Are your employees having a hard time keeping up with how rapidly your business is growing? If your team is struggling to handle the capacity of work that comes with scaling the business, implement these three tactics to help them keep pace.‍

Has your business experienced unexpected growth that has increased the workload capacity of your business?

If so, this can seem like a great problem to have –  more customers = increased profits.

However, this can also come with problems if your employees are not used to such a heavy workload.

This will quickly turn a great thing sour as you’ll begin to see:

  • Deadlines being missed
  • Increased customer complaints
  • Missed appointments
  • Products not being delivered
  • Slowed production
  • Unanswered emails or messages

This could eventually take a toll on your employees and your business as tensions start to arise, the team is more stressed and some may even leave the business altogether, which creates a whole new set of issues.

If it seems that work is falling through the cracks there are a few solutions to get your team back on track.

Hold Your Team Accountable 

If your employees are missing deadlines or aren’t completing their expected tasks, make sure to let them know. Don’t pick up the slack or transfer the task to someone else because that can create confusion as employees start to begin that their designated tasks can be handled by someone else.

Have a conversation with your team to reiterate your expectations of them by going back to the positional contract you all agreed on. Guide them on how to manage their time so that high-priority tasks are being completed at a reasonable time.

Create or Update Your Systems

As your business grows, the same systems and organization may need to change.

Roles and responsibilities may need to expand or be reorganized to further capitalize on the abilities of your team. If you do this, it should be documented and positional contracts should be updated to reflect these changes.

You should also implement a system that allows you to keep them accountable and stay on top of their projects. Examples of this include a company calendar or a project management system that allows you to track the progress of orders or projects.

Or, you can use a 5-Step management system that we actually recommend to our business coaching clients. This will guide you on how to manage your time when managing your team.

Opt for Team Training 

One of the best ways to increase employee retention is education so if you have the opportunity to get them into leadership or executive coaching training, take it!

Better leaders get better results and coaching develops better leaders. Organizations are most effective when the teams accountable for the organization’s success are performing to the best of their abilities. Leadership/Management Coaching is aimed at managers whose role it is to encourage, lead and develop a team. We provide leaders with the practical tools and techniques to facilitate effective team performance.

You can learn more about our team training programs on our website.

If you’re ready to get your employees back on track with team training schedule your complimentary coaching session.