What if bad employees could identify themselves before you hire them? For many business owners or human resource professionals this seems like a dream. But with our deselection hiring practice, it has become a reality for many businesses.

When you hire your first employee, you’re filled with excitement because it means your company is growing. That excitement is replaced with pressure and nervousness once you’ve hired a new employee and have lost a few.

Now, you think of the “what-if’s” and the “could-be’s” as you review resumes because it’s an important decision for your business.

  • What if they can’t do the work well?
  • Could they have a lateness problem?
  • Could they last for the long term?
  • What if they can’t meet company expectations?
  • Could they fit into our culture?

Hiring is an investment and you need to make sure that any candidate that you bring on is going to produce a return on investment.

So anyway, we can, we look for the symptoms of a bad candidate but sometimes even that isn’t enough.

A Deselection Hiring Process is much more efficient because it allows good candidates to raise their hands and bad candidates to take themselves out of the running.

Deselection Interview Process 

What this looks like for us is that we do a group interview in which we invite multiple candidates that we think could be a good fit. We not only have the candidates, but we bring current employees into the meeting. We then talk extensively about our business, culture and expectations of the position and have current employees share their experience in the company.

Then once we complete this section, we take a 5-minute break which we tell the candidates is their opportunity to exit the interview if they feel that the position will not suit them based on the information we have already explained.

Then, when we come back from the break, we continue to interview the candidates who’ve decided that it still suited them for the position.

We always have at least one person opt not to continue the interview, which is great because it saves the time of everyone involved.

Hiring Steps Best Practice

If you want to stop bad employees in their tracks, implement de-selection using Hiring Steps is a software program with an automated process that streamlines our best practice.

Use discount code AC121 to get a discount on the Hiring Steps software or talk to one of our certified business coaches to discuss a hiring process that makes sense for your business. We only offer 5 of these a month, so you’ll want to get this scheduled quickly.