March 23, 2022

Episode #10: Ryan Seaburg – Qubit Networks

Ryan Seaburg was born and raised in Marengo, Illinois. After attending the same grade school and high school as his parents, Ryan enrolled at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. He graduated in 1997 with a degree in Construction Engineering & Management and went to work for a general contractor in Northern Illinois.

In 1999, Ryan went to work for New Age Telecom in LaPorte, IN. In 2011, Ryan (and his wife Sarah) bought New Age Telecom. In 2020 they sold 40% of New Age Telecom to their business partner (Tom Mizwicki) who runs the company today. In 2013, Ryan started Qubit Networks. Today, Ryan owns 100% of Qubit Networks and serves as the CEO.

Qubit Networks helps customers move & store data fast & safe. They specialize in networking (both wired and wireless), network security, and server/storage. With revenue exceeding $10 million per year, Qubit Networks has grown to serve customers throughout the Midwest and managing networks on 6 continents. Qubit prides itself on doing things The Qubit Way! Go to to learn more.