Let’s discuss a crucial aspect for every small business owner – ensuring resilience through proactive planning. Just as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and this rings true in the realm of small businesses. Establishing routines is a breeze, but what happens when unexpected challenges come your way, be it inclement weather or technological hiccups? Planning ahead is your ticket to tackling these issues with ease. 


In the unpredictable world of small businesses, catastrophes can strike at any moment, and not everything is within your control – nor should it be. Managing everything is a stress level no one should bear. That’s where planning ahead and mastering the art of delegation become vital skills for every small business owner. 


This week’s article is inspired by our recent podcast with Renee Lucas, the co-owner of LCS Heating and Cooling in Indianapolis, IN. Renee discusses the potential hurdles she faces in keeping service visibility intact and overcoming obstacles like weather and economic downturns within her business. Ensuring customer satisfaction and unwavering reliability stands as a goal for her business success. Keep reading for insightful solutions to Renee’s challenges.

Being able to adapt and navigate unforeseen challenges is foundational for small business ownership. With a bit of knowledge and preparation, you can shield your business against uncontrollable factors. Here are some preparations you might consider: 


  • Systems and Technology: Having the systems in place to maintain continuity of operations when something goes wrong, like battery backups, generators, and emergency plans. Not only can these systems keep you running in the event of a disaster, potentially giving you an edge over your competition when things go wrong, but they can also serve to protect your investment. Battery backups and surge protectors alone can potentially save you thousands of dollars in fried electrical equipment and data loss in the event of a power outage, for example.


  • Implement Training: All employees should know what to do in emergencies. They must have the skills to manage risks and think on their feet rather than deferring to a manager. Everyone involved in the operation should be able to execute emergency preparedness plans without being directed to do so. This ensures that the plan can run smoothly when it counts. Plans should be gone over and even rehearsed as regularly as may be needed for your organization.


  • Make Redundancy Plans: A failure to make a backup plan is a failure to plan! When something doesn’t go as planned, your employees should know what to try next before asking for help. Flow charts can be a great way of visually instilling this in employees, especially if they are located in prominent areas that employees can access readily. If this, then that reduces the need to come up with a novel solution when one has already been found to be effective.


Nurturing a workplace environment where both employees and management can innovate new plans and communicate seamlessly when faced with unexpected challenges is paramount. The ability for abstract and critical thinking stands out as a crucial skill for everyone on the team. Neglecting to strategize could lead to subpar business performance, affecting your relationship with customers. This is the precise moment to exercise intelligent delegation skills. 


Your employees and management team aren’t just cogs in a machine; they are unique individuals with distinct strengths. Skills that, as the owner, you might not necessarily possess. Recognizing these strengths proactively and entrusting key players within your operation to manage issues within their expertise during challenging times is a defining characteristic of a leader, not just a boss. While a boss assigns tasks and instructs employees to get the job done, a leader identifies the strengths in others and empowers them to leverage those strengths for the collective benefit of everyone involved. 


Are you looking to build resilience in your small business? A trained business coach can help you develop the plans and skills that you need! 


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