The current economic landscape is challenging with sales declining across a multitude of industries. This has prompted some businesses to shift their efforts to new marketing and sales strategies. This is understandable; after all, if something isn’t working out, it’s only natural to shift gears and try something different! However, now more than ever, it’s about seizing the opportunity to discover innovative ways to communicate what makes you unique or your value proposition. This week’s article was inspired by our podcast with Mike Rutz. In it he discusses the challenge he sees in the next 3 years of marketing for investor support.

Distinguishing your small business and its brand footprint in today’s highly competitive market is crucial for long-term success. Standing out amid competition, whether from other small businesses or larger corporations, can be a daunting task. Although the process may seem overwhelming, we’ve compiled a step-by-step guide to assist you in boosting your marketing efforts and setting your business apart from competitors.


Step 1: Create a Defined Marketing Plan

Not all marketing plans are cut from the same cloth. Marketing plans aren’t one-size-fits-all. Put simply, a defined marketing plan promotes your business’s products and services and sets the stage for future strategies in product development, market expansion, channel design, sales promotion, and profitability. While some marketers bet it all on a single strategy, hoping it will bring in the desired return on investment, a more effective approach is the 10 x 10 marketing strategy. This method entails implementing ten distinct strategies, each contributing 10% to your lead generation expectations. So, if one method falls short, you still have nine others to lean on.


Step 2: Understand the Importance of Networking

Networking and outreach stand out as powerful tools for overcoming economic challenges through innovative lead generation. Building meaningful connections in your network, regardless of its size, is crucial for career success, emphasizing the importance of relevant connections aligned with your career interests (fix the reference to career). Your network may include coworkers, family, friends, professors, fellow students, professionals in your field, and even clients or customers. Your existing network might hold the keys to redirecting your marketing efforts to better align with the realities of your current customer segments. Don’t underestimate the value of adopting successful ideas from others.


Step 3: Overcome Your Hesitations in Outreach

Outreach, a marketing strategy employed by businesses, involves reaching out to new customers, influencers, and brands to enhance their visibility, build brand awareness, and boost sales. While initiating outreach within your existing network may seem daunting due to fear of rejection or negative feedback, expanding your campaign reach involves connecting with individuals likely to make purchases and in turn help your business grow.


Step 4: Decide a Clear Sales Process

Once your marketing efforts start generating leads, you need to develop a clear sales process to guide prospects through the final decision-making stages. The sales process is unique to each business, considering varying pain points and needs among different customer segments. Whether your plan involves three or ten steps, having a written and defined plan is crucial. Creating a ready-made script is mandatory in providing the right words to address common customer resistance during sales conversations. This proactive approach enables you to navigate objections effectively and streamline the deal-closing process.


Step 5: Test & Measure Your Success

The single most important part of your marketing and sales efforts is to track it so that you know what is working and what isn’t. When you track your progress, you can quickly pivot to a new approach when the one that you’re taking isn’t bearing fruit as you may need it to. It allows you to dynamically test what works, and what doesn’t, and make changes on the fly. When your efforts are working, you can invest more in those areas to generate more results. The goal is that your marketing and sales is dynamic, and always pointed towards the end goal of producing a return on your investment.


Your marketing process is crucial to strengthening your business’s footprint in a world where standing out and creating your own niche is necessary for sales growth.


Are your marketing and sales efforts facing an uphill battle? You’re not alone. In the current economy, numerous businesses are revamping their strategies to distinguish themselves, and it’s crucial not to be left behind. Book a consultation with one of our skilled business coaches and they can be the catalyst for boosting your revenue and profit goals.


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