable with with um you know our relationship and

they just re overnight they refunded all 60 of

those transactions they gave the money back we didn’t know it until after the fact and so then now we have to pick up

and go back to those 60s so it’s not like you know and explain and maybe resell them or whatever

and um and then pick up a new merchant service you know company all at the same time

so it was a really you know really trying time for for us and really you know i mean talk about a

huge impact to your business um it was it was huge and so i um there

used to be three business partners at television and so one was was um

was a private uh partner so he wasn’t in a lot of the day-to-day but the other one was and so the other one who was in

the business he basically was like look you know we um so so i’m i’m over here reeling on

you know mad at you know the company and just the whole situation and i’m kind of spending too much of the emotional side

and he’s over here on the other side you know going okay you know we have to we have to shift and pivot

and so um so we were using quickbooks for our for our financials and um and so

he basically had called quickbooks and and said hey what um you know what can we do here’s

our scenario and and we picked up with quickbooks and and and it was a better

it turned out better after it was all said and done we were able to go back to all 60 of those and

renew them on you know give them to buy again and apologize and and work with them and so really worked out great but

it was a really trying time wow that sounds stressful yes yeah for sure

so adrian if uh if i ask you to pick three people in your business owner journey that you’re most grateful for

being there um for your business’s growth who are those three people and how they help you

yeah so on earth so the most important is our heavenly father he’s really i mean he’s

the ceo he’s the ceo of television um so he’s he’s the biggest but three on three

people on earth is i would say my wife um and and i already told you one of the

stories but but she’s really um you know we’ve been married 25 years and she’s really really good at at um at

helping and and pushing and that kind of stuff and so then and another i would say

um you know my other two business partners that um even though we’re not you know partners in this day

both of them were very huge pardon and so uh steve bingham is is one and so he was he was a huge part

of of us um and and just you know not just television but but in business in

general so many things i’ve learned through that and then scott abbott is the other and scott um scott is great

for for those that know scott in the business world he does a lot of business coaching in that

as well and so scott’s really very helpful extremely helpful and still to this day

it’s gotten to have a great relationship and uh we bounce back and forth so

but there obviously many more but those are three that are at the top of my head awesome so tell me a little bit more

about god being the ceo perfect yes um

yeah when we started television god basically said i’m this is a platform that’s financially

going to help you do the other things that i’ve called you to do in life so i was like okay what does that mean i’ve

never had that happen before right and so um and so i didn’t know what that meant and

so as we were getting together and again there were three partners and i and scott friends and said

no i’ve been the ceo of every company i’ve ever been a part of you know no i said

well um no you you’re you’re not and so we got to the stage where we were like well

we’re not going to start television and i knew it was very specific that we

needed to to to do this because god was like no you and so scott looked at me and said why do you get to be the ceo i

said i’m not the ceo either nor is steve right and so then after we all thought

about it and spent some time on it we were all okay okay let’s go we don’t know what this means but you know but it

was very clear that we needed to make god the ceo well then in the first year

you know i told you the the story of of the merchant services but then you know that in the in the first year we were

just i worked from 9 00 a.m to 3 a.m every day just extremely extremely busy

and um and i just couldn’t couldn’t do it you know sometimes i would i couldn’t even make a sentence

because i was just and so you know not only was my family have my back and in that but but you

know um but god walked us through that piece of really and and so the first

year we do our first million from um june to december

and in in sales um and then going into q1 ibm says

says um hey we nominated you you need to fly to vegas

we’re nominating you for new business partner of the year and as long as i’ve been you know 20

some years in in the ibm world and and basically it was i’m not saying that because i’m not that

smart but god was like no no you just do what i’ve called you to do and you know and so we know in in the

business world that ceos are extremely important and so now i realize there’s all these

stories that god has brought us through but he’s also saying hey if you make me

the ceo he said i i will mature this company to everything that i’ve destined

for it versus just one person so i’m not against not everyone has to do this right you know but but that’s you know

to answer the question it’s just been a huge part of of our life and and then also

you know just pointing others other business owners and that to say hey you know it doesn’t matter how much you read

the word doesn’t matter if you go to church it doesn’t matter you know there’s you have a heavenly father who loves you and who wants to be a part i

mean there’s a scripture that says he knows the number of hairs in your head and he knows us in that level of detail

he wants to know our businesses or he knows our businesses and that level of detail as well

and so he’s just saying hey it’s your choice do you want to include me in your business in your life or do you not and

so it’s not about all the other things that that religion has made some things out

you know about you know which translation of the bible you use how much you pray

what god do you pray to it’s not about any of those things i don’t know although there is to know

about our heavenly father that’s why i point people i point myself and and everyone around me to to him but it’s

really been extremely impactful um and so so i’m only saying this to

give him glory you know we see the new business partner of the year we actually were not only nominated but they

actually gave us the award and two years later we were the partner of the year

again not new business partner but partner of the year and now we’re teamed up with shl and

last year um at the be or the beginning of this year they gave us the north america partner of the year for them

and so it’s just really cool to see as we’re just focused on

on you know serving and and being an active part of our community and and you know um that god’s like and i’ll

take care of you know some of the accolades and some of the other pieces and it’s all a testament of him

and you know what he he does in your life but yeah so what what a what a cool

um opportunity to to share the word because i i’m in my mind i’m picturing that you know you go up on stage to

accept the award on the ceo’s behalf and now you get to tell that little story oh

yeah and i tell everybody i didn’t know it um ibm knows and you know people are

are looking at me weird but but you know a lot of people have said like you did tell me about the story and it’s again

it’s just our story you know everyone else has the opportunity to have a similar story and

and again ceos are important and and i take the role of you know managing partner very very serious here at

television as well i mean it’s it but it’s neat that that you know like this

show is is trying to highlight there’s people around you that need to get credit and then also

there’s heavenly father if you so choose so the choice is up to every business owner do you want to use the people or

you just want to say hey i’m the man i’ve read this book i continue to read books i you know i’ve done this i’ve

done that i’m you know you know self-made that’s um you can do that it’s your choice right but it’s so

much better to include others it’s so much better to see the value in others

and and then also i highly recommend your heavenly father who loves you and

has a plan for your life and you know plan for your business so it’s really really cool that’s

awesome praise god so you just mentioned um people can read books and and become

self-made i i would actually um even challenge that notion right if if

we’ve benefited from a book that someone else has written we’re no longer self-made because we’ve learned from

their experiences right yeah no well said yeah i’d love to read books so it wasn’t a dig yeah no no i

just did it oh yeah i agree with you the reason i say that is i’ve actually had a few conversations um and almost

everybody i talked to agrees that we’re not self-made but there’s a few people who have said you know no really tim i’m

self-made and and then i i get really technical with those people and i said well somebody borned you into the world

right so you weren’t self-made because you didn’t just appear right

right um anyway that segways me into jim rohn is one of my favorite authors and and uh

he has a quote that we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so as you think about

that um quote what’s your reflections on that is that something that you find encouraging or or discouraging or a

little bit of both yeah no i love that and you know that’s another part

um that as your relationship with the heavenly father it’s so relationships are so

important and so before i used to always you know look for on my own

look for okay i need to go this way with my business so i need to find someone who’s who’s successful in that area

right is that a bad approach no but it’s not the approach now that i

have and the approach that i have now is it’s truly saying all right father you you’ve caught me on this path right

you’re the ceo right but also you’re still the one who breathes life into relationships and relationships are huge

and so now i’m like who do you want me to be in relationship with and so some of the people in my life um

you know i’m a part of in kokomo my wife and i have have were serving at an

addiction counseling facility man the the struggles of some people’s lives

and the questions that they have in life i don’t even know how to ask those questions right because i’ve never had

to step in their shoes so it’s not just those that have been successful i love those i love success stories who doesn’t

right but also those that that may be struggling and overcome from those struggles

your businesses we you know life whatever it is we have both we have the

successful parts we have the struggles and so it’s cool how now you can be around

people um and you know generally and that’s how it happens for me is god put somebody in my

life that that i don’t even know the direction you know what’s going to happen a year from now

but in our relationship they’ve had a huge influence on on now you know the next

struggle or the next challenge or the next i don’t even know if it’s if it’s good or bad it might you know just the

next decision and so it’s really neat how how again there’s so many people of value around you

um that you know everyone around you has has value it’s just you know not just seeing it with your

natural eyes or assuming they don’t know anything about business or right could

have any impact on on your life or your business or anything else where it very much could

fantastic well adrian it sounds like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people uh that have helped you on your

journey if they were all on the show here today what would you want to say to them oh man i would love to to tell them just

how grateful i am and thankful i am for for believing in me and not giving up on

me and you know just really um you know their their advice and

coming coming from a position of of just saying hey i want all that is destined for you

and and rightly so back back to them right so i’m just so grateful for the

people who who have not given up on uh on me um my family and and friends and and other

business uh owners and and and other people that have come across my path i’m just

so grateful i have a lot of a lot of strong people around me grateful for breach and every

one of them wonderful well adrian it’s been a pleasure speaking with you today uh with

you today thank you so much for being on the show thank you tim awesome to everyone who tuned in thanks

for listening to the self-made is a myth show with your coach your host coach tim camsell be sure to help us spread this

movement by liking the show and posting about it on social media and to join our movement go to be mad together dot com

all right folks that’s a wrap make sure to pay it forward and i’ll see you all next time take care