November 1, 2023

Episode #102: Ali Cudby – Alignmint Growth

Ali Cudby is the founder and CEO of Alignmint Growth Strategies – it’s alignMINT (M-I-N-T) because once a mint plant is established, it grows like crazy – much like the results for clients at Alignmint, a leading consulting and training firm specializing in post-sales strategies for customer retention and growth.

Ali’s journey in customer experience began after graduating from Wharton Business School, and whether it’s The New York Times Company or a start-up, her work is guided by a singular idea: when people feel seen, heard and valued they are more inclined to stay customers longer, buy more and tell their friends and colleagues.

That lofty idea gets put into action via playbooks, which codify clear and consistent processes for aligned engagement internally and with clients. You can learn more by reading Ali’s #1 bestselling book, Keep Your Customers.You can find Ali at


you’re listening to the self-made is a myth make a difference together show with your host coach Tim campsa where we

talk with successful business owners to hear the stories of their Journeys in building their successful businesses and

more importantly we recognize the folks who help them Excel because we know that

achieving business success is not something we can do on our

own hello everyone this is coach Tim Cel and I’m your host for the self-made as a

Miss show and I am excited to have a fellow business owner from Massachusetts

with us today and my guest founded check this out the world’s leading bra fit

training certification course so I am definitely going to want to hear a little bit more about that in her

downtime she likes to make pottery um and there’s a certain type of pottery that she’s going to explain to us that

she enjoys and she’s most proud of the KnockOn effects or or how I interpret it

as the ripple effect of the work that she does the ongoing betterment of people’s lives that she’s able to have

when she interacts with them it’s my pleasure to welcome Alie to the show today hello Ally hi it’s so great to be

here thanks for having me absolutely well hey let’s start with having you um introduce yourself tell us your your uh

full name and a little bit of your personal story like like where you were born and live and about your family and

hobbies sure so I’m Ali cudby I am the founder and CEO of alignment growth

strategies but I didn’t start there um I was born in Washington DC so I’m

actually a native Washingtonian which is a fairly rare thing to find um and I’ve lived all over the

country I um went to Philadelphia for school then moved to LA then moved back

to Philadelphia for a couple years New York back to DC Indiana and now I am

living just outside of Boston um and I started my career in I’ve had a sort of

nonlinear career but in some ways it kind of all makes sense um so I started

my career in Hollywood after college went back and after business school went

to um corporate for a while and that’s sort of where I got into this world of

customer experience and went out on my own oh gosh over 20 years ago now yikes

um and have been doing various aspects of customer experience for that amount

of time except for the left turn that I took into the wonderful world of the Art

and Science of how a bra fits a woman’s body um let’s see married two kids that

are out of the house and two dogs that are very much in the house um all the

time so that’s me wonderful so bra fitting certification training tell me

what that means so women are really never

taught how a bra should fit their body and there are certain intricacies that

we won’t go into the details on now but without understanding them it’s really

hard to get a good fitting and most stores don’t put in the time energy and

effort to adequately train their employees because they’re you know

cycling through a bunch of employees because it takes time and time is money

and you know women pay the price and so having found this problem and realizing

that at the time there was really no good option for these manufacturers and

retailers and other people who are you know spending their time and energy on

the Art and Science of how a Brath fits woman’s body I created this online certification program that ended up

being the global leader in its field six continents served uh and I just didn’t

get to ant ARCA wow that is so cool congratulations um what type of pottery

wheel Throne Pottery so if the the the most common Touchstone that people have

for that is the movie Ghost which is actually pretty ancient now but uh has a

very famous scene of wheel thrown pottery that most Potters absolutely loathe to have as the Touchstone but

there you go so yeah that’s that’s what I like to do fantastic well hey is there

a funny story that your family likes to tell about you that you’d be willing to share with us today yeah

um so let’s see the the weekend that I was supposed to move into college as a

freshman um I was a bridesmaid in a favorite cousin’s wedding and so I ended

up having to move in early and then go up from Philadelphia to New York for this wedding and my mom had read some

article about the importance of bonding in those first few days of college I

heard a lot about bonding in those first few days of college and she was pretty sure that me missing the first 36 hours

of moveing was going to end my college social life so we go up to New York I’m

in the wedding we hight tail it from the wedding venue to the train station to

drop me back off in Philadelphia we jump on the first train and lo and behold

that train was a fancy all reserved train and those weren’t the kinds of tickets that we had so they

unceremoniously dump my family off on the side at the next station and we find

out that the next train is going to be stopping for hours and hours and hours like six hours and so they’d be coming

through but they weren’t going to stop and my mom has a tizzy and I said to myself well the

train’s coming through they may as well just stop and pick us up I’m just GNA ask them to stop the

train so my parents are mortified you know I

get myself up I go marching toward the gate guy and they’re hiding behind their

magazines and just like oh my God Ally you are so embarrassing and I put on my

best you know 18-year-old smile and explain the situation and the guy is

like I’ll stop the train for you and so they did so the the story that my family

always tells about me oh wow I stopped the train I love

it and so you didn’t uh you didn’t miss out on the bonding uh time to become an

awesome college student no yeah as it turned out it it all worked out Ally

tell us about how the business came to be and and at what point did you have the confidence that you could run your

own business sure so I after I graduated from business school I ended up working

at a media company and in their corporate strategy group and it was sort of an internal Consulting Group and I

ended up being put on a project that introduced me to this world of customer

loyalty and retention and it was really eye opening for me and so it it changed

the way that I thought about business I had just never realized how impactful the customer

experience was you know because at that point in my life I hadn’t been exposed to it so fast forward a number of years

um and I had started this bra thing and

was chugging along training people around the world um and what I found was

that the people that I was working with they got really good at the technical

proficiency of fitting but when I said okay great you know I’m so glad that

your customers are happy I’m so glad that you feel so confident what are you going to do to make sure that your

customers are going to come back sooner spend more tell their friends like what’s the plan yeah they didn’t have a

plan almost across the board they didn’t have a plan and they just looked at me and were like well I’m just going to

keep giving them great fittings like like you taught me yeah and I knew from

my years in corpor that that wasn’t enough and so over time I started

including more sort of business practices and customer retention and customer experience skills into the work

that I was doing and ultimately I found that to be more satisfying and more

creative and the business shifted and that that’s sort of how this company

launched um so that’s that’s really how this this business was born yeah fantastic so tell us a little bit more

about the company what’s the name what do you guys do how do you help folks so the company is called align mint growth

strategies and I say it that way because it’s spelled align m i NT and the reason

for that is because when you plant mint it grows like crazy yes and when

something’s awesome it’s in mint condition and when you make money you make a mint so very intentional spelling

very cool but also because you know when we were talking to people about how to

Brand the company and what we wanted to be able to achieve on behalf of the customers that we served alignment as a

concept came up all the time you know how do you do a better job of serving your customers well you need to have

this internal alignment and make sure that everybody inside your company knows

what to do and is on the same page so that they can be successful cross

functionally in serving customers um you know how can you be consistent in your

approach and that’s sort of the Crux of what we do is serving our clients so

that they have the the tools and the thinking and the training internally in

order to be able to make those external um experiences amazing every time

fantastic so for folks listening make sure to check out alignment uh mint remember mint um in the link in the

description and uh comment on it and and go to the the LinkedIn her LinkedIn and

and let her know that you watched her video today so that would be a awesome way to to uh pay it forward in terms of

those who are listening so and I just do I just want to say like please come and find me on LinkedIn I always love that

but please let me know that you you found me here because I’m sure just like lot of people I’m getting more and more

of the spammy stuff and so I really like to know who’s coming for me instead of somebody who is coming to sell me

something yeah great point so Ally share us a story where someone pushed you or

inspired you that you could do it even though maybe you didn’t think that you could and the impact that that person

had yeah I think when I first left corporate um you know I didn’t leave

with the I didn’t leave in the best way you know I I left in a in a real stage of

burnout and frustration and I didn’t know exactly where I was going next I

just knew that that chapter of my life had come to an end yeah and as I considered starting my first

company I didn’t have that much confidence you know I had really sort of been been beaten up a little bit in in

the corporate world and so I figure okay what do you do you know you do your due

diligence and so I was you know boy was I due dilc thing and you know and I I I

think I got to the point of a little bit of you know not to be jargony but like I think I got to the point of analysis

paralysis right like I was so busy in the thinking that it was getting in the

way of my forward progress and I had this meeting with this guy I had met with him a few times I was talking to

him through my due diligence and he’s like Ally at a certain point you just got to plug your nose and jump you’re

ready now was his advice and it was the right advice um because you can’t figure

it all out in advance you know there there’s a point at which you just have to you know take the flyer and you know

do the due diligence you know you gotta do a little bit of aiming before you fire yeah but you gotta fire yeah that’s

awesome I mean because the reality is is there’s never going to be perfect information so to your point of we can

spend time just continuing to search for the answer right instead of a good

answer and and I like to plug your nose and take the plunge that’s great advice what was his

name um oh gosh sorry my good friend what’s his

name I can picture him perfectly it was such a long time ago you know it it’s going to come up later so you’ll just

you’ll just share it back with us when it pops into your your head so Ally what’s your biggest learning um as a

business owner over the years great question um you know I think

my biggest learning is that you have to have boundaries um and it’s something

that I talk to my clients about a lot is there’s this really

unhelpful belief in the marketplace that the the customer is always right and boy

is that not helpful because the customer is not always right and that’s a whole another

podcast but yes but you people are so indoctrinated to think that that’s true

and customers are so indoctrinated to think that that’s true and as a business

you you have to have boundaries you have to be able to say you know these are our

guidelines these are our um you know these are our return policies these are our this is the way we operate um

sometimes it’s also like these are the people that we work with right it’s you have to you have to be clear in your own

mind about where your lines are and so I think that that’s something that has

been a great learning for me but also one that I share assertively with my

clients because it’s so hard sometimes to Define your own boundaries and to not

get sucked into what’s cool and popular or on Trend

or what a really persuasive speaker might say um so I

like what you said I like the boundary idea in terms of knowing where you stand

so that when it gets into that crunch time right of somebody a customer is complaining you don’t have to be

scrambling and and wondering how do I handle this but instead you already know

because you’ve set that rule and you’ve trained the team on that rule and everybody can feel confident that

they’re doing what what’s been taught to them yeah the art of saying no is one

that we along with britting like we don’t teach that one a lot right um and

it’s so important I can I can imagine that you

know the because you said it’s a popular term right the customer always right there’s tons of of a you know repetition

of that so the the folks on the front line who are getting you know that customer complaining it’s got to be a

hard thing for them to be able to to go through that experience of okay you know what I’ve been trained this so I’m gonna

hold my I’m gonna hold my ground here and and do what the training told me to do right well and and you know that’s

why it’s also a whole company um initiative you know if you don’t support your team when they hold

the line and I see that a lot right like the the people on the front line hold

the line and then somebody escalates and then it’s like oh no no no we’ll take care of you and yeah that’s not helpful

internally it’s it’s one of the things that I thought about a lot when I was writing my book keep your customers it’s

the thing that does you know this is why that cross functional training is so important and it’s why it has to go up

to the executive level because if the ex tives don’t have the backs of the people

that are Downstream and customer facing then there those those

internal uh those those employees aren’t going to have the motivation yeah to make the hard decisions yeah you also

mentioned about sometimes you’ve got to fire a customer and right and you know there are there are bad customers right

and it’s okay to say right we’re not going to do business with you anymore because it clearly we can’t meet your

needs and and maybe there’s someone out there that can how do you how do you talk folks through

that a lot of it is really again knowing who you are um so it’s not just about

knowing your boundaries it’s about knowing who you are and so you know who are the people that you serve best and

most effectively uh when I first started this business because I was rolling out of my work in the lingerie sector I

worked with a lot of retailers and I came came to realize that so much of

that business um so much of that customer interaction happens on social media and I really really don’t like

social media and I really don’t like you do not see me with much of a presence at

all and you know if you really don’t like something and that is the Crux of

where your customers are playing that’s probably not a great match and so um you

know it was not that easy for me to to shift into this sort of you know B2B realm and thinking about complex

onboarding and all the things that I focus on with my client selection but

you know the more I knew who I was and was able to articulate it clearly first

of all the easier it was for you know when I talked the people who were the right folks for me would hear oh she’s

talking about me like it was easier to cut through the noise um but also I was able and I am able to better serve those

customers because even though the industries may change the complexities are generally

consistent um you know even when the industries like I said are are wildly different yes wow hey the let’s shift

gears here we know that business success doesn’t happen in isolation so is there

a a challenge tell us about one of the maybe your biggest challenge that you’ve had over the years and and a fellow

business owner who maybe came alongside you and helped you to get through that

yeah I mean in a lot of ways I think that one of my biggest challenges has

been social media um it’s hard to resist the lure of it it’s hard to

resist you know there’s all of these voices out there saying you should be doing this you should be doing that you

know you should be blogging you should be posting on Facebook you should be running Facebook ads like for me for my

customers you Facebook is not a good platform that’s not where I want to be having the conversation but it took me a

while to figure that out because there were so many voices that said no this is

this is the answer yeah um so I think that it’s really been that has been hard for me is

you know when somebody says with a lot of confidence this is gonna solve

everything yes oh well I’m having a challenge there so maybe that’s gonna solve everything

and it I think it goes back to you know that same theme but specifically my

challenge really has been sort of figuring out what works for me and

having the the strength to say no it’s not social media that’s not my speed

yeah fair enough well and and the reality is is that something that works

really well for me right may not work for you because we’re different human beings and have different personalities

and like you said different likes and and preferences so it’s important to we

call it test and measure but it’s important to say okay well here are the things that I want to test and that I

feel are aligned with who I am as a person and my likes and desires and and

guess what even when we test it doesn’t mean it’s G to work out so yeah we’ve got to figure out what’s the right way

for us to you know go to market and communicate to our potential customers and and it’s not a one-size fits all

there’s there are hundreds and thousands of different ways to talk to people about our services right and and look

sometimes you know where the line is because you tripped over it I mean yeah i’ I’ve done some marketing things that

I find to be super cringy looking back on it like oh my God that is that was so

inauthentic that was so yes yes yes and and to your point

earlier about you know the analysis paralysis so it’s good that you put that out there right because the other

version would be no I’m going to wait till it’s perfect and I’m going to you know not put anything out there and then

nobody’s going to know about me so better to have you know bad stuff you know that we’re learning from than

nothing at all so good for you right fa failure is a good thing right

it’s it is and um I’ve I I’ve heard this term multiple times I love it it’s it’s fail forward right where we test and

measure we learn it didn’t work out but what did we what are the key nuggets that we got from it and how do we apply

that in the next version and the next version and and the reality is is even

you know the biggest companies in the world make mistakes and fail so you know if they can do it so can we right

absolutely absolutely so I’m gonna put you on the spot here a little bit Ally

if I was to ask you to pick three people in your business owner Journey that

you’re most grateful for them being there for your business’s growth who are those three people and how they help

you I think I need to start with my dad my dad was uh an entrepreneur also

and growing up and seeing him um be you know very successful and

also not successful in in moments um you know I when I was in college

the he was a real estate developer the bottom dropped out of the real estate market and you know it it materially

impacted us and you know he had to shut the company down and um

seeing him you know like you said fail forward and then ultimately find a path

that was more satisfying for him and more lucrative was really inspiring uh I

also just adored my dad um and I and I I

miss him like profoundly all the time and um and so he always is my Touchstone

for who inspires me um I I have so I I like I said I went to

business school um and while this isn’t a person I do have a WhatsApp chat with

some of my uh Wharton colleagues who are women

and I find that that is a great source for camaraderie um there are unique

challenges to being a woman in business um some of them are similarly business

owners and have businesses that are kind of like mine um in a lot of ways and um

I can’t pick one person because they’re collectively such an incredible resource

to me and and such good friends but when I have business questions that’s a group

I go to and have a lot of faith in their um being willing to answer me

thoughtfully and chew through the the tough topics with me yeah and then I

think I actually if I think it through you know it’s interesting a few

years ago I had a business partner and the partnership didn’t survive um but the what I learned in the

partnership and the work that we did together was was really excellent and um

you know I’m not at all sorry for the way that the journey went um and and

part of the reason is because I think we both were elevated by the work we did

together so um that was that I think that’s the third person who’s really inspired me and helped me grow um as as

a business person yeah I I love that you mentioned that there’s no regrets of it

and I’ve been in this uh mindset um program for the last two and a half years and one of the the messages in

there is that life happens for us not to us right and so what you just said

reminded me of that of hey yeah it didn’t ultimately work out but I grew

from it it it was it was what I potentially what you both needed at that point in time to help you both grow and

develop and that’s that’s just awesome um how would you react to that statement of Life happens for us not to us does

that resonate with you it does it’s interesting I mean I think that there’s something very empowering uh in that you

know life happens to us feels a little you know victim me right like oh I’m just here and life is gonna you know

attack but um I do think that you know there’s this

interesting uh Spectrum of thinking about business where you know some of it

is the nuts and bolts and you need that and you’ve talked about tracking and measuring a couple of times and I’m you

know firmly of the belief that you have to do that um and at the same time I

spend a lot of work on you know a lot of the work that I do with my clients is on

how do you build relationships so that the people that you serve internally and

externally feel seen heard and valued and so I I find that that balance of the

quantitative and the qualitative really matters um and you know you need to have

both and so I I think of the the life happens for you in that sort of same way

right it’s that like um it’s the you know people

oriented Direction yeah uh that when life happens for you because you’re

always engaging with people yes and a way to help at least what I’ve learned

to internalize it when something feels like it’s a bad situation right and it

feels like it’s happening to us the question is to kind of step back and reflect like okay so what good can come

from this right and it’s like climbing a mountain right we you you can’t climb a mountain straight up you’ve kind of got

a zigzag back and forth right and find the right path so that life is happening for us concept is is I might feel like

I’ve went way out in left field right and and had this this thing happened that makes no sense

and then okay what good can come from this is like oh there’s something I’m supposed to learn here or or a skill I’m

supposed to develop or experience I’m supposed to have that’s going to prepare me for the next step of the journey yeah

I I have a a mountain um saying also and I actually I have I don’t know where it

came from and I have looked it up a number of times and I if if anybody knows the origin of this like please let

me know um but it is that um life is like a path that winds its way around a

mountain from the base to the summit where you’re always coming back to the same Vista from a slightly different

perspective and I love that I I I think about that all the time yeah and you

mentioned the word empowering earlier I mean how much more empowering for all because the reality is owning a business

is tough right there’s lots of ups and downs and things that happen at don’t so how much more empowering for all of the

folks listening is it to know that all those things has a reason and a purpose and and it’s helping us to to climb the

mountain and and get to that Summit I love that perspective can you share that again what was that those words sure uh

life is like a path that winds around the mountain from the base to the summit

and you’re always coming back to the same Vista from a slightly different perspective love it absolutely love it

um Ally as you think about the next three to five years what’s the biggest challenge that you see that you’re going

to face in reaching your goals and who are the types of people that you’re going to need to help you solve those

challenges you know um I think if I look forward it it is the the balance you

know how do I balance between what I do myself what I bring team members in to

do what I ask the tools that are changing before our eyes to do yeah um

and and how do I want to bring them in I you know I was at a conference recently and there was a CEO of a company that

does video AI stuff and oh my God it is

so cool um and you know you can change

the script and it changes the video instantaneously and I think about all of the ways that that has value for my

clients because they’re putting out product information and one of the real barriers to putting out good videos is

the time that it takes to record videos and what happens when the product changes by the time they’ve recorded the video the product has been updated and

it’s out of date well this solves that problem and um that tool I don’t to be

pitching for this tool but it’s like um you can instantaneously translate into

other into over a hundred languages wow so when that is a tool that’s out there

um like how can I take advantage of it in a way that is in alignment with what I do and in

alignment with how I want to present myself you know I think these are all the questions that we’re asking about AI

in General like how can I use this effectively and authentically um and well I don’t know

if everybody’s asking about the authentically part um well I like that you are because

it goes back to what you were saying earlier I in terms of you know getting

those pitches on LinkedIn is if it’s not who you are right it’s not your DNA it’s

not the the value proposition that you’re providing to your clients then it

may not make sense so I love that you’re you know you’re exploring it in a way of how does it make sense for us to be able

to leverage it to help us be more efficient and effective but but still be

true to our core values and our beliefs right the the first time I got an AI

based pitch I was so impressed right like Alie let we took a look at your

website let us show you I was like whoa that’s amazing and then when I got the

next one and I figured out that it was just AI I felt so suckered you know

like oh oh they didn’t they didn’t like me you know

yes yes there’s a very delicate balance between using you know AI or Automation

and right to be more efficient and effective but still you know coming across in a in a real way and in a in a

way of you know wanting to have real connections with people and and have real conversations and I think I think

we’ll as as business owners we’ll wrestle with that forever right yeah it

I think it also depends on how if you’re using it in just a bald selling you know

environment then it ends up feeling I I think for me you know as

soon as I detect it I’m like ew you know yeah but I get these handwritten notes from

chewy I I love chewy um the dog yeah the pet um

online yeah like they’re huge um and and I I use them fairly um like I choose

them I choose them over everything else and in part because they do a really good job with customer service yeah and

so I get these handwritten notes I am a 100% sure I mean you know I’ve never

been confused right nobody’s sitting in the home office saying like oh alli’s dog has a birthday coming

up right um but because they’re not doing

it for sales yes a you know like they are obviously but it’s not what they’re

writing about yes it’s like oh they are prioritizing the relationship with me

I’m not confused about the fact that this is automated it’s not actually

handwritten um but I’m you know but I recognize that

they’re prioritizing the relationship building yes and I appreciate that yes and I

think that there in lies the difference right y with um we’ll just use the LinkedIn example if you know if if the

same automation tools were were set up to you know create value or to to build

a relationship or to have invite to a coffee meeting right things that are

more about let’s know like and trust one another versus oh here’s my thing I’m

selling and I’d like you to buy it even though I have no idea if you even need it right right exactly um last question

here Ally so Jim ran um amazing uh business Guru uh wrote tons of books one

of his quotes is we become the average of the five people that we spend the most time with so you’ve already alluded

to your your WhatsApp uh Community but as you think about that quote what

advice would you have for business owners who are doing it on their own and and feeling like they they have to do it

on their own that they can’t reach out to others um I mean I would say that you

can always reach out to others you can always find ways to get support and that is the benefit of this more connected

digital world that we live in uh even if you are in a LinkedIn group or a

Facebook group you know there’s always communities that you can tap into in

order to talk to like-minded people people who are facing the same kinds of

challenges that you’re facing um and it’s the the balance is I think with

guarding your time aggressive mely um there are so many ways and this kind of goes back to

what we were talking about earlier there are so many ways to use your time these

days and you have to be really thoughtful about how you want to use it

um you know like how you want to balance working in your business versus working on your business how you want to balance

working versus not working and using that time effectively I’m I’m encouraged

when I see the the the pendulum shift away from

that like I wake up at four in the morning and I grind it out and by the time I you know by the time you’re

having your coffee I you know that was so in Vogue for a while yes and it’s

awesome to see that going away yes it’s so Shamy and gross right the hustle and

grind culture is is horrible I’ve I talk about it a lot um because we on the

other side of it and most people don’t necessarily know this as much is you know the biggest reason so we all know

that the stats are pretty against business owners of you know 80% of businesses fail and the number one

reason for that is burnout and right and then we’ve got all these people celebrating and and shaming

others about the hustle and grind culture and you know you got to you got to work 247 will know right there’s a

period of time that maybe you do right in the first one and two years of starting a new business there’s a lot to

learn and you got to figure a bunch of things out so yeah you’re going to put in extra hours but it’s not sustainable

right right and and there in again lies that magic of making sure that you know

who you are and listening to the voices that feel right for you and if you’re feeling shamed by somebody that you’re

listening to kind of pay attention to that yes there you know there’s no

reason to feel shamed um there’s things you can learn there’s things that you can do better but you know let’s kick

shame to the curb yes yes Amen to that and and for those who are getting their

information off social media you know you all know this but it’ll just be good to re to remind you of it nobody almost

nobody tells the the hard stories or the the life lessons right everybody body is

putting their best foot forward so don’t believe the hustle and grind hype because it’s it’s not healthy longterm

right wait wait what people aren’t 100% truthful in social media shocked and you

mentioned this already but the the the shift has certainly happened right I think I think coid has helped with that

and just the the heightened awareness of people’s mental health and we’re starting to look at things

in a better way in terms of what’s right for us um holistically as opposed to you

know that that work work work culture yeah and it seems to be more prevalent

here in the US than you know you look at places like Europe where they get you

know mandatory six weeks holidays a year it’s it’s not it’s definitely not

everywhere around the world right well that that could be the topic for the next podcast indeed right Ally it sounds

like you’ve been blessed with some incredible people um who have helped you along your journey if they were all here

on the show today what would you want to say to them um I mean that I’ve learned from all of

them even the the interactions that haven’t always been easy I’ve learned I’ve grown and I like who I am and that

only comes with all of the steps that that came before I love that I like who I am

statement that is so it’s so deep and Powerful Beyond just the the words

congratulations that is amazing thanks it’s been a pleasure speaking with you

today thank you so much for being on the show Ally it’s been such a pleasure being here thanks for having

me thanks for listening to the selfmade is a myth show with your host coach Tim

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