Conflict is an inevitable part of the human experience, and the workplace is no exception. In fact, up to 85% of employees encounter workplace conflicts at some point in their careers. Within the diverse teams of your workplace, differing opinions are given, making effective conflict resolution and communication vital for the success of any team. This week’s article is inspired by Maria Murphy and a challenge she indentified her Self Made Is A Myth Podcast interview of navigating diverse opinions in community-focused organization.

In any collaborative endeavor, differences in opinion are almost inevitable. Trying to completely avoid these differences can be an exercise in futility, and if not managed properly, they can impede progress and lead to frustration. However, instead of downplaying tensions, having a structured process for addressing differences in opinions and objections is crucial. Striking a balance between direct and indirect approaches can be the key to diffusing potentially explosive situations, and ensuring the contentment, productivity, and engagement of all involved parties.


In previous discussions, we’ve explored the 6 Keys to a Winning Team. These keys distill the essence of effective teamwork, with a particular focus on using communication to align the perspectives of diverse individuals. When roles and responsibilities are unclear, chaos can ensue. However, by following these six keys, you can foster positive group dynamics and enhance overall success.


The Six Keys to a Winning Team


Strong Leadership: Research indicates that a staggering 82% of American workers would contemplate leaving their jobs due to poor management. Strong leadership is pivotal for any business as it offers guidance, inspiration, and motivation while working toward shared goals. It’s not about being domineering but being a figure that instills confidence and inspiration in the team. This kind of leadership fosters cooperation and serves as a trusted mediator when issues arise.


Common Goals: A team’s cohesion relies on having a common goal to work towards. These shared objectives provide purpose and, when conflicts arise, serve as reminders to mitigate disagreements. When teams are faced with opposing goals, it will lead to a never-ending road to a proper resolution.


Clearly Defined Rules: In any endeavor, whether it’s sports, organizations, or society at large, systems cannot function without clear rules. Unclear rules quickly lead to group dynamics breaking down and heightened conflict. Leaders must develop clear, agreed-upon rules for everyone to follow.


Action Plans: Action plans, outlining each team member’s role and contributions, are invaluable in preventing disputes. They make it crystal clear what is expected from each member and how they contribute to the collective success.


Supportive Risk-Taking: Even with clearly defined roles, teams should encourage calculated risk-taking. Gallup research shows that 71% of engaged employees strongly agree that they can take risks at work that could lead to groundbreaking new products, services, or solutions. This finding highlights the impact of engaged and motivated employees in nurturing a culture of innovation, where risks are embraced as opportunities for growth and advancement. Overly rigid roles stifle innovation and progress. Leaders need to back, and even encourage calculated risk-taking to foster the final key.


100% Involvement and Inclusion: It’s imperative that every team member is fully included in the decision-making process. According to Forbes, “ Decisions made and executed by diverse teams delivered 60% better results (Larson, 2017).” A culture where employees believe their voices aren’t heard and their ideas are disregarded leads to workplace dissatisfaction. This doesn’t mean every idea is implemented every time but involves a collaborative process where input is taken into serious consideration, shifting decision-making from a top-down approach to a more inclusive one.


These 6 Keys to a Winning Team work together to align diverse perspectives towards a unified goal with well-defined structures to prevent and mitigate conflicts when they inevitably arise. They are geared towards promoting team cohesion.

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