‍Businesses make more money by building a returning customer base than they do by getting new customers, but often lack the customer service to make customers want to return. In this article, let’s discuss how and why businesses should work on improving customer service systems.

Want to Improve Your Customer Service complaints?

  • Top Customer Complaints
  • The Basics of Customer Service

Have you ever looked into customer service horror stories? You might’ve seen them on social media or from others in your network of customers having terrible experiences with companies. You can even see them in the company reviews on Google or the Better Business Bureau.

Some of them are so bad when you hear them, you kind of get an idea of how long that company will last.

Some of them are terrible, just out of this world, unbelievably unprofessional and many of us look at those stories and think, “My business will never be that bad.”

But I’m sure that’s what those business owners thought too before it happened to them.

Their downfall was caused by the lack of proactivity to create a stellar customer service system that would prevent a lot of these issues.

Even more detrimental is that they are losing current customers by limiting the number of transactions they’ll have with that customer, and repelling future customers.

Something as simple as how you and your team answer the phone sets the tone for the customer service experience, but so many businesses don’t have scripts or systems for answering the phone in a professional manner.

So let’s discuss how to improve or create stellar customer service that increases your business’s profitability.

Top Customer Complaints

To map our customer service systems, we must first understand the biggest complaints that customers have. Understanding these will allow us to think like a customer and proactively think of ways to improve their experience.

Playvox lists the top 10 customer complaints that customers have. We’ve highlighted a few here.

  1. I Can’t Talk To A Real Person
  2. It Takes Too Many Calls To Resolve An Issue
  3. The Company Takes Too Long To Respond
  4. The Customer Service Rep Was Not Professional
  5. The Staff Couldn’t Do Much To Help Me
  6. I Was Unable To Talk To A Human

There are four extremely important customer service systems that will solve a majority of these complaints that we list in this video.

The Basics of Customer Service

To deliver the best customer service in these changing times make sure you focus on the following basics as well;

  • Be mindful of the tone you and your team use to address customers. A lot of conflicts are not because of what was said but “how it was said”. Intention aside, the customers’ interpretation is their reality. Body language and eye contact or the lack of it can escalate a situation that has the potential to result in a more positive conclusion.
  • Active listening and empathy should be present within your team. Asking questions, reducing interruptions, and acknowledging concerns keep the communication flowing. Avoid quoting rigid policy or arguing which will escalate negative results.
  • Don’t focus on giving bad news, set new and proper expectations. Provide the positive side of a situation, “we do this to ensure that the product is meeting your expectations,” Flipping the situation around can deescalate the moment of tension.
  • Create a “great experience”. Instead of focusing on what your customers may be missing, find ways of enhancing the experience in unexpected ways and provide your customers something they can remember and share.
  • Finally, ask for feedback from your customers. Encourage your staff to ask for feedback from customers and discuss the reviews constantly to see about potentially implementing something new that a customer recommended. This will create a sense of loyalty and belonging in customers.

You don’t run the business, processes, and systems do. Employees use processes and systems to meet the needs of their customers. Customers keep coming back because you have an environment that gives them comfort and security. If your customers know you care about them and you care equally as much for your staff, they will find it easier to come back time after time.

If you need support in re-energizing, re-training and preparing your team to deliver the standards of service that customers expect,reach out to us and get guidance from a certified business coach.