Making your business stand out and thrive is an omnipresent challenge. But it’s one that you have to rise to the occasion as a business owner. The key to your business’s success? Building a solid customer base. Because, let’s face it, who are we without the support of our customers? Without your customers, you have no way of generating revenue to your business. In order to get those customers, you need to develop a solid marketing and lead generation strategy.


We all get that a well-developed marketing campaign is a must for lead generation. But did you know there is something even more important before you start developing your marketing strategy?


This week’s blog is inspired by our recent podcast episode featuring Troy Mason, the president of Impulse Product Development. Our conversation delved into the challenges he anticipates over the next 3 to 5 years while growing and developing his client base. One prominent challenge Troy highlighted is lead generation and the critical role of investing in marketing campaigns for effective lead generation. Read below where we discuss insightful solutions to address Troy’s challenges.


To set yourself up for lead generation success, it’s all about creating a strong foundation for your marketing efforts. You can do this by kicking things off by identifying your target and developing what we call a USP & Guarantee, or the Unique Selling Proposition and Guarantee. This is a time-honored strategy that meets your customers where they are and overcomes their hesitation organically.


  1. Target – you must clearly define who is the ideal customer that you will market to


This is the stage during which you do your market research. You identify the market segments of the population that are most likely out of all possible groups to purchase your product or service. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways. For example, you can compare your business to ones that offer similar products or services and see who they primarily market to. You can also use focus groups or market research surveys to identify who your most likely purchasers may be. But, in most cases, the majority of business owners already have a pretty good idea of who their products or services are most likely to appeal to out of their chosen market segments.


  1. USP – Determine what clearly differentiates your business from your competitors.


To put it simply, this is the reason why a potential customer should choose your product or service over someone else. What is it that you are offering to them that they cannot get somewhere else? Is it a better quality, superior customer service, an exclusive experience, etc? Once you identify this unique selling proposition, it needs to be clearly communicated in your marketing communication toward your chosen customer segment.


  1. Guarantee – Establish a strong guarantee that overcomes your target’s #1 hesitation of buying from you.


Finally, you need to determine the #1 reason customers might be hesitant to buy from you and then guarantee against it. By guaranteeing that their concern won’t come true, you overcome your target segment’s concern of buying from you. This guarantee builds trust and a willingness to move forward in buying from you. Like in #2 above, you want to ensure you are communicating this guarantee in your marketing.


Once you establish who you are targeting and what you stand for, you must apply these 3 things within your marketing communication efforts in a way that is easy to understand. This is the message that your potential customers need to hear – and what will lead to them reaching out and wanting more information.


Are you looking to strengthen your marketing efforts and establish a solid customer base? Those are skills that you as a business owner can learn, starting right now. A trained business coach can help you to identify prime market segments craft a unique selling proposition and guarantee tailor-made to that market segment and the concerns that are unique to them. They can teach you how to apply these tools across your business to take your lead-generation strategy from a struggle to something that is truly effortless.


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