At the end of the day, all business endeavors aim to solve your customers’ problems. When you can consistently deliver solutions that effectively address their issues, not only are they more likely to return for repeat business, but they’re also inclined to spread the word to friends and family. However, for some, achieving that consistency can be a challenge. Mastering the art of delivering the same high quality and maintaining standards in your product or service can be the difference between a business that can weather any economic storm and one that will struggle at the first sign of trouble.


The inspiration for this week’s article stems from our discussion with Carleen Lamay, the CEO/President of C2 Accounting & Business Support. Carleen explains a challenge she sees in her business being the difficulty of balancing the delivery of excellent services to clients with the rapid growth of her business.

The past couple of years have witnessed truly explosive growth across a multitude of industries. This can only be seen as a good thing! However, growth can bring challenges that your small business may not have experienced at your previous size – specifically, how to deliver the same fantastic results consistently at scale.


Some of these challenges might be immediately apparent, while others are less so. For example, when your business scales to a larger size, your workforce doesn’t necessarily scale with it without some kind of intervention on the part of the business owner. You have to hire new people! The employees you already have can only work so hard before burnout and low morale becomes points of concern. However, it can sometimes take time to find the right people and bring them up to speed.


When you scale your business, production lines and resources can also get stretched. This can lead to employees needing to be more careful in the production process, which can lower both production quality and consistency across your entire operation. Fortunately, this can be prevented. All it requires of you as the business owner is a bit of proactivity and forward-thinking.


The Key Lies in Delivery Mastery from Our 6 Steps To A Better Business Approach:


Quality and Service Mastery – At this step, you identify what the standards are for your business, and what customers expect of you. This is where you sit down and take stock of what problem your business is solving for your customer base. A good way of finding out what your customers expect is to ask them! Loyal customers are likely to fill out surveys detailing why they purchase your product, and what compels them to do so again rather than going to one of your competitors. They can also tell you what your business is already doing that downgrades that consistency. This kind of information is invaluable for any business owner, but especially so for one looking to scale their operation.


Systemization For Consistency – This is where you implement the right processes and training to help ensure consistency at every step of your operation. Importantly, this is the step where you can up or downscale as needed. With these processes in place, you can quickly bring new hires up to speed on the way you and your customers expect things to be done.


Test and Measure for Consistency – Tracking data is the key to truly implementing any systemic change. Through monthly customer surveys and analytics, you can help to ensure that the steps you’re taking are making a difference! This is one of the most important steps, as it enables you as the business owner to correct fast – before a problem with your service snowballs into a loss of customer loyalty.


Are you looking to see your business grow while remaining consistent through the process? If you want to take advantage of explosive growth and still maintain the high standards of quality that your customers have come to expect, we can help. If you’re seeking guidance, consider scheduling a free consultation with one of our experienced business coaches.


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