Everyone wants to leave their mark on this world in some way. The desire to be remembered long after we’re gone is half the reason why anyone does anything. As business owners, we want our interactions with others, and with the world at large, to leave a lasting impact. So, ask yourself, what legacy do you want to leave?


This week’s blog is inspired by our podcast conversation with TK Herman, Co-Founder of Factor AE. Taking a look at his journey, TK shares insights on the importance of leaving a lasting impact, not just professionally but personally as well. He underscores the significance of making meaningful contributions that resonate with others long after their interactions. TK’s mission to build a legacy through his life’s work is truly inspiring. Keep reading to discover actionable strategies for building a legacy for your business.

A distinct advantage that you have as a business owner over other people is the fact that you already have something that has the potential to outlast you. Think of many of the big names in retail and industry. Many, if not most of them, began as humble ideas created by individual people – often 100 years ago or more. The original entrepreneurs are long gone, but their legacy endures through the businesses that they created.


Leaving a mark on others that they may reflect on and learn from years after the fact comes from being intentional about the way you go about your business. When you view your actions through the lens of how this may affect the legacy that you leave behind, you start to be more present in what you do. Your accomplishments become steps towards building a great business legacy that will long outlast you as an individual. This is the core of what we want to achieve through destination mastery. The process looks like this:


Establish your Vision

Think about the world 100 years from now. What impact do you want your business to have on the world, and the market? What difference would you want to have made? When you consider this, take a good hard look at the big names that already exist today.


Many of the largest companies began as small businesses run by individual people. Many business owners aspire to become household names in their lifetime. While this is possible, and certainly a laudable goal, building an enduring legacy requires you to think far into the future.



This is the step where you establish how you will deliver upon your vision specifically through your business model. Who does your business serve, What does your business do, What makes you different from others?


The fact of the matter is that all businesses, yours included, seek to solve a problem for the customer. If you’re not offering anything the customer can’t already do for themselves or obtain elsewhere, then they have no reason to patronize you. Again, think about the large names in the industry. They all solve a problem.


Walmart solves the issue of providing people with affordable general products in one location at a low price. They eliminate the need for low-income individuals to go to many stores to meet their shopping needs, saving time and money. Apple provides a large array of electronics that can coexist and integrate with each other and are easy for anyone to use with a trendy aesthetic, allowing people to communicate and feel stylish. The list goes on and on. Think about other enduring legacies and how they solve their customers’ core problems. Then develop your business mission in the same vein.



Building a strong culture within your business is not just about creating a pleasant work environment; it’s about establishing lasting guidelines to your business legacy. These values and beliefs serve as the guiding principles that will last long after you’ve left the company, ensuring it stays true to its mission. It’s through these values that businesses outlast their founders and leave a lasting impact on the world.


Every member of the company plays a vital role in cultivating and upholding its unique culture, which is fundamental to the success of the business. Embracing the belief that all business dealings must align with the company’s core values and principles is important. These values shouldn’t just be words on your company’s walls but should serve as the foundation upon which all business activities are assessed. It’s not just about accomplishing tasks, it’s about ensuring they’re executed in a manner consistent with the company’s ethics.


Are you looking to build a legacy for your business? Do you want it to pass on with you, or do you want it to be part of the enduring legacy that you leave behind? We can teach you the tools that you need to unlock your business’s true potential and leave an enduring legacy on the world around you – one that stands the rest of time, long after you’re gone.


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